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✝ Earth: True Cross Academy, Fidel City ✝

The moderately sized city of Fidel is built around True Cross Academy, the northern district is more suburban and has parks, the malls and businesses are on the eastside and as you go further away from the school the area’s slowly turn to a more rural sense. It is currently the late fall and all of Cram school is taking the entrance exam to becoming an Exwire.

True Cross academy is overall a large school made up of three buildings. The main building being the school itself which makes up most of the size put together. It sports a Japanese theme exterior and interior design. One section of the school is dedicated to all of the clubs which is further divided into smaller sections for the smaller division, one of the more notable and large of the sections being the sports clubs. Of course the school has its own courts and indoor/outdoor swimming pool, track field and three gymnasiums.

The second largest building that is to the left of the Academy is the housing facility. As its name states, this building is specifically for those who chose to live on campus if they didn’t meet certain requirements to live at home (being too far, living alone(optional)) unless your parents thought it better to keep you on campus then at home.

And finally the last building which is also the smaller of the three; Cram school which is in some ways a bit rundown, mainly due to the fact that it being a cram school is just a front. The true reason behind this building is that it holds night classes for exorcists in trainings otherwise known as exwires.
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True Cross Academy, Fidel City

Home of the Humans


True Cross Academy, Fidel City is a part of Equipoise.

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Julius King [55] The world will bend to those with sufficient will.
Nathaniel K Jenova [34] ''Time is a constant and with it comes change. Embrace it, don't fight it.''
Cerbin "Cerberus" Hiberion [25] "I am nothing more but a stray dog, who does the will of his old master."
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Ilisis the Mad One [1] "What does a lady do with so many years in her life, but experiment with everything she see's?"
Salem Aritos [1] Helping others is to me as a heartbeat is to a lion, it is a necessity.

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Ryuu risked the chance to look in Nathaniel’s direction just as he laid the finishing blow to the demon snake. She pushed back the demons apes’ fist, swinging her sword in an arc as she herself was pushed back from the ape’s fist. “Yes, please hurry and find Akio and make sure he’s with Julius and Evangeline! I trust his skill as a swordsman but he isn’t ready yet for a fight with a lesser demon. Although he can hold his own he won’t last long so make sure he doesn’t kill himself in trying to have fun. I’ll deal with this one and go find Aura, so hurry up and go!”

Running forwards once more, Ryuu raised her sword prepared to cut at its side as it raised both its fist to crush its incoming target. Just before it was able to move even an inch, for Ryuu to side-step the attack she knew was to come the demon ape went rigid. Raising a brow, red orbs caught a glimpse of a sword running parallel to the creature’s shoulders. What in the world?{ The demon bellowed in pain, causing Ryuu to tense while her hands went to her ears to help block out the sound. Grimacing Ryuu took steps back unknowingly. Even after the creatures’ bellow of pain quieted down she could still hear a loud ringing in her ears. “Dammit.” she said under her breathe.

Shaking her head, Ryuu saw that second blade had lodged itself in the demons flesh. This one had no hilt of any sort and was more of a simple piece of steel than an actual weapon. Chains wrapped around the creatures leg, as well as a black substance that at first she thought was smoke was something different, something she had no knowledge of. Creasing her brow, Ryuu watched as the demon ape was pulled to the ground. It made attempts to get up but with the sword at its back and the blade and chains around its leg kept it from moving anything. Realizing how hard it’d be for a person to pull down such a large creature, Ryuu looked around hoping to catch a glimpse of the man behind this act of total domination.

The demon stopped thrashing only long enough to let loose a roar as it looked back in search of its assailant. However its roar was cut short as a small dagger flew to the air piercing the flesh between its eyes. Eyes widening ever so slightly, Ryuu brought her sword up so it was now parallel to her body the moment a man showed up. He plucked his dagger from the between the Lesser’s eyes as the chains that were once slack drew towards him. The blade with no hilt was no longer just a blade but a sword with a hilt that had a rams head design for the cross-guard. Tilting her head to the side in question, Ryuu blinked a couple times in hopes what she saw before her was merely a trick of her eyes. The black substance seemed to be sucked in by the rams head cross-guard.

In that moment Ryuu was no longer paying attention to the man before her. And she realized to late of how close he had gotten to her. So fast? A gasp of surprise escaped her lips upon the cold prick of steel against her necl. Ryuu could feel his lips close to the back of her jaw as he inhaled deeply; frowning in confusion the first words he spoke to her sent a chill down her spine. It took her a short moment to comprehend what had just happened and to understand the weight of his words, “”You have tainted blood.”

As she finally understood what had just happened, rage erupted deep within her being as her eyes narrowed. “You bastard!” she snarled in response. Turning her grip on Chomesku, Ryuu changed the direction of the obsidian blade so it would push him away from her. Just as she was pushing him away something came running out of nowhere. From her brief look at the creature it was a disgusting thing that she assumed was a dog of some sort. Ryuu could feel it’s’ hot breathe on her neck. Taking a step back Ryuu swung her sword in the direction of the dog-like demon in hopes of adding distance between her and it. While it did land a bit away from her it wasn’t by her actions. With a simple pant of its breathe in their general direction the Lesser went with a poof, leaving only grey ashes to ride the gentle breeze that passed through the park.

Her anger forgotten in the heat of the moment, with the Lesser now gone Ryuu placed her hand alongside her throat. She could feel warmth seeping through her skin. Glancing down at her hand Ryuu saw a smear of blood but it was very little thankfully. He only nicked me. Why? He could have easily killed me with his dagger. Looking back up at the man before her, Ryuu had already guessed he wasn’t close to human considering how fast he moved. “I should say the same about yourself. You’re not human, no human being could have possibly moved that fast let alone get so close without me noticing. I hope your prepared to lose a limb. I don’t appreciate being cut while being told my blood is tainted by the likes of you.”

Glaring at him, Ryuu raised her sword in a somewhat offensive position. But it was to where she could easily shift its placement to block an attack coming from him if so dared to do so.

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Nathaniel Kale Jenova


Nathaniel nodded to Ryuu, he did not bother to hide his loss of flesh from the bone of his left forearm. It was odd, he could still use it and he didn’t seem to be in pain or perhaps he was just blocking it out. Seeing the current situation as more important than his own limb.

So he ran, fast, he even leaped into the air and made a ramp of ice to travel even faster, his eyes glowing as he used his own abilities as well as his soul sight. He looked around at the soul trails from every individual's unique soul. He quickly found Akio’s soul trail and from his ramp of ice, like a wave of crystallized water that shone in the moonlight he descended.

As Akio came into view, so did the monstrosity of a lesser demon, if not deformed animal tainted with unimaginable evil that he knew well and never thought it would find him again… He pushed his reminiscences aside, they were even pleasant and focused on the creature.

He leaped onto the charging creature, stabbing it on the top of its head with his gunblade. The creature only emitting a low growling whimper before its eyes rolled back to the back of his head and died. Nathaniel ripped his weapon from the creature the next and looked at Akio for a moment. He was about to talk when he was stopped gripping his chest in immense pain, blue mist coming from his mouth, soul mist. He let out a few staggered groans of pain before actually speaking. “A-Akio… We need to find Eve… Julius and Aura… Before… I expire.” He looked away, frowning and mumbling to himself. “I was too focused on protecting everyone that I forgot my own limits… Damn it..” He walked to Akio, slowly putting his shaky right hand on one of his shoulders, the other hand on his chest. Blood, his own blood running down his leather armour. “W-we need to hurry… I can see their souls from here Akio… Trails of their existence, but this is not time to understand… It is the time to find the others and get away from this unusual… battle ground.

