Satan Azrael

"Yes I am Satan, I can do as I please and my don't you look like fun thing to play with."

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Satan Azrael



Superior Demon
♠ Gender
♠ Nickname(s)/Alias (es)
Satan||Lucifer||Azrael||Demon King
♠ Age
838|| Looks to be in his late twenties.
♠ Love Interest
The Previous Seraphim||


♠Hair Color
Pitch Black
♠Eye Color
Pale red
Azrael has no piercing that is seen on his person. His body sports too many scars to count and is adorned in a few tribal tattoo’s. One of the more notable tattoos is the one that covers the entirety of his back.
Shaggy black hair that reaches to his shoulders do all but hide the horns that adorn the sides of his head that curl just a bit at the ends. A grey complexion and cold red eyes, Ishmael is the spitting image of the iconic devil. His hair usually hides pointed ear tips and blends in with his dark attire. However he takes on two appearances one for when he is alone and with those he trusts and the other to strike fear into a person’s heart. This second appearance is the stuff of nightmares; Azrael is nothing but a forever moving shadow with glowing red phantom eyes and a cruel gaping mouth. This appearance is all thanks to his small skill in creating illusions and with the help of a certain clothe he is capable of using this.
♠Preferred Clothing
Often going bare chested when alone. Azrael usually wears black leather pants and a fur covered jacket that only covers his shoulders and arms. Dark fur covers his shoulders looking very much like a mane of black hair and recedes once the fabric reaches his arm that is until it gets to his wrists. There, fur sprouts again but ends almost as quickly as it started. The fabric continues onto his hand, forming gloves that end in small claws.


Azrael has the habit of licking his lips whenever he sees’s something that interests him. Believes everyone should be equal and that demons, humans and angels can live together peacefully.
Aside from holding the highest form of Demonic power, Azrael is skilled in the use of the sword, utilizing his demonic power with ease, being the King or Lord of Demons
Fear||Power||Equality||His daughter
Holiness||Current Seraphim||Those who oppose him||Angels
Those which are able to be carried out alone||Practicing his swordplay
Losing his daughter||Giving up his power to someone foul||Falling in love
As the demon holding the title Satan, Azrael must present himself as cold and “evil” to the three courts. Although he sometimes acts aloof amongst the few he calls friends, Azrael takes being Satan very seriously and with cunning. He will not tolerate any sort of misconduct that could potentially jeopardize his plans on uniting the three worlds. Although he may be the current Satan for Inferno, that doesn't mean he doesn't hold knowledge about the outside world.


♠Relationship Status
His parents, Ishmael and Sera, and his younger sister, Ani were killed as an attempt to keep him from taking the title of Satan.
♠Personal History
Azrael originated from the 7th circle; Lust. For as long as he could remember he always wanted a beautiful wife and when he first laid eyes on the Seraphim he knew he would do everything to make her his. Now onto his story of how he came to be Satan. Unlike most, Azrael was not a Prince but a servant to one of the worst in Inferno’s history. The way in which he meant the Seraphim was like most love stories go. Both he and the Seraphim did their best to disguise themselves as human and fooled one another into thinking that they were human. However even though the truth was shown to them the two continued to love each other, especially when it became apparent that the Seraphim was with child.


None. Azrael doesn't believe in making a contract believing familiars to be nothing more than beasts.
A large claymore, none have been able to wield this mighty sword due to its massive weight.

So begins...

Satan Azrael's Story


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Vincent Price

Flap..flap..flap..."filthy bird"..a female screech of anger..croaky retorts..the sound of a door being slammed open. That last noise roused Vincent from his trance-like state as his elegant fingers traced crisp yellow pages that littered across his desk. It had been a few tranquil hours of silence broken by the obnoxious sound of flapping as a disgusting messenger bird graced its soiled feathers upon his desk. Beady black eyes stared back into blue ones before an ancient caw escaped the bird's lips as it narrowly avoided losing its tail feathers to the monstrous jaws of Jackel who was less than pleasant as the scent of rotting flesh from the bird's body invaded his still abused nostrils. The ruffled bird merely retreated to a nearby shelf, its eyes wearily following that of the large canine who licked his jowls mockingly.

Vincent merely regarded the interactions with little interest as he drummed his fingers across his desk as he contemplated the request..well order had just been given. It seemed that Satan had recalled the search party from the human world awaiting the news of what exactly was discovered. His hands ran down the dried blood-red ink of his book with affection at the sight of new facts to add to his collection..another entry in his Library had caught his eye a faint recollection of 'relations' between a notable demon and a mortal woman. A faint smirk reached his face as he mentally moved one of his 'pawns' within his game of mind chest, inching closer to checkmating the obsidian king. Such a risky move pitting pawns against a mighty king...yet such a plan could work. Gently closing the book with his hand, it shrank to that of a small pocketbook easily placed within his suit pocket.

~Now for the real fun to begin~ Vincent thought with glee as he stretched lazily and stood from behind his desk. With a skillful hand, he quickly cleared his desk of the books returning them to their respective places before calling out for an assistant for a task that had been on his mind for quite some time. Within minutes a timid young demon dressed in a patched suit came before him, he was one of the few in Vincent's circle that did not fall in line with his many caretakers of his library, this youth was one of his personal apprentices. A lanky young boy in his early teens, at least that is what demons would call at the age, proficient enough in knife play, his favored skill set was one of stealth. A faint smile appeared on Vincent's lips as he said "Oh good, I have a job for you Seve..I require your light footsteps. Try not to get caught this time..". The teen blushed faintly as he subconsciously pulled at the loose tie around his neck, a nervous tic he had developed before inclining his head slightly "Yes sir, of course..what is it you require of me..". Running a hand through his hair, Vincent blinked slowly as he chose his next words fairly carefully, weary of the lurking servant of Satan ever watching " I am concerned that the other Princes were lying about the security of their Circles. Nothing is full proof..I want to you to and see if you can find a leak in their Circles. Start with the Circles belonging to the Prince of Air, gods know she is not the most dedicated of workers..Go and come back as soon as you find anything of interest.". Waving his apprentice off with a lazy wave, the youth bowed at the waist before sliding a knife into his palm and asked quietly "If I am confronted..then?". Vincent's smile became larger "If they are nothing to the Prince, then carefully deposit of the bodies. If they are too large of a mouse to handle..then lead them back here. Do not get into risky conflicts though. This is a mission of stealth not outright challenging the authority of the other Princes."

As the sound of silence entered the vast Library, the messenger cawed in agitation as Jackal resumed his stalking of the smelly bird. While Vincent satisfied with meddling for the day, merely draped himself across the sofa adjacent to his desk and shut his eyes in hopes of getting a few minutes of uninterrupted sleep.


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The answer he had received from Cerbin weighed heavily on the Demon Kings mind. So my daughters an exorcists how ironic a mirth filled smile dared to play at the corner of his lips. By that time he was back in the throne room and had thrown off the cloak. Thus resulting in his illusion to shatter and revealing a regular demon. Leaning his head forwards so that his hair provided a curtain to hide his face, Azrael's shoulders began to shake slightly until finally it turned violent and a low laugh escaped him. Then that too changed in tone as his laugh began to sound crazy with its crackling sound. However just as soon as it had started it ended with the coming of a surge of power.

Straightening up, Azrael peered through his fingers a cold look in his eyes. "What in Hell's name was that?" The power spike was familiar, one he had felt only a few times in his short life. Bringing his hand to clutch his chin, he began to rub it absent-mindedly while trying to remember. "Bah! This isn't the time to worry of that now. I need to get ready to deal with the Princess when she comes."


With Yeu having taken his leave, and the remainder of her day offering very little in the way of amusement and entertainment - at least for the time being - Bavol realized that perhaps now was a wise opportunity to pay a visit to Satan and delve into the reasons behind their prompt return to Inferno. Although by no means was being in the presence of Satan a complete joy for the young female - mainly due to his intimidating nature and high authority over her - a chance meeting with their leader without the continuous squabbles of the other two princes was something that the girl could not pass up easily. Or at the very least she hoped the boys would not be present. With this in mind the princess dismissed herself from her circles promptly, making herself look presentable beforehand, and began to make her way over to where she knew to find Satan.

It wasn’t difficult in locating the demon. After all, Satan was rather easy to find in Inferno.

Upon entering the room which housed their ruler the princess cautiously walked across the room and slowly approached the powerful figure as he sat. On first glance the demon seemed away with his thoughts momentarily, causing Bavol to wisely think before daring to speak to the intimidating older male.

“Satan,“ She spoke with a soft tone, her eyes gradually raising their stare to briefly glimpse at the other demon. When about to continue she paused suddenly, hesitant at first, before a cheeky smirk edged it’s way to her lips. “So… a little birdie told me you wanted to see me?“ Allowing only a mere moment of silence to pass between the pair the young female opened her mouth once more and continued with, “I believe the sudden departure from the human realm was a little uncalled for, Sir. Everything was going well and working out for us, and there was so much more we could have done… if given time.“

Though seemingly spirited and confident in her words the princess knew not to over step her mark in regards to Satan. The demon was unpredictable in his ways, a trait which unnerved the female to a degree and gave her reason to worry. And yet, regardless of the feeble attempts to shelter the truer emotions of which she had now come to feel towards the human world it was rather evident in her approach how much the girl wished to have remained longer within said world.

