Vicent Price

"Any weapon can win a fight..just choose the right one"

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Vincent Price

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♠Race: Superior Demon


Demon Prince of Fire


4th, 6th, 9th circles of Hell ||Treachery and Greed

♠ Gender


♠ Nickname(s)/Alias (es) The First Pillar, Eternal Flame

♠ Age 638

♠ Love Interest None

♠ Face Claim


♠Height 6,5




Slender and Lanky

♠Hair Color


♠Eye Color



Numerous small scars line his hands and arms due to constant mistakes made while training with blades and a relentless mentor. Said mentor was the previous Demon Prince of Fire who expected nothing less than perfection from the students under his guidance. A much larger scar starts at the center of his chest ending at the center of his throat..the scar starts off as somewhat straight and gradually becomes jagged as it reaches the center of his throat. It was a 'gift' from the Prince of Earth who was less than pleased how exactly Vincent gained his rank as the Prince of Fire.


Seems to take his appearance to immerse himself within the environment of 9th circle with the appearance of a calculating businessman one you could just sell your soul to for free. Black thin ties are the reoccurring subject of his attire, a few speculate it is to hide the scar on his throat. Despite his smaller stature, the man's presentation of himself is enough to cut any taller challengers down to his size. His hair is kept in an orderly manner aside from a few longer strands that seem to constantly be in front of cold azure eyes. Said eyes as semi-protected by glasses keeping them free from dirt is a priority in his mind..due to the element of the Demon Prince of Earth and their various disputes. One unnerving feature is the fact that this man always seems to boast a smirk that seems to proclaim knowledge of their target within minutes.

♠Preferred Clothing

Looking his best is a priority for this Demon. Rarely seen not dressed in a fitted three piece black silk suit and a tie to match. Shined leather shoes grace his feet coming from the finest Italian workshops. Some may call this superficial style seems to imitate that of human businessmen, that assumption would be correct after all Vincent himself has witnessed many a time the greed that lays within the hearts of rich men and the underlings that seem to always have mutiny on their minds.




Absent-Minded: Can have an extremely short attention span when it comes to topics he deems less than interesting. Truly the only subject that can hold attention for long is; weaponry, mortals and their petty complains and finding ways to prove himself worthier than the Prince of Earth. Other than his attention span is that of a human five year old entering one ear and exiting within minutes. This behavior has been a source of ire for many of his associates especially Satin himself.


Fire Manipulation: Practical in everyday situations, yet in combat is used as a last resort for the Prince. Can dim or increase the actual strength of the flame, and manipulate it into small orbs to be used as types of portable light sources. In combat these orbs can come in handing as a type of explosive that once compressed into the ground it can create a miniature firestorm. The greatest skill the Prince has with the element of fire is the ability to cover his weaponry in a type of molten fire that easily sears its way through a majority of material with ease, the only drawback is the liquid lasts only for a few minutes before slipping off onto the dirt as rock.

Silver-tounged: Can easily coat his tongue with honey in a metaphorical sense turning even the most stubborn of grandmothers into sweet little old ladies. While it may seem cowardly to use words and charm to ease his way out of danger it has saved his life many a time. This tongue can turn deadly as he finds it extremely amusing manipulate the emotions of others with words and letting their fears and weaknesses destroy the target from the inside out.

Bookbinding: Has a personal database of all those he has encountered throughout his lifetime in the form of special books, all this information comes to through a single drop of blood. The ink seems to ease its way onto once blank pages of a book and records the basic known facts of the person such as age, name, profession etc. It has become someone what of a hobby for the curious demon as he can revisit the owner of the page and retrieve more information, unfortunately a majority of this information is retrieved through the use of peons, as Vincent finds himself often preoccupied with the duties of his rank.


Weaponry/Training apprentices/Corrupting the 'purity' of others/A fine glass of wine


Dirt/Being Manipulated/Angels


Book collecting-Has a vast personal library filled with ancient writings of planned mutinies,failed attempts, even lists of participants who planned to rebel from under an authorities thumb. While these are interesting, his favored collection is the accounts of the 'great' leaders who had managed to get themselves condemned to his Circles, all the lies and backstabbing that occurred during a single mortal lifetime seems to fascinate the demon.

