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"Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation"

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Ryuu Shosuke

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[font=calibri][center]♦ GENERAL INFORMATION

♠ Race
Half Fox demon and Human
Upper Second Class
♠Affiliation [/u]
Dragon Exorcist||Ryuu is often identified by her dragon tattoo on her right arm
Fox Lady||This nickname is one she hates very much and is very seldom used to address her and it’s usually by her family whom she despises.
Lady Shosuke ||Her old title from before she was exiled from her clan.
♠Love Interest
She has none at the moment


♠Hair Color
Fiery Red
♠Eye Color
Wine Red||Often changes shades depending on her mood
Ryuu sports two different tattoos, one of them being adragon that curls around her right arm, the other being a fox that rests partially on her shoulder and her upper arm on her left side. There have been times where people swore they saw both tattoos move but are fearful of the reaction they would receive if their curiosity was voiced. There are also three black tribal marks on her lower back that appear only when her body temperature rises or when she dips into her demonic blood.
Tan skin is marred by few scars, the most notable one being a X-shaped scar that sits just below her right eye from a sparring match, as well as a claw mark starting just below the shoulder and ending at her abdomen from when she was younger. However that doesn’t mean it keeps people from seeing the beauty in her, with her voluptuous figure most men often make grabs for her though are always turned down with a few whacks with her sword. Long fiery hair that reaches just past her waist short fiery bangs fall over the tips of her upper eyelid while framing her face quite well. Wine red eyes go well with her hair as Ryuu sports an overall red theme in her appearances but it also matches her personality at times.
♠Preferred Clothing
Ryuu enjoys wearing kimonos tailored to fit her tastes as well as accommodate her figure. When not within the walls of her home however, Ryuu will often wear whatever she fancies at the moment often wearing jeans, boots and a tight shirt. However one of her more notable outfits are tube tops and black pants, though she usually only wears this when she’s expecting a fight as they are in her opinion clothes she can move around in easily. More often than not Ryuu will wear red with black as that is her favorite color scheme but more so because red is her favorite color.


Braiding||Whenever Ryuu is deep in thought she will often begin to braid her hair.
Talking||Something that often bothers people, Ryuu will sometimes talk to herself in the eyes of others but in truth she’s talking to Night and Katsu.
Angels||Despite the fact that angels are in a sense the good guys in her world, Ryuu has never been able to bring herself to worship them or to even think of them as those she can trust.
Swordsmanship||Ryuu possesses great mastery in her swordsmanship are of the highest caliber. Her offensive capabilities mainly come from her swordplay. She is also known for her great skill in utilizing the reverse-grip of swordsmanship as well as the normal grip. Her swordsmanship is enough for her to be able to wield two swords at the same time though they are normally regular swords.
Keen Intellect||Ryuu has proven many times throughout her life to be clever and possess a thorough knowledge on both Inferno and Aurae as well as how exorcists work.
Hand-to-hand combatant||Despite favoring the use of her swords, Ryuu has proven herself to be a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. She is able to mix hand to hand combat with her swordsmanship while in the midst of battle. Though going one on one with an expert is something she would rather not do.
Sweets||Fire||Solitary||Swords||Her Home||Hot Baths
Her Family||Liars||Demons||Angels||Cold||Arrogant &Ignorant People
Tea ceremony||Ryuu enjoys making tea even if it’s just for her. It helps calm her mind but mainly because it was something taught to her by the caretaker of the place she now calls home.
Training||Though she may not look it, Ryuu trains every day in her free time to make sure her body is in good shape as well as making sure her swordsmanship skills don’t become rusty. Besides she has gotten so used to doing it when she was younger that she couldn’t think of doing anything else in her free time.
Kimono Collection||Ryuu loves kimonos, one of the few things that actually prove to some that she is indeed a woman. She keeps them in storage and usually only wears her best on special occasions.
Swords||Something most people find odd for a girl, Ryuu had always loved swords and has gotten into the habit of collecting them when she can.
It’s very hard for Ryuu to open up to people or too trust someone she just met. She has a rather short temper but manages to keep it under control but can snap when you push the right buttons. Ryuu tends to keep to herself mainly due to the fact she hates asking for help or being in the company of those she considers boring. It’s very rare for her to smile and is most often seen with a sad or blank expression.

In the rare instance she does get upset its best not to be the cause of her anger. Ryuu is like a demon when angered but it is rare for her to lose control, only those she considers good friends will ever receive this side of her personality when done wrong to. Ryuu like some in her family loves to fight; she lives for it but hates a weak opponent and has been known in the past to challenge many of her sisters.

Ryuu is indeed a very clever and flexible woman; known for her spot on observations of the enemy and keeping her cool in many situations. But don’t get me wrong Ryuu cares deeply for her friends; she just doesn’t show it and will deny it to the ends of the earth being stubborn has its virtues. She has been shown to have a disliking towards nobility for some reason but won’t say why. And she isn’t afraid to say it either, even if it gets her in big trouble. Nor is she afraid to point out a person’s flaws in a rather blunt manner.


♠Relationship Status
Lady Shosuke||Alive||Ryuu hates her mother with a passion.
Katsu||Unknown||Her father’s whereabouts are unknown mainly due to the fact he is a fox demon.
Kyoya Shosuke||Deceased||Her younger brother was killed during a summoning, Ryuu lead it and so it’s a sore subject to bring up.
♠Personal History
Ryuu looked down on men all her life, saying that they were weak and the cause of all their problems. She hated her little brother and was cold towards him not caring what happened to him. Until the day the two began sparring against one another. At first Ryuu thought it would be pointless training Kyoya but in the end he proved to be quite the tenacious young man. Although he was weak in strength his will to keep on going even if the odds were stacked against him changed the way Ryuu thought of her brother. This was later reinforced when it became apparent that the women in their family bullied him and he never said a word of it. Mainly because he wanted to protect his family and because he thought he could handle their bulling until they gave up, saying that he would never raise a hand against a woman or his family over something so petty.

She had never really seen this side of men as her mother only showed her the worst side of men. And so Ryuu had begun to change in the way she thought of other men thanks to her brother, whom she had begun to respect and care for. Sadly during one of her summoning tests, a mistake was made and the demon which she had summoned ran rampant. It killed three woman as well as Ryuu but because of her father’s blood she only returned as a halfblooded demon. In the time she went out on a rampage she killed her brother.

Afterwards Ryuu turned back to normal but now had the first mark on her lower back of what would symbolize her demonic heritage. Her family exorcists exiled her for being part demon the same day Ryuu had gone on a rampage. So she had to go through withdrawal and the fact that her body was fighting with itself by herself and an old lady who had taken her in. For three days Ryuu withered and screamed in pain it was almost as if her insides were on fire. And at one point the woman who had taken her in was nearly killed by Ryuu. One the fourth day her hellish pain died down to just a small fever but Ryuu was no longer the girl she was before. Ryuu recovered but didn’t know about her exile until she tried to go back but was thrown out easily. Ryuu tried many times to convince them it wasn’t her fault but no one listened, not even those she had considered close friends.

After a few days had passed, Ryuu finally managed to visit her brother’s grave. Afterwards Ryuu became depressed and at one point attempted to kill herself but in the end was unable to follow through with it. A year and a half later she was barely getting by and cared little for her health by being reckless during assignments given to her by the Lady Kagura. One day their estate got attacked and Ryuu nearly got herself killed but Lady Kagura protected her. However Lady Kagura died after killing the demon from blood loss, Ryuu asked her why she had protected her. Lady Kagura’s only told to keep living, frusterated with her answer Ryuu told her not to die just yet so she could get a healer. Lady Kagura talked her out of it as she slowly died in Ryuu’s arms. With a new resovle Ryuu snuck back into the place se had once called home to retrieve a few things. Ryuu came only to take back a certain object of hers a sword to be more precise. It was a regular katana made especially for her fiery nature and it went by the name of Kasai meaning fire.

It later broke from a demon fight and Ryuu died for the second time in her life. Her blood and the demons mixed and Ryuu went on a second rampage but just barely managed to bring herself back. Later she took both the demons blood as well as her own and went to one of the best blacksmiths she knew. This particular blacksmith was known not only for her skill in making weapons but for her knowledge in making demon blades. Weapons that every exorcist wished they could get their hands on. and so the blacksmith forged a blade made from their blood that had been mixed together turning black in color. It took a year to finish it but by the end of it Ryuu was happy with the result. Sadly the downside to having her demon blade was the fact that it would slowly poison her body with each use since in a sense the demon still lived through the sword. Over the next few years it had even developed a mind of its own similar to that of the demon she had fought but failed to kill in a sense.


Night||A black dragon Night is a relatively large dragon depending on which size he chooses to be; which can vary from being as small as a snake or growing to the size of about 50 feet in length. Night although large is size as well as intimidating to others, he is wise and gentle. But like Katsu when provoked he can be very aggressive. His purpose in being her familiar is mainly for transportation but is able to fight if he must though he prefers to avoid conflict. When not summoned Ryuu always keeps him on her person in the form of a tattoo on her arm that on occasion moves.
Katsu||A fox spirit that reaches just above her waist, Katsu always looks like he is smiling. Being a fox spirit Katsu is capable of conjuring illusions and temporary barriers. However he may come across as a trickster, Katsu is by far from being the friendly type. When provoked he becomes incredibly aggressive and one of the best ways to do so is through Ryuu. Like Night, when not summoned Ryuu keeps him on her person as a tribal tattoo depicting a fox on the back of her shoulder.
A sword that is long as she is tall, with a pure black blade that houses a dim light within its black confines. The words “Burn down the heavens and shroud the land in darkness” are inscribed along the blade in white letters. Chomesku on the other hand is hidden within a seal on her palm that acts as a storage dimension to hold her beloved Demon Blade when not in use. Chomesku as Ryuu’s Demon Blade is one that houses an intense fire within its blade and because of this it makes it hot to the touch unless Ryuu is the one handling it. Ryuu is able to raise the temperature of the blade at will and so Chomesku is able to cut through just about anything even steel. The only exceptions to this are other Demon Blades or objects of Heavenly power. However because of it being a Demon Blade Ryuu uses two swords of normal length with unadorned hilts. She uses them when dealing with regular opponents and only summons Chomesku when dealing with demons or spiritual beings that manage to break her two swords.


So begins...

Ryuu Shosuke's Story


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An almost unavoidable figure strode down the hallway of True Cross Academy. Long fiery hair trailed behind her graceful steps forwards accompanied by a crisp white dress shirt with the first few buttons undone and black slacks and boots. Ryuu drew many stares to look her way, whether it be from her brightly colored hair and the scowl on her face or her curvaceous and tall body, Ryuu wasn't sure at this point. Taking long strides, the red hair woman covered ground pretty darn quickly and she walked with purpose. Glancing around she could see the sun was slowly lowering itself from the sky as its bright rays of sunlight kissed the tops of the trees that surrounded the school's campus. Good, looks like we'll be ne doing this in the last hour of daylight with how things are going now.

Removing her eyes from the beautiful sight outside, she focused on the direction she was headed towards, the Cram School. Today would be her first day as an official teacher but since today was also the Exwires entrance exam she would merely observe the group of students and see if they were well enough to pass. In her arms she carried files on all the students who enrolled in Cram school. But you see Cram school wasn’t what everyone thought it to be, in reality it was where a student could take classes in becoming an exorcist; humans who specialize in exorcising demons, spiritual creates and rarely an angel. Anyhow back to the topic at hand. Ryuu leafed through the student files and one in particular caught her attention.

Aurorali Throne, the smaller girl showed great promise, was a hard worker and Ryuu saw a natural talent in summoning. Which meant the girl would most likely go in as a Tamer with the rank of Exwire. Leafing through the files again this time Ryuu came across a student she had heard quite a bit about their family. The Yamada Clan was known for the brutal and violent tactics even more so than Ryuu's own clan who consists of only females and the occasional spouse. Akio was his name and like Aurorali, he showed potential but unlike Aura the kid actually had some experience under his belt. However whether or not he was a good team player was something Ryuu wasn’t too certain on. Then there was Evangeline DeCaprio who was one of the few Aria's the program had. She had an excellent memory but a terrible habit of depending too much on the others. Glancing back up Ryuu pushed open the doors to exit the main building and headed down the walkways passing beautiful courtyards and eventually got herself in front of her destination.

The Cram school wasn’t all too big compared to its brethren next door, in truth it looked a bit run down. Few people have actually used the old building for its supposed purpose but it was just how it should be. The things students learned in there was dangerous as well as something kept hidden from the rest of the normal human world. Right human thinking this Ryuu let out a snort of contempt and entered the building. Glancing at the watch on her wrist Ryuu realized she was late to the class she would be leading. Bursting into the classroom, Ryuu looked at all of them and knew that most wouldn't be able to handle what was to come.

The room itself was relatively large but those who were interested in the art of exorcisms and such took up about a quarter of the space. The classroom had several rows that stretched to one side of the room to the other, sort of like an amphitheater. With the exception that this “amphitheater” was a tad bit run down. There were stains and scorch marks towards the front of the room but they were more noticeable on the small platform where a teacher would stand and give lectures. Few knew what those stains were but many told the tales of summoning’s gone wrong and the like, and at said platform stood Ryuu herself as she looked over the students who would be going onto the rank of Exwire if they passed the exam.

