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500 years after a war that closed the rifts between the worlds of Aurae, Inferno and Earth. Satan & the Seraphim have fallen in love and later conceived a child. Many years have passed since then and trouble is brewing.

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Character Portrait: Ilisis the Mad One

"What does a lady do with so many years in her life, but experiment with everything she see's?"

Character Portrait: Julius King

The world will bend to those with sufficient will.

Character Portrait: Cerbin "Cerberus" Hiberion

"I am nothing more but a stray dog, who does the will of his old master."

Character Portrait: Nathaniel K Jenova

''Time is a constant and with it comes change. Embrace it, don't fight it.''

Character Portrait: Marius Raguel

" Who are we to proclaim ourselves Arbiters in whats right and wrong?"

Character Portrait: Salem Aritos

Helping others is to me as a heartbeat is to a lion, it is a necessity.

Character Portrait: Ryuu Shosuke

"Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation"