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Marius Raguel

" Who are we to proclaim ourselves Arbiters in whats right and wrong?"

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a character in “Equipoise”, as played by umbra Alastor


Marius Raguel.


♠Race Angel
♠Rank Archangel. Former Principality
♠Affiliation Aurae
♠Gender Male
♠Nickname(s)/Alias(es) Insists on Marius, But tends not to argue if a name is given out of affection.
♠Age 375
♠Love Interest None


♠Height 6' 3"
♠Weight 210lbs
♠Build Defined. Broad
♠Hair Color Dark brown.
♠Eye Color Grey
♠Scars/Tattoos/Piercings A couple of scars across his body but nothing major.
♠Description Marius's long hair flows straight down past his shoulders, and is often pulled back as not to obstruct his grey eyes. Unlike most angels in Aurae his skin is not as fair, rather having a touch of warmth to it. Sharp features, and a tall broad frame can make him an imposing figure but this is normally off set by the relaxed posture and expressions he normally holds. He can sometimes come across as expressionless at times, due to just how little he ever lets show upon on his countenance though, this can disturb people as it makes it truly hard to read what he is thinking.

♠Preferred Clothing
Marius is much a man of functionality rather than style. He prefers durable and flexible clothing often in neutral colors. A simple, comfortable fitting t-shirt and, a set of cloth leggings. Most of his t-shirts have a slight gold trim on the cuffs, but Marius rarely goes out of his way to wear anything extravagant.


♠OdditiesHas a soft spot for Humans, seeing them as just misguided.
♠Skills Keen senses: Marius often remains quiet aware of his surroundings and has over the years learned to look for the inputs of any sense that might detect something deviating from the norm.
Highly versed in combat arts: Marius has spent years studying under a multitude of masters and while he himself has yet to master a specific form, he knows enough that he can become a highly dangerous opponent just due to his versatility
Herbal knowledge: Due to his time spent in the gardens with his mother Marius has retained a knowledge upon many herbs and flowers that may be useful but more often then not its what looks good in a flower bed.
♠LikesAurae, Flora. Humans
♠Dislikes Corruption.subterfuge. Inaction.
♠HobbiesTraining. Walking through the gardens of Aurae

♠Phobia(s) Fear of capture, by either side.
♠Sexuality Heterosexual
♠Personality Marius initially comes across in a very stoic manner, and will try and maintain this manner in a number of circumstances. When on missions with his archangels he keeps his stoic facade up to hopefully inspire similar confidence within them. Upon return from battle or if someone spends enough time with Marius they will discover he is quite a deep thinking person often wondering about the world around them. He is quite humble often seeing himself just simply as an observer among the grander scale of the realms but knows that action that is taken by anyone has consequence far from what they imagined, due to this Marius has a distaste for the self absorption of Aurae as the angels can never truly see the consequence of their own actions if the don't ever bother to look beyond their own realm.

After the trouble caused by the last seraphim Marius became uneasy, and very quiet only ever speaking when really needed to hide the terrible doubt that gnaws at his mind. Knowing this could become a problem he purposefully requested the step down in position to hopefully ease the burden. But it only made it worse. The once confidence inspiring stoic facade now only serves to masquerade a man who is fighting the very perception of the world round him. He now feels the furthest away from his fellow angels then he ever has


♠Relationship Status None
♠Family Due to past events, considers none his family

♠Personal History Marius was raised by an archangel father and comforted by an angel mother.His time as a child was contently spent learning, from imitating his father's every sword stroke to listening to his mothers tales as they wandered through the many gardens of Aurae. As with most children he could not help but wonder, just more often then not his attention would turn to fields far flung from Aurae and more often then not he would plague those around him with questions to try and satiate himself.

Upon coming of age, Marius moved away from the teachings of his father, going out of his way to learn forms of the combat arts that other masters that were willing to offer. To him it was the second escape he had, he couldn't tend to the gardens for all his time. But training took all his focus and fortitude to adhere to. It was not long till he became an Archangel himself but it did not stop there, the more he learned, the more promising he looked compared to other angels. He was a man not corrupted by the political game yet, it was a simple personal mission that would further benefit everyone.

When the Seraphim committed her crimes, Marius was a Principality, and closely observed these pivotal moments within Aurae. Which to this days he often wishes he hadn't. The Seraphim had displayed emotions that he was not accustomed to, combined with her actions in general meant that he was frozen with doubt through out the whole power shift. When the new Seraphim was announced he quickly requested to moved down a position for personal reasons, he was hoping the lesser burden of being an Archangel would allow him to quell his inner self, but to this day he has yet to do so.


♠Familiar None
♠Weapon An axe known as Ultor and an angelic sword, they can be wielded as a pair, but normally are only wielded individual depending on Marius' mood.

So begins...

Marius Raguel's Story


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Alright my dears the story has begun!! Please go to this link before you begin posting.

The setting changes from New Earth to Aurae


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Patience.. Marius urged himself, sweeping his foot across the bleached stones of the courtyard to rest in front of him. For the past sixteen days all of Marius' free time was majorly occupied with distractions, Training to restrict his mind of any true time to its own thoughts. His stance was low, long and stable in the center of the courtyard, that if one followed one way, a doorway would lead to his favorite garden, the other to one of Aurae's many roads, but for now it played host to the slowly breathing figure of Marius. Carefully adjusting his hands from their well position guard he brought his back leg in, bending his knees before stepping through and back into the stance once again.

Wrong again.. he scolded himself, his body was too tense, his in step swift, the out step slow. His mind raced picking up upon all the mistakes his just made as he straightened up and walked to the edge of the courtyard. The events that transpired those days ago for Marius formed cracks of doubt in his mind, which at first were harmless, but now it had propagated, he was questioning himself more than he should.Without a doubt he could perform anything he once learned correctly if only he could clear that looming darkness from his mind.

But could any of Aurae shift the events that threatened to rip its foundations asunder?, their very own seraphim betraying them. Incorrect.. Mairus corrected himself, he could not say for certain yet if what she had done was betrayal. Though none of that mattered as of late, a new Seraphim was in power and it was time to see how she decides to clean up all this mess, How her advisers urged her, and even how simple angels like himself would be placed within the precarious house of cards that Aurae has become.

Running a hand through his hair, he allowed his gaze to float down towards the white stones of the courtyard. Discord was still rife through Aurae, many people bitter over the current choice of Seraphim. Politics was always an awful business, and when a quite outspoken group loses within it, it gets even worse. Those who had supported other choices of Seraphim were not keeping quiet about it, many protesting, few taking things to the extreme and yet Marius still managed to feel alone as he believed everyone wrong in their choice, part of him was giving the Previous Seraphim a chance, but the conscious and blind devotions to Aurae within him was trying to smooth over such cracks.

Taking his sword from the nearby weapon rack, he flicked the hair out of his eyes and stepped back into the center of the courtyard. He held no ill will for the current Seraphim, brave or foolish as she was for taking the mantle she had actually yet to do any harm, or commit much foul. It was Aurae that had the problem, and Marius a problem with Aurae. Though for now he was resigned to keeping quiet, swinging his sword methodically, using the years of training that had been given to him as guide , but swift to scold himself upon any mistakes made.