Many of the students wouldn’t pass the test or would drop out due to the level of difficulty that came along with the course, often saying it was too much work and dangerous. But then there would also be that one group or team to be more precise that would stand out amongst the others and pass with flying colors due to their teamwork and varying expertise’s; which was what Ryuu and the other teachers were looking for, the group that showed teamwork would be the one that would pass the test to becoming an Exwire. Clearing her throat Ryuu straightened as she began to address the class about today’s lesson, of course none of them would know that it was the Exwires exam and it would be considered cheating if they did.

“Alright ladies and gentleman, listen up today will be the first time you will be working on your own in small groups. Today’s lesson is to capture and or drive away an evil spiritual creature. There approximately several of these creatures but today we will focus only on the ones at a certain location. The hunting grounds where you will carry out this lesson, is at Fluor Amusement Park. Do not worry about the civilians as the park has been closed for the past seven years. But do take in mind that it is an amusement park and Fidel City will most likely renovate the place later on so please try not to destroy any of the buildings or rides. Now hurry along now, get into groups and we’ll take a bus ride to the park” with that being said, Ryuu left the classroom to prepare for the buses departure.

The bus ride was uneventful, many of the groups formed were made up of close friends but there was one group that was made up entirely of oddballs. The ones the other students have deemed useless in this sort of lesson. Looking down in her lap again, Ryuu read up on the group of oddballs which consisted of Aura Thorne, Akio Yamada, Evangeline DeCaprio and a few others that she had trouble finding their files for. Needless to say they were indeed an odd group but the meister job they had chosen made up the differences. They had tamers who would summon a familiar to protect the Aria’s while they recited the “Fatal Verse”, the Knight who would probably finish the job in the end after the Tamer’s did their job of protecting the Aria and dealing with the evil they were up against.

Releasing a sigh Ryuu found that group far more interesting than the rest and so once they got off the bus to go their separate ways in groups, Ryuu chose the group of oddballs as her subjects; curious as to how they would fare against their opponent. While following them Ryuu paused just long enough to catch up on the reports the other teachers made on the groups they shadowed. From what Nathaniel had told her his group wasn't doing too well. While Cerbin's group was the only group that had found their target and weren’t doing all too well in dealing with said target. Getting ready to give her own report that meant nothing was happening, a feeling arose in her gut alerting her of the sudden presence of spiritual energy. The only difference in this energy was the fact that it had a rather evil intent but it was relatively weak so it wasn’t a demon. Which could only mean one thing; her group had come across their target. How they would handle their business was up to them as they would have to act as a team in order to get the spiritual creature before them.


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Julius King

Julius had found himself one of the first to enter the designated meeting area for the upcoming spirit class(hopefully a practical because he was tired of lectures). It was mostly due to his skipping a class of minor importance but the detail was insignificant. He took advantage of the situation by finding a spot that gave him sufficient view of the room and its passing. The interior allowed him to scale up to said vantage point right on the sill of one of the windows. From there it was the waiting game...and Julius hated waiting. The passage of time was agonizingly slow, and it would still be a time until those with normal schedules would be let out to join those who were free at this time. Julius didn't even attempt to conceal a yawn when he had this realization. He'd been up the past couple days refining a new seal design: a simple triangle inside the standard hexagram in the circle. He'd hoped a geometric resonance complimented by pertinent scripture would enhance the overall binding.The summon in and of itself was a weaker species- a ram to be precise, but neither Hebrew or Biblical script had a noticeable affect with the flow of summoning energies. He'd attempted both Latin and Greek script, his inability to actually read said script might have interfered with the process. His musing over these details resulted in him sleeping while on his perch.

When Julius began to wake a significant change in the room's atmosphere had taken place. The room felt...bigger and eerily silent, like a knife had been pressed against the throats of the occupants. Despite being to groggy to make sense of the situation his eyes were drawn to a red head, the only one talking in the room. Something about her caused an ice cold prickling at the base of his spine, the woman was dangerous despite her young countenance. Obviously she'd be the one providing information for the course, sadly his brain couldn't make sense of the words his ears were hearing.

By the time he'd finally shaken off the lingering sluggishness of his nap the woman had already fallen silent. Based on her attitude, she wasn't taking any question either. But the room came to life again as his fellow students clustered into groups and one was noticeably smaller than the rest. Bingo, the thought had no sooner crossed his mind than Julius left his perch and prowled towards the trio. His tattooed visage kept most students at bay and inadvertently aided his passage- not that one can blame them with the near feral gaze in his eyes, eight horns on his brow and the general area around his eyes and nose covered in ink. The flame like spike of his dark hair only really enhanced the effect...not that he could help it.

He wasn't able to hear the girl who's hair was within a shade of his own speak so much as attempt to read lips...from the gist he did understand he wasn't happy. If anything her saving grace was asking for a better plan, that much he did hear.

"Of course I do, and it's less likely to get the lot of you killed," He made no effort to conceal his open examination of the trio: a quiet blonde with a master poker face, a caned swordsman and a dark haired book nerd of an Aria. This belief softened the frown on his face, he needed a book nerd.

"What I mean is demons are devious, even the dumbest of them has enough instinct to see through most plans. You'd also be better off learning what's at your disposal. Name's Julius King, I'm packing a Stallion and a Lion summon. If the other Tamer has something good for scouting things get much easier." His crimson eyes fell upon the blonde, instinct said a gaze like hers could only belong to another Tamer. His gaze shifted back to the other girl before he continued.

"I've heard some Aria can figure out their target off just knowing what the demon looks and acts like thus meaning we simply distract the thing and get it in range for your Verse, my Stallion can then keep you safe. Otherwise, either the swordsmen or my Lion will need to stall while you figure out what verse is needed. The of course comes protecting you for the verse, probably with a man down by that time. As for the swordsman..." Julius finally turned to the other male in the group.

"We need to know now, is the cane decorative or functional and whether you're more offensive or defensive in style. That way we Tamers can better coordinate our summons with you and compensate for any potential weaknesses. To be honest, I'd rather avoid using my lion and wish we a Dragoon."


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(Apologizes.... wrong place ^^;)

The setting changes from new-earth to True Cross Academy, Fidel City

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Nathaniel Kale Jenova

With each step I take, a ripple tears inbetween worlds mortals should never see. With each step I take a long lost path, dusty and old is renewed. With each step I take, the more I know.

Nathaniel was sat on the roof of the Cram School or rather the True Cross Academy he watched as each teacher and student went through the doors before finally jumping from the roof, only a small tremble happened with the cracking of stone under his feet as he fell from a high place only to land with elegant effortlessness. As he just walked off to the buses and right at the back of one with folded arms, looking down, but if one were to look into his snake like eyes, he would look like he were in a dream world but of course, it was just one of those days for him... Everything was just confusing him today...

As students rushed in they sat down but most at the back of the bus seemed to just look at Nathaniel like a were a wondrous painting or a rare sight. The bus travel was as always, loud with laughter and chattering that came to a stop as they all met their destination which in the night was eerie. He instantly felt the presence of another, weaker but that was only know for him and by the valuation of his own skills, not the students.

Nathaniel stayed at the bus for a time watching the students from afar, the only thing in the darkness that gave him away from within the darkness of the surroundings was his eyes, green blue snake like eyes that naturally glowed in the dark. His ears listened to them while his eyes looked directly at the entity as it seemingly taunted the group with feeble attempts of close missed shots of dark magicks. As he here the name Dragoon it made his ears perk up a bit but his unreadable face didn't show the interest his ears did that were covered with his long silver locks. That was when he decided to stand straight from leaning on the bus and he slowly walked up to the group, his black leather trench coat and armour was foreign to all but him. He stood to the side of them for a moment, contemplating what he should say, his eyes still looking over to the side and not that the students as he watched the demon they most likely couldn't see apart from the Aria that was Evangaline Decarprio but even then she would need to force much more to see the demon as clearly as Nathaniel did. He only continued to look on, yet for a moment put hi hand up and waved to Evangaline Decarprio for a moment before finally looking to the group. ''Onward then.''

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#, as written by Ever
Aura Thorne

It was the White Rabbit, trotting slowly back again, and looking anxiously about as it went, as if it had lost something; and she heard it muttering to itself `The Duchess! The Duchess! Oh my dear paws! Oh my fur and whiskers! She' ll get me executed, as sure as ferrets are ferrets! Where CAN I have dropped them, I wonder?' Alice guessed in a moment that it was looking for the fan and the pair of white kid gloves, and she very good-naturedly began hunting about for them, but they were nowhere to be seen--everything seemed to have changed since her swim in the pool, and the great hall, with the glass table and the little door, had vanished completely.

Very soon the Rabbit noticed Alice, as she went hunting about, and called out to her in an angry tone, `Why, Mary Ann, what ARE you doing out here? Run home this moment, and fetch me a pair of gloves and a fan! Quick, now!' And Alice was so much frightened that she ran off at once in the direction it pointed to, without trying to explain the mistake it had made.

`He took me for his housemaid,' she said to herself as she ran. `How surprised he'll be when he finds out who I am! But I'd better take him his fan and gloves--that is, if I can find them.' As she said this, she came upon a neat little house, on the door of which was a bright brass plate with the name `W. RABBIT' engraved upon it. She went in without knocking, and hurried upstairs, in great fear lest she should meet the real Mary Ann, and be turned out of the house before she had found the fan and gloves.

`How queer it seems,' Alice said to herself, `to be going messages for a rabbit! I suppose Dinah'll be sending me on messages next!' And she began fancying the sort of thing that would happen: `"Miss Alice! Come here directly, and get ready for your walk!" "Coming in a minute, nurse! But I've got to see that the mouse doesn't get out." Only I don't think,' Alice went on, `that they' d let Dinah stop in the house if it began ordering people about like-

Abruptly, the scene was shattered, the imagination required for such viewing rapidly now fleeing from Aura’s attention and that precious moment now resting as a mere memory of the past. And what exactly caused this soon-to-be Tamer’s sudden distraction from this fictitious pleasure? What had caused those wandering crimson orbs to drift from the dog-eared, yellow-stained pages of her favourite novel to latch onto the podium positioned at the very front of the classroom? It was all result of the captivating spell the Dragon Exorcist casted, the authority and command her very being sapped from the other occupants, the minute those worn oaken doors swung shut with gentle ease. Instinctively, a feeling of detached adoration swept through Aura as Ms. Shosuke’s own gaze flitted past each student with unwavering determination, the slightest cough accompanying the gesture. “Alright ladies and gentlemen, listen up today will be the first time you will be working on your own in small groups. Today’s lesson is to capture and or drive away an evil spiritual creature. There approximately several of these creatures but today we will focus only on the ones at a certain location. The hunting grounds where you will carry out this lesson, is at Fluor Amusement Park. Do not worry about the civilians as the park has been closed for the past seven years. But do take in mind that it is an amusement park and Fidel City will most likely renovate the place later on so please try not to destroy any of the buildings or rides. Now hurry along now, get into groups and we’ll take a bus ride to the park” rang out the clipped tone, no sense of lingering nor familiarity present within the tone. Within a matter of a few seconds, the Upper Class Exorcist doled out orders and vanished in a similar manner of which she originally appeared. Oh my…we are going out in the field today…? And.. I have to work with others? mused the Tamer’s inner voice, the slightest twinge of concern and inquisitivity colouring the otherwise stoic tone. Exhaling a sigh at the tiring task paved before her, Aura merely flickered her attention to rest at the page number before, with as much gentle caution as she could muster, closing the worn book. Setting aside a brief moment for herself, gaze holding an emotion akin to pining, the girl sat in a metacognitive state, mind wandering with varying outcomes for today’s events. However, that state was abruptly shattered as the abrasive sound of chairs scraping against floorboards reached her foreword conscious. Oh...looks like we are leaving already.. assessed that inner voice once more, the concern now evaporated. Following in the stead of those whom she called ‘peers’, Aura fluidly raised her stature out of the weathered chair before filing out of the friendly space and onto the bus, into the world unknown.

As usual, the ride was obnoxiously loud and boisterous as others chattered and chided another, each one holding a sense of quivering excitement that could only result in a throbbing headache. Suppressing a yawn, the response opposite of her peers, the Tamer began to retire her focus from the mass and to the blurred scenes passing her view. I hope this won’t take too long… I was finally approaching my favourite section of the story..

The moment the vehicle came to a still was the moment the Tamer escaped it’s stuffy confines.. after all, she was never one for large crowds in small spaces. Inhaling shallow breaths of the crisp, morning air, this particular girl found her mind beginning to slowly unfurl. With a clear head once more, Ms. Thorne went about her usual routine when it came to group activities; separating her person from the others. Truly, it was a horrible habit, signaling herself as a lone player.. but.. well, old habits, indeed, die hard. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your stance, an ebony-haired woman floated over to their group, attire and posture screaming elegance and refinement. "I'm Evangline but call me Eve, and I hate to do this to all of you but I think we need to go against our training for this. We're one of the smaller groups and we can't spare a single person. I need to analyze the demon first so let it do what it does for a few moments then we all coordinate an attack on it. Meaning I say my verse our tamer summons and Mr. Knight acts knightly, that way it won't know who to go for. If it does pick me because I'm the weak link... well my legs and such aren't attached to my mouth. Unless any of you have ideas you'd like to bring forth that is." rang out her input, a sheepish smile pursuing the offered plan. The only reaction Aura could managed to muster was one of shock, two quick blinks indicating her feelings. She spoke….so fast...and just approached like it was no big deal.. mused that inner voice once again, it’s confusing twinge of envy palpable. With a quick shake of her head, the snow-gold curtain briefly catching air, the Tamer attempted to vainly brush away such negative emotions and focus on the topic at hand; what they were to do.

