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Cerbin "Cerberus" Hiberion

"I am nothing more but a stray dog, who does the will of his old master."

0 · 1,778 views · located in True Cross Academy, Fidel City

a character in “Equipoise”, as played by Damioa


Cerbin "Cerberus" Hiberion



Superior Demon l Half dog demon l

Demon Guardian
Inferno, but goes to True cross academy in his human disguise to watch over Satan's daughter. In the academy he is known as a Teacher to tamers. This is of course forged by him because he has ways of summoning but its not the type of summoning that exorcist usually do. Still, being as old as he is he knows a thing or two about taming familiars and summoning to a passable degree.
♠ Gender
♠ Nickname(s)/Alias (es)
Cerby, Pet, Puppet
♠ Age
Because of his young looking body, he passes off for a 21 year old man, but in reality, he was born 743 years ago
♠ Love Interest
After looking after her for so long, he has gained hidden feelings for Aura. He tries to keep his feelings hidden knowing that it would anger the current Satan.
♠ Face Claim
Saito Yakumo from Psychic Detective Yakumo
Ulquiorra from Bleach


153 lbs
Muscular and athletic
♠Hair Color
Black in his demonic form, brown in his hidden form.
♠Eye Color
His right eye is dark tint of green and his left eye is a glowing shade of blood red. He has heterochromia.
He has a black circle imprinted circled birthmark on his chest. When he in his hidden form the circle is covered, but opens up when his true self is shown.
Being born from a lesser demon and a superior, Cerbin gained a humanoid figure applied with fur, bat like wings, a long thin tail, and claws. His face and body being the only thing that takes human form, his complexion shows a pale grey tone. His eyes are bi-colored, being green on one side and red on the other. His hair is long and wavy and he has a whole in the middle of his chest. Black liquid seems to endlessly spill out of the whole when he is in this form. In demon appearances he is an abomination.

Even so, Cerbin has learned to retract his wings and shed his fur to take human form. Still, this form is an abomination which made him even more of an outcast, but he likes it more than his half bestial form. In this form Cerbin's eyes still show their natural colors and his fangs can still be shown upon opening his mouth. His hair becomes shorter and a light shade of brown. The other apparent change is his skin color which turns into a more creamed color. In this handsome form his body also gains a little more muscle and he appears to be less sick. The final change is his hole which fills up leaving a dark imprint on his chest. It appears to be either a huge birthmark or tattoo and he has passed it off as both from time to time.


♠Preferred Clothing

Trying to uphold an adult like look, Cerbin wears normal casual business wear. He prefers not to wear a tie and to keep the first few buttons of his shirt unbuttoned. The creases of his shirt easily tell you that he had either slept in the same shirt the night before, or just doesn't know how to iron and even though it would look better without, he still tucks his shirt in. When outside Cerbin dawns a black fur over coat that he rarely takes off unless he's inside. The fur lines the hood and the cuffs of the sleeves. Even with the messy look he manages to keep his shoes clean and shinny, probably because he only wheres them at the academy. On the outside he wears normal ragged sneakers, just comfortable enough for running.


Hunger pains- Because he comes from a race of dog demons, Cerbin is always hungry. He seems to enjoy "Human Sweets" as he mentally called them and eats more candy than one could probably find in a local store. He is rarely not seen chewing on a piece of gum or Toffee. He also enjoys meals, but keeps to regular human hours of eating them, however, when he does eat a meal he eats enough for two families of four.
Monologue- It seems that when Cerbin is really concentrated on something he makes a mental note of it by saying what he's doing or whats happening to him out loud. Allot people have thought he was crazy because of the many times he has done this.
Staying put- Unless Cerbin is interested in something he will leave the area which he was, even while someone is talking to him.
Uses Handguns- Cerbin has learned the basic arts of human fire arms, using handguns as his weapon.
Speed- Cerbin is able to run faster than any of earths animals without tire, however this makes collisions all the more painful should he run into something.
Concealment- Being ashamed of his demonic form, Cerbin learned to conceal the fur on his arms and feet. However, his speed goes down a considerable amount without his bestial legs. It's been a couple hundred years since he changed into his original form and he plans to keep his current look for many years to come.
Demonic eye- Upon closing his normal eye, Cerbin can use his demonic eye to view the world in time cut by 2/3. This is able to be used for one minute at a time before he has to open his left eye. The major side effect for him constantly going over that time is he usually receives a chronic headache. He hasn't pushed himself too far however, so it's unknown how bad the headache can be.
Dog like traits- Having a dog demon for a father, Cerbin has enhanced hearing and a keen sense of smell.
Black, Aura, violence, watching people as they live their lives happily, power, pain, love, achievement through hard work, Earth, Azrael
Himself, his body, Inferno, School, Demons, Cats,( well he likes the ones that don't try to attack him, but that's rare), High and mighty people
Music- Cerbin loves how instruments sound and even practices a few himself.
Teaching- Most recently, Cerbin has found what he feels the need to call joy in teaching students. In reality the students are the ones teaching him more about the humans that he spent so long observing from a distance.

Cats- ever since he got to earth he has found that cats don't like his scent. On occasion when he hears a scuffling noise he will wince in fear of getting scratched.
Hurting people- Being on earth a long time has given him somewhat of a sense of guilt towards harming humans. This sense is also known as a conscience.
Failing his mission- Cerbin lives for the only person besides his family that has shown him some type of respect and trust. Deep down he understands that should he fail in his mission of protecting Aura, he will anger Azrael.

Heterosexual, although before coming to Earth he never felt need to love another.
While living in hell Cerbin had gained a liking for being alone and hate for himself and his kind. He never liked being a mix breed between a lesser and superior demon and much rather would of liked to just be a lesser demon like his brothers than some abomination. Truly, that is what everyone around him including himself thought of him. When he was born from the bloodhound of the last Satan he was already hand picked to be the hound for the next. He was installed with a mindset that the only thing he could ever become was a hound, even if he did have a half superior body. Still, when the day came for Azrael to take the throne he wasn't treated any different from the other superior demons. He watched his master closely and even envied his attitude towards things. The being that ruled over hell was much stronger than him but also had something he didn't. He didn't know what that thing was until his daughter was conceived out of a relationship between him and an angel. A seraphim no less. Unlike others who questioned this act of something more foul in the demon community than his own birth, he stayed loyal and didn't say a thing. That was until, he was asked to take on a dangerous mission the he could only do. He knew his powers weren't as strong as most superior demons, but he also knew and took great pride in how loyal he was to Azrael.

With the title of outcast given to him by most in the demon community, he gained an attitude towards people who approached him in the wrong way. Learning that if he wanted to survive he would have to fight, he forced himself into liking violence, something that he eventually got rid of when he went to Earth. Still, he sometimes snaps on people if they sneak up on him. In the present day Cerbin comes off as a pretty nice guy. He learned human mannerisms from watching children grow and learn themselves and learned to act like an adult by watching many adults go about their daily activities. When he became a teacher at True Cross Academy he found a love for helping children, even though the job description he forged on his papers was the type to help them learn violent things. He waits for the day for Aura to learn of her heritage and obtain her true role as Satan wanted, but also dreads it. He feels that he has no place to return to once his mission is over. No he doesn't fear the end event, but at the same time, he isn't in a rush for it either.

One more thing that should be known about him is that he holds a secret love for Aura. Still, he doesn't even know if what he feels is love or not, for he has never felt any such emotion before. What he does know is that he can never approach her in such a way. He knows that if he were to do so, it would anger her father. The feeling he has puts him in doubt of his mission, causing him to think that she would be better off if she stayed on Earth and lived a normal human life, and that she may be too young to currently take the full blunt of knowledge that has been hidden from her for so long. Internally his mind is out of sorts with these thoughts, but so far he hasn't shown it on the outside.


♠Relationship Status
Mother-Ilisis - Superior demon
Father-Cerberus-Lesser demon
Brothers- Both lesser demons

♠Personal History
The legend of Cerberus being the hound of Satan has ran through all the realms at some point. Cerberus was the three headed lesser demon dog, that Satan would use to fulfill tasks not worth his time. These tasks were always ended in blood. Having Cerberus outlive his use, the old Satan decided that Cerberus should mate with another Demon in hopes of getting another servant out of it. Ilisis a superior demon wanting to experiment, decided to mate with Cerberus and from their union came three offspring. Two were lesser demons just like their father, but the youngest was a superior type of demon with lesser demon qualities. Bored of the outcome, Ilisis left all her children to be raised by Cerberus. This is where the younger of the brothers, Cerbin would start his training. Thrilled of the grotesque look of Cerbin, The last Satan made sure he was ready to take his fathers place as the hound for the next Satan. Cerbin doesn't really remember how the current Satan came into power, but what he does know is that once Azrael took the thrown, he was no longer treated as just another lower demon. At least not by his new master.

Cerbin didn't let the new found respect, as he would call it, get in the way of his duty and how he acted towards the being. However, he did replace his hate for his position with honor and loyalty because of it. He would complete each task to its fullest and always return with his head bowed. To some he was giving his new found freedoms away, but he did no such things. He was showing Azrael the sort of respect he knew he deserved and even looked down on demons who couldn't give their all like he gave his. Hating his mixed breaded form he learned to take an even more human-esque one. This caused him a little trouble in the demon community but where the last king of demons would send him out to the wolves, the current one treated him fairly, and in return so did the others start doing.

After years of service, an event happened that would change Cerbin's life forever and even put strain on his position in the demon realm. Satan, his king Azrael, his master had commited an act of great dread and anger to the demon community. He impregnated an angel. Not only was it an angel but a seraph. This caused the some demons to uproar and even call for blood, and, through his own will, Cerbin exterminated many of them. He didn't care what his master did. In his eyes he was still king and no relation of any sort would change that. Maybe it was that type of loyalty that made Azrael think of asking Cerbin to do his mission. Maybe it was something else. All Cerbin was sure of was that no matter how many times he would have asked, even if he knew what it would bring for himself, the answer would always be the same. Thus, Cerbin took Satan's child to Earth along with a stolen piece of Satan's relic and found her a place where she could be safe and he could watch over her.

Being the loyal dog, Cerbin never took his eyes off Aura. He watched her grow day by day and watched her change in all sorts of ways. He also watched the people around her and at times found himself jealous that he couldn't be one of them. He doesn't even know when it happened but after many years he found himself falling in love with her. This made his task all the more greater to bare. He wanted to get close to her and learn more about her. When she was old enough to go to True Cross academy, he, without a second thought, signed himself up to become a teacher there, under the alias, Cerbin Hiberion.

Now being in True Cross Academy, will he be able to complete the most dangerous and vital part of his mission, or, will he fall while trying to do so?


♠ Familiar
Unlike most demons, Cerbin has two familiars that he is bound two. They also happen to be his brothers, Malice and Indigo.

Malice being the oldest has always took a dominate attitude toward Cerbin and Indigo. Even though Cerbin is the stronger of the two Malice can be seen growling or baring his fangs if he sees potential trouble for Cerbin. Unlike his brothers, Malice can't speak, but he seems to understand words well enough to listen to them. Cerbin and Malice share the sense of smell, meaning whatever one smells, so can the other. Cerbin uses him as a hunting tool, should he need to find someone or something. He currently lives in Cerbins shadow.

Indigo is the second oldest of the Trio. Being smaller than Malice and without sight, Cerbin uses him only for communication. Indigo and Cerbin share a their hearing together, meaning whatever one hears, so can the other. Indigo is the only one who didn't make the trip to Earth and instead stays by Azrael's side to link him and Cerbin.

Having held many handheld guns, his most carried would have to be his two double barreled pistols which he keeps on his sides at all times.


So begins...

Cerbin "Cerberus" Hiberion's Story


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Alright my dears the story has begun!! Please go to this link before you begin posting.


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Character Portrait: Cerbin "Cerberus" Hiberion
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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin Hiberion

Cerbin walked the streets early in the morning until the dawn of day. He just Trusting Malice to stay in the shadows around the closer regions of the school he didn't think it would be the brightest idea for himself to hang around the place. Even though he was a "cram school" teacher, he still wasn't apart of the actual school. He didn't want to be part of a question and answer game with someone who worked there or dragged off to do some menial task by another. So this is how he planned to spend his days. Walking around the area far outside the school until it was a need for him to be there. When the time finally arrived he felt a little hesitation, maybe even what humans call nervousness at the thought of being so close to younger humans and even the one he had been watching over for so long. He sighed and put about two handfuls of candy into his mouth. What exactly would he do when he arrived. He could introduce himself yes, but other than that, what sort of conversation would he have to come up with around them. Maybe he could spend the whole day without saying a word. Yes, that would be best.

"If you do that, I think Inferno may freeze over." A calm voice said lazily inside his head.
"Oh. Brother how long have I've been talking?" The demon asked his brother who was currently in Inferno laying down around Satan's throne. Indigo, Cerbins older brother and second to be born out of the three of them had a special connection to Cerbins senses. The two could hear what the other heard when Cerbin created a link between them. This sometimes occurred accidentally if Cerbin was really focused on something.

"I don't know how long you've been talking to yourself pup, but you connected with me hours ago. I thought you were going to say something important but you're just talking about nonsense. Pay more attention. I don't care if you talk to yourself, but don't wake me up with talk of humans and speaking to them. Honestly, I think you're better off slowly devouring those brats."
"Human children aren't things that should be eaten. They are all different just like us."
"They are weak. Weak and squishy. I wonder how they taste. Hehehe."
"I'm going to cut the link now. I don't need to talk to you now."

Even after cutting the link Cerbin still thought he heard curses coming from his brother. The two got along but didn't seem to enjoy speaking to each other, especially if they didn't have to. Though this time some good came out of it. It reminded Cerbin not to say everything on his mind and go into a monologue about the things around him while around the students and other teachers. A bad habit he picked up over the years, if he concentrates too hard on something, he'll usually start speak thinking instead of keeping everything in his head.

Arriving at True Cross, he went to a nearby stairwell that seemed shadowed from the sun and glanced around making sure no one was in sight. "Malice." He called. "Come back now."
From the darkness of the steps, a black wolf moved slowly to Cerbin calmly showing his fangs to him before walking behind him and slowly sinking into his shadow.
"Good work my brother."

Malice was the oldest of all three brothers and was able to go into shows and shared the sense of smell with Cerbin. He was usually left at the school to smell around for demons while Cerbin traveled elsewhere.

After a few minutes of walking Cerbin finally made it to the "cram school" building. He made his way inside and found himself walking around the halls, examining the scratches on the walls in some locations. By the time he made his way to the classroom door, a red haired woman walked out and started going about er business. He made sure not to get in her way or draw any attention to himself. He didn't want to have a needless conversation. Going inside the classroom he tried to act like a normal instructor who was just walking in. He glanced around the room a little and saw some of the "new recruits"( a label he heard someone give them) and went to the desk to grab a book out of it. After doing that he read the plans for the day out of the book. Today was like an entrance exam. He wasn't sure what that meant but decided not to ask about, figuring he'd soon find out. While reading the book he made his way for the exit and walked outside to wait for the bus to come pick everyone up. It would be his first time inside a man made vehicle and he wondered for years what it felt like to step inside one. To say the least, he was eager to depart.

The ride was a little exciting. He spent most of the time looking outside the window and gazing at the passing streets and trees. It felt somewhat comfortable to travel this way. Exiting the vehicle, once they arrived at their destination he was given his group of people and his orders as an instructor. They were fairly easy. All he had to do was make sure they were still alive by the end of the day, but he couldn't interfere with their mission unless there was no chance of completion without his intervention. He wasn't sure the limits of humans or how much they could endure before they died, but he was pretty sure that they would scream for help if needed. Turning to his group he gave a short speech to them before he would have to leave them. "As you know there is a demon here that you have to track down and handle. I advise you to treat this as a life and death mission and to remember that no matter matter the size or the shape, a demon is still a demon and should be approached with caution. Good luck."
As he turned to leave one of the students stopped him. "Um... I have a question."
Cerbin felt a knot form in his chest. He didn't know what else he needed to say. "Yes?" He responded slowly.
"Is there something wrong with your eye?" The student said with a genuinely worried expression. To Cerbins relief, it wasn't a hard question to get by. He smiled slightly at the boy. "It's nothing for you to worry about. Go on now. Do what you came here to do." Reaching his hand out, he pet the kid on his head and walked away. It wasn't something he was use to doing but he saw adults pat their children before leaving them to go to school. He heard the excitement in the kids voices from afar as they walked in the separate direction to go find their target. Looking around he saw allot of things he wasn't used to seeing. He'd never been to an amusement park before but it kind of reminded him of a children's playground. A really oversize one.

He silently followed his group going off of the sounds of their feet. It seemed like he was walking in a diagonal back and forth from them, but he was just making sure they didn't see him.

"Oh. I think we found it. Yeah there it is." He heard one of the boys say. "What do we do now?"
"I don't know."
Another boy said, "Maybe we should attack it."
The only female of the group called. "We should see what it does first."

Giving a sigh, Cerbin crouched down. "This is going to take into the midnight if they don't think of something."

