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What do you offer?

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a character in “Equipoise”, as played by Forsaken Heart



Prayer | Disturbed



♠Race Demon
♠RankDemon Prince of Fire
♠Affiliation Greed and Pride
♠ Gender Male
♠ Nickname(s)/Alias (es) Demon Prince of Fire, the Collector
♠ Age Exact age is unknown, but is estimated to be around 600
♠ Love Interest None yet, although its quite possibly going to end up being an angel…

APPEARANCE A slender, yet slightly muscular, Ha-aesh boasts a medium build with tone that rivals statues. Taking great pride in his looks, Ha-aesh obsesses over the condition of his hair and facial features. Without his robe or armor, he is covered in dozens of tattoos, each having been a former enemy of his. Whenever he gains a new one, they can shift and make room. The tattoos go down the front of his shins, up the back of his legs, on his back and chest, and down his arms. He refuses to have them mark anywhere above the collar. He is also rather pale.

♠Height 6” 0’
♠Weight 165lbs
♠Build medium, slender
♠Hair Color White
♠Eye Color Red (Grows in intensity when mad or using powers.
♠Scars/Tattoos/Piercings Dozens of his defeated foes make up the markings on his body.
♠Description A handsome and witty man, Ha-aesh as a young demon never wanted. He could always charm someone to do a task for him or get him what he desires. His tendency to hunt for shiny objects is what gave him the nick name The Collector. However, to those who truly know Ha-aesh, he is a snake. He is cunning and never strikes out front unless a higher power is able to make him do so. His self pride is nauseating to most, if not all save a few demons, for he is constantly fixing his hair, or adjusting his clothes, or picking at any blemishes to the point that he draws his own blood. He also is quite condescending to all, but also believes in Satan Azreal’s ideals in a united world. Despite his greed and unyielding arrogance, he has quite a loyalty streak towards the Satan, mainly due to the Satan appointing him as one of the second highest demons in Inferno. He also covets Satan’s title and power, along with all the world has to offer. To put in short, he truly is the incarnation of Greed and Pride, two of the Circles he rules.
♠Preferred ClothingAs well as he is prideful, he is also selfconcious. Therefore, he wears a large black robe with many layers and pockets for trinkets he may pick up or take. He also wears white gloves and pants, as well as boots made up the skin of a weak angel he defeated once. He also wears a pendant beneath his armor. His robe is also unable to burn or heat up.


♠Oddities From when he was a child demon, he once caught a disease indigenous to demon kind that would cause pox to form on their body. Ha-aesh dug and carved the pox out of his skin to look beautiful again, leaving large bleeding holes where the blemishes were. To this day, should he receive even a bug bite, he will claw at it until it bleeds or is gone.

♠SkillsGifted with staff combat skills, he is also able to completely manipulate fire and, to a much shorter extent, lightning. His tattoos, the bound souls of all enemies that chose to serve him rather than die, are used as stencils to form flames on his body. When directly attacked, he can cause them all to flare up into horrifying armour that shields his body from almost all melee or ranged attacks. Demonic, angelic, or magic forces can still penetrate the barrier. He is also able to use a tattoo on his back to form a pair of fiery wings to fly with. Also, when near fire, he can absorb the nearby flames (whether he made them or not), and use their energy to heal himself. Although not a massive amount, the healing that adds up can keep the fight going for a very long time.
♠Likes Shiny things, bargains that benefit him, power, Satan Azreal, his staff, fixing his hair and clothes, as well as people grovelling to him, words of affirmation, gifts, and lavish luxuries that he doesn't have to share.
♠Dislikes Angels, anti-demon Exorcists, the former Seraphim, his uncle, The Demon Prince of Earth
♠Hobbies Shaping and reshaping his tattoos so that he can form new flame weapons with them as well as armor or tricky devices that can throw off enemies. He also sings quite a lot and loves hearing himself sing. He’ll sing any song, anytime, anywhere. In fact, one thing that many note about Ha-eash is the fact that he sang when fighting his opponent in the great competitions that are held to decide such things.

♠Personality Greedy and arrogant, his large confidence comes from his abilities and his history. A feeling of entitlement, he covets all objects and power. His greed has long transcended from mere material wants, for he now seeks unlimited power. When the Satan appointed him as a Demon Prince of Fire, he was elated. However, despite all his greed and pride, he is loyal to debts of his. He forever owes the Satan for his newfound estate, and is quite loyal. His flames will gladly fight for the ruler of the Inferno. Especially since he may be a step closer to the power that Satan wields, as well as the source of his power.[/


♠Relationship Status He is looking for a woman worth his desires. He is also in possession of a phobia in which he will fall for an angel. He can’t help but love those wings though…
♠Family He is a member of one of the most powerful and ancient clans in Inferno, the Darmora Clan. For the last 5 generations, each at least 250 years, members from this clan have served as the Prince of Fire.
♠Personal History Born into a long and powerful family, Ha-aesh’s greed was always fed. As a young child, he was able to use sly words and empty bargains to control the others. They were always running errands for him that he would never lower himself to do. Soon, it was apparent that he was one of the strongest in the clan in his age group. It wasn’t magic or physical strength that decided it, but his wit. It was his cunning and tactical ideals that made him the clan’s champion in the Eligendo. Seeing how he is part of his family, it was not a big surprise that he won. What was surprising was that he actually bowed to the Satan, something the Darmora clan has not done in centuries due to their pride and arrogance. Ever since, the Satan and Ha-aesh have been on quite decent terms, while a feud between him and the current Prince of Earth has grown over time. They continually fight one another, the cause of the battle changing each time. There will be more in the future to come. He has yet to have such an encounter with the Princess of Air, for he is hoping to gain an ally. He has also fought many angels. AS a result of seeing the beauty of the females, whose wings he covets due to his massive greed, Ha-aesh fears with all his being that he may yet fall for such a creature, as the Satan once did. However, he will do everything in his power to not follow suit.


♠ Familiar Ha-aesh and his familiar situation are quite unorthodox. Many foes he faced feared death, so he offered them an existence of servitude in exchange for their lives. Those that agreed, became tattoos that live on Ha-aesh’s skin. They can detach for about 30 minutes, then they instantly return to his skin. They are weak for familiars, but they serve a more important use. Ha-aesh uses them to crafts multiple weapons and wings as well as armor with them. They act as moulds that he uses to shape and temper the flames.
♠Weapon While his familiars act as secondary weapons and the majority of his arsenal, he uses his staff as is primary and most devastating weapon. The staff was made from the essence of a long dead Satan, an ancestor of Ha-aesh’s. As such, the staff is capable of absorbing the souls of defeated foes into it to increase its amplification of Ha-aesh’s power. It is the tool that Ha-aesh uses to use his fire magic. Without his staff, his magic is only enough to kill a regular human, if not an exorcist. However, he is still capable of a small amount of lightning.


So begins...

Ha-aesh's Story