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Morven "Icarus" Datteson


0 · 415 views · located in True Cross Academy, Fidel City

a character in “Equipoise”, as played by Forsaken Heart



From The Inside | Linkin Park


♠Race Human (Although, it may be believed that he may have some demon in him. However, this is pure speculation)
♠Rank Exorcist in Training
♠Affiliation Earth
♠Gender Male
♠Love Interest No one in particular. Being a 15 year old boy, he has a crush on any good looking girl.


♠Height 5”4’
♠Weight 86
♠Build Very skinny
♠Hair Color White
♠Eye Color Red
♠Scars/Tattoos/Piercings none
♠Description Morven is a very pale youth that is quite weak and has an aura of shyness and loneliness about him. When one looks at him, they are sad for him but have no idea as to why they are sad for this person.

♠Preferred Clothing His clothing usually consists of anything that covers his body well. He doesn't have a favorite color, or theme. As long as it covers him and hides him from the world, he could care less. However, he does tend to wear a battle robe when in a fight. He is also a master of quick changing clothes due to his size.


♠Oddities He hates his true hair and eye color, because they remind him of the demon who killed his family. Therefore, he uses wigs and uses different contacts everyday to every 2 or 3 days. It is rare to see his hair and his eyes the same color for 4 days in a row, and much more rare to see his actual eye and hair color.
♠Skills He knows animals very well and understands a lot of natural phenomenon. He is also able to talk to Hatus, his Falcon, which he uses to talk to people from afar.
♠Likes Animals, the zoo, Hatus, his grand mother, whatever true friends he’ll have, his manticore, Icarus (the story is his favorite)
♠Dislikes People, mean people, demons, crowds, deep water, being laughed at, people taking his wigs, being the center of a prank.
♠Hobbies Reading up on mythology, as well as playing with animals and bird watching.

♠Phobia(s) He’s so fearful, one would say he has no phobias, and all of them. Fear is his way of life.
♠Sexuality Heterosexual, but he has yet to kiss a girl.
♠Personality Shy and quiet, Morven has always been withdrawn and introverted. He fears people and, most of all, girls. However, deep down, Morven is willing to sacrifice anything for what he holds dear. He can be brave in the most dire and unexpected moments. No matter what, Morven won’t stop doing a task until its done, showing little to no frustration. He easily grows attached as well as even begins to care for anything and anyone he spends lots of time with. He also is a diligent student and loves to study, despite his all around fear of things.


♠Relationship Status None, but hopes that whoever comes to like him is pretty, inside and out.
♠Family His family, mostly deceased, consists of a grandmother who is a well known retired tamer. She also owns a zoo. This is where Morven grew up and learned about animals, as well as nature.

♠Personal History Morven’s story starts out quite sad, but turns out to be a mostly happy one. When he was 4, a superior demon named Abizul attacked his family in order to send a message to his grandmother, who was well known in the Inferno for the demise of many demons. Leaving him alive, Morven burns with a deep hatred for this particular demon. Since then, his grandmother has taken him in and raised him on the family zoo. He never once attended a normal school and was taught at home. Here, he learned many skills and many facts about nature and animals in general. Then, one night, his grandmother told him about her past, how she helped stop a great plan from a superior demon. This demon, Abizul, was also her former familiar. She then told Morven that revenge would get him nothing, but she still wanted him to be ready for Abizul’s inevitable return. Therefore, on his 15th Birthday, she sent him to train with the exorcists.


♠Familiar His familiars are a falcon and a Manticore. While the falcon has no real combat skills and is only used for communication and spying, the manticore is equipped with poison. The Manticore's bite, at least at its current level, will cause severe pain. Its main weapon, however, is a fog of venom that causes severe dizziness. Only Morven is immune to it, since it is his familiar. At greater power, the fog will all out stun any enemies caught within it. The manticore is also, to a degree, capable of aerial combat, but is mostly a ground fighter.



So begins...

Morven "Icarus" Datteson's Story