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Superior Demon

Subordinate of the Princess of Air; Bodyguard

7th circle||Princess of Air||Neutral

♠ Gender

♠ Nickname(s)
Yukon || Known as this perhaps because of his cold, rough tendencies, or perhaps from the wild, merciless way he punishes others; and yet maybe it’s because it simply sounds like his real name

The Waking Soldier || Called this because it seems he never sleeps and he is always very aware of that which goes around him despite his misleading stances and mannerisms

Yeu || A simple shortening of his name, though the right to call him this is reserved solely for the Princess of Air

♠ Age
560 || Appears around 22

♠ Love Interest


6’ 1’’

126 lbs

Toned muscle and agile frame

♠Hair Color
Dark Volcanic Ash, shifts to darker hues dependent on humidity

♠Eye Color
Deep orange

Yeuri has a small tattoo of an Ace of Spades on his left cheek bone, his left ear is pierced in three places with simple silver studs, and small scars can be found along his abdomen and a few on his back.

Matched in height and built with muscle in all the right places, Yeuri certainly carries a threatening atmosphere with him. His eyes are a vivid and catching hue of orange, deep and rich and easily able to catch another’s gaze within the clutches of his stare. Black dust seems to be permanently placed around his eyes like a tattoo; the color is thin but pronounced, and it splits from its circuit to run diagonally to his cheek bones from the middle of his orbs. He has never been seen to smile, but rather he smirks maliciously or sports a murderous grin. His hair is styled messily and jagged, framing his face and parting for his eyes to be seen. While the base color is a very dark ash grey, the shade sometimes changes into a dark slate color depending on the humidity of the air.

Yukon has pronounced features with a slim jawbone, subtle cheekbones, and a slightly angled chin. He’s sturdy on his feet and surprisingly quick despite his towering height.

♠Preferred Clothing

Chains attached to pockets, ties, hoodies, buttoned shirts, and dark pants are usually what Yeuri goes with. Metal is something he appreciates, and therefore he always has something metallic on his person. He likes to be well covered, but occasionally wears tight fitting shirts- mainly while training- and does allow some skin to appear teasingly in all the right places. T-shirts with high cuts and shorter sleeves are something he enjoys donning, and he likes long overcoats as well.


When irritated or serious, Yeu’s pupils tend to contract into slits, and when adrenaline courses through his blood, a darker atmosphere seems to cloak his form, and wicked looking horns sprout from his head. Slate black and curled at the base, his horns seem plated or like bone, narrowing to a sharp point at each end.

Cares little for other people, and tends to walk straight down the middle of any pathway, forcing others to walk around him and thus show subordination.

Has an unrelenting loyalty to the Princess of Air, or at least to the job of guarding her. He stands at a lax or lazy position whenever someone approaches her, yet the seeming relaxation of the demon is quite misleading, and the cold, hard stare that follows a soul is extremely unnerving. While he stays almost religiously by her side when she needs him, keeps her company on most occasions, and threatens anyone who nears her, he actually has little attachment or care for the girl, rather more interested in doing his job. Of course, he knows his position under her, and is quite content there, and the mischief the two occasionally cause definitely strengthens the strange bond between them. Despite his stand with her, he enjoys seeing her smile and will fiercely fight for her.

Agility: His towering height would make one think that this ability were a weakness rather than a skill, but Yeu has good mobility and flexibility. However, it’s sometimes difficult to keep his center of gravity in check

Steady Hand & Strength: Weapons with range are Yeuri’s first choice when it comes to fighting, however he’s not very good with the use of bow and arrow. Instead he wields obsidian twin chain swords, which provide both reach and close combat capabilities.

Rice noodles, Cruel jokes, Blood, His height, Those that try to avoid him, Mutilation, Gore, Rain, Inferno, Protecting Bavol, Making others feel threatened, Fear under him, Chains, Music, The occasional smoke.

Bright sunny days, Candies, Threats, Being overpowered, Weakness, Those who are stuck-up, Errors, Failing, Pointless death.

Training and exercising are the main things he does when not on duty, though he likes cards and wood carving.

Ankylophobia- Fear of immobility of a joint.

Ataxiophobia- Fear of ataxia. (muscular incoordination)

Hydrophobia- Fear of deep water.


Yeuri is very strong willed when left to his own devices, and the few he actually submits to are the higher ups, but mainly only Bavol since he’s rarely faced with the others. He’s sadistic and has a dark sense of humor, comparable to Loki from Norse mythology when it comes to mischief and destruction. His stature is very threatening in the presence of others and his glares seem to freeze people in their tracks- but the only times these qualities are exhibited are when he’s putting someone in their place or guarding the Royal of Air, otherwise he’s pretty laid back. He rolls with the punches, and adapts well to most situations. A downfall he has is the constant desire to cause mischief in most situations and make them worse, so when it comes to problem solving (unless it’s from Bavol) he is not the go to guy.

He’s usually eerily quiet, and when faced with superiors, he speaks only when spoken to unless he thinks he can toy and manipulate, or when outraged. Body language is what he resorts to when in a standoff with another soul, and he never uses smack talk to infuriate or goad others on. He’s pretty good at discerning situations and he knows when he’s beat, or he usually does. When it comes to his duty as protector, Yukon won’t back down and is fully prepared to place his life beneath that of Bavol’s.

Despite the scary, rough outer appearance, Yeu’s actually pretty sincere and considerate, though he does tease any chance he gets, and he carries a strong loyalty born from an internal struggle to fill a void left by another and for a subconscious want for something to latch onto, something that's important in the world to him. Luckily for him though, he’s found Bavol, and the only loyalty he holds is to her- any decision she makes he backs, and he constantly keeps an eye out for her. Currently, the only person he opens up to and reveals the second layer of himself to is the Princess of Air, and only when certainly alone.



♠Relationship Status

Dabiri || Brother; Younger || Dabiri is the complete opposite of Yeu- friendly and affectionate, good-natured, pleasant jokes, always trying to make someone smile, settles for less, innocent, naïve.

♠Personal History
Yeuri and Dabiri were born as the result of several matings between his parents over a course of many years in the 7th circle. But no love was spared for either. They were demons, after all. Yeuri is about half a century older than Dabiri is, though not surprising as many childhood years last a century at least. Yeu was always mature for his age, and had been born unattached to the rest of the world- thanks to his parents. Dabiri was a slow learner which was dangerous for a new demon. Yukon hadn’t always been so attached to his brother, and the start of Dabiri's story was a very harsh one. Their mother and father constantly strayed from one another, and Yeuri was off learning things the hard way. But by the time Dabiri came to be, the courtship ended and the social bond between the two had ended in blood on his father’s part. Their mother was like a lowly beast, having slipped into a dangerous form of ravaging bloodlust, one she would never return from. It had been on one occasion that she had gone after Dabiri with the intent to feast. This was when the bond formed between them.

Already Yeu had known to be wary around his mother, and was certain to always be out of her reach when she was around. He hadn’t known another of his blood was waiting to be born. He had never had anything really important to him, he merely wandered in search of a purpose. So when he found his mother to be approaching his brother, a boldness flourished within him, and rather than another pointless feast for his mother, he had determined to try himself against her. So he had stepped in between and shielded his kin from her onslaught, gaining bloody wounds and memories. He had been prepared to end his life there, as there was no point in existing otherwise, but the moment he made contact with his brother and the instant the assault rained down on him, something was triggered in his brain, something that made his eyes go wide and his adrenaline spike. His endurance extended for enough time for others to eventually show up and end his mother’s life, and one of them had taken Yeuri, and Dabiri as Yeu wouldn’t let him out of his sight, to get his wounds cleaned soon enough so they wouldn’t scar too badly.

Ever since then Yeu and Diri became inseparable. They were thick as thieves and always worked well together in their younger years, despite their absolute differences. The two were like night and day when compared to each other, Yukon always the symbol of destruction, while Dab was an absolute ray of sunshine despite the influence of his older brother. In fact, Yeu's brother is probably the strangest, most opposite demon in all of Inferno, and Yeuri always teased him and said that whatever thing that assigned souls had accidentally put one of an angel's inside his body. If it had not been for Yeuri, Dabiri probably would have perished in the first years.

Dabiri was the sole person that Yukon had ever shown any sort of deep founded affection for, and his younger brother was the only thing in existence that he actually loved. Both were completely comfortable with the other, and Yeu always kept a close proximity to his blood kin in order to protect him. However, their relationship only lasted for so long, and eventually Dabiri was forcefully separated from Yeuri. With his brother being taken from his protection, he had reverted into his former self. He once more had no purpose, but this time it was worse since he had actually developed love, and that love was torn from his being to leave a dark, gaping hole. That hole would be patched over one day by the Princess of Air as he came under her command to protect her as he had protected Dabiri.



♠ Familiar ♠


Yeuri's black jackal companion is probably more frightening than Yeu himself is. His fur is a deep color of red rust, almost crimson in hue (which gives some the impression that it is life's liquid), with the signature ebony back; However, it lacks its earthly counterpart's white flecking, and is instead pure black with pitch markings that mimic the broadest park of the ribs. Gore's eyes are a lucid yellow, and sometimes it appears he has no pupils at all. All of the canine's accents, such as claws, mouth, ear tips, tail tip, etc- are as black as midnight, and his fangs are stained at the tips with blood. His canines are larger than the average familiar's should be, regardless of species. When taken by bloodlust, as he so often is, Gore seems to obtain a jester-like grin to his canine features, and this is most often when his pupils shrink away into nothingness and darkness takes over- his claws grow in size and sharpness, the tips of his ears curl back, something akin to blood seems to drip from his open maw, and a permanent snarl seems to rack his body.

Gore is rarely seen away from his master, yet he wanders all the time. His role is many- from secret finder and tallier, to patroler and 'peacekeeper'- ironically dubbed as such, as the role is mostly about murder and chaos. He shares many dark tendencies with his master- he loves the taste of blood and the feel of flesh tearing under his teeth, adores creating chaos and confusion, and shares in Yeu's love for dark mischief. When it comes to Bavol, the jackal has a soft spot for her just as his master does, but every single terrifying quality remains, though he often lays at her feet with that eerie jester grin. As towards her familiars, he takes pleasure in chasing after them and snapping at them with his deadly teeth, yet he never lays a hair on them, and seems to snicker in his torment of them. However, he is immediate to obey, both the sweet, slow words of Bavol, and the harsh but somehow affectionate snap of his master. Otherwise he is untamable and wild, doing as he pleases around the Princess' circles of hell. He strikes fear into many a heart when he stalks around with his master nowhere to be seen, and terror is given for good reason, for he often returns to his master's side with a 'trophy' of some sort or other.

Twin Chain Swords- The swords, by name, are exactly identical, with a gilded silver hilt and a ram’s skull accent plated into the center. The eyes of the ram are two small maroon pearls, and the cross guards are two dragon heads. The sheathe is dark black, and the blade itself is made of the sharpest and durable alloy steel. Each blade has been masterfully crafted with sturdy linked chains, thus allowing the weapon a longer reach. However, he does also have a small dagger on his person at all times in case he can’t get to them quickly enough.


So begins...

Yeuri's Story


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The setting changes from new-earth to Inferno


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Satan Azrael

There was a certain man who sat on his throne, with his back slouched and an incredibly bored face that held a faint smirk on the corners of his lips. The way he sat on the throne gave off the idea that he was an arrogant and cocky bastard who owned the whole place. The first part was untrue of course but the latter couldn’t be further from it. You see the man, no the demon, who sat on the throne was none other than Azrael, a Superior Demon who was now Satan of the world he lived in that was known by many as Hell but by its inhabitants, Inferno.

Before him sat the Three Pillars of Hell, two of whom were Princes, who were currently at war with one another and a Princess, who was rather young and the first female in a very long time. Azrael rolled his eyes at his potential successors and couldn’t help but allow his thoughts to wonder to his daughter and the report he would be receiving towards the end of the day of her. He was glad his most trusted servant, Cerbin had agreed to watch over his daughter sixteen years ago but he feared the idea of her powers awakening especially at this point in age.

Rubbing the bridge of his nose, Azrael allowed his mind to wonder once again but this time deeper into the past. In his mind’s eye, he saw the woman he fell in love with. It surprised even him that he could have actually fallen in love; after all he represented the sin of Lust. She was quite the beautiful woman back then, with her long flowing locks that cascade down her small waist in silvery curls and those knowing green eyes that almost seemed to look right through you. When he first saw her eyes, a chill had gone down his back and once again even now a chill crept down his spine. His smirk exchanged itself for something akin to a smile but it was different than what most have seen. It was a loving smile unlike his others that showed his predatory cunning and lust. But now after all these years he was no longer the demon he once used to be.

He became more like a man who had settled down permentantly with his family, thinking this Azrael snorted. I have no family, my wife is presumed dead and my daughter is beyond my reach. shaking his head to rid himself of such thoughts, Azrael straighten a bit in his seat and cleared his throat to gain the attention of his Princes. However two of them were focused on bettering the other in a war of words while the youngest simply sat like her sin described itself as. Rolling his eyes, Azrael cleared his throat again but once again was ignored. Now it was starting to get to him as he glared at the pair who continued to ignore their king. “Enough! By that is tainted, enough with your arguments. There are things that need to be discussed.”

This seemed to have caught their attention and a cruel smile formed on his lips. “Good, now onto the topic at hand. The rifts have opened after nearly 500 hundred years of them being sealed by that damn woman those angels call a Goddess. It seems the lesser demons are being summoned once more by the humans again and they are getting caught up in their wars. Not that it matters much to seeing as they are merely lesser demons but a few have gotten loose form their tamers and before they make things worse between us. I would think one of you three would have sent someone to catch them and bring them back. But I guess I have to do everything on my own.”