His eyes flickered to where the Princess stood. The corners of his lips curled slightly, realizing the girl’s intentions of expressing herself. It was quite obvious how much she wished to have stayed longer in the Human realm but he cared not for her newfound interest. Rubbing his fingers against the bridge of his nose, for a moment he let it show of how tired he was. “I see, so you’re saying me bringing you back was uncalled for. I’ll take that at face-value but I have my reasons some of which do not concern you.” Turning his head to look at her directly with a look of boredom, he continued to speak. “Tell me, what else could you have done besides killing the Lesser’s. I did ask that you bring them back alive something you failed at doing, but I guess your first assignment to the Human realm didn’t go without its merits.”

Rocking forwards, Azrael stood up from his seat and crossed the small dial until he stood in front of the Princess. Looking down at her, he kept his hands behind his back and passed her by. Walking to the doorway, Azrael stopped, looking over his shoulder at her with something of an irritated look. “Well are you coming or not?” Leaving the door open for her to pass through, Azrael continued to walk almost aimlessly through his home. Finally they reached a balcony that looked up at the blood streaked sky. Placing his hands far apart on either side of the ledge he breathed in then out. “I’m sure you felt that surge of power from earlier.” He paused long enough for his statement to sink in before continuing. “I may have an assignment for you Princess of Air, but whether or not you choose to take it upon yourself to get to the root of the problem is up to you. I want you to travel to the Human realm and find the source of the power surge. It wasn’t something a mere human could conjure, not even with a summon or if they were half-lings. Find the source, watch it, and report back to me, is that understood?”

Bavol stood somewhat anxiously as she quietly observed the small gestures that the older demon demonstrated, the figure seemingly giving off a hint of tiredness about himself, if not perhaps boredom. To his response however, and with little thought, the princess merely offered, “We could have done… so much more… possibly…“ Towards the end her voice faded to barely a whisper upon the realization of the pointlessness of her own argument. “Fair enough, Satan.“ And yet with the subtle hint of a compliment the girl sweetly smiled to herself knowing that it was perhaps the most amount of praise she’d receive from their ruler. Perhaps he is not the big bad ruler that many have him down for. She amusingly thought.

It had took the princess a few slow moments to finally acknowledge that Satan had moved from his seat and positioned himself over by the doorway - passing the female in the process. It was only when he spoke that the girl finally snapped into action and promptly shuffled herself over to his side before the demon continued on his way. “Of course I am coming.“ She assured before following on closely.

A short amount of time had come to pass until the pair had reached a balcony of some sort that stood beneath the sky above. Walking over and leaning against the frame Bavol gazed somewhat dreamily towards the red heavens that loomed over her and all the while listened keenly as Satan spoke. In response she offered a simple nod and said, “Yeah, I felt it. Though I wasn’t really thinking much about it.“ Curious as to what their ruler was meaning the young princess shifted her stare and focused on the figure beside her, although her eyes soon widened with both excitement and confusion to what he said next. “You really want me to find the source of the power? Well… I mean… I would be thrilled to take the assignment!“ Despite her initial doubts the girl had seemingly overcome such issues rather quickly - perhaps the thought of revisiting the human realm was simply too appealing to refuse. “But how will I know what caused the power surge or what it looks like… then again I suppose that is the point of the assignment, isn’t it? I‘ll have to figure that out...“

When turning and readying to depart Bavol stopped suddenly, turning her head to face Satan once more. “Oh, how long would I be expected to be in the human realm for? And should I find the source of the power surge should I interact with the subject? Entirely for information gathering purposes… of course.~“

If he wasn't Satan, Azrael may have smiled at her ethusiam. " That would be the point." Azrael watched her as the Princess turned ready to depart but something stopped her and she faced him once more. Bringing a hand to his chin, while the other supported his elbow it was obvious he was thinking. "I'll give you a month but I expect you to send reports of your progress every week. Upon finding a lead I'll give you extra time."

Pausing for a short moment, he continued, "You may interact with it, however I will be entrusting you with the decision to destroy the subject if they prove to be harmful to Inferno. Find its weaknesses, its strength so that we may know how to deal with it if it ever does become a problem. You will be leaving the day after tomorrow, and you may bring your servant if you wish. Just know you will be responsible for any actions he takes as you will be representing Inferno in this matter." Turning away from Bavol it was clear from his demeanor that he no longer wished to speak with her.

Once she left, Azrael stared out into the red sky hoping she wouldn't come across his daughter. With a tired sigh and a bow of his head he began to mumble to himself. "Hanael what are we going to do with our daughter." Letting his shoulders fall, Azrael walked to his chambers for the night.

Every now and again Bavol would offer a mere nod in rhythm with the words of Satan as a sign of showing that she was paying close attention as the older demon spoke. This certainly seems more of a big deal that I originally thought. I mean I knew it was somewhat of the importance but Satan is really putting effort into this assignment… meaning I cannot really afford to fail. With a slightly uneasy sign the princess gave a final nod of her head before bowing to the male. When it became apparent that he no longer wished her presence Bavol quietly muttered, ”I understand Satan… I‘ll do as you wish.“ Not really desiring to linger around where she was not wanted the princess took her leave at that moment and made her way from the balcony quietly without disturbing their ruler.

As she left the princess had already decided to proceed onward and continue on her way back to her own circles once more, allowing herself some time to think over the assignment and what would be required in completing such a task. Since she still had over a day or so until departing for the human realm the princess figured she could afford to take her time and even discuss the assignment with Yeu once he returned from what it was he was doing. In the mean time however, until further required the princess had opted to retire to her bed chambers and take yet another well deserved rest for now. Upon entering her circles she immediately ventured to her lair of slumber and quickly grew comfortable a top her bed sheets.


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Time had passed in the place once called Hell. Time here was different yet the same as its brethren, Aurae and Earth. Night and day were usually only assumed by the change of color of Inferno’s sky. The demons of Inferno associated the bloodied sky for night time while the fiery hues above indicated day. However day and night never really have a time just to themselves, the two subjects seemed to fight over who took to the sky for the time being. A day in Inferno could go by as quickly as a wink of an eye while a night lasted for what seemed like eons and vice versa.

The day before had lasted for quite a while. On the other hand the previous night to this current day passed by quickly. And so the day had come for a particular demon to venture into the Human Realm, to investigate a recent surge of power that had appeared within that world.


The demon known as Satan woke up early as he did normally. It was actually quite difficult to tell time in Inferno but as one grows older they begin to learn the patterns of their surroundings. Unlike most other demons, Azrael had spent most of the night before setting up preparations for the Prince of Air’s departure. Considering her nature for trouble it’d be best to make sure she was decently educated on the happenings of the Human Realm. Staring up at his domed ceiling, it was covered by a magnificent painting of a battle scene long since over. Rubbing his face Azrael got out of bed, readying himself for the day.

Some Time Later

By now the other Princes as well as demons should be up and running. Satan knew that the Princess wouldn’t be up just yet considering her sins nature and he had no intention of dealing with the drama that came with waking up such a lazy individual at the hour he woke up. Azrael wondered the halls of his home for a while before stepping to the side to gain the attention of a messenger. There were countless servants within his home, many of which were free to wonder about as they pleased but one must always stay nearby in case Satan need their service. The messenger seemed a bit nervous at having been called on his king. It wasn’t every day that a Superior Demon of such a low ranking would come face to face with such an influential character.

Azrael towered over the poor soul, who dared not look his king in the eye, a grim expression on his face. “I need you to send a message to the Prince of Air.” the messenger nodded in a meek manner. The reaction made Azrael wish he could laugh but doing so wouldn’t help him much. Placing his hands behind his back, Azrael went back into the hallway tilting his head in a way that indicated he wanted the messenger to follow him. “You are to use your Gate to enter the Human Realm, and you may take your subordinate along with you. A package should have been delivered to you last night holding information that you will need to know while in the Human Realm. You are to leave soon after receiving this message.” Azrael stopped reaching for the paper the messenger had used to write down everything he heard. Skimming over the majority of it Azrael handed it back to the messenger, “Send this to the Prince of Air soon but not yet. There are still a few more preparations that need to be made.” Nodding in that manner of his the messenger scurried off.

Azrael now stood in front of his throne room, this one was slightly different from the room he had been in when talking with the Princes a few days before. This particular room was for public use and with that in mind, as he sat down on his throne with a huff Azrael made a motion with his hand a dark shadowy substance cloaked him entirely. This was the guise he took when he was in front of the public; it was meant to intimidate those around him. With a bored expression he let out a sharp whistle and Malice soon appeared at his side. Grabbing the dogs muzzle fiercely with one hand, Azrael leaned forwards to relay a message. “Tell your brother that a Prince and her subordinate will be arriving in the Human Realm very soon. He is free to protect my daughter as he sees fit. No one must know of her existence, at least not yet.” Settling back into his chair, he pushed aside the dogs muzzle with distaste. Malice shook his head and walked away storing the message to be sent at a later time. For the time being now that all was prepared, Azrael had the message to Bavol be sent.

Shortly after having the message sent a servant scurried over to where he was. Looking down Azrael spoke in a gruff manner, "What is it?" The servant flinched but then straightened to his fullest height. Azrael then noticed the emblems on his breast pocket, they were the ones normally associated with The Prince of Fire. Eyes narrowing, the servant cleared his throat, "Ah Prince Vincent wishes to hold an audience with you." Azrael raised one hand to pinch the bridge of his nose as he sat back against the throne. Staring at the servant, Azrael snarled "Well bring him in then."