Nathaniel suddenly fell to his knees, panting, he watched as from the blue soul mist came from his lips formed a ethereal orb that crystallized and fell in front of him. He, with a shaky hand, grabbed the crystallized orb and smashed it against the ground. He was emitting agonizing groans of pain, forcing them down so to not cry out in pain. This made his own body shake, cheeks reddening from the force of silencing himself and he was sweating. He staggered back onto his feet, panting words out. “Need… to go… now..

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#, as written by Kapento

The shadowy beast showed no sign of retreating - the prolonged assault made against the barrier that kept both Bavol and the lesser demon at a safe distance from one another continuing as the lesser demonic creature stubbornly threw itself hard against the force field surrounding the young Princess. Blindly, if not stupidly, the beast charged into the barrier with little thought.


From behind herself Bavol could only just vaguely make out what the fragile human had said at that moment; the female demons attention refocusing momentarily in the direction of where the girl hid herself before drifting over towards the other lesser demon that shielded her. That creature? The girls words both intrigued and surprised Bavol - she could in some way understand the young humans desire to protect the creature that was defending her from harm; and yet at the same time she could not so easily spare the life of a lesser demon in the heat of a battle - not to mention eliminating the lesser demons was more or less the sole purpose for her presence in the human world at any rate. Should she opt to act out from her task would not please Satan in the slightest. Protect that which protects you. It makes perfect sense but I cannot merely assume that the lesser demon will likewise spare me. Bavol thought just then, evident doubt expressed as she lowered her gaze with raised eyebrows. I‘m suppose to destroy lesser demons - that is all.

Before she knew it though the lesser demon which had consumed many of her thoughts had vanished just as easily as the creature had appeared. The Princess could only conclude that the girl had intervened and found some form of strength within herself to gain control over the beast once more, thankfully. I‘m glad she managed to overcome that demon of hers - I feel better in knowing that the responsibility does not fall onto me. Promptly returning her attention back onto the other lesser demon Bavol forcefully used the barrier to push back the beast and create some distance between them. In the passing moments the princess used another wave of air to bring the beast down to the ground- the little demon wasn't that powerful to begin with - as it’s shadowy body hit the surface hard as the burdening weight of wind came crushing down upon it.

When enough pressure was applied the lesser demon could not take much more as it’s entire being - quite literally - burst into pieces from beneath the mountain of air forced down onto it; a shadowy mist left in it’s place briefly before evaporating soon afterwards and floating away in the breeze.

With the battle - if it could be called that - coming to an end Bavol took a small step back as her entire body slumped down tiredly onto the ground to sit for a moment. “I am sure glad that is over with!” She sighed, relief evident in her voice as she took a heavy breath. “I ought to thank you.” With a heavy puff of air exhaling from her lips the young female gradually got to her feet before curiously approaching the mysterious human that she knew to be remaining hidden behind the bench.

On closer inspection however the human did not even seem conscious.

Settling herself down closely beside the girl Bavol gently placed a hand on the humans shoulder once more, as she had done previously, before giving the girl a light shake. Her keen eyes watched over the human female whilst doing so in hopes of catching even the slightest glimpse of life - if any - that may have still stirred within her. “Little girl… can you hear me?“ Bavol called quietly with the hopes of receiving a similar response from the girl that lay slumped in a motionless state. “The demons are gone now… the amusement park is a little safer now thanks to you. That is quite impressive, eh?” She whispered with a hint of amusement. However, when she did not get an immediate reply from the human the young demon could not help but grow rather concerned over the girls welfare at that moment - the demon becoming somewhat anxious over the situation that she found herself in. What do I do? What would other demons do? …I don’t really know. I don’t want to just abandon the girl out here… After all who’s to say that more lesser demons wont appear? Gazing warmly towards the unconscious human Bavol found an unusual sense of contentment developing somewhere deep within herself at that moment; the reasons behind the confusing emotion left as a mystery for the time being.

Maybe I will stick around for a bit. Couldn‘t hurt. Then the princess got an idea.

“Heeeey. I know exactly what to do - I can be the Yeu to you; as Yeu is to me! I can be mysterious, cunning and wickedly cool! You‘d be in very safe hands then.” She said in a rather excited tone of voice as a sudden sense of enthusiasm filled the demon. She even tried to replicate the same charming yet menacing stares that her subordinate typically gave - not to her of course - but she knew plenty that received such a stare. “I‘m pretty sure I could pull off that I couldn‘t care less look that he usually gives folk…”

All the while as she spoke Bavol could only hope that the girl would eventually regain consciousness. The demon didn’t really know how else to approach the situation; not to mention the lack of actually conscious company didn’t seem to bother the demon either. She was perfectly use to chatting to herself now and again - it was rather fun in many ways.

“Don‘t worry little girl I‘ll watch your back till someone turns up. You wont be alone, especially with those demons out there…” She mumbled before casually glancing over the side of the bench that the pair kept hidden behind. “If you can hear me, my name is Bavol. You just keep relaxing there - I‘ll keep watch.”

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Akio Yamada

Once Akio got serious the only thing he would focused on his opponent that's was until something crashed down on top of the beast Akio was fighting, killing it almost instantly. After having his opponent insta killed for the second time was more then enough to snap Akio back to himself. Akio stood there with his mouth out in awe for a few seconds then quickly dropped to his knees and began to repeatedly punches the ground. "You have got to be kidding me! How does this happen a second time?!" Akio would continues his demoralized Rant until he heard something that only add to his crappy day.

“A-Akio… We need to find Eve… Julius and Aura… Before… I expire.” Even though Akio spend as little time around him as he could, he knew that was the voice of Mr. Jenova and from the sound of it she wasn't doing that well. Akio made it back to his feet and reluctantly begin walking over to him, the closer Akio got the more and more he felt "it". Begin blind his whole life Akio had a knack for reading people, but Mr. Jenova was like trying to read a book whose words randomly change every 5 seconds to Akio this was very off putting to the point it made his skin crawl. "W-we need to hurry… I can see their souls from here Akio… Trails of their existence, but this is not time to understand… It is the time to find the others and get away from this unusual… battle ground.”

Akio perked up after hearing the others were OK, at least that what Akio though that's what Mr. Jenova said. Akio slowly kneed down next to Mr. Jenova who was covered in the heavy scent of blood. Akio let out a sigh, "I'm guessing you'll lost way too much blood to walk.....well that or you took a blood shower" Akio reaches down and takes hold of Jenova right arm and places it over his own shoulders helping his back to his feet OK, come on, we have to follow those soul thingies and find the others. Akio and Mr. Jenova slowly moves through the amusement park after awhile the awkward silences finally Akio couldn't stand it any more. Sooooooo what kicked your butt?

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Nathaniel Kale Jenova


As Akio helped him move he watched as as blue mist continued to flow from his lips, dissipating in the wind like hot breath on a cold day. ''D-damn it... How many did I use?'' He mumbled to himself in a pained tone, he was shaking like he would fall to the ground and start convulsing any moment but he didn't he just hung onto Akio and kept moving in the silence, his pained groans came on staggered like someone had dumped him into an ice bath. But he in temperature was on fire as he was not allowing himself to rest... which as this point meant to give up a life to start a new... Like a reset but he would still hold the ever expansive knowledge. But his body would be whole again. Perhaps in a lot of pain from resurrection as well as weakened from the loss of souls which was the price of his abilities.

