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Ilisis the Mad One

"What does a lady do with so many years in her life, but experiment with everything she see's?"

0 · 978 views · located in True Cross Academy, Fidel City

a character in “Equipoise”, as played by Damioa





♠ Gender
♠ Nickname(s)/Alias (es)
The mad Witch
♠ Age
♠ Love Interest
Science and Entertainment
♠ Face Claim
Lust from Full Metal Alchemist
Optional if you did use one.


5 ft. 5 in.
Mostly slim. Still varies
♠Hair Color
♠Eye Color
Red pact circle on her chest.
With the everlasting body of a young woman, most find the demon attractive in a dangerous way. He looks add to her charisma, making her very seductive and also the type of person most follow at a whim. He red eyes tell thousands of stories, each with their own unhappy ending. It's one of the small traits she shares with her son, Cerbin. Though most of the time, her appearance looks sincere and welcoming, one small twitch or smile will show her true intentions. She has a wide grin, which actually suits her naturally painted lips, though it also makes her look more like a witch in the sense. Her natural entity is that of darkness, which she matches with her long black hair and her black dress that she wears, which seems to be made out of a fabric that resembles leather, but isn't quite the same. Though most would say not, because of her being a shape shifter, she usually stays in her natural appearance. However, at a whim she can change any feature on her body.
♠Preferred Clothing

Anything black, though she will resort to wearing almost anything else if she is in a different form.

♦ [color=choose color]MENTALITY[/color] ♦

Seems to be both a sadist and a masochist.
Besides shape shifting, she has been known to be one of the smartest minds in her community. However, she uses her intelligence to bring sorrow to other. She is also a good manipulator. She is also one of a certain group of demons that can form pacts. Her favorite, being blood packs, allows her to take the humans form, though her chest mark is still visible while uncovered.
Causing Pain
Blood(everything about it)
Using people
Watching her plans unfold
Slow paces
When things are too calm
Food that wasn't alive at some point.
Manipulating people
Killing people
Thinking of ways to hurt others
Deadly encounters (basically having sex with someone before you kill them)

Not being able to die in a world of pain.
She doesn't exactly have an attraction to anyone or anything, though will have sex with just about anyone or anything.
Though her face and some of her actions may make her come off as a nice person, she is actually the opposite. Ilisis enjoys anything that has to do with pain, be it physical or mental. Be it to others or even herself. Some of the people that know her say her attitude resembles demons of the olden days, which wouldn't be a miscalculation seeing as she hides her age from others and everyone knows her father was an overly destructive demon. However, the woman considers herself on an entire different level than the demon that she once called father. Her intellect is probably what makes her dangerous, being able to give people exactly what they want so that she can get her way at the end of the day. It seems she takes amusement in causing the masses mayhem, though at some instences you can see that even through her evil smile, lies a look of hatred and distaste. Some of her actions would suggest that she doesn't do what she does for amusement, but for hate instead. Hate of herself and everyone around her.

As far as being a mother is concerned, she gave birth to a two dogs and a monster of a child. That's at least how she sees it. For the first few hundred years she didn't even hold any of her children, mostly because she isn't the type of person to show affection, though now that they're older, she seems to have regained her interest in something she deemed as a project.


♠Relationship Status
Cerbin, Malice, and Indigo (all of them are her sons)
♠Personal History

When she was a little girl, her father had started her on the road to becoming a feared demon. Because of his upbringing, she took account for no life including her own, only taking sight in pain, which was, as her father put it, the only destiny demons had. When he passed, she didn't feel anything but joy, knowing the demon lived his life how he wanted and died the exact same way. After a period of time, she decided to see what would happen if the the dog of satan were to mix with a superior demon. This being at the rule of the previous satan, she had made a miscalculation by bringing the idea up, being nominated herself to do the deed. She didn't disagree with the terms. In all actuality it interested her even more, wondering how it would feel to bear a mutts children. However, in the end, she was disappointed with the outcome, having two dogs and an ugly child come from her. She immediately left her children in the custody of the brainless hell hound and left to continue her research. No one seems to know exactly what she is researching, but most can determine it's either something about causing chaos or creating something that will cause a lot of chaos. Recently, she has been in the human world and even though he has never caught on, she watches her son, Cerbin, from time to time. Grinning ear to ear as she does so.