Quickly nodding, the servant rushed to fetch his Prince. It did not take long for the demon himself to stroll in bringing with him a triumph air about him and a smirk to go along with it. Already Azrael began to regret allowing this demon of a man to become a Prince but it was really a feeling than anything else. "What is it that you wished to discuss with me?" Resting his cheek against his closed fist Azrael listened to treacherous words spilling from the man’s lips. As Vincent explained this act of treason Satan's temper began to flare and it was obvious by the way his illusion rippled and snapped around him to reveal his furious figure underneath.

Finally when Vincent showed the proof, it was the last thing to poke at Azrael's calm anger. Once again the King of Demon's shattered the arm of his chair. Standing as he did so, Azrael held the remaining clumps of marble in his clawed hand before tightening it in his fist pulverizing it into mere dust. Watching drift to the ground Azrael spoke, his voice strained as he kept his fury in check. "I believe we have a envious princess to meet." And with that being said, Azrael brought his arm up as he walked through the entry way of the throne room ordering the guards to follow. Soon enough they stood before a wall that curved towards them to the sides. Embedded in the wall were twelve doors, each one unique in the way it appeared. Between every three doors were ones that were larger compared to the rest. Above each of these doors was a crown with symbols etched into the doors frame that hinted towards the other end. The middle door had airy markings and so it was the one Azrael picked out of the three.

Pushing the double doors open they were flooded with new sounds and images as they entered the Princess of Air's personal circle. Those who resided in her circle stepped away in fear of the soldiers marching down the streets and towards the Princesses home. Although he was Satan, he cared little for the protection one should have considering his rank. Azrael led the menacing group with purpose. The demon knew exactly where she and her subordinate would be and it did not take them long to arrive just as Bavol and Yeuri were getting ready to depart through her personal Gate. "Seize him!" he bellowed, motioning towards the gray haired fellow standing close to Princess of Air. In response to his words, the guards pushed Yeuri back with their glaives until he no longer stood beside his Princess until they were able to form a four person diamond.

Still wrapped in his illusion, Azrael was a menacing sight to behold. Their looks of bewilderment and opposition towards Azrael's actions annoyed the demon. Walking over to the treasonous demon that was Yeuri he growled, "You are a treasonous fool, Yeuri, and thus with all who commit treason towards Satan you will be under arrest and sentenced to death." Looking down at the young demon, Azrael hated the idea of letting such a snake get so close to his inner courts. Ignoring any and all please, Azrael turned to face Bavol. "As for you, you are hereby excused from this mission. I know not the extent of your subordinate’s treason a d thus I cannot allow you to go to the Human Realm. You may visit him if you like but under supervision of course." By now he had calmed quite a bit, so his illusion wasn't flickering as it had been before.

"Take him away" clasping his hands behind his back Azrael away. Two of the six guards that had accompanied him walked at his side just slightly behind him while the remaining four escorted a now cuffed Yeuri to Purgatory.


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#, as written by Skwidge
Yeuri + Gore

Strange gurgles, clicks, chirps, and whines emanated from the sickening form that was Gore laying on his back over his master’s feet. Yeuri was busy running his fingers and palms through the creature’s belly fur at a very quick pace, rustling and mussing up the fur, and Gore was having a fabulous time. He wiggled happily and his tail thumped loudly against the floor, the strange inky substance that emanated from his form pooled and was disturbed with every hit, rippling outwards and almost seemingly clawing its way as far as it could from its host to snare deadly tendrils into anything that lived. The stairs were no exception, as the two of them were roughing about in the grand front hall of the marble castle they dwelled in with the Mistress.

There was no real threat of anyone walking in on them, despite the large amount of servants and others that visited the grounds as well as the fact they were within the room that held the front doors to the manse, as many did their absolute best to avoid being anywhere near either one of them.

Yeu suddenly grabbed Gore’s muzzle, squeezing it between his hand in an almost threatening manner, staring straight into the familiar’s eyes and commanding the creature’s attention. Gore stilled, a shrill whine rumbling through his body as he stared at the beautiful orbs that belonged to his master. Yeuri’s serious expression soon crumbled into that of a smug smirk, his lips finally parting to reveal a soft spoken affection. ”Mm, such a good little mutt, huh?” Gore wiggled once more with trembling excitement, his tongue sliding from between his clamped jaws, shiny and pure ebony in color, just like his mouth. He whined again, tail thumping painfully against the marble floor- painful for the floor that is. Ink pooled from his mouth as Yeuri released his grip and the hound parted his own jaws, tongue lolling out to the side as his empty yellow orbs glowed happily from the attention.

However, their little love-fest was shortly interrupted as Gore’s fur suddenly stood on end and he flipped over onto his stomach with a rattling snarl, his ears flicking back against his skull. The inky substance that had previously been billowing off of Gore’s pelt suddenly shot back to his form and trembled in dark pools beneath his paws. Yeuri looked up with a calm sort of boredom, which for him always seemed to speak intimidating and/or deadly.

Moments after Gore’s display, there was a knock at the doors of the castle. As the doors opened to reveal the small form of one of Satan’s messengers, Yeuri’s features hardened. They had not been entirely alerted to his presence entering their Circle, which must have been from the Doors of Satan’s realm. While these under Azrael’s jurisdiction were obviously not unwelcome- lest the demons be berated for mauling and tearing the limbs from those under the Satan’s power by the man himself, it was never a pleasant experience or fact when those from other realms entered their territory.

Gore’s form changed, growing ever darker and malicious. The familiar parted his jaws, his snarls thus increasing in volume as well as showing off his unreasonably large, sharp fangs. With no pupils to his eyes and rather just that eerie yellow glow that occupied the entire part of the orb, he definitely looked otherworldly and demonic.

The messenger seemed to tremble subtly, but for the two of them, it was easily caught. But weakness just egged Gore on all the more. However, Yeuri’s index and middle finger suddenly appeared at the tip of one of his creature’s ears, pinching down on the skin and thus immediately calming the monster- but Gore still displayed his own authority through his body language.

Yeu did not speak, only smirked in that automatically threatening way of his, and motioned the man forward with a hand. The color on the messenger’s face seemed to drain away at the fact that he would have to near the two of them. Yeuri was obviously delighted with such a fact, as he seemed to flourish off of the discomfort and terror of others. As the boy neared closer and closer, ascending the steps one at a time, Gore’s eyes were clearly captivated with the messenger’s face. He licked his chops, suddenly opening his jaws once more and displaying those sabre-like fangs of his.

”Message from lord Satan to the Princess of Air.” The messenger stuttered and avoided looking at the two forms perched on the top of the stairs who seemed to be just waiting for an improper motion so as to fall upon him and tear him to shreds. Yeu grunted softly, extending his hand to take the letter. ”Very well. Depart immediately.” Yukon stood from his seat and held the letter casually between his fingers, turning to go and inform Bavol of the news.

The messenger didn’t seem to know what to do with himself for a moment or two, but that was quickly remedied by Gore suddenly snapping upwards onto his feet and raising his tail straight up in a threatening manner, his jaws clacking together as the dark substance dripped from the tips of his teeth while a snarl rumbled and scrunched his face. The boy got the message and quickly booked it with a little whimper.

A jester-like grin peeled at Gore’s lips as he tilted his head and watched the form scurry out of his presence. The creature cackled, returning to his normal form and focusing his pupils on the door that slammed shut. He then turned, tail wagging slowly as he followed after his Master, ears perked and swiveling at sounds that were nowhere near him.

After having informed Bavol and learning of the contents within the letter, the two of them prepared for their departure once more to the human realm. It was, however, undescribed as to why the two of them were leaving for there. Azrael had plenty of other people to do it, though not that Yeuri was complaining. They would be less supervised, have time at their leisure, and rain hell upon the unsuspecting mortals of earth for their entertainment’s pleasure.

They were just at the gates to the human realm, Yeuri going over a few rules between the two of them- such as never wandering too far from one another- when something suddenly disturbed the air of their Circle. Gore had felt it and immediately spoke up as to warn his Master of the intrusion and level of power behind it. It was easy to tell that Azrael had come for a visit. But for what, Yukon could not say.

As Satan approached them from the distance, Yeu settled a palm on one of his Twins, though remained silent. However, Azrael was not alone in the slightest- six guards followed, as well as the Prince of Fire. A feeling of deep irritation and exasperation flourished within Yeuri, and he rolled his eyes. What was it now?

"Seize him!" Yeu did not exactly register those words immediately after they were said, rather he was a slight bit confused. Did Satan mean him? However, it was quickly clear that yes, he did indeed mean him. Gore had made the connection almost before anything had been said. His hackles rose, and once more he grew deadly as to protect his Master. They could take the guards easily between the two of them, especially since they had the quickly-reducing upper hand of distance. But to Gore’s surprise, Yeuri did not make a motion to encourage the notion. But that did not stop Gore from regarding them hatefully. The inky smoke seemed to slide right off of him and it slid hidden on the ground, forming a circle perimeter around Yeu’s feet.

”Is this because of your damn doors, Vincent?” Yukon crossed his arms boredly, regarding the other Prince with a steady look of disdain and boredom. The question seemed to go rather unanswered as the guards came upon him.

While Yukon was of course aware of his familiar’s actions, the others were not, and he had to fight to keep a smirk off his face, which in turn fought with the anger that flared from the accusations that then poured from Satan’s lips. "You are a treasonous fool, Yeuri, and thus with all who commit treason towards Satan you will be under arrest and sentenced to death." As the guards stepped around Yeuri, that black substance slid up their shoes and poured smoothly to fill underneath their feet, tacking themselves unnoticed between their toes and where they could not be seen nor felt.