The setting changes from new-earth to True Cross Academy, Fidel City

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Character Portrait: Cerbin "Cerberus" Hiberion
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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin Hiberion

Cerbin watched bored from afar as the human children surrounded the ghost. He put some earplugs on when he saw the ariea of the group pull out a bible. It wouldn't have killed him to hear a few verses, but it still gave him an annoying feeling when he heard such things. The ghoul that was his groups target was pretty small. It looked like it'd die if he just spit on it. However, the kids seemed to almost be afraid of it for some reason. It was amusing and sad at the same time. He popped a laffy taffy in his mouth before looking at the sky. The human sky was beautiful, he had to admit, but it seemed too bright for him, at least during the daytime. He preferred night. It was the perfect mix of light and darkness. Oh how he longed for the full moon tonight. It was like a paternal figure that just stared upon him like it was trying to say something to him. He rubbed the bridge of his nose, thinking about how long the rest of the day was going to be if these kids didn't hurry up. He knew not to interfere just quite yet but he watched as the kid with the wooden sword tried to strike the thing.

Seriously? It's a ghost.

He saw the one that looked like a summoner having problems controlling her demon. It was normal in humans who were timid to lose the respect of their demons, but still, it made him sad. Still, everything looked like it was safe for the kids. Lucky for them, the ghost was laughing at them on the outside as much as he was on the inside. Looking over to his side he could see all the other teams using his enhanced vision. He gave a sigh. It was true. They were just kids after all. Still, he was currently bored. Usually, he'd expect to have more fun. At least that's what he thought teaching was suppose to be like. However, ever since he started, he's been doing nothing but working and spending time in a stupor of boredom.

The setting changes from true-cross-academy-fidel-city to Inferno


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Satan Azrael

“My subordinate is my business! If one more demon talks ill of either him or myself once more I will not be as easily forgiving as I have been.”

Azrael’s eyes widened ever so slightly at the spirited reaction from the Princess. A wicked smile crept along his lips as his eyes narrowed holding a cold light in them. I’ll have to teach her a few things later. Especially that tongue of hers, what an interesting little girl.

“Ha! Satan you have no idea what sits before you, and to prove it I offer myself and, if he wants, Yeu to participate in this little adventure party! After all I am the youngest here and have the most to prove. Surely you could not deny a young girl that, Satan?”

Once again she had surprised him with her words and her rising confidence. “You better watch your tongue girl. But you that’s where you’re wrong, why should I send someone who has no experience to lead this little adventure of yours? His voice was cold. The room seemed to get colder and heavy air of foreboding hung in the air. Azrael didn’t appreciate the fact that the Princess had cornered him with her words, it had been a long while since this happened.

“But seeing as your so eager to be a part of this I’ll let you lead. Just know I won’t take failure lightly, this isn’t one of your pretty little adventures. The same goes to your subordinate.” With that having been said, Azrael leaned back in his chair, his glare daring Bavol and Yeuri to say otherwise to his decision.

“I’ll go. It will be a simple mission and surely you have more important matters to attend to back in the circles.” Azreal simply glanced in the direction of Chikyu’s subordinate. Hmm I’ll have to them keep an eye on him. His gaze eventually shifted back to the Princess and her subordinate. ”If you go, I will remain at your side. Gore will keep watch of the circles and report anything amiss, to which will be dealt with on our return, should it please you to be so. There are also the others to reinforce your rules in the meantime.”

Once more Azrael’s eyes shifted to something else, their focus being the Prince of Fire. By the look of things the younger demon finally spoke up. "Well, if this is settled, I have my own little errand to run. Please send someone to notify myself when exactly this little search party is leaving for the human world, and I am sure Jackal would be most disappointed if he did not have any rabbits to chase after.."

Azrael snorted and rolled his eyes at Vincent’s words. But he let the Prince leave his chambers along with his rather horrid looking dog. He let Vincent’s departure rest in the air for a moment before shifting in his chair. Turning his attention back to those before him, Azrael sat forwards, lacing his fingers in front of him. “Well that settles it. Bavol you will lead a group to the Human World and with the help of Yeuri and Astaroth along with Vincent’s summon. You will be going under the guise of humans with limiters of course. Under no circumstances are you to deviate from your mission least you alert those damned Angels of our movement. Now go get a move on, your dismissed.”

He waved his hand at them to leave. Once they were no longer in his presence, Azrael stood up and donned on his public illusion. Becoming nothing more than a moving shadow with glowing red orbs set in what looked to be a cruel face, Azrael called for a servant. ”Go inform the Prince of Fire of the departure of the expedition group.” His voice came out gravely and deep with a tone of absolute authority in it. The servant merely bowed before disappearing as he was no longer within sight.

Azrael, sat back down and thought for a while. Now would normally be the time in which Cerbin would give him his report. “What is that bastard doing?” Pursing his lips, Azrael let loose a piercing whistle almost on par with Vincent’s. In a matter of seconds, Malice, one of Cerbins summons as well as his older brother appeared at his feet. A smaller lesser demon than his canine brother, Malice was a pure black dog, save for his paws, ears and tail. Which were red, almost like they were dipped in fresh blood. Licking his lips, Azrael spoke to the canine, “Cerbin you have yet to give me your report on her. How does she fare?”

True Cross Academy, Fidel City

At the same moment, the very lesser demons that Azrael had sent the others to capture showed up at the amusement park. At first they simply explored, messing with the old and rubdown structures within the park. That is until they caught sight of the humans. The group of lesser demons, five to be exact, only one of them was missing so really it was only four at the moment. The quartet sniffed the air in search of the best meal and caught the scent of rather strong individuals that and something that smelled vaguely of demon flesh.

Yipping and growling, the lesser demons flocked towards the group of humans. One of them was like the human that had summoned them to Earth. This puny male (Julius) had a horse looking thing while the others (Evangeline) looked weak but good to eat. Save for the other male (Akio), in his hand he carried a demon blade. The group of lesser demons hissed but they continued onward toward the group save for one of them who caught the scent of a pure demon, a superior one at that. Grinning to itself it left the three and attacked the Superior Demon (Cerbin). It was larger than the other three nearing the size of a small horse, it was a nasty looking thing all fangs and patches of fur and scales. The other three attacked the small group of humans but one caught the scent of something funny and attacked it (Aura) in hopes of singling it out so it didn’t have to share.

The setting changes from inferno to True Cross Academy, Fidel City

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[Sorry... sorry... sorry... Never mind this! POOF! Gone...]

The setting changes from true-cross-academy-fidel-city to New Earth


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Character Portrait: Cerbin "Cerberus" Hiberion
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#, as written by Damioa
*Sorry wrong place.* ^__^

The setting changes from new-earth to True Cross Academy, Fidel City

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Character Portrait: Cerbin "Cerberus" Hiberion
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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin Hiberion

Still looking bored at his group of misfits play around with the ghoul, Cerbin inhaled something in his nose. Vile in its smell and pinching to his nostrils, he knew what had mad the stench. It was none other than the familiar stench of a demon whose only intention was to kill. Definitely not the type of demon to be present at an entrance exam. He stood up slowly and looked around smelling the air. From what he could tell there were about three to four smells. One was close as the others were further away. He turned his head in all direction till he stopped and opened his eyes. The direction of his stare was the same direction he was sure that she was in. He growled at the situation. He had to go there and analyze the situation, but, at the same time, he had to stay here and watch over the children. He blinked a couple of times enhancing his vision on each blink. That's when he saw it. The vile disgusting horseman of a demon, galloping in his direction in blind stupid rage. He dimmed his eyes at the sight. The demons skin looked like it was made from rotten flesh and you could clearly make out the design of its muscles. It seemed to also be leaking something vile. It's stench masked the others more and more with each step it took. Surely this demon was either rouge or too stupid to know not to run with such determination toward his superiors.

The demon slightly turned as to not ram into Cerbin directly, but instead circle him, as if he was the prey. The man did nothing but stare blankly forward still contemplating his next move. He knew if he wasn't restricted he could easily kill this perpetrator, but also knew that if he did that, he would give away the fact that he wasn't human.

"Hehehe." The demon laughed menacingly in low voice. It licked it's lips in entertainment and circled Cerbin like he was some sort of prey at the bottom of the food chain.
"If I were to kill him normally I'd end up wasting so much time. However, to kill multiple ones at a time would definitely look bad upon me. It would be so easy without restrictions.... I wonder." Cerbin said aloud in thought making the demon impatient. It huffed and snarled shaking its head back and forth like a wild bull. Drawing close to Cerbin who was still mumbling random thoughts in his head he reached out his arm and grabbed the mans collar, pulling him off the air and breathing melting breath into his face.

Cerbin suddenly stop talking and acknowledged the demons presence with his eyes that were still cold and unwilling to show any type of care. Moving his hands to his holster, he drew out his guns, placing one of the double barrels on under the demons arm. BANG!!!

Cerbin dropped back down to the ground along with the demons hand and forced the grip off of his person. He stared at the lesser demon who was screaming while holding his arm in agony. Vile howls of pain could be heard from the animistic creature. The mans only reply was wiping the splattered blood off of his face.

Cerbin bluffed. "I could kill you with a glance you know. It wouldn't be very smart to stay around here." However his words didn't seem to reach the monsters ears as it ran towards him instead of running away.
Anticipating the movements of his enemy, Cerbin leaped over its head crabbing on to its rough hair to guide himself to its back and rode on it like a cowboy atop a bull. It kicked and jumped trying to free himself from Cerbins grip while Cerbin tried to get a steady aim at its head. He fired two shots that just seemed to barely maim the beasts skin. Finally after one could thrust, the demon sent Cerbin flying in the air.

With a couple of rolls, Cerbin seemed to have regained his composer. He placed himself up and knelled on the ground not keeping his eyes off the monster in front of him. Placing his hand in his mouth he bit his palm enough to cause the blood to flow out. Below him he drew a circle and a few signs before placing his palm in the center. He stood up and pointed both of his pistols at the creature as the circle seemed to animate itself into a puddle that covered all of the signs he wrote inside of it. Out of the puddle pointed ears emerged and slowly turned into a wolves design. It was obviously not a wolf but instead some sort of demon. Staring at the four legged beast in front of it the wolf growled and snarled awaiting Cerbins order.

Cerbin clicked the safety off of the unfired pistol in his right hand and said, "Malice. It's time to eat." As if it was a hidden keyword, Malice sprinted toward the beast in front of him in waves instead of a straight on path before ending up behind it and biting on its hind left leg. The sound mimicked a broken tree branch but the effect didn't seem to warrant anything. Standing on its front hooves, the demon kicked back to force malice off of him. The wolf flipped back landing back on its paws and once again darted for the demon who seemed to anticipate it coming back.

The demon turned his attention to Malice, grabbing the wolf with its remaining hand.
Cerbin shot its hand off leaving the thing with nothing but stumps in memory for what use to be connected to them. The demon roared and galloped around over Malice who had fallen right below it. Quickly the black wolf became one with the demons shadow in order to protect itself. The demon ran away blindly out of range over to the direction of Cerbins group who had seemed to have actually been running away from the ghoul. Cerbin sucked his teeth, knowing that there was no way those kids would last a second with that type of beast. He darted after the demon, monitoring his speed to a normal human like stride as not to go fast enough to blow his cover. He let out huffs of air. "Being a human must suck when it comes to fighting demons." He said to himself.

The Lesser demon rammed into an adjacent wall that wasn't to far from the kids. "Oh no. It's another one!!!!" One of the boys called.
"No. It looks really big and it's bleeding."
"Please no. No more. I didn't want this. I wanna go home!!!!" The girl cried losing her composure and falling to the ground. The male student behind her ran to the area behind them, but was stopped by a wall. They were all trapped.

Malice etched his way out of the demons shadow and darted in front of the kids. He growled while looking behind him for a second. His thoughts harassing himself for having to protect such weak creatures.

Seeming to regain its mentality, the angered demon looked in the direction of Malice and the children and roared just before ramming in their direction.

Malice growled as it positioned itself to pounce out the demon three times his size. Cerbin, now within firing range shot continuously at the demons direction, hitting it different areas. None of them were vital, but it seemed enough to cause the demon to stagger. Malice jumped on the demon, crawling around it like a rodent before taking a bite of it's neck. He dug in deeper, bearing his fangs to cover more of a mouthful of meat before shutting it's jaws on the demons throat causing it to spray blood all over the area around it. The dog kept biting and pulling until there was nothing left of the demons neck. With the silence of the frightful moans and gurgles of agony came the view of a head separated from a vile horses body.

Cerbin finally making his way to the scene looked around, the girl jumping to him and hugging him with tears. "It's okay." He said rubbing her head. "It's over now." Turning to Malice he ordered the dog to stay with the humans and to take them back to the meeting spot after his meal. The wolf gave a growl of agreement as it chomped on what was left of the centaur demon.

"Malice. Look after the kids. Make sure they're escorted back to the meeting area." He ordered. Turning to the children he said, "Stay with my familiar. He'll keep you safe.", before running off in the direction of the other teams. The direction which had the smell of other demons clinging to it like a bad disease.

The setting changes from true-cross-academy-fidel-city to Inferno


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The demon who wielded the strongest power in all of Inferno; the demon who feared nothing, this very demon who sat upon his throne wore a look of worry. Azrael sat upon his throne in a slouched position as would on any other day. However something was off by the way he held himself. If one looked closely enough they’d see that his index finger tapped the arm rest impatiently. Then there was the sour look on his face as if he had just eaten a lemon, which wasn’t all too unusual for the demon that held the title Satan.

Sitting upon his throne, Azrael rubbed the bridge of his nose and looked back up to stare off into space. His facial expressions changed rapidly from being that of a worrisome father to a sour old man, Azrael was not in the best of moods at this particular moment. Resting his head against his propped up elbow, he continued to stare off into space until finally he sat straight up as if surprised by something only he could see, which made some sense. However it wasn’t something that he could only see but rather what only he and a select few were aware of. That his daughter was living in the human realm, he did make sure that his most trusted subordinate and friend went with her to watch over her. And at a time like this Azrael was getting impatient as he was waiting for Cerbin to give him his report.

What is he doing? Realizing he was no longer in his usual position, Azrael sat back making sure to take up his leisurely pose. That way if someone happened to come by him they wouldn’t think anything was wrong. Pressing his fingers to his lips, the Demon King rubbed his chin in impatience. “This has gone on long enough.” Curling his index finger and thumb so that their tips almost touched each other, he brought them to his lips and let loose a sharp whistle. Within a matter of seconds a rather intimidating hound came creeping in. It was a lesser demon by the name of Indigo and it was also Cerbin’s brother. Hopefully the other one is with him.

The dog looked up at him expectantly, awaiting his orders. Leaning down Azrael grabbed the dogs muzzle tightly and brought it closer to his face; upon doing so Indigo let out a small whine, not out of fear but more so from the sudden action. Azrael glared at Indigo as he spoke, “Cerbin! What the hell are you doing? Why haven’t you given me your report yet? What goes of my daughter?” His words were commanding and they held the faint note of irritation from waiting. It took only a few moments of his time for Cerbin to reply to his demanding questions.

As he listened to Cerbin’s report, his impatient tapping turned into something else entirely. Gripping the edge of the arm rest, cracks formed until finally the most vital bit of information given to him came. “WHAT!?” his surprise ripped through the air and was accompanied by the sound of marble crumbling under his show of strength. Indigo yelped as some of the marble fell on his paws but Azrael merely ignored him and glared at the mess he had made.

“Damn. I wouldn’t have thought they’d attack her let alone be anywhere near her. You said you encountered Astaroth, which means the rest of them are will be in the vicinity. Cerbin listen good, do not under any circumstances let them find out who you are. And do not let them anywhere near Aura. Trouble has been brewing in Inferno and news of my daughter living in the human realm will do me no good. Not right now. I’ll have a messenger call the expedition team back. On the other hand if you can, try to get rid of as many Lesser demons as you can, if there are any left, simply so they no longer have a reason to stay. That is all.”

With that having been said, Azrael pushed Indgo’s muzzle out of the way as he sat back in his throne once more. Contemplating what exactly his next course of actions would be Azrael settled with bringing them back. Standing up Azrael reached behind his throne, grabbed a billowy cloak and with an elegant twirl of ghostly fabric donned on his public illusion. In a matter of seconds the ghostly clothe enveloped his body in a dark misty substance as horns capped his head and his eyes took on a feral glow. “Good this will do.” even his voice changed taking on a more gravely tone to it. And just like a phantom of sorts, Azrael left the throne chamber in search of a pair of Lesser’s who would be able to carry out his task.

It didn’t take him too long to find them. They were small grotesque avian creatures, their wings barely held their feathers so all one could see was their skeletal frame, and the few patches of feather they had had long ago lost their beautiful shine. There were three of them to be exact, each one varied in size with the smallest one having the least amount of feathers. “Inform the expedition team to come back at once, they’ve dealt with the problem and they seem to be having far too much fun messing with the humans. Besides didn’t I ask them not to kill any of the Lessers.” Unlike most other Lesser demons there were very few who were able to copy down intellectual speech. Most often they died out because this unique trait left them weak and therefore vulnerable to the more predatory of its group.

Azrael sent off the messenger birds the moment he finished his message via a reverse summoning. So now all he can do is wait for them to come back and hope that his daughter wasn’t found out.