♠ Familiar
She doesn't seem to have a direct familiar, but she does make a lot of contracts, making whoever she signs off with hers, whether they know it or not. Her requirements are usually harmful to whoever she makes a deal with, though it also makes her honor bound by her word to do what ever they asked for. However, each of her contracts have an underlying reproduction that she hides with her silver tongue.
Being able to shape shift, she creates weapons from her body parts.


So begins...

Ilisis the Mad One's Story

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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin and the Mad One

On one of the crossless rooftops of the academy, one woman, or girl (as she currently was), happened to be slow dancing with herself. Breaking gravity by fulfilling the parts in which she'd definitely need a partner for, unless she was just that flexible and centered, she twirled again and again, singing to herself in a tune that wasn't like any other. Music only to her ears.

"Indigo can see no evil. Never has to see the devil. Malice can speak no evil. Words are hidden from the devil. Cerbin can hear no evil. Though, he listens to the devil. All of them are for the devil even though they should be against the devil. . . Hmmm. Indigo can see no good. Never has to look at fools. Malice can speak no good. Better that he stays a tool. Cerbin can hear no good. Oh my son, what a clumsy fool. . . Grr. No matter how it is, Cerbin always ruins the song. What an abomination. Oh how I wish you could hear me from down there boy. Though, I guess if you could, you wouldn't be such an abomination, would you? All of them will guard the devil, even if they're small in level. So tell me my son. Why are you here? I'll find out and then we can have a fun family game. Just the two of us. No dogs. No devils. Just mommy and her little monster."


Malice looked around, which was unusual for the dog demon who would usually stare at his target or at Cerbin for directions. However, since his summoner had no vision on him and instead was looking at his watch, Malice stayed in his position, head moving only. Cerbin looked at his watch, which was of course digital since he didn't have a concept of dialed time. Blowing a bubble, he waited for the the the minute to roll over before whispering. "Immobilize."

It was a code the dog demon was all familiar with hearing. The target in front of him was currently standing. By immobilize, Malice knew that Cerbin wanted to keep the target alive, most likely for questioning and all he had to do was make it so that it was glued to the ground. It wasn't as easy as it seemed. Cerbin didn't call for the action much, mostly on occasion where he was away from the target or had trouble keeping up with the target. No doubt do to his human body. For a second Malice looked around to see if he could hear the wind say his name, but afterwards rushed towards the boy at break neck speed. When it came to mobilization and speed, Malice was about double the fastest dogs speed and didn't need to rest unless wounded. He had suspected the mortal boy in front of him wouldn't even last a minute against him. Was that why he was told to imobilize instead of devour? It didn't matter. The throat was off limits. That, and also certain meaty parts of the flesh. In fact, with his razor sharp teeth, unless he wanted the boy to die from severe blood loss he would only be able to attack the thiegh area and the upper arm area. It was then that he also remembered humans only needing one kidney. Yes. If he was going to do this, he was going to do this his way. He would be sure to make Cerbin regret pitting him up against a human child.

Malice lunged towards the boy a few times, not trying to harm him, but instead see how fast he could react. The boys reactions were good by his standards, but when he looked back to his brother, he wondered what exactly he wanted from the kid. It was a test right? So why wasn't Cerbin looking at the boy. No matter, if Cerbin didn't want to look then Malice would make him regret that too. His next attack went for the boys leg, but malice had to jump back on the boys reaction. It wasn't as if it was a certain thing, but Malice had to make sure the boys blade didn't touch him. If the boy had an upper hand it would be the sword he was carrying. That's right the sword. If Malice could take away the use of the boys arms then he wouldn't be able to use his blade. It looked like an obscure hop, the way he began to move, but soon it became a pounce and then a sprint. In a zig zag motion, packed with as much speed as the demon hound could muster he aimed for either the left shoulder of the boy or the right one. Whichever side the boy decided to guard against his zigs, he would zag and go for his other one. Then of course he would make it easier on him. Of course, if he succeeded in shutting on arm down, he wouldn't hesitant not to go for the other. Then he could focus on the legs and after that he'd nibble until told not to. How he hoped Cerbin would then reward him with the boys life.

Zig...Zag... Arrrruuugghhh!!!!!

Meanwhile Cerbin ignored the noises that the dog and kid were making, only waiting for the smell of blood to step in. That or the time to run out. Didn't matter much to him. It wasn't long until he did smell blood, though he didn't care to investigate it since it came a ways away from him and his test.