His short speech now being over, he looked at the Princes awaiting their own reports from their Circles. Knowing his mentee, Chikyu probably had things under control. Just as his appearance spoke of himself, his actions added back up to his rough looks. The younger demon was quite the savage when it came to dealing with those who didn’t follow his orders but unlike those who held the title in previous years. Chikyu didn’t flaunt it to get what he wanted, something that Azrael very much appreciated but that also meant that Chikyu often took matters into his own hands and punish those who went against his however he pleased. He rubbed the bridge of his nose again as an oncoming headache began to form. He took a sip from the wine that was set on a table beside his throne and he felt like he was forgetting something, something that hung at the back of his mind, almost like a nagging mother. Azrael simply pushed it back and ignored it. Little did he know the source of his power, the Relic, was giving him a warning. A warning that meant in the next few days everything he had done to make sure his daughter released her power under the guidance of her guardian was all for naught.


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#, as written by Skwidge

Yeu sat rather patiently beside his master, really not paying any attention to those around him. He sat with one leg rested on the platform right below him, the other allowed to bend and settle fully on the ground. He was more focused on cleaning the small blade he always kept on him. It was a pleasant nuisance, really, the way it seemed to dull because of the amounts of dried blood sticking to the edge. A wicked smirk played along his lips as he ran his thumbnail along the crusted material, breaking it up and allowing little flecks of blood to drift down to the ground.

How many had it been the previous day with just this small weapon? Usually it was his faithful Twins that took the position of corrector, and yet he had still found time enough to use the smaller one as well. Some work just couldn’t be done by large means, especially if that work was meticulous and detailed. A wicked gleam sparked in his eyes as he reminisced of those who produced the corrupt substance that dulled his weapon.

However, quite often would Yeuri shift his attention first to Bavol, to ensure her comfort, and then to the two princes who bickered with one another. Their hatred towards one another was probably one of the most entertaining things to be experienced, ranked up in his list of enjoyment beside death and mischief. It was truly amazing the things they found to snarl and snap at each other over, and Yukon had to admit, he found a twisted pleasure in observing it. But that was only to be expected, what with the destructive seed that flourished within him.

Yukon, having thus since cleaned his blade during his observations, brought his thumb to his lips and ran his tongue along the nail to dispose of the dried blood flecked there. The familiar metallic taste met his senses, and he smirked with satisfaction, soon pocketing the blade and leaning back on his hands to observe the Ruler of Inferno with lazy, uncaring eyes.

The man truly was a piece of work- his attitude, his attire, his body language. Had he not called them here to discuss matters? Yet, he merely sat upon his throne and occasionally glanced at them, as if they actually had the time to waste on him.

’I could be pinning the writhing bodies of the disobedient underneath the heel of my boot, ready to part flesh with the cold sting of metal and watch their life’s liquid pool because of my hand, watch it drip and stain their skin, see it roll desperately to please me, and all the while they whimper and beg for their sorry hides. Beg for mercy which I will never give them.... But instead I’m stuck here at the beck and call of our Satan, probably whining about something or other and blaming Bavol for that which she had no part of.’

At his thought's mention of Bavol, his gaze once more shifted to her form. She seemed bored, much like he was at the moment, and he so wished to dispel such an annoying plague from both of their minds. If Satan didn’t speak up soon, Yeuri might actually risk his own life to get this show on the road.

However, he did not need to, as soon Azrael snapped at both Princes, causing them both to cease in their verbal abuses. He must have gotten tired of them. ’Pity, I don’t understand how one could tire of such assault.’ A subtle frown almost made its way to his features as he thought on the complication, but as always, he kept up that lazy smirk of his, though his eyes were sharp and keen.

Finally getting to the point, Satan began to inform them of just why they were here. ”The rifts have opened after nearly five-hundred years of them being sealed," Yeu merely snorted derogatively, ’Bound to happen sometime.’

”It seems the lesser demons are being summoned once more by the humans, and they are getting caught up in their wars,” Yeu’s attention shifted up a notch at the mention of the lesser demons causing havoc, and he sat up from his previously reclined position. He tapped his fingers against his knee, waiting eagerly for the point to come across.

”Not that it matters much, seeing as they are merely lesser demons, but a few have gotten loose from their tamers…” ’Big shock there.’

”…And before they make things worse between us I would think one of you three would have sent someone to catch them and bring them back. But I guess I have to do everything on my own.”

Yeuri found the update rather lacking, ending with Satan’s derogative tone towards the three pillars. Irritation flared internally within Yukon, he didn’t think it proper to blame any of the three, especially Bavol, when it was the man’s own fault that things were so bad between the worlds. As to his comment about getting things done himself and thus insinuating he go to Earth, Yeu couldn’t help a cruel grin from appearing upon his lips. ’Well, that seems right up your alley, what with all the mischief you’ve stirred up already.’

Despite Yeu’s somewhat harsh observations of the man, in all honesty, he didn’t mind the current Satan, as it meant his life remained unchanged. The only thing that caused him to follow this mindset was when it did interrupt his daily routine, and especially if Bavol was concerned.

”I‘m sorry Satan.” At the soft voice of his master, Yeu’s attention immediately snapped towards her. However, after processing her words, a soft ‘tch’ parted his lips. It was like Bavol to do that, but she shouldn’t have even bothered. By saying that, it was like she was admitting she had done wrong and deserved the wrath and down-talk from Azrael, when it was more than clear that was not the case.

She went quiet, and Yeu tilted his head to glance over the two princes, expecting them to say something as well. However, when that did not happen immediately, Bavol spoke up once more, ”Well I can safely assure that nothing new has arisen within my circles. Everything is ship-shape, as they say. I put it all down to my faithful subordinate Yeu, he does his job ever so well~” Despite the obvious praise and pleasure within his master’s voice, Yukon’s face did not change into that of a grin to display his reaction towards such words, nor did he shift his posture. However, as attention was bound to be drawn to him, his lips pressed into a dark, challenging smirk, and his eyes narrowed harshly at those who glanced at him, daring them to question the truth of her words.


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As always Chikyu did his best to ignore the demon across from him, of course being one of little patience, at least towards him anyways, Chikyu had trouble focusing on his mentor. The great Satan of Inferno, it was only because of Azrael that he had yet to kill the Prince of Fire. However his patience soon ran out and he snapped at the other Prince after a while the two had gotten into a heated debate trying to belittle the other to the point Chikyu had forgotten what it was he had snapped at him for.

Not that it mattered really, soon enough he felt the atmosphere in the room change but took little notice of it. That is until Satan yelled at them to quiet down which was accompanied by a glare. Chikyu flinched in way that it was almost unnoticeable if you weren’t paying close attention to him. Glancing down, the Prince of Earth sat back in his seat and looked back up just in time to see the cruel smile on Satan’s lips. A smile pinched the corners of his lips at the sight, to think he’d find it amusing to see us stop in fear after bickering. Shaking his head, Chikyu leaned forwards to make it seem more like he was listening.

Listening to his short speech, Chikyu couldn’t help but let his mind wonder a bit about what the human world was like. Never having gone himself, seeing as all the rifts had been closed for the majority of his life, he had been too young when they were open. Not that he really cared for visiting such a place. Bringing his attention back to the matter at hand he thought back on what had happened the past while since his last report to Satan concerning his Circles. Nothing eventful happened since then but the news on lesser demons running rampant wasn’t anything new and he unlike his mentor, Chikyu didn’t really care much for the human world but he respected his mentor’s ideals.

Releasing a sigh, Chikyu turned his attention to the youngest of the Three Pillars who spoke up with an apology. Raising his brow he never expected her to say such a thing as it wasn’t really something a Prince or a Princess did when around Satan. Then again who was he to say, he had very little interaction with the girl demon and considering the Sins she represented he didn’t really feel like getting to know her. This was further proved by the fact that, from she herself just said, she lets her subordinate do all the work.

Pfft what a lazy woman, I hardly ever leave Astaroth to deal with things, knowing him, he’ll probably take things to the extreme more so than I would. And while on the topic of subordinates, Chikyu looked over at the Princess of Air’s right hand man, or demon really, I believe it started with a Y, something complicated maybe. The demon held a challenging smirk on his lips, something that irked Chikyu to a degree. So in return he sent a cold glare at the younger demon before returning his gaze to rest upon his leader.

“Mm that’s good to hear Princess, that you leave important matters to your subordinate. Anyhow very little has happened within my Circles and when something did occur I took dealt with it personally.” After saying this he glanced over at the Princess of Air before continuing. “I’ll make sure to send someone to round up those ugly little bastards so no need to take it upon yourself to deal with it. That’s what we’re here for correct?” The question was one that needn’t be answered and Satan knew this so he merely sent a nod of acknowledgement towards him.


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Judging by the casual air hanging over this meeting, seats set before the throne while the one on it allowed himself to be lost in thought, Astaroth doubted anything of interest was going to be coming to light this day. As it was safe enough to say that he would not be addressed directly, and the idea of cramming into a seat next to everyone else was particularly unpleasant, Astaroth stayed standing a few paces behind the seating arrangement. Hanging from his neck, a living scarf of black and white, his python-like familiar Iaculus provided him vague entertainment in the irritating wait for Azrael to speak. He was counting the passing time based on the number of times that the snakes black tongue flicked out of its mouth, 172…173…, when finally the man spilled his words.

Mention of the rifts piqued his attention, and for a time he actually bothered resting his muddy eyes on Azrael, but as the true reason for this meeting was revealed, Astaroth let his eyes wander once more to find something of greater interest. The frustration he felt was expressed in a breath louder than his normal, but nothing loud enough to draw attention from anyone but his snake companion. The strongest demons of Inferno have been summoned for pest control… Astaroth had no understanding of why it even mattered if a few petty demons were to trouble the humans. If they summoned them and could not control them, then they deserved whatever they got.

Paying the slightest bit of attention, in case things took a turn for the significant, Astaroth observed the Princess Bavol spilling words both humble and happy. She was odd, though nothing too irritating. Although it seemed that her treatment of her subordinate had fed pride into his mind – or so Astaroth thought from the man’s expressions and his earlier brandishing of a bloody weapon. Astaroth wondered if such treatment over enough time would end up inflating the man’s head to a point that he believed himself great and destroyed the one he served. Now that would be interesting.

Pacing slightly closer to where Chikyu sat, Astaroth cast aside thoughts of those who were of little consequence to him. The rulers could do as they wished, all that really held significance for him was the rifts. For sixteen years they had been spreading, since that child was born, and Astaroth was growing impatient of all this sitting around. He had expected the Satan to seize opportunities early and move to action, but of course he should not have expected so much. If things did not start to move soon, he would have to break ties and go on his own earlier than he had hoped. After all, the prophecy called and his brother was out there somewhere, waiting.

Running fingers over Iaculus’s smooth scales, Astaroth decided to have a bit more patience. It would be a nuisance to draw attention to himself too quickly. Now that he had considered it a bit more, he decided that this issue with lesser demons may not be a complete waste. At least they were considering in some degree dealing with Earth, and that was a start. Hopefully from there would come plans of more excursions into the neighbouring realm – maybe Azrael would even plan a battle strategy. A noise of mocking amusement was sounded aloud at the impossible thought.

Catching the tail end of Chikyu’s words to the Princess and seeing the Satan approve, Astaroth was relieved by the hope that this dull meeting would hopefully be over soon.

The setting changes from inferno to New Earth


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((GAH wrong place apologies))

The setting changes from new-earth to Inferno


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Vincent Price

In the war of words between politicians there was a tipping point where the conversation no longer became simple argument, but a heated debate, as if Inferno was not already hot enough, it seemed to increase in temperature as a not so quiet argument took place between rivals Chikyu and Vincent. This was a typical occurrence with every meeting that it would be seen as impolite to start trying to seriously maim one another. So both parties settled with trying to injure pride and cripple patience. A smirk lined Vincent's mouth as he hurled a particularly barbed insult at the supposedly unshakeable opponent. However, even the largest of rocks can cracked if hit precisely first, as Vincent observed with barely veiled amusement as Chikyu growled out an response of his own, followed by a triad of insults of his own. Presently, it seemed that Vincent absent-mindedness had come into play as the debate continued right in front of the demon who had called the meeting.

His eyes widened as an oppressive darkness curled around his throat in an invisible grip, silencing his voice as Azrael ordered for silence. His mouth immediately shut as he repressed a shutter as the man he called his lord formed a smile on his face. Sitting up on his own chair as his eyes blinked as his mind attempted to process the information given to it. It was alarming news to say the least, the rift reopening could be the least of Inferno's worries. It was even more concerning that lesser demons were able to free their leashes from the collars of the so-called Tamers. Adjusting his glasses as he heard himself be scolded like a destructive puppy who had chewed on its owners' prized shoes. Although, the most dog-like of the three Princes was Chikyu, so the analogy would fit him perfectly. Pushing aside the analogy, he mentally recollected any reports of lessor demons slipping from his sight.

Glancing towards his fellow Princes..well Princess as even the sloth-like girl stirred from her sleep to trill out a humble apology and reassure with sugary words that everything was perfect in her own Circles. Even throwing a word of praise toward, who was now seemed to now take it upon himself to glare daggers at anyone who dared challenge the word of his Mistress.As the piercing glare reached Vincent who merely rolled his eyes at the over-protective bodyguard. An audible sigh escaped Vincent as he listened to Chikyu promise to make sure that Satan would not even have to lift a finger in the recapturing of the lesser demons. Running a hand through his hair as he cleared his throat "That is all fine and dandy Chikyu, please do everyone proud and send some of your dogs after an unknown group of lesser demons to bring your eternally strong fists down upon..". His words dripped with sarcasm at the end before speaking once again "I propose a less-risky mode of recapture, we will each send scouts to collect data on said lesser demons and then formulate a plan to reduce the risk of severely injuring the escapees as well as our own men. Besides, it's not any fun punishing others if they are dead..".

Placing his fingers to his lips as a shrill whistle came through his fingers an excited yelp responded as a massive silver-coated Jackal sped around the corner of his Master's throne before planting himself before the chair, an almost statuesque creature were it not for the furious wagging of the creature's tail. Descending his own seat with impeccable elegance as Vincent fondly ran his fingers over the rings piercing the Jackal's large ears before bowing to Satan "I offer up Jackal as my contribution to this little search party. While I can assist in endeavor through my network of spies within my own Circles. Although I doubt it is lesser demons from my own Circle, a majority of those imbeciles would sell out one another to satisfy their lust for gold. Although I suppose Greed, is the least of our worries if we have men falling asleep on the job or ripping apart a suspect." His smirk returned as his words were clearly directed at the sleepy Princess and ill-tempered Prince. ~Pawns should have a will of their own..what does it matter if they to checkmate a knight~ Vincent thought as he rubbed a silver ring on his finger, awaiting Satan's final word on his plan.