Yeu scoffed blatantly right in Satan’s face, that same look of insufferable boredom tacked to his face with that sideways smirk of his. ”You’ll have to inform me of what I’ve done wrong, because I do not recall ever bothering to dabble in your pointless doings. As for both your reckless and pointless seizing of myself with no evidence or notice I’d think it wise to ask of my side of this apparent fairy tale.” As Azrael looked down at him with pure hate, Yeuri’s smirk only grew bigger in a state of momentary insubordination, and he even went so far as to plant a kiss on the man’s nose. However, his humor quickly broke and a harsh look filled his features. ”So doll, I’d suggest getting facts straight before making yourself look like a rash and paranoid ruler in front of a Circle full of demons who react poorly to such things.” His tone was matter-of-fact and otherwise bland as he regarded the king of hell lazily.

Yeuri fully expected to get some sort of physical punishment for his words, but he didn’t care. It was delicious to feel and see the reactions that those present were feeding him. He looked unfazed by the whole situation, and Gore was suddenly there behind him in the diamond of guards. The creature lifted himself onto his hind legs, supporting his weight by placing his front two on Yeuri’s back, and his muzzle disappeared into one of the demon’s back pockets. Before anyone could stop the creature, he darted away, item in mouth, which certainly looked suspicious as hell. Anyone watching closely enough would have caught a momentary flash of a thin, wooden object before it disappeared down Gore’s gullet. The creature swerved lightly and forced itself between Bavol’s legs, sitting between her feet. He regarded oeveryone coldly with those creepy eyes of his, but otherwise he remained complacent.

However, should anyone near him with the intent to retrieve that strange little item, he would disappear from sight into the shadows.

As Satan ordered the guards to escort him to Purgatory with his cuffed hands, Yeuri let out a huff of air. ”I can walk fine on my own, boys.” These words too seemed to be missed as they forced him forward. As Yukon was being led away, he turned his head to regard Vincent. His face was expressionless as he considered the Prince of Fire.

This was going to be entertaining.


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#, as written by Kapento
Bavol + Gore

As they were getting ready to depart Bavol could feel her inner excitement build. It was truly one of the few pleasures she got as a Prince -- to explore the Human Realm at her leisure, with her subordinate at her side always. As the pair stood waiting, discussing a few rules as usual mostly to ensure Bavol didn't wander off, a tense air suddenly filled the atmosphere of the sleepy kingdom. A feeling which triggered a nerve deep within the princess. Not of irritable-ness though but rather fear and anxiousness. As she saw Satan her emotions were proving true.

I wonder what he could want at this hour. She thought with a look of displeasure. Vincent was there to and his presence alone caused the Princess to frown a little. She truly could not stand the other rival to the throne, especially as he stood right before her in her own circle. What could he want? And with Satan at his side it certainly wouldn’t be good. Why did things always turn this way for the girl?

"Seize him!" Satan called and motioned towards Yeu. The girl watched as the guards took hold of her subordinate and held him securely, the whole scene seemingly a disgrace in her eyes. As their ruler stepped closer to her subordinate he growled, "You are a treasonous fool, Yeuri, and thus with all who commit treason towards Satan you will be under arrest and sentenced to death." Satan dind't look as if he were joking either. Bavol couldn't believe it.

"You’ll have to inform me of what I’ve done wrong, because I do not recall ever bothering to dabble in your pointless doings..." As Yeu spoke up in his own defense, the princess tried to get closer to him but was halted every time by the guards. She whined and pleaded for his release but Satan and the guards took little notice at that moment. Their ruler's focus directly planted onto that of her subordinate, who seemed to anger the demon even more, and showed little worry at his current predicament. Just like Yeu to do that. She knowingly smiled ever so slightly.

"As for you, you are hereby excused from this mission." Bavol's mouth dropped a little with a slight gasp as the older demon spoke. "That's not fair!" Evidently the news did not amuse her. "I know not the extent of your subordinate’s treason a d thus I cannot allow you to go to the Human Realm". The princess looked to the demon wide-eyed. "But Satan!" Her hands fixed to either side of her hips in protest. "You may visit him if you like but under supervision of course." Bavol huffed. "I shouldn't have to be supervised he's my subordinate!" She snapped, momentarily forgetting who she was conversing with just then, as her emotions controlled her a little. Like a disgruntled child the princess didn't seem to drop the matter, her emotions flaring at their ruler, and Vincent, who no doubt played a hand in this.

"Why do I feel like you did this." She said towards Vincent, clearly disheartened with the removal of Yeu, as her feelings shifted from anger to sadness. Although, a small fire of rage did still remain burning within the girl, the desire to strike Vincent seeming more tempting, but she refrained from doing so.

The princess of air watched oddly as Gore maneuvered between Yeu and herself, the creature seemingly swallowing something though she couldn't be sure, before it nestled itself between her legs suddenly. The princess jumped a little as she felt the fur of the beast tickle against her flesh, causing the girl to giggle a little, but she tried her best to suppress the urge. Kneeling down gradually she placed a hand gently onto the back of the jackals head, running her fingers through it's fur affectionately.

At least I still got him. She sighed at the thought, before redirecting her stare towards Yeu as he was finally being hauled away. Raising a hand she waved somewhat, though felt too upset to say anything.

"What are we going to do, Gore?" She sulked, as Satan and his crew faded into the distance before redirecting her stare down to the jackal.

Gore watched as Yeuri was ‘escorted’ away, a low grumble rumbling across his chest and reverberating in his throat. However, at the touch of Bavol upon his head, he shifted his shoulders down a bit and propped his head up into the pat, though he still growled until Yeu disappeared from sight. His tail swatted the ground twice in show of pleasure, but other than that he remained completely focused on the now-empty spot where Yeu had been moments ago.

At the voice of the woman Yeu protected, his head then arched back to stare into her eyes with a low whine and a somewhat pitiful look. However, this did not last long as the familiar suddenly rose from his position and circled around till he was facing Bavol. His back suddenly arched and his maw bent towards the earth. His jaws parted and suddenly the air was filled with the vile sounds of retching- much like a cat expelling a hair ball.

This went on for a few moments until the little wooden object appeared from his throat in its disgusting glory, completely covered with mucus, stomach acid, blood and flesh, and a wee bit of vomit. After having regurgitated the little thing, Gore sat back on his haunches and stared straight up into Bavol’s eyes, his tail wagging furiously and his lower jaw parted from his upper just a bit as he panted happily. He licked his chops and whined lightly, gazing at Bavol with a very excited, pleased, and expectant look in search of praise. With another whine he ducked his head slightly before it came bobbing back up and he fell to his stomach, arching his head back a bit and wagging his tail.

Bavol continued to watch the beast as it rose upward and circled. She always found Gore to be quite amusing even when the thing didn't mean to be, if ever. "Hm?" Blinking with evident curiosity the girl stared at the shadowy creature as it lowered it's jaw to the ground. The demon was about to crouch closer until hearing some concerning noises erupt from the beast. To this, she immediately jumped back and raised an eyebrow.

A little wooden item hit the ground and tugged more at the princesses interest. "What's that?" She questioned and shuffled closer to the mysterious thing. Though upon a closer inspection Bavol was less than keen to touch it, her own insides becoming ever so slightly nauseous. "That's what you swallowed? Oh Gore." As she briefly looked to the jackal she could tell how pleased he was with himself. It was such an adorable sight, unlike that of which came from the beasts stomach. I wonder what else he can shove down there.

Taking a deep breath the princess reached forward and picked up the little device. Bravely she wiped off the excess that stained it, before holding it closer to get a better look at it. "A summoning whistle." A smile filled her features as she felt more enthusiastic towards the little wooden piece. "Gore, what a devilishly smart beast you are." Sliding the whistle into one of her pockets the girl turned to the jackal and lightly placed a kiss upon it's forehead, before joyfully ruffling the fur on it's back. "Thanks boy, you have certainly proven useful once again. If I ever need a brave, smart beast I'll know who to call. You, yes you." She spoke softly to the beast, clapping it once more before eventually getting to her feet quickly. "Alright, I best get going. Gore, watch over the place whilst we are gone."

As he saw the smile on the woman’s face, he tried to mimic it with his own open-mouthed grin. It looked awkward and strange, but because of his admirable attempt, it was also precious. At her loud praise towards him, he puffed out his chest just a bit and his tail thumped against the ground harshly and his ears flickered back and forth as he listened to her words. He whined happily as she acted out more of her affection, to which he accepted very enthusiastically. As she scratched at his back, his left hind leg started shaking gleefully, and he pushed his forehead into her stomach with another happy whine.

She then placed her hand on his head, and he licked his lips again with a small little whine. As she rose, he looked up at her, and as she commanded him to watch over the Circle while she was gone- which is what Yeuri would have told him to do as well- he grew still and formal. He stood from his seated position and his ears tilted upwards and stood erect, swiveling once more to listen to the noises within the large air realm. With a last look up at her face, Gore then turned and slunk into the shadows to go patrolling.

"Bye Gore." The girl said quietly as the beast took it's leave. With that all said and done, the princess turned and faced the direction in which Satan had gone down earlier, before moving herself down that very same path. She had already decided to hunt down Satan, sort out this big misunderstanding, and retain order once more.

A short while later Bavol arrived just outside of the lair that housed Satan. She wasn't overly thrilled to be there in the first place and would have preferred to be elsewhere, if only it wasn't for the fact that her airy world as she knew it was being slowly torn apart in front of her very eyes. She felt that she needed to act and do something, for the sake of her subordinate. Knocking once before creeping in through the door the princess quietly strolled further into the room. A little nervous, clearly, she was a slightly cautious in her approach to the older demon.