Aura’s lips parted in the slightest, almost as if she was about to dare voice her opinions, when a masculine tone cut the bravery to it’s knees. "Of course I do, and it's less likely to get the lot of you killed What I mean is demons are devious, even the dumbest of them has enough instinct to see through most plans. You'd also be better off learning what's at your disposal. Name's Julius King, I'm packing a Stallion and a Lion summon. If the other Tamer has something good for scouting things get much easier." following his casual input, the newcomer wasted little time in eyeing each of the small huddle’s members before resting his crimson pair on Aura. It took a second for it to fully process that this ‘Julius’ was referring to her person, mind racing to focus on what he just said. Scouting…? Hm……maybe..Kota? Sending the other Tamer a small nod, indicating that she was in possession of such a summon, the doll-esque girl took this chance to glance over the other groups. They all look..strong..

"I've heard some Aria can figure out their target off just knowing what the demon looks and acts like thus meaning we simply distract the thing and get it in range for your Verse, my Stallion can then keep you safe. Otherwise, either the swordsmen or my Lion will need to stall while you figure out what verse is needed. The of course comes protecting you for the verse, probably with a man down by that time. As for the swordsman.. We need to know now, is the cane decorative or functional and whether you're more offensive or defensive in style. That way we Tamers can better coordinate our summons with you and compensate for any potential weaknesses. To be honest, I'd rather avoid using my lion and wish we a Dragoon." ..He talks alot..

A moment of pause stretched on within the group, each member, evidently, debating what to do and how to do it. However, that quiet was soon shattered by an intruder with an eerily soft tone. ''Onward then.''. Trying to ignore the frown crossing her features, instinct already knowing who this particular voice belonged to, the female Tamer waited patiently for the team to make a collective step forward.

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Nathaniel Kale Jenova


Nathaniel smiled shortly as the students went forth before turning away and walking to Ryuu's side which was a bit behind the group of students as expected by a protector... He was not a very good teacher in that way. It was hard for him to connect to people even now, Eve was a different story. She made the effort to get close to him and eventually he returned the feelings. Though the act with much formal language and poise to which others see as tensed or strange they were very close and it was only in private that their formal outlook changed or in dire moments if one of them were hurt... Maybe that was the reason why he chose to tag along with Ryuu... So to watch over his dear friend.

He walked beside Ryuu in silence, watching from there to the students, watching the entity and the student's souls for any changes, mostly in the students though, he would only step in when it is in dire need or if the students request it, which was unlikely since most apart from Eve considered him a friend or part of the school. It didn't help the wear he dressed, never mind his eyes or bone tipped pointed ears and claws. Perhaps it was the way he acted around everyone, even Eve... He was so formal, vague or awkward. He couldn't help it in truth but he wishes to improve and he has in some ways with Eve's help after all... Getting a friendly hug from him was hard for her to achieve in itself.

Nathaniel finally spoke, his breaths hardly heard and no misty cloud from breathing was odd as he spoke. ''How do you think they fair?'' He would tilt his head as he watched from there, the students' souls moving around and the entity's as well. ''A lesser spirit I see... How is there team work? Which one is more successful in leading the group...?'' He looked at Aura's soul, raising a brow. ''I don't think they will have a problem at all either way... someone has more potential than even they know... interesting... So similar...''

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Ryuu realized her group was making slow progress, mainly because unlike the other groups, Aurora's group were actually trying to devise a plan. Good, teamwork is the key to this test. She continued to follow them making sure to keep to the shadows but also in adding distance between them and her. Ryuu was aware of the fact that some of them were able to faintly feel the presence of those around them that had high spiritual energy.

Although she was human, with her mixed blood, she had more spiritual energy than the average person. Glancing over her shoulder, Ryuu noticed one of her colleges was close behind her. From his eerie looking eye's, she guessed it was Nathaniel. The group slowed down for a moment, Probably to get introductions over and done with, the thought ran through her head before it was interrupted.

"How do you think they fair" And so began the onslaught of question. "A lesser spirit I see... How is there team work? Which one is more successful in leading the group...? ''I don't think they will have a problem at all either way... someone has more potential than even they know... interesting... So similar...''

Ryuu stared at him over her shoulder, one brow raised in question. Looks like I got stuck with the ever curious and questioning Nathaniel An almost smile appeared on her lips but it soon vanished for a more serious face. Turning her head forwards again, Ryuu answered his questions in order.

" Well first off, they haven't gotten far so they're just fine for the moment anyway. So far from what I see happening before me, they've got the best teamwork. Unlike the other groups they've gotten introductions over and done with a forming a plan. I'd say your student, Evangeline and my own, Julius are the best at leading the group."

The red head decided not to make any comment on his last few words. But she was curious as to what he meant. The sudden waves of heat and light caught her eye and drew her attention back at the group. From the look of things, Julius had summoned one of his familiars. "Tch, why Aja-Oh I see. You're a smart one indeed." Having been one of his primary teachers as she herself was a Tamer, Ryuu had overseen Julius's first summoning. The kid had a knack for getting the strong ones but of course it came at a price. The strain on his body could be too much if he decided to over do it.

The group seemed to get a bit more busy. To further prove her observation, Julius and Aurora took to the sky on Aja's back while Evangeline and Akio took the ground. They started moving forwards and so did Ryuu, but not before biting her own thumb and sliding it down her arm. The tattoo there started to wriggle and curl, soon enough it slide right of her arm to take on the form of a small black dragon. "Night follow after the two who are in the sky, I'll stay down here with these two." Night nodded in acknowledgement and coiled about as he gained altitude and quickly caught up to Julius and Aurora.

Ryuu looked over at Nathaniel, "Lets get a move on." With that being said, Ryuu headed in the general direction of Evangaline and Akio.

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Nathaniel Kale Jenova


Nathaniel walked behind Ryuu still, his chains clashing together lightly against his black leather armour, steel like claws on his buckled boots digging into the earth with ease, shrouding the sound of his steps all the more. A smile was rather for Nathaniel, his face normally stoic or cold but when he did, as rare it was, it never failed to show warmth and a gentleness that was not ever really seen on the man but as rare as they were it only showed the significant of it's appointed affection. It was directed to Evangeline... It seemed being around her made Nathaniel more curious about... emotions so much so that he desired to express them more naturally. It wasn't that he didn't feel, it was that he never learned to express them.. only burying them away with a hard swallow, no matter the pain.

He continued to smile to himself, realising he was becoming side tracked and so his stoic facial expression returned and he looked up, looking ahead and up at the souls of the students, his eyes almost acting as a light source. He saw the wavering effect on Julius and he tilted his head, speaking out a thought to himself. ''That is his price? Interesting...'' He then saw Ryuu summon her own familiar and he smiled, from behind Ryuu he waved a little at the creature, it was safe to say, he had a soft side for animals. He then appointed his attention back to Ryuu once more, still learning of things of this world he was easily distracted by the things that most considered normal. ''I agree with you Ryuu... They are both very strong characters. Let us hope that they work together rather than against each other. It is a common thing, besting a fellow student to outshine another to steal ones spotlight for praise in youth after all.'' Once Ryuu picked up the pace he did to, going to her side, his glowing orbs for eyes watching the students and staring directly at the entity. ''Of course... I shall like to see Eve's improvements myself.''

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[Sorry... sorry... sorry... Never mind this! POOF! Gone...]

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Ryuu nodded her agreement with Nathaniel. She didn’t particularly care about the students as individuals but more so because she was a teacher and it was her job to care. Hmm maybe taking this one wasn’t the best idea after all Ryuu looked back at Nathaniel as she continued to shadow her students. Very little happened between Evangeline and Akio not that she had expected much. Akio was one to joke around but Evangeline seemed more on the serious side of things. As she walked, Ryuu kept looking up at the sky, red eyes flicking about in search of her familiar and her students. A flash of movement could be seen which Ryuu soon deduced to being Night as he slithered through the sky.

She watched Akio as he made a fool of himself, an amused smile beginning to form on her lips. Suddenly Night settled down beside her drawing her attention away from the two before her for a brief second. “Where are the other two?” Night curled in the air beside her head as he shrunk to the size of a medium sized snake. “They are on their way. It seems the boy landed a bit too far from the others so I’m guessing he’s bringing his familiar closer.” Ryuu looked back at the other two in her line of sight and soon enough Julius and Aura arrived. His familiar knelt so he ad Aura could dismount as one would a normal horse.

Nodding her head she continued to watch them, not even bothering to look in the direction of her familiar. “Good, they’re here in one piece, although I would have preferred it if you had stayed with them Night.” With that being said, Ryuu reached out for Night who in turn curled around her arm. With a dark flash of light Night once more became a two-dimensional version of himself. Still moving about on her arm, it looked like the dragon like familiar was making himself comfortable before finally settling and was still.

Upon the fellow tamers arrival, Ryuu could hear Akio’s nervous laugh as he tried to turn attention away from his fool of a blunder. Surprisingly enough the knight-in-training proved himself by what he did next in dealing with the obvious piece of news Julius had given them. As Akio quietly confronted the spiritual creature, his foot hit a can much to Ryuu’s dismay. Ugh now it’ll know your there but that didn’t seem to be the case as the spiritual creature seemed to be completely oblivious of the young exorcists in trainings presence. Using his cane, Akio hit the can and it flew right by the spiritual creatures head. “Hmm that was pretty good for a blind swordsman. Let’s see what else you’ve got up your sleeve Yamada.”

Akio began to taunt the poor creature but it was enough for it to anger it. Throwing a trash can towards the young swordsman; Akio unsheathed his sword and then sheathed it with surprising speed and precision. Impressive. I guess his family’s harsh training has done some good. Seeing as the trash can was a failed attempt, the spiritual creature rushed Akio who lowered himself into a fighting stance, which earned him a slight frown from Ryuu as she began to criticize the stance he chose. Ryuu gave him a scrutinizing look over, His center of gravity is too high, one push and he’ll be easily overtaken by it. That was really the only thing Ryuu caught onto before she turned her attention back to the rest of the group.

Red eyes focused on the female Aria as she distanced herself from the group, but not because she was scared but to give her room to think. Good, good. Think and think hard Evangeline. Soon enough it seemed the girls thinking time was over as she began to speak a phrase from the bible. Although because Ryuu herself wasn’t an Aria she had to rack through her brain in order to figure out the verse Evangeline was speaking. Ryuu was glad the girl was screeching out the verse like another Aria she knew. The red haired woman understood their need to be loud so their voices could reach the ears of the spiritual creature or lesser demon. It sometimes got a little annoying hearing them scream and shout all the while making a fool out of themselves.

The young girl continued with her verse and already the first sounds of pain coming from the spiritual creature could be heard. However it seemed the Aria herself wasn’t able to handle the scream of pain that escaped its lips. Faltering just enough to give herself an opening but it seemed before the spiritual creature actually had a chance to attack the girl. It yowled in fear as it made an attempt to backtrack its footsteps. It was at that moment a chill went down Ryuu’s spine, turning around she just barely managed to catch sight of a flock of lesser demons pass her overhead. One of the three went in a separate direction and right towards Aura, while the other two focused their attention on her students. Ironically the lesser demons did her a favor as one scooped up the spiritual creature in its jaws and swallowed it whole. Finally the direness of the situation reached Ryuu’s mind as she ran towards her students, a string of curses escaped her lips and were left in her wake.

“What the hell are they doing here?” As she got closer to her students, Julius had summoned his second familiar one Ryuu hadn’t realized her had. It was a lion albeit a wild one as it let loose a deafening roar that sent not only the lesser demons in its path but her as well staggering backwards. Shielding her face from flying debris she saw arcs of lightning leave its body, a look of worry flashed across her normally serious face when her eyes caught sight of Julius’s state of being. The arcs of lightening from before were not directed at anything in particular but they did ruin a few objects in its path of destruction. Eyes narrowing Ryuu made haste in reaching her students although she had to make sure not to get in the way of a now rampant familiar.

“Damn it all!” Ryuu watched as Akio made attempts to fight off one of the lesser demons. While Evangeline and Julius were nowhere to be seen, Where are they? Running over towards Akio, Ryuu drew out the two swords that rested at her sides. Sharing a look with her student Ryuu raised her swords, “Yamada I need you to go and find Evangeline and Julius. Julius didn’t seem to be in the best of conditions and Evangeline will need time to come up with a “Fatal Verse”. You need to protect them from the Lesser Demons so hurry” Ryuu had no idea as to where Aura went but hopefully the girl would be able to hold her own. Ryuu now alone stood before a rather large Lesser Demon, it was somewhat larger than a horse. The Lesser demon resembled a mutated ape with arms the size of barrels and curled horns protruding from its forehead. A snake-like tail whipped about behind it with barbs covering the surface.