Weaponry- Has an almost obsessive affection for weaponry in all its glory. The library has many 'treasures' locked safety behind glass and steel in some cases. Many of relics are ones thought to of been lost to the ages or rather misplaced by enchanted architects who just happened to drop the priceless artifacts down the nearest Portal. Many of Vincent's treasured memories were going out and looking for such pieces with his fellow students alongside his mentor. Shows favoritism towards sleeker pieces of weaponry such as gem-encrusted daggers from long forgotten houses of human nobility.

Jewelry-Has a developed a skilled hand in creating beautiful pieces from silver and gold. A few select pieces are located behind unbreakable glass in his library as the original pieces from ancient human history, with a few notable items being funeral masks from ancient Egypt to the rings from the corpse of Julius Caesar.The gaudy jewel incrusted necklaces and rings are given to those he holds a grudge or demands payment from and collects once the payment is made in blood.


-Buried alive
-Losing his rank as a Prince
-Becoming a mere tool for a higher power with no ambition of his own.




Has a very aloof and cold aura about him when dealing with strangers or those he considers a mere waste of his time. Those who manage to get pass or ignore this icy exterior are able to peel back the layers and reveal the true persona of the Prince. A curious, some may call analyzing nature of those who catch his eyes can see the man is at least mentally to pull strings of his own and others. With those he considers 'students' under his wing, he has an familial relationship with them, but can be harsh if he views the students not training hard enough. The facade of arrogance and manipulative nature for the most part vanishes when he is with those he considers welcome enough to share his bed, he becomes like any other intelligent creature with a range of emotions; anger, sadness,lust, jealousy and in particular he can be greedy, be it with time, money or relationships.


♠Relationship Status





♠Personal History

The son of an unknown demon and a demoness who was not exactly the maternal type. Vincent quickly became the child who would manipulate a situation in order to gain a speck of attention be it positive or negative. This type of needy behavior resulted in an excessive amount of well-deserved beatings by elders and those of a higher rank than himself..it would eventually become a blessing in disguise. As one day, he found himself getting a harsh scolding from the present Demon Prince of Fire of the time, Viener was in no mood for the antics of children, yet sensed something in the boy. Vincent was cringing waiting for the stinging slap of an open palm, yet had the air knocked out of him by an extremely heavy, but dull longsword that was beginning to show signs of rust. The elder merely grumbled "Clean that blade till it shines, then come find me you are now my charge..". A glint of hope appeared on Vincent's face before it was replaced with a sullen pout as the elder finished "My charge of maintenance in my arms..now hop to it brat, I have a couple hundred blades that need the same treatment..". It was the start an eventual true mentor-student relationship with all the bumps in the road included.

Yet, as the years passed ambition began to claw at Vincent's heart as he gradually progressed with weaponry training. His style was the exact opposite of his mentors, light-weight and flexibility against heavy and power. A difference in tactics would not win all fights as Vincent discovered during his first attempt to win the rank from his mentor in an ambush, his face was inches away from the floor and black blood stained pristine white carpet as he found himself literally speared through his shoulder by his mentor. His mentor merely glanced at the intruder before using his boot against Vincent’s body to roughly remove the offending object from the spear “You should be careful sneaking around Vincent, I would hate to gut you by mistake..as for the carpet..I would hate for it to be ruined..clean it well won’t you?”. Shame and anger broiled in Vincent’s heart as these words were spoken as he weakly nodded his head. That was the first direct lesson Viener taught his charge “Think of your opponent’s reaction before charging in..”. The two lessons of the similar nature would follow “Be two steps ahead..have back-ups” and the most brutal “Know your limits..”