Amusement Park||Messenger Birds

A dark inky seal formed in the sky above the park, however the seal itself was small so if one would look up they most likely wouldn’t have been able to see it. With a small flash of light, three messenger birds flew through the seal. They hovered over the park for a short moment before going their seperate ways. The largest went to Bavol, upon reaching her it cawed and croaked to get her attention. It even went so far as to dive for her head. Once it got her attention, the bird relayed its message. The second largest went to Astaroth, diving for his head before relaying its message. The smallest went in search of Yeuri and found him messing with a red-haired woman. It hissed and cawed the moment it saw the demonic blade but it carried out its task. Like its brethren, the bird dived for Yeuri's head and began to relay the message.

The setting changes from inferno to New Earth


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#, as written by Damioa
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The setting changes from new-earth to True Cross Academy, Fidel City

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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin Hiberion

A little bit before the present. (Dual written by Damioa and KuroNeko)

Cerbin ran quickly to the area where the other groups were. As he feared, the smell of even more demons was getting stronger as he approached closer to the area. He began thinking that if he wasn't able to reach his destination in time, he would have definitely failed his mission. Although, it might have been a failure ever since he had decided to enroll as a teacher in the academy. It didn't hit him until the last battle he had, but now he was certain. There was no way he could fight to his full potential in front of so many demon hunting exorcists. Nor could he guarantee the safety of the one he was ordered to protect. Heck, he couldn't even guarantee his own. He would have to consult Satan after the incident settled down to see what he should do next. Upon running, he had something hit his nose. It wasn't the vile smell of a lesser demon. He was never able to tell what kind of smell it was in the first place. However, it was a smell he had recognized. "Tch. I can't deal with this too." He said to himself before looking around for a place to hide. He wasn't too keen on being seen by this person. Not yet at least.
Looking over the area, Cerbin found a public stall. It was a usual private one that fit the amusement park fittingly. There were two openings and a wall that covered the middle of the small box. Quickly, he jumped over the wall and hugged the inner walls it bore. Closing his eyes, he sniffed the air and listened carefully for the sound of approaching footsteps. He hadn't thought about what he was going to do from there. True, he could just ignore this man and continue to his original target, but that would mean having to put up with being seen later by him. Even worse, if he was attacked then he would have no choice but to give up his true identity in countering him. There were too many loose ends with just letting him pass by. On the other hand, or respectively, yet another reason to deal with him now, there was a question. "What if he was the one who brought the lesser demons here?" It was a long shot, but it did seem possible. Having been on Earth for so long, Cerbin had no idea what was going on in Inferno. Would the mans position still be the same? Or maybe, there was a coup d'etat and now personnel are being dispatched to find him and Satan's offspring. "So there is only one thing to do. I have to attack him. I have to make him disappear." It wasn't certain at all. It could have just been an act of coincidence. However, Cerbin couldn't chance anything. Not when it came to his mission.
Like a predator he waited for the footsteps to come into range. It wasn't long before they had. The smell seemed to match. With all the senses declaring that his target had been acquired, he hopped back over the wall and ran in front of the man, about ten meters to be exact, and pulled out one of his double barrels. He wasn't one to shoot someone in the back, even if he would have ended up regretting. Even after the pull of the trigger, even Cerbin didn't think the conflict would end there. He was ready for a fight.

Thus far Astaroth had seen very little in this place that lived up to the promise of 'amusement'. He had expected the failure, but a faint bit more effort on the part of the creators of the space would have been appreciated. The sounds of his breaths and footsteps added further to the dull ambience sounds of faint creaking rust addled mental swaying in the disinterested breeze. Lesser demons proved even more of a rarity in his chosen section than something amusing, He had seen faint signs that Lessers had moved through the area and thought he heard suspicious noises coming from the distance, and he was beginning to think he had chosen the poor path. No matter, he would clear the border first then push in once the area was secure.
In such a dead space unblinking eyes detected the quick-moving discrepancy near immediately. Seconds are a tight space in which to confine thought, but he manages to slip in vague wonder at the intent of the human before him. Things pointed by strangers are rarely a kindness, and while he shot to the side in avoidance an unfamiliar form of noise affirmed to him negative connotation. More thoughts choked in seconds – what was the purpose of defending this place, or attacking on whim one walking quietly. Then thoughts of how to respond, weapon choices flitting by and vague wondering if it was worth the time. It had been some time since he robbed someone of their intestines…
Final decision is that he would like a closer look of this bit of amusement. In a flowing act of return, he darts back across the path once more, movement to avoid further pointing of small noisy things. While slipping through the air, pulling up small dust clouds from where his feet hit the ground to propel him on, a hand moves to the side to be consumed in ruddy mist from which is pulled his demonically warped katar. It barely had time to settle into his grip before it was launched towards the enemy.
The blade was but a distraction to allow him to jump to nearby and leap his way from foothold to foothold to close the distance between them.

Cerbin watched as the bullet slipped past his target and shot more in his targets direction. Those too seemed to miss, but Cerbin wasn't all that surprised. Not even he would have gotten hit by such a human-esque move, but at the moment that was what he was limited to. Whether he wanted to or not, he had to move away from his first destination. He didn't need any of the exorcists in the area seeing the fight which was about to take place. If they had, then he would have to lose the fight in a horrible manner. Not only was his adversary in combat a superior demon, but he was one of the three subordinates. In Cerbins head, the ladder of hell, if being written out on a tree would be his Satan Azrael, the three princes, and then himself along with the three subordinates. After that he didn't bother making name categories. It was obviously just superior demons and then lesser demons.
To top it off, not only was he fighting a subordinate, but in his eyes, the most dangerous one. No he had never seen Astaroth fight before, but he still had his attention. For one, he seemed to be the most to himself. Another thing would have to be the fact that the Demon Prince of Earth had been his master. The same demon who was taught under Satan. The connection itself made him dangerous. Lastly though, and this in itself could be the main reasoning behind Cerbins caution, but Astaroth had the presence of someone strong. It could have just been the mans imagination, but seeing just the way Astaroth carries himself was enough to have Cerbin know that he might be outmatched, even if he could use his full power. However, Cerbin had decided that if he just had a small advantage he might be able to best the demon in front of him. The first step was getting Astaroth to think him as weak, so he continued to fight like a human. However, he began to back step towards one of the coaster attractions. He did so at just enough speed making sure to sway to different corners of his counterpart in order to slow try to slow his engagement. To look on the outside, it would seem as if he was trying to cross him over while backing into the attraction. He only had his enhanced speed to rely on when it came to keeping a hairs distance away from Astaroth, which allowed him to jump up into the sky and land on one of the bars. He quickly reloaded his guns and began shooting down to the mans direction.

Missing its target, Astaroth’s katar dissolved into the same tarnished mist it was drawn from. Speed and agility that he could not deny to be at decent levels kept him from getting close enough to look at the face of this distraction. From the distance it held some faint curiosity beyond the norm, but as the chase went his interest faded with the assumption that it should be no more than a human, fast or not.
As the movement took them to the distance he wondered on the possibility of some form of ambush, but the area seemed quiet and there would be little motivation. Closing in on a mangled sort of structure, one of the decaying roofs he leapt to betrayed his footing and caused the necessity to return to ground level. When his eyes moved from catching himself back to the creature of interest, he was slipping through the air to a peculiar and mangled sort of structure. An aerial advantage was the plan then. That could be easily topped with the use of wings if only… Astaroth glared at the limiter on his wrist and suffered the temptation of removing it. Gun fire drew his attention and he launched backwards. His distraction cost him a bullet grazing the inner side of his right calf.
Maintaining constant movement as unpredictably as manageable in the space and growling angrily over his injury, he reached into one of the satchels at his waist and felt for the shape of the vials he desired to use. Two seem adequate for the job and are drawn free. The substance selected is a potent acid milked from a particular variety of snake-like lesser demon and he targets them in two quick throws at the beams supporting his enemy. Darting towards the structure, the mist returned around his hand and this time produced his battle axe, which was driven against the supports in hopes of aiding the acid in knocking his target down to a more simply attackable range.

As Cerbin hit his target he ceased fire temporarily to reload his double barrels. He widened his gaze a little in awe at the fact that he was able to hit him at all. Thinking about it, it could have been because of the mans limiter. That had to be it. He didn't take into account that the battle at hand would have a full change just because of an item. Although, remembering the guns in his hands, he realized that he should have never doubted this fact. If it wasn't for the limit on power, he would've probably never picked up the gun.
It seemed his opponent was more prepared than he was however, seeing as he ditched his first weapons. Of course Cerbin knew better than to think that any higher being, scratch that, not even most humans would give up after one little graze. Astaroth threw something like a whip, no it was too shiny in the remaining light of day to be a whip and also didn't come back to him. Whatever it was, it hit the structuring of the coaster trail Cerbin was perched on. It didn't take long for it to crumble and before the man had something good to jump off of, he was swallowed in the demolition. Stuck under under what felt like tons of steel and wood, and with his body feeling like it had just been hit by a train, Cerbin almost passed out. This easy to faint thing was yet another thing he hated about being in human form for so long. He began to think maybe being the way he was now for so long was making him exceedingly weak.
That's the answer he gave himself as he dug himself out of the dubree. He basically crawled through a small gap he happened to move and squeezed himself out. He looked up at the being in front of him. He felt like almost laughing at his luck. Of course his next weapon would be a huge axe. Slowly standing up, Cerbin looked ahead straight into the eyes of his adversary, a trickle of blood falling down his forehead to accompany his demonic red eye. Not wanting to use the power of his eye due to the side effects, he decided to stick to his guns. However, this time instead of running away while firing, he had decided to take a more frontal approach, but first he just had to know, "Why would you release demons to attack this place? Is this his new will?" By saying "his" Cerbin was referring to Azreal, but as far as he was concerned his master hadn't mentioned anything about an attack of any kind on the human world. Still, it was good to take out possibilities. He had to know why things were happening the way they were, and why one of the demon subordinates were here in the first place.

The attack was more effective than Astaroth had hoped and as he skidded backwards to avoid being caught in the debris he was momentarily disappointed by the possibility that the neglected old creation had stolen his kill. To his vaguest relief, the disappointment was premature. He raised his axe to rest on his shoulder and met the gaze of his opponent. At this range he noted the peculiarity of his eye and realized that it was not a simple human he was fighting. The question struck him as rather peculiar, particularly the latter half. What would Azrael have against a place like this? It took little thought to answer the accusations of using demons, “It would be pointless to release demons to do what I could do better myself,” but he took some more cautious consideration on what to reveal of Azrael’s intent. Uncertain what kind of demon would be wandering Earth uninformed, he decided against sharing what they were doing and instead gave his earlier thought as replacement. “What would the Satan gain from destroying this half-decayed park of amusement?”

Not understanding the question to his own question, Cerbin just sat staring at Astaroth in silence. The man did say that it would be pointless for he himself to send lesser demons to do his dirty work and knowing him, Cerbin wouldn't doubt for a second that if Astaroth did want something done in the human world, he'd do it himself. The other familiar smells also told him that the situation called for something different then what he had thought in the first place. However, the evidence that calmed his nerves the most was the mention of Azreal. Of course there wouldn't be a life threatening task that he would hash out that would endanger his or Aura's life. So there it was. Proof that he may have just jumped the gun by being a little too over protective. A strange tendency found in most of his kind. Still, he didn't want anyone to know about his location. Though, knowing the demon in front of him, if he didn't know who he was by now, then maybe he wouldn't mention it if he found out later. Cerbin smirked at how oblivious Astaroth was and lowered his guns after returning his face to his calm bland look. "I see. Then it's my fault for starting this mess between you and I. Well then. I should probably tend to something important instead of wasting time." He said as he turned away.

Astaroth's axe grew heavy with impatience as moments passed in silence. Considering the possibility of more interesting fights with more creatively designed lesser demons, the temptation to end this distraction was increasing. As fantasies of splitting the skull before him with his axe grew almost inescapably enticing to alleviate an increasing sense of boredom, lowered guns stayed his hand. The brief smirk and admittance that this was all a waste of time earned a high amount of irritation, but as the uniformed demon turned away, he decided that enough time had been wasted and watched him go without offering any reply.

Current time

Cerbin kept moving without even the slightest sign of looking back. Sure, it had crossed his mind that Astaroth would attack him from behind, but with his acute hearing, he could tell that he wasn't the target of Astaroths path. This was most definitely a good thing indeed. Now all he had to do was focus on finding Aura and making sure she was safe. As he ran he felt the same strange presence he would normally feel when a link between him and his brother was created. Most of the time however, he would be the one to open the link. His brother never talked to him on his own. If a link was open then that would mean that Azreal, his master, would want to speak to him. He stopped running, just so he could focus, and looked up at the sky. It was getting pretty late. Usually he had made the connection and given his daily report, however, because of his new trade and distractions, he hadn't been able to do his daily ritual.

Indigo was lying outside Satans chamber when he heard the whistle. Getting up he walked inside and walked towards Azreal. He didn't know what his master looked like, but he could smell him perfectly. He could also hear him and, judging from the tone of his voice, he wasn't happy. Feeling a pull at his muzzle, he whined at the sudden movement and opened the link between him and Cerbin.

“Cerbin! What the hell are you doing? Why haven’t you given me your report yet? What goes of my daughter?” Azreal asked, sounding rather aggravated.

Cerbin sniffed around the area before answering. "She is now a part of the exorcist school. I have infiltrated the campus by posing as an instructor here in order to stay close to her. However, it seems that during the initial test some lesser demons started to roam the area. I killed one, but I smelled more around the other group area. As of now, the smell of rot is in the air, but it doesn't smell human nor of Aura. I believe the demons are dead or injured. However, there is another circumstance that bothers me. I have ran into Astaroth just recently. We had a little scuffle, but nothing to care about. However, I smell others, even one who smells like the Prince of Wind. I suppose the other one is her servant. I also smelled two dog like demons and some other type of smell. As of now, I'm headed in Aura's direction. That is all I have to report at this time." Cerbins voice was bland and clear, however, the words were repeated through Indigo's mouth. It was hard to talk with Azreal's hand over his mouth, but he didn't show no sign of minding. However, once the marble fell onto his paw he couldn't help but to whimper. It wasn't so much of the pain as it was the wonder of what had fallen on his paw. After he was done he raised his ears to hear Azreals reply to Cerbin's message.

“Damn. I wouldn’t have thought they’d attack her let alone be anywhere near her. You said you encountered Astaroth, which means the rest of them are will be in the vicinity. Cerbin listen good, do not under any circumstances let them find out who you are. And do not let them anywhere near Aura. Trouble has been brewing in Inferno and news of my daughter living in the human realm will do me no good. Not right now. I’ll have a messenger call the expedition team back. On the other hand if you can, try to get rid of as many Lesser demons as you can, if there are any left, simply so they no longer have a reason to stay. That is all.”
After that Indigo waited to see what would happen next before being pushed back. Taking that as a sign, he left the room.

Cerbin was paused, he didn't know how he could get past any of the others with his eye. Even if they had forgotten what he looked like, the eye may stir back their memory. If that were to happen, he'd probably be targeted or the secret that he bore would be loose for public knowledge. Thinking of what to do next he felt a nudge on his leg. It was no other than Malice who had come back after dropping the kids off to safety. That's when Cerbin got an idea. If he didn't show his eye then he would be able to hide himself. "Malice, grab that rock by your paw." He ordered. The demon dog did as he was ordered to and picked up the rock with his fangs. Handing it to Cerbin, he looked at his younger brother questionably. With two swift shots to his face, Cerbin had swollen his eye enough to keep it sealed for a good amount of time. Now that that was taken care of, all he had to do was find Aura.

Following his nose, he had decided to go around the long way. There was no chance that he was going to waste time with other demons and humans. Especially not since he had just received orders. It didn't take long, but soon the smell of Azreal's daughter became more apparent, along with a smell he didn't quite agree of. As he walked he over heard some talking. He quickly took hiding along one of the walls and peered around. He saw a carousel a few feet away and two figures. With his now blackened eye, he only had one eye to focus with.

"Malice." He called, "I need you to gaze over in that direction for me."

Upon hearing Cerbin's request, Malice showed his teeth and looked around the corner. Making a link between them, Cerbin could see the area perfectly. Apparently the smell he had feared actually was something to fear after all. He had little contact with her, but seeing the long stands of pale white hair that almost looked grey, he could confirm along with her smell who she was. Looking closely, it seemed that Aura was lying right next to her and listening closely, the two were having a conversation. Malice pulled back and severed the link with Cerbin. Looking up at his brother and licking his lips, as if to mock him, he sat next to Cerbin waiting for the next move.

Cerbin, on the other hand was a little distraught to say the least. Not only had he came into contact with Astaroth, but now he would have to come into contact with the Prince of Air as well. Although, in the big picture of it all, that wasn't the half of it. No, after Azreal had ordered him to keep Aura away from the demons, he finds her talking to one of the top demon's one could talk to. It wasn't looking good at all for him. However, as he looked up trying to think of a plan, one had easily flown above him. It seemed the messenger birds were working pretty fast today. As he kept his eyes on the lesser demon, it did some movements and made some noises before darting toward her.