The second Lesser demons was smaller than its companion, resembling a boar with huge spikes poking out of its back. The one thing that was different from the normal boar was that its legs were somewhat longer so the creature was as low to the ground as its animal counterpart. Taking on a fighting stance, Ryuu side stepped the barbed tail that was sent her way. At the same time she sliced at its thick hide with both her swords. However they did not have the same effect as she had hoped it would, the cut was shallow and only enraged the creature more so than when Evangeline had spoken those verses. Swinging its large fists Ryuu rolled out of the way, coughing on the dusty dirt that rose up from the ground as it caved in under the weight of its fists. Looking up she just barely managed to guard against the second lesser demons charge. Its sudden charge caught her off balance and she fell to her side however its sight was not set on her. Instead it ran past her and in the direction that Akio and the others had gone in. “Dammit!”

Ryuu quickly got back up and rushed after the boar. However the ape demon blocked her pathway with its large fists. It laughed in triumph and her obvious frustration as Ryuu turned her attention back towards it. Suddenly the creature’s tail snapped at her upper body, raising her swords to deflect it they cracked then splintered under the immense weight. In the end its tail reached its target and sent Ryuu flying right into the wall of one of the nearby buildings. Thankfully her swords had blunted the force behind the blow but Ryuu still coughed up blood as she stood back up on shaky feet. Wiping away the blood that streamed down the corners of her mouth, Ryuu discarded her now useless swords and rolled her shoulders. Pain blossomed around her chest and feeling around she pinpointed the location of what she guessed was a fractured rib.

To make matters worse the ground began to shake and rumble all around her. Suddenly a large serpentine head erupted from the ground not too far away from where she and Nathaniel had once stood watching their students. The newcomer was twice the size of the one she had just been fighting with and resembled a snake with horns curling around the sides of its head. “What! Goddammit it, who they hell summoned these things?” Her anger at the idea of a Tamer or a group of Tamers in this case summoned such strong familiars got the better of her. All she knew was that either they had been killed in action and were unable to dismiss their summons or they were the ones who had sent their familiars loose on the world. Ryuu wasn’t sure what Nathaniel was doing in all this chaos but at times like these even an Exorcist at her level needed help. “Nathaniel! Now would be a good time!” she called out to him wincing in the process.

Using the blood from before she formed a seal on the wall behind her all the while keeping her eyes on the demons that began to advance towards her. A look of anger mixed with determination in her eyes, words of power left her lips. “Come forth oh Demon Blade. Slash the evil before you with the darkest of blades” slamming her hand against the seal, her hand formed into a fist as it took hold of the hilt of a blade. Pulling it out of its storage, Ryuu held in her hand a katana nearly as long as she was tall with a blade the color of onyx.

The demon ape growled in what she guessed was fear at the sight of a Demon Blade. Letting loose a long held release of air, Ryuu breathed in and out to calm her mind. "Alright Chomesku, lets burn them to hell." A mean smile on her face Ryuu rushed forwards at the same time as the demon ape. The two clashed heads with Ryuu's sword giving her the advantage. Guessing from the fact that the demon snake hadn't attacked her, Ryuu assumed Nathaniel was dealing with it.

Amusement Park||Demon Boar

Meanwhile Ryuu and Nathaniel dealt with the demon ape and snake, the demon boar went after Akio, Julius and Evangeline. It snorted and yowled loudly, enough to alert its targets up ahead as it dashed straight for them. The demon boar swerved to the side only to pop up in front of them. It sqealed bloodlust raging in its eyes, pawing at the ground with its hooves, the demon boar stared right at Akio and his cane. In that moment it charged forwards right for Akio.

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Nathaniel Kale Jenova

Nathaniel watched Ryuu with much attention to her small sways of twitching and differing body language that dictated her thoughts to him, as an analytical mind, rather easily. He didn’t show much with his face, never did… Never was taught how to appropriately. So he watched other express their emotions with such expressive movements of their muscles. Some made expression of one’s true feelings elegant, hearty and others sorrowful and frightening. He found it interesting how these contrasting pros and cons met with perfect synchronization.

But he looked back in between the land and the dark sky with his eyes glowing ever steadily like haunting blue lights shrouded in thick white fog. He brought out a small smile however at Akio’s abilities, even commenting on it as a outward thought. ''You are only as weak as you allow yourself...'' He looks back to Ryuu as she comments, trying to work out his game plan and he thought to add to such to in some way defend the young man. ''He is only blind to the seeing world around up, but he sees in other forms other than his other senses. He is hardly at a disadvantage and in some ways he could successfully land a surprise attack due to said ‘weakness’. I quite admire the young man if I say so myself.''

As the invasion then outright started from nowhere, Nathaniel for a moment was staggered in place from dulling pain in his chest from the lesser demons’ summoning. It was shocking his long unused natural passive abilities and he watched as a lightning bolt was blasting right to him like a sharp stake. He frowned, bringing his gloved hand to his front and from a blast of blue energy came from it, ice spreading out to shield him from the lightning but shattering on impact. He groaned, looking at Ryuu as she was knocked back and as he ran, toward her, summoning his gun blade from black mist that was linked to him via a chain, he was stopped.

''Ugh..'' Was all he managed to release in his irritation that he was blocked with a spiked whipping tail. He back flipped out its way, it shyly missing his nose yet his face held complete calm, or maybe it was voided of expression, one could not quite tell unless you really knew him, bets were Eve did and she would certainly point out that he was calm. In mid-air he looked back at the serpent demon and he pointed his gun at his snout, shooting the bullet that on impact exploded in ice, distracting him. At that moment Nathaniel shifted from view, only black mist left behind, before reappearing at the demon’s tail, his weapon stabbed into it, freezing its tail before he literally ran up it’s length. Slicing up it, the deep wounds freezing before he next leaped up and stabbed from the top of it’s head and through his jaw. Pulling the trigger to blast the beast from him in a fiery blaze. Blood splashing against him like flecks of generous doses of red onto the front of his chest, the blood trailed down from the lack of friction to keep it at its resting place. Where as on his face, small flicks across his exposed cheek resembled the flick like motions of a paint brush. At that moment, the world slowed for him, his breaths the only reality as he falls down.

Landed on the ground with much elegance his world was disturbed abruptly as he was tackled by a hell hound. Blocking it with his arm. He let out pained growls as the beast gnawed and maimed his forearm. He then snapped, out of feral aggression installed into him, hissing at the creature, much like one himself, before using his own claws to harshly rip it’s throat out then he kicked the hound away, grabbed his weapon. Turning it on the beast he shot the beast in the head, point blank. He slowly looked at his forearm, so badly maimed you could tell flesh from bone from the depth of the mauling and he cringed. But in the end, he only ripped away the sleeve of his trench coat. He then looked up to the sky and fired lights into the it, illuminating the darkness of the fair ground, ethereal sorts of lights, it would make some demons cower away from its small dose of holy energy from it, but it was otherwise quite harmless.

Nathaniel scanned the area, pushing weak demons away with gathered air from around him, swirling it around to add power in it's spin before casting it out on them, successfully pushing them back, only getting a few scratches to marry with his more serious wound that he did not see as a priority at this given moment despite the blood flow being much like water from a tap. However the blood flow was slowly steadying itself. It was still a ghastly sight to behold and more so with his ever calm expression on his face, like it didn't seem to matter though it was particularly nasty looking. He turned back to Ryuu, seeing the large ape like demon he fires a blast of ice at the back of the deformed ape like demon’s head to distract him from Ryuu. Before he could get her attention in turn. ''Do you wish me to stand or to find the others? I can see where they went, with my eyes.'' He shouted with much togetherness. He darted out of the way of the fist that came to slam over him, but still awaited Ryuu’s say before either attacking the beast or leaving to find the others.

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Akio Yamada

Akio waited for the perfect moment to strike, as the spiritual creature cry in pain from Evangline attacks Akio seen the opening he was waiting for just. Akio started to sprint at the spiritual creature, but seemingly out of nowhere a huge "thing" crashed down on top of the spiritual creature. Akio heard a loud crunch then what sounded like a "glup", Akio slid to a stop just a few feet from the huge thing. This was one of the few times Akio wishes he could see, because he had no idea what was going on. Did a teacher summon this, If so why? Maybe another student did. As Akio tried to figure out what exactly was going on, the huge thing that seemingly ate the spiritual creature became aware of the boy's presence it raised its huge arm and swatted at the boy as if he was a fly.

Akio not fully paying attention was caught off guard by this the, "things" arm slammed into Akio sending him flying at least 10 to 15 yards away the only reason he didn't fly farther was he crashed into a wall or at least what felt like a wall. once Akio hit the ground, all he could hear was a loud ringing. He could hear what sounded like people, but couldn't quite make out what they were saying, kinda like he was underwater. Akio still clutching his cane slowly being to try and get up still not being able to make out any sounds other then a faint rumble that was slowly got louder and louder until he could make it out, it sounded like something charging him. Akio still pretty out of it from crashing into the wall had no time to react to this. For a brief moment Akio thought he was done, but seemingly on its own his body jump out of the way of what was charging him on its own.

This wasn't the first time something like this has happened while training with his mother, his body seem to move on its own Akio could thank this to training from a young age fighting was second nature to him at this point. What every it was crashed into the wall a fraction of a second after Akio roll away. Once Akio made it back to his feet, his hearing was somewhat back to normal and to Akio it sound as if he was in the middle of a war zone, but that didn't bother Akio as much as what he smell blood. There was a heavy smell of blood in the air, since on one else was in the area Akio assumed the worst one or all of his team members where at least hurt. Akio thought back to his promise he made to them, "as long as I'm alive, not even Satan will lay a finger on your guys." Akio clinches his teeth I let them down.

Akio had little time to dwell on his failure because what ever charged him dug itself out of the rubble of the wall and let out a monstrous cry. Akio turned his attention back to it. Not knowing fully what was going on and coupled with the fact he let his team down forced hand Akio hand, he had to get serious. To most people this wouldn't be a big deal, but to Akio it was only slightly better then dying, getting serious meant acting like his mom. Akio slowly open his eyes this was his "switch" for lack of a better word. The monster would snort and charge Akio again, once in range Akio quickly side steps the attack and quickly unsheathes his blade and slashes at the beats leg as it passes by. This attack was not meant to cut or severe the limb. Akio's goal was to trip up the charging monster. With one of the beast legs knocked from under it, the moster would crash into the ground hard. It slid a 7 or 8 feet to a stop at the sames time Akio slowly re sheaths his blade. Once his opponent made it back to it's feet Akio begins to ready himself for another charge. <br>

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#, as written by Skwidge

Yeuri’s hands had never left his pockets as the small group approached the entrance to the abandoned amusement park. His eyes scanned over the premises somewhat flippantly, making small notes here and there, but otherwise keeping his main attention on his Mistress. He would have time to further inspect the area at his leisure, but for now his focus was required elsewhere.

At Bavol’s inquiry as to what type of plan they had for hunting the demons, Yeu simply shrugged, cool with whatever the others would decide. He kept a sharp eye on his Mistress’ form as she strayed further up ahead, however, externally his attention appeared to be slack and his body language was relaxed and uncaring.

“This place is so boring and dead… it‘s like one big corpse altogether.” At Bavol’s comment, a leisurely smirk draped across his lips and he nodded his head fractionally in agreement. As she settled herself on the ground, the faintest of frowns edged along the corner of his mouth- he didn’t particularly like the prospect of her sitting so out in the open. However, his faint displeasure was soon forgotten as the leftover trio walked over to where she sat.

As Bavol and Astaroth conversed, Yeu really only lent half an ear to them; the remaining part of his attention was focused once more on the decrepit “amusement” park. It was a joke, really. None of the buildings or attributes even whispered the slightest hint of entertainment, even when Yukon pictured the place up and running. The whole thing was pathetic, and the single fact that no one had even bothered to demolish the place was a bit of a surprise. But then again, had the place been destroyed, Yeu wouldn’t be faced with the pleasant task of hunting down and massacring the Lessers that prowled about.

While the park had lost its initial usefulness, a new purpose had seemed to be born for it through the havoc-wreaking Lesser Demons, and Yeu could definitely appreciate that fact, though it never really crossed his mind in its fullest context.

“Best kill them when we see them - never know if they might move or try to run.” Yeu’s mind refocused on those before him, and at Astaroth’s comment, a bit of a feral smirk pulled at his lips, ”The chase is part of the fun. He shook his head with a cruel grin, soon dropping his comment and becoming serious once more as Astaroth moved and offered the small map to Bavol, after mentioning the part of land he wished to cover.

As his Mistress looked over the paper, Yeu casually walked over and stopped at her side as she offered him the map. He took it carefully, his eyes scanning over the page and tucking information within his mind. ”Yeu, where will you go? Maybe it is time I showed a little more initiative as a Prince. I think this time round… we can handle going our separate ways to cover more ground, you know? I still expect you to remain in one piece without me though - ok Yeu!”

He smirked with amusement, though no dislike was harbored within his eyes, “It’s not me you should be worried about~” The light undertone of teasing threaded its way through his words, and he flashed her a wry smile. While he did hint towards her own safety, the majority of his thoughts were on the place itself. The amount of destruction that could be wrought upon the old rusty place was a thrilling prospect, and mischief gleamed within his eyes.

His gleeful musings were cut short as Bavol spoke up once more, announcing that she’d be taking the right side of the park. Yukon simply nodded, motioning to the bottom portion of the map and what was left over, ”If you have need of me, you know where I am.” He watched expressionlessly as the Princess of Air zoomed off towards her intended place, soon turning his attention to Astaroth. He smirked good-naturedly at the man.