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Though missing its humorous intent, Ammiel greeted Salem’s subtle joke with a smile. The words that followed however turned her gaze momentarily to the shattered glass on the ground. Apart from Felspar, she imagined that most of those who would end up leaving on this venture would be unfamiliar with Earth. Her smile returned with the reassuring certainty that her brother had considered that in his planning. Looking back to Salem, she replied, “Yes, younger… There will be some younger angels of lower ranks invited to the meeting.” Pausing for a brief moment, she wondered if the decision would be frowned upon by some members of the council. Her tone grew weightier with resolve. “A slight breach in tradition, I am aware, but it has its purpose.” As the angel announced his exit, Ammiel stood and nodded her head once in acknowledgment. “Thank you Salem, farewell.”

Left alone, Ammiel brought her palms together in mock prayer and raised the symbolic gesture to her lips as she set out in her mind what was to be done so not to leave anything out. Nodding to herself and making a small noise of readiness, she left the throne room to ascend to the upper floor of the high temple where she could find privacy. She entered into her study, a small room stocked with all the finest quills, papers, and inks for Seraphim to write out important documents or official letters. Compared to Felspar’s space in the main Library, she was not certain the name ‘study’ really suited the room. Ignoring that, she collected from her most recent files the listing of all Archangels.

The traditional council meeting in Aurae includes the presence of the senate and the elders, responsible for such important tasks as selecting the Seraphim, as well as all those ranked Powers and Principalities. Archangels and unranked angels are not welcome to attend in most circumstances, but today Ammiel had something different in mind. As she stepped back and briefly scanned the names on the list, some stood out for the praise she had heard from their mentors, but there were exceptionally few she had personally interacted with and felt that she could trust. It was for this reason that she wanted the Archangels to attend the meeting. She would observe them and their reaction to the plan, and from there she could assess which of the lesser ranks seemed suitable for the all too significant responsibility.

Taking a seat at the writing table in the centre of the room, the first name was set without use of the list. Levien Phrixus. She was not entirely certain how loyal he was, but she knew he would gladly go on a mission set up by Felspar. Easy choice aside, she ran her finger down the list of names, pausing to take note of those who stood out. She had heard a number of great things about those who had been taught by Salem and so selected a number of those she had heard the most about to receive an invite. Contemplating a vaguely familiar name, Felspar’s words of testing loyalty returned to her mind. Marius Raguel’s name made it to the front of one of the sepia tone envelopes. It would be an opportunity for the man to prove himself in whatever way he would end up leaning, and his experience as both a Power and a Principality could be advantageous. Only a few more names caught her attention, and after spending much ink and paper she sat back with ten envelopes to be delivered. As a final thought, she selected ten more less convincing individuals so that the anonymity of those who would eventually be going would be more protected. A smile lit her face at the musing that maybe one she had not considered at first could prove themselves despite having less praise. She hated to underestimate anyone, but reputation was all she had to gauge their loyalty.

After closing each envelope with a seal of the Seraphim pressed in golden wax, Ammiel handed the messages over to guards to carry out into Aurae on her behalf. She made her way through grand hallways of the High Temple to find those in charge of preparing the meeting room to warn them of the impending gathering and to make a special request for extra chairs set aside from the usual. Bows and promises of obedience let her be on her way to the highest level of the temple where a golden bell made its home. Its ringing was known to signify a meeting, the number of tolls telling the exact time. Hoping the timing would not inconvenience anyone or take them away from other responsibilities, she rang out a comfortable time where late afternoon and early evening were easily confused under Aurae’s unchanging white skies.

Now that everyone who needed informing was taken care of, Ammiel was free to take the hours she had left to prepare herself. It was enough to write out her words to be spoken to herself and revised multiple times before she committed the final version to memory. Final bits of time moving by, she changed to a more formal dress and attempted to smooth out the feathers of her six wings though it was unnecessary. She could not deny a faint hint of nervousness for the first meeting called and led by herself exclusively, but there was an eagerness as well. Soon, hopefully quite soon, the balance could be restored and Aurae could repair its pristine peace and important place in the universe as the absence of all corruption.

With words and appearance prepared, Ammiel made her way to the meeting room. Built to be easily accessible to many people, it is located on the ground level to one side of the High Temple - a large room with concentric circles of seat and tables where rank brought you closer to the front row where your words were more welcomed. Setting foot inside early, Ammiel stood behind the podium where she would be speaking and practiced her words under her breath while imagining who she would be facing. Eyeing the empty Archangels seats she smiled softly and bowed her head. A simple prayer was said before she left the room and waited behind the Seraphim’s door until the time was right.

Muffled footsteps and words heard through the closed door let her get a feel for how many people had arrived. She felt it would be a full room; there was much to be considered, after all. When the time finally came, she walked through the door with confidence and a stern smile as she approached the Seraphim’s podium to address the room. Looking over the crowd, she made quick eye contact with as many as possible before folding her hands before herself and begging to speak, “Honourable angels of Aurae, I greet you and thank you for taking the time out of your important schedules to attend this meeting.” She raised her hands before her chest and showed traces of sorrow on her face though her voice, made loud enough to carry through the room, did not falter. “As you know all too well, our world is hurting. The barrier is breaking under the weight of the sin of one we once believed in so strongly, and in the face of this new chaos we no longer have the Goddess to save us.” Her hands were lowered and a firmer expression emerged. “Our people are scared - they doubt, they fear, and they falter on this unstable ground. This affront to the order of the worlds, the child, threatens to destroy everything we have all worked for so hard since the great war.” Leaning forward slightly and resting hands on the podium, she spoke with the passion of her beliefs. “But Aurae is not lost yet. Those who brought the light once still stand and we have not forgotten who we are, though one of our leaders did. I am pleased to tell you that we have a plan, delivered to us by my top advisor. We will send a number of skilled or promising angels through the rifts and to Earth, to the find the source of the sickness that is ailing our world and put an end to it so that we can restore Aurae to the pinnacle of goodness that the Goddess made it to be.” She straightened her posture and folded her hands once more as she explained how things would work. “To aid the success of this venture, those sent will work alone and report only to me through untraceable means of communication. Working this way we hope to avoid conflict with the citizens of Earth and to avoid notice of those belonging to Inferno, to successfully complete this unfortunate, but all too necessary assassination. Once the source of the barriers breakdown is removed, we can fight of the corruption of Aurae once and for all.”

From what she saw in body language and eyes, whispered comments and the writing of notes, it was hard to gauge what people were thinking, but she had yet to see anyone who seemed too violently opposed to the idea. There was sadness in some eyes touching on the killing of a child, a sadness she understood, but there did not seem to be any other way to restore the balance. In between gauging the reaction of those of high rank she should be concerned with, she watched closely the attending Archangels. In brief assessment, those who seemed too excited about going to Earth were the first to be mentally crossed off her list. After a brief pause, she moved on to other matters, “This earthbound plan will be put into action near immediately; meanwhile, there are no less significant troubles plaguing us here in Aurae. The violence and anger seething through the population after the change in leadership has become a very serious concern. Some believe we should enact strict punishments, but I believe a gentler touch may be more advisable. After multiple reports of property damage and injuries, I believe it is best to increase the number of guards watching the streets to break up any violence before it gets out of hand and causes events that beg for punishment. In addition to these measures, I believe it is important to let the people know that we are listening to them, and so I plan to make a number of public appearances in each district where the people feel safe so that they can address their concerns with me directly as opposed to taking it out on others, on architecture, or in internalized suffering. I understand the danger of placing myself as a target, but I believe, with the right precautions in place, the benefit of easing their distress will outweigh the inherent risks.” Placing her hands on the podium in preparation for taking up her pen with which to take notes if necessary, she ushers the meeting into the portion where anyone may speak and those with proper authority and something to say may take their turn reporting on the current state of affairs. “With that in mind, at this time I open the floor to any questions.”