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Satan Azrael

He raised one brow at the Princess of Air’s apology, never in all his years has he ever heard a demon apologize. She is indeed one of a kind, that much I am sure of. The young demon’s behavior is quite odd really. And she suited her Sin’s quite nicely although so far he has only witnessed Sloth and he was curious as to what Envy was like. So she’s the type to leave it in the hands of her subordinates. I guess I won’t be able to rely on her in the late future.

He then turned his attention to said subordinate. The demon sent a challenging glare at those who sat in the room; Azrael dared him to send it his way, if he had a death wish that is. A smirk planted itself on his lips at how cocky Bavol’s subordinate was. It was Yeuri or something like that. Sitting up just a bit he decided to address the Princess’s words. “I see so you leave things to those around you to handle. I do hope this doesn’t become a problem later. And don’t think I didn’t notice your man, do make sure he is taught to know his place or I will” His words were cold and challenging yet they held a hint of tease in them.

Azrael was curious to what sort of reaction he would get from them, the both of them. It seemed Azrael wasn’t the only one to think a bit about the Princess’s words. Azrael tilted his head to the side slightly hearing his mentee’s words and couldn’t help but give him a silent bravado in his mind. His eye’s narrowed slightly at Chikyu’s question, seeing as it wasn’t really a question but more if a statement, Azrael sent a nod of acknowledgement his way.

His eye’s flickered towards Chikyu’s subordinate, Astaroth who made an odd sound. Sitting back, Azrael rested his cheek in his hand, looking down at the Three Pillars. A frown began to form on his lips once the Prince of Fire spoke his mind concerning what Chikyu had said. The demon’s idea was indeed better suited to the task at hand however he showed a bit too much concern for the lesser demons. “I care little for the lives of lesser demon’s Prince of Fire. They are nothing but animals only capable of destroying everything around them so there won’t be much point in trying to handle them carefully to avoid injuring them. They’re more likely to harm your men then you are to them.” He said with a matter of fact tone, his last few words were somewhat amusing. They showed a bit of his true character but he cared little for that.

The Prince of Fire brought his fingers to his lips and let out a shrill whistle. In response to his whistle came a yelp of excitement and within moments a hound came running to plant itself at his master’s side. The creature was quite the sight however the wagging of his tail did little to help his image. Azrael rested his eyes on the Prince of Fire as he rose from his seat to run his hands across his familiar’s body before bowing down to him. His offer was quite nice and he couldn’t help but smile as he knew what his last words meant. “So you’ll offer up your familiar then.” Turning his gaze to the others, “ “And what of you two, what will you do seeing as I approve of the Prince of Fire’s plan.”

Chikyu sent a glare Vincent’s way before looking back up at Satan. “That is a good question. Well I obviously can’t send my own Familiar as he is simply too large. Why don’t I send in one of my men? Astaroth, do you want to go? If not I wouldn’t mind going to check up on a few things.” He looked over at his subordinate then back over at Azrael. “That’s fine, I really don’t care which of you goes but you’ll be restricted in what it is you can and cannot do.” “I am aware of that but it really depends on my subordinates answer.”


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#, as written by Kapento

At first Bavol sat rather bored with her eyes trailing around the dull scenery surrounding the demons, her attention on the matter at hand rapidly escaping to say the least. However upon hearing a voice interrupting her thoughts the young female slowly averted her eyes over towards the direction of Chikyu, and his subordinate Detritus, who from what she acknowledged had said something concerning her.

“Mm that’s good to hear Princess, that you leave important matters to your subordinate. Anyhow very little has happened within my Circles and when something did occur I took dealt with it personally.” He said and offered a mere glance to the girl. Bavol couldn’t quite tell if it was his words or stare that made her feel a little uneasy at that moment. The demons words were mocking, direct and evidently offered with intentions of causing a reaction.

What’s his problem? Why does he belittle me so?

Turning away briefly and offering nothing but silence in return Bavol sat somewhat anxiously as she perched on the edge of her seat. She hadn’t imagined how mentally straining it was to have to sit in the presence of Satan as well as the other two Princes. Whilst away with her thoughts once more the female could just vaguely hear some of what the other Prince had said.

He said something along the lines of, “…Although I suppose Greed, is the least of our worries if we have men falling asleep on the job or ripping apart a suspect."

Bavol pouted and narrowed her eyes just a tad. She could tell what he had meant and so desired to teach the ill-natured Prince a lesson or two though right now was not ideal. Not yet. Doing so would require effort which was in short supply just now, fortunately.

I‘m beginning to see why those two argue as often as they do. They‘re just as bad as each other only now it seems even I am not spared from their wickedness. How rude. Clearly the era of gentlemen is long since passed away.

Her legs had only just began to sway to a whimsical rhythm before coming to a steady halt as Satan then chose to voice his thoughts once more also to the demons. Uneasily her eyes focused on the higher up demon curiously to hear what he had to say to the young Princess. No doubt it wouldn’t be anything too heartfelt. Oh the joys of being a young Princess…

“I see so you leave things to those around you to handle. I do hope this doesn’t become a problem later. And don’t think I didn’t notice your man, do make sure he is taught to know his place or I will.” The grand demon said.

“My subordinate is my business! If one more demon talks ill of either him or myself once more I will not be as easily forgiving as I have been.” She said and slowly glanced over towards the two Princes. She had in every sense taken quite enough down talks from the pair of them for one meeting, and her kind nature was dwindling gradually as all could visibly see. Although Bavol was not quite as brave to stare so strongly and directly at Satan. She was not a complete idiot after all.

Satan continued with, “And what of you two, what will you do seeing as I approve of the Prince of Fire’s plan.”

”Ha! Satan you have no idea what sits before you, and to prove it I offer myself and, if he wants, Yeu to participate in this little adventure party!” The young girl declared with bold, though surprising confidence. ”After all I am the youngest here and have the most to prove. Surely you could not deny a young girl that, Satan?”

There’s no way I could possibly send Chi and Kaz up there on their own. Their not strong enough to manage without me and I don’t really want to send them anyway… Besides who‘s to say the humans aren‘t better company to that which I find myself in now?

Bavol turned her attention over to Yeu at that moment. Out of everyone there he was truly the only one to see any good in the girl and treat her with some respect and dignity. Which was more than could be said for the rest of the demons.

”What do you think Yeu, think it's worth it? Are you up for a little adventure with me?” A crafty smirk found it’s way onto her lips as a sneaky twinkle lit up in her eyes. However Bavol would not act without the trusty guidance of Yeu. Maybe the girl did tend to rely on him a little too much but with that said she would hardly change her habits so easily.


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Among so many words - so many boring words - there was at least one here that he could rely on for a fleeting bit of amusement. It was always at least faintly enjoyable to see how the Prince of Fire would try to work insult into his words to bring down Astaroth’s own Prince of Earth. He listened with more attention than offered to most as Vincent spoke in hopes of catching such entertaining sharp words. The plan to go to Earth brought a crooked smile to his face. Finally… A useful idea. This would be the perfect opportunity, but it would be imperative that he became one of those who went.

Astaroth now had to observe the words of Azrael with more care. It was important to hear if this plan would be accepted. Relief comes upon hearing that it was. Taking note from the reprieve Azrael gives to the Prince of Fire for speaking gently of lesser demons that they were allowed to use deadly force on the errant creatures, Astaroth was liking this opportunity more and more. Trying not to kill unmanageable and useless things was an irritating waste of time. Just killing them would be much more efficient and allow him to slip away to seek his brother. His smile grew wider. Perfect. Looking down on Iaculus, he gave him a stroke on the head and spoke with a look in his eyes how things were suddenly looking up.

When Azrael questioned Chikyu on who would be offered from his side into this mission, the suspenseful anticipation of what the answer might be washes Astaroth’s smile away and leaves him tensed. If Chikyu chose someone else or a creature to take up the task, then he would be forced to voice out his desire to go, and that may cause them to ask for a believable reason for his interest. That could be an unpleasant challenge… Worries were laid to rest when Chikyu asked him if he would like to be the one to go. He smiled once more and replied to Chikyu, “I’ll go. It will be a simple mission and surely you have more important matters to attend to back in the circles.” His gaze travels momentarily to Azrael as he speaks of restrictions. Very well… Having parameters to try and work around would make it that much more enjoyable. Simplicity is far too dull.


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#, as written by Skwidge

From the attention the pair were receiving, Yeu couldn’t help but shake his head in the most subtle of manners with a crooked grin. They were so, so quick to overlook his Mistress. It was true that she left many a task to him, but he enjoyed it, and was more than eager to complete menial trifles for her. Besides, she shouldn’t have to be bothered with such foolishness. She had better things to do with her day.

His gaze was suddenly stolen by that of the Earth Prince, who sent him a frigid glare. Almost cheekily did Yukon respond, a quiet thrum in his vocals as he simply spared the man a rugged smirk and flashed a lazy wink in his general direction. Ah, he could care less about what the others thought about he or Bavol, as long as they didn’t get anywhere near her. In fact, the way they saw her now was exactly how he wanted it- other than the obvious disrespect- because in this way they did not expect her abilities in any shape or form. If they saw her as unimportant, that was fine by him, as it meant they would not be bothering her in any spectacular way.

“I see, so you leave things to those around you to handle. I do hope this doesn’t become a problem later. And don’t think I didn’t notice your man, do make sure he is taught to know his place or I will.” Despite the obvious complications of what Azrael had said, Yeu didn’t even blink as he was addressed. However, he wasn’t an imbecile, and when Satan finished his little note, Yeuri dipped his head to show subordination. However, his usual smirk was still plastered onto his lips.


He held his position for only a few moments before abandoning his gaze on Satan. A bored look tore across his features as Chikyu spoke up; his interest had already been dwindling to a small flicker before the man had decided to voice his opinion. As the words tumbled from the Pillar’s lips, Yeu’s gaze was already seeking out another muse.

He didn’t have to look far. Astaroth was, of course, close to the Earth Prince’s side. The man had been almost entirely silent during this whole exchange, doing little more than observing as Yeu himself was.

Content Neutrality was really the only thing that could aptly describe Yukon’s feelings towards the man- Neutrality only in the fact that both sides of his assumptions, good and bad, seemed to weigh equally, and Content because it wasn’t that important to get to know him other than calculating possible threats. Even at that, the man seemed comfortable enough in his current position- though that fact also made Yeuri wary of him.

While the gathering had rather turned into disappointment, both in the reasoning for it and the atmosphere surrounding it, Yukon did have to admit, it was a somewhat pleasant tangent from his normal routine to get to size up the hierarchy of hell, despite the fact he really did prefer to be elsewhere.

"I propose a less-risky mode of recapture….” Yeu’s focus snapped back to attention as Vincent proposed his own ideas. If ever the case, Yukon would certainly choose the First over the Third in any circumstance; Vincent seemed to know exactly what he was doing, and furthermore he had no subordinate that Yeu knew of. This fact alone only gave another layer to the puzzle-like mystery that was the Fire Prince- one that Yukon would love to tamper with to see exactly what made him tick.

However, the possibility of such a chance ever happening was almost laughable; he’d never have the time to bother with the man, nor was it a wise or probable idea to engage him without reason. Comparatively, Chikyu was pretty much an open book- his temper was obvious, and in such he tended to blurt out his thoughts, or that was how it seemed to be, anyway.

With the high pitched whistle that left the First Prince’s lips, Yeuri tilted his head up to watch the speeding form of a large jackal gallop to its master’s side. The creature was probably the main reason he took a liking to Vincent, as his own familiar was of the same species. Though, other than both familiars being jackals, the similarities ended rather abruptly there. The Prince’s had obvious size when compared to Gore, and there was also the difference in pelt color. Not to mention the Pillar’s jackal had so many stitches and wounds, it was quite unnerving to say the least.

As the Prince offered his companion for the job and downsized both Chikyu and Bavol, Yukon simply blinked and abandoned all thoughts on the man, soon turning back to look at Satan once more and see how he responded to the options presented.

Both were picked apart rather quickly, but in the end it seemed Vincent’s was the better choice. Yeu had little care for either, as long as a decision was made, and while Chikyu made point that he would send Astaroth if his subordinate decided to go, Yukon turned his gaze upon his own Mistress to see what she deemed was best.

”…I offer myself and, if he wants, Yeu to participate in this little adventure party!” He wasn’t surprised in the least to hear Bavol’s response, and a wicked smirk tugged at his lips. Sure, it was obvious the first reason why she wanted to go, but Yeuri knew her better than that, and he was more than eager to attend the job at her side.

As she turned her gaze to him, he met and returned it with a harsh, though good-natured grin. ”What do you think Yeu, is it worth it? Are you up for a little adventure with me?” The look in her eye only confirmed what he already knew, and he gave a short nod.

”If you go, I will remain at your side. Gore will keep watch of the circles and report anything amiss, to which will be dealt with on our return, should it please you to be so. There are also the others to reinforce your rules in the meantime.”

He looked forward to entering the realm of the humans with his Mistress at his side, and he knew that disposing of the Lessers was only one of the reasons to shift worlds. A lazy smirk and bright eyes accompanied his facials as he turned to eagerly see what Azrael had to say about it.


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Vincent Price

Boredom seemed to have entered Vincent's mind as his eyes glazed over as the declarations from his fellow Princes made, as well as instructions of who exactly would be joining the search party into the human world. Blinking lazily as the Princess declared her own being in the party with a shrill ”…I offer myself and, if he wants, Yeu to participate in this little adventure party!” and her silent underling merely consented with little protest. ~I doubt his little Princess would do much good in a combat situation anyway.. of course her little lapdog needs to assist~ Vincent thought with a smirk at the image of the prissy woman attempting to take charge of the expedition. As much as loathed the demon who would be ideally the best suited for a leader of the expedition, there truly was only one logical choice..Chikyu.