"Satan?" She mumbled, if not whispered, as she stood just a short distance from the powerful demon. The girl never dared look at him directly. "I do not understand what has happened, why any of this occurred? Yeu is not a bad demon and he would never do something like you are wrongfully accusing him of." Pouting, she narrowed her stare somewhat and crossed her arms tightly. "Your wrong, I know your wrong. I just don't understand how I can prove it."

Silencing herself only briefly, Bavol thought about how best to plead her case, or Yeu's more rightly. But, given the little amount of knowledge she possessed about the whole ordeal, she wouldn't get very far. She needed answers.

"I think I am entitled to an explanation, Satan."


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The group passed through the Gates in something of a hurry, Satan still leading the group within his home. He had yet to remove his illusion despite being within the sanctions of these walls. Glancing behind him Azrael studied Yeuri without giving away anything. After walking for a short while Azrael motioned to the left of the hall where a side corridor was hidden. Without stopping the guards forced Yeuri to go through the corridor which would take him to the lower levels of Purgatory and eventually something of a dungeon.

Azrael took long strides not once looking back as he spoke to the Prince of Fire. “You will have to go the Human Realm in Bavol’s place. As I’ve already explained to her all you will be tasked with doing is finding the source the power surge from two days ago.” The two eventually found themselves in his throne room where Satan quickly took a seat upon. The moment he did so the illusion he had kept up fell away. “You will only be given one month to find the source of the power surge. I expect that you will update weekly Vincent. If you do happen to find this power surge I leave it to your discretion to destroy it if it is a threat to us or to study to understand it better. I’m sure you’ll enjoy that more so than simply getting rid of it.” he said dryly.

The demon king was somewhat aware of Vincent’s hobbies but he never really bothered to understand why Vincent found joy in doing what he does. Azrael shifted in his seat leaning his jaw against a curled hand while the other rested against the arm of the throne. Thinking back to what had just been told to him Azrael frowned. Never had he ever thought a traitor would be so close in his midst. There certainly were other incidents regarding traitors but they had been low key and found out by those of lower standing in his court. Focusing his attention back on Vincent Azrael was about to speak when there was a knock on the large door that led to the room.

Had it not been for the sheer emptiness of the room and the short pause between his words, Azrael would not have heard the knock. They were akin to loud thumps that seemed to echo in the room so it was difficult to ignore it. Straightening in his seat he let his arm drop to the other armrest. The corners of his lips seemed to curl upwards slightly as pale red orbs took in the sight of the airy princess. He could see that being in his presence made the young demon nervous. "Satan?" came the quiet mumble. “Yes?” It amused him to see that she wouldn’t look him in the eye. "I do not understand what has happened, why any of this occurred? Yeu is not a bad demon and he would never do something like you are wrongfully accusing him of."

After saying that the girl took on a more defiant stance or so it seemed in his eyes. "Your wrong, I know your wrong. I just don't understand how I can prove it." At this Azrael frowned, his gaze narrowed in what could be conveyed as irritation. "I think I am entitled to an explanation, Satan." Suddenly the king laughed although not at the Princess but the idea of which she spoke of. His laughter was short-lived eventually becoming quiet chuckles and then a smile that made his features seem harsh. “First you accuse me of being wrong in the precautions I’ve taken and now you believe you are entitled to something?” Pausing briefly to let it be aware that he was not pleased he continued. “The evidence that has been shown simply cannot be denied Princess of Air, regardless of your personal thoughts on your subordinate I must do as any sane ruler would do; destroy those who may oppose him.”

With a shrug of indifference Azrael looked over at the Prince of Fire. Beckoning him forwards with his hand, “I’ll let the Prince of Fire show you this evidence.” The Prince of Fire stepped forwards presenting Bavol the evidence which was a small book that upon opening it displayed various images. The images were slow and fidgety showing bits of static at the edges as they gazed upon it. A figure stepped into view they were cloaked and had the hood drawn over their heads. The dim light of their surroundings cast a dark shadow over their faces making it near impossible to figure out who it was they were peeking on. Suddenly the images zoomed outwards showing the building in the dim light. The figure approached a door knocking on it a few times before taking out some sort of thin object and began to make motions over the door. It soon became apparent that what the figure held in their hands was a stylus. Stepping closer to the door the figure blocked their view of the door until they stepped away revealing a small insignia on the door. The insignia was that of a nine pointed star within the star was a half-closed eye and intertwined within the lines of the star what could be chains; the insignia taken up by the factions that had opposed and still oppose Azrael and his ideals regarding the Human Realm and Aurae.

Suddenly there was a flash of light originating from the insignia. Although the light dimmed it was bright enough to eradicate the shadows that had previously kept the hooded figures features hidden. As they leaned in closer to the image it was obvious who it was that had drawn the insignia, it was Yeuri. With that finally shown Vincent snapped the book closed. A sigh fell way from Azrael’s lips as he turned his head to watch the Airy Princess for her reactions to what had been shown. Clearing his throat Azrael leaned in his seat. “That is not the only evidence the Prince of Fire has procured within the last couple of days, however I think that should be enough to show you why I have done what I have done.” His tone was bit kinder but it still held the authority of someone who could easily take away her crown and leave her but a simple demon like the rest. “Now that we have that done with I would think you’d want to visit your subordinate if you do wish to prove me wrong. I won’t stop you from standing for him but keep in mind who it is you’re going to oppose.” It was clear her audience was no longer needed.

The setting changes from inferno to New Earth


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The setting changes from new-earth to Inferno


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Alvina Erinyes

Striding slowly down the dark halls, Alvina couldn't help but let a smile play across her lips, she had spent a fraction of the morning speaking with her tutor about the plan of the day. He was going to address Satan about the treasonous plot that had been unearthed. Alvina on the other hand had to deal with the mundane tasks , to give the façade of normality to start with she had to attend to the weaponry, make sure Seve hadn't slacked off, and check her contracts for anything outstanding.

However that was not the reasons that brought her down these corridors, the morning was well set it, and now she found herself within Satan's domain. Everything so far had fallen Perfectly, and she could not help but feel that it was bound to get better. A large majority of demons did not realize how to effectively deal with competitions outside of combat, yet effectively a right hand man and the Princess herself has been temporarily taken out of the picture.This Delighted her. Especially when with the right moves in the coming time could make it all a permanent removal, for at least one, though it would take work. Such an endeavour was surely accomplish able.

Reaching a set of large doors she carefully, and quietly opened when just enough so she could fit her thin frame through and into the throne room where she found Satan addressing the Princess of air, with Vincent providing the evidence and basis of the accusation. Sauntering now further into the room she levelled her gaze towards Azrael " Satan... it seems i have arrived just in time... My original intention was to offer my services in the suggestion of a search of the traitor's possessions but instead i would be happy to escort the Princess" she said blankly staring across to Bavol " Since we have yet to identify the traitors allies it would be foolish not to take such precautions"

Now turning to address Vincent she actually showed the first sign of respect since entering the throne room, with the slight bow of her head " I have secured the copies of the materials you asked for... as well as taken the liberty to personally organize my assets into such a position in which we might actually be able to track the traitorous faction should they decide to help their comrade" Naturally the first part was true, she had seen to the security of the copied evidence her self. But the second part was not entirely true, while she always had her contact from which she gathered information there was no specific instruction given to them. " Though it is .such a surprise... that a traitor could get so close to a Princess no less and go unnoticed.... Even the lofty can't see the wood from the trees it seems" the last statement was purely added to try and rattle the Princess, who she now watched to gauge a reaction. To further agitate someone in this situation could be very revealing about their character.


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Vincent Price

A faint rush of adrenaline rushed through Vincent's veins as the pieces of the chess board began moving once again. A few pieces seemed to be removed from game..unfortunately it seemed to be only temporary. Yet with 'evidence' as clearly demonstrated as this, it would be an extremely difficult trick to pull off and disprove such 'facts'. A smug smirk appeared on Vincent's face as he witnessed Satan shoot down Bavol's attempts of appeal for her beloved man-servant..bastard that he was. His plan was going swimmingly, his advantages stacking up around him. It was a very generous gift of Satan to allow Vincent to takeover the expedition to the Human world. His mind was nearly delusional with ideas of weaponry just begging to be unearthed by his hands and to give further punishment to Seve, who would be deemed his personal pack mule for the duration of the trip.

Her smirk turned into that a Cheshire-like smile as another of his little pawns strode in form of the dutiful Alvina who stated her purpose as well as the progress of her own personal projects within his Library. ~I had better check on Seve's poor hands when I return..would hate for those delicate hands to blister too much~ Vincent thought with amusement as Alvina stated she had made preparations for the continuous tracking of the traitors opposing Satan, such a dedicated pawn she was. Quirking an eyebrow up as Vincent watched his right-handed woman attempt to provoke the clearly distressed and fragile Princess of Air, before speaking up "Now, now Alvina let's not distress the Princess as I am sure her mind is already clouded with grief of her mistakes in choosing an treacherous knave for a bodyguard". Running a hand through his hair in a relaxed manner as his mood was quite jubilant given the circumstances.

Turning his attention to the unsettled Bavol as his voice purred "Yes, my dear I would truly listen to Satan and do remember who you will attempting to challenge". His voice began to drip with sarcasm "Now, I feel so horrible for leaving you so..unprotected without that traitor, I would be more than pleased to lend you dearest Alvina at least temporarily. As I am sure you know I truly hate having to get my hands dirty when it comes to simple reconnaissance in the Human world. " That was the charm of having one as useful as Alvina who carried out his whims with ease. Such a useful tool.