He looked up, panting some as he followed the soul trails that belonged to Julius and Eve. He was silent at first with the question and as he answered it was probably too vague to understand or begged to be looked into more. ''My limitations Akio...'' He put his left ripped and torn arm out to catch the same crystallized orb with his hand and then smashed it on the floor. ''That is t-two....'' He said to himself as a mental note before gripping his chest again. His veins blackening as he continued to hold on to this expiring life that was well gone.. He just needed to make sure everyone was safe before collapsing on them all.

Soon after many moments of pause as Nathaniel stifled his cries of pain, his steps getting slow at times they finally made it to the area of which Julius and Eve were in... Along with a few lesser demons and he groaned as he removed himself from Akio and he held his gun blade in his left screwed up arm. He looked at Akio and spoke as he made a shielding wall of ice in front of them. ''I... need you to stay here... There a-are more... I need to dispatch them... Eve and Julius are here... Stay.''

He turns and walked with a small stagger to the front door of the Rest stop bathroom area where Eve and Julius were held up, he could tell from Julius' soul trail he was not conscious as he marched forward, beheading the first demon that was bashing against the bathroom door only to be stabbed in the lower back by a monstrous clawed hand. He staggered, coughing blood and he looked at the hand protruding from his gut and his pointed ears twitched to the animistic cackle behind him. ''D-demons... I can't seem they keep coming back...'' He arced his back and ice spikes came from his back, stabbing into the demon behind him, ripping himself free from the creature he spun around and shot it in the head. He then fell against the wall beside the bathroom door, using his weapon to hold himself up. Coughing blood up yet he didn't complain... He only spoke to Eve. ''E-Eve... w-we need to go now... r-right now...'' He looked at himself, frowning, he hoped she would freak out... considering his left arm was maimed and their was a gaping hole in his mid-section. He was not freaked out from it... He had been through worse but well... these were humans...

They wouldn't understand.

He smashed another crystallized orb on the concrete floor with a frown. ''Still... more... This is going to be hard to explain....'' He groaned to himself, tears at the corners of his eyes but they didn't fall and he actually had the expression of pain on his normally inexpressive face which meant he was in agony... Eve would know this... She seemed to know more about him than the others but she wouldn't know of his resurrection and so forth.... No one did apart from himself and perhaps his mother... vacant as she was at this day. He grabbed the bathroom door out of frustration and... ripped it off its hinges. ''Please! Eve! We need to go! Now!''

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#, as written by Skwidge

“You bastard!” At the accusation, Yeuri merely blinked with a casual smirk to his face. Another previous assumption confirmed- she had a fiery temper, just like her hair. He had leaned back a bit so that his eyes were almost completely focused on her face, interested as to her responses. However, at the motion of her hands, his intent amber gaze was torn from her eyes to watch as she turned her blade in what he expected was to be a cut to his person, but was instead a blunt press by the flat of her blade in attempt to push him away from her.

His gaze was calculating, but the smirk on his lips spoke amusement at both the fact that she didn’t actually try to attack him, as well as her somewhat naïve notion that she’d be able to force him off his feet or off his center of balance. He humored her by taking a few small steps backwards, though he didn’t underestimate her prowess, nor the look of hatred that burned at her facials.

However, as soon as he had shifted away from her form, a low creature suddenly sprang forward out of nowhere from behind him, somehow managing to jump high enough and keep its limbs close to its body as to not knock the girl over. It took Yeu only a fraction of a moment to register the creature as Jackal. As the familiar had sprung forward seemingly out of the air, Yukon had unknowingly reached out his hand in attempt to pull the creature back by the tail, but it was more of an immediate reaction than anything intentional. He had of course missed, due to the creature’s speed and his distance from the almost-collision.

Yukon knew that had been no accident nor a motion for mischief, and by the almost cheerful look to the familiar’s maw as he panted and the lack of cry from the woman, it also had not been a move to deal damage. Before he could really find a conclusion from the beast itself, Jackal suddenly disintegrated into a puff of grey ash, and with it a hardened look filled Yeu’s face. But now that he had lost his object of focus, his attention was recaptured by the half demon from the sudden movement of her hand to her neck where he had let her blood seep.

It clicked in his mind rather quickly, but he pushed aside his musings for the time being. “I should say the same about yourself. You’re not human; no human being could have possibly moved that fast- let alone get so close without me noticing…” He stood quietly and let her make her obvious statements, however, at what she said next, ”I hope you’re prepared to lose a limb,” Yukon’s eyebrow rose, suddenly interested in just how she would manage to do that. ”I don’t appreciate being cut while being told my blood is tainted by the likes of you.” However, as this woman finished her bold statement, an almost cheeky grin made its way to his harsh facials.

”So you’re saying that you get told this a lot by all sorts of races who cut you?” Hard mischief flickered in his eyes, and a smirk tugged his lips up. It was obvious by the sheer context of his words that he was simply making light of the situation, pushing and prodding at the woman to see how she would react to verbal pokes and jabs.

However, Yeuri straightened up as she brandished her sword. A feeling of exaggerated patience- much like one dealing with a small child would have- filled his mind as she actually backed up her pointless words with the motion of her blade. However, no hint of the rather distasteful expression showed on his face.

”There are more important matters that call my attention, and it is merely a waste of time to spar with you while these things stand. That is, unless you’d truly like to risk further damage to both earth and body- your own as well as the other humans here- by trying your arm against mine.” A challenging smirk teased at the corners of his mouth as he looked down on her. He truly only saw her battle request as a means for entertainment, he didn’t even consider her anger or her own challenging tone as serious.

She was a Halfling, she had the disadvantages of human restraints and that made her weaker than he. While she wielded a demonic weapon, he did not truly expect her to know how to use it to its fullest potential, nor did he think the cursed blade would work well alongside her human half. While he would be more than interested in seeing what she could do, and to see her live up to her words, other Lesser demons still rampaged, and if there were any others in his district, he wanted to take care of them quickly and return to Bavol.

The human world was extremely interesting and begged for more of his attention, but he truly did not like being away from his Mistress for so long, plus they only had so much time. It was unwise for the both of them to try to maim the other, especially since they seemed to be after the same end. But if this woman truly demanded a fight and would not let him leave in peace, he would take up arms against her and humor her request. However, if she thought better of it and saw the logic of his statements, then he would force her to show submission and retract her threats.

He used the time given to him while she mulled his points over to return to the side of the carcass of the demon ape. He looked over it blankly, suddenly figuring it might be a bit difficult to shift the beast enough to get at his blade underneath.

He turned to give the red-headed woman a glance, ”So, what shall it be?” He smirked subtly as he regarded her.

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Character Portrait: Aura Thorne Character Portrait: Bavol

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#, as written by Ever
Aura Thorne

“If you can hear me, my name is Bavol. You just keep relaxing there - I‘ll keep watch.” shattered the inky vastness that Aura had been experiencing a few moments prior to words, threads of consciousness leaking back into the forefront of her mind. Slowly lifting her eyelids, a certain drowsiness to them that was doing all but urging the action along, it took a few heartbeats for her crimson orbs to focus on command. Wha… where...am..I? questioned her sluggish thoughts, confusion apparent at the memory gap in which her location was masked. Taking all of the time in the world, the tamer allowed for her surroundings to settle in before giving the command for her body to stir. Apparently.. I’m laying on a grubby carousel… at...an amusement park…? How...peculiar… Attempting to sit upright, a sharp pain radiating from her low spine effectively induced a small inhale of shock to be emitted, her stature immediately freezing. Oh deary… thats...not...good.. Keeping rigid at the waves of agony, her conscious quickly flitted over the various options and routes in which she could take. Out of all of them, it was most appealing choice to lay with her stomach heavenward, as she was before. Bloody hell….what did I do..?! following the resonating inner voice, Aura pursed her lips in concentration as she thought back on the woman’s comment.