The demon was an arrogant, hot-headed, ridiculously brash and uncouth. Yet, there was a reason that Azrael kept him on a tight leash and within arms length, he knew how to get a job done in an efficient fashion with a few casualties as possible. Cocking his head to the side to rid himself of the tension in his neck, he merely nodded before declaring quietly "Well, if this is settled, I have my own little errand to run. Please send someone to notify myself when exactly this little search party is leaving for the human world, and I am sure Jackal would be most disappointed if he did not have any rabbits to chase after.." . Giving a deep bow toward the lord of Inferno and turning on his heel out of the throne room with a giddy Jackal loping after his Master with a undignified wagging of his tail.

The scent of dust began to fill the air as Vincent found himself in front an ancient looking door made of mahogany with a large crack in one of the panels. His tempered flared for a moment as he recalled the heartbreaking sound of wood cracking all those years ago when Chikyu came to 'protest' his appointment as the Demon Prince of Fire, the door was the first victim in his precious Library. A faint whine from Jackal snapped him out of his memories as he entered the door ever so gently applying pressure to the doors. The stiffness in his body that seemed attached to his title slowly began release as his shoulders sagged with a exhaustion one could get when dealing with morons. A content smile began to form on his face only vanish with a scowl as a resounding crash of metal echoed throughout the massive room.

Rounding the corner of one of the shelves, Vincent merely let out a sigh of irritation at the sight of one of his 'apprentices' on the floor scrambling in the hopes of hiding what was once a blade from a human legend. The metal seemed utterly lost to the world as it laid fragmented against the cold wood before it. A feminine whimper escaped the shaking figure's lips as it whispered " Please forgive my clumsiness sir, I was merely startled of the sound of the door opening". Removing the glasses from his face, Vincent cleaned them once with a cloth before placing them back..~Now what is this girl's name..Astrid..Amie..Anna?~. The girl dressed in a humble black dress and flats, her hair was a mousey brown in a messy bun. Ink stains dotted her fingers as it was one of duties of his assistants to transcribe the ancient writing that were around the place. "Never mind that..Astrid..there are other urgent matter I need for you to take care of.." Vincent said in a soothing voice as he sidestepped the mess and began walking toward the center of the room, past rows of sleeves lined with books. Astrid, followed silently, her face the expression of shock that her boss actually knew her name the sound of a bell ringing snapped her out of her trance.

Three similarly dressed women appeared from various directions of the library, nearly identical to the way of dress as Astrid aside from slight alterations in the clothing. The first was a smaller brunette in black heels who merely nodded at the silent command, none to stealthily glaring at Astrid. The second and third were twins, identical in everyday from their coal dresses to black flats, the only difference were the large bows forming a loose ponytail. Taking a seat behind his desk, Vincent merely pointed toward door of the Library "Red, see if you can do something about that unseemly crack in the entrance door. Silver, you are to stand and alert myself if anyone enters". A few moments of silence passed over as the twins nodded without a word. Now only two..well three if you count the sleeping Jackal by his Master's feet.

Leaning his face on his hands Vincent merely blinked at a flushing Astrid, with thousands of questions bubbling upon her lips. It seemed like the poor girl was about to explode as Vincent finally stood and leaned over the trembling girl "Now, why exactly were you handling that blade..my dear". The 'my dear' seemed to hint the threat of punishment..or a cat toying with a mouse.."Well sir, I". Her excuse was stopped by Vincent slammed his palms against the desk in frustration "Stop! I don't want to hear your excuses you stupid girl. Be grateful that was merely a replica and I know the reason you were startled." Astrid merely sat in the chair in front of the desk, wisely avoiding words to escalate the situation. Vincent merely leaned back against the desk muttering "Chikyu" under his breath..before throwing a pen and notebook towards the girl, who merely looked confused.

"You, my dear, as a punishment are going out to my Circles to collect information about any rumored escapes, plots, escapades etc about the human world. Now, go do this now before I change my mind.." Waving the girl away with a lazy hand, Vincent rolled his eyes at the silent implication that came with having four female assistants waiting on him hand and foot daily. It was a fair deal in his own mind, these women desired to have knowledge of the human world without having to leave the safety of Inferno through his books. A fair deal indeed, now the only question remained was of 'Who' broke out of Inferno. This would be a long work day..


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Satan Azrael

“My subordinate is my business! If one more demon talks ill of either him or myself once more I will not be as easily forgiving as I have been.”

Azrael’s eyes widened ever so slightly at the spirited reaction from the Princess. A wicked smile crept along his lips as his eyes narrowed holding a cold light in them. I’ll have to teach her a few things later. Especially that tongue of hers, what an interesting little girl.

“Ha! Satan you have no idea what sits before you, and to prove it I offer myself and, if he wants, Yeu to participate in this little adventure party! After all I am the youngest here and have the most to prove. Surely you could not deny a young girl that, Satan?”

Once again she had surprised him with her words and her rising confidence. “You better watch your tongue girl. But you that’s where you’re wrong, why should I send someone who has no experience to lead this little adventure of yours? His voice was cold. The room seemed to get colder and heavy air of foreboding hung in the air. Azrael didn’t appreciate the fact that the Princess had cornered him with her words, it had been a long while since this happened.

“But seeing as your so eager to be a part of this I’ll let you lead. Just know I won’t take failure lightly, this isn’t one of your pretty little adventures. The same goes to your subordinate.” With that having been said, Azrael leaned back in his chair, his glare daring Bavol and Yeuri to say otherwise to his decision.

“I’ll go. It will be a simple mission and surely you have more important matters to attend to back in the circles.” Azreal simply glanced in the direction of Chikyu’s subordinate. Hmm I’ll have to them keep an eye on him. His gaze eventually shifted back to the Princess and her subordinate. ”If you go, I will remain at your side. Gore will keep watch of the circles and report anything amiss, to which will be dealt with on our return, should it please you to be so. There are also the others to reinforce your rules in the meantime.”

Once more Azrael’s eyes shifted to something else, their focus being the Prince of Fire. By the look of things the younger demon finally spoke up. "Well, if this is settled, I have my own little errand to run. Please send someone to notify myself when exactly this little search party is leaving for the human world, and I am sure Jackal would be most disappointed if he did not have any rabbits to chase after.."

Azrael snorted and rolled his eyes at Vincent’s words. But he let the Prince leave his chambers along with his rather horrid looking dog. He let Vincent’s departure rest in the air for a moment before shifting in his chair. Turning his attention back to those before him, Azrael sat forwards, lacing his fingers in front of him. “Well that settles it. Bavol you will lead a group to the Human World and with the help of Yeuri and Astaroth along with Vincent’s summon. You will be going under the guise of humans with limiters of course. Under no circumstances are you to deviate from your mission least you alert those damned Angels of our movement. Now go get a move on, your dismissed.”

He waved his hand at them to leave. Once they were no longer in his presence, Azrael stood up and donned on his public illusion. Becoming nothing more than a moving shadow with glowing red orbs set in what looked to be a cruel face, Azrael called for a servant. ”Go inform the Prince of Fire of the departure of the expedition group.” His voice came out gravely and deep with a tone of absolute authority in it. The servant merely bowed before disappearing as he was no longer within sight.

Azrael, sat back down and thought for a while. Now would normally be the time in which Cerbin would give him his report. “What is that bastard doing?” Pursing his lips, Azrael let loose a piercing whistle almost on par with Vincent’s. In a matter of seconds, Malice, one of Cerbins summons as well as his older brother appeared at his feet. A smaller lesser demon than his canine brother, Malice was a pure black dog, save for his paws, ears and tail. Which were red, almost like they were dipped in fresh blood. Licking his lips, Azrael spoke to the canine, “Cerbin you have yet to give me your report on her. How does she fare?”

True Cross Academy, Fidel City

At the same moment, the very lesser demons that Azrael had sent the others to capture showed up at the amusement park. At first they simply explored, messing with the old and rubdown structures within the park. That is until they caught sight of the humans. The group of lesser demons, five to be exact, only one of them was missing so really it was only four at the moment. The quartet sniffed the air in search of the best meal and caught the scent of rather strong individuals that and something that smelled vaguely of demon flesh.

Yipping and growling, the lesser demons flocked towards the group of humans. One of them was like the human that had summoned them to Earth. This puny male (Julius) had a horse looking thing while the others (Evangeline) looked weak but good to eat. Save for the other male (Akio), in his hand he carried a demon blade. The group of lesser demons hissed but they continued onward toward the group save for one of them who caught the scent of a pure demon, a superior one at that. Grinning to itself it left the three and attacked the Superior Demon (Cerbin). It was larger than the other three nearing the size of a small horse, it was a nasty looking thing all fangs and patches of fur and scales. The other three attacked the small group of humans but one caught the scent of something funny and attacked it (Aura) in hopes of singling it out so it didn’t have to share.


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#, as written by Kapento

“You better watch your tongue girl. But you that’s where you’re wrong, why should I send someone who has no experience to lead this little adventure of yours?” Satan questioned with his usual coldness.

My… he is very observant. My lack of experience clearly matters more than I thought.

The older demon continued with, “But seeing as your so eager to be a part of this I’ll let you lead. Just know I won’t take failure lightly, this isn’t one of your pretty little adventures. The same goes to your subordinate.”

“Of course Satan, by all means I shall not fail thee.” The spirited female humbly replied before grinning uncontrollably upon hearing of the older demons approval; managing just enough to keep a degree of maturity in her response.

Satan must be feeling generous if he‘s placing me in charge, huh? Well... I better make the most of this newfound authority and not let our great ruler down, shouldn't I?

”If you go, I will remain at your side. Gore will keep watch of the circles and report anything amiss, to which will be dealt with on our return, should it please you to be so. There are also the others to reinforce your rules in the meantime.”

Turning to her subordinate sharply at that moment Bavol gave a firm nod of agreement, “That would be most satisfactory, Yeu.” The girl knew she could rely on him. Yeu was hardly going to turn down the offer, and besides, the pair of them let loose on the Human World? Anything could happen.

“Well that settles it. Bavol you will lead a group to the Human World and with the help of Yeuri and Astaroth along with Vincent’s summon. You will be going under the guise of humans with limiters of course. Under no circumstances are you to deviate from your mission least you alert those damned Angels of our movement. Now go get a move on, your dismissed.”

“Understood Satan.” With a slight tilt of her head the girl offered a simple bow to the demon before returning her gaze to her subordinate once more. “Alrighty Yeu, see to it that Gore keeps a tight patrol round the circles whilst we‘re gone. I‘d trust no other to watch over my lovely little kingdom in our absence, and even if there are others to tend to things I‘d leave with a more peaceful mind knowing he was keeping a close eye on the place,” Having said that the female then remembered something and promptly added, somewhat amusingly, “Though by no means does that mean Gore gets to terrorize Kaz and Chi whilst I’m not around. I’d very much appreciate the pair in one piece upon my arrival.”

Spinning round on her heel the young woman took her leave at that moment, seeing little else to do just then beside getting the group together. From what she had gathered it was a small expedition group consisting of herself and Yeu, Detritus and the familiar of Vincent.

At that moment her eyes casually drifted over towards the direction of Detritus as she spoke, ”When your ready meet us at the gate.” She knew little of the demon personally though considering they were going to be grouped together it was only logical to establish some form of understanding amongst themselves. Needless to say however, considering Detritus was the subordinate of Chikyu, the female struggled a little to simply trust the strange figure before her.

This ought to be fun. The four of us together… what could go wrong?

Her thoughts were momentarily distracted when pondering over the small group. With a light shake of her head Bavol quickly dropped the matter and proceeded to leave the area whilst motioning for her subordinate to follow behind her.

“Come on Yeu, I don‘t really wish to linger around here any longer than I have to.” She sighed quietly before begining to make her way over and towards the Gate which lay within her circles and would offer a smooth transition from Inferno to the Human World. She expected to meet the rest of the group there, promptly.

Upon arrival at the gate in question Bavol stood idly for a moment. It hadn’t took long to reach the gate; mainly due to the young girls enthusiasm for the mission at hand. It couldn’t have been more obvious that the demon was keen to venture into the Human World and explore the unknown; mentally reminding herself not to stray too much from her current task.

Turning to Yeu just then the girl grapsed at the moment whilst the pair were alone. “It would be wise to keep an eye on the other two, don‘t you think? Anything can happen when we‘re out there.” She quietly suggested in a cautious manner.


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Astaroth listened to conversations around him as it was settled who would be setting foot on the human’s realm in order to note who he would look out for, eyes never lingering on anyone in particular until he watched The Prince of Fire depart. Faint curiosity arose over what errand would pull him away at a time like this, but it soon perished on realizing that it may be a way of escaping what had run its course. Having been operating under the assumption that whoever went would be parting ways to cover more ground, he was a little displeased to hear that they would be following a leader and sticking in a group. That it was the Princess of Air alleviated the concern to some degree. It was his hope that her more excitable personality would make her less likely to become a hindrance on the field by being overly controlling as others might have been.

Just as that concern was laid to rest, a more irritating one rose to take its place. “You will be going under the guise of humans with limiters of course.” What it would take to act and move as a human would slow their progress immensely. Flight could take them to the lesser demons in minutes, but walking the long dirt paths between towns and ambling through messy town as he recalled them from some five hundred years ago when he last walked Earth could take days. Weeks even, depending on the lesser demon’s location in comparison to theirs. He breathed a sigh of irritation from his nostrils, but did not have the time nor the rank to complain as Azrael dismissed the lot of them.

Words that seemed to come in his direction drew his attention to meet the gaze of Bavol. He intended to bow his head in some reverence, but his neck resisted the submissive act and turned it to more of a head tilt. “Yes Princess…” Before he took his leave, he spent some few words on the one he serves. “I’ll inform you if anything unusual happens.”