Luck. With that simple parting word, he split from the dwindling group towards his own destination.

Once Yeu had left the group, it seemed like he was the only living thing in existence. His senses were on high alert, but as he continued to walk in absolute silence, boredom threatened to break his focus. An irritated look presented itself on his face, and he gritted his teeth softly. He wasn’t an impatient person, but after about fifteen minutes of wandering in solitude, he was beginning to question his choice of area. I swear, if I chose the only section that doesn’t have any damned Lessers in it, I’m going to-

His irritation was cut short as he suddenly heard the fierce roar of some dark creature approaching as he continued forward with a bit more enthusiasm. Something or someone had definitely pissed the being off, and a twisted grin of mischief met his lips. It’d certainly be a show.

As he came upon the assumed scene, a look of piqued interest lit his eyes, and he sidestepped close to a nearby tree that looked like it was dying. A couple of bushes stood before him, but it was easy to see over them to the small surprise that raged several yards ahead of him in the clearing.

A large, apish behemoth pounded its massive fists against the ground, its tail thrashing wildly and uprooting the ground and tossing clumps of earth in every direction. The horns that protruded from its head curled much like a ram’s would, though the tips pointed slightly back inwards towards the beast’s temples. It was hideous- that much was obvious, and it seemed to be throwing a bit of a tantrum as well as flashing its colors a bit. However, what had really caught Yeuri’s attention was the much smaller girl who faced the beast. A fiery head, probably with a temper to match, was breathing heavily, obviously having taken quite a bit of damage from the spar.

It had looked like quite the interesting match, but when he noticed the broken blades strewn across the grass, he let out a simple, “Tch,” in disappointment, but it wasn’t that big of a surprise. Yukon could see her lips moving, but he did not bother to listen or guess as to what she might have said. He had figured he might as well step in and drive the creature into the ground, as he could hear loud roars echoing from different areas, signaling other prey to be had.

He made a motion forward, but suddenly stopped as a very familiar feeling weapon materialized within her grasp. His pupils immediately narrowed and he tilted his chin up in a calculating manner. It was then he realized that something was different about her. Now that he focused in on her, he could look past the presence of the Lessers and realize that there was another demonic presence, albeit one that was rather faint in comparison to what the beasts gave off. The little bit of information ticked at his mind, but he did not muse further on it, turning the thoughts of the girl having any otherworldly connections; Besides, it might well just be that the musk of demonic creatures had managed to rub off on her, or more likely, the demonic blade she held within her grasp.

With silence and a practiced hand, the twins that clung faithfully to his hips were unsheathed, the metal still managing to gleam darkly even though it was night, and not much light was presented in his current location otherwise. He gazed over the demon with the smallest of breaths, his pupils narrowed to thick slits. He was searching for any points of weakness in order to make quick work of the thing. His gaze swung across its shoulder-blades, and a very sick smirk of satisfaction danced across his lips. Even if it wasn’t the best choice of a weak spot, he’d make it so.

The beast pounded against its chest in anger, only a little offset as to the appearance of a demonic weapon. After its initial hesitance, the beast seemed to have become even more enraged at the sight of the large, cursed blade. The Lesser frothed at the mouth, spittle dripping from its maw and splattering the ground with dark colors. Its eyes were hard and filled with hatred and they focused like a laser on the being that dared to threaten it. Its tail thrashed once more, smashing down close to the wall and causing the already decaying material to tremble. Small cracks splintered up from its base, and there was a very good chance of it becoming rubble fairly soon.

It raised its arms high into the air, intending to crush the human in front of it, and it let out a loud roar while doing so. However, before the beast could even flinch a muscle, a dark blade was suddenly lodged right between the creature’s shoulder blades, buried to the hilt, and with no warning other than the soft whistle that the sharp edge created while it sliced through the air. Chains of an unknown metal were wrapped tightly around the cross-guard of the blade, engulfed and dripping with what seemed like ink or smoke. The entire line of metal dripped the substance onto the ground, tinging it with little puddles of darkness. The blade itself ran parallel to the beast’s shoulders, hooking into both muscles.

At the split-second moment of impact, the beast let out a bellow of anguish, but that was hardly the end of it. The second of the twins was swift to follow its brother, thrown at a bit of an angle for it to arc as it sought out its mark. The blade hit the sturdy limb of the demon’s back leg, the slack length of the chains following behind it, but the weapon swerved at impact and wrapped itself around its leg, slicing it twice along the round before lodging into the hard flesh of the creature. This one had no hilt, but rather was simply the blade, connected to its source from the flat bottom.

That same self-pleased smirk of glee remained on Yukon’s face as the sound of flesh being torn open made its existence known on the scene. Taking in a deep breath and holding it for a moment as he shifted backwards, metal links wrapped in one hand and a hilt in the other, he leaned back a bit, placing his foot sturdily against the trunk of the tree. And then he pulled backwards.

Blood had been pooling from the wounds of the beast, but the black substance that dripped from the chains also seemed to have made its way into the cuts and gashes, preventing them from clotting and repairing. The first blade seemed to have some strength of will, or hooked sides, as it did not slide free from its position as the chains were suddenly held taut, but rather pulled the shoulder-blade flesh and consequently the arms back with it. The beast had been caught off guard, and had never even got the chance to have another go at the girl as it was suddenly forced backwards off its feet to fall upon its back.

The second twin, held secure in the beast’s meat, forced the leg up and backwards, successfully keeping the Lesser from truly regaining its stand and balance; not only this, but when the demon tried to roll forwards to sit on its legs, the blade stuck in its back pulled at the muscles and tendons and forced the arms back down. It was almost humorous- the body of the cursed creature squirmed like a turtle turned on its back, though with quite a bit more rocking. The anger of the beast was palpable, but then so was the desperation to keep its life. It tilted its head back to gaze back at the clump of trees and bushes, letting out a fanged roar. Before the creature got smart enough- though unlikely to happen in this lifetime- to stop flailing around and gain its bearing, one last blade twisted through the air and sunk right between the Lesser’s eyes, the horn tips seeming to point straight to where the metal lay staked into the brute’s brain.

Not a fraction of a second was wasted, and Yukon pulled himself forward from the tree, approaching the stilled form of the creature. The chains lay slack upon the ground, though they seemed to begin to reel the closer Yeu got to them. As he passed the head, he ducked down to simply wrench the dagger from its resting place, wiping the flat of the blade clean on his pants as he continued forward without pausing. He retrieved the second twin from the back leg of the demon, though how he did it was a mystery. As the blade reattached to its hilt, the ram’s head set in the center of the cross-guard seemed to be inhaling the strange substance that had emanated from the chains, seeming also to extract it from the blood pooling beneath the beast.

The partner of his sword, however, he left, as it was underneath the bulk of the beast, still hooked into the dead flesh of its back, pressing its pommel against the earth. His gaze was entirely locked onto the fiery haired girl a few feet from where the dead demon lay, and he closed in on her with an unreadable expression and with very quick steps. Blinking once, the metal of his dagger pressed very, very gently against the soft skin of her neck, letting fresh blood appear and pool fractionally at the incision from the blade.

Yeu was close to her, having absolutely no care as to personal space whatsoever, his mouth close to the back of her jaw and the lobe of her ear. He inhaled deeply, and his lips pressed into a smirk. ”You have tainted blood.” His remark was rather blunt, merely an observation, with nothing special in his tone. He was simply stating a now-obvious fact, confirming his previous suspicions. This girl definitely had hellish blood coursing through her being.

The setting changes from true-cross-academy-fidel-city to New Earth


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((Wrong Location.))

The setting changes from new-earth to True Cross Academy, Fidel City

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Vincent Price

The human world was overwhelming since his last foray into this realm. Perhaps, even more so this time around as the scents of greasy foods and a nauseating combination of rust and oil invaded the sensitive snout of Jackal. A low whimper escaped the dog-like creature’s throat as his nose assaulted by the sickening stench that would be appeasing to humans, yet was an utter hell hole for this hound. Swiping a battered paw over his snout as if trying to make an effort to block out the smells, while trailing behind the hunting party..With all the distractions it was very possible that the hound would be of little help when the inevitable combat came into play. There were just too many distractions for the creature to sniff out like any canine in his situation would do, regardless of who’s feet he laid at it was a common problem his natural instincts. Finally the group came to a halt and began dividing sections with the help from Astaroth’s map, it was a blessing in disguise as Jackal partially collapsed in an undignified way into the dirt as his defenses against the smells finally was overcome and the hound merely admitted defeat to the human realm. Feeling nauseated that even the slightest movement of his furry skull made the world swim before his eyes, yet thankfully his other senses were not overcome by the human scenery.

Opal colored eyes wearily eyed the airy Prince who appeared determined enough to walk on her own without her normally ever-present bodyguard. The demon seemed content enough to have a thimble of confidence in his charge and set off in another direction, obviously determined to find something to maim. Now with only himself and Astaroth alone, a faint whine escaped the hound's throat as the demon would possibly find the hound's intestine's interesting if the hound vomited in front of him. Not wanting to take the chance of getting his internal organs rearranged and then having his tract sewn back together by a less than gentle Vincent, the hound took his chance and eased himself to his paws and trotted after Yeu, determined to put a few feet between his tail and the deprived Astaroth who did gods know what if suffering from boredom.

A few minutes seemed to pass as Jackal managed to catch up with Yeu who seemed to determined enough to find a target. His nerves still on edge, the loping creature merely observed the demon. His stature and weaponry gave him a dignified posture of a warrior, yet why with his talents would this warrior choose to stay in 'honored' position as the bodyguard to the sloth-like Prince of Air. Snorting in disgust at the various second-hand accounts provided by his own bespectacled Master, who was less than appreciative of the lazy Prince. His own ears shot up in attention as an earth-shattering roar ripped across the park, prompting his warrior to bound away with surprising speed. Growling in his own frustrating as the hound trotted as fast as his paws could carry him in his sickened state.

By the time he managed to step into the bloodbath of an area where a foul-looking behemoth of an ape lay dead from multiple wounds, a blade still stuck it in gut. Yet, the carcass was not his main focus of his muddled senses as he perked up his ears to caught the conversation between Yeu and the 'human?' girl. The demon was taking a serious risk in invading the personal space of the human..Who knew what she was capable of. Within moments of hearing ”You have tainted blood.” from the bored voice of You, that was something his Master would be very interested in.

Shaking his head clear of the overwhelming smells, the hound took a very daring risk that could result in a very bloody mess, both political and personal. Bounding toward the pair with surprising speed, his tongue lolling out as he sprang into the air running it over the small pool of blood running onto the dagger against the girl's neck. With a none to graceful landing, the hound merely panted once at the pair before bursting into grey ashes.

Inferno-Vincent Price

Within minutes, his bleeding paws slammed against the wooden flooring of the Library much to the disgust of several on-looking attendants who would have to clean the floors once again. Finally reaching his destination with a loud exhale as the beast collapsed at the feet of his Master's desk who merely looked over his book with little interest. Vincent's patience wore thin as the large creature began to whine in a pathetic way with his lengthy tongue soiling his floor with drool and..blood? Arching a brow as the man merely withdrew an obsidian colored book from his desk, the front with characters of an unknown language with silver coating to them. Going around his desk, Vincent swiped a spare handkerchief across the lolling tongue of the beast, observing as the crimson liquid greedily sucked into the pale cotton fabric. Placing the cloth on a winter-white page of the mysterious book, as the title page slowly began to form words like in blood-red ink as the name Ryuu Shosuke formed.

Cold blue eyes merely blinked at the name with little interest as the meniscus amount of information from the Jackal's mind and the specimen's blood began to fill in the once blank pages. A faint smirk appeared on the man's face as an odd fact appeared on the pages..The human girl was half-demon. How interesting..It was not very common for demons to spawn offspring with humans. Well, at least for the offspring to survive. Pushing his glasses up to his face, Vincent barked a few orders to passing attendants for them to search for their current records of any 'relations' of his kind and Humans. This could be the beginning of a very different type of search..

A loud whine disrupted his thoughts as the soiled muzzle of Jackal pressed against his knee yearning for praise. Gently stroking the rough fur of the beast with his free right hand before Vincent asked the beast "Now how exactly did you get this interesting sample..hmmm Jackal? I would hate to have any unwelcome guest ranting that you molested them..." The beast merely snorted and rolled his eyes at the comment before settling himself at the feet of his Master. The man in charge merely propped open his newly discovered book and slowly turned the pages..This was an interesting day indeed.

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Ryuu risked the chance to look in Nathaniel’s direction just as he laid the finishing blow to the demon snake. She pushed back the demons apes’ fist, swinging her sword in an arc as she herself was pushed back from the ape’s fist. “Yes, please hurry and find Akio and make sure he’s with Julius and Evangeline! I trust his skill as a swordsman but he isn’t ready yet for a fight with a lesser demon. Although he can hold his own he won’t last long so make sure he doesn’t kill himself in trying to have fun. I’ll deal with this one and go find Aura, so hurry up and go!”

Running forwards once more, Ryuu raised her sword prepared to cut at its side as it raised both its fist to crush its incoming target. Just before it was able to move even an inch, for Ryuu to side-step the attack she knew was to come the demon ape went rigid. Raising a brow, red orbs caught a glimpse of a sword running parallel to the creature’s shoulders. What in the world?{ The demon bellowed in pain, causing Ryuu to tense while her hands went to her ears to help block out the sound. Grimacing Ryuu took steps back unknowingly. Even after the creatures’ bellow of pain quieted down she could still hear a loud ringing in her ears. “Dammit.” she said under her breathe.