”Bavol…? I’m Aurorali… though… most call me Aura… Thank you for watching.” whispered out her feathery tone, a wariness keeping her on a visible guard. Lifting her gaze to take in this stranger, her savior, the human couldn’t help but have her lips part in a shock response. Perhaps it was her white hair or her ethereal appearance but something wasn’t quite normal about the newcomer...something not human. Without really meaning to, her thoughts somehow bubbling out, Aura locked gazes in a clash between crimson and slate before speaking, curiosity giving life to the words. ”What are you, exactly..? I-I don’t mean to be rude or anything...but...” Attempting to switch positions once more, a quiet gasp was given once again by the golden-haired girl as the pain, from the exact same location once more, flared. Groaning out in defeat, eyes screwing shut at the discomfort, the Tamer finally muttered out in a rhetorical question, ”What..happened…?”

God..first Julius then me..before you know it, we will all be out of commission- Oh my! Suddenly, the girl’s eyes flew open in a mix between shock and concern, the events up to her fainting spell occupying her attention. My teammates… where are they…? More importantly...did they make it...to safety? On instinct of thinking about every negative scenario possible at the current moment, Aura bombarded the woman with question upon question, her tone flighty and breathless. ”B-bavol-! Have you seen others, like me, around!? There was..um… let’s s-see.. 2 boys and a girl?! What else….o..oh..they were loud too! One had a lion, the other had a sword and the girl, the girl was wearing gloves…!”

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Julius King

Julius had felt his consciousness fade before experiencing the empty sensation of pure nothingness. He was aware that time was passing, but was unable to move, hear, see or anything of the sort. His thoughts turned to his familiars, Regulus in particular, after all the lion could very well be draining his life away instead of simply fading out of existence without his energy sustaining it. At the very least, he remembered the team being separated before he'd lost consciousness and that was definitely not a good thing.

A sharp stinging sensation across his face brought him back to a dulled consciousness. During the time he spent blinking stupidly to properly wake up, Julius registered he was wet and had in all likelihood been smacked.It was his best guess as to why the cheek stung while his body just ached as a whole. The first figure his eyes settled on was the Aria, his rescuer from all appearances. Instead of laying on the ground, he made an effort to get to his feet.

" Thanks for the save, and if you'd tell me your name again...I'll make sure to remember it this time." Julius took a bit of time to look around, short of a collapsed teacher, he wasn't able to see anyone else. He chose to look on the positive end, Regulus wasn't rampaging, the Knight and the female Summoner could be addressed later. Right now, his first priority was to get those himself and those nearby out.

"I'm not ashamed to admit that I had underestimated you, in truth I didn't expect you to end up having to babysit me...though I'm happy to be wrong this time around. It means you're stronger than you think, if I had to compare things to my initial impression. However I think that's a talk for later."

Julius's instincts were telling him that he'd need Aja again. He was having a hard enough time just standing, fetching the teacher and keeping up with the girl weren't happening at this time. The horse would cooperate if he or someone else managed the reins, but he wouldn't be able to see straight upon summoning...someone else would have to drive.

" You wouldn't happen to know how to handle a horse, would you?" His earlier attempts of simply trying to throw his weight around and do things his way didn't work. This left him having to do things slower and talk more about his thoughts more openly.

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Character Portrait: Aura Thorne Character Portrait: Bavol

0.00 INK

#, as written by Kapento

”Bavol…? I’m Aurorali… though… most call me Aura… Thank you for watching.”

Upon hearing a voice and sensing life within the girl at last Bavol turned and faced the human with evident contentment and relief. Truly she was pleased that the young girl was seemingly alright and functioning once more - and that perhaps the pair had gotten over the worst of their current predicament.

“It‘s nice that your finally awake Aura. You had me worried there for a moment.”

The princess smiled warmly to the girl before slowly raising an amused eyebrow to the human.

”What are you, exactly..? I-I don’t mean to be rude or anything...but...”

Sooner or later the demon expected something of the sorts from the human, though despite somewhat expecting it the female was still unprepared on how to exactly answer such a thing. To reveal her true origins would be a mistake not worth making at the current moment in time, and therefore, she simply laughed in mere response.

“Well… I‘m just like you, silly. Why would I be anything else.”

For the most part everything seemed settled between the pair. Occasionally the girl let out a momentarily wince of discomfort - which was understandable from what she had just experienced - though that certainly didn’t prepare the demon who was a little caught off guard by the sudden overload of questions that the human unleashed upon her.

”B-bavol-! Have you seen others, like me, around!? There was..um… let’s s-see.. 2 boys and a girl?! What else….o..oh..they were loud too! One had a lion, the other had a sword and the girl, the girl was wearing gloves…!”

Bavol remained fairly quiet for the first few minutes that passed, saying practically nothing at all whilst her mind slowly adjusted to all that which blooded her thoughts just now. A lion… a sword… and gloves… How humanly these weird things sound. I cannot imagine what they must look like up close… but they do sure sound interesting. I mean I know what a sword looks like. We have those in Inferno. Gloves and animals too… but to see such things in the Human World… that‘s just unimaginably amazing to think about. Snapping her attention back to Aura just then the demon quickly refocused her thoughts. I have no idea who these “others“ are… I can only assume that they are like Aura and due to the lesser demons attacking have probably gotten themselves separated around the amusement park. If that‘s the case then I can only assure the girl that they are - probably - alright.

“I’m sorry to say but I have not seen anyone except you around here... But if your friends are as loud as you say they are then I‘m sure you will find them easily enough.” She said with hopes of attempting to assure the girl of her, presumed, friends welfare. “I have friends out there too, you see. I can understand your need to seek out their safety, but rest assured I do believe that your friends ought to be alright. After all, your doing good aren’t you? So why shouldn‘t they.”

Sitting back down beside the human Bavol took on a more laidback approach to the situation, seeming more like her usual carefree self as she crossed one leg over the other and lazily closed her eyes momentarily.

“That was quite impressive what you did back there. Summoning that beast like you did… it was rather impressive to say the least. I‘m just glad you stepped in when you did.” She casually spoke. “I don‘t think we need to worry anymore this place seems safe enough for now. I doubt those demons would dare come back this way ~”

Away with her thoughts once more the demon gave a heavy sigh. It’s odd… in this realm I am considered no more than a girl and no one seems any the wiser - and yet back home, I am the Princess of Air and struggling to maintain any level of respect from my peers and Princes alike. Perhaps pretending to be human is more appealing than I first ever realized. This world is much more open and freer… Looking to Aura she asked, “Tell me. Out of all the places in this big world, why are you here, in this old abandoned amusement park?”