Final acknowledgment aside, he took flight on off-color angel wings following the path to the gate in Azrael’s purgatory where he expected they would be departing from. Nothing beyond preparing for battle came to mind when he considered what he may need to do before leaving, so he did not need to divert from direct departure. As he flew he checked through the pouches hanging at his sides to make sure that he had enough of his favourites to last him. He did, and he then arrived at the gate to find it lonely. Tapping fingers on Iaculus and letting out a few noises of frustration, he realized that the Princess, being new, must have returned to her own territory as opposed to going the typical route for such ventures.

Astartoth had not visited envy and sloth since the time that Bavol became the one ruling them, but he did not imagine that enough had changed to be worth observing as flew quickly to find the Earth-bound party. He had no intention of letting on that he had made a mistake in where they would meet, so he landed a slight distance away and retracted his wings to approach as though nothing but preparation had stolen his time. Stopping near Bavol and Yeuri, he observed them, unblinking, with his almost entirely black eyes. After some moments of this, his gaze moved to the gate and he rather abruptly stated, “I’ll meet you on the other side – scout ahead to make sure the group is not noticed crossing over.” Avoiding any arguments that may be offered, he moved immediately through the gate as the last word leaves him.

Earth greeted him with strange sounds and nothing but the sight of a brick wall. Taking a breath of the air here, he found it much colder than the air of Inferno that it upset his lungs at first. Looking around, he found that their gate let out in a very small street cramped between tall buildings and blocked with bins of stinking garbage. It was a strange sort of location, but no humans seemed to pay it mind as they walked past it on a wider street. An unfamiliar machine flitted by as he gazed on the outside area, but he did not move to investigate it just yet. Instead he stepped back to leave room and waited impatiently for the leader of the group to join and free him with her instructions. Out of habit his hand moved to stroke Iaculus. Recollection of the creature’s appearance sparked an irritated sigh. It would be difficult to fit in amongst humans with a large snake around his neck, he assumed. The creature would have to be disguised as an unobtrusive part of his outfit. A belt will work… While they were waiting, however, he had a small task for his pet, “See what snakes here can tell you of our prey. Return before we leave.” Placed on the pavement to do as told, Iaculus met his gaze, flicked his tongue in and out a few times, and then slithered into the shadows. Astaroth stood and crossed his arms. With that underway, he was left to wait.

The setting changes from inferno to New Earth


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#, as written by Skwidge

As Satan reprimanded his mistress, Yeu simply blinked once with little to no thought towards the demon or the situation, still waiting for the man to make his point. “But seeing as you're so eager to be a part of this I’ll let you lead. Just know I won’t take failure lightly, this isn’t one of your pretty little adventures. The same goes to your subordinate.”

With Azrael’s pointed gaze, Yukon flashed him a fanged smirk, though his eyes avoided the demon’s own. This was going to be ridiculously entertaining, though, the fact that the duo had a few others within their little party was a bit of a damper. Yeuri was just looking in Astaroth’s direction when Vincent spoke up, informing the group of his departure. His eyes perked up to the Pillar’s form, a subtle interest portraying itself amidst his features, though it disappeared as soon as it was there.

“Well that settles it. Bavol you will lead a group to the Human World…. You will be going under the guise of humans with limiters of course. Under no circumstances are you to deviate from your mission….” Yeu couldn’t help but let a twisted grin spread across his lips as Azrael agreed to Bavol’s terms. He could care less about the limitations and such, he was simply eager to find himself in the human world itself. He had heard his fair share of stories half a millennia ago, so it served that he should be keen to experience it himself. Not to mention the obvious fact that neither he nor Bavol had visited the other realm before, though both knew well what to expect.

At his Mistress’s reply to his suggestion of authority, he dipped his head in recognition and tapped a finger against his thigh. “Alrighty Yeu, see to it that Gore keeps a tight patrol round the circles whilst we‘re gone. I‘d trust no other to watch over my lovely little kingdom in our absence, and even if there are others to tend to things I‘d leave with a more peaceful mind knowing he was keeping a close eye on the place,” He nodded, grinning slightly at the praise she shared with his familiar.

“Though by no means does that mean Gore gets to terrorize Kaz and Chi whilst I’m not around. I’d very much appreciate the pair in one piece upon my arrival.” At that Yeuri smirked playfully, ”No promises~” Despite the obvious light-heartedness of his comment, it was well known between the both of them that whatever Bavol asked would be completed to the best of her subordinate’s ability. Her familiars would be left in one piece, but he could hardly deny his faithful familiar’s small desires- or at least as long as Bavol gave him leeway in such matters.

As she turned and began her departure, Yeu rose from his seat and shoved his hands into his pockets, following her at a close distance with a cheerful smirk to his features. As they proceeded, his Mistress took pause to address Astaroth. Yukon looked back on him as well, but his eyes were blank and rather uncaring of the individual. Once that was completed, the pair turned and made their way back to their own domain.

As the two arrived back within their circles, Yeuri tapped his foot and let a low, eerie tune leave his lips. Immediately Gore materialized before his master in a fog of black tendrils, a Cheshire grin to his face and his orbs a pure, lucid yellow. The familiar was lapping his tongue over his oversized canines, liquid dripping from his maw to spatter the ground below in deep wine-red stains. He trotted up to his master, a low whine and a tail wag to show greeting before he slid underneath the demon’s hand, his ears swiveling this way and that as Yeuri stroked the soft fur and rubbed at his ears.

The trio then made their way casually to the gates between worlds, Yukon mentally giving orders to his familiar. As they stopped, Yeu shared a private grin with Bavol, mischief flaring up in his eyes. Gore took a seat beside the old stone, his orbs shifting this way and that as he surveyed the scene; however, it was near impossible to tell the motion within the jackal’s eyes, as there was no pupil to distinguish glance.

“It would be wise to keep an eye on the other two, don‘t you think? Anything can happen when we‘re out there.” When Bavol spoke up, Yeuri’s attention immediately snapped to her form. He pouted ever so slightly, crossing his arms like a child, ”If we must,” He smirked, dropping the act and gaining a somewhat serious look to his eyes, ”Probably a good idea; shouldn’t be too much of an issue if everyone behaves nice and proper.” He leaned against the door to the other world lazily, blinking once and waiting for the others to arrive.

“I’ll meet you on the other side – scout ahead to make sure the group is not noticed crossing over.” Yeu turned his head to watch the demon approach, still harboring no hints on his face towards feelings. He simply nodded at the guy’s proposition, watching as he stepped through the blackened vortex that stood confined between three walls. Yeuri stood up and stationed himself by Bavol’s side, awaiting the arrival of Vincent’s jackal. They didn’t have to pause for too great a period, as the creature soon came loping up. Gore’s ears twitched at the sight of the other breed, and he gave a low whine towards the other familiar, announcing his presence and sending somewhat of a greeting. Other than that, he remained motionless in his post.

”Shall we?” Yukon made a regal bow towards his Mistress, a cheesy grin to his features as he offered his hand playfully for her to accept if she so wished to do so. Regardless, Yeu gave one last glance towards his familiar and gave a short nod before leading the rest of the group through the doors.

Cool air met his lungs as they transferred between realms, and he breathed it in deeply. It stung slightly, as he was unused to such a different atmosphere, but other than that he enjoyed the feeling. However, their surroundings were rather bland and uncouth, with simple brick walls that hinted an alleyway, and trash bins shoved up against the end of it. He snorted lightly before allowing his gaze to drift over the rest of their location. The roads were dusty and strange mechanisms rumbled by. It was rather dark, but a few streetlights flickered occasionally to set the scene in a strange glow and offer some amount of sight to the humans. Yeuri himself, though, had rather adept eyes when it came to darkness, so he was actually pleased with the low lighting.

From the stories he had heard when he was so young, it was very obvious that everything about Earth had changed. Well… almost everything. Yukon let his gaze slide up towards the heavens, and he was greeted with the soft warmth of the stars. A ghost of an actual smile teased at the corners of his lips, and he blinked, soaking in the grandeur of those little specks. While he could have easily stood for an eternity just to observe them, Yeu pulled his gaze away, reminding himself of the task at hand.

Gazing to Bavol, he smirked, relaxing his stance ever so slightly before looking over the rest of their group. As his orbs fell on Astaroth’s form, he just caught the demon’s snake merging into the shadows to disappear after a task. Yeuri assumed that the familiar’s disappearance pertained to their quest, but with the unfamiliarity of Astaroth, it wasn’t entirely wise to trust such an idea. Yet, Yeu didn’t open his mouth to make any comment whatsoever.

”We should probably get a move on, yeah?” As Yeu spoke, he pulled the limiter from his pocket and clasped it onto his upper arm. There wasn’t much to change, merely subtle shifts in his form to clean up his look. However, as per respect towards Azrael’s authority and the fact that the limiter was a must have, it was an added security since Yeu’s form tended to shift when pushed to do so.

He paused for the others to gain their bearings before taking a customary position in front of Bavol for her protection, and then immediately started the group off on their little quest. They would probably be relying on Jackal for extra insight on Lesser positions, since he was a resource to be used, but other than that, it was up to them to figure things out. However, as they began proceeding in a general direction, Astaroth’s snake returned, and that was when Yeuri addressed the demon. ”Anything?” At whatever indication was provided, the group set off.

They walked through streets without incident, only seeing a few humans wandering about with drunken stances and uneasy gates. They walked for quite some time before they finally came to the city limits, soon passing away from the lights and the cramped buildings to the quiet emptiness of the off-roads.

Yeuri’s facials hinted towards boredom, and he had shoved his hands in his pockets about three miles prior. When he had envisioned coming to Earth, he had certainly expected it to be more exciting and fast-paced. But instead, they were stuck walking for what seemed to be an eternity through no-man’s land. Occasionally he would turn to check on Bavol, making certain she was still comfortable. Had it been only them, they probably would have found too many things to entertain themselves with, and probably have flipped some worlds upside-down, but alas, they had others with them and they had to keep an authoritative look and stature.

Yeuri mainly kept himself occupied with gazing up at the night sky, picking out a few constellations here and there and thinking about a plethora of different things. However, as they walked, an old abandoned amusement park came into view, and Yeuri’s attention piqued up. It was still awhile off, but at least they finally had a goal in sight.


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#, as written by Kapento

“If we must…Probably a good idea; shouldn’t be too much of an issue if everyone behaves nice and proper.”

As Yeu spoke, the young female smiled sweetly towards him. “Of course.”

“I’ll meet you on the other side – scout ahead to make sure the group is not noticed crossing over.” Shifting her stare away from her subordinate, Bavol looked over to the direction of Astaroth as the demon appeared at that moment.

“Alrighty. See you on the other side.” She offered with a nod.

Returning her attention to Yeu, the princess stood comfortably at his side whilst the pair of them awaited the arrival of the jackal that Vincent was sending to join their group. Of course they didn’t have to wait long, as shortly after the beast in question emerged into their sights and joined them.

“Shall we?”

She nodded, “Let‘s.” Hastily, Bavol welcomed the offering of a hand from Yeu as she grasped hold of it at that moment. The sight of Vincent’s jackal, in particular, had caused the young demon to feel somewhat more cautious than usual when finding herself within the beasts presence. “Let us move quickly.”

Arriving into the human realm Bavol gradually released her hold on Yeu as she focus more on steadying herself on the new ground that lay beneath her feet. Upon closer inspection it was odd and unfamiliar to her, though intriguing all at the same time. Clearly the girl had not stepped foot into the human realm until now, and as such, it was all very new to her.

So this is the Human World? She thought, her eyes filling up with an unquestionable child-like curiosity as the demon awed quietly at the newly discovered scenery that surrounded her. It is so… so very unexpected and different. Just then a cold breeze swept across the princesses skin, sending an uncomfortable shiver all the way up her spine and causing the girl to fold her arms tightly around her body.

“Nobody said it would be cold,” She pouted, attempting to readjust herself to the unwelcoming chilly air. “I was not aware that I needed to layer up on outfits.” Regardless if anyone was listening, Bavol just shrugged it off and looked to Yeu.

“We should probably get a move on, yeah?” She nodded and watched her subordinate place his limiter onto his upper arm, which prompted her to do the same as Bavol took out her own limiter and snuggly fitted it around her wrist. Overall she still appeared the same, and with enough effort she would blend in with humans easily. However, what with the outfit she wore the demon still stood out in some way or another. The thought alone made the female grin a little, secretly.

Once the group got themselves adjusted, and after Yeu stood before her as expected, Bavol immediately began to follow closely behind her subordinate as the group began to move.

Whilst doing so she couldn’t help but quietly giggle, “Hopefully we shant get lost.”

Throughout most of their journey through the human realm Bavol paid little attention to the group in general, the girls curiosity in that which surrounded her grasping at her attention instead; such as the few humans they passed, the buildings, the gardens and the streets. Just gazing over the place made Bavol rather eager to go off exploring and uncover new areas of this foreign world, though she knew that it was unlikely and that her focus must ultimately be on the task at hand. Before she knew it, though, the group had soon found themselves leaving the comforts of the inhabited land of humans and slowly entering a more lifeless portion of the world which clearly lacked much human contact. The empty roads were anything but exciting and yet even with this the princess oddly found the quietness to be rather appealing and a comfort in it’s own way.

For much of the long walk Bavol had been strangely quiet; her feet dragging along the ground occasionally as thoughts of naps and slumbering preoccupying her mind.

Just then, up ahead, she spotted an amusement park.

“That ought to be the place,” She said and looked to the group. “At least we wont have to worry about getting spotted by average humans… even the dead would find this place a bit of a bore.” With that said the princess motioned for the group to follow as she proceed forward, the prospect of an amusement park persuading the young demon to become a bit more energetic in her approach towards the task. “Though I hate to even dare say it - the faster we move the quicker we shall get there. Our current pace is too slow in other words. Let us pick it up a little shall we?”

Allowing the fellow group members a moment to share their own thoughts, Bavol promptly continued onwards shortly after towards the seemingly abandoned amusement park.

Some time later, as the group found themselves approaching the entrance of the seemingly abandoned amusement park the princess began to eye-up the long disused area and pondered lightly on how to proceed forward. By the looks of it this park has long since been put to any productive use. The inactivity ought to make tracking down the demons a little easier… Speaking of usage, perhaps now would be an ideal time to put that jackal to some good use. Whilst away with her thoughts Bavol couldn’t help but stare at the jackal in question as she curiously looked the creature over.

“Any ideas?” She enquired to the group before turning to face Yeu and Astaroth especially. “I was thinking of letting the jackal go first - sense out the location of the demons and that. We could split up and explore the area in the meantime - see what we come across.”

Twirling round on her heel the female progressed forward through the gate and ventured a little further into the amusement park; making sure not to stray too far from the others by remaining close by in their line of sight.

This place is definitely not what I was expecting. Though it is worth a good old snoop around in… it doesn’t seem that there is much to really discover in this place. We‘ve barely scratched the surface of this world and I may not return for some time. Is this really all I am going to see during my time here?

“This place is so boring and dead… it‘s like one big corpse altogether.” Bavol sulked with her usual childish manner, crossing her arms against her chest before slumping down and sitting herself onto the ground. Glancing over her shoulder she called to Yeu and Astaroth, “We can regroup once the location of the demons is found and take them out together... That is if our little jackal doesn‘t let us down. Unless either of you know of another way to approach this task.”


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Astaroth passed his muddy eyes over the other members of the hunting party as they settled in to the human’s realm, taking in the subtleties of their reactions with a bland expression. In passing he wondered what sort of temperature the Princess had expected to find in a world of open skies and fluctuating seasons, but in the end it did not seem to be a matter worth questioning. Yeuri’s push to begin the journey was welcomed, but Astaroth could not avoid letting a sigh of irritation filter through his nostrils at being reminded of the need to wear a limiter. The name itself spoke of why it was such an unpleasant idea to him. Thoughts of limitation enforced by another were none too pleasant and his skin started to itch uncomfortably at the thought of it. Regardless of internalized complaints, he took out a limiter and ruefully attached it to his left wrist. Besides immediately distilling discomfort the device hid away his small horns and dulled the sharpness of his canines.

Following behind the others as they filtered out of the alleyway and into less filthy segments of civilization, his attention was drawn by a soft hiss at his heel. Crouching to face his returned Iaculus, an arm was extended to guide the snake to wrap around his waist while he gathered understanding from soft hisses. Quick words with nearby animal life had taught Iaculus the habits of some demons known to the area, and he also happened to have found a small creature to unfortunately call his dinner, as irrelevant as that was. Once the full length of the snake had coiled around him and had heard the full report, Astaroth stood and ran his fingers over the smooth black and white scales of his creature. As he did so, Iaculus was overtaken by an illusion and appeared to flatten until he became but a striped belt clasped by a snake biting into its tail. Turning to Yeuri as he questioned the information gathered, Astaroth spoke quickly the relevant bits of information. “The lessers tend to avoid the populated areas. We’ll have better luck somewhere more isolated, but where people would still venture to end up easy prey.”

Taking that information as guide as there was little else to go on at this point, the group began their slow work of walking to track down the erring little demons. The sound of each footstep, ill-matched by those around him that differed in weight and pacing, reminded him how many more it would take to shift through the land of humans to a place that would let them complete their quest and made the journey that much more exhaustingly dull. None of the little buildings, anonymous humans, or unfamiliar machinery that passed around them was of enough interest to alleviate the persistent sense of boredom. As the paths turned to desolation he was provided with the faintest of reliefs as they might soon come across a viable location. Astaroth seriously hoped that the Lesser Demons they were after would not be as pathetic as he believed they would be and make this trip at least slightly worthwhile. As a peculiar arrangement of distorted buildings appeared on the horizon he felt the vaguest sense of relief that seemed to be in some way reflected by those around him.

The words of the Princess on speed earned a slightly raised brow. It was almost as though she was insulting the rate that he walked. Bold words considering the number of times he thought he has heard her dragging her feet. As much as he would have liked to point that out in the form of a veiled insult, he thought better of rudeness considering the overprotective nature of her subordinate and spoke with some fabricated politeness. “It does look like the sort of place one would hide. Faster it is.”

Faster paced footsteps were little less irritatingly inefficient than the supposedly slower ones previously, but at least the motion was reliable and they found themselves at the gates of the strange place. Beyond the decay of neglect and piling up of long forgotten scrap, the place was very different in character to the area where their journey had begun. The shapes and forms of the buildings and mechanisms he could see from the entrance were senseless and exaggerated. Tearing his eyes from the curiosity ahead, he looked to the Princess and offered comment on her plan. “Sending Jackal sounds good. Splitting up - we should each take a distinct area so we don’t cover the same paths or miss a place they could be hiding in. We should be quiet too. Plenty of room for them to slip out if they hear us coming.”

After Bavol crossed the threshold of the strange location, he too stepped forward and approached a small structure with counters and broken glass windows. Half faded and peeled writing dubs the structure ‘Information’. Pinned beneath a piece of glass he finds a weathered old pamphlet which upon opening reveals a map of the place bearing the strange names of differing locations within this amusement park. A park dedicated to entertainment - a faint smirk lit his face - taking a look around he would gladly see whether or not those who made this place should be so proud to call it amusing. In the face of the curiosity he had found for in the challenge offered by this location, Bavol’s apparent disinterest struck him as out of place. Ignoring that, he responded with his somewhat differing opinion on the matter. “Unless they’re especially powerful I doubt we’ll need to work together to take them down.” Looking over the two before him for a moment, he considered that maybe it was due to his greater power that he could think that way. Well, that was their problem. “Best kill them when we see them - never know if they might move or try to run.”

As he had already memorized the map offered by the building of information, he held it out for Bavol to take. Running a finger over the far left section, he comments, “If it’s no consequence to you I’ll take this section.”

The setting changes from new-earth to True Cross Academy, Fidel City

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#, as written by Kapento

Glancing over her shoulder Bavol carefully watched the other demon, Astaroth, as he too approached the abandoned park before finding himself at some odd structure which stood nearby. “Unless they’re especially powerful I doubt we’ll need to work together to take them down… Best kill them when we see them - never know if they might move or try to run.” He spoke, before proceeding closer towards Bavol and holding out what seemed to resemble some sort of map of the area. “If it’s no consequence to you I’ll take this section.”

Bavol dazedly looked to the map offered to her before accepting the bundle of information carefully in her hands as her eyes glanced vaguely over it’s contents. “Uh, sure. I see no issues with that. Go ahead.” She replied, and added, “However… should you run into trouble then just give us a shout.” With an amused little giggle quickly following the female offered a simple sigh before refocusing her stare deep within the map that sat securely in her hands before her.

This place sure is big. She thought, gradually getting back onto her feet whilst taking in some of the finer layout details of the amusement park. At first glance this place is awfully boring, but, when given a map things certainly get more interesting. I better not get lost.

Looking to the demons once more, calmly, Bavol said, “Alrighty. Astaroth takes the far left. Yeu, where will you go?” Once the other demon joined the pair Bavol took a step forward and handed Yeu the map of the amusement park, believing her subordinate would find the information useful. “Maybe it is time I showed a little more initiative as a Prince. I think this time round… we can handle going our separate ways to cover more ground, you know? I still expect you to remain in one piece without me though - ok Yeu!”

Stepping back the female offered a smile to the pair of males, before turning round on her heel and proceeding further down one of the various paths that lay built into the ground to guide visitors around the rides and stalls. “I‘m going to explore the far right side - check the place out. I wont get lost though, I got it all memorized! Haha!” With that said she ran off down the path and disappeared out of sight further down the way.

At a later point, after having spent a small period of time detouring around the surrounding land filled with many long since forgotten amusements, Bavol soon found herself in the heart of the far right section of the amusement park as expected. Hm... I haven‘t found much. This part of the amusement park seems untouched by the little demons that we are after. Perhaps I ought to move on from here and--

Pulled from her thoughts at that moment, suddenly, the young female could have sworn that she had heard a vague yelp of some sort coming from somewhere only a short distance from where she stood. It hadn’t sounded pleasant in the slightest but from what she could make out the cry of pain was from another younger female - the uncomfortable cry exhibiting something rather unusual throughout it that Bavol quickly picked up on.

“Hm. This feels just too weird to simply ignore,” Raising an eyebrow the demon momentarily pondered over the sudden oddness that she sensed - unable to confidently put a finger on what exactly the unusual aura that she sensed was.

“Better check it out.”

Following the noise the demon gradually made her way over towards the carousel that stood nearby; blindly assuming that the cause of the disturbing cry was nothing more than some little incident that she could easily pass her time over with. However, within seconds of arriving at the abandoned ride the girls attention was quickly directed towards the lesser demons that she could hear on the other side of the carousel. “Wha--” Instantly placing both hands over her mouth to avoid letting out any further noises escape her lips Bavol promptly maneuvered around the carousel to get a better grasp of the situation. Immediately she made note of the two lesser demons that stood opposing each other; both equally as ugly as the other, not to mention equally as menacing too. Of course, though evidently surprised and unnerved, the girl had expected to come across the lesser demons at some point during her duration in the human world. Though at the same time she hadn’t expected two at once, on her own.

Taking refuge at the side of the booth in the centre of the ride Bavol studied the two lesser demons quietly, avoiding their attention for as long as she could. Yeu would probably have a plan about now if he was here… But alas he is not. Besides I did say I ought to show more initiative as a Prince. Maybe now would be a good time to try. Bavol was about ready to strike out at the lesser demons until feeling a tight restraint originating from her right wrist almost instantly when attempting to use a more powerful attack. Ah. I forgot about the limiter. It really does prevent me from utilizing my fuller power.

It was at that moment that another shriek of pain erupted in the air suddenly, causing Bavol to drop all matters of thought once more as she peered round the edge of the booth and into the direction from where the painful cry came from. It had seemed that the young girls cries had been going on for a while, and yet whilst distracted by her thoughts and the lesser demons Bavol had somehow zoned out all noise altogether for a brief moment of time. Getting a better view it was evident that the human was in dire pain and her screams were only attracting the lesser demon towards her; not to mention it seemed that the weird presence that Bavol had sensed was coming from the girl also. But why?

Who is that girl? Doesn’t she realize the danger she is in? Her screams are only going to draw more lesser demons to this area… unless the ones already present don‘t put an end to her before that happens. Narrowing her gaze ever so slightly the female demon bit her lower lip in thought - doubtfully pondering over how to act in the given situation. I don‘t understand why that girl seems so strange to me - she‘s just a human. Albeit a rather pretty one. I‘m a little jealous… and I should not care at all but I can‘t help it. I must intervene.

Hurrying over without another moments thought Bavol made her way over to beside the distressed girl that hid behind one of the benches attached to the ride; whilst doing so avoiding the attention of the two lesser demons that were currently more occupied with each other and the possibility of inflicting pain on one another at that moment.

Placing a hand on the humans shoulder Bavol tried to stop the girl from fidgeting too much, hoping to comfort the girl in any way possible in the little time they had, even if it seemed unlikely. “I know you are in pain but you must cease this endless cry,” She pleaded with a rather concerned tone of voice - something not particularly associated with a demon, though given that it was Bavol it was somewhat acceptable. “Think of something painless. A happier time that will heal your wounds and overcome the pain that you bare just now. If you do not the lesser demons will only continue to attack.”

Bavol could not fully understand what it was that drew her to the human. The aura which surrounded the human girl was bewildering and mysterious and nothing like the other humans that the demon had saw prior. And yet, this young girl was the first human that Bavol had made contact with regardless. The first human she had touched, heard, and even spoken to despite how meaningless each brief moment shared between them had meant. Upon staring at the human the young girl appeared so fragile and helpless, perhaps even scared which was understandable. Bavol could not stop herself from aiding the human in whatever small way she could.

“Breathe easy, think slowly. The pain wont last.” Whether it was humble advice, a mere thought or simply something randomly spoken, Bavol couldn’t think of much to say as the young girl gasped desperately for air whilst clinging to her own being as the discomfort from within herself grew.

Getting to her feet the young demon emerged from behind the rickety bench as she proceeded to approach the two lesser demons. I better make this quick if possible. I don‘t fancy dragging this out - especially not with a human present.

One of the lesser demons seemed rather confused and uneasy - perhaps the unusual vibe that Bavol detected from the human girl was also affecting the other demon. Whatever the cause, though, it was apparent that the other lesser demon was summoned in aid of the girl and thus the cause of her current state of displeasure. In a way it was rather surprising that the human actually managed to do such a thing, and yet even with this, things weren’t in the favour of Bavol either way.

Coming forth, almost immediately, the hound-like demon sprang forward towards Bavol with intent to cause harm. Clearly the creature’s desire for destruction had clouded it’s own, albeit little, intelligence and ability to see who it was that the mangy beast was aiming for - the Princess of Air no less. Even with her limiter the girl ought to be capable of handling such a demon regardless.

The fierce demon snarled and growled as it sprung forward, it’s movements fast and well placed as the shadowy creature began to circled round the young demon in preparation of initiating the first strike. With little time to think Bavol quickly resorted to what she knew best and used the air that surrounded them to her advantage. Raising a single hand to the sky the demon summoned what power she could at that moment; swiftly constructing a small though effective makeshift barrier of air around herself. Seemingly oblivious to this, though, the lesser demon began it’s charge and rammed hard into the barrier - taking on gradual injuries as it continued it’s attack in hopes of breaking through. With enough attempts the beast would eventually grow weak enough to finish off directly, and only then could Bavol turn her attention onto the other lesser demon, a weird boney monster of some sort, who’d likely pose to be equally as annoying.

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#, as written by Skwidge

Yeuri’s hands had never left his pockets as the small group approached the entrance to the abandoned amusement park. His eyes scanned over the premises somewhat flippantly, making small notes here and there, but otherwise keeping his main attention on his Mistress. He would have time to further inspect the area at his leisure, but for now his focus was required elsewhere.

At Bavol’s inquiry as to what type of plan they had for hunting the demons, Yeu simply shrugged, cool with whatever the others would decide. He kept a sharp eye on his Mistress’ form as she strayed further up ahead, however, externally his attention appeared to be slack and his body language was relaxed and uncaring.

“This place is so boring and dead… it‘s like one big corpse altogether.” At Bavol’s comment, a leisurely smirk draped across his lips and he nodded his head fractionally in agreement. As she settled herself on the ground, the faintest of frowns edged along the corner of his mouth- he didn’t particularly like the prospect of her sitting so out in the open. However, his faint displeasure was soon forgotten as the leftover trio walked over to where she sat.

As Bavol and Astaroth conversed, Yeu really only lent half an ear to them; the remaining part of his attention was focused once more on the decrepit “amusement” park. It was a joke, really. None of the buildings or attributes even whispered the slightest hint of entertainment, even when Yukon pictured the place up and running. The whole thing was pathetic, and the single fact that no one had even bothered to demolish the place was a bit of a surprise. But then again, had the place been destroyed, Yeu wouldn’t be faced with the pleasant task of hunting down and massacring the Lessers that prowled about.

While the park had lost its initial usefulness, a new purpose had seemed to be born for it through the havoc-wreaking Lesser Demons, and Yeu could definitely appreciate that fact, though it never really crossed his mind in its fullest context.

“Best kill them when we see them - never know if they might move or try to run.” Yeu’s mind refocused on those before him, and at Astaroth’s comment, a bit of a feral smirk pulled at his lips, ”The chase is part of the fun. He shook his head with a cruel grin, soon dropping his comment and becoming serious once more as Astaroth moved and offered the small map to Bavol, after mentioning the part of land he wished to cover.

As his Mistress looked over the paper, Yeu casually walked over and stopped at her side as she offered him the map. He took it carefully, his eyes scanning over the page and tucking information within his mind. ”Yeu, where will you go? Maybe it is time I showed a little more initiative as a Prince. I think this time round… we can handle going our separate ways to cover more ground, you know? I still expect you to remain in one piece without me though - ok Yeu!”

He smirked with amusement, though no dislike was harbored within his eyes, “It’s not me you should be worried about~” The light undertone of teasing threaded its way through his words, and he flashed her a wry smile. While he did hint towards her own safety, the majority of his thoughts were on the place itself. The amount of destruction that could be wrought upon the old rusty place was a thrilling prospect, and mischief gleamed within his eyes.

His gleeful musings were cut short as Bavol spoke up once more, announcing that she’d be taking the right side of the park. Yukon simply nodded, motioning to the bottom portion of the map and what was left over, ”If you have need of me, you know where I am.” He watched expressionlessly as the Princess of Air zoomed off towards her intended place, soon turning his attention to Astaroth. He smirked good-naturedly at the man.

Luck. With that simple parting word, he split from the dwindling group towards his own destination.

Once Yeu had left the group, it seemed like he was the only living thing in existence. His senses were on high alert, but as he continued to walk in absolute silence, boredom threatened to break his focus. An irritated look presented itself on his face, and he gritted his teeth softly. He wasn’t an impatient person, but after about fifteen minutes of wandering in solitude, he was beginning to question his choice of area. I swear, if I chose the only section that doesn’t have any damned Lessers in it, I’m going to-

His irritation was cut short as he suddenly heard the fierce roar of some dark creature approaching as he continued forward with a bit more enthusiasm. Something or someone had definitely pissed the being off, and a twisted grin of mischief met his lips. It’d certainly be a show.

As he came upon the assumed scene, a look of piqued interest lit his eyes, and he sidestepped close to a nearby tree that looked like it was dying. A couple of bushes stood before him, but it was easy to see over them to the small surprise that raged several yards ahead of him in the clearing.

A large, apish behemoth pounded its massive fists against the ground, its tail thrashing wildly and uprooting the ground and tossing clumps of earth in every direction. The horns that protruded from its head curled much like a ram’s would, though the tips pointed slightly back inwards towards the beast’s temples. It was hideous- that much was obvious, and it seemed to be throwing a bit of a tantrum as well as flashing its colors a bit. However, what had really caught Yeuri’s attention was the much smaller girl who faced the beast. A fiery head, probably with a temper to match, was breathing heavily, obviously having taken quite a bit of damage from the spar.

It had looked like quite the interesting match, but when he noticed the broken blades strewn across the grass, he let out a simple, “Tch,” in disappointment, but it wasn’t that big of a surprise. Yukon could see her lips moving, but he did not bother to listen or guess as to what she might have said. He had figured he might as well step in and drive the creature into the ground, as he could hear loud roars echoing from different areas, signaling other prey to be had.

He made a motion forward, but suddenly stopped as a very familiar feeling weapon materialized within her grasp. His pupils immediately narrowed and he tilted his chin up in a calculating manner. It was then he realized that something was different about her. Now that he focused in on her, he could look past the presence of the Lessers and realize that there was another demonic presence, albeit one that was rather faint in comparison to what the beasts gave off. The little bit of information ticked at his mind, but he did not muse further on it, turning the thoughts of the girl having any otherworldly connections; Besides, it might well just be that the musk of demonic creatures had managed to rub off on her, or more likely, the demonic blade she held within her grasp.

With silence and a practiced hand, the twins that clung faithfully to his hips were unsheathed, the metal still managing to gleam darkly even though it was night, and not much light was presented in his current location otherwise. He gazed over the demon with the smallest of breaths, his pupils narrowed to thick slits. He was searching for any points of weakness in order to make quick work of the thing. His gaze swung across its shoulder-blades, and a very sick smirk of satisfaction danced across his lips. Even if it wasn’t the best choice of a weak spot, he’d make it so.

The beast pounded against its chest in anger, only a little offset as to the appearance of a demonic weapon. After its initial hesitance, the beast seemed to have become even more enraged at the sight of the large, cursed blade. The Lesser frothed at the mouth, spittle dripping from its maw and splattering the ground with dark colors. Its eyes were hard and filled with hatred and they focused like a laser on the being that dared to threaten it. Its tail thrashed once more, smashing down close to the wall and causing the already decaying material to tremble. Small cracks splintered up from its base, and there was a very good chance of it becoming rubble fairly soon.

It raised its arms high into the air, intending to crush the human in front of it, and it let out a loud roar while doing so. However, before the beast could even flinch a muscle, a dark blade was suddenly lodged right between the creature’s shoulder blades, buried to the hilt, and with no warning other than the soft whistle that the sharp edge created while it sliced through the air. Chains of an unknown metal were wrapped tightly around the cross-guard of the blade, engulfed and dripping with what seemed like ink or smoke. The entire line of metal dripped the substance onto the ground, tinging it with little puddles of darkness. The blade itself ran parallel to the beast’s shoulders, hooking into both muscles.

At the split-second moment of impact, the beast let out a bellow of anguish, but that was hardly the end of it. The second of the twins was swift to follow its brother, thrown at a bit of an angle for it to arc as it sought out its mark. The blade hit the sturdy limb of the demon’s back leg, the slack length of the chains following behind it, but the weapon swerved at impact and wrapped itself around its leg, slicing it twice along the round before lodging into the hard flesh of the creature. This one had no hilt, but rather was simply the blade, connected to its source from the flat bottom.

That same self-pleased smirk of glee remained on Yukon’s face as the sound of flesh being torn open made its existence known on the scene. Taking in a deep breath and holding it for a moment as he shifted backwards, metal links wrapped in one hand and a hilt in the other, he leaned back a bit, placing his foot sturdily against the trunk of the tree. And then he pulled backwards.

Blood had been pooling from the wounds of the beast, but the black substance that dripped from the chains also seemed to have made its way into the cuts and gashes, preventing them from clotting and repairing. The first blade seemed to have some strength of will, or hooked sides, as it did not slide free from its position as the chains were suddenly held taut, but rather pulled the shoulder-blade flesh and consequently the arms back with it. The beast had been caught off guard, and had never even got the chance to have another go at the girl as it was suddenly forced backwards off its feet to fall upon its back.

The second twin, held secure in the beast’s meat, forced the leg up and backwards, successfully keeping the Lesser from truly regaining its stand and balance; not only this, but when the demon tried to roll forwards to sit on its legs, the blade stuck in its back pulled at the muscles and tendons and forced the arms back down. It was almost humorous- the body of the cursed creature squirmed like a turtle turned on its back, though with quite a bit more rocking. The anger of the beast was palpable, but then so was the desperation to keep its life. It tilted its head back to gaze back at the clump of trees and bushes, letting out a fanged roar. Before the creature got smart enough- though unlikely to happen in this lifetime- to stop flailing around and gain its bearing, one last blade twisted through the air and sunk right between the Lesser’s eyes, the horn tips seeming to point straight to where the metal lay staked into the brute’s brain.

Not a fraction of a second was wasted, and Yukon pulled himself forward from the tree, approaching the stilled form of the creature. The chains lay slack upon the ground, though they seemed to begin to reel the closer Yeu got to them. As he passed the head, he ducked down to simply wrench the dagger from its resting place, wiping the flat of the blade clean on his pants as he continued forward without pausing. He retrieved the second twin from the back leg of the demon, though how he did it was a mystery. As the blade reattached to its hilt, the ram’s head set in the center of the cross-guard seemed to be inhaling the strange substance that had emanated from the chains, seeming also to extract it from the blood pooling beneath the beast.

The partner of his sword, however, he left, as it was underneath the bulk of the beast, still hooked into the dead flesh of its back, pressing its pommel against the earth. His gaze was entirely locked onto the fiery haired girl a few feet from where the dead demon lay, and he closed in on her with an unreadable expression and with very quick steps. Blinking once, the metal of his dagger pressed very, very gently against the soft skin of her neck, letting fresh blood appear and pool fractionally at the incision from the blade.

Yeu was close to her, having absolutely no care as to personal space whatsoever, his mouth close to the back of her jaw and the lobe of her ear. He inhaled deeply, and his lips pressed into a smirk. ”You have tainted blood.” His remark was rather blunt, merely an observation, with nothing special in his tone. He was simply stating a now-obvious fact, confirming his previous suspicions. This girl definitely had hellish blood coursing through her being.

The setting changes from true-cross-academy-fidel-city to New Earth


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((Wrong Location.))

The setting changes from new-earth to True Cross Academy, Fidel City

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Vincent Price

The human world was overwhelming since his last foray into this realm. Perhaps, even more so this time around as the scents of greasy foods and a nauseating combination of rust and oil invaded the sensitive snout of Jackal. A low whimper escaped the dog-like creature’s throat as his nose assaulted by the sickening stench that would be appeasing to humans, yet was an utter hell hole for this hound. Swiping a battered paw over his snout as if trying to make an effort to block out the smells, while trailing behind the hunting party..With all the distractions it was very possible that the hound would be of little help when the inevitable combat came into play. There were just too many distractions for the creature to sniff out like any canine in his situation would do, regardless of who’s feet he laid at it was a common problem his natural instincts. Finally the group came to a halt and began dividing sections with the help from Astaroth’s map, it was a blessing in disguise as Jackal partially collapsed in an undignified way into the dirt as his defenses against the smells finally was overcome and the hound merely admitted defeat to the human realm. Feeling nauseated that even the slightest movement of his furry skull made the world swim before his eyes, yet thankfully his other senses were not overcome by the human scenery.

Opal colored eyes wearily eyed the airy Prince who appeared determined enough to walk on her own without her normally ever-present bodyguard. The demon seemed content enough to have a thimble of confidence in his charge and set off in another direction, obviously determined to find something to maim. Now with only himself and Astaroth alone, a faint whine escaped the hound's throat as the demon would possibly find the hound's intestine's interesting if the hound vomited in front of him. Not wanting to take the chance of getting his internal organs rearranged and then having his tract sewn back together by a less than gentle Vincent, the hound took his chance and eased himself to his paws and trotted after Yeu, determined to put a few feet between his tail and the deprived Astaroth who did gods know what if suffering from boredom.

A few minutes seemed to pass as Jackal managed to catch up with Yeu who seemed to determined enough to find a target. His nerves still on edge, the loping creature merely observed the demon. His stature and weaponry gave him a dignified posture of a warrior, yet why with his talents would this warrior choose to stay in 'honored' position as the bodyguard to the sloth-like Prince of Air. Snorting in disgust at the various second-hand accounts provided by his own bespectacled Master, who was less than appreciative of the lazy Prince. His own ears shot up in attention as an earth-shattering roar ripped across the park, prompting his warrior to bound away with surprising speed. Growling in his own frustrating as the hound trotted as fast as his paws could carry him in his sickened state.

By the time he managed to step into the bloodbath of an area where a foul-looking behemoth of an ape lay dead from multiple wounds, a blade still stuck it in gut. Yet, the carcass was not his main focus of his muddled senses as he perked up his ears to caught the conversation between Yeu and the 'human?' girl. The demon was taking a serious risk in invading the personal space of the human..Who knew what she was capable of. Within moments of hearing ”You have tainted blood.” from the bored voice of You, that was something his Master would be very interested in.

Shaking his head clear of the overwhelming smells, the hound took a very daring risk that could result in a very bloody mess, both political and personal. Bounding toward the pair with surprising speed, his tongue lolling out as he sprang into the air running it over the small pool of blood running onto the dagger against the girl's neck. With a none to graceful landing, the hound merely panted once at the pair before bursting into grey ashes.

Inferno-Vincent Price

Within minutes, his bleeding paws slammed against the wooden flooring of the Library much to the disgust of several on-looking attendants who would have to clean the floors once again. Finally reaching his destination with a loud exhale as the beast collapsed at the feet of his Master's desk who merely looked over his book with little interest. Vincent's patience wore thin as the large creature began to whine in a pathetic way with his lengthy tongue soiling his floor with drool and..blood? Arching a brow as the man merely withdrew an obsidian colored book from his desk, the front with characters of an unknown language with silver coating to them. Going around his desk, Vincent swiped a spare handkerchief across the lolling tongue of the beast, observing as the crimson liquid greedily sucked into the pale cotton fabric. Placing the cloth on a winter-white page of the mysterious book, as the title page slowly began to form words like in blood-red ink as the name Ryuu Shosuke formed.