The second lesson came at the time of Vincent’s ascent into the rank of the Demon Prince of Fire in an official duel between himself and his mentor. Both were evenly matched and had significant wounds, Vincent sustaining a few broken fingers and bruised ribs, while his mentor suffered from heavy lacerations on his upper arms and shoulders. The old ‘man’ had underestimated Vincent’s skill with the scythe and had found himself regretting letting his back open to the curve of the wicked blade. While Vincent found himself unable to use the ranged capabilities of the scythe as each wide swing required significant strain on his rib area..thus it came down to a close-combat match. His mentor with that of a long sword, the same one that had been under Vincent’s care since the start of his life as a student against the trusty, if flamboyant rapier clutched in Vincent’s right hand. Born-left handed to say it was like watching a young fawn walk for the first time and it was soon obvious that Vincent at a disadvantage. Within minutes he found himself cornered against a wall and a pillar with a bloodthirsty Viener, his longsword blazing with magical fire ready to land the killing blow. Only to be surprised by Vincent in a submissive plea for life with no weapons to be seen. Almost fatherly affection consumed the elder who gently placed his hand on the younger’s head as an act of peace, only to find an openly weeping Vincent clinging to his leg’s like a young toddler would behind it’s mother. A touching moment broke the serene silence as a knife slid through Viener’s knee tendons like butter..this was the checkmate. Immobile and growling in rage Viener sunk to his knees unable to move an inch as he watched his beloved student merely wipe his face clear of tears and smirk. A swipe of the scythe ended the match as Vincent claimed his title through ending the life of his mentor.

Weeks passed as possessions of Viener were carefully removed from the premise of the Library under Vincent’s strict eye for them to be placed behind glass, while less valuable artifacts sealed away in vaults beneath the floor. Soon, books flooded the vast room, to find a pile on Vincent’s desk was a common sight as the newly ranked Fire Prince devoured any type of knowledge not shared by his mentor. Finally arriving as his correct calling in life Vincent had begun to become obsessed with weaponry like his mentor and would arrange expeditions for underlings to go to the mortal realm with clear instructions to create drawings of new human inventions..as he himself was unable to be escape his duties as the Prince of Fire. His tactic of gaining the rank were not well-received by his peers, at least by those less understanding of the relationship between mentor and student.

Lines were crossed between himself and the Prince of Earth with scarring consequences. It was a quiet night in the Library as Vincent fiddled with his talents of fire, shaping it within glass orbs, only to find his concentration broken by the sound of glass breaking. Large stones awaited Vincent’s arrival as the glass case had been utterly shattered by wrathful Chikyu who was ranting something about fighting fairly and to use a knife was a foul trick. Within moments of being spotted Vincent found himself hoisted by collar with the very knife he used to kill his mentor in Chikyu’s hands. Not willing to become gutted by his own knife Vincent placed his palms on the hand clutching his collar and burnt the assailant, seeing his chance for fleeing Vincent grabbed the dropped knife and drew the blade across Chikyu’s chest..deeply cutting into flesh. The light was the end of the tunnel as Vincent scurried away only to find himself face down on the floor as the stone floor gave way into jagged stone spikes impaling himself through his chest cavity narrowly slicing his throat. This was the start of the rivalry between the Earth Prince and the Fire Prince as Vincent saw himself as the victim rather than admit to his shame of using a deceitful tactic.


♠ Familiar

His familiar seems to match his persona with surprising accuracy. Rarely seen anywhere aside from the feet of his Master's desk lays a Great-Dane sized silver-coated jackal. Despite its larger size, it seems to be still as nimble as the smaller type of species. It muzzle seems to be stained with old blood that never managed to be washed away, this is the favored way Vincent collects information on notable mortals through the bite of his Jackel. Unfortunately, this has resulted the mutation of similar species developing a type of madness called 'Rabies'..which turned out to be very harmful to mortals. As the dangers of this disease spread, Vincent's Jackels' body found itself being battered with bullets, blades and on one occasion beheading . Numerous scars line the creatures body, despite this the beast is loyal to only one. Six earrings line the bat-like ears of the Jackel with three rings in each ear..a show of wealth one could say.


His choice of weapon is that of a scythe. Useful in mid-range combat with the handle of the blade being made of strong oak and the core instilled with steel. While Vincent can not put enough strength behind the wood alone as type of killing weapon it is strong enough to knock the breath out of a target or render someone unconscious with a well-placed blow. The true strength of the weapon comes from the blade along, with it being long enough to easily slip through the body of a human and be dragged upwards to split the soft flesh in two. In close-combat the length of the weapon comes in handy as it can be used to keep Vincent at of actual danger as the blade can be swung with ease to force the attacker to retreat backwards.

His secondary weapon of choice would be a rapier as it has enough speed for Vincent's liking. A fine blade made of steel, although it was met with disapproval by Vienr as the hilt is gaudily decorated with studs of rubies and emeralds. It does the job when it comes to combat, which is good enough for Vincent. Several knives are on his person constantly just for emergencies use.

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