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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin Hiberion

A little bit before the present. (Dual written by Damioa and KuroNeko)

Cerbin ran quickly to the area where the other groups were. As he feared, the smell of even more demons was getting stronger as he approached closer to the area. He began thinking that if he wasn't able to reach his destination in time, he would have definitely failed his mission. Although, it might have been a failure ever since he had decided to enroll as a teacher in the academy. It didn't hit him until the last battle he had, but now he was certain. There was no way he could fight to his full potential in front of so many demon hunting exorcists. Nor could he guarantee the safety of the one he was ordered to protect. Heck, he couldn't even guarantee his own. He would have to consult Satan after the incident settled down to see what he should do next. Upon running, he had something hit his nose. It wasn't the vile smell of a lesser demon. He was never able to tell what kind of smell it was in the first place. However, it was a smell he had recognized. "Tch. I can't deal with this too." He said to himself before looking around for a place to hide. He wasn't too keen on being seen by this person. Not yet at least.
Looking over the area, Cerbin found a public stall. It was a usual private one that fit the amusement park fittingly. There were two openings and a wall that covered the middle of the small box. Quickly, he jumped over the wall and hugged the inner walls it bore. Closing his eyes, he sniffed the air and listened carefully for the sound of approaching footsteps. He hadn't thought about what he was going to do from there. True, he could just ignore this man and continue to his original target, but that would mean having to put up with being seen later by him. Even worse, if he was attacked then he would have no choice but to give up his true identity in countering him. There were too many loose ends with just letting him pass by. On the other hand, or respectively, yet another reason to deal with him now, there was a question. "What if he was the one who brought the lesser demons here?" It was a long shot, but it did seem possible. Having been on Earth for so long, Cerbin had no idea what was going on in Inferno. Would the mans position still be the same? Or maybe, there was a coup d'etat and now personnel are being dispatched to find him and Satan's offspring. "So there is only one thing to do. I have to attack him. I have to make him disappear." It wasn't certain at all. It could have just been an act of coincidence. However, Cerbin couldn't chance anything. Not when it came to his mission.
Like a predator he waited for the footsteps to come into range. It wasn't long before they had. The smell seemed to match. With all the senses declaring that his target had been acquired, he hopped back over the wall and ran in front of the man, about ten meters to be exact, and pulled out one of his double barrels. He wasn't one to shoot someone in the back, even if he would have ended up regretting. Even after the pull of the trigger, even Cerbin didn't think the conflict would end there. He was ready for a fight.

Thus far Astaroth had seen very little in this place that lived up to the promise of 'amusement'. He had expected the failure, but a faint bit more effort on the part of the creators of the space would have been appreciated. The sounds of his breaths and footsteps added further to the dull ambience sounds of faint creaking rust addled mental swaying in the disinterested breeze. Lesser demons proved even more of a rarity in his chosen section than something amusing, He had seen faint signs that Lessers had moved through the area and thought he heard suspicious noises coming from the distance, and he was beginning to think he had chosen the poor path. No matter, he would clear the border first then push in once the area was secure.
In such a dead space unblinking eyes detected the quick-moving discrepancy near immediately. Seconds are a tight space in which to confine thought, but he manages to slip in vague wonder at the intent of the human before him. Things pointed by strangers are rarely a kindness, and while he shot to the side in avoidance an unfamiliar form of noise affirmed to him negative connotation. More thoughts choked in seconds – what was the purpose of defending this place, or attacking on whim one walking quietly. Then thoughts of how to respond, weapon choices flitting by and vague wondering if it was worth the time. It had been some time since he robbed someone of their intestines…
Final decision is that he would like a closer look of this bit of amusement. In a flowing act of return, he darts back across the path once more, movement to avoid further pointing of small noisy things. While slipping through the air, pulling up small dust clouds from where his feet hit the ground to propel him on, a hand moves to the side to be consumed in ruddy mist from which is pulled his demonically warped katar. It barely had time to settle into his grip before it was launched towards the enemy.
The blade was but a distraction to allow him to jump to nearby and leap his way from foothold to foothold to close the distance between them.

Cerbin watched as the bullet slipped past his target and shot more in his targets direction. Those too seemed to miss, but Cerbin wasn't all that surprised. Not even he would have gotten hit by such a human-esque move, but at the moment that was what he was limited to. Whether he wanted to or not, he had to move away from his first destination. He didn't need any of the exorcists in the area seeing the fight which was about to take place. If they had, then he would have to lose the fight in a horrible manner. Not only was his adversary in combat a superior demon, but he was one of the three subordinates. In Cerbins head, the ladder of hell, if being written out on a tree would be his Satan Azrael, the three princes, and then himself along with the three subordinates. After that he didn't bother making name categories. It was obviously just superior demons and then lesser demons.
To top it off, not only was he fighting a subordinate, but in his eyes, the most dangerous one. No he had never seen Astaroth fight before, but he still had his attention. For one, he seemed to be the most to himself. Another thing would have to be the fact that the Demon Prince of Earth had been his master. The same demon who was taught under Satan. The connection itself made him dangerous. Lastly though, and this in itself could be the main reasoning behind Cerbins caution, but Astaroth had the presence of someone strong. It could have just been the mans imagination, but seeing just the way Astaroth carries himself was enough to have Cerbin know that he might be outmatched, even if he could use his full power. However, Cerbin had decided that if he just had a small advantage he might be able to best the demon in front of him. The first step was getting Astaroth to think him as weak, so he continued to fight like a human. However, he began to back step towards one of the coaster attractions. He did so at just enough speed making sure to sway to different corners of his counterpart in order to slow try to slow his engagement. To look on the outside, it would seem as if he was trying to cross him over while backing into the attraction. He only had his enhanced speed to rely on when it came to keeping a hairs distance away from Astaroth, which allowed him to jump up into the sky and land on one of the bars. He quickly reloaded his guns and began shooting down to the mans direction.

Missing its target, Astaroth’s katar dissolved into the same tarnished mist it was drawn from. Speed and agility that he could not deny to be at decent levels kept him from getting close enough to look at the face of this distraction. From the distance it held some faint curiosity beyond the norm, but as the chase went his interest faded with the assumption that it should be no more than a human, fast or not.
As the movement took them to the distance he wondered on the possibility of some form of ambush, but the area seemed quiet and there would be little motivation. Closing in on a mangled sort of structure, one of the decaying roofs he leapt to betrayed his footing and caused the necessity to return to ground level. When his eyes moved from catching himself back to the creature of interest, he was slipping through the air to a peculiar and mangled sort of structure. An aerial advantage was the plan then. That could be easily topped with the use of wings if only… Astaroth glared at the limiter on his wrist and suffered the temptation of removing it. Gun fire drew his attention and he launched backwards. His distraction cost him a bullet grazing the inner side of his right calf.
Maintaining constant movement as unpredictably as manageable in the space and growling angrily over his injury, he reached into one of the satchels at his waist and felt for the shape of the vials he desired to use. Two seem adequate for the job and are drawn free. The substance selected is a potent acid milked from a particular variety of snake-like lesser demon and he targets them in two quick throws at the beams supporting his enemy. Darting towards the structure, the mist returned around his hand and this time produced his battle axe, which was driven against the supports in hopes of aiding the acid in knocking his target down to a more simply attackable range.