"That's right." He said, thinking aloud, "Get your message and leave so I can make sure Aura is safe." Waiting for the right time to move, Cerbin gazed around the corner with his one good eye and waited.

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Ryuu & Yeuri

All Ryuu could do was wonder why it was the demon before her wore that grin of his. It rather irritated her even more so than having been interrupted by the Lesser demon a few moments ago. "So you’re saying that you get told this a lot by all sorts of races who cut you?” Red eyes narrowed ever so slightly the moment those words fell upon her ears. The demon before her was truly getting on her nerves which were very unlike her since Ryuu normally kept a calm head. I must be getting old and irritable she thought to herself. While musing over what her next step would be, Ryuu almost missed the challenge hidden behind his next words. "Other important matters? If they were so important then why in God's name did you even bother cutting me?"

Her fingers went to her neck as they caressed the thin cut at her neck. Thankfully it was only a nick so it didn't bleed too much. Thinking more on that certain topic, Ryuu listened to the rest of his words, realizing she may not actually be able to keep to her word. In the condition I'm in now, I may not even get a scratch on him. Not if I don't use that. Her brow furrowed as she began to weigh out her options. The situation truly would not end well for her, at least not in her current condition, that’s what logic told her. however her gut was telling her otherwise, having been raised in a household were one was not allowed to back down from a challenge and even going against your own was considered to be almost like an act of treason. That and you would forever be deemed a coward until you proved otherwise.

Once more Ryuu had been distracted. Glancing back up at the demon before her she realized he was no longer standing in front of her but doing what appeared to be trying to get his sword out from underneath the demon ape. Almost as if he knew she was watching him, the demon glanced over at her and asked of her next choice of action. Seeing the smirk on his face further poked at her pride as an exorcists but it was really the idea of him actually ignoring her to get his sword that finally got to her. Glaring daggers at the demon before her Ryuu gave him her answer, “Then let’s see who’s the better dancer shall we?”

"Other important matters? If they were so important then why in God's name did you even bother cutting me?" Upon hearing this, his impression of her only diminished. She seemed slow, though saying or hinting towards such an idea would likely get him in a mess of trouble he didn’t need. Yeuri chuckled lowly to himself as he poked around the beast, finding the best place to shift its center of gravity.

With a simple shrug, he addressed it, ”Something wasn’t right about you. The easiest way to tell if one’s a demon is by the stench of their blood. Or at least that’s the most entertaining way. Regardless, it works.” He smirked down at the carcass as he spoke, not even bothering to look at her as the words passed his lips.

Finally finding an ample spot, Yukon set his hands on the shoulder and side of the dead ape, squatting and lifting the dead weight with only a little annoyance. The blade was still buried to the hilt, almost moreso which only spoke of the speed and strength behind the throw solely from the fact of the distance thrown and the deep impact. Then again, that fact might be lost due to the Ape’s own weight falling on it and forcing it further in. [b] “Then let’s see who’s the better dancer, you or me?”

With the appearance of the second weapon, Yeuri was banking on the woman being distracted- which was plausible considering she had already been caught off guard twice- when his first sword was out of its sheathe and in his hands. He maneuvered it to where he held it carefully by the sharp blade, but had actually thrown the hilt at her legs, the chains fairly silent as they sailed behind it, quickly entwining around her limbs. Rather than what they had previously appeared as, the chains were as any normal metallic link would look, albeit a bit more ethereal- something about the metal was obviously not normal. He hardened his grip on the blade, cutting himself in the process, and pulled backwards in attempt to take her down to the ground. He was certainly fast enough to pull off his prank, plus his added strength only made it a simple task. He didn’t mind the cut on his hand either, as it would heal very quickly. The only way he had been able to keep a hold on the sword was because of the dried blood that marred the surface.

As she staggered to the ground, Yeu simply 'tsked' and shook his head with that same annoying smirk of his. "Well, you certainly won't be able to dance very well all tangled up like that~" Despite his usual candor in battle, Yeuri really couldn't pass up teasing this woman. He knew he was playing with fire, but it was just so pretty that he couldn't resist. That was all this really was to him- a game. He didn't take her as seriously as he probably should.

Ryuu raised a brow upon hearing him but she questioned him no further. She watched with little interest as the demon pulled his sword out from the demon ape's carcass which was buried hilt deep. Ryuu wasn't all that surprised by it besides she knew of a few women at home who were capable of doing something of that sort and they were only human. While thinking this, Ryuu let down her guard if but only for a moment. But a moment was all he needed to get her and he most certainly used that moment.

Ryuu tensed up on contact as the chain wrapped around her lower body and soon they were tugged back, thus resulting in her toppling over. Her body smacked into the concrete ground, the sudden blow knocked the wind from her lungs and she coughed. However it wasn't just air she coughed but a bit of phlegm that was tinted red. Thanks to her encounter with the demon ape, one of her ribs were broken. Gasping for air Ryuu barely took note of the sound the demon made but she certainly heard his words. Growling, Ryuu was thankful her grip on Chomesku hadn't loosened. The moment she felt her holders rage, Chomesku began to heat up and with a flourish Ryuu turned the blade so it could cut the chains from her body.

You could barely see the waves of heat radiating from the demonic blade. The first tell-tale sign of what was happening was the scorch mark left on the concrete. A small ferocious grin settled on Ryuu's lips as she jumped back on her feet. Swinging her sword out in an arc to help keep her balance, Ryuu wiped the corner of her mouth of the blood and touched her shoulder. Still in the crouching position suddenly a massive form sprung out from behind her. Opening its jaws it let loose a shrill sort of laughter as it landed right before the demon.

The summoned familiar took the form of a fox an ever present grin set in its muzzle. "Give him your best." her words held an ominous vibe to them. As soon as they passed her lips, Katsu snickered and bite the demon's leg. The bite was quick and precise but enough for the familiar to work its magic. For the demon was now caught in Katsu's illusion, however what he saw would be up to the target. Now that her opponent was distracted, Ryuu stood up and ran to his side. She swung Chomesku above her head to prepare for a diagonal slash.

Suddenly a grotesque creature dived for the demons head. Whether or not it broke the illusion Ryuu didn't know. Although she hated using such a dirty trick it was necessary. Ryuu did not falter in her attack but she assumed the creature was enough of a distraction that it may have broken the illusion.

Yukon watched with piqued interest as her demonic blade severed the chains that encompassed her. So it did seem to obey her, despite her half blood. Still, Yeu doubted that it was being used to its fullest potential. However, as he looked up at her eyes as she rose, he knew he had awakened her anger to a real point. He wanted to see what her strengths and weaknesses were, it was just something that came as a second-nature to him. She finally looked awake enough to play, and Yeuri’s smirk deepened.

However, what he did not expect was the sudden appearance of a familiar. He snorted with a mocking gleam to his eyes. It seemed that she needed assistance just to get the upper hand, and he was only toying with her. Plus the fact that the creature came out from behind her only made the appearance funnier. ”What, you pull that trick out of your ass?”
He smiled sweetly at her, but the harsh aspects of his face remained.

He wanted to push her buttons, make her angrier, see how she would respond, and more importantly, how her blade would react to her emotions. The creature that she had summoned was a rather pretty sight, but what Yeu had underestimated was its speed. He hardly even got the chance to evaluate it as it sprung forward the few meters that separated them, and he could feel the unnatural prick of fangs piercing his pants and pressing into his skin.

Immediately he had stiffened his form and swung his sword down at the familiar, hoping to knock it back. However, a sudden pang rumbled behind his eyes, and he lifted his hands to rub at them slightly. When he removed them, he suddenly saw Bavol standing before him, rage in her eyes and betrayal in her form. He blinked a few times, confused at first before using logic to reason out the situation. The creature who had attacked him had been somewhat weak in its illusions, or at least it didn’t have enough time to get at his mind fully.

For one thing, he knew Bavol, and he knew that he would never fail her. Not only this, but he knew where he had been moments ago. Despite this knowledge, he was still impaired, he could not shake the image unless an outside force acted upon him, and such a force might cause a bit of annoying damage.

The image had flickered out of existence almost as quickly as it had begun as a very loud bird cawed through the air, its shrill scream enough to shatter the illusion. He caught the movement to his left as the woman was coming down, and he quickly shifted his sword to block her attack with a steady arm. He wasn’t a bodyguard for no reason. Despite the amount of strength behind her slice, his arm did not waver as the clash and slide of metal on metal sounded in the clearing. Obvious annoyance now swam in his eyes as he met her gaze once more. But his face held a bored appearance, not showing much emotion.

He stepped into her, taking the blade he had just wrenched from the flesh of the Lesser and holding it backwards by the hilt, forcing it forward into her chest in attempt to make her crumple to the ground from her injured bones. It was his own dirty trick, but he figured they were even now. ”That was a neat trick, but it needs work.” He mumbled down at her before stepping back from her form. She was fierce, and if he had managed to get her, she wouldn’t stay down for long.

He remembered the bird who had broken his illusion, and it immediately clicked in his mind that it bore a message. ”The fun’s over, other matters call my attention. Apologies if I played too roughly.” He smirked boredly at her. He would have offered an arm to help her up, but he knew it would not only be an insult, but that she’d probably try to cut his hand off. And she more than likely could, too.

The avian swooped down once more, crying shrilly in his ear before arcing back up. ”Bloody creature…. Until we meet blades again.” And with that he withdrew himself from her presence, only taking the slightest of moments to glance back at her and flash a wry grin before disappearing behind trees and shrubs once more.

The bird then began to relay its message to him, informing him to return back to Hell.

Her glare turned even worse the moment his words reached her ears. “You bastard.” those were really all the words she could say at the moment. Not only was he able to bring her down without trouble, Ryuu wasn’t even able to counterattack his own counterattack. Biting her lip the red head merely watched from her field of vision, the ground, as the demon left her where she was. Lying on her back Ryuu raised one arm so that it covered her eyes. I’ve never lost a fight before. “At least until today.”

Sitting up Ryuu let Chomesku roll from her grip and watched as her sword burned the ground in her anger upon being let go. Rushing her hand through her red locks Ryuu could only glare in the direction the demon had went as he left. Katsu trotted over and whined, pushing his nose against her cheek. The beginnings of a smile curled the edges of her lips. Letting her head hang for a little bit, the hair tie in her hair finally snapped and her hair came cascading down. “Lets go get the other children shall we. “ Rocking herself forwards Ryuu placed her hands on her knees as she stood up and stretched.

Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her body and she crumpled almost immediately. Hugging her ribs Ryuu clenched her teeth to keep from making a sound. As Katsu watched his master in pain he tried to comfort her only to be shooed away by a shaky hand. “Alright time for you to go Katsu.” The fox familiar whined but complied with his master orders and leaped onto her shoulder, as he did so he shrank considerably until he was about the same size as before in his tattooed state. “Geez I really need to round up those kids.” Bending down low to grab Chomesku, Ryuu cringed a bit in pain before walking in the direction she had seen some of her other students go.

It was somewhat obvious of the pain she was in due to her fractured rib. But considering her “rough fight” with the demon her rib hurt even more along with the rest of her body from having been slammed into the ground twice by the same person. Realizing this Ryuu growled in frustration and swung Chomesku out to help relieve herself of it. In sensing Ryuu’s emotion, Chomesku grew hotter incredibly fast and as her blade touched some of the structures around her the blade cut through them with ease. Ryuu glanced at the obvious destruction caused by her actions and stored her demon sword back in her seal. The sounds of a bird cawing made Ryuu tense and for a brief moment regret having resealed Chomesku. However upon closer inspection it was merely a crow flying off in the closing night hours.

“Tch. Scared by a damn crow, how pitiful can I get?” shaking her head Ryuu neared what she guessed was a carousel. Ryuu expected the thing to be abandoned but surprisingly enough she found someone she hadn’t been expecting to find. Seeing her student lie there so defenseless, Ryuu couldn’t help but worry for the girl. Stepping closer she made tried to crouch, finding the position to be somewhat painful Ryuu simply had to look down at her. “Aura, we’re heading back now, are you hurt anywhere?” Upon closer inspection, the girl looked to be in pain and there was something off about her. It was merely a gut feeling but one could see Ryuu’s gaze narrow, analyzing the situation before her. Something just isn’t quite right with her. I’ll just have to as her later. "You look like you’re in pain, can you walk? Based on her answer, Ryuu would summon Night so that he could carry Aura back to safety.

Ryuu & Cerbin

Cerbin was going to retrieve Aura after Bavol had left, recieving the message from the demon bird. However, he stopped, a wrinkle in his nose catching his attention. Malice growled a little and Cerbin nudged him to get him to shut up. Looking back towards the area where Azreal's daughter was, he glared at the sight of the red haired instructor. For the might of him, he couldn't remember her name. On top of that, he always felt like sneezing a little when he had her scent in his nose. No, it wasn't smelly, just weird. Almost as if she was different. He thought it must of been because of her power as an exorcist, something he cursed himself for not looking into. Not being able to hold the sensation in any longer, he sneezed, most likely giving away his position. Of course once he did Malice disappeared into his shadow. Probably his way of telling Cerbin he was on his own for whatever might come.
Focusing in on Aura, the sound of a sudden sneeze filled the air. Tensing, Ryuu immediately turned towards the direction of said sneeze and glared. "Who's there?" Her hand went to her mouth, least she need to draw blood and summon Chomesku.
The demon sat there in the corner for a good moment before he realized that he was a teacher, just like her, making him an exorcist, just like her. However, he wasn't really an exorcist, but she didn't know that. Raising his hands in the air, the bloodied black eyed Cerbin, who looked a hot mess by the way, mainly because of the fall he had when he fought Astaroth, walked out of his hiding place. "It's okay." He said, looking at the woman with his one good eye, "It's me, Cerbin."

The moment she saw him, Ryuu breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh it's just you. What the hell happened to you? No forget about it, we need to find the rest of the students. And I don't think our little princess here can walk, not in the condition she's in right now."

Cerbin looked over to Aura. Stepping closer, he had a good view of her. He sucked on his teeth when he realized that she was injured. It wasn't wise to tell Azreal of this. If he had found out, then that'd mean hell on everything and he'd probably get the first taste of it. He figured she would heal after a while and decided to avoid the situation. He let out a breath of relief, figuring that it could have been worse. "Hold on a sec." He said calmly. "And don't get jumpy once you see him." Biting his palm, he drew out the circle and diagram for Malice to come out. Starting as a shadow and then forming into his fierce design, the demon dog formed once again, growling and then showing his teeth before Cerbin snapped his fingers to get him to calm down. "I'll go look for the other children. Malice should take Aura back to the original meeting place where my group and the buses are. That is, unless you have a different plan?"

Ryuu cocked her head to the side, with one hand on her hip as she waited for the reason she shouldn't get jumpy. Rolling her eyes upon the sight of Cerbin's familiar, Ryuu disliked the fact that he actually thought she'd get weak-kneed seeing it. "You do realize I'm a seasoned exorcist right." She listened to his plan and thought it a good one, save for one thing. "Actually why don't you take Aura back, I'll bring back the rest of the student's, I think my way will be much faster." To prove her point, Ryuu bite her thumb and slid it along her arm leaving behind a smear of red.

The tattoo that rested there suddenly began to wiggle and take shape, similar to how Malice came about. Soon enough Night slid off her arm and floated above their heads, "You called?" the dragons voice was raspy. "Yeah I need to bring gather up the students and using you as transport will be the quickest way back to the bus. So could you do your thing." Giving her a simple nod, Night began to grow in length and size until he was almost as large as the bus. Looking up at her familiar, Ryuu looked over at Cerbin with a somewhat defiant gaze. "We'll meet you by the bus, make sure to do a head count when your get there." And so with that being said, Ryuu jumped up onto Nights shoulder and the two flew away.

"Huh?" Cerbin said in reply to Ryuu's words. "You don't think he's hideous?" He asked looking at Malice who looked as if he had went into innocent dog mode. Sure he was a demon, but he was also a dog. Cerbin let him have his time of pleasure as the woman summoned her dragon familiar. That's when he remembered her name, which would be good for later. "I don't mind taking her. That sounds like it might work out too." He said. The lady seemed to order him around, almost as if he was under him. Reminded him somewhat of Azreal, but she still seemed soft to him. He traded her gaze with a blank one of his own. "Okay. I'll count the students and the teachers." He said in response to her last words before she flew away. Turning to Malice, he sneezed once more saying, "Make sure she doesn't have to run into anymore demons on her way."And with that, the hound disappeared into the shadows once more. Now looking down at the young girl, whom he never even spoke to, but knew for so long, he reached his arm out to let her place herself on her back. "Don't worry. We'll be home soon." He tried to reassure her, but he was new to the whole showing compassion thing. After he had a good grip on her, he started walking to the meeting spot.


The two covered ground quickly and soon enough she found her students along with one of the teachers. As she lead Night towards them once closer enough Ryuu slide from Night’s backside and landed lightly on her feet. Although just from a light impact her body hurt. Almost immediately Ryuu noticed Nathaniel’s condition and couldn’t help but voice her concerns. “Well I’ll be damned. What the hell happened to you Nathaniel? How are you even still on your feet?” She reached for her fellow teacher but drew back her hand in case her show of compassion ended up hurting him even more.