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The perception of time is a cruel fate for a mind alert and active with internal conflict but a body that seemed to wish for it all just to fly by. Each swing of Marius' sword seemed swift to his body but the mind encapsulated the whole process within its own little era, that one little moment taking up the conscious leaving the abyss of the subconscious to its own war until the next time it spills over, to burst the bubble that had been so hard worked to try and distract the body from the debilitating beast of hesitation.

But sooner or later every toll was collected, he grew weary of seeing the same sword moving in front of him, every step and subtle twist of a foot. Such things are second nature to most yet all of it, all the boring detail seemed to be highlighted further each time. A modicum of angelic determination would of easily carried him forward through it all, but his determination was to clear his mind, not hone his skills so he faltered.

Salvation arrived soon though, as Marius heard footsteps presently a lot closer then he should. Turning slowly he placed his sword point down onto the stone below and carefully placed one hand on top of the pommel before the other hand on top of that. His gaze fixed upon the source of the footsteps, An Archangel, not that dissimilar to Marius himself, except this angel was adorned with all the trappings of a guard. Odd as it was a guard appearing in the courtyard it was just one guard who seemed relaxed enough.

" Marius Raguel?" the angel asked, to which only a slow bow of the head responded, stepping forward the angel reached into a pouch and produced an envelope to hold out towards Marius. Taking a hand from on top of his sword he reached across and took the envelope from the guard taking just a moment to inspect the writing on the front before turning it over to check the seal on the back. Seeing it was the mark on the Seraphim he prioritized its contents over his tedious training. " Thank you" Marius spoke curtly to the guard to emphasize the point that he was dismissed. Moving to one side, Marius rested his sword against a wall before breaking the seal on the envelope, sliding it contents out carefully.

'My presence is requested at a meeting?' Marius thought, the embers of surprise and confusion causing the age old flame of questions to appear again. It was known that Archangel were not permitted in meetings, and the fact it was sealed with the golden wax of the seraphim seemed to indicate it was not a clerical error. Still no matter how hard he questioned he understood the fact was that he must attend the meeting, for his own sake, to satiate curiosity, to quell small part of him that has stayed loyal to the mantle of the seraphim rather than its holder. The very same part of him that is getting lost the further the longer the darkness is allowed to creep idle within his mind.

Now he had to prepare himself for the meeting, which would mean placing his weapons away, giving himself time to cool down and relax and changing into more appropriate attire. The weapons and the clothes were dealt with swiftly leaving Marius, standing within his garden, now adorn in a soft grey, with gold trim cutting the dull edges. While he was now just an Archangel, the etiquette of the council had not eluded him completely so he knew such touches would not be noticed but also they would not hinder his position should the need to speak arise. Having taken the time it took for him to travel to the temple as extra time to clear his mind and prepare himself, he could now see those entering the council chambers. The confident faces of those normally permitted in the council were such a stark contrast to some of the Archangels he could see entering the room, Though seeing more Archangels like himself did help answer a few questions in his mind. Entering the council chamber swiftly he sat himself down upon one of the chairs that did not seem familiar to him, the chairs that had been laid out just for the Archangels, rather than the circles he once sat in which seemed so distant, now that he simply sat waiting upon its edges.

Though he found himself not waiting long, soon he found his eyes drawn towards the doors that opened, and to the confident and seemingly good spirited Seraphim. Her opening line was complete formalities but the following shift in posture and expression was not an unnoticed touch to his stone dead gaze. ' She plays the part well' he thought to himself as he listened intently to the Seraphims words, and the plan. A number of independent angels works towards the slaughter of a child, while at the same time trying to pass unnoticed by the eyes of Inferno and trying to keep the children of the Earth out of the way. There seemed to be a lot of flexibility in the general idea so it easily passed with Marius that Aurae could pull off such a thing.

Paying no attention to the Seraphim's words upon the internal affairs, he placed his gaze upon the floor, conflict was to be avoided with the citizens of earth, but plans change, unexpected obstacles are placed in the way. Could this new regime within Aurae condone their deaths for the sake of murdering a child. Hearing the floor was open for questions Marius took a deep breath before standing up. Clearing his throat once, he made sure not to falter once the council's eyes fell upon him, knowing their gaze could not be too friendly now that he was an Archangel within this room. Bowing his head slightly he spoke " Seraphim, Angels of the council.." he straightened back up, and fixed his gaze upon the Seraphim " I wish to ask, if conflict with the denizens of earth seems to be the only way to the child... are the angels sent upon the mission to engage regardless of collateral? Communication with you Seraphim at the time of these situations could be nonviable... So clarification upon this point would be needed prior to the mission, unless we are leaving it to the judgement of the angel within the situation?" For a moment, as Marius was speaking, the once lost confidence seemed to come back, his voice at one point effortlessly carrying through the room. Though that was dispelled once he bowed his head again " Forgive me, if I spoke out of turn" he said seating himself back down. Potentially he had thrown the Seraphim into a political minefield and depending upon her answer, given ammo for those protesting her ascension. Still Marius was doing this for his own peace of mind, to try and find out what this new regime was capable of.


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The decorative junctures marking certain crossroad within the city were usually not interesting enough to pass much time, but with recent events the dull courtyards with their colourful flowers and symbolic statues had taken on a whole new exciting hue. Placed in the right locations at the right windows of time one could witness a number of thrilling confrontations. The most fruitful of location for this type of observation fell between a zone of clear Ammiel support and disapproval. Of course, the guards or leaders or whomever else in this place could be credited with the least bit of brainpower were well aware of the tension zone and had it patrolled frequently. That was precisely why Levien Phrixus took a seat on a bench part obscured by falling threads of ivy at this particular time of day to wait and watch the angels wandering through - for it was at this time one set of gold gilded guards took their leave and a seemingly identical replacement would take to the streets. The citizens, to be credited as stubbornly determined as opposed to wise, had taken note of this small lull in military control, and those looking for fight would meet to exchange words and blows in the limited window of opportunity. It never interested him to join in either side of the confrontation. As much as he was infuriated with Faida Ammiel and her stealing of power and manipulation of Felspar, he was wise enough to know fighting for it on the street would be pointless. The deed was done.

Considering Felspar, Levien was curious what his mentor had been up to. Now that he was a Power it was nearly impossible to get the chance to meet with him. Levien imagined he was buried under the work Faida would pile on him now that his title position made it seem acceptable, incapable or simply too proud to handle it herself. It really was a shame that Felspar had not taken his rightful place as Seraphim. With him in charge Aurae could be repaired forever, but in the hands of Faida… Pity…

A smile curled his lips as it seemed his patience was not to be wasted. Two irritable faces met at the far side of the courtyard, paced about like animals, and moved forward to strike. They did not seem to need words to speak their intent. These two were not truly here for the words or for beliefs; these were the kinds who sought only violence to, he supposed, add a little interest to their order bound angel lives. Fairly less interesting, but something to observe none the less. Just as the pacing reached a heat and arms pulled back to prepare fists, the telltale sound of guards marching up the cobblestone – Peculiar how they all take up a similarly costive gait. – sent everyone turning on their heels to act ignorant. Levien sighed faintly.

Turing attention to the guards that had ruined the moment, his eye contact was returned and they headed directly for him. Faintly unsettling, but he knew there was nothing on record that could be used against him in a dangerous sort of way, so he stood and smiled at them as they approached. One of the guards he was personally familiar with, though not in particularly friendly sort of way. The guard spoke in mumbled tones, looking none too pleased with the task. “Had a feeling we would find you here. You hang around here far too much Phrixus.”

A light chuckle welcomed the negative assertion and Levien raised a hand to caress a strand of the nearby ivy. “Yes well, the ivy does not grow as vibrantly green in the other courtyards, don’t you think? Truly magnificent…” The guardsman did not share in Levien’s bright smiling and without further comment presented him with his invitation from the Seraphim. Personalized delivery and an official seal suggested that it was not a simple matter, and that quite immediately drew Levien’s attention. Simple words of thanks left his lips to cut the rudeness of rather suddenly taking to the sky. Envelope clutched in his hand, familiar flight paths took him to one of his preferred flight access cafes where he took up his usual seat to take a closer look at the sepia curiosity. He tapped the corner of the letter on the marble table and eyed his name written in what he judged to be personally written by Faida based on the curl of the letters that was very similar to the way Felspar taught him to write. After requesting from the waitress his usual latte, he brought a nail to the edge of the golden wax seal. There was something mildly sacrilegious in breaking the symbol of his leader, so he made quite certain to crack the wax as he searched the envelope for understanding. Scanning the words he found his curiosity increased. He could not be certain exactly why an Archangel would be allowed at the meeting, but he imagined it would take something important to bend stubborn old rules. There was also a faint hope, Perhaps I will get the chance to see Felspar.

There was little he had done to prepare for the meeting beyond slipping on some vaguely more formal attire, so the café entertained him until clock bell tolls warned of time running out. He did not go far in fixing himself, he usually kept fairly clean anyhow and highly doubted he would be noticed, but a formal jacket was closed over his airy white shirt and jeans were exchanged for white slacks. From there he walked all too slowly to the High Temple, mind lazily offering possible reasons for the invitation. Arriving a little early, he stayed back a short ways from the High Temple and watched who passed through. He waited until he had seen most high ranking members of council he knew pass, preferring not to get in their way, before he followed another faintly hesitant Archangel into the room. It looked about how he would have expected, the very structure built to praise those considered better by rank. Not a surprise then that the Archangels were removed to what he felt was like the children’s table at a formal dinner. Taking one of the remaining seats, he glanced at the other Archangels. He was not overly familiar with any of them, only recognizing one face more specifically as one he believed he had worked with him the past. The name did not come to mind. The variety of Archangels present did little to give explanation to why they had been invited and he moved his attention to the upper ranks to note that Felspar had not appeared yet. Somehow he was not particularly surprised.

When Faida appeared to shed light on this strange occurrence, he took up a smile and watched as she acted out her dance of placation and encouragement. It was hard to doubt her passion on the matters by her appearance though. He faintly raised a brow at one point. “Top advisor” was it? Could she not even be bothered to give him the credit of speaking out his name? Then again, it was not as though anyone would not know to whom she referred. So Felspar wanted a few of them to go to Earth and destroy this child discreetly. The child whose gender they did not know and whose appearance could only be guessed by knowing her mother. Folding his hands together, he looked down for a moment to suppress his excitement. It was an opportunity to search around Earth with the only one controlling his movements a world away. It was the perfect chance to taste the freedom of Earth without having to continue slaving away to earn a high enough rank to allow him to leave Aurae. He needed to go on this mission.

The rest of her words did not affect him too strongly, unless of course he might be forced to work as one of the additional guard forces, so he did not pay too much attention. As Faida opened the floor to questions, he refocused his attention to see if anyone would be arguing against the plan. It quite surprised him that the first word came from one of those banished to the back of the room. Turning to look at the one who had the guts to speak, he smiled to find it was the man he knew. It seemed he should have put a little more consideration into getting to know him, his boldness was interesting. The question wakened a murmur around the room, and looking to Faida Levien thought he saw a bit of discomfort. It was a good point. It did not seem particularly fair for an angel to start cutting down humans for a matter than did not involve their world, but he imagined that for Aurae’s safety such a thing would be allowed. He looked to Faida more closely, eager to see how the new Seraphim would handle herself with this.


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Following her final words the council meeting chamber was gripped with seconds of silent hesitation where the words and thoughts waiting to being said on many differing tongues could not find the confidence to be the first voice to emerge. The sound of a throat clearing from the back of the room drew Ammiel’s attention from the upper ranks to the distance outer realm of the unusually invited Archangels. Boldness taken to offer the first words was appreciated, and more so admired some small degree for the show of unwavering confidence to speak and make eye contact. The word content itself lessened the small smile that had appeared at first as Ammiel already knew the unforgiving answer necessary for the dark situation.

Before she had the time to voice her reply dispelling the need for forgiveness and offering her answer, the room came alive with new interjections from a variety of ranks. The first vaguely dissenting words had given all others against her the confidence to add their own opinions, hiding in the anonymous chorus of disapproval and judgment. It was in that whirl of dissidence that she realized the intent of her brother’s words. To pick those who could be trusted to support her and send them to Earth was not the purpose of the mission. Any angel of respectable quality, those of the upper ranks as Felspar had suggested, would be compelled in some degree to do what was in their power to complete the mission, or at least try to keep up appearances that they were loyal, for the sake of rank and angelic pride. The idea was not to remove those who could aid her here. The best plan would be to remove those who believed they knew better than her - let them wander Earth to protect Aurae as they see fit and leave her with those she could trust at her side to repair the maladies confronting Aurae itself. As Felspar had said, let them lose their wings and fall into limbo if they were not willing to support Aurae’s future.

With that thought in mind those speaking so proudly, ready to rule Aurae better in the place of the new Seraphim, were those she now noted to honour with the responsibility of the important mission. Although, sending a few that could be relied on was still in her mind, as Felspar should have someone to turn to if need be. Her first words were spoken with added volume and emphasis until the room quieted to hear what her response would be. “Thank you, I appreciate your drawing attention to this clarification.” Her tone became of unwavering conviction as she asserted necessity. “I expect those trusted on this venture to utilize their skills to avoid involving the humans in the conflict. However, if there is no other way to complete the mission, then innocent human lives may be the price we need to pay to save more damaging consequences to Aurae itself. We cannot afford to spend too long in kind caution, lest more cities become lost to the growing rift.” In addressing those who had spoken of less invasive ways to fix the issue at hand, she added. “It is the child’s existence that tears holes on our world – without removing the cause there is no way efficient enough to treat the affects. Thus far all efforts to repair the rifts on location have failed, we have but one option, and I have confidence there are those brave enough to carry this burden and become the saviors of Aurae.”

After a few further comments and clarifications, none of particular note, the meeting shifted through the typical reports and touched on less significant issues with brevity from most parties as minds seemed to remain in contemplation of the provocative plan. As the meeting drew to a close, Ammiel’s thoughts went to how she would be assigning the jobs without disclosing to all who had been chosen. Once again it was her brother who had prepared for her a perfect means of carrying things out – a tradition invented by him and practiced many times before in Aura council meetings. Whenever a task required some secrecy, or many specific jobs needed assigning at once, everyone would be handed a sheet of paper and sent on their way. Powers gifted to the Seraphim would allow the creation of a barrier over the doorway that would, when passed through, enchant each paper with appropriate words, instructions, or privileges depending on whose voice would later activate them. Most here knew how to proceed, but for the benefit of less common visitors, she explained the process more thoroughly.

As she spoke, the papers were distributed to everyone in attendance. The papers were on the surface simple delicate white, but made unique by a red insignia of the flower of life at the center of each sheet. These papers were recognized as allowance for passage into the reflective travel space of Sarira. “To those who are guests to this meeting place, allow me to explain the use of the paper you will be receiving. This is our method of assigning duties to individuals in a timely manner. Once you find yourself entirely alone, please speak your full name to the paper and a note dictating your assigned tasks will appear.” Only in seclusion the full name spoken by the voice of its owner would activate the paper, because of this no one would be able to figure out who was assigned to this mission unless an individual were to betray themselves. With a subtle waive of her hand, Ammiel marked the barrier with all necessary assignments messages. Others would be assigned simpler duties on home soil or asked to wait for future information, those meant for this quest would receive the instructions that would guide them secretly down to Earth. It was time for the mission to begin. “May the will of the Goddess carry you on. Meeting adjourned.”

Turning from everyone, Ammiel crossed the stage and slipped through the door back to the near seclusion of the adjacent room. Folded hands raised before her chest as she let out a gentle sigh. It was her hope that she had done things properly, that her brother would not be disappointed. She smiled a faint amount at her nervousness. If she could not be Seraphim, Felspar would not have stepped down. She frowned a small amount and said a brief prayer for her brother’s safety and the success of this mission. It was not entirely a surprise that he did not attend the meeting, but when would he come to get a paper of his own?


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After his meeting with the Seraph, Salem took to the skies again as he'd said to clear his head. Salem rarely enjoyed meetings because in his eyes they rarely did anything more than simply compare egos and position. He was a soldier, and to him that meant a meeting should be a short and efficient situation report with swift decisive commands shortly thereafter. However like always he would still attend, 'is what we're doing right? I am certain that Aurae now is better than that I grew in...but I hardly feel like we can properly say what we're doing is good. That single thought embodied the angel's worries, and so enveloped in his thoughts was Salem that he nearly missed the meeting.

Salem kept silent and remained as low a profile he could maintain as penance for his near tardiness. It was also as a gesture of good faith that he remained silent. After all, if his resistance was merely due to getting old then he would not taint the discussion with his own views. However, when the Seraph completed her announcement he felt the need to speak- but such was not his place during the time. Ultimately, the meeting ended before he could voice his thoughts.

'This is not the Aurae I fought for- what my fellows died in hopes to create. Safety of the realm aside...simply snuffing a life due to perceived inconvenience is not Just. It's that very thinking that tore my family apart.' Salem took to his feet and stepped forward before the rest of the crowd could follow suit.

" Speaking for myself...but simply murdering a child in fear due to a suspicion hardly seems angelic. If anything it sounds more like a repetition of the history we seek to place behind us. While I recognize it's no comfort or solution to our grievance, is it not our duty as the eldest Children to shoulder the heavy burden for our less fortunate younger cousins. If we are truly the Chosen children, then let us bring the child to our side and mutually seek a bloodless resolution." Salem addressed his fellows in a loud voice, and while his words may appear to argue...his intent was to eliminate the second option.

"Simply choosing the bloody 'easy way' is what the children of Inferno are famous for performing. Should not we then pick the harder route? I know not your intentions, but I will say here and now: I will descend and do this cleanly because an Aurae saved by slaying innocent shall never be a home of mine." Salem made to leave the room himself after speaking his mind. He intended to be the first into the human realm...he couldn't bear the thought of being second to one who could think otherwise. With that goal in mind, he strode from the hall and eagerly set out for the necessary papers. Fortunately enough, that took little time given his next goal was actually making the shift between worlds Salem had to delay to make some necessary arrangements for his absence.


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A few little questions and look how the air became flooded with noise. The retaliation against Faida's announced mission to Earth was a beautiful thing to behold. Shielding his mouth behind his fingers, Levien let the angelic voices drown out the sound of his chuckling. So many questions, words, and brilliant better ideas sullying the air. He wished he was sitting closer so that he could see if Faida had begun to sweat. Killing a child, not killing a child - he had trouble feeling the same burning passion over it as his brethren appeared to bear. Aurae was doomed either way. Let it carry on its corruption or disappear into the rifts.

Barely listening to Faida's words of explanation, he observed the stoic angels spreading official papers through the room. Fascinating to see how their ceremonious delivery of significance shifted immediately to shoving a piece of paper into a few hands as they reached the Archangel section. Levien took the unassuming paper into his hands after winking at the one who handed it to him for the sheer joy of creating awkwardness and began tracing an index finger over the red flower pattern at its center. Felspar's ideas and plans seemed to be woven through near every aspect of modern Aurae. Perhaps that was how he had managed to avoid suffocating in this place up to now. Mentor, my mentor, thank goodness for thee. The teasing tone of his thoughts brought a smirk to his face and gave him inspiration to stand abruptly from his seat before Faida had entirely turned her back on the room.

He imagined it would likely be expected for the lesser ranks to stay out of the way until the fluff-winged upper ranks departed, but his patience had been consumed entirely by the dull length of the meeting. All that he had gathered from it was that he needed to be a part of this mission. The child, the fate of Aurae, honor and feathers and nonsense, meant nothing to him, but freedom was everything. The distant Earth with no sparkling Seraphim, with changing skies and speeding time - it sounded like a wonderland of chaos and creativity. The little world caught between grand Aurae and grisly Inferno... He believed with all his heart that he could be lost there and find the freedom of his dreams. That thought in mind, he darted out of the meeting room without regard for those he cut off and fled quickly into the anonymous white sky.

He flew like he had just gotten his wings, all speed and excitement weaving inappropriate patterns through the organized flight paths. The paper clutched in his hand inflicted equal amounts of excitement and nervousness on his mind. The thought of what it might take to convince the Seraphim to chose him for the mission if he had not been chosen was an exceptionally tiring notion. He hoped with gritted teeth that the paper would tell him what he wanted to hear. Not particularly wishing to return to his home, a humble place that screamed Aurae from every white bricked crevice, he swerved haphazardly from the sky and descended into an isolated and, hopefully, unoccupied garden.

A quick sweep of the perfectly maintained foliage circling a white marble bench revealed that his assumption was correct; he was alone. Lowering the bench, nervousness lead to excess vocalization. "I hope this will be enough to satisfy your shyness, it doesn't seem a good evening for walls. Surely you can understand." The official paper, target of his utterances, was smoothed out and held up between the grip of both hands. A faint nod pretended to acknowledge an offered reply before he spoke his full name as instructed by dearest Faida. "Levien Phrixus." Black ink words appeared gradually over the page. A mere few words were read before he could not help jumping to his feet and proclaiming his excitement in a victorious, "Yes!" The excitement filled him with electric drive. He laughed out his joy at the thought of Earth, seeing Earth, a dream come true, before turning back to the paper and absorbing the remaining words.

Simple enough instructions. Leave at the right time, bring the paper, keep the paper, and report back to the Seraphim. He had faith in his capability to manage the majority of the instructions. After a single read through, he folded the paper into a manageable square and slipped it securely into his pocket. Knowing he would need to be leaving, his thoughts turned to Felspar. Such a long time since they had seen one another and now he was to head off to Earth to scope out their future venue of freedom. Running fingers through his hair, he sighed lightly. Of course, it was not as though he imagined it would be particularly easy to convince Felspar to abandon duty for his well deserved freedom from obligation and the control of others... At least the most difficult first step has been accomplished. He had admittance to Earth, and, at his current rank, he felt that was spectacularly lucky.

Despite the secrecy imposed over the mission, Levien saw no problem going to inform his mentor that he would be leaving to Earth. The man organized the ordeal after all. Walking quickly to expend his excess energy, he made his way through side alleys and cobbled roads to search the library for Felspar. Midway through the journey, he began to wonder if Felspar would be joining the mission. It was something of a grand new war to save the first world, it would not be a stretch to imagine he would be dragged out to fight for dearest Aurae once again. Then again, he wondered if Faida would dare to let her "little" brother slip out of her control. Faida... Her smiling face and pretense of affection made her eventual manipulation of Felspar feel almost worse than the openly cruel treatment from Detritus and their father. If only he could have been there, he would not let his mentor continue to accept things as though it was alright. He would have fought them off. In his heated determination to fight for Felspar, he ignored the sensible voice at the back of his mind noting he would hardly be powerful enough for such a thing.

A thorough search of the library turned up no signs of Felspar. With mild disappointment he accepted that Felspar could be busy in a hundred different places and tracking him down could take days. He was briefly tempted to hold up in the library until Felspar inevitably appeared, but he thought better of the idea. He was no longer a child that he should need to wait for Felspar to pat him on the head before he left. Managing to find a scrap piece of parchment, he left a simple note for Felspar to find. Gone for the third. Signed, Le'ph.

It was more than clear to him that sleep would be impossible, so he decided to spend the night out in the bright as day Aurae night. His room was briefly visited to fill a small shoulder bag with a small number of possible useful things for the trip. After that, as a test of his resolve against Aurae, he walked familiar paths and visited all the places that ever meant something to him. Garden hideaways, particularly lively fountains, the place where he met Felspar. As much as they had meant to him at moments in the past, his perspective was far too poised by knowledge of corruption and the suffocating bonds of supposed honor. Seeing places now only brought memories of what his mentor had suffered for this place, along with the thoughts of how he would need to bow and likely be manipulated the same to ever earn a place here. To an abundant patch of white hyacinths he shared in passing, "This place is not my home."

By the time that the specialized clock's hands had shifted to announce the coming of morning, heavy thoughts and frustrations made way for the excitement of seeing Earth to make a comeback. After pacing the streets had become a fruitless effort, he took a seat at a cafe not too far from the market gauntlet that would need to be crossed to reach the Corridors of Sarira. He let the early morning fade away into the day as he observed those who passed by. As much as he would like to leave immediately, he decided to vaguely attempt fulfill the stipulation of picking a more subtle time to approach the gate. When meals taken started to earn the title of brunch, he took his leave of the outdoor table and made his way to the path of merchant tents.

Absorbing the atmosphere, he reprimanded himself slightly for not visiting this particular market more often. The array of tents tucked into every available space with their glistening colorful wares and friendly salesman filled the air with a buzz of curiosity and enticement. As little interest as he had in candle holders, one man had managed to enrapture him for a good few minutes with tales of the make and precious metals that comprised it. This place felt alive. Perhaps containing the most freedom he had seen in Aurae. Though it may have been his own enthusiasm that was changing his mind - the bright smile stretching over his face painting optimism over his view of the surroundings. Halfway to the Corridors of Sarira, he found himself breaking through the crowd to answer to the becoming of a particular item on display.

Raising his hand to clutch his chin, he stared down the item thoughtfully. It was a silly thing to be enthralled by, but he could not deny a quickly rising affection and desire for ownership. A sheer scarf tinted with rainbow colors. It would make him look terribly unprofessional. Yet scarves reminded him of Felspar and rainbows of his dear bird familiar, Jiya. A silly thing, but he would wear it with a grin and tease them both. A faint noise of surprise sounded in his throat at the realization he had not informed Jiya of his intended travel. The lovely bird, nimble and small enough to sneak through the tears in the barrier, had been scouting out the Earth for him. He had not even gotten to meet with her to hear her report and here he would be joining her. At least I can enjoy surprising her with my presence.

He had spent a little too long in his thoughts and the salesman spoke, "Does this scarf pique your interest? It is good quality, I assure you. Feel the fabric if you wish."

Refocusing attention on the unnecessary purchase, Levien replied, "Ah, thank you." Rolling the fabric between his fingers, he found the salesman's words to be true enough. It was relatively soft and felt to be rather durable. A question he had been taught to consider by Felspar arose, "Has it been previously used, or is it new?"

"I received it and others like it from the one who made it just a few days ago." The salesman began rifling through items hidden inside the tent. "Wait a moment. I have other colors."

Levien raised a hand to stop the man. "That's quite alright, this color is acceptable." It was second nature to keep a calm tone. Professing too much interest could make things more difficult when it came to settling payment if one was dealing with a salesman who clung a little less tightly to ideals of fairness. "Let us see if we can make a mutually beneficial exchange." Levien looked to the man with a bright smile. It had been a while since he had purchased something beyond food, and he found the exchanges to be such fun opportunities to experiment. A brief glance through his bag and he had an idea that he enjoyed. Pinched between finger and thumb of one hand, he drew out a marble sized chunk of gold, while with the other he brought out a small white envelope with contents that rattled faintly with the movement. His voice became the flowing, pleasant tone that often surfaced when he was testing someone - or speaking with a superior. "I can offer you this bit of gold... or... a package containing the seeds of one of my favorite plants." He had to keep his smile in check so that it did not turn to a smirk. It was a silly game, he knew all too well, but he wanted to see what curiosity might do.

The salesman raised his brow a slight amount, mockery faintly invading his tone. "Oh yes? And what is this favorite plant of yours?"

Levien continued to smile and keep his purple and blue eyes locked with the salesman's own shade of blue, saying nothing in response.

The salesman chuckled at him and crossed his arms. "I believe that I am going to have to ask for both. As I said, new and good quality."

Levien reached into his bag and took out an additional piece of gold. He did not waste breath to reiterate that the option remained one or the other, he could see that the man understood. He watched closely as the man shook his head and scoffed. He watched as his eyes fell on the seeds, curiosity slowly consuming him, it seemed, with each glance between the mystery and the gold. Levien imagined he would not be able to try such things on humans, they knew more of greed than angels.

With a shake of his head and a small chuckle, the salesman took the seeds. "There, now kindly leave my tent, good sir."

Levien chuckled brightly, stowed away his gold, and took the scarf from the display. Bowing a small amount to the man, he replied, "Thank you, and goddess bless you." Letting out a few further chuckles as he contemplated the man's choice, Levien carried on through the tents and busyness. The scarf was added to his wardrobe as a makeshift hood, overlaying rainbow tint over his white blonde hair and wrapped neck.

Escaping the mercantile maze, he looked affectionately upon the fanciful dome structure of the Corridors of Sarira. As with most things, all his appreciation for it arose from Felspar's work that had gone into its creation. Walking with confidence he took time enjoying the trip through the weaving sections of the white fence waiting to organize the line into the dome. A few others were waiting in front of him, looking official and serious as they were likely off to complete some bold chore on another distant plane of Aurae. During the wait for his turn, Levien watched the green light turn on and off as angels entered and vanished to make way for the next. Time was also spent watching the ceremonious acts of the blue-clad twins.

As the last person in his way disappeared behind double doors, Levien took his official page from his pocket and unfolded it. The words had faded and left the flower of life insignia to stand for itself. When the green light went out a final time, he stepped forward and showed his paper to the stern twins. In his eagerness, politeness faded a fair amount and the only words he listened for and recalled hearing were, "You may proceed." Whether or not he gave any reply, he had forgotten as soon as he entered the dome chamber and saw the colors shining onto the ceramic floor. As the heavy doors sealed behind him, he took a few moments to absorb every detail of the domes architecture, taking it as new reasons for his admiration of his mentor.

Imaging that dalliance was not appreciated, he pulled his eyes from the streaming color patterns from the glass of the dome above and made his way onto the beige platform. Knowing from the instructions listed on the paper, and more so from discussion with Felspar about how his place functioned, he kept a firm grip on the document as the dome began its work. The paper would guide this place to send him off to Earth, and it would bring him back. He wondered where on Earth he would- His pondering was cut short by the activation of the device, breaking him apart to less than dust to whisk him away for his chance at freedom.

Just after gaining back his awareness, before he had a chance to assess how the process had made him feel, he found himself blinded by a terrible light. Shielding his eyes, he fell through new air away from the unfamiliar sunlight.


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Lowering his gaze to the floor, he bored a hole into the pristine floor, or so it felt with his gaze. His words were a match for half of the powder keg that made up the room. The noise rose, the tide of confidence rushing over those who wished to say what would normal stay locked within the bowels of their minds. Marius feared his words had become a martyr for the demon of dissent that lurked in opposition to the seraphim, Though once he had sat among these distinguished angels, a peer to some, an honourable voice to add room before, he recognized now that his words could be mutilated if collaboration become true between any of the angels that sat before him, only two had the power to keep the words pure, the Seraphim who could control the room, and himself. Silence was valuable, but it was too late now.

His gaze shifted up as a voice carried above the rest, she had finally controlled the room and now Marius felt something build, a terrible wave coursing through his system, anxiousness, he worried about those next few words of that feminine voice. It was that voice that could either save or condemn innocent lives, but then again he wondered if the younger species was truly innocent yet. The anxious tide recede as his answer was delivered, left within the tides was nothing but melancholy. While it was true Aurae suffered, rifts tearing apart the realms politics, families and literally the realm, it seemed that any angel within the room could be sent to the youngest realm, to butcher a child of no more than sixteen days old and be heralded as the saviours of Aurae. The most sobering though of all was that very butcher could be Marius himself. He was still bound to honour the hierarchy that he served a part of.

Taking the paper that was shoved his way, Marius gazed through the poor angel, subconsciously he was steeling himself the possbilities that laid on the paper within his hand, the red flower of life could very well herald the order of death. the sudden steeled gaze caused the angel to reel a bit before carrying on with his task. After the explanation and the meeting coming to a close, Marius like many stood to leave, but it seemed another wished to make a speech. One whom Marius recognized instantly. Salem. Striving for Justice in an ever courageous manner. Openly proclaiming that he would descend to earth and save the child. Deep down Marius truly wished that Salem achieved this task. If he was given half a chance he would probably assist Salem himself, for he was once a fine tutor to himself, and now probably the only company that would remotely feel welcomed, For now he wasn't even sure if he was one of the chosen. It would be no point in speaking boldly and offering assistance if he was confined to Aurae. No doubt lingered in his mind that Salem would be descending to the younger realm, just who else?.

Marius made his way away from the meeting hall in a relatively dull pace, he had seen a lot of angels fly off with astounding vigour. He was rather boring and simply walked back to the bland,bleach white stone courtyard he was training in earlier, his weapons still propped to one side, and his garden, crafted by his own hands and still a welcome sight, it was an open garden so all could visit, but it was rarely visited these days. A place Marius knew he could find solitude. The centre of the garden was a tree shading marble benches with red leaves, simply a slab upon two supports made up the benches. But it was a seat Marius welcomed.

Grey eyes fixed upon the red flower of life, the paper held firmly within his hand, the tide had come in once again, did he truly want to read this a cursed paper that had an almost infinite potential. He had to steel himself, he had to once again bring back some semblance of fortitude. Taking a deep breath he held it for a moment. " Marius Raguel" he breathed softly, brining the paper out of it slumber to deliver its private message. The Seraphim has summoned him to become the potential butcher that would serve Aurae. With the message now faded Marius stood and walked back into the courtyard and gazed upon his weapons, the ones expected to spill blood soon. he dare not look at them any longer as he waved his hand and released them from their physical forms, he knew he would have to summon them in the near future, but no longer did he wish to have their physical presence near him. He would gather other objects of potential use, but he departed swiftly for the corridors of Sarira

It seemed again that his mind was going to be dragged at a grave pace once again. A shuffle of feet and what seemed like forever of waiting. He was firmly in line to travel, but the Corridors seemed busy to him, and the line moved as fast as the old world did itself, a rather senile pace. Marius was not eager to complete his mission, no he wished to leave Aurae, finally get to the younger realm where he might be able to find his own answers. shuffle, wait. shuffle,wait. shuffle, wait. the pattern repeated over and over, until finally Marius saw the green light himself and stepped forward holding the paper for the infamous twins. " You may proceed" with bow of his head, he entered the structure. Not taking a moment to admire the grand space he was in, he stood upon his mark within the room. and waited. As beams descended,breaking his form apart. and Blackness taking over his entire mind.

Rushing wind, blinding light. an unfamiliar world indeed greeted him, and he was falling, head first towards what ever laid below him. but despite all of this and for the first time in sixteen long days a smile had the very audacity to tempt the corners of Marius's lips. Maybe now he would find the solitude to wage war with his own thoughts.

The setting changes from Aurae to True Cross Academy, Fidel City

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Realisation came far too late for Marius. This refreshing wind that seemed to lift the very spirit of the falling angel, took time to blossom into the rather shocking realisation that Gravity was once again inserting its cruel influence to try and bring another unwilling object into the grounds indifferent embrace. A terrifying concept to any creature lacking the power of flight. Opening his eyes and training them to the ground, which was closer than he thought. He threw open the wings upon his back and tilted them, swooping, trying to bring himself into something that resembled flight. Human engineering was not something Marius had became familiar with yet, but as he came close to levelling out a rather large metal structure seemed to appear out of no where. Forcing his large wings forwards with all the force he could muster, he attempted to slow himself down. As he brought the large white wings back out of his line of sight he placed his hand upon the cold metal and pushed off it with all his force. The metal buckled and collapsed inwards on it self as Marius came crashing intro the concrete below the structure.

Standing himself up, and brushing the dust off his form Marius, inspected the structure he just crashed into. The large metal frame alien to him. Glancing to one side he noticed a sign off in the distance " Amusement?" he spoke out loud, the sign was in disrepair like the rest of the place. It seemed deserted and so Marius was safe in style in this form but he knew he had to hide his wings. Wrapping his wings around himself, they glowed briefly before taking the form a large white t-shirt. It was at this moment he remembered the sheet of paper within his hand. He wondered briefly what he was going to do with it, before he could come to any conclusions the paper blinded him, and seemingly disappeared from his hand. In truth it had shifted form and moved to his ear. A communicator so he could give his reports back to Aurae.

Striding away from the derelict place, he set his sights firmly on the grey looming structures that made up the city, it deemed more likely that he would find the child in a more populated area than a place with no one around, well Marius believed no one was around, in the shadows of the amusement park lurked the local youths, who had just witnessed an angel come crashing down from the sky, literally. But tracking him would surely be difficult for even Marius himself was impressed, at how quickly he had found the crowds. Marius now truly faced with the scale of his task. Chance alone could not help him, he had to narrow down the general population from the search, but he had nothing to work with. He decided for now to follow the younger looking members of the crowds, he did have that information about the child. Noticing some of the younger member's of the crowd was dressed in some form of uniform he decided to stop a passing business man to inquire about it. " Pardon my interruption... but can you tell me where that uniform comes from" he said gesturing across to the children. " Yeah the academy ..why do you ask?" the man replied, giving a rather disapproving look towards Marius. " I seek a child... around 16.... distant relation of mine" he said spinning a story on the spot. " Thank you for your time" Leaving the business man to himself Marius carried on his way, knowing he would have to check this academy out at some time.

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Horatio Greger & Solomon

He had had a rather rough day so far and the rain didn't help much. Normally the middle aged man would have rejoiced with the coming of rain as he once did when he was much smaller and much, much younger. Nowadays the rain simply reminded him of how it was Natures way of cleansing the world of its dirt, cleansing the people. Unfortunately the great Mother of the World was thwarted once more by waterproof canvas large enough to ensure a person wouldn't be damped by the rain. Allen himself was once of those people, too wrapped up in their own little worlds of dryness. At such a moment a spark of color dashed to his right. His deep brown eyes followed the young woman quickly and for a moment he pitied her lack of dryness, for she did not carry with her an umbrella. Almost as soon as he began to do so his attention returned to himself and he was reminded of how bad a day he was having.

Some ten minutes later the rain let up and he, like everyone around him, shook their umbrellas out and put them away so they wouldn't be in the way. Horatio wished he had taken the metro but alas he didn't have the money to pay the fare. "Pardon my interruption... but can you tell me where that uniform comes from" It took him a moment to realize he was being spoken to but he responded. "Yeah the academy. . ." He looked to the man and was troubled by his age, not realizing the look of disapproval on his face. "Why do you ask?" " I seek a child... around 16.... distant relation of mine" Another look of disapproval came about but it soon softened as the stranger explained to Horatio the situation. Nodding along, Horatio pointed towards the center of city. "Head towards the center of the city and you'll arrive at the Academy grounds." Horatio then left him to his business and continued on his way to his meeting.

Not even five minutes after their separation did Horatio registered the strange feeling he had when he spoke with that stranger. For some reason he felt calm, forgetting his trouble, almost happy really. He looked over his shoulder to see if he could spot the stranger but he wasn't able to but someone else was. This tad younger fellow watched from the rooftops of a nearby building. Had he not had the luck of encountering a new exorcist on patrol, he would never have found out about the Orders attentiveness towards the skies. It took him a while to get the poor guy to talk but eventually he did. It seemed like the Order was aware of a lot of things. Solomon had never encountered an Angel before and he was quite eager to meet him.

He had been quick to send his familiar to the his higher ups the moment he caught sight of the Angel as he fell. A grin parted his lips with excitement. Solomon ran across the rooftops before finally climbing down to ground level. He followed after the Angel for a while, getting bored as he did. It wasn't long before he realized the Angel was heading in the direction of the Academy. His curiosity ensnared again, Solomon followed the Angel with tad more eagerness than before. He was aware the Order had gotten much more vigilant towards the warring factions for a while now. Solomon had been preoccupied by his thoughts of caution that he hadn't noticed they were on school grounds.

Solomon glanced upwards to see that a young student with blonde hair seemed to be approaching the Angel. His eyes narrowed and he thought of maybe interrupting the pair but he saw someone else of more concern, a senior exorcist. With a huff of air Solomon pulled up his hood to not only obscure his face but to hide the tattoo on the back of his neck. The tattoo depicted a tribal crow spreading its wings in white ink, the White Crow. Unfortunately now would be where he'd have to leave his Angel.

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The Finale Pt One

Ryuu Shosuke

She watched as her fellow comrade was escorted away. Well actually it was more like dragged away as Nathaniel began to hiss and scream and struggle against the cloaked men. Ryuu knew she only had a short time frame of when he arrived at the headquarters and when they finally interrogated him. She definitely had to get him before they started that. If they did, it wouldn’t stop at just asking him questions. The Academy will surely move onto experimentation so that they may test the limits of Nathaniel’s powers. While Ryuu was unaware of what exactly he was, that didn’t mean she couldn’t help him. The power that one could gain from using those orbs is unknown at this point but Ryuu had the feeling that it was enough to really make the Academy push to obtain them. Those orbs were souls after all. Who knows what power a solidified soul held.

With that in mind Ryuu left the cell that had just contained her friend. Fiery red orbs locked onto a pair that seemed to douse that fire. Colter, unlike Ryuu, was not as trusting of Nathaniel as she was. Then again he never met the man until today so that came to no surprise to the Dragon Exorcist. They both knew the plan they were about to enact was pretty damned dangerous and they needed to move fast. The once student and teacher pair exited the building, keeping watch of their surroundings. “You know we only have about an hour to get this done right?” He glanced sideways at his student with an apathetic expression, or just one that was tired. Colter always seemed tired with those dark rings under his eyes. Ryuu on the other hand was bright and attentive. The two always contrasted against each other, making them the talk of the Academy when they were teacher and student.

“Yeah I know. There’s actually someone that I want to get. Although he has little control over it, his power is to be reckoned with. He might serve well as a distraction.” she said with little concern. Colter chuckled to himself. “What?” Shaking his head, he rubbed his chin. “I never expected you of all people to actually treat your students as if they were just assets. Maybe your more like me than you thought” The red head frowned upon hearing this. Her teacher had always been like that and she had vowed a long time ago that she would never do the same but he was right. She took away more from him than she had thought. After that had been said, the two were blanketed in silence. There wasn’t much to be said that they hadn’t already covered.

As they continued to walk in silence they weren’t exactly walking around aimlessly. A head of blonde appeared in front of them but it would seem he was talking with someone. A stranger it would seem but that didn’t stop the two from approaching them/ “Julius. Sorry to intrude but you need to come with us.” She glanced over at the man who her own student had been with, giving him a quick glance over before focusing her attention back on Julius. Colter on the other hand gave the black haired man a cold stare. There was something definitely off about this man but the Sleeping Exorcist couldn’t put his finger on it. Regardless of whether Julius had said yes, Ryuu hooked her arm through the blondes and led him away.

She made sure he was between her and Colter to ensure that he wouldn’t break away. They needed him for something and that something was rather important in what they planned on doing. “Nathaniel Jenova has been taken in for “interrogation”. He is not human, but the things he can do cannot be left in the hands of those who have him. In saying this, we are going to get him out of there.” Ryuu’s explanation wasn’t much but it more or less gave the gist of what it was they were going to do. “You will be aiding us as a distraction. I’m sure you’d be very pleased to have me say that you’re familiars are very strong however you have little control over them. For what we’re about to do though, control won’t be an issue.” All the while Ryuu kept her eyes up. Constantly looking around to make sure they were being followed.

“Have you located him yet?” he asked, referring to his old student’s familiar and Nathaniel. Ryuu didn’t answer with words instead she led them to a two story building. Colter looked up and grunted. “I’m going to assume the rest of it is below ground.” The red head glanced at him and nodded. “Alright time to get started.” The trio burst through the doors, alerting the people inside that they had unwanted company.