As Cerbin hit his target he ceased fire temporarily to reload his double barrels. He widened his gaze a little in awe at the fact that he was able to hit him at all. Thinking about it, it could have been because of the mans limiter. That had to be it. He didn't take into account that the battle at hand would have a full change just because of an item. Although, remembering the guns in his hands, he realized that he should have never doubted this fact. If it wasn't for the limit on power, he would've probably never picked up the gun.
It seemed his opponent was more prepared than he was however, seeing as he ditched his first weapons. Of course Cerbin knew better than to think that any higher being, scratch that, not even most humans would give up after one little graze. Astaroth threw something like a whip, no it was too shiny in the remaining light of day to be a whip and also didn't come back to him. Whatever it was, it hit the structuring of the coaster trail Cerbin was perched on. It didn't take long for it to crumble and before the man had something good to jump off of, he was swallowed in the demolition. Stuck under under what felt like tons of steel and wood, and with his body feeling like it had just been hit by a train, Cerbin almost passed out. This easy to faint thing was yet another thing he hated about being in human form for so long. He began to think maybe being the way he was now for so long was making him exceedingly weak.
That's the answer he gave himself as he dug himself out of the dubree. He basically crawled through a small gap he happened to move and squeezed himself out. He looked up at the being in front of him. He felt like almost laughing at his luck. Of course his next weapon would be a huge axe. Slowly standing up, Cerbin looked ahead straight into the eyes of his adversary, a trickle of blood falling down his forehead to accompany his demonic red eye. Not wanting to use the power of his eye due to the side effects, he decided to stick to his guns. However, this time instead of running away while firing, he had decided to take a more frontal approach, but first he just had to know, "Why would you release demons to attack this place? Is this his new will?" By saying "his" Cerbin was referring to Azreal, but as far as he was concerned his master hadn't mentioned anything about an attack of any kind on the human world. Still, it was good to take out possibilities. He had to know why things were happening the way they were, and why one of the demon subordinates were here in the first place.

The attack was more effective than Astaroth had hoped and as he skidded backwards to avoid being caught in the debris he was momentarily disappointed by the possibility that the neglected old creation had stolen his kill. To his vaguest relief, the disappointment was premature. He raised his axe to rest on his shoulder and met the gaze of his opponent. At this range he noted the peculiarity of his eye and realized that it was not a simple human he was fighting. The question struck him as rather peculiar, particularly the latter half. What would Azrael have against a place like this? It took little thought to answer the accusations of using demons, “It would be pointless to release demons to do what I could do better myself,” but he took some more cautious consideration on what to reveal of Azrael’s intent. Uncertain what kind of demon would be wandering Earth uninformed, he decided against sharing what they were doing and instead gave his earlier thought as replacement. “What would the Satan gain from destroying this half-decayed park of amusement?”

Not understanding the question to his own question, Cerbin just sat staring at Astaroth in silence. The man did say that it would be pointless for he himself to send lesser demons to do his dirty work and knowing him, Cerbin wouldn't doubt for a second that if Astaroth did want something done in the human world, he'd do it himself. The other familiar smells also told him that the situation called for something different then what he had thought in the first place. However, the evidence that calmed his nerves the most was the mention of Azreal. Of course there wouldn't be a life threatening task that he would hash out that would endanger his or Aura's life. So there it was. Proof that he may have just jumped the gun by being a little too over protective. A strange tendency found in most of his kind. Still, he didn't want anyone to know about his location. Though, knowing the demon in front of him, if he didn't know who he was by now, then maybe he wouldn't mention it if he found out later. Cerbin smirked at how oblivious Astaroth was and lowered his guns after returning his face to his calm bland look. "I see. Then it's my fault for starting this mess between you and I. Well then. I should probably tend to something important instead of wasting time." He said as he turned away.

Astaroth's axe grew heavy with impatience as moments passed in silence. Considering the possibility of more interesting fights with more creatively designed lesser demons, the temptation to end this distraction was increasing. As fantasies of splitting the skull before him with his axe grew almost inescapably enticing to alleviate an increasing sense of boredom, lowered guns stayed his hand. The brief smirk and admittance that this was all a waste of time earned a high amount of irritation, but as the uniformed demon turned away, he decided that enough time had been wasted and watched him go without offering any reply.

Current time

Cerbin kept moving without even the slightest sign of looking back. Sure, it had crossed his mind that Astaroth would attack him from behind, but with his acute hearing, he could tell that he wasn't the target of Astaroths path. This was most definitely a good thing indeed. Now all he had to do was focus on finding Aura and making sure she was safe. As he ran he felt the same strange presence he would normally feel when a link between him and his brother was created. Most of the time however, he would be the one to open the link. His brother never talked to him on his own. If a link was open then that would mean that Azreal, his master, would want to speak to him. He stopped running, just so he could focus, and looked up at the sky. It was getting pretty late. Usually he had made the connection and given his daily report, however, because of his new trade and distractions, he hadn't been able to do his daily ritual.

Indigo was lying outside Satans chamber when he heard the whistle. Getting up he walked inside and walked towards Azreal. He didn't know what his master looked like, but he could smell him perfectly. He could also hear him and, judging from the tone of his voice, he wasn't happy. Feeling a pull at his muzzle, he whined at the sudden movement and opened the link between him and Cerbin.

“Cerbin! What the hell are you doing? Why haven’t you given me your report yet? What goes of my daughter?” Azreal asked, sounding rather aggravated.

Cerbin sniffed around the area before answering. "She is now a part of the exorcist school. I have infiltrated the campus by posing as an instructor here in order to stay close to her. However, it seems that during the initial test some lesser demons started to roam the area. I killed one, but I smelled more around the other group area. As of now, the smell of rot is in the air, but it doesn't smell human nor of Aura. I believe the demons are dead or injured. However, there is another circumstance that bothers me. I have ran into Astaroth just recently. We had a little scuffle, but nothing to care about. However, I smell others, even one who smells like the Prince of Wind. I suppose the other one is her servant. I also smelled two dog like demons and some other type of smell. As of now, I'm headed in Aura's direction. That is all I have to report at this time." Cerbins voice was bland and clear, however, the words were repeated through Indigo's mouth. It was hard to talk with Azreal's hand over his mouth, but he didn't show no sign of minding. However, once the marble fell onto his paw he couldn't help but to whimper. It wasn't so much of the pain as it was the wonder of what had fallen on his paw. After he was done he raised his ears to hear Azreals reply to Cerbin's message.

“Damn. I wouldn’t have thought they’d attack her let alone be anywhere near her. You said you encountered Astaroth, which means the rest of them are will be in the vicinity. Cerbin listen good, do not under any circumstances let them find out who you are. And do not let them anywhere near Aura. Trouble has been brewing in Inferno and news of my daughter living in the human realm will do me no good. Not right now. I’ll have a messenger call the expedition team back. On the other hand if you can, try to get rid of as many Lesser demons as you can, if there are any left, simply so they no longer have a reason to stay. That is all.”
After that Indigo waited to see what would happen next before being pushed back. Taking that as a sign, he left the room.

Cerbin was paused, he didn't know how he could get past any of the others with his eye. Even if they had forgotten what he looked like, the eye may stir back their memory. If that were to happen, he'd probably be targeted or the secret that he bore would be loose for public knowledge. Thinking of what to do next he felt a nudge on his leg. It was no other than Malice who had come back after dropping the kids off to safety. That's when Cerbin got an idea. If he didn't show his eye then he would be able to hide himself. "Malice, grab that rock by your paw." He ordered. The demon dog did as he was ordered to and picked up the rock with his fangs. Handing it to Cerbin, he looked at his younger brother questionably. With two swift shots to his face, Cerbin had swollen his eye enough to keep it sealed for a good amount of time. Now that that was taken care of, all he had to do was find Aura.

Following his nose, he had decided to go around the long way. There was no chance that he was going to waste time with other demons and humans. Especially not since he had just received orders. It didn't take long, but soon the smell of Azreal's daughter became more apparent, along with a smell he didn't quite agree of. As he walked he over heard some talking. He quickly took hiding along one of the walls and peered around. He saw a carousel a few feet away and two figures. With his now blackened eye, he only had one eye to focus with.