Turning to the other two Ryuu was glad they were alright. “I’m glad you two are safe and in once piece unlike him. We should probably get going now so we can have Nathaniel see a doctor. You guys aren’t afraid of heights are you?” She said so in hopes of lightening the mood but whether or not it worked she hadn’t the faintest clue.

The setting changes from true-cross-academy-fidel-city to New Earth


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Nathaniel Kale Jenova


When Julius spoke of re-summoning one of his familiars he looked at him with a weak frown of disapprove before weakly speaking to him, despite looking like death walking and pressed into the young man, it was clear he was strong and could be respected for his resolve at this moment and devotion to Eve's and Julius' health before his which was far dire than theirs. But despite this he ordered the young man. ''Don't summon... You are already strained. I can see it, you will just hurt yourself.''

But as he heard foot steps he put his gun blade up, only to lower it and de-summon his weapon in black mist as he instantly saw that it was Ryuu. He was in obvious pain, struggling to stand but his eyes looked strong still, like... this was not the worst thing he had been though which would tell Ryuu... He was far from a simple teacher, more so now than ever as he shook his head softly and answered her honestly. ''You... can not help me. But I - I can help you.'' He looked to the side of Ryuu before putting a hand up then back to her. ''The bus right?'' He then swiped his hand down. A blast of wind and a crack appeared on the floor before a crack of bluish white light appeared and opened, showing the bus. He slowly put his hand down looking like he was about to pass out. ''All I need... is for you all to go through that rift of mine and you - you will be right at the bus.''

He let the sight and words soak in for a time, his breaths becoming more tired. The use of this rift would send a spike of power to Satan and the Primordiums. Satan would recognize this spike of power from... through out the years... Though it had been a long time since he would of felt this familiar surge of power that bent dimensions to, for him, a stranger, their will. The Primordiums would know this feeling also but... not understand it nor know what or who was causing it. They would have to see Satan about this... unnatural bent in dimension. Demons still in the area would also feel this presence of strange... new power for as long as the rift was open.

Nathaniel then spoke once more, getting more and more out of it, trying to focus still, despite his aggressive wounds. ''All I need... Is a room to take in... for some hours or... days... I don't know... But do not waste medical attention on me... I will be fine after some... rest.'' He looked away some, obvious there was more to tell, but he was reluctant to go into it. He pushed himself up, forcing himself to stand on his own, despite the maimed left arm with it's bone exposed. Or that there was a gaping hole in his midsection that still bled but it was slowing along with his breath and consciousness. He held a hand out weakly when more bluish mist came from his mouth and formed another ethereal orb that crystallized and he caught it in his hand before smashing it on the ground before cracking his neck. ''F-four..'' He mumbled to himself before he gently pushed everyone at once with him through the rift. The would suddenly all four of them be standing in front of the bus as the rift closed. Ending the spike of power once more.

He dragged his feet to the bus' door and opened it before just... getting onto the bus at the back and collapsing onto the row of seats, his breathing slowing but he refused to close his eyes or relax. He waited for Ryuu, Eve and Julius to follow with no energy to speak he just waited, starting to shiver from blood loss, his teeth chattering.

The setting changes from new-earth to True Cross Academy, Fidel City

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#, as written by Ever
Aura Thorne

“It‘s nice that you're finally awake Aura. You had me worried there for a moment.”, floated out the strange woman’s relief-ladened words, a warm smile playing on her lips in suit of the tone, “Well… I‘m just like you, silly. Why would I be anything else.” was the next sequence of voicing. A tug of her mouth’s corners settled on Aura’s expression, the Tamer not quite missing the hesitation and uncertainty within Bavol’s response to her question. What could she be possibly hiding..? mused her inner voice, that wariness resurfacing once more. However, that wariness was casted off as the young girl unleashed her questions onto the stranger, a new side surfacing. “I’m sorry to say but I have not seen anyone except you around here... But if your friends are as loud as you say they are then I‘m sure you will find them easily enough. I have friends out there too, you see. I can understand your need to seek out their safety, but rest assured I do believe that your friends ought to be alright. After all, your doing good aren’t you? So why shouldn‘t they.” Feeling disappointment wash over conscious, Aura let her propped elbows collapse from their supportive position, her back coming to rest flat, once more, against the metal tiling. Of course, an inward wince was immediately given as that heated sensation flared from her lower spine, the movement, apparently, not quite welcomed yet. God….what did I do…? As if reading her mind, Bavol’s voice immediately piqued once more, the settled atmosphere between the two being only slightly ruffled. “That was quite impressive what you did back there. Summoning that beast like you did… it was rather impressive to say the least. I‘m just glad you stepped in when you did. I don‘t think we need to worry anymore this place seems safe enough for now. I doubt those demons would dare come back this way ~” Immediately, Aura’s eyebrows knitted in confusion, that frown deepening as the woman’s words sunk in. ”Summon….? So I really did that…… but…….?” Stuck in her metacognitive state, the Tamer nonchalantly began to gnaw on her lower lip, every possible scenario replaying. It doesn’t make sense… Rin or Kota should have come...not...that thing… Apparently, the counterpart to this conversation wasn’t quite content with the silence as Aura was, Bavol’s words immediately drawing her back to the present. “Tell me. Out of all the places in this big world, why are you here, in this old abandoned amusement park?” Giving the slightest shrug of her shoulders, Aura merely sighed before musing out, ”We were sent here on an exam to become Exorcists… but.. looks like we failed..”

Without warning, exhaustion and fatigue swept over the small girl. Glancing over at Bavol, Aura allowed a heavy sigh to escape its confines as she delicately allowed for her hands to overlay on her chest, eyelids fluttering close. I’ll be fine..for a few...seconds.. lied her inner voice, awareness deteriorating as sleep cradled her. In fact, Bavols’ farewells just barely registered in the back of her mind, exhaustion outweighing the stranger’s departing importance.

“Aura, we’re heading back now, are you hurt anywhere?” shattered the blissful daze, the voice one that she recognized immediately. Miss Shosuke….ah...they finally found me.. Allowing for her eyelids to groggily lift, it took the teenager a few moments for her focus to hone in on the fiery haired woman. "You look like you’re in pain, can you walk?” Eyebrows knitting once more, Aura was unsure how to fact, she hadn’t even tried walking..but part of her already knew the answer to that. Merely giving a shake of her head, the Tamer was about to say something when Ryuu suddenly turned away, defense rippling through her stance. After demanding who was there, the teacher raised her hand to her mouth in order to summon, if need be, her willingness to fight evident. Crawling out from the bushes was another teacher, one that Aura only vaguely recognized, hands raised in a good-natured peace. As Ryuu and the male teacher were exchanging plans, Aura couldn’t help but narrow in on Cerbin, eyes holding a wariness to them. I..I think I’ve seen him around before….maybe..thats why he seems familiar...but…. there's something off about him..

"Don't worry. We'll be home soon." Blinking in surprise, the time elapsed from her inner assessment apparently going over her head, Aura’s lips parted in a mixture of confusion and uncertainty. ”O-oh…..right….” Grasping his outstretched arm in a rather weak manner, the Tamer managed to shuffle herself onto his back, a soft hiss of pain being her outlet of emotion. My god...what happened…?! was the address to the root of her discomfort, her spine’s base, disbelief colouring the words. Clutching onto Cerbin’s back, she tried to distract herself through conversation, mind wandering. ”…. did the others…? I mean..are they ok…?”

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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin Hiberion

Cerbin walked slowly towards the park exit with a heavy feeling. No, it wasn't the girl, whom he hadn't carried since her infant year. Surprisingly, it was the after effects of the two fights that he was just in. The superior demon had to admit the fact that he needed to start training. Being undeniably rusty wasn't something he could get away with for long. So, at that moment, Cerbin decided to start a training regiment. One that would make him a much greater adversary in the future. He hoped it would at least.

Half way to his destination, he felt some squirming on his upper back. ”…. did the others…? I mean..are they ok…?” Aura's voice asked from behind him.

It took awhile for Cerbin to answer. He raised his head only to sniff the air a little, making sure it was a quiet sniff. He wouldn't want to tell the girl a lie should one of her new peers have blood on them. Sure enough, the only smell of blood in the air were those that were already there. Nothing.... too human? He couldn't tell. At the very least he knew that the kids were okay. "They should be fine," He said quietly.

Without saying anything else on the whole walk Cerbin waited until they arrived back at the bus to let the girl off. His eye was beginning to loose swelling so he was only able to open it a little, however, not wanting to answer any questions, he kept it shut as much as he could. "Are you hurt anywhere," he asked. "If so, you should rest inside where you can take a seat."

Cerbin suddenly noticed a vibe of energy and with it came an opening, almost like the ones the demons use to travel long distances, but different . Out came the remaining students, Ryuu, and the other teacher. Cerbin had to ponder his name for a moment before remembering. It seemed that he too was hurt. Well, that's if you could sum his condition up in that small phrase. Once they all appeared the opening closed and so did the surge of energy.

Noticing the man was trying to reach the bus, Cerbin walked over to him. "Let me help you," he said taking off his button shirt, leaving him with just a t-shirt. " You're shivering. The blood on the shirt should keep you warm." Cerbin then tried to help the man, whom he now remembered, was named Nathaniel onto the bus. "When we arrive back at the school, you and the girl should probably see a nurse," Cerbin said pointing at Aura. He then stepped outside and went over to Ryuu. "There are two injured. One teacher, one student. The other students seem safe. We shouldn't have had any injuries." Cerbin lowered his head, feeling as if he had failed. "I blame myself for the injuries. I was too far away. There won't be a next time," he said with his eye opened now, and the red strictly on her. If the woman in front of him were Satan, he would have said the same thing. No matter his current position, she was the one in charge and he, as her subordinate, was suppose to make sure everything was okay. Not only had he failed in that, but he failed to keep Azreal's daughter safe. With all these failures of his, it was easy to tell that he had felt hurt. A hurt that dove deep into his pride.

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What happened next surprised Ryuu. With a simple swipe of his hand, a crack appeared on the ground before them. A pale light seeped through the crack until it widened enough to show them an image of the bus. A look of amazement shown on her face but Ryuu quickly steeled herself and dismissed Night before they were pushed through the rift by Nathaniel himself. Ryuu managed to catch him as blue mist left his lips, forming an ethereal orb and then smashing it to pieces at his feet. All it took as a few steps forwards for Ryuu to be standing upright in a completely different location. The students who were there already gawked at the sudden appearance of their peers but more so at Nathaniel’s appearance. Shaking her head at those who looked ready to ask of Nathaniel’s condition, their curiosity was stifled for the time being.

"There are two injured. One teacher, one student. The other students seem safe. We shouldn't have had any injuries." Ryuu looked over at Cerbin taking note of his words, a frown on her lips. "I blame myself for the injuries. I was too far away. There won't be a next time," Her eyes widened slightly at the hurt that displayed itself prominently across his features but more so that he blamed himself for all that had happened. “You’re not the only one to blame Cerbin. I’m a teacher just like you and I wasn’t able to protect a single one of my students.” Ryuu did take note of the change in eye color of his other eye, the one that had been swollen shut not too long ago. Odd was the only thought that passed through her mind.

Ryuu walked forwards, towards the bus when Julius spoke making her stop. "I'm not riding that bus with Mr. Buzzkill, if the option's still on the table, I'll take the dragon. Hell, even dealing with Aja's trying to run wild or just walking back would be more pleasant." Rolling her eyes, Ryuu couldn’t help but snicker a bit at hearing Nathaniel’s new nickname. Hmp you’re not the only one kid. Originally she had planned on giving them a ride back to the bus but Nathaniel had beaten her to it and sent them through that rift and so here they were. “The option is still open Julius but you may have to stay with me for the night.” Seeing Evangeline approaching them both, Ryuu could see who it was the younger girl intended to talk to so she took a couple steps back to give them room.

While the both of them conversed Ryuu walked over to Cerbin, “Alright Cerbin, I’m going to leave you in charge of getting them back to the dorms. It seems Julius wants to go back home on Night. Also I’ll be taking Aura with me; I have some elixirs that should help with her pain.” With that being said, Ryuu entered the bus and gently took Aura into her arms. Leaving the driver instructions on how to proceed without her being there, she was careful not to jostle Aura too much as she descended the bus steps. Ryuu then placed her on the ground and summoned Night, who lengthened to his fuller length. “Let’s go Julius.” taking Aura back into her arms, Ryuu carefully climbed onto Nights back and they were soon up into the dark sky.

They flew in relative silence but they reached their destination quickly. Night slowly began his decent above a small enclosed estate, to the right side was what looked to be a temple and a few buildings scattered here and there. However Night did not land inside the temple grounds but just outside them. Sliding off his back, Ryuu was careful with Aura’s body and dismissed Night once more. Walking through the archway, Ryuu led Julius into a courtyard that was set before a traditional Japanese home. “Here is where you will be staying for the night. If you need anything just ring this bell here but be smart about it. Also the baths are just to the left of the courtyard over there if you want to wash up.” With that being said, Ryuu left Julius to tend to the girl still in her arms.

Ryuu walked down a hallway and slid open a door to her left. Inside was a pre-made mattress, the room was lined with shelves containing a few things. Placing Aura on the mattress, Ryuu began to tend to the girl’s wounds moving her body so her back was open. After tending to Aura, the redhead stood up stretching and headed straight to her personal quarters.

Next Day||Early Morning||6:00a.m.

Soft warm light flooded into the room, making the paneled walls pop in certain places. As the lighting changed with the movement of the sun, its rays burst into a flame-like color upon being absorbed strands of hair. The color shifted to a darker hue as the body underneath the blanket began to move about accompanied by the sound of grumblings. Slowly propping herself on an elbow, Ryuu glared at the little light that shone managed to reach her window. Normally with it being so early in the morning it would have taken another hour or two for the light to come out, Oh right that tree’s gone. Ryuu remember there had once been a tree that blocked out the light until a certain time of day but now with it gone the light came in at an earlier time than she was used to.

Looking around her room groggily, Ryuu laid back down with the covers pushed to the side and stared up at the ceiling. She could feel the stiffness in her bones from her fight last night, more like a play fight. Rolling her eyes at the remembrance of the demon, Ryuu finally mustered enough energy to get out of bed. Slipping into a simple robe over her undergarments, Ryuu began to walk about her home with quiet footsteps; she made sure not to wake up her guests, at least not yet anyways. Eventually RYuu found herself standing in the courtyard that led to Julius and Aura’s rooms. Stretching she could feel her body pop and creak. With one hand she felt around for any bruised places and found one around her hip. With a sharp intake of breathe Ryuu cursed quickly and quietly. Drawing out a small bit of blood from her finger tip, Ryuu brushed it against her arm along the dragon tattoo. Soon enough the result came out just as she wanted, with Night slithering off her arm and waiting for her command.

“I want you to take a look around. Make sure nothing followed us home or anything. There’s something odd about Aura and I need to figure out what it is.” Nodding his massive head in compliance, Night flew into the already brightening sky and disappeared. I can only check if she’s awake, can’t exactly examine her while she’s still out of it. Sitting down on the platform of her home, Ryuu crossed her legs and started to think about what she was going to do for the day. I can’t exactly leave without giving them something to do, especially not Julius. Who knows what the boy is capable of by himself. With a slight frown on her lips, Ryuu got up and walked back to her rooms to get ready for the day.


Now dressed in a sleeveless top and loose pants, Ryuu let her hair flow loose for the time being. Going into her kitchen she began to prepare a small breakfast for her guests. Once done, she headed towards Julius’s room first and slid the door open. Making sure not to make much of a ruckus, Ryuu set a tray, which contained tea and a hot plate of food, down beside Julius’s sleeping form. Kneeling beside him, Ryuu couldn’t help but stare at him. A smile slowly curled the corners of her lips; however it didn’t reach her fiery eyes. With thinking a hand reached out ready to stroke his dark hair but she managed to stop herself. The smile she once had was replaced by a dull look of pain. With a sigh Ryuu stood up walking over to the doors and sliding them open thus allowing the morning light to stream into the room. Keeping her back to Julius she glanced at him over her shoulder, “Time to get up sleepy head. Sleeping in isn’t allowed in my house.” her tone took on a slightly more cheerful tone but it was obvious it was forced.

“You can find some clothes in those draws, although I don’t think they’ll fit you well. Come see me in the courtyard, I want you to try something out that might help you in the long run.” Not waiting for a response or to even see if the younger boy was awake, Ryuu left the doors ajar and stood in the courtyard waiting for Julius. As she waited for him, Ryuu tended to the shrubbery around her making soft cooing sounds to the trees.

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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin Hiberion

Ryuu's words didn't necessarily make Cerbin feel any better. It was weird to him more than anything else. No one had really tried to comfort him before. It was barely even apparent to him whether she was even trying to or not. Still, he nodded towards her words of kindness for he did sort of appreciate them. She had no clue that she couldn't help but to not be able to protect her students. The highest ranking demons from Inferno walked the Earth that day and she had no clue that they were lucky with the little injuries they had.