Turning his attention to Alvina with a sharp turn "You are to follow myself into the Human world in order to find the cause of the power surge. Now I would prefer for this operation to have a delicate handling..meaning avoid the humans at any cost. Do I make myself clear? As for our dear Princess of Air, you are to assist her when you are not assisting myself. If there are any changes in your orders, I will send you a message through Jackal". Bowing to the distressed Princess, his eyes shifted to Satan as he inquired "Is there anything else I can assist you with sir? I am sure we will able to effectively wipe out those that oppose your just rule..". Now if only Chikyuu were to stay in the dungeons out of his way.


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#, as written by Kapento

Bavol had merely glanced over the supposed evidence that was put before her. She didn't want to believe it and neither she would. Those around her could surely guess how she was feeling at that moment. Alvina, the loyal servant of Vincent was there, close-by. Bavol didn't dare to face her.

"Though it is .such a surprise... that a traitor could get so close to a Princess no less and go unnoticed.... Even the lofty can't see the wood from the trees it seems." The woman spoke and irked the princess ever so slightly. Her gentle hands formed into tightly wound fists as the white haired girl stood quietly. However, with the intrusion of Vincent that did not last very long. "Now, now Alvina let's not distress the Princess as I am sure her mind is already clouded with grief of her mistakes in choosing an treacherous knave for a bodyguard". He said in his common vincent-ness tone.

"Pan it, Vince! Yeu hasn't done anything wrong and once I get him free he'll kick your ass!" The otherwise sweetly appearing lass spat at the rival prince. She briefly shot a glance at his servant also. "You would do well to remember who you are speaking to! I am the Princess of Air! The only traitors here are you pair! Satan clearly does not realize."

Her once high praise of their ruler was increasingly dieing as time passed on. Could she trust Satan? Certainly not Vince or any of his subordinates. What was a princess to do? "What a pity. The high and mighty are truly falling."

Her little remark was more or less directed at Satan, though he seemed to not require her audience any longer and the girl took her moment to get a little dig at him. She turned on her heel and began to take her leave, somewhat quickly in fear their ruler may seek out punishment just then, though paused momentarily to look once again at Vincent and his little helper. "I will challenge who I see fit if it means proving the innocence of Yeu. I am no fool, I know who I talk down to! It is by no accident that I do not tread lightly around you both and our leader." She had heard all that the duo had muttered on about and really paid little attention to what Vincent said next.

"Now, I feel so horrible for leaving you so..unprotected without that traitor, I would be more than pleased to lend you dearest Alvina at least temporarily." Was he doing her favour? Hardly. "The only one who will serve me is Yeu. Once he is free and this issue is dropped normality will be restored once more." It was hardly a lie to say that Bavol did not trust Alvina around her. She couldn't tolerate the woman, especially now. "Do as you wish - just stay out of my way."

With that said the princess took her leave from Satan's room and immediately began to progress to where her servant was being held down below. A short time later, Bavol arrived at the cells in which Yeu had been placed in. Where exactly, she wasn't too sure. The princess only knew he had been taken to their rulers dungeon, a place that she had, perhaps, only visited once if that. It wasn't exactly the sort of area she enjoyed being in. Nevertheless she needed Yeu and wouldn't stop until he was free.

Having thrown her authority around it hadn't taken long before one of the demons that roamed the area guided the girl to the specific cell that contained her bodyguard. That demon of course was the overseer. A peculiar demon in Bavol’s opinion, though she felt little need to really converse with the woman. All that the princess wanted was to find her subordinate, and not long after the overseer had shown Bavol to the specific cell that housed her servant. With a swift motioning of her hand the princess did not desire the overseer to remain, shooing the demon away almost, though the woman would most likely linger around just to keep an eye on their interactions.

Prior to leaving the woman had unlocked the door to the cell, to which Bavol proceeded to hurry through and close tightly behind her. Turning round her eyes immediately fell contently onto the familiar face of her servant, Yeu.

Skipping over the girl wrapped her arms around his figure and held him close for a moment, until she finally released the boy shortly after, affectionately ruffling his hair and looking him over whilst doing so. "Yeu, Yeu! What‘s going on? Their all saying bad things about you!" She quickly spoke with little time to take a breath, before sitting herself down calmly next to the other demon. "Not that I believe them, of course. I know their all lying! Vincent says you’re a traitor and has convinced Satan that your opposing him -- he even has proof, but it can‘t be true?"

Her eyes slowly glanced over his features once more, a look of unhappiness filling her own face as she raised a hand and gently traced the tip of her finger against the outlines of his cheek. "I hope their not treating you too badly. I wish I could break you out of here and be more helpful. I'm suppose to be a princess and yet I can't even help you."


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Azrael stared down at Alvina with cool eyes, something a bit unusual given the situation. He took note of her actions but for now he would have to focus on current matters. A slight curve at the corners of his lips gave the idea that he was amused by his courts attempts at flustering one another. The demon remembered such a time where he was like that with the previous Princes but that was then and this is now. Shifting in his throne Azrael watched the sky through the large open windows of the room. It looked like the time was changing again but he hoped it would not be so, there were many things he needed to get done.

You would do well to remember who you are speaking to! I am the Princess of Air! The only traitors here are you pair! Satan clearly does not realize.” At this Azrael’s eyes snapped towards Bavol’s position, fury flashed in those red orbs and it seemed for a moment he was about to snap finally. Even if he did not say it, Satan was waiting for the foolish demon to continue and surprisingly enough she did. "What a pity. The high and mighty are truly falling."

What was truly surprising was Azrael’s reaction to it. Without any form of warning a deep laugh erupted from deep within Satan’s core. The Princess’s choice in words reminded him of his lover, Is it true, will I fall to as you did? The laugh was short-lived as he bared his teeth in what was a very strange smile. The Princess must have grown from her time in the Human Realm, however short it was. For a fleeting moment Azrael felt pity towards the girl but it was squashed upon recognizing it. Hearing the sarcasm drip from Vincents voice as he continued to tease and prod the Princess of Air, his eyes lost the fury from earlier and was replaced by something unfamiliar to those who stood before him.

"Is there anything else I can assist you with sir? I am sure we will able to effectively wipe out those that oppose your just rule..".

Regarding the Prince for a brief moment the strange smile was now absent as he returned to business. Taking in a deep breath, Azrael folded his hands in front of him. The Princes act gave Satan a feeling of doubt. He may be old but he’s had his fair share of demons attempting to over throw him, and it’d be in his best interest to gain help from someone he truly trusts. "I better hope so boy, need I say your behavior is truly like that of a child?” His own voice dripped with that same sarcasm Vincent had earlier. It was a subtle push to see if the Prince would retaliate as the Princess did. “There is nothing left for you to do at the moment Vincent. I suggest you get going on your mission.”


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Alvina Erinyes

Turning her gaze downwards, Alvina bowed her head deeply to Vincent's request to no longer agitate the Princess as he so put it. It seemed he was going to take that duty from her, His tone was completely different, but it was clear that the intentions were the same, then again that was how Vincent normally was. Her responses was imminent but the dear princess interrupted her, the almost predictable reply to the prince, but suddenly her gaze was upon Alvina. "You would do well to remember who you are speaking to! I am the Princess of Air!..." Alvina stared straight at the Bavol muttering to herself "Indeed Princess"

Alvina's attention waned, it was so far being rather predictable and uninteresting. She expected Bavol's dig towards Satan, though she soon turned chill. Her breath caught in her throat, Satan's laugh had unnerved her. The feeling soon passed , and Alvina had found her hand had strayed where she would normally keep her cross bow. Letting out a deep breath She turned and bowed to Vincent and then briefly towards Satan. " Seeing as i am no longer needed here, i will go prepare for our departure" her words were swift as she turned and with the same practised silent movements she slipped out of throne room.

As soon as she left the throne room she noticed someone on her peripheral vision, turning she feigned to walk towards the doors that would lead towards Chiyuki's domain, before swiftly turning round confronting the man who followed her " When i requested your Services did you really think the best place to meet would be in purgatory?" It was one who she worked closely with before, an information broker, with a large network of ears and eyes, always willing to accept jobs as well. " The information you seek will take time to gather" he said in a hushed voice

" But this is confirmation of the contract, correct?" The broker simply nodded " Good, you will receive payment soon, though i want personal delivery, i will arrange that when the time comes though.... now leave" her voice was stern, and luckily for her the broker slipped off swiftly, there was no way she could be allowed to be spotted within purgatory with any of her contacts, or otherwise she would have to come up with a very good cover story. She was a thief, a killer but she was not a story teller.

The setting changes from inferno to New Earth


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The setting changes from new-earth to Inferno


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Vincent Price

A cheshire-like smile appeared on Vincent's face for a few moments as he observed the Princess of Air flounce off in a huff..of well hot air so to speak. The irony of the situation made that same smile return a few seconds later as he let out a small breath in order to compose himself. That smile was lost as Satan's laugh etched its way into his body, cold and harsh..as if the joke was on him. Unwillingly, Vincent's hands tensed for a moment as the tension in the air slowly faded away..the source all from the devil on the throne. Withdrawing a cloth from his pocket, Vincent idly cleaned the lens of his glasses as he heard the orders from Satan of his own personal mission, slipping them onto his composed face, he gave a low bow towards his ruler before stating "Right away sir. I do so regret having to of ruined your day with the news of the traitor. I do hope my next report will be one to your satisfaction..". His footsteps followed the ones left behind his servant who was attempting to be inconspicuous through loitering just outside the throne room.

The briefest flash of a retreating cloak signaled that his associate had been in conference with someone. A rush of anger flooded Vincent at his associate's rookie mistake..even a child knew not to try and steal a treat right as the mother was nearby..distracted. With an irritated sigh, Vincent fixed his impeccably straight black tie as he strolled by the 'shrouded' thief before turning an icy glare at the female demon with a hiss " Have you really gotten so bold as to conduct your business in the open under the nose of Him..I must have forgotten your talents. Was it not true that you once knew how to be inconspicuous. I truly do not think you need..rats trailing after you in broad daylight like some lost puppy..". As graceful of a chess piece Alvina was, she should have known better to retreat from the white King. With a wave of his hand, gesturing for the woman to follow him, Vincent retreated back into his personal abode..or the shambles of what remained, given the state of the entrance. Skittish servants flinched away as Vincent's gaze fell upon the bits and pieces of his glorious door. A painfully nice smile etched on his lips "Clean this up now..anyone who disturbs me will be doing guard duty for the next century..". Cold and precise was his order, as a few select servants squeaked a response and returned to their cleaning..wary of the woman trailing after their Master.

Finally reaching the welcoming views of his Library, Vincent eased himself into the leach chair behind his desk, propping shined black shoes on the desk, lazily gesturing for Alvina to take a seat on the sofa in front of him. Cerberus, merely opened a single eyelid at the visitor before huffing and falling asleep. Meanwhile Vincent was shifting around in a drawer withdrawing something from, before rapidly throwing it at the woman. Silver knives flashed through the air..a trio of them headed for the pretty face. One missed and lodged itself firmly in the shelf behind it..the others, well that was up to the talents of his mysterious thief. A faint grin appeared on Vincent's face he awaited to see if she was still up to the challenge of surviving. After all what use would he have of a pawn if it was dead and buried..regardless of how pretty the body would be.


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#, as written by Skwidge

Yeuri was led through several different realms, or at least it felt that long. Despite his prior comments, the guards refused to let him walk on his own, and everyone seemed to want to hold onto a little piece of him. Hands clasped over his shoulders, arms, back, sides, etc. He was flattered, really, that they found him such a threat. And they were very right to be wary of him. Yeuri remained rather quiet throughout the journey, seeing as his words had been rather pointless thus far.

As Azrael looked back at him with a carefully hidden expression, Yeuri blinked once before baring his fangs in a smirk. ”See something you like?” He snorted derisively at his own comment, rolling his eyes but otherwise keeping very steady eye contact with the ruler of hell. As Satan motioned towards the wall, Yeuri’s eyes narrowed, furthermore when the guards started battering at him to get him to move towards it. Obviously it was some sort of fake wall or other. Before he was pushed through it, he glanced back over his shoulder with a harsh look of boredom, ”I expect an audience with you later, Azrael. I want to see this supposed ‘evidence’ you have against me.”

The guards led him through dark, dank hallways down the rather squeezed corridor, the six or so guards having to switch to a single-file line so that they could proceed through. Yeuri remained absolutely silent, his face void of expression and his jaw slack as he allowed himself to be cattle prodded through the place. Eventually they reached the end of the path, and it opened up before him into a massive cavern. A huge drop was set in the middle, one that held the many lower levels, no doubt. It was a rather unpleasant place. Slime, cobwebs, dirt, mildew, mold, and all sorts of other little lovely things clung to the skeleton gray walls among obsidian black rocks. Rather than breaching the pit, as he had expected, the guards led him up slanted paths, jagged crests, and over many different skeletal bits scattered about the area.

Eventually it seemed as if the guards simply figured that one particular level was finally good enough- either that or they were just tired of wandering around aimlessly, or so Yukon figured- and they ordered him to sit down on the ground near a particularly foul mass of what seemed to be flesh. Yeuri snorted with an authority-challenging look. Instead, as soon as the guards released him, he simply wandered over to the wall and leaned against it. At first the guards were obviously pissed at this, and had tried to force him to the ground, but Yeuri was done humoring them. If it weren’t for the fact that soundly kicking their asses would only make his situation worse, he would have put them in their places. He also figured that he could simply try to slip away, but that would give Satan a legitimate reason to want to keep him down here.

The guards didn’t leave him, either. Yeuri quirked an eyebrow at this. Were these poor sods expected to watch him for an eternity? Outside of a cage? A cage he wasn’t even in yet? Sucked to be them then if that were the case. They stood around for like twenty minutes, shifting around uncomfortably and seeming more and more agitated with each passing second. After about forty minutes, they grumbled loudly at each other, and some even slumped down to the ground, growing tired of standing for so long doing nothing. Yeuri was patient, his eyes seemingly closed but really cracked open just a bit to keep an eye on the other demons. These were supposed to be Satan’s royal guards? Yeuri chuckled darkly to himself at their expense. They were waiting for something, and after a while, Yukon allowed his mind to wander and wonder about just what it could be. He had heard whispers about Purgatory and what lay beneath it. It wasn’t an unknown subject, but Yeuri had not expected to find himself within its confines. At least not for a few more centuries, at least.

After an hour had passed, the guards stood and made a crescent around him, their faces shifting back into something serious and more apt for their position. It seemed finally something was about to happen. That something appeared seconds later, suddenly sitting cross-legged in front of the guards. Yeu’s eyes creaked open and he regarded the entity with a bit of interest, but not much. It seemed he had pushed himself from the wall at the exact same moment she had laid eyes on him. And then she was in front of him, seeming to have phased from one place to the next in the turn of a split second. Yeuri did not move an inch, didn’t even bat an eyelash at the display. As she craned her neck backwards to gaze up at his towering form, he crossed his arms comfortably and stared down at her, his eyes harsh, cold, and calculating. It had been awhile since anyone had dared to subject themselves to his mesmerizing gaze.

It seemed as though this creature was no different than the others, staring at him for a solid minute. He was unimpressed by the thing in front of him, and a bored look slowly began to seep to the surface of his face the longer the gaze lasted. Was this thing going to stare at him for an eternity now too? Then a bit of drool was beginning to dribble from the corner of her mouth, and Yeuri’s eyebrows knitted together in mild disgust and slight irritation. He was not something to be ogled at for very long.

However, with the escape of the fluid, it seemed that the entity realized that she had been staring, and snapped out of it, swallowing what had pooled in her mouth and wiping away what had escaped the confines of her lips. She turned to the guards swiftly, surprising one and causing the guard to flinch. Yeuri couldn’t help but let the wry little smirk spread across his lips for a second. Satan’s finest, apparently.

“Okidokie’s then! Now that that’s done with, can I take him now?” Hold up. With the chipper little voice that bounced from the girl’s face, all amusement fled from Yeu’s features to be replaced with a momentarily agonized disdain. He was dealing with the mind of a child.

“Please. Can I take him now? I haven’t had a traitor in such a long time. They’re the funniest people ever.” Yeuri’s eyes hardened once more. He was not a toy. He was not a jester. Poor thing would be so disappointed. The guards were quick to ditch him at that, and he bristled at their cowardice. The creature followed after them like a lost little puppy for a few yards before seeming to remember that he was still there. She whirled around with an excited grin.

“So shall I give you the tour of my home?” The being didn’t even wait for an answer and simply fluttered off in some direction or other. Yeuri held no expectation to even have to follow her. He could pretty well do whatever the hell he felt like at this point. He rolled his eyes, uncrossed his arms and shoved his hands into his pockets, and trailed after the direction in which the girl wandered off. When he had caught up with her, she chattered away over this pointless thing and that unimportant tidbit. She seemed to have to tell him every single little bit of no-one-gives-a-crap information about every little thing that existed in this domain. A pebble, a bone, some dust… it was annoying.

”Your home is disgusting. Your house-keeping skills suck.” He said bluntly, running a finger over the nearest wall to make his point. It turned up with all manner of disgusting bits of things. He slid it against her shoulder, ridding himself of the grime. She seemed never to shut up either, but Yeuri wasn’t always silent either. He was throwing snide comments at everything she showed him, and with every annoying question she asked him about being a ‘traitor’ Yukon didn’t deign to answer. However, the constant quipping about it finally drove him to the edge.

”I am not a traitor. Your owner is growing slow and paranoid. I have not been presented with any sort of evidence as to this supposed accusation, and it’s interfering with my job- the only reason I’m even mildly pissed off about this. And I am not just ‘mildly’ peeved.”

Eventually they came across some beast or other that was laying in the middle of their path. Thea went ahead and simply kicked the poor beast in the side with a giggle. Yeuri looked on in disdain, crossing his arms once more. The Lesser’s eyes blinked in a wave-formation, one right after another. Thea impatiently demanded that it move, which was utterly stupid. It was obvious that this particular creature was a sloth, and it would take it too long to process and then take up the task of bringing its lumbering bulk into the air and shift it over. And just like Yukon figured, she did not give it any time whatsoever. Instead she kicked it right in the eyes- a sensitive part of the beast no doubt, especially considering it was practically made up of eyeballs.

As a natural reaction to being attacked, the beast suddenly switched into a fighting mindset, and shifted about as it prepared to lunge at her. Despite its previous sluggishness, it launched itself forward and latched its jaws around the girl’s legs. Thea was unfazed, and simply hopped back once, suddenly speaking in a cheery tone, “You naughty thing, you should know better than to bite me.” Then she was gone, manipulating the area around her to utterly destroy the beast.

While Yeuri held no particular sympathy towards other creatures, especially Lessers, he was rather unimpressed. It was obvious she had known of the slow beast, and had allowed it to make a home here, yet she acted as if she had no idea of how it behaved. She turned to look at him, and his eyes glanced over her form for a moment, a bored look on his face. He was then led down another hall and they came to a stop in front of an open cell. “Well this is your new home now. If you’re being killed just scream.” Yukon rolled his eyes. He had grown ever so tired of the creature’s presence and unimaginative comments.

”Like hell.” He spoke bluntly, and by his tone it was obvious that he had no intentions of accepting or doing anything that she had just said. This was not his home; it wouldn’t even be his dwelling place for very long. He wasn’t about to get killed by the weaker things in this dungeon, and Inferno itself would freeze over before he ever screamed.

”Just go find someone else to bother. Sorry to have disappointed you- I’m rather boring.” As Thea turned and walked away, Yeuri let out a begrudged sigh, running a hand through his hair. Well, he had things to do and set up, so it was best that he got started. It was strange that the girl had left him and just expected him to enter the cell himself while she was gone.

After a few hours had passed and Yukon had cleaned up the cell rather nicely, imbedding several small things that seemed of little importance in the walls along the way. Yeuri was right in the middle of exercising, shirt off and folded neatly off to one corner as he propped himself up with one arm, his legs resting against the wall as he did a sort of handstand. He was running push-ups and while normally might try to do them without the support of a wall, was using such to curl his toes and stretch the muscles in his foot arches almost painfully. But he suddenly paused as the air seemed to change. He knew immediately that she had appeared.

Yeu carefully dismounted from the wall and stood up, stretching a bit and rubbing at each foot for a moment to ease off the tension that had locked into them. He was not kept waiting long as the entity reappeared in front of the door, his Mistress in tow. He stood from his seat on an outjutting bit of rock against the far wall, standing at attention as Bavol entered his cell.

Thea said something or other, which the both of them utterly ignored, the Princess waving her off impatiently as she passed the door and closed it tight behind her. Their eyes met for a moment and Yeuri dipped his head in greeting and respect, ”Mistress~” She did not waste time in closing the distance between them, and Yeuri stiffened for a small moment as she wrapped her arms around his abdomen and drew him into a hug. He immediately eased and wrapped one arm loosely around her neck, letting his other hand rest on the top of her head protectively and running his fingers through it for a few centimeters before withdrawing.

Once Bavol had released him, she then stood on her tip-toes and ruffled his ash-grey hair affectionately. Yeuri’s face scrunched up at that and he stuck his tongue out a little bit at her, grabbing her hand gently and removing it from his hair. It was then that a sudden outpouring of words left her lips, and Yeuri listened intently to every one of them, and as she sat down on the rock, he joined her. ”I know they’re all lying! Vincent says you’re a traitor and has convinced Satan that your opposing him -- he even has proof, but it can‘t be true?" Yeu chuckled softly at that, and placed a hand on top of her head once again to ground her back to reality.

”No, it is not true. Heavens know my time is completely occupied with handling you, so there would not have been time to do anything that they accuse me with. And damn, if I had known Vincent would be this pissed off about me breaking those doors, I would have done a lot more damage~” He smirked with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes, making a bit of a joke about the whole thing.

"I hope they’re not treating you too badly. I wish I could break you out of here and be more helpful. I'm supposed to be a princess and yet I can't even help you." Her hand was then close to his face, a finger tracing the outline of his left cheek and thus tilting his head to look a bit more at her. He grabbed her hand and held it in his own larger on, his other coming up to her jaw, his thumb and index resting between her chin as he angled her face up to look at him.

”It is my job to look after you, not the other way arround, Mistress,” He gave her a reassuring, though harsh-featured grin before continuing, ”Other than being bored as hell, I’m rather ignored and just trying to entertain myself here.” He dropped his hand from her chin, brushing a bit of hair from her eyes before resting both palms against the smooth surface of the rock below them.

His features suddenly stilled and a very serious look filled his face. ”Gore?” He questioned, concerned about how his familiar was handling the situation and if he had grown depressed yet. Along those thoughts, he inclined his head a bit to his Mistress, his eyes suddenly scanning over her form, searching for something. ”Did you bring it with you?”


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Satan Azrael

It occurred again, that surge of power. Azrael had gone to his study after he had dismissed the Princes. The messenger should be on his way back from delivering his letter to the Prince of Earth. His body stiffened and the hair on his neck stood on end. The power surge was different this time. It felt raw as if something new had been born. The surge was short-lived but that didn't mean they wouldn't be able to track down its general location. With a frown Azrael looked out the large window to the light red sky. It was still brightly colored and it didn't seem like it would darken anytime soon.

He leaned back in his seat and stretched, releasing a restless sigh as he did so. There were many things he had to deal with. First it was the absence of return of the Prince of Earths subordinate. Then came the power surges that garnered his most attention for some time now and now he had to focus his attention on the Princess of Air's subordinate and the proof that was shown him of his treacherous acts. Azrael was sure the Princess resented him for believing her fellow Prince of Fire. There wasn't much that he could do about the subject other than deem it as truth and conduct an investigation.

He stood up from his chair, striding to the edge of the window to look down at his domain, Purgatory. "Maybe it's time that I visit her and see what she has seen." A look of irritation crossed his face. It was never particularly enjoyable when he dealt with the Keeper of Purgatory. Thinking about her childish behavior made his head ache; already he could faintly hear her high voice. But alas she really was the only one who would know what happens around Inferno. At one point in time, too long ago for any demon to remember, she had been able to roam all of Inferno before she had been strictly forced into the circle of Purgatory.

Azrael walked the halls of his home, turning right into what seemed to be a wall. However unlike a wall, Azrael was able to pass through. It had been a while since he walked through this dank and small hallway. "I'll need to have this fixed as well." With a sigh the King of Inferno swiped his finger against the wall, pulling away his finger to find grime and something wet. He frowned at the sight and wiped it against his pant leg as he continued down the narrow hall. It was only a few moments later that he arrived at the cavern. Azrael walked to the edge of the rocky platform and looked down at the many levels below as they disappeared into the black maw of Purgatory's finest prison.

Stepping away from the edge, Azrael clasped his hands behind his back and whistled a brief tune. The shrill notes danced and bounced against the walls, making it seem louder than it really was. "I am in need of your assistance, Thea." He forced out her more personal name with a frown.

Not Long Before

The deity watched and listened attentively to her newest prisoner’s conversation with his superior, the Princess of Air. Their conversation thus far was pretty boring to listen to but the white haired girl’s expressions were amusing. She was like a child speaking to her dearly beloved older brother. What would that be like? Her brow knitted together in confusion at the brief thought. Thinking more on it, Thea stopped paying attention to the pair’s conversation until it was too late. She noticed the Princess of Air wished to leave however the only way to open the door was from the outside. Giggling to herself, Thea whisked the door open. She stood to the side to allow the Princess through and peeked within the room at Yeuri, a devilish grin on her lips. “Tata Mr. I’m Not a Traitor.” The door now closed and locked behind her, Thea led the Princess of Air back out of Purgatory’s prison; leaving her once they reached the start of the narrow hall that would take her back into the nicer parts of Purgatory.

~ ~ ~

The shrill tunes of his whistle hurt her ears, as it filled her being with its noise. Frowning, the conscious that was the Keeper of Purgatory drifted through the walls until finally she was close enough for her to become physical again. Satan watched as the ground rolled like the sea would when something massive moved beneath its calm surface. It stopped some ten feet away from him where a bubble began to rise up from the ground and then pop to reveal a small woman, or girl really. As usual the creature wore her usual goofy grin but her bright pink eyes belied the notion that she was anything but goofy.

Folding her arms across her chest, Thea regarded Satan with some amusement for she already knew what he was here for. “If you’re here to ask about my new prisoner, he’s still alive and kicking. At least when I last saw him.” She giggled but stopped when she saw that her King was not amused. “You know what I came here for and it wasn’t to see if the traitor is still in good health. Of course he’ll need to be once the investigation gets underway.” The two stared at each other for a moment longer before Azrael cleared his throat, obviously irritated already.

“What have you seen Thea? Have they begun to move yet?” The They he spoke of was the faction that wished him dead and gone, especially after his affair with the previous Seraphim. Azrael had thought they were no longer around but it seems they are still very much active and they’ve certainly gotten bolder by placing Yeuri in a position so close to him.

The overseer watched him with a guarded expression. Suddenly twirling around so that her back was to him, Thea looked over her shoulder with a finger on her chin as she thought about his question. “Well they certainly have been a bit antsier as of late, especially when I’m around. Of course just because I’m not there in person doesn’t mean I can’t see or hear them.” She raised her hands in disappointment then faced him again. “The demons you caught eight years ago have also begun to meet up with one another. I’m sure they’re planning their next move now that their pawn has been found out.” Azrael looked down at her, hands still clasped behind his back. “Are you willing to keep tabs on them from now on then? At least until all this has been taken care of.” Thea thought for a brief moment, walking about as she did so.

Suddenly she jumped to the side almost melding together with the rock wall completely. She stopped herself and looked back at Satan who watched her. “Fine but you owe me a trip outside.” Sticking her tongue out at Azrael, she disappeared completely. The King of Demons couldn’t help but snort in amusement, “If that’s what it takes then so be it.” Turning on his heel, he was about to step into the narrow hallway when he remembered his other request. He looked to where she had disappeared, “And please do something about this hallway of yours. It has gotten rather dirty.” Azrael turned back to the hallway only to find that it had changed in those few seconds. Lips curled in a smile as he walked through the much wider hall. It was still made of the same material but at least it wasn’t dirty anymore and it actually smelled a bit nicer than before.