"Malice." He called, "I need you to gaze over in that direction for me."

Upon hearing Cerbin's request, Malice showed his teeth and looked around the corner. Making a link between them, Cerbin could see the area perfectly. Apparently the smell he had feared actually was something to fear after all. He had little contact with her, but seeing the long stands of pale white hair that almost looked grey, he could confirm along with her smell who she was. Looking closely, it seemed that Aura was lying right next to her and listening closely, the two were having a conversation. Malice pulled back and severed the link with Cerbin. Looking up at his brother and licking his lips, as if to mock him, he sat next to Cerbin waiting for the next move.

Cerbin, on the other hand was a little distraught to say the least. Not only had he came into contact with Astaroth, but now he would have to come into contact with the Prince of Air as well. Although, in the big picture of it all, that wasn't the half of it. No, after Azreal had ordered him to keep Aura away from the demons, he finds her talking to one of the top demon's one could talk to. It wasn't looking good at all for him. However, as he looked up trying to think of a plan, one had easily flown above him. It seemed the messenger birds were working pretty fast today. As he kept his eyes on the lesser demon, it did some movements and made some noises before darting toward her.

"That's right." He said, thinking aloud, "Get your message and leave so I can make sure Aura is safe." Waiting for the right time to move, Cerbin gazed around the corner with his one good eye and waited.

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#, as written by Kapento

Hey. Raising her stare Bavol quickly eyed up the small darkly creature that beckoned for her attention suddenly; so much so that the annoying little thing dived right into her head! This ought to be good. Turning away from Aura momentarily the princess focused her attention on the creature as it passed on the words of Satan.

So he wants us to return at once, eh? How unfortunate. I was beginning to rather enjoy my time in the Human World… I don‘t really want to leave just yet. But… if Satan summons us we must do as our leader commands - what a chore. It doesn‘t help that everyone is a little out of touch at the moment. We‘ll need to regroup.

Once the messaged was delivered and understood the princess motioned with her hand for the creature to leave her presence whilst she faced the young human once again. “Sadly… it appears that I must be moving on. I had forgotten that there was something I needed to do whilst out here you see. It‘s rather urgent.“ She said softly with a gentle sigh escaping her lips. “However. Whilst I‘m gone do me a favour? Stay out of trouble. It‘s a much easier way to live.“ The demon playfully laughed and got to her feet just then, checking that the area was still safely secure before stepping out from behind the old bench that the pair had settled behind. “Farewell Aura. May I see you again some time.“ With a warm smile the girl looked to the human for a quiet moment before finally turning and taking her leave. As Bavol hopped off the carousel and began walking along the ground she soon found herself with a slight skip in her step as she proceeded to venture further through the area and disappearing out of sight.

Let’s see… my best bet is probably to find Yeu and Astaroth. We can return to Inferno together and find out what Satan wants. That sounds like a plan. As she began to make her way through the abandoned amusement park Bavol thought it best to head in the direction of the entrance of the park - seeing that area as one of few most likely places to be best suited in finding the other demons. Come to think of it I wonder why Satan is urgently requesting our return like he is. Has something happened whilst we were gone? Doubt it. I can‘t really imagine why we must return so soon… buuuuut… perhaps upon my return Satan will praise my good work! That would show those other two Princes who‘s boss!

Upon finally arriving at the entrance of the park Bavol scanned the area carefully for any signs of the other demons, however, she quickly concluded that neither Yeu or Astaroth were nearby. If I remember right Yeu was exploring the bottom half of the park… whereas Astaroth was searching around in the left area. She thought, attempting to remember the layout of the park as detailed on the map she viewed prior to separating from the other demons. Wished I still had that map. With a light shrug of her shoulders the demon continued on her way and proceeded to travel around the abandoned park in hopes of finding the other demons, despite somewhat unsure of which direction she was actually heading in, the princess was certain enough that she’d run into one of the two demons.

“Well… I‘m sure they‘ll find me soon enough - I‘m not that hard to notice.“ Looking to the starry sky above her the young princess sighed tiredly before dragging her feet along the ground. A feeling of displeasure forming within her gradually. Who would have thought it was this easy to get attached to a place… to think that I may actually miss the coolness of the air in this realm… the oddness of the way in which the humans react to the world around them… and the many things I have yet to even see. Oh why must we leave so soon!

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Ryuu & Yeuri

All Ryuu could do was wonder why it was the demon before her wore that grin of his. It rather irritated her even more so than having been interrupted by the Lesser demon a few moments ago. "So you’re saying that you get told this a lot by all sorts of races who cut you?” Red eyes narrowed ever so slightly the moment those words fell upon her ears. The demon before her was truly getting on her nerves which were very unlike her since Ryuu normally kept a calm head. I must be getting old and irritable she thought to herself. While musing over what her next step would be, Ryuu almost missed the challenge hidden behind his next words. "Other important matters? If they were so important then why in God's name did you even bother cutting me?"

Her fingers went to her neck as they caressed the thin cut at her neck. Thankfully it was only a nick so it didn't bleed too much. Thinking more on that certain topic, Ryuu listened to the rest of his words, realizing she may not actually be able to keep to her word. In the condition I'm in now, I may not even get a scratch on him. Not if I don't use that. Her brow furrowed as she began to weigh out her options. The situation truly would not end well for her, at least not in her current condition, that’s what logic told her. however her gut was telling her otherwise, having been raised in a household were one was not allowed to back down from a challenge and even going against your own was considered to be almost like an act of treason. That and you would forever be deemed a coward until you proved otherwise.

Once more Ryuu had been distracted. Glancing back up at the demon before her she realized he was no longer standing in front of her but doing what appeared to be trying to get his sword out from underneath the demon ape. Almost as if he knew she was watching him, the demon glanced over at her and asked of her next choice of action. Seeing the smirk on his face further poked at her pride as an exorcists but it was really the idea of him actually ignoring her to get his sword that finally got to her. Glaring daggers at the demon before her Ryuu gave him her answer, “Then let’s see who’s the better dancer shall we?”

"Other important matters? If they were so important then why in God's name did you even bother cutting me?" Upon hearing this, his impression of her only diminished. She seemed slow, though saying or hinting towards such an idea would likely get him in a mess of trouble he didn’t need. Yeuri chuckled lowly to himself as he poked around the beast, finding the best place to shift its center of gravity.

With a simple shrug, he addressed it, ”Something wasn’t right about you. The easiest way to tell if one’s a demon is by the stench of their blood. Or at least that’s the most entertaining way. Regardless, it works.” He smirked down at the carcass as he spoke, not even bothering to look at her as the words passed his lips.

Finally finding an ample spot, Yukon set his hands on the shoulder and side of the dead ape, squatting and lifting the dead weight with only a little annoyance. The blade was still buried to the hilt, almost moreso which only spoke of the speed and strength behind the throw solely from the fact of the distance thrown and the deep impact. Then again, that fact might be lost due to the Ape’s own weight falling on it and forcing it further in. [b] “Then let’s see who’s the better dancer, you or me?”

With the appearance of the second weapon, Yeuri was banking on the woman being distracted- which was plausible considering she had already been caught off guard twice- when his first sword was out of its sheathe and in his hands. He maneuvered it to where he held it carefully by the sharp blade, but had actually thrown the hilt at her legs, the chains fairly silent as they sailed behind it, quickly entwining around her limbs. Rather than what they had previously appeared as, the chains were as any normal metallic link would look, albeit a bit more ethereal- something about the metal was obviously not normal. He hardened his grip on the blade, cutting himself in the process, and pulled backwards in attempt to take her down to the ground. He was certainly fast enough to pull off his prank, plus his added strength only made it a simple task. He didn’t mind the cut on his hand either, as it would heal very quickly. The only way he had been able to keep a hold on the sword was because of the dried blood that marred the surface.