After he had sat down it seemed that one of the students were upset about something causing Ryuu to offer him a ride. After which the red head walked back to Cerbin who was beginning to feel uncomfortable around her. He couldn't really explain it, but it felt like he couldn't sniff the air with her in the area. Like her scent made his nose itch. Though he managed to keep close conversation with her by using his mouth to breath with. “Alright Cerbin, I’m going to leave you in charge of getting them back to the dorms. It seems Julius wants to go back home on Night. Also I’ll be taking Aura with me; I have some elixirs that should help with her pain.” She said.

Cerbin left his face plain and didn't even twitch at her words. Though, he didn't really feel comfortable about leaving Azreal's injured daughter to the hands of a human. Once the group left, he whispered to Malice to travel inside of the girls shadow and be his eyes. If anymore demons were to come, Cerbin knew Malice would be able to handle them. From there, the bus ride home was a quiet one. Cerbin wasn't much for talking and left the kids to their own devices. As for Nathaniel, Cerbin escorted him to the nursury and left him in the nurses care without much thought. She would do a better job at nursing the pup than he would. "Hm. Pup. That's strange." Cerbin said to himself. "I usually don't call older humans pups." Cerbin thought about allot of things as he left the infirmary. He even turned to the remaining students to get his thoughts in order, but looking at them reminded him of how alone he was. There was no way humans could help him. "Okay kids." He spoke in a soft manner. "I suppose since I'm the only teacher still among you I shall dismiss you for today. So yeah. You're dismissed."

It wasn't the most teacher like way to dismiss a class, but Cerbin didn't mind the swift conclusion to his day with the kids. He left them to talk about the days events and worry about the people that were missing on their own, for he just genuinely didn't feel like dealing with them. He then began his nightly routine and left the school grounds without giving word to anyone.

Time: A little after midnight.

Cerbin walked the streets, just as he had been doing for the last few hours. By this time his face had completely healed itself of any bruise, but he kept a few patches of tape over his eyebrow so that none of the academy instructors would notice he was a unbelievably fast healer. The streets were not so noisy as they had been during the day. There was a sound of a few cars and a couple of people walking by, some alone and some with their respective lovers. It seemed as if they all had somewhere to go, while Cerbin had nowhere to go. He just planned on walking until morning and hoped maybe Ryuu would bring the girl back so he could report she was safe. This wasn't his first night not being able to keep a close eye on her so he wasn't all to worried. Malice had proven before that he was a trustworthy watcher. Though he did look like he wanted to eat her once. "Though he looks that way all the time hehe." Cerbin chuckled. His rambling ended when he decided to stop thinking and just observe. In one eye he stared at the streets in front of him and in the other, he stared through Malice's eyes.

Malice had decided to leave the girls shadow to walk towards the opening of the room, for he wanted to stare at the moon too. Once he realized the link between him and Cerbin was formed, he glanced over towards the girl to show that she was safe and turned back towards the moon.

Having saw that she was safe, Cerbin opened another connection, this time to Indigo. "Time to report," he said, making the blind wolf like demon walk back to his masters side. Just like Malice he showed a little bit of fang, if only to smell for Azreal's hand.
"Report. Time. From. Cerbin." The dog said sleepily.

After hearing the confirmation Cerbin began speaking with Indigo repeating him word for word. "After today's events, Aura was found safe. All demons were exterminated just as you have asked and there aren't any lingering scents in the area. One of the teachers had decided to take her to a place I can not follow. Malice is there watching over her in secret. According to what I've heard, she summoned something, something not so human like. A demon perhaps. Not only that, but a dog one. Leads me to believe that she is starting to tap into her power, but that is for you to decide my liege. Lastly, by the time I was done with my distraction, Bavol had also had time to talk to Aura. I saw her with my own eyes, though it seemed that's all she did. I would advise not saying anything to her on the matter since she did no harm. It would seem suspicious. I'll try my best to find out what they talked about on my end. The events of today match this places moon. It tells me the time is growing near. On your word, I'll do what I have to."

After speaking, Cerbin waited for a reply, one that he usually never replied back to and continued his walk. As the time moved closer and closer to morning, Cerbin moved closer and closer back to the academy, where he would lay down on one of the schools rooftops and stare at the sky for sunrise. the average person would wonder when did he sleep, and though the answer may come as a shock, it was clearer than the sky that morning. Cerbin never slept. From the day he walked on Earth with that baby in his arms, he never slept a wink, for he always believe that when he slept and cut off all his links, then that'd be the time something bad had happened to her. Not only that, in fact that could probably be a fall back reason for it, but for some reason, when Cerbin tried to sleep, he'd get these dreams. Dreams that he'd rather not think about.

Time: Early morning around 8 and 9.

"Hiberion. Mr. Hiberion. What are you doing up there?" A mans voice called from below.
Cerbin looked over his resting place and saw a very odd exorcist. He was scrawny and had a monocle in one eye. His mustache also looked like he had brushed it and his nose was in a ball shape. He looked more like a teacher than anything. "I was trying to figure out something that had been bothering me," he answered. "Why? It's Saturday. Aren't I free?" The question wasn't needy. No, he was not one to actually enjoy his weekend, though he didn't especially like talking to humans on the dawns crack.
"By the dickens, a teacher is never free until the day his student becomes a teacher himself my good man."
"So, this is about kids. Not demons?"
"Of course. Kids come first do they?"
Cerbin didn't answer.
"Well. Ahem. We have a new student that is supposed to be in the program, but he didn't get to go through a test or anything. Can you take him to Ryuu for me. You should be able to find her address through the school listings. Oh, by the way. I noticed that you don't have an address yourself......"
Catching the just of what the man said, Cerbin went in search of the school records. He purposefully dodged the last statement. Moving with haste, he quickly found the information he needed for the day and walked to the boys dormitory. "This is it." Cerbin said to himself before giving the door a few knocks. "Hello. Is anyone home? I'm looking for Cuthbert Baltair. I am one of your instructors. My name is Cerbin. Hello?" Cerbin waited for the new pup to answer his door and wondered how this would change his normal habit of going along with the day. He put a small piece of taffy in his mouth and kept another in his hand just in case the kid wanted some and waited for the boy to come to the door.

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#, as written by Kapento
Cuthbert Baltair

This place actually seems quite nice… but I don’t know if I feel ready yet. Cuthbert found himself awkwardly lingering beside the entrance of the Academy, the boy expressing a slight hint of hesitation as he peered in somewhat uneasily to the unfamiliar surroundings that lay before him in a rather intimidating fashion. It was his first time journeying away far from his family and due to the long travel he was still feeling some minor effects of tiredness from the small venture. I guess I should go in and find my dorm first… perhaps that would reassure me a little. With a heavy sigh flowing from his lips the tall male swiftly grabbed the two bags worth of luggage he had brought with him in either hand before proceeding through the gates and delving deeper into the large building.

As he walked around the area Cuthbert noticed the small amount of students that were actually visible around the school grounds though quickly concluded that due to it being the start of the weekend that most students were likely doing their own thing whilst enjoying their free time. It didn’t bother him that much. Cuthbert actually preferred a more quiet scene at least for the time being - he was new after all and really didn’t desire a whole bunch of strangers crowding him at once.

It didn’t take long for him to find his designated dorm. He’d been given so many letters beforehand informing him of such relevant information that it wasn’t difficult to memorize mere letters and numbers. As he nudged the door open with his foot he set aside his bags next to the door after entering his newfound living space. It wasn’t exactly as he expected, but then Cuthbert didn’t really know what to expect anyway, and figured he’d properly settle into his new room eventually after spending some time in it.

”I suppose things could be worse.“ He said somewhat absent-mindedly before glancing over his shoulder with a sudden look of contentment. ”At least I‘m not entirely alone.“ From over his shoulder the boy brought forth his claymore that he held firmly in both hands once the sword was in front of him. As the weight was lifted from his shoulders he sighed once more, relaxing his stature a little before setting the weapon atop his bed carefully. I better be mindful to not misplace this.

As he sat down beside his sword the boy shifted his stare and redirected his eyes over towards his luggage that lay slumped against the wall next to the door. My stuff isn’t exactly going to unpack itself, is it? He smiled in response to the amusing thought. Hardly. That task is mine and mine alone it seems.

Just then there was a knock at the door. And then another accompanied by a mans voice. “Hello. Is anyone home? I'm looking for Cuthbert Baltair. I am one of your instructors. My name is Cerbin. Hello?”

Cuthbert immediately made his way over and opened the door. His curiosity growing when wondering who the individual was that called his name. ”Oh. Hello… I am Cuthbert Baltair. I‘ve not long arrived.“ He said politely once setting eyes on the unfamiliar male. ”Was there any particular reason for your visit… Mister… Cerbin?“ Opening the door fully the boy stood in front of the instructor and offered him a curious stare whilst looking the male up and down. The figure that stood before him did not seem like the typical teacher he had expected to find, though for whatever reason he could not really conclude and simply dropped the initial matter. Cuthbert also made note that Cerbin seemed to be chewing something, a sweet of some sort he could only assume. In a way it was weird to see a instructor so leisurely.

”I hope I‘m not already in some sort of trouble, sir.“ He added with a slight look of worry in his eyes at that moment.

The setting changes from true-cross-academy-fidel-city to New Earth


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#, as written by Damioa
Sorry wrong place...... Again -__-

The setting changes from new-earth to True Cross Academy, Fidel City

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#, as written by Damioa
Malice stayed by the window side all night, only hiding once the house owners footsteps were heard. Though, once it seemed her and the boy had left the quarters, he slipped out of the sleeping girls shadow and watched the window once more. It wasn't long until he was alerted by knight, the red haired woman's familiar, flying about. Even he was aware of her familiar, but was unsure if he should hide himself or not from it. Actually, since Cerbin only said not to be seen, but didn't say anything about being detected, he felt no need to hide himself. Malice knew that he wasn't going to have to think much either way. In fact, some part of him wanted to taste dragon if Cerbin had ordered.

Cerbin, on the other hand watched as the door in front of him opened. ”Oh. Hello… I am Cuthbert Baltair. I‘ve not long arrived.“ The boy said. Cerbin looked at him up and down carefully, slowly smelling the wiff of air that came with the open room, as not to be noticed. He would need to get use to the boys scent to remember him and protect him should he get lost or something. ”Was there any particular reason for your visit… Mister… Cerbin?“

Cerbin's eyes widened past their normal tired out look. He couldn't help but take shock in the boys politeness. "Cerbin is just fine," he said, just before throwing another candy in his mouth. "As for why I'm here, the answer is simple. You have yet to test out for your role in our special class. Hence forth the board has sent me down here to retrieve you so that you can meet our head teacher."

”I hope I‘m not already in some sort of trouble, sir.“

Cerbin looked at the worried expression on the boy and let small smile form on his lips. It was a smile he had seen many times, and mimicked. Through his observation of the human lifestyle, young ones become more relaxed once the adult gives them a smile to show that there is no need to fear or be uncomfortable. Cerbin too, wanted Cuthbert to be more relaxed. "Don't be silly. You just missed out on all the fun the other kids had yesterday, that's all. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with your timing. In truth it was more of a surprise test, but a lot did fail." Cerbin thought about how unorganized and scared his own team was for a moment. "I'm sure since you missed out your test will have to be drastic. Don't worry though. I have a feeling that you'll do fine." In truth, Cerbin didn't have that feeling, but he knew telling the boy that would boost his moral. That was a start at least.

Taking out his phone, Cerbin tried calling the number that he was given for Ryuu, but to no avail. It was his first phone call too, so he dialed the number and tried calling two more times to see if he was doing it right. After two more failed attempts he sighed and looked around. "It seems we're just going to have to go over there." He declared. He never entered a persons house before, but if things were the way that they were in Inferno, he could just walk in. It shouldn't have been that hard. So, after egging Cuthbert to prepare for a test, he walked the boy through town. He wasn't following the map given, but instead his senses. Though at the end of their trip he wished he hadn't because he ended up smelling the scent of the girl, which, for whatever reason, made his nose feel funny. It was as if his nose was trying to tell him something that he didn't know. Still, he ignored it for the time being and walked to the door. After giving a few knocks he invited himself in and turned to the boy. "Stay close, okay? This isn't our territory so we mustn't touch anything inside." 1111
He wondered if she would be asleep or not, seeing as it was about ten by now. Though, Malice had cut their connection earlier for a short while. Maybe she was outside.

"if you think you're so ready why not let us dual here and now."

The sound was faint at first, but it seemed pretty energetic. Cerbin was sure human ears couldn't hear those words so he played it off in front of Cuthbert.

"Umm. She's not in her house, so let's check the back area," he said.
He opened the doors to the back to see that it was much bigger than the small back yard he had anticipated. It was also beautiful compared to most shrines. Maybe too beautiful. Not to mention the smell. It was the same smell of the woman mixed with a lot of different smells that he couldn't stand. If only he knew what it was, it'd probably go away. Either that, or he could grow accustomed to it. He wasn't much for calling people out, so he walked slowly through the first courtyard. He had thought he had gotten use to the smell, when a large sneeze came on. That was in the middle of the first yard, and right before reaching the second yard he sneezed again. This time he was loud and close enough to know that Ryuu might of heard him. It didn't even cross his mind, the reaction of him being that far into her home without her knowing, along with a student.

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#, as written by Kapento
Cuthbert Baltair

“Cerbin is just fine… As for why I'm here, the answer is simple. You have yet to test out for your role in our special class. Hence forth the board has sent me down here to retrieve you so that you can meet our head teacher.”

Cuthbert blinked in surprise. They certainly don’t waste time here. He thought, whilst vaguely remembering of when hearing of some test that the students had to go through in order to achieve their desired rank. Though not entirely expecting it to happen so suddenly upon his arrival at the academy, he merely nodded in response. ”Makes sense.”

“Don't be silly. You just missed out on all the fun the other kids had yesterday, that's all. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with your timing. In truth it was more of a surprise test, but a lot did fail… I'm sure since you missed out your test will have to be drastic. Don't worry though. I have a feeling that you'll do fine.”

When noticing Cerbin smiling the young boy felt a little more at ease at that moment, soon smiling himself as he looked to the teacher with a degree of more confidence. ”Well, if you think that I’ll do fine… then perhaps I will after all. Thank you sir, that helps.” He said, his smile growing gradually. He watched as Cerbin tried to make contact with, presumably, another teacher. After a few more attempts it was clear that the call wasn’t going through to the other person.

“It seems we're just going to have to go over there.”

”Alright. I’ll go fetch the things I’ll need and then we can get going. I won’t be a minute.” Promptly retreating to his dorm the boy quickly searched through his belongs and gathered a few things that he believed he would require later on. Of course, he also remembered to bring along his sword, though tried to keep it low-key on his person to ensure it wouldn’t bring attention onto himself when passing others. Once equipped the male returned to the teacher, ensuring that his dorm was safely secure, before leaving the dorms altogether with Cerbin as the pair began making their way out of the Academy.

As they walked through the nearby town Cuthbert couldn’t help but occasionally get sidetracked with the new surroundings. He was new after all and didn’t know the area, and without Cerbin the youth most likely would’ve gotten lost if left to his own devices. As a precaution the boy kept close to Cerbin, remaining close to the teachers side as they continued on through the town. It wasn’t long before the pair had arrived at their destination, or at least Cuthbert assumed so, once watching as Cerbin knocked on the door.

“Stay close, okay? This isn't our territory so we mustn't touch anything inside.”

Cuthbert nodded. ”I understand.”

When there was no answer at the door, Cuthbert followed Cerbin as they decided to venture around and into the back area of the building where a large shrine lay ahead of them. As they passed through the courtyards the boy noticed the teacher sneezing, somewhat oddly, which prompted his curiosity a little. Though only briefly. ”Bless you, sir.” He offered, before sparing a moment to stare at the scenery around the pair. He concluded that the teacher they were to meet lived here, and that this must be their wonderful home. It feels rude to just wonder in, I hope the person doesn‘t mind.

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She hadn’t expected this to happen, far from it really. The water around Julius had stopped boiling so she had assumed he’d calmed down until he finally responded to her query. "A duel would imply both parties involved fight on equal terms." Ryuu seemed taken aback on this however she quickly hid this. In her anger she hadn’t really thought much on her choice of words and wanted more than anything, at the time, to teach the brat to know his place. However I’m no older than he is. her thoughts were interrupted upon seeing the water clump together. Doing a quick reassess of the situation she realized the water had moved by way of Julius forming fists. Maybe there is hope to all this. Allowing curiosity to curl the corners of her lips slightly they soon piqued downwards in a small frown of what may have been seen as pity but was anything but.

"Yet you dare mock me one more with that mouth, knowing quite well: we are not equals! A huff of air passed her lips at his use of words. Even in such a tense situation Ryuu couldn’t help but applauded the boy for his words. She knew he spoke the truth, as what she had said earlier was uncalled for and only her anger speaking for itself. Red eyes narrowing slightly, Ryuu leaned back on her heels as the seals he had on his arms began to glow. But she knew better than to expect anything from it knowing full well that the energy he had just shown her through the exercise had used up most of it. Julius then began to beat the ground with his fists causing concern to well up in her chest.