Cold blue eyes merely blinked at the name with little interest as the meniscus amount of information from the Jackal's mind and the specimen's blood began to fill in the once blank pages. A faint smirk appeared on the man's face as an odd fact appeared on the pages..The human girl was half-demon. How interesting..It was not very common for demons to spawn offspring with humans. Well, at least for the offspring to survive. Pushing his glasses up to his face, Vincent barked a few orders to passing attendants for them to search for their current records of any 'relations' of his kind and Humans. This could be the beginning of a very different type of search..

A loud whine disrupted his thoughts as the soiled muzzle of Jackal pressed against his knee yearning for praise. Gently stroking the rough fur of the beast with his free right hand before Vincent asked the beast "Now how exactly did you get this interesting sample..hmmm Jackal? I would hate to have any unwelcome guest ranting that you molested them..." The beast merely snorted and rolled his eyes at the comment before settling himself at the feet of his Master. The man in charge merely propped open his newly discovered book and slowly turned the pages..This was an interesting day indeed.

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Ryuu risked the chance to look in Nathaniel’s direction just as he laid the finishing blow to the demon snake. She pushed back the demons apes’ fist, swinging her sword in an arc as she herself was pushed back from the ape’s fist. “Yes, please hurry and find Akio and make sure he’s with Julius and Evangeline! I trust his skill as a swordsman but he isn’t ready yet for a fight with a lesser demon. Although he can hold his own he won’t last long so make sure he doesn’t kill himself in trying to have fun. I’ll deal with this one and go find Aura, so hurry up and go!”

Running forwards once more, Ryuu raised her sword prepared to cut at its side as it raised both its fist to crush its incoming target. Just before it was able to move even an inch, for Ryuu to side-step the attack she knew was to come the demon ape went rigid. Raising a brow, red orbs caught a glimpse of a sword running parallel to the creature’s shoulders. What in the world?{ The demon bellowed in pain, causing Ryuu to tense while her hands went to her ears to help block out the sound. Grimacing Ryuu took steps back unknowingly. Even after the creatures’ bellow of pain quieted down she could still hear a loud ringing in her ears. “Dammit.” she said under her breathe.

Shaking her head, Ryuu saw that second blade had lodged itself in the demons flesh. This one had no hilt of any sort and was more of a simple piece of steel than an actual weapon. Chains wrapped around the creatures leg, as well as a black substance that at first she thought was smoke was something different, something she had no knowledge of. Creasing her brow, Ryuu watched as the demon ape was pulled to the ground. It made attempts to get up but with the sword at its back and the blade and chains around its leg kept it from moving anything. Realizing how hard it’d be for a person to pull down such a large creature, Ryuu looked around hoping to catch a glimpse of the man behind this act of total domination.

The demon stopped thrashing only long enough to let loose a roar as it looked back in search of its assailant. However its roar was cut short as a small dagger flew to the air piercing the flesh between its eyes. Eyes widening ever so slightly, Ryuu brought her sword up so it was now parallel to her body the moment a man showed up. He plucked his dagger from the between the Lesser’s eyes as the chains that were once slack drew towards him. The blade with no hilt was no longer just a blade but a sword with a hilt that had a rams head design for the cross-guard. Tilting her head to the side in question, Ryuu blinked a couple times in hopes what she saw before her was merely a trick of her eyes. The black substance seemed to be sucked in by the rams head cross-guard.

In that moment Ryuu was no longer paying attention to the man before her. And she realized to late of how close he had gotten to her. So fast? A gasp of surprise escaped her lips upon the cold prick of steel against her necl. Ryuu could feel his lips close to the back of her jaw as he inhaled deeply; frowning in confusion the first words he spoke to her sent a chill down her spine. It took her a short moment to comprehend what had just happened and to understand the weight of his words, “”You have tainted blood.”

As she finally understood what had just happened, rage erupted deep within her being as her eyes narrowed. “You bastard!” she snarled in response. Turning her grip on Chomesku, Ryuu changed the direction of the obsidian blade so it would push him away from her. Just as she was pushing him away something came running out of nowhere. From her brief look at the creature it was a disgusting thing that she assumed was a dog of some sort. Ryuu could feel it’s’ hot breathe on her neck. Taking a step back Ryuu swung her sword in the direction of the dog-like demon in hopes of adding distance between her and it. While it did land a bit away from her it wasn’t by her actions. With a simple pant of its breathe in their general direction the Lesser went with a poof, leaving only grey ashes to ride the gentle breeze that passed through the park.

Her anger forgotten in the heat of the moment, with the Lesser now gone Ryuu placed her hand alongside her throat. She could feel warmth seeping through her skin. Glancing down at her hand Ryuu saw a smear of blood but it was very little thankfully. He only nicked me. Why? He could have easily killed me with his dagger. Looking back up at the man before her, Ryuu had already guessed he wasn’t close to human considering how fast he moved. “I should say the same about yourself. You’re not human, no human being could have possibly moved that fast let alone get so close without me noticing. I hope your prepared to lose a limb. I don’t appreciate being cut while being told my blood is tainted by the likes of you.”

Glaring at him, Ryuu raised her sword in a somewhat offensive position. But it was to where she could easily shift its placement to block an attack coming from him if so dared to do so.

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#, as written by Skwidge

“You bastard!” At the accusation, Yeuri merely blinked with a casual smirk to his face. Another previous assumption confirmed- she had a fiery temper, just like her hair. He had leaned back a bit so that his eyes were almost completely focused on her face, interested as to her responses. However, at the motion of her hands, his intent amber gaze was torn from her eyes to watch as she turned her blade in what he expected was to be a cut to his person, but was instead a blunt press by the flat of her blade in attempt to push him away from her.

His gaze was calculating, but the smirk on his lips spoke amusement at both the fact that she didn’t actually try to attack him, as well as her somewhat naïve notion that she’d be able to force him off his feet or off his center of balance. He humored her by taking a few small steps backwards, though he didn’t underestimate her prowess, nor the look of hatred that burned at her facials.

However, as soon as he had shifted away from her form, a low creature suddenly sprang forward out of nowhere from behind him, somehow managing to jump high enough and keep its limbs close to its body as to not knock the girl over. It took Yeu only a fraction of a moment to register the creature as Jackal. As the familiar had sprung forward seemingly out of the air, Yukon had unknowingly reached out his hand in attempt to pull the creature back by the tail, but it was more of an immediate reaction than anything intentional. He had of course missed, due to the creature’s speed and his distance from the almost-collision.

Yukon knew that had been no accident nor a motion for mischief, and by the almost cheerful look to the familiar’s maw as he panted and the lack of cry from the woman, it also had not been a move to deal damage. Before he could really find a conclusion from the beast itself, Jackal suddenly disintegrated into a puff of grey ash, and with it a hardened look filled Yeu’s face. But now that he had lost his object of focus, his attention was recaptured by the half demon from the sudden movement of her hand to her neck where he had let her blood seep.

It clicked in his mind rather quickly, but he pushed aside his musings for the time being. “I should say the same about yourself. You’re not human; no human being could have possibly moved that fast- let alone get so close without me noticing…” He stood quietly and let her make her obvious statements, however, at what she said next, ”I hope you’re prepared to lose a limb,” Yukon’s eyebrow rose, suddenly interested in just how she would manage to do that. ”I don’t appreciate being cut while being told my blood is tainted by the likes of you.” However, as this woman finished her bold statement, an almost cheeky grin made its way to his harsh facials.

”So you’re saying that you get told this a lot by all sorts of races who cut you?” Hard mischief flickered in his eyes, and a smirk tugged his lips up. It was obvious by the sheer context of his words that he was simply making light of the situation, pushing and prodding at the woman to see how she would react to verbal pokes and jabs.

However, Yeuri straightened up as she brandished her sword. A feeling of exaggerated patience- much like one dealing with a small child would have- filled his mind as she actually backed up her pointless words with the motion of her blade. However, no hint of the rather distasteful expression showed on his face.

”There are more important matters that call my attention, and it is merely a waste of time to spar with you while these things stand. That is, unless you’d truly like to risk further damage to both earth and body- your own as well as the other humans here- by trying your arm against mine.” A challenging smirk teased at the corners of his mouth as he looked down on her. He truly only saw her battle request as a means for entertainment, he didn’t even consider her anger or her own challenging tone as serious.

She was a Halfling, she had the disadvantages of human restraints and that made her weaker than he. While she wielded a demonic weapon, he did not truly expect her to know how to use it to its fullest potential, nor did he think the cursed blade would work well alongside her human half. While he would be more than interested in seeing what she could do, and to see her live up to her words, other Lesser demons still rampaged, and if there were any others in his district, he wanted to take care of them quickly and return to Bavol.

The human world was extremely interesting and begged for more of his attention, but he truly did not like being away from his Mistress for so long, plus they only had so much time. It was unwise for the both of them to try to maim the other, especially since they seemed to be after the same end. But if this woman truly demanded a fight and would not let him leave in peace, he would take up arms against her and humor her request. However, if she thought better of it and saw the logic of his statements, then he would force her to show submission and retract her threats.

He used the time given to him while she mulled his points over to return to the side of the carcass of the demon ape. He looked over it blankly, suddenly figuring it might be a bit difficult to shift the beast enough to get at his blade underneath.

He turned to give the red-headed woman a glance, ”So, what shall it be?” He smirked subtly as he regarded her.

The setting changes from true-cross-academy-fidel-city to Inferno


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The demon who wielded the strongest power in all of Inferno; the demon who feared nothing, this very demon who sat upon his throne wore a look of worry. Azrael sat upon his throne in a slouched position as would on any other day. However something was off by the way he held himself. If one looked closely enough they’d see that his index finger tapped the arm rest impatiently. Then there was the sour look on his face as if he had just eaten a lemon, which wasn’t all too unusual for the demon that held the title Satan.

Sitting upon his throne, Azrael rubbed the bridge of his nose and looked back up to stare off into space. His facial expressions changed rapidly from being that of a worrisome father to a sour old man, Azrael was not in the best of moods at this particular moment. Resting his head against his propped up elbow, he continued to stare off into space until finally he sat straight up as if surprised by something only he could see, which made some sense. However it wasn’t something that he could only see but rather what only he and a select few were aware of. That his daughter was living in the human realm, he did make sure that his most trusted subordinate and friend went with her to watch over her. And at a time like this Azrael was getting impatient as he was waiting for Cerbin to give him his report.

What is he doing? Realizing he was no longer in his usual position, Azrael sat back making sure to take up his leisurely pose. That way if someone happened to come by him they wouldn’t think anything was wrong. Pressing his fingers to his lips, the Demon King rubbed his chin in impatience. “This has gone on long enough.” Curling his index finger and thumb so that their tips almost touched each other, he brought them to his lips and let loose a sharp whistle. Within a matter of seconds a rather intimidating hound came creeping in. It was a lesser demon by the name of Indigo and it was also Cerbin’s brother. Hopefully the other one is with him.

The dog looked up at him expectantly, awaiting his orders. Leaning down Azrael grabbed the dogs muzzle tightly and brought it closer to his face; upon doing so Indigo let out a small whine, not out of fear but more so from the sudden action. Azrael glared at Indigo as he spoke, “Cerbin! What the hell are you doing? Why haven’t you given me your report yet? What goes of my daughter?” His words were commanding and they held the faint note of irritation from waiting. It took only a few moments of his time for Cerbin to reply to his demanding questions.

As he listened to Cerbin’s report, his impatient tapping turned into something else entirely. Gripping the edge of the arm rest, cracks formed until finally the most vital bit of information given to him came. “WHAT!?” his surprise ripped through the air and was accompanied by the sound of marble crumbling under his show of strength. Indigo yelped as some of the marble fell on his paws but Azrael merely ignored him and glared at the mess he had made.

“Damn. I wouldn’t have thought they’d attack her let alone be anywhere near her. You said you encountered Astaroth, which means the rest of them are will be in the vicinity. Cerbin listen good, do not under any circumstances let them find out who you are. And do not let them anywhere near Aura. Trouble has been brewing in Inferno and news of my daughter living in the human realm will do me no good. Not right now. I’ll have a messenger call the expedition team back. On the other hand if you can, try to get rid of as many Lesser demons as you can, if there are any left, simply so they no longer have a reason to stay. That is all.”

With that having been said, Azrael pushed Indgo’s muzzle out of the way as he sat back in his throne once more. Contemplating what exactly his next course of actions would be Azrael settled with bringing them back. Standing up Azrael reached behind his throne, grabbed a billowy cloak and with an elegant twirl of ghostly fabric donned on his public illusion. In a matter of seconds the ghostly clothe enveloped his body in a dark misty substance as horns capped his head and his eyes took on a feral glow. “Good this will do.” even his voice changed taking on a more gravely tone to it. And just like a phantom of sorts, Azrael left the throne chamber in search of a pair of Lesser’s who would be able to carry out his task.

It didn’t take him too long to find them. They were small grotesque avian creatures, their wings barely held their feathers so all one could see was their skeletal frame, and the few patches of feather they had had long ago lost their beautiful shine. There were three of them to be exact, each one varied in size with the smallest one having the least amount of feathers. “Inform the expedition team to come back at once, they’ve dealt with the problem and they seem to be having far too much fun messing with the humans. Besides didn’t I ask them not to kill any of the Lessers.” Unlike most other Lesser demons there were very few who were able to copy down intellectual speech. Most often they died out because this unique trait left them weak and therefore vulnerable to the more predatory of its group.

Azrael sent off the messenger birds the moment he finished his message via a reverse summoning. So now all he can do is wait for them to come back and hope that his daughter wasn’t found out.

Amusement Park||Messenger Birds

A dark inky seal formed in the sky above the park, however the seal itself was small so if one would look up they most likely wouldn’t have been able to see it. With a small flash of light, three messenger birds flew through the seal. They hovered over the park for a short moment before going their seperate ways. The largest went to Bavol, upon reaching her it cawed and croaked to get her attention. It even went so far as to dive for her head. Once it got her attention, the bird relayed its message. The second largest went to Astaroth, diving for his head before relaying its message. The smallest went in search of Yeuri and found him messing with a red-haired woman. It hissed and cawed the moment it saw the demonic blade but it carried out its task. Like its brethren, the bird dived for Yeuri's head and began to relay the message.