Shaking her head, Ryuu saw that second blade had lodged itself in the demons flesh. This one had no hilt of any sort and was more of a simple piece of steel than an actual weapon. Chains wrapped around the creatures leg, as well as a black substance that at first she thought was smoke was something different, something she had no knowledge of. Creasing her brow, Ryuu watched as the demon ape was pulled to the ground. It made attempts to get up but with the sword at its back and the blade and chains around its leg kept it from moving anything. Realizing how hard it’d be for a person to pull down such a large creature, Ryuu looked around hoping to catch a glimpse of the man behind this act of total domination.

The demon stopped thrashing only long enough to let loose a roar as it looked back in search of its assailant. However its roar was cut short as a small dagger flew to the air piercing the flesh between its eyes. Eyes widening ever so slightly, Ryuu brought her sword up so it was now parallel to her body the moment a man showed up. He plucked his dagger from the between the Lesser’s eyes as the chains that were once slack drew towards him. The blade with no hilt was no longer just a blade but a sword with a hilt that had a rams head design for the cross-guard. Tilting her head to the side in question, Ryuu blinked a couple times in hopes what she saw before her was merely a trick of her eyes. The black substance seemed to be sucked in by the rams head cross-guard.

In that moment Ryuu was no longer paying attention to the man before her. And she realized to late of how close he had gotten to her. So fast? A gasp of surprise escaped her lips upon the cold prick of steel against her necl. Ryuu could feel his lips close to the back of her jaw as he inhaled deeply; frowning in confusion the first words he spoke to her sent a chill down her spine. It took her a short moment to comprehend what had just happened and to understand the weight of his words, “”You have tainted blood.”

As she finally understood what had just happened, rage erupted deep within her being as her eyes narrowed. “You bastard!” she snarled in response. Turning her grip on Chomesku, Ryuu changed the direction of the obsidian blade so it would push him away from her. Just as she was pushing him away something came running out of nowhere. From her brief look at the creature it was a disgusting thing that she assumed was a dog of some sort. Ryuu could feel it’s’ hot breathe on her neck. Taking a step back Ryuu swung her sword in the direction of the dog-like demon in hopes of adding distance between her and it. While it did land a bit away from her it wasn’t by her actions. With a simple pant of its breathe in their general direction the Lesser went with a poof, leaving only grey ashes to ride the gentle breeze that passed through the park.

Her anger forgotten in the heat of the moment, with the Lesser now gone Ryuu placed her hand alongside her throat. She could feel warmth seeping through her skin. Glancing down at her hand Ryuu saw a smear of blood but it was very little thankfully. He only nicked me. Why? He could have easily killed me with his dagger. Looking back up at the man before her, Ryuu had already guessed he wasn’t close to human considering how fast he moved. “I should say the same about yourself. You’re not human, no human being could have possibly moved that fast let alone get so close without me noticing. I hope your prepared to lose a limb. I don’t appreciate being cut while being told my blood is tainted by the likes of you.”

Glaring at him, Ryuu raised her sword in a somewhat offensive position. But it was to where she could easily shift its placement to block an attack coming from him if so dared to do so.

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Nathaniel Kale Jenova


Nathaniel nodded to Ryuu, he did not bother to hide his loss of flesh from the bone of his left forearm. It was odd, he could still use it and he didn’t seem to be in pain or perhaps he was just blocking it out. Seeing the current situation as more important than his own limb.

So he ran, fast, he even leaped into the air and made a ramp of ice to travel even faster, his eyes glowing as he used his own abilities as well as his soul sight. He looked around at the soul trails from every individual's unique soul. He quickly found Akio’s soul trail and from his ramp of ice, like a wave of crystallized water that shone in the moonlight he descended.

As Akio came into view, so did the monstrosity of a lesser demon, if not deformed animal tainted with unimaginable evil that he knew well and never thought it would find him again… He pushed his reminiscences aside, they were even pleasant and focused on the creature.

He leaped onto the charging creature, stabbing it on the top of its head with his gunblade. The creature only emitting a low growling whimper before its eyes rolled back to the back of his head and died. Nathaniel ripped his weapon from the creature the next and looked at Akio for a moment. He was about to talk when he was stopped gripping his chest in immense pain, blue mist coming from his mouth, soul mist. He let out a few staggered groans of pain before actually speaking. “A-Akio… We need to find Eve… Julius and Aura… Before… I expire.” He looked away, frowning and mumbling to himself. “I was too focused on protecting everyone that I forgot my own limits… Damn it..” He walked to Akio, slowly putting his shaky right hand on one of his shoulders, the other hand on his chest. Blood, his own blood running down his leather armour. “W-we need to hurry… I can see their souls from here Akio… Trails of their existence, but this is not time to understand… It is the time to find the others and get away from this unusual… battle ground.

Nathaniel suddenly fell to his knees, panting, he watched as from the blue soul mist came from his lips formed a ethereal orb that crystallized and fell in front of him. He, with a shaky hand, grabbed the crystallized orb and smashed it against the ground. He was emitting agonizing groans of pain, forcing them down so to not cry out in pain. This made his own body shake, cheeks reddening from the force of silencing himself and he was sweating. He staggered back onto his feet, panting words out. “Need… to go… now..

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#, as written by Skwidge

“You bastard!” At the accusation, Yeuri merely blinked with a casual smirk to his face. Another previous assumption confirmed- she had a fiery temper, just like her hair. He had leaned back a bit so that his eyes were almost completely focused on her face, interested as to her responses. However, at the motion of her hands, his intent amber gaze was torn from her eyes to watch as she turned her blade in what he expected was to be a cut to his person, but was instead a blunt press by the flat of her blade in attempt to push him away from her.

His gaze was calculating, but the smirk on his lips spoke amusement at both the fact that she didn’t actually try to attack him, as well as her somewhat naïve notion that she’d be able to force him off his feet or off his center of balance. He humored her by taking a few small steps backwards, though he didn’t underestimate her prowess, nor the look of hatred that burned at her facials.

However, as soon as he had shifted away from her form, a low creature suddenly sprang forward out of nowhere from behind him, somehow managing to jump high enough and keep its limbs close to its body as to not knock the girl over. It took Yeu only a fraction of a moment to register the creature as Jackal. As the familiar had sprung forward seemingly out of the air, Yukon had unknowingly reached out his hand in attempt to pull the creature back by the tail, but it was more of an immediate reaction than anything intentional. He had of course missed, due to the creature’s speed and his distance from the almost-collision.

Yukon knew that had been no accident nor a motion for mischief, and by the almost cheerful look to the familiar’s maw as he panted and the lack of cry from the woman, it also had not been a move to deal damage. Before he could really find a conclusion from the beast itself, Jackal suddenly disintegrated into a puff of grey ash, and with it a hardened look filled Yeu’s face. But now that he had lost his object of focus, his attention was recaptured by the half demon from the sudden movement of her hand to her neck where he had let her blood seep.

It clicked in his mind rather quickly, but he pushed aside his musings for the time being. “I should say the same about yourself. You’re not human; no human being could have possibly moved that fast- let alone get so close without me noticing…” He stood quietly and let her make her obvious statements, however, at what she said next, ”I hope you’re prepared to lose a limb,” Yukon’s eyebrow rose, suddenly interested in just how she would manage to do that. ”I don’t appreciate being cut while being told my blood is tainted by the likes of you.” However, as this woman finished her bold statement, an almost cheeky grin made its way to his harsh facials.

”So you’re saying that you get told this a lot by all sorts of races who cut you?” Hard mischief flickered in his eyes, and a smirk tugged his lips up. It was obvious by the sheer context of his words that he was simply making light of the situation, pushing and prodding at the woman to see how she would react to verbal pokes and jabs.

However, Yeuri straightened up as she brandished her sword. A feeling of exaggerated patience- much like one dealing with a small child would have- filled his mind as she actually backed up her pointless words with the motion of her blade. However, no hint of the rather distasteful expression showed on his face.

”There are more important matters that call my attention, and it is merely a waste of time to spar with you while these things stand. That is, unless you’d truly like to risk further damage to both earth and body- your own as well as the other humans here- by trying your arm against mine.” A challenging smirk teased at the corners of his mouth as he looked down on her. He truly only saw her battle request as a means for entertainment, he didn’t even consider her anger or her own challenging tone as serious.

She was a Halfling, she had the disadvantages of human restraints and that made her weaker than he. While she wielded a demonic weapon, he did not truly expect her to know how to use it to its fullest potential, nor did he think the cursed blade would work well alongside her human half. While he would be more than interested in seeing what she could do, and to see her live up to her words, other Lesser demons still rampaged, and if there were any others in his district, he wanted to take care of them quickly and return to Bavol.

The human world was extremely interesting and begged for more of his attention, but he truly did not like being away from his Mistress for so long, plus they only had so much time. It was unwise for the both of them to try to maim the other, especially since they seemed to be after the same end. But if this woman truly demanded a fight and would not let him leave in peace, he would take up arms against her and humor her request. However, if she thought better of it and saw the logic of his statements, then he would force her to show submission and retract her threats.

He used the time given to him while she mulled his points over to return to the side of the carcass of the demon ape. He looked over it blankly, suddenly figuring it might be a bit difficult to shift the beast enough to get at his blade underneath.

He turned to give the red-headed woman a glance, ”So, what shall it be?” He smirked subtly as he regarded her.

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Ryuu & Yeuri

All Ryuu could do was wonder why it was the demon before her wore that grin of his. It rather irritated her even more so than having been interrupted by the Lesser demon a few moments ago. "So you’re saying that you get told this a lot by all sorts of races who cut you?” Red eyes narrowed ever so slightly the moment those words fell upon her ears. The demon before her was truly getting on her nerves which were very unlike her since Ryuu normally kept a calm head. I must be getting old and irritable she thought to herself. While musing over what her next step would be, Ryuu almost missed the challenge hidden behind his next words. "Other important matters? If they were so important then why in God's name did you even bother cutting me?"

Her fingers went to her neck as they caressed the thin cut at her neck. Thankfully it was only a nick so it didn't bleed too much. Thinking more on that certain topic, Ryuu listened to the rest of his words, realizing she may not actually be able to keep to her word. In the condition I'm in now, I may not even get a scratch on him. Not if I don't use that. Her brow furrowed as she began to weigh out her options. The situation truly would not end well for her, at least not in her current condition, that’s what logic told her. however her gut was telling her otherwise, having been raised in a household were one was not allowed to back down from a challenge and even going against your own was considered to be almost like an act of treason. That and you would forever be deemed a coward until you proved otherwise.

Once more Ryuu had been distracted. Glancing back up at the demon before her she realized he was no longer standing in front of her but doing what appeared to be trying to get his sword out from underneath the demon ape. Almost as if he knew she was watching him, the demon glanced over at her and asked of her next choice of action. Seeing the smirk on his face further poked at her pride as an exorcists but it was really the idea of him actually ignoring her to get his sword that finally got to her. Glaring daggers at the demon before her Ryuu gave him her answer, “Then let’s see who’s the better dancer shall we?”

"Other important matters? If they were so important then why in God's name did you even bother cutting me?" Upon hearing this, his impression of her only diminished. She seemed slow, though saying or hinting towards such an idea would likely get him in a mess of trouble he didn’t need. Yeuri chuckled lowly to himself as he poked around the beast, finding the best place to shift its center of gravity.

With a simple shrug, he addressed it, ”Something wasn’t right about you. The easiest way to tell if one’s a demon is by the stench of their blood. Or at least that’s the most entertaining way. Regardless, it works.” He smirked down at the carcass as he spoke, not even bothering to look at her as the words passed his lips.

Finally finding an ample spot, Yukon set his hands on the shoulder and side of the dead ape, squatting and lifting the dead weight with only a little annoyance. The blade was still buried to the hilt, almost moreso which only spoke of the speed and strength behind the throw solely from the fact of the distance thrown and the deep impact. Then again, that fact might be lost due to the Ape’s own weight falling on it and forcing it further in. [b] “Then let’s see who’s the better dancer, you or me?”

With the appearance of the second weapon, Yeuri was banking on the woman being distracted- which was plausible considering she had already been caught off guard twice- when his first sword was out of its sheathe and in his hands. He maneuvered it to where he held it carefully by the sharp blade, but had actually thrown the hilt at her legs, the chains fairly silent as they sailed behind it, quickly entwining around her limbs. Rather than what they had previously appeared as, the chains were as any normal metallic link would look, albeit a bit more ethereal- something about the metal was obviously not normal. He hardened his grip on the blade, cutting himself in the process, and pulled backwards in attempt to take her down to the ground. He was certainly fast enough to pull off his prank, plus his added strength only made it a simple task. He didn’t mind the cut on his hand either, as it would heal very quickly. The only way he had been able to keep a hold on the sword was because of the dried blood that marred the surface.

As she staggered to the ground, Yeu simply 'tsked' and shook his head with that same annoying smirk of his. "Well, you certainly won't be able to dance very well all tangled up like that~" Despite his usual candor in battle, Yeuri really couldn't pass up teasing this woman. He knew he was playing with fire, but it was just so pretty that he couldn't resist. That was all this really was to him- a game. He didn't take her as seriously as he probably should.

Ryuu raised a brow upon hearing him but she questioned him no further. She watched with little interest as the demon pulled his sword out from the demon ape's carcass which was buried hilt deep. Ryuu wasn't all that surprised by it besides she knew of a few women at home who were capable of doing something of that sort and they were only human. While thinking this, Ryuu let down her guard if but only for a moment. But a moment was all he needed to get her and he most certainly used that moment.

Ryuu tensed up on contact as the chain wrapped around her lower body and soon they were tugged back, thus resulting in her toppling over. Her body smacked into the concrete ground, the sudden blow knocked the wind from her lungs and she coughed. However it wasn't just air she coughed but a bit of phlegm that was tinted red. Thanks to her encounter with the demon ape, one of her ribs were broken. Gasping for air Ryuu barely took note of the sound the demon made but she certainly heard his words. Growling, Ryuu was thankful her grip on Chomesku hadn't loosened. The moment she felt her holders rage, Chomesku began to heat up and with a flourish Ryuu turned the blade so it could cut the chains from her body.

You could barely see the waves of heat radiating from the demonic blade. The first tell-tale sign of what was happening was the scorch mark left on the concrete. A small ferocious grin settled on Ryuu's lips as she jumped back on her feet. Swinging her sword out in an arc to help keep her balance, Ryuu wiped the corner of her mouth of the blood and touched her shoulder. Still in the crouching position suddenly a massive form sprung out from behind her. Opening its jaws it let loose a shrill sort of laughter as it landed right before the demon.

The summoned familiar took the form of a fox an ever present grin set in its muzzle. "Give him your best." her words held an ominous vibe to them. As soon as they passed her lips, Katsu snickered and bite the demon's leg. The bite was quick and precise but enough for the familiar to work its magic. For the demon was now caught in Katsu's illusion, however what he saw would be up to the target. Now that her opponent was distracted, Ryuu stood up and ran to his side. She swung Chomesku above her head to prepare for a diagonal slash.

Suddenly a grotesque creature dived for the demons head. Whether or not it broke the illusion Ryuu didn't know. Although she hated using such a dirty trick it was necessary. Ryuu did not falter in her attack but she assumed the creature was enough of a distraction that it may have broken the illusion.

Yukon watched with piqued interest as her demonic blade severed the chains that encompassed her. So it did seem to obey her, despite her half blood. Still, Yeu doubted that it was being used to its fullest potential. However, as he looked up at her eyes as she rose, he knew he had awakened her anger to a real point. He wanted to see what her strengths and weaknesses were, it was just something that came as a second-nature to him. She finally looked awake enough to play, and Yeuri’s smirk deepened.

However, what he did not expect was the sudden appearance of a familiar. He snorted with a mocking gleam to his eyes. It seemed that she needed assistance just to get the upper hand, and he was only toying with her. Plus the fact that the creature came out from behind her only made the appearance funnier. ”What, you pull that trick out of your ass?”
He smiled sweetly at her, but the harsh aspects of his face remained.

He wanted to push her buttons, make her angrier, see how she would respond, and more importantly, how her blade would react to her emotions. The creature that she had summoned was a rather pretty sight, but what Yeu had underestimated was its speed. He hardly even got the chance to evaluate it as it sprung forward the few meters that separated them, and he could feel the unnatural prick of fangs piercing his pants and pressing into his skin.

Immediately he had stiffened his form and swung his sword down at the familiar, hoping to knock it back. However, a sudden pang rumbled behind his eyes, and he lifted his hands to rub at them slightly. When he removed them, he suddenly saw Bavol standing before him, rage in her eyes and betrayal in her form. He blinked a few times, confused at first before using logic to reason out the situation. The creature who had attacked him had been somewhat weak in its illusions, or at least it didn’t have enough time to get at his mind fully.

For one thing, he knew Bavol, and he knew that he would never fail her. Not only this, but he knew where he had been moments ago. Despite this knowledge, he was still impaired, he could not shake the image unless an outside force acted upon him, and such a force might cause a bit of annoying damage.

The image had flickered out of existence almost as quickly as it had begun as a very loud bird cawed through the air, its shrill scream enough to shatter the illusion. He caught the movement to his left as the woman was coming down, and he quickly shifted his sword to block her attack with a steady arm. He wasn’t a bodyguard for no reason. Despite the amount of strength behind her slice, his arm did not waver as the clash and slide of metal on metal sounded in the clearing. Obvious annoyance now swam in his eyes as he met her gaze once more. But his face held a bored appearance, not showing much emotion.

He stepped into her, taking the blade he had just wrenched from the flesh of the Lesser and holding it backwards by the hilt, forcing it forward into her chest in attempt to make her crumple to the ground from her injured bones. It was his own dirty trick, but he figured they were even now. ”That was a neat trick, but it needs work.” He mumbled down at her before stepping back from her form. She was fierce, and if he had managed to get her, she wouldn’t stay down for long.

He remembered the bird who had broken his illusion, and it immediately clicked in his mind that it bore a message. ”The fun’s over, other matters call my attention. Apologies if I played too roughly.” He smirked boredly at her. He would have offered an arm to help her up, but he knew it would not only be an insult, but that she’d probably try to cut his hand off. And she more than likely could, too.

The avian swooped down once more, crying shrilly in his ear before arcing back up. ”Bloody creature…. Until we meet blades again.” And with that he withdrew himself from her presence, only taking the slightest of moments to glance back at her and flash a wry grin before disappearing behind trees and shrubs once more.

The bird then began to relay its message to him, informing him to return back to Hell.

Her glare turned even worse the moment his words reached her ears. “You bastard.” those were really all the words she could say at the moment. Not only was he able to bring her down without trouble, Ryuu wasn’t even able to counterattack his own counterattack. Biting her lip the red head merely watched from her field of vision, the ground, as the demon left her where she was. Lying on her back Ryuu raised one arm so that it covered her eyes. I’ve never lost a fight before. “At least until today.”

Sitting up Ryuu let Chomesku roll from her grip and watched as her sword burned the ground in her anger upon being let go. Rushing her hand through her red locks Ryuu could only glare in the direction the demon had went as he left. Katsu trotted over and whined, pushing his nose against her cheek. The beginnings of a smile curled the edges of her lips. Letting her head hang for a little bit, the hair tie in her hair finally snapped and her hair came cascading down. “Lets go get the other children shall we. “ Rocking herself forwards Ryuu placed her hands on her knees as she stood up and stretched.

Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her body and she crumpled almost immediately. Hugging her ribs Ryuu clenched her teeth to keep from making a sound. As Katsu watched his master in pain he tried to comfort her only to be shooed away by a shaky hand. “Alright time for you to go Katsu.” The fox familiar whined but complied with his master orders and leaped onto her shoulder, as he did so he shrank considerably until he was about the same size as before in his tattooed state. “Geez I really need to round up those kids.” Bending down low to grab Chomesku, Ryuu cringed a bit in pain before walking in the direction she had seen some of her other students go.

It was somewhat obvious of the pain she was in due to her fractured rib. But considering her “rough fight” with the demon her rib hurt even more along with the rest of her body from having been slammed into the ground twice by the same person. Realizing this Ryuu growled in frustration and swung Chomesku out to help relieve herself of it. In sensing Ryuu’s emotion, Chomesku grew hotter incredibly fast and as her blade touched some of the structures around her the blade cut through them with ease. Ryuu glanced at the obvious destruction caused by her actions and stored her demon sword back in her seal. The sounds of a bird cawing made Ryuu tense and for a brief moment regret having resealed Chomesku. However upon closer inspection it was merely a crow flying off in the closing night hours.

“Tch. Scared by a damn crow, how pitiful can I get?” shaking her head Ryuu neared what she guessed was a carousel. Ryuu expected the thing to be abandoned but surprisingly enough she found someone she hadn’t been expecting to find. Seeing her student lie there so defenseless, Ryuu couldn’t help but worry for the girl. Stepping closer she made tried to crouch, finding the position to be somewhat painful Ryuu simply had to look down at her. “Aura, we’re heading back now, are you hurt anywhere?” Upon closer inspection, the girl looked to be in pain and there was something off about her. It was merely a gut feeling but one could see Ryuu’s gaze narrow, analyzing the situation before her. Something just isn’t quite right with her. I’ll just have to as her later. "You look like you’re in pain, can you walk? Based on her answer, Ryuu would summon Night so that he could carry Aura back to safety.

Ryuu & Cerbin

Cerbin was going to retrieve Aura after Bavol had left, recieving the message from the demon bird. However, he stopped, a wrinkle in his nose catching his attention. Malice growled a little and Cerbin nudged him to get him to shut up. Looking back towards the area where Azreal's daughter was, he glared at the sight of the red haired instructor. For the might of him, he couldn't remember her name. On top of that, he always felt like sneezing a little when he had her scent in his nose. No, it wasn't smelly, just weird. Almost as if she was different. He thought it must of been because of her power as an exorcist, something he cursed himself for not looking into. Not being able to hold the sensation in any longer, he sneezed, most likely giving away his position. Of course once he did Malice disappeared into his shadow. Probably his way of telling Cerbin he was on his own for whatever might come.
Focusing in on Aura, the sound of a sudden sneeze filled the air. Tensing, Ryuu immediately turned towards the direction of said sneeze and glared. "Who's there?" Her hand went to her mouth, least she need to draw blood and summon Chomesku.
The demon sat there in the corner for a good moment before he realized that he was a teacher, just like her, making him an exorcist, just like her. However, he wasn't really an exorcist, but she didn't know that. Raising his hands in the air, the bloodied black eyed Cerbin, who looked a hot mess by the way, mainly because of the fall he had when he fought Astaroth, walked out of his hiding place. "It's okay." He said, looking at the woman with his one good eye, "It's me, Cerbin."

The moment she saw him, Ryuu breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh it's just you. What the hell happened to you? No forget about it, we need to find the rest of the students. And I don't think our little princess here can walk, not in the condition she's in right now."

Cerbin looked over to Aura. Stepping closer, he had a good view of her. He sucked on his teeth when he realized that she was injured. It wasn't wise to tell Azreal of this. If he had found out, then that'd mean hell on everything and he'd probably get the first taste of it. He figured she would heal after a while and decided to avoid the situation. He let out a breath of relief, figuring that it could have been worse. "Hold on a sec." He said calmly. "And don't get jumpy once you see him." Biting his palm, he drew out the circle and diagram for Malice to come out. Starting as a shadow and then forming into his fierce design, the demon dog formed once again, growling and then showing his teeth before Cerbin snapped his fingers to get him to calm down. "I'll go look for the other children. Malice should take Aura back to the original meeting place where my group and the buses are. That is, unless you have a different plan?"

Ryuu cocked her head to the side, with one hand on her hip as she waited for the reason she shouldn't get jumpy. Rolling her eyes upon the sight of Cerbin's familiar, Ryuu disliked the fact that he actually thought she'd get weak-kneed seeing it. "You do realize I'm a seasoned exorcist right." She listened to his plan and thought it a good one, save for one thing. "Actually why don't you take Aura back, I'll bring back the rest of the student's, I think my way will be much faster." To prove her point, Ryuu bite her thumb and slid it along her arm leaving behind a smear of red.

The tattoo that rested there suddenly began to wiggle and take shape, similar to how Malice came about. Soon enough Night slid off her arm and floated above their heads, "You called?" the dragons voice was raspy. "Yeah I need to bring gather up the students and using you as transport will be the quickest way back to the bus. So could you do your thing." Giving her a simple nod, Night began to grow in length and size until he was almost as large as the bus. Looking up at her familiar, Ryuu looked over at Cerbin with a somewhat defiant gaze. "We'll meet you by the bus, make sure to do a head count when your get there." And so with that being said, Ryuu jumped up onto Nights shoulder and the two flew away.

"Huh?" Cerbin said in reply to Ryuu's words. "You don't think he's hideous?" He asked looking at Malice who looked as if he had went into innocent dog mode. Sure he was a demon, but he was also a dog. Cerbin let him have his time of pleasure as the woman summoned her dragon familiar. That's when he remembered her name, which would be good for later. "I don't mind taking her. That sounds like it might work out too." He said. The lady seemed to order him around, almost as if he was under him. Reminded him somewhat of Azreal, but she still seemed soft to him. He traded her gaze with a blank one of his own. "Okay. I'll count the students and the teachers." He said in response to her last words before she flew away. Turning to Malice, he sneezed once more saying, "Make sure she doesn't have to run into anymore demons on her way."And with that, the hound disappeared into the shadows once more. Now looking down at the young girl, whom he never even spoke to, but knew for so long, he reached his arm out to let her place herself on her back. "Don't worry. We'll be home soon." He tried to reassure her, but he was new to the whole showing compassion thing. After he had a good grip on her, he started walking to the meeting spot.


The two covered ground quickly and soon enough she found her students along with one of the teachers. As she lead Night towards them once closer enough Ryuu slide from Night’s backside and landed lightly on her feet. Although just from a light impact her body hurt. Almost immediately Ryuu noticed Nathaniel’s condition and couldn’t help but voice her concerns. “Well I’ll be damned. What the hell happened to you Nathaniel? How are you even still on your feet?” She reached for her fellow teacher but drew back her hand in case her show of compassion ended up hurting him even more.