" What good am I here?! The bloody monastery said I needn't waste my time with something like swirling water in a stupid bucket. They said it was for those too weak to command spirits with their level of power. Her mouth opened slightly at the word Monastery and the fact that they told him a biased lie. Biting her lip anger welled up in her chest in place of the concern but she pushed it down. Taking a deep breathe, Ryuu crouched next to him a hesitant hand hovering over his backside. "But just because I can't do something so insignificant, suddenly I'm the weakest link. That whole fight.” Although she couldn’t see them, Ryuu could tell by the tone in his voice he was doing best to keep back tears she knew she’d have if she were in this situation. I was the same. My summons were stronger, yet that whole time I could only watch helplessly while my body gave out on me. By all rights, I should have been able to crush such a pathetic demon by myself. Yet the others, the very Summoners I would sneer at for needing to swirl water just to perform the most basic summons are passing me up."

Patience and kindness was never Ryuu’s strong-suit, it hasn’t been in a long time and today was no exception. Pulling her hand away after hearing that, her fingers curled into a fist then uncurled. Suddenly lunging forwards Ryuu grabbed the collar of his shirt and brought him up so she could look him in the eye. Despite the angry look on her face her eyes were soft and didn’t help much in justifying her words. “You idiot, you are by far the strongest Tamer I’ve come across so don’t you dare say that. Do you know how many people would kill to be able to do what you did yesterday? How many people stood back in fear just by being around that damned spiritual creature? Every last one of my students failed except for a small group. And you know what I’m starting to wonder if I should just fail you for being so weak.” Not realizing her voice had begun to rise in volume, her grip on his shirt slacked until she let go of him entirely. Sitting back on her heels she looked away and sighed, running a hand through her hair. “I know those words weren’t the ones you’d hope to hear but I’m not going to beat around the bushes. I am your teacher, who gives a crap what the monastery tells you. They’re just a bunch of fools who don’t know a damn thing about what it’s like to fight in the real world. I’m only going to ask this once and only once so listen carefully. I will show you and I will teach you what you need to know, but only if you let go of your damn ego for once and let me teach you my way.” Staring at him she waited for his answer. Ryuu didn’t know whether he’d say yes or if he’ll say no, she never was one for pretty words to boost morale, she left that up to her brother.

Elsewhere a pair entered her domain without invite. Something clicked in her subconscious and a look of surprise flashed across her face. Who’s here? Raising a hand towards Julius signaling for him to stay put, Ryuu slowly stood up analyzing the information she had been given. There were inscriptions on every entry point as well as on the tiled walls, so if someone entered without her permission she’d know. Although it would never react if the trespasser was human however due to it reacting she assumed whatever entered her home wasn’t. Sadly the information was delayed as the sound of sneezing was suddenly within hearing. “What the hell?” Turning to face the only entry point of the courtyard she was, she bent down reaching for the pole Julius had brought in earlier, all the while keeping an eye in front of her. ”Bless you, sir.” Her brow furrowed in confusion, the seals only reacted to one however the use of Sir meant the trespasser was actually two different people. As the two got closer and closer, Ryuu slowly edged forwards, pole in hand and raised vertically as a makeshift sword. “Hurry up you little bastards" she mumbled quietly to herself, once she saw the corners of the figures Ryuu did the exact opposite of what one would have expect of a Knight. She threw the pole like a spear in hopes she’d hit the person leading, however since she did not know it was Cerbin, who was a demon, he’d most likely dodge it before it actually hit him.

Whether she heard an Umph or the sound of the pole clattering uselessly on the ground meant little to her. Rushing over towards them, Ryuu stopped a look of surprise on her face but then a scowl upon seeing it was Cerbin and some kid. “What the hell are you doing here Cerbin? And who the hell is this you brought with you. Actually no answer that later, I have something I want to discuss with you.” Her words were demanding she wasn’t about to take a no for an answer.

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Julius hung limply as he was pulled to his feet, but the words Ryuu spoke left him blinking stupidly...positively stunned. Her words were sinking in, however something about them wasn't just right about the situation. He just couldn't properly wrap his mind around what exactly was going on. He was actually strong enough for it to be worthy of mention, and that effort he did exert was something above average? Julius figured he must have been dreaming, Ryuu of all people issuing something remotely reminiscent of a compliment was a rather outrageous notion.

He didn't even come to for a while after Ryuu's departure...she must have some other business that caught her attention. Rather numbly, Julius approached the other bucket, his power was certainly exhausted. But perhaps he could accomplish something even in this exhausted state. Unlike before, Julius gripped the bucket with both hands before mustering any power. Energy flowed agonizingly molasses and his arms burned like fire flowed in his veins. The water moved, slowly but the water was undeniably moving...not so much a swirl as a ripple though. Obviously there was something about this trick of Ryuu's that she wasn't sharing.

"Perhaps there's more to power than sheer strength after all."

Despite his wish to try again, Julius simply didn't have enough power left in him to see about such things. He looked around and found himself alone, something that slightly annoyed him. To that end, he sought to track Ryuu down despite him having to nothing to show or even words to say at this point in time. However, rather than coming across just her...there was some unexpected company. A rather slender, dark-haired youth just barely shorter than himself; this actually caught him by surprise...he'd never suspected Ryuu to be the type to really let students meet up at her home. Well at least Julius assumed the young man was a Knight student...the claymore didn't really make sense otherwise. He wasn't even going to guess about the other man he thought he'd seen.

"Julius King, I right in guessing he's going to be part of the team?" The first half had been Julius' way of introducing himself...the second one as a whole was addressed to anyone willing to give an answer.

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#, as written by Ever
Cerbin .:. Ryuu .:. Aura

As the boy once again said 'sir', Cerbin shot him an unseen glance and then sighed. "I see we have to work on loosening you up a bit. You act like a younger version of me sometimes. Heh." He let a pause go as he heard the threatening whispers coming from afar. "Though, that might not be a bad thing when it comes to this woman. Keep minding your P's and Q's."

In truth not even the demon himself knew what that humans phrase meant. He knew the overall meaning, but not the individual meaning. What the hell was a P and a Q? He decided to leave it for later. It seemed that once again he had to come off as a friendly individual. He didn't like the term bastard very much. It defined him all too well. However the meaning of the word was a disrespecting phrase to him and his brothers. Humans sure knew how to create such filthy lines.
"Calm down," he said calmly. "It's just me Cerbin. I also brought this kid with me."

“What the hell are you doing here Cerbin? And who the hell is this you brought with you. Actually no answer that later, I have something I want to discuss with you.”

The man sighed. That wasn't exactly as calm as he expected her to be. Quite the opposite actually. "Hmmm. I'm not sure what you need from me, but I too believe I must talk to you as well." He kept his calm around her. Her smell was distracting and her attitude was flared. Looking at her was like looking at a burning flame and he saw no point in playing with fire. "Though I must ask, if we are to speak, for us to speak in private. I'm sure the children don't need to be witness to our words."
He scratched his head and looked around. This place was bigger than he expected it to be. It didn't match up. Her outside demeanor and this home of hers. Was she someone special in this world? He had to investigate her. Not to mention that smell. It was more like... Like... something he had smelled in the past. It gave him an alerting feeling. One that was even more on guard for the fact that her human smells were hiding the other ones. He had determined one thing. She was something other than human. However he wasn't quite sure what it was. Another high class demon might have been able to tell from looking at her, or by feeling her energy, but for him, a demon who mostly went off of smells, he was kept out of the loop. He would have to throw a guess in the air and hope that he could get some feedback from it. "I'll wait over there," Cerbin said pointing to a small area, about a hundred or so feet away from where they stood. Trying to grab control over the conversation he left after he was done, which in turn, would force her to comply and follow after him.

He waited for her to finally follow after him and crossed his arms looking at the sky above. It was a beautiful blue one with an apparent space above it. Much more inviting than the red sky in Inferno. He enjoyed watching it, especially at night, where he could see the stars that illuminated the sky with their grace. Though he didn't look at the beautiful scenery for long, for he was interrupted by the upcoming footsteps. Looking at the woman with his eyes showing no sign of, well, anything really, he quickly looked her up and down, waiting for her to start the conversation. After all, it was she that said she wanted to talk to him first. It was only respectful at the common level of knowledge to let her talk first.

Quickly suppressing her anger, Ryuu narrowed her eyes, a scowl taking place once more on her usual passive face. Ryuu was somewhat curious as to what he wished to talk to her about but she didn’t think it would be as important as what she wanted to discuss with him. “Of course, this has nothing to do with them. I’ll be over there in a minute Cerbin.” Almost all at once, Ryuu felt like a child being reprimanded for a temper tantrum. Well I guess I’m not the only one who was acting out of place. Looking over at Julius she watched him closely for a short moment, trying to figure out if it was a good idea to leave him alone in the state he was in. Walking over to him, she bent down to one knee placing a hand carefully on his shoulder. “Don’t think your training is over Julius. I’ll deal with you later, in the meantime I’d like you to be good. If you need anything just call for me,” straightening she strode over to where Cerbin stood waiting for her before stopping and calling out over her shoulder, “Oh and don’t wonder off the cleared areas.” Her warning had an almost ominous tone to it but hopefully the both of them would listen to her.

Once she stood beside Cerbin she had expected him to explain himself but instead he looked her up and down. Frowning at the obvious act Ryuu folded her arms across her chest before finally speaking up, “Are you done?” pursing her lips slightly she gave him a quizzical look. “Let’s go somewhere else.” she said after taking a quick glance back at her students. Walking around Cerbin she led him back to the courtyard Cerbin and the boy would have had passed. Walking up onto the wood patio, Ryuu slid the doors open moving out of the way for Cerbin to step through. “Have a seat, ”motioning to a pile of pillows that were thrown about a small table. Closing the doors Ryuu kept her back to him for a little longer than was needed, “Who are you?” she paused to let her words reach him while she reached for something in her pocket before repeating herself, “Cerbin, just who the hell are you?”

Ryuu turned around to face him taking quick steps in his direction. Behind her a small piece of paper had been placed over the door, most likely to keep anyone from getting in or from keeping them from leaving. Stopping to tower over him while he sat (I’m assuming he did), Ryuu folded her arms across her chest. Without realizing it she had begun to stroke the tattoo on her arm, in response to her touch it began to quiver and squirm.

Cerbin didn't mind her taking his little control over the conversation. He did think he had some control by choosing to relocate, but once she decided to once again move their arena for conversation, she had put the ball back in her corner. It was even more apparent to him that he was on the wrong side of the conversation when they went inside, and if that wasn't worse, once he sat down as asked, she remained standing. She was completely dominant over him at the moment. In realization of this, he looked at her back and sighed quietly at her question. It was a question that was so vague and yet so direct. So what was he to do? Give a vague answer or a direct one. He looked down at nothing in particular, not searching for an answer, but searching for a way to answer. He knew the answer, though he also knew that in the wrong ears, his answer could put all that he worked for at stake. He was someone with nothing to loose and yet, he also had everything to loose as well. He slowly looked up to her, staring her straight in the eyes, with the worlds greatest poker face, if there ever was one, and said, "I don't know. Maybe if you told me who you were then I'd trust you with knowing who I was." It was a challenge. Less of a physical one, but a verbal one. If they were fighting each other, then he was surely at a strategical dissadvantage. However, he was a demon, and an intelligent one at that. It was almost his main job to be good at conversation. He had nothing to loose on his end. Sure he might get fired, but that would still leave the woman with nothing. Yet, Cerbin was willing to give her something, though he had to know he wasn't giving that something to the wrong person. It was dangerous for him doing what he knew he would have to eventually do. He would be betraying his mission, yet he was ready to give away his nothing, for something that would help him down the road.

Watching him closely, Ryuu met his gaze with an expression that barely expressed her feelings on the current subject. However his answer was not one she had been expecting and it turning into a challenge was even more surprising. Ryuu did not think that this was how things would play out once she asked her question. It had been nagging her ever since Night informed her about it and she needed to know. The fact that she was taken aback by him answer managed to show itself on her face but it disappeared behind a frown as soon as it had been shown to him. “Who I am is of no concern to you Cerbin. Is that even your real name? And don’t turn the tables on me, I’m not the one who had his familiar stow away in one of my student’s shadow. They’re my students under my protection and I need to know whether or not they are safe in your presence.”. Ryuu thought back to what he had just said and couldn’t even think of speaking their names to him.

Looking at her falter a bit, but seeing her expression frown, Cerbin could have smiled for a moment. He had always observed humans before, never interacting with them, but it was enough to notice how their conversations usually go when they're mad. He espcially liked their expressions. Though, Cerbin wasn't much for smiles. Instead, he just blinked and looked back down. "It would be more welcoming to talk to you if you sat down too you know," he said before sighing once more. "Okay then. If you want to know if I'm safe, then yes. I think that was proven in the fact that my familiar was here all night," Cerbin paused to slowly look back up. " and you and the children are still alive." It was good enough proof to him. The fact that if he couldn't be trusted, he'd take advantage of the situation. "The real question is how are your wounds healed so quickly? Though you could just say that there is a remedy that makes you heal faster. I'll buy that too. However, for the longest time, you've been giving me an itching sensation in my nose. So I'll cut to the chase. Are you a human being, or are you a demon? If you say you're a human then I'll just blame this itch on your perfume or whatever. If you say you're a demon, then I'll ask, why are you an exorcist. Based on that answer, you'll either find out more about why my familiar was in the shadow of one of our students, or you won't see me ever again." Putting the emphasis on their sharing of watch over the children Cerbin slowly stood up. He didn't like looking up while talking to a person and he also didn't want the woman to attack him upon guessing his lineage. Though, doing something completely unhuman like by basically burning the bush instead of beating it, he was once again in lead in this conversation. "Wait a second," he said to the woman backing away slightly. Slowly, he moved his hands to his back where he kept his weapons. Just as slowly as he reached, did he grab them and set them at his feet.
"Words. No need to complicate things with action." Even if she might have been a demon, Cerbin wasn't going to risk the human reactions coming out of her. He might have been dodging God knows what already if he wasn't so calm.

“Alright I’ll sit if it makes you feel any comfortable.” she said drily as she kneeled on the ground across from him. It was an odd way of sitting, at least for some people, and if one was not used to it, it could be very uncomfortable. However Ryuu had long ago gotten over the pins and needles from her “lady” training when she was younger. Watching him with wary eyes Ryuu understood his point but that didn’t change the fact that she didn’t trust him any more than she had before. “What my question is why would you have your familiar follow.” She left it up for discussion but it was brushed aside by his questions.

She raised her brow at his questions, they made her slightly uncomfortable but she knew now wasn’t the time for her to be stubborn or prideful. "My wounds haven’t healed much since yesterday. Throwing that pole at you made my ribs ache but you are right about latter. I do have a remedy that speeds up healing I guess you could say but it’s more of a balm to quell the pain. “ While talking Ryuus hand had gone to her side and she grimaced slightly, but she paused as he continued speaking. I make your nose itch?, “What sort of nose do you have?” she spoke in a lighter tone than before. However his next question ruined that light mood the moment he asked her if she was human. A cold look passed over her demeanor as silence filled the air for a brief moment.

During that silence, all Ryuu could wonder was how she’d answer his question. “I’m human but I am not. The blood inside me is of both human and demonic blood; however I prefer to be considered human. “ she looked down at her arms, rubbing them as goose bumps danced across her skin before disappearing. “And you? I assume you yourself are not human or are you a half breed?” tilting her head to the side as she watched him with curious eyes. The curiosity soon dissipated to one of wariness upon him standing up. At the sight of his weapons Ryuu tensed ready to move least he chose to attack her but his words did little to relax her. Watching him through narrowed eyes, Ryuu herself stood up soon sat back down in a different position. “Tell me, what is your relationship with Aura? Or was she just someone who happened to be the perfect candidate for your familiar to ride on?”

Cerbin's eyes widened as she said she'd rather be considered a human. He never even though one could do that. "I see." That was the only phrase that left his mouth for he just wanted to see if she'd tell him. "Hmm. I guess you can say I'm a demon through and through. Though, if rankings mean anything to you, then I guess I'm a half breed in the demon terms of speaking. That's why my human features aren't perfect. Though I'm surprised. I actually got through your systems this way. I bet you're also surprised. Well, since you trusted me enough to share your circumstances I should show you respect by showing mine." Cerbin snapped his fingers, making Malice show up from his shadow. The demonic figure growled at his call and winced as Cerbin placed his hand on his head. Petting the beast, Cerbin let go of another sigh before putting a peice of candy in his mouth. "So what should I say? The girl. Aura. She's special you know. I'm not sure what knowledge people of earth have on the other realms, but there has been some falter between the two. Long ago, my master fell in love with an angel. Not only just an angel, but the current seraphim. The highest ranking of angels. They had a child and then everything changed. Look, I'm not one to ask too many questions. I only have basic knowledge over things. Like how the girl will one day be a deciding factor in a long term conflict. I am only here to protect her and give her guidence when the time is right. She's not evil. You should know that yourself. I also don't think that she's any danger to you. However, she is my masters daughter and I will do anything to protect her. So please," Cerbin scooted around the table and bowed down towards the woman. "Please, just let me do my job and protect her. Me and my brother mean no harm to you or any of these children. If you promise me that you wont let a soul know of this, not even her, then I, in turn, promise you that I'll do my job as an instructor and protect the rest of the children
as well as her.