Turning to the other two Ryuu was glad they were alright. “I’m glad you two are safe and in once piece unlike him. We should probably get going now so we can have Nathaniel see a doctor. You guys aren’t afraid of heights are you?” She said so in hopes of lightening the mood but whether or not it worked she hadn’t the faintest clue.

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Nathaniel Kale Jenova


When Julius spoke of re-summoning one of his familiars he looked at him with a weak frown of disapprove before weakly speaking to him, despite looking like death walking and pressed into the young man, it was clear he was strong and could be respected for his resolve at this moment and devotion to Eve's and Julius' health before his which was far dire than theirs. But despite this he ordered the young man. ''Don't summon... You are already strained. I can see it, you will just hurt yourself.''

But as he heard foot steps he put his gun blade up, only to lower it and de-summon his weapon in black mist as he instantly saw that it was Ryuu. He was in obvious pain, struggling to stand but his eyes looked strong still, like... this was not the worst thing he had been though which would tell Ryuu... He was far from a simple teacher, more so now than ever as he shook his head softly and answered her honestly. ''You... can not help me. But I - I can help you.'' He looked to the side of Ryuu before putting a hand up then back to her. ''The bus right?'' He then swiped his hand down. A blast of wind and a crack appeared on the floor before a crack of bluish white light appeared and opened, showing the bus. He slowly put his hand down looking like he was about to pass out. ''All I need... is for you all to go through that rift of mine and you - you will be right at the bus.''

He let the sight and words soak in for a time, his breaths becoming more tired. The use of this rift would send a spike of power to Satan and the Primordiums. Satan would recognize this spike of power from... through out the years... Though it had been a long time since he would of felt this familiar surge of power that bent dimensions to, for him, a stranger, their will. The Primordiums would know this feeling also but... not understand it nor know what or who was causing it. They would have to see Satan about this... unnatural bent in dimension. Demons still in the area would also feel this presence of strange... new power for as long as the rift was open.

Nathaniel then spoke once more, getting more and more out of it, trying to focus still, despite his aggressive wounds. ''All I need... Is a room to take in... for some hours or... days... I don't know... But do not waste medical attention on me... I will be fine after some... rest.'' He looked away some, obvious there was more to tell, but he was reluctant to go into it. He pushed himself up, forcing himself to stand on his own, despite the maimed left arm with it's bone exposed. Or that there was a gaping hole in his midsection that still bled but it was slowing along with his breath and consciousness. He held a hand out weakly when more bluish mist came from his mouth and formed another ethereal orb that crystallized and he caught it in his hand before smashing it on the ground before cracking his neck. ''F-four..'' He mumbled to himself before he gently pushed everyone at once with him through the rift. The would suddenly all four of them be standing in front of the bus as the rift closed. Ending the spike of power once more.

He dragged his feet to the bus' door and opened it before just... getting onto the bus at the back and collapsing onto the row of seats, his breathing slowing but he refused to close his eyes or relax. He waited for Ryuu, Eve and Julius to follow with no energy to speak he just waited, starting to shiver from blood loss, his teeth chattering.

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#, as written by Ever
Aura Thorne

“It‘s nice that you're finally awake Aura. You had me worried there for a moment.”, floated out the strange woman’s relief-ladened words, a warm smile playing on her lips in suit of the tone, “Well… I‘m just like you, silly. Why would I be anything else.” was the next sequence of voicing. A tug of her mouth’s corners settled on Aura’s expression, the Tamer not quite missing the hesitation and uncertainty within Bavol’s response to her question. What could she be possibly hiding..? mused her inner voice, that wariness resurfacing once more. However, that wariness was casted off as the young girl unleashed her questions onto the stranger, a new side surfacing. “I’m sorry to say but I have not seen anyone except you around here... But if your friends are as loud as you say they are then I‘m sure you will find them easily enough. I have friends out there too, you see. I can understand your need to seek out their safety, but rest assured I do believe that your friends ought to be alright. After all, your doing good aren’t you? So why shouldn‘t they.” Feeling disappointment wash over conscious, Aura let her propped elbows collapse from their supportive position, her back coming to rest flat, once more, against the metal tiling. Of course, an inward wince was immediately given as that heated sensation flared from her lower spine, the movement, apparently, not quite welcomed yet. God….what did I do…? As if reading her mind, Bavol’s voice immediately piqued once more, the settled atmosphere between the two being only slightly ruffled. “That was quite impressive what you did back there. Summoning that beast like you did… it was rather impressive to say the least. I‘m just glad you stepped in when you did. I don‘t think we need to worry anymore this place seems safe enough for now. I doubt those demons would dare come back this way ~” Immediately, Aura’s eyebrows knitted in confusion, that frown deepening as the woman’s words sunk in. ”Summon….? So I really did that…… but…..how….?” Stuck in her metacognitive state, the Tamer nonchalantly began to gnaw on her lower lip, every possible scenario replaying. It doesn’t make sense… Rin or Kota should have come...not...that thing… Apparently, the counterpart to this conversation wasn’t quite content with the silence as Aura was, Bavol’s words immediately drawing her back to the present. “Tell me. Out of all the places in this big world, why are you here, in this old abandoned amusement park?” Giving the slightest shrug of her shoulders, Aura merely sighed before musing out, ”We were sent here on an exam to become Exorcists… but.. looks like we failed..”

Without warning, exhaustion and fatigue swept over the small girl. Glancing over at Bavol, Aura allowed a heavy sigh to escape its confines as she delicately allowed for her hands to overlay on her chest, eyelids fluttering close. I think..it’ll be fine..for a few...seconds.. lied her inner voice, awareness deteriorating as sleep cradled her. In fact, Bavols’ farewells just barely registered in the back of her mind, exhaustion outweighing the stranger’s departing importance.

“Aura, we’re heading back now, are you hurt anywhere?” shattered the blissful daze, the voice one that she recognized immediately. Miss Shosuke….ah...they finally found me.. Allowing for her eyelids to groggily lift, it took the teenager a few moments for her focus to hone in on the fiery haired woman. "You look like you’re in pain, can you walk?” Eyebrows knitting once more, Aura was unsure how to respond...in fact, she hadn’t even tried walking..but part of her already knew the answer to that. Merely giving a shake of her head, the Tamer was about to say something when Ryuu suddenly turned away, defense rippling through her stance. After demanding who was there, the teacher raised her hand to her mouth in order to summon, if need be, her willingness to fight evident. Crawling out from the bushes was another teacher, one that Aura only vaguely recognized, hands raised in a good-natured peace. As Ryuu and the male teacher were exchanging plans, Aura couldn’t help but narrow in on Cerbin, eyes holding a wariness to them. I..I think I’ve seen him around before….maybe..thats why he seems familiar...but…. there's something off about him..

"Don't worry. We'll be home soon." Blinking in surprise, the time elapsed from her inner assessment apparently going over her head, Aura’s lips parted in a mixture of confusion and uncertainty. ”O-oh…..right….” Grasping his outstretched arm in a rather weak manner, the Tamer managed to shuffle herself onto his back, a soft hiss of pain being her outlet of emotion. My god...what happened…?! was the address to the root of her discomfort, her spine’s base, disbelief colouring the words. Clutching onto Cerbin’s back, she tried to distract herself through conversation, mind wandering. ”So..um…. did the others…? I mean..are they ok…?”

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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin Hiberion

Cerbin walked slowly towards the park exit with a heavy feeling. No, it wasn't the girl, whom he hadn't carried since her infant year. Surprisingly, it was the after effects of the two fights that he was just in. The superior demon had to admit the fact that he needed to start training. Being undeniably rusty wasn't something he could get away with for long. So, at that moment, Cerbin decided to start a training regiment. One that would make him a much greater adversary in the future. He hoped it would at least.

Half way to his destination, he felt some squirming on his upper back. ”So..um…. did the others…? I mean..are they ok…?” Aura's voice asked from behind him.

It took awhile for Cerbin to answer. He raised his head only to sniff the air a little, making sure it was a quiet sniff. He wouldn't want to tell the girl a lie should one of her new peers have blood on them. Sure enough, the only smell of blood in the air were those that were already there. Nothing.... too human? He couldn't tell. At the very least he knew that the kids were okay. "They should be fine," He said quietly.

Without saying anything else on the whole walk Cerbin waited until they arrived back at the bus to let the girl off. His eye was beginning to loose swelling so he was only able to open it a little, however, not wanting to answer any questions, he kept it shut as much as he could. "Are you hurt anywhere," he asked. "If so, you should rest inside where you can take a seat."

Cerbin suddenly noticed a vibe of energy and with it came an opening, almost like the ones the demons use to travel long distances, but different . Out came the remaining students, Ryuu, and the other teacher. Cerbin had to ponder his name for a moment before remembering. It seemed that he too was hurt. Well, that's if you could sum his condition up in that small phrase. Once they all appeared the opening closed and so did the surge of energy.

Noticing the man was trying to reach the bus, Cerbin walked over to him. "Let me help you," he said taking off his button shirt, leaving him with just a t-shirt. " You're shivering. The blood on the shirt should keep you warm." Cerbin then tried to help the man, whom he now remembered, was named Nathaniel onto the bus. "When we arrive back at the school, you and the girl should probably see a nurse," Cerbin said pointing at Aura. He then stepped outside and went over to Ryuu. "There are two injured. One teacher, one student. The other students seem safe. We shouldn't have had any injuries." Cerbin lowered his head, feeling as if he had failed. "I blame myself for the injuries. I was too far away. There won't be a next time," he said with his eye opened now, and the red strictly on her. If the woman in front of him were Satan, he would have said the same thing. No matter his current position, she was the one in charge and he, as her subordinate, was suppose to make sure everything was okay. Not only had he failed in that, but he failed to keep Azreal's daughter safe. With all these failures of his, it was easy to tell that he had felt hurt. A hurt that dove deep into his pride.

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Julius King

When the wounded professor berated on how Julius shouldn't do anything foolish, or summon Aja since he'd just hurt himself he could only offer a look of incredulity. After all, the one offering the lecture was in even worse shape than himself. When Ryuu asked if everyone was comfortable with flying an intuitive sneer plastered on his face.

" I only have a sun stallion, so you know heights might be an issue." Had the previous situation been less pressing, Julius wouldn't have spat out such a sarcastic line. However, at this point he wasn't exactly intimidated by the potential consequence of his mouth...mostly since he hadn't thought that far ahead. Yet once more, the Dragoon stole his thunder. The man created some black thing that swallowed the group and spat them out at the bus. His eyes immediately rolled at the notion, it's like this guy is deliberately being my antithesis. He was glad that the man just walked on the bus without any further attempt at conversation.

"I'm not riding that bus with Mr. Buzzkill, if the option's still on the table, I'll take the dragon. Hell, even dealing with Aja's trying to run wild or just walking back would be more pleasant." The response was partly his own ego,but on almost instinctual level, Julius found himself loathing Nathaniel. His arms had crossed at some point during this time as if to express his innate distaste of the idea. However, most of all he was mad at himself- every spirit he'd ever contracted with went berserk...it was like a curse. After all, what good were his naturally powerful summons, if he couldn't even contract a rogue one without driving it mad?

"Useless beasts...stupid curse," in frustration Julius muttered out his usual lament. He needed a better circle for that reason, clearly his own power had a maddening affect on the creatures so as a tamer, he had to adjust accordingly.

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Evangline DeCaprio

Eve looked to Julius when he mentioned possessing skills about horses and in all honesty she was about to respond something along the lines off "well I've read about handling... in a fictional book...." Only she was thankfully saved by Mr. Jenova opening a dimensional portal, or so it seemed to the bus. Wondering when this ability manifested and why it constantly isn't used Eve blindly followed his lead onto the bus. Eyeing his wounds Eve felt torn, she desperately wanted to fuss over him, to try and fix his health a bit, however she also wanted to stay by Juliuss' side with his fatigue and that he recently passed out Eve honestly couldn't decide who to smother and lavish with attention. Evidently her mothering instincts from the orphanage kicked in and tugging up her gloves she gathered all the grace she muster and went to Mr. Jenova first. Shrugging out of her blazer she draped it over him and with a worried gaze she tried to lighten things up by saying "Well Mr. Jenova, at least you get medical leave. Perhaps you can finally get some rest being away from all us brats and such." Yes, the joke was weak and nowhere near funny but she had to try and lighten up the situation. Preparing to leave him to rest for the bus ride home Eve just brushed back a bit of his hair and gave what she hoped was a comforting smile before she went back to Julius. Looking at the dark haired teammate Eve calmly said "I would ask how you're holding up Cap, but I feel like thats a stupid question.... and um, thanks for saving me back there. I mean the summons thing was incredibly idiotic, passing out like that, but thanks and rest up you earned it."

Taking her seat Eve immediately threw her head back, closed her eyes, and slipped off her heels. Finally, she let the tension of having to be relied upon go. Things were finally far to out her control and in the hands of the bus driver now, with that thought she simply let the tension melt away leaving her lounging in her seat. Smoothing out her blouse and re-pinning up her hair Eve just enjoyed knowing she no longer had decisions to make. Everything was just about to get better, Cap would rest up and get better Mr. Jenova would get medical attention, and Ms. Shosuke would take care of Ms. Fay along with everything else. Throwing an arm over her eyes to block out the light Eve just lounged, never really slouching but clearly relaxing and waiting for this horrendous day to be over with. After all the phrase "hell on earth" was never meant to be literal.