Raising himself up Cerbin looked the woman in the eyes once more. "By the way, Cerbin is not my real name. In Inferno, I am refered to as a lot of things, but seeing as my master is the current Satan, people of this world would know me as a Cerberous. I'd rather not go into my actual family lines if you don't mind."

The more Cerbin spoke the less she understood, or rather the more it sounded crazy. Although she herself had only heard rumors about the other realms she never really thought much about them until today. Ryuu was surprised but also angry at how easily he bowed to her, it reminded her of her younger years with her family. Thinking back on it Ryuu never liked the idea of someone bowing their heads to her she considered it an act that only the weak would commit, but it seems today was the exception of it. Glaring at his bowed head, Ryuu slowly stood up, "Get up, and you call yourself a demon." she laughed rolling her eyes at Cerbin. Seeing that he was still bowing to her she repeated herself but in a much harsher tone.

After pacing the room for a short while, Ryuu finally turned to face Cerbin, or Cerberous, to give him her response to all of what he has just said. "I won't tell the others of her origin but she needs to know what's going on with her body. I know for a fact that the next couple of days are going to be hell for her because I went through the same experience when my blood awakened. I won't tell her who her parents are but she needs to know that she carries in her demon blood. If the others, especially those damned old fools, knew of her existence they will not hesitate to end her life." She looked at him with a serious frown. Ryuu wasn't sure why she agreed to any of this, it may have been because Aura was her student or that she knew of what the younger girl was going through.

Although now that she thought about it, those Lesser Demons showing up may have been because of Aura. "So if she's the daughter of such important people why did he send her here of all places? If she's in danger because of her heritage then she'll be a danger to all of the students and I can't risk that. We'll need to protect her from herself or to at least teach her how to control it.

"I'm not sure that's even necessary." Cerbin reached around his kneck and pulled on one of the chains, revealing a small pendent that looked like an average rock. "This pendent holds the potential to give her more power than I. Though I can't go into detail, because she's not part human she shouldn't have to be treated that much differently then the other children. I'm not going to give this to her until I'm told to either. However, if you insist on teaching her control, then that is fine with me. I never wanted for her to have an obscure childhood so I won't have her being seperated from the rest in her group. Also," Cerbin's eyes narrowed. "The reason for those demons attacking us had little to do with her. I've kept them away for all this time, there'd be no way they'd get the slip on me that easily. Not to mention, if you saw a demon that looked as human as me, then you should probably stay away from them. They're not thetype of demons I'm sure you're use to fighting. Even I believe I must prepare for another encounter with them. Down the road of course." Cerbin rested his head on his wrist, looking at the now resting dog on his lap. "The pendent isn't also a source of power for her to bear when she's ready. It's also something more I believe. Earth is definitely the safest place for now. Believe me, out of all the other places, this is best. As for how she got into an exorcist academy. Though it is ironic, I wasn't the one who chose this route for her. I've merely been a protector."

Ryuu listened to Cerbin, although he did have a point it was never Ryuu's intention of separating Aura because of her heritage. Mindlessly Ryuu brought her fingers up to cradle her cSherpas she thought a bit more. This involved Ryuu to begin pacing once more, "So that pendent will give her power, even more so than your own?" It was a rhetorical question but she wouldn't be surprised if a Cerbin answered. Placing a hand on her hip, Ryuu reached out towards Cerbin with an open hand, "May I see?" Realizing what it was she was asking of him she snorted, "I'm not going to do anything with it. I just want to see it." Whether Cerbin handed it to her or not, Ryuu had an idea formulating in her mind although she knew Cerbin may be against it. "But yostolidly haven't answered my question Cerbin. Why did they send you here with Aura? How could Earth be the safest place from her. What is it that you're protecting her from? I'd very much like to know so that I can prepare her if neither of us are with her." Her eyes narrowed and she knew Cerbin knew that it was a possibility.

Cerbin. still keeping eye contact, felt the stone around in his hand. He had never once let anyone else hold it before. Though, he did believe that if he was going to trust this woman then he would have let go of his uncomfortable feeling. Holding out by it's chain, Cerbin nodded. "It should give her more power. If anything, it'll bring her close to most superior demons powers. Those who've been alive for more than a century or so." He wasn't even adding in his thoughts on how it would affect the angel part of the girl. In all honesty he wasn't even sure if it'd do anything at all. When aked again why he brought the girl to earth, he looked at the candy wrapper in his hand, playing with it a little. "Other than the fact that the demons and angels most likely would love her to die, there has also been a mess made in both Heaven and Inferno. A serious one. I'm not sure how it came to be myself, but, once the girl was born, both places lost power in their gates. Though I'm not really sure about everything that happened in Heaven, in Inferno, all the demon princes barriers and even my masters, became weaker. The barriers were made to keep non superior demons away from earth. As I'm sure you know, back in the past, hundreds upon hundreds of years ago, demons use to scatter around the human world, murdering and haunting humans. However, once the barriers were set up, they started being rare to see on earth. However, about sixteen years ago, I'm sure even you were informed that the number of demons showing their faces in this realm have increased. Look at what happened the other day. That was no attack on the girl, for when demons do go to attack her, they usually try to go just for her before they meet me. However, those demons were going for whoever they could get there hands on. Usually, demons would go for her because most think she is an abomination. Some actually want the gates at full power again. Others want the prize that's on her head. Though I can assure you that
she's safe to be left alone. Trust me." Pointing at the stone in the womans hand, Cerbin finally dropped his stoic gaze and smiled slightly. "That stone is what they follow after, not her. All demons can sense it. However, because her power is small for the moment, she isn't noticed by most demons." The man thought back to when he had seen Bavol talking to the girl. He was right in thinking that she couldn't feel the girls power for what it really was. Otherwise, why wouldn't she attack her? "So, to answer all your questions again, Inferno is a bad place for her, becuase demons want her dead. The angel's think of her as an abomination, and the humans. Well they seem to get along with her. Making this the best place for her to be in my opinion. As long as I keep the stone, they'll come at me for the time being, and I expect when it's time to give it to her, we wont need to be here anymore." Cerbin's smile faded and his gaze went a little sour at the thought. It was true the girl would probably go back to Inferno with her father, but, could he also go back? It was a question he had on his mind ever since the day that he left. resonated the first thought of the day within Aura's head, her crimson orbs, groggily, taking in her surroundings. Confusion settled as those vermilion hues trained themselves on the plastered ceiling, her mind racing to piece together the events that led to this moment. A slight frown etched its way onto her rosebud mouth as flashback after flashback appeared, the encasing pillowed futon suddenly fading away. That's right.... I was......then that... Consumed by the memories, the Tamer's gaze took on a glossy quality, any and all attention long gone. In fact, it wasn't until a sparrow flitted past the window, it's shadow creating a break in the filtering afternoon sun, that Aura made the move to get up. Pulling her upper body into a sitting position, the girl only flinched slightly at the tenderness, any signs of the sharp pain erased. Running a hand over her scalp, a vain attempt to calm her snowy-golden mess, a small huff escaped its confines in discontent.

Lazily shuffling through the stretched hallways, her sock hidden feet barely making a sound, Aura's orbs flickered into every open room in hopes of spying another soul. Raising a hand to prevent a yawn, the girl took a momentary pause of disgust as she noticed how grubby her uniform was, dirt and blood evident on the cloth. "How disgusting.. I wonder if Ms. Shosuke has something I can change into..? I really hope she does.." mused out her ramblings, her sleep deprived state inducing such madmen behavior. However, her voice was stifled as other sounds drifted from a room further down the hall, her eyes immediately narrowing in wary curiousity. Cautiously approaching the cracked screen, that narrowed gaze widen just slightly spying her teacher and another staff member together around a table, their eyes holding severity. Ducking out of view, Aura came to standstill on the other side of the wall, absentmindedly chewing on her lower lip. I..I really shouldn't be here... it sounds important.. And spying like this-! It's... was her inner turmoil, her intrigue beginning to outweigh the morality of what she was doing. Stop it-! Everyone has secrets.. leave them be. Exhaling a heavy sigh, the Tamer was about to trudge back upstairs when the whisper of her name appeared, that intrigue flaring.

Heartbeat faltering, the snowy-crowned girl felt her blood turn to ice as each tidbit of news burrowed into her memory, each one driving deeper and deeper. Drawing in a shaky breath, eyes wide, a tremble began to rack her hands, only a single thought echoing. I'm..not...human... Satan is my..father? That means.. I'm.. In response, Aura's chin began to quiver and a wave of sickness washed over her. Feeling her knees give out, the Tamer slumped to the floor in a ruckus, gazing drifting off with a mocking voice whsipering I knew it..

Ryuu listened with interest, her hand againgst her chin as she began to think on the many outcomes that could ensue if anyone found out about Aura. "They did inform me, but never explained why. Now I wonder what other secrets they've kept to themselves. I'm sure they figured out what may have happened." thinking on it more, Ryuu continued, " That may not be a good idea, to keep it to yourself Cerbin, considering we crossed paths with others like you they may have been able to put two-to-two together and may be informing their superios as we speak. I know you don't want her to have any part of it, but as I said before, she will need to prepare herself if the day ever comes where she will need that power." Ryuu let her words sink in, resuming her pacing of the room.

Scratching the back of her head, Ryuu sighed. God, I'm going to get grey hairs before 60 Rubbing the bridge of her nose, Ryuu spoke, " We'll have to discuss this later-" suddenly a loud ruckus could be heard just outside the room. Turning quickly Ryuu rushed to the screen door and slide it open with a loud snap. A look of anger flashed across her face, thinking Julius had come to eavesdrop but the person who sat there was the last person she wanted there. "Damn." stepping to the side so Cerbin could see who it was Ryuu frowned. "How long have you been there Aurorali?" Using the girls fullname seemed to hint towards the seriousness of the situation. Turning to Cerbin she shrugged her shoulders, " Cerbin I leave you to this, I need to check on my students." she gave him an apologetic look but she really did. Ryuu couldn't exactly leave Julius the way he was at this point.

Hearing the noise and sniffing the air a little, Cerbin's brows fowned a little, displeased by what he had smelled. It seemed while he wasn't thinking the who he had tried to keep in the dark about the whole matter was just outside the door. He followed Ryuu and saw her dropped on the floor looking as if she had seen a ghost. He didn't expect the red headed woman to shove past her view. It was more expected of her to try to talk to the girl, but once hearing her words, Cerbin realized that task had belonged to him. Which was as it should of been he thought. "Okay," Cerbin nodded to the womans words, "but, make sure you aquaint yourself with our newest student." It wasn't as if he had cared, but the demon didn't think that introductions should have been held back long for the boy. It was him who brought the kid there afterall. Looking down at the girl, Cerbin took a few steps forward then crouched down on the balls of his feet to get closer to eye level with her. "Is it shocking," he asked, staring at her with no feeling. "I always wondered, from the day you were a baby, how much of a shock it'd be for you to be told that you were the daughter of Satan. Not only that, but you're also the daughter of a seraphin." Cerbin gave the girl time to absorb all of the information that she had been delivered. With a heavy sigh, he once again spoke. "You should relax. I know it's a lot to take in, but, since you know earlier than when was expected, you don't have to take it all in now. I'll give you till the end of the weekend. After that, I suppose the red haired one will have you train hard for what might be to come. As for me... well... until told otherwise, I'll still just be your teacher. If you ever want to come to me for anything I'll always be there. However, you should know, one day, you will be asked to leave this place."

Standing up, Cerbin threw a peice of candy in his mouth, lowly grunting at the fact that it was his last piece. Though, it probably wasn't only the candy that caused the grunt. For now that the girl knew a good bit about what she was, he had to wonder, would she accept it? Sure, Cerbin could lead her on the path that her father had wanted for her, but if she had decided to stray from it, could he make her do what was told. All these questions piled up into his head. It was also a question of what her father truly wanted for her. Though, it wasn't his place to question anything. No. It was only his place to complete the orders given to him. He once again looked down at the girl and stuck out his hand. "You should get up. I'll see if the woman outside has any more need for you. Otherwise, I'd advise you let me take you back to the campus so you can go home and change." Malice came from around Cerbin, nudging against his leg, only to dissapear in his shadow.

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#, as written by Kapento
Cuthbert Baltair

“I see we have to work on loosening you up a bit. You act like a younger version of me sometimes. Heh… Though, that might not be a bad thing when it comes to this woman. Keep minding your P's and Q's.”

Cuthbert listened closely as the teacher spoke, making a mental note of all that he said and especially in regards to the other teacher, he assumed, who approached the pair at that moment. She didn’t seemed best pleased and immediately the boy kept silent as the two adults briefly conversed with one another. A moment or so afterwards, he watched as the woman retreated to another student that he had caught a glimpse of momentarily earlier, seemingly saying something to the other boy, before taking her leave and rejoining Cerbin elsewhere out of the youths hearing range.

“Julius King, Summoner... am I right in guessing he's going to be part of the team?”

Cuthbert turned round and faced the boy. ”Cuthbert Baltair, Knight.” He replied quickly without really thinking, as he stared at the other youth curiously. So he's a summoner? Interesting. Having not really met a summoner until this moment it was certainly something to take an interest in, especially if he was going to be required to work alongside the boy in the future. ”This team that you speak of? I haven’t heard of it,” He commented, briefly pondering more on the thought of becoming a team with other students, ”Though, given if my skills are proven strong enough, I may indeed be part of this… team of yours. Though I am only here because I missed the exam, having arrived only this morning. I‘m a little behind everyone else.”

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Ryuu Shosuke

Right as her sword was about to connect with Cuthberts defense or body, Julius called for the match to end. Ryuu barely had time to change her hold on her sword so the flat of the blade would be what struck Cuthbert. The flat of the blade slammed Cuthberts shoulder, and she could feel the blunt hit ring up the blade towards her hands. Bring Chokesku back quickly Ryuu resealed the Demon Sword with proficiency that only hinted towards the idea of her having done this many times before. Keeping her attention on Cuthbert she clasped his good shoulder, “I didn’t hurt you too much did I?” her concern was somewhat out of place since she normally didn’t act in such a way towards her students.

Hearing Julius’s question, Ryuu tilted her head slightly as she thought of how to answer the question. His question was surprising accurate, the red head hadn’t really expected him to take notice of such a thing. Most people didn’t notice it, especially those who weren’t suited for direct combat. A Knight on the other hand was taught how to notice these things, as well as how to counter against them in the possibility they go up against a demon. However thinking back to her heritage, the idea of having to answer the question since it hit so close to home made her frown just the slightest. Turning to face Julius she answered his question slowly and carefully. “I’m actually surprised you noticed most people outside of the Knights faction are aware of these changes.” Reaching back Ryuu pulled her hair back, tying it up to keep out of the way.

“I guess we did move a bit slower. Demons in general are very fast. Compared to a normal person, it’d be like facing you against the fastest man alive. However that is when it’s a normal Lesser Demon. Generally each one is different but there will be some that are built for speed while others are not. On the other hand, there are those Demons who are Superior in that not only do they look human but they are, as their name suggests, stronger and faster than the average human. It’d be like comparing a human to a cheetah in some ways. “ Realizing she spoke quite a bit, giving Julius a bit too much information, Ryuu shook her head. “Did that answer your question?”

Rubbing the back of her neck, Ryuu sighed wondering just what she would do with them. Nodding her head as if agreeing to something to looked back to Cuthbert. “Um why don’t you go back to the main building, it’d be best to patch up your wounds. Finding what you need shouldn’t be too difficult and if you happen to see Cerbin just let him know that I’d like to speak to him later.” Knowing the layout of her home, she knew Cuthbert was bound to come across Cerbin and Aura. Thinking about what they had discussed earlier, she was curious about what he was telling her right about now. Looking up to the sky, Ryuu realized the sun was high above them readying itself to sink to the ground as the day went on. It’s this late already?

Looking around the courtyard her read eyes glanced over the spilled buckets of water then at the piece of wood that she had thrown at Cerbin and Cuthbert earlier until those red orbs finally settled on Julius. From the looks of it he didn’t seem too tired but since it was already midday it would be bets that they get something to eat. “Well it’s already late, let’s say we take a break for the time being and get something to eat.” Not waiting for an answer from her student Ryuu led the way back to the main building. They eventually caught up with Cuthbert and Ryuu showed him where the medical supplies were. Letting the young Knight get what he needed, Ryuu left the two of them where they were while she prepared a meal for them. It took her a little while longer than it would have normally since she was making food not only for herself but four others if Cerbin and Aura were still there.

An Hour Later

Checking up on the boys, Ryuu was cleaning her hands when she slide the door open to see what it was they were doing. “The foods ready so go eat.” motioning to the room behind her. With the door to it now open, the aroma of good food filled the rooms. For a moment Ryuu remembered the times when she would make meals for her younger brother. A sad expression briefly found its place on her face but it soon disappeared. Ryuu then went in search of Cerbin and Aura, if they were still here she’d inform them that there was food to eat, if not then she would simply have to store their portions away for later meals. Waking back to where the food was, Ryuu put away the towel she had been using and sat down with the other two before serving herself. The meal was simple but it was enough to fill their stomachs.