As she staggered to the ground, Yeu simply 'tsked' and shook his head with that same annoying smirk of his. "Well, you certainly won't be able to dance very well all tangled up like that~" Despite his usual candor in battle, Yeuri really couldn't pass up teasing this woman. He knew he was playing with fire, but it was just so pretty that he couldn't resist. That was all this really was to him- a game. He didn't take her as seriously as he probably should.

Ryuu raised a brow upon hearing him but she questioned him no further. She watched with little interest as the demon pulled his sword out from the demon ape's carcass which was buried hilt deep. Ryuu wasn't all that surprised by it besides she knew of a few women at home who were capable of doing something of that sort and they were only human. While thinking this, Ryuu let down her guard if but only for a moment. But a moment was all he needed to get her and he most certainly used that moment.

Ryuu tensed up on contact as the chain wrapped around her lower body and soon they were tugged back, thus resulting in her toppling over. Her body smacked into the concrete ground, the sudden blow knocked the wind from her lungs and she coughed. However it wasn't just air she coughed but a bit of phlegm that was tinted red. Thanks to her encounter with the demon ape, one of her ribs were broken. Gasping for air Ryuu barely took note of the sound the demon made but she certainly heard his words. Growling, Ryuu was thankful her grip on Chomesku hadn't loosened. The moment she felt her holders rage, Chomesku began to heat up and with a flourish Ryuu turned the blade so it could cut the chains from her body.

You could barely see the waves of heat radiating from the demonic blade. The first tell-tale sign of what was happening was the scorch mark left on the concrete. A small ferocious grin settled on Ryuu's lips as she jumped back on her feet. Swinging her sword out in an arc to help keep her balance, Ryuu wiped the corner of her mouth of the blood and touched her shoulder. Still in the crouching position suddenly a massive form sprung out from behind her. Opening its jaws it let loose a shrill sort of laughter as it landed right before the demon.

The summoned familiar took the form of a fox an ever present grin set in its muzzle. "Give him your best." her words held an ominous vibe to them. As soon as they passed her lips, Katsu snickered and bite the demon's leg. The bite was quick and precise but enough for the familiar to work its magic. For the demon was now caught in Katsu's illusion, however what he saw would be up to the target. Now that her opponent was distracted, Ryuu stood up and ran to his side. She swung Chomesku above her head to prepare for a diagonal slash.

Suddenly a grotesque creature dived for the demons head. Whether or not it broke the illusion Ryuu didn't know. Although she hated using such a dirty trick it was necessary. Ryuu did not falter in her attack but she assumed the creature was enough of a distraction that it may have broken the illusion.

Yukon watched with piqued interest as her demonic blade severed the chains that encompassed her. So it did seem to obey her, despite her half blood. Still, Yeu doubted that it was being used to its fullest potential. However, as he looked up at her eyes as she rose, he knew he had awakened her anger to a real point. He wanted to see what her strengths and weaknesses were, it was just something that came as a second-nature to him. She finally looked awake enough to play, and Yeuri’s smirk deepened.

However, what he did not expect was the sudden appearance of a familiar. He snorted with a mocking gleam to his eyes. It seemed that she needed assistance just to get the upper hand, and he was only toying with her. Plus the fact that the creature came out from behind her only made the appearance funnier. ”What, you pull that trick out of your ass?”
He smiled sweetly at her, but the harsh aspects of his face remained.

He wanted to push her buttons, make her angrier, see how she would respond, and more importantly, how her blade would react to her emotions. The creature that she had summoned was a rather pretty sight, but what Yeu had underestimated was its speed. He hardly even got the chance to evaluate it as it sprung forward the few meters that separated them, and he could feel the unnatural prick of fangs piercing his pants and pressing into his skin.

Immediately he had stiffened his form and swung his sword down at the familiar, hoping to knock it back. However, a sudden pang rumbled behind his eyes, and he lifted his hands to rub at them slightly. When he removed them, he suddenly saw Bavol standing before him, rage in her eyes and betrayal in her form. He blinked a few times, confused at first before using logic to reason out the situation. The creature who had attacked him had been somewhat weak in its illusions, or at least it didn’t have enough time to get at his mind fully.

For one thing, he knew Bavol, and he knew that he would never fail her. Not only this, but he knew where he had been moments ago. Despite this knowledge, he was still impaired, he could not shake the image unless an outside force acted upon him, and such a force might cause a bit of annoying damage.

The image had flickered out of existence almost as quickly as it had begun as a very loud bird cawed through the air, its shrill scream enough to shatter the illusion. He caught the movement to his left as the woman was coming down, and he quickly shifted his sword to block her attack with a steady arm. He wasn’t a bodyguard for no reason. Despite the amount of strength behind her slice, his arm did not waver as the clash and slide of metal on metal sounded in the clearing. Obvious annoyance now swam in his eyes as he met her gaze once more. But his face held a bored appearance, not showing much emotion.

He stepped into her, taking the blade he had just wrenched from the flesh of the Lesser and holding it backwards by the hilt, forcing it forward into her chest in attempt to make her crumple to the ground from her injured bones. It was his own dirty trick, but he figured they were even now. ”That was a neat trick, but it needs work.” He mumbled down at her before stepping back from her form. She was fierce, and if he had managed to get her, she wouldn’t stay down for long.

He remembered the bird who had broken his illusion, and it immediately clicked in his mind that it bore a message. ”The fun’s over, other matters call my attention. Apologies if I played too roughly.” He smirked boredly at her. He would have offered an arm to help her up, but he knew it would not only be an insult, but that she’d probably try to cut his hand off. And she more than likely could, too.

The avian swooped down once more, crying shrilly in his ear before arcing back up. ”Bloody creature…. Until we meet blades again.” And with that he withdrew himself from her presence, only taking the slightest of moments to glance back at her and flash a wry grin before disappearing behind trees and shrubs once more.

The bird then began to relay its message to him, informing him to return back to Hell.

Her glare turned even worse the moment his words reached her ears. “You bastard.” those were really all the words she could say at the moment. Not only was he able to bring her down without trouble, Ryuu wasn’t even able to counterattack his own counterattack. Biting her lip the red head merely watched from her field of vision, the ground, as the demon left her where she was. Lying on her back Ryuu raised one arm so that it covered her eyes. I’ve never lost a fight before. “At least until today.”

Sitting up Ryuu let Chomesku roll from her grip and watched as her sword burned the ground in her anger upon being let go. Rushing her hand through her red locks Ryuu could only glare in the direction the demon had went as he left. Katsu trotted over and whined, pushing his nose against her cheek. The beginnings of a smile curled the edges of her lips. Letting her head hang for a little bit, the hair tie in her hair finally snapped and her hair came cascading down. “Lets go get the other children shall we. “ Rocking herself forwards Ryuu placed her hands on her knees as she stood up and stretched.

Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her body and she crumpled almost immediately. Hugging her ribs Ryuu clenched her teeth to keep from making a sound. As Katsu watched his master in pain he tried to comfort her only to be shooed away by a shaky hand. “Alright time for you to go Katsu.” The fox familiar whined but complied with his master orders and leaped onto her shoulder, as he did so he shrank considerably until he was about the same size as before in his tattooed state. “Geez I really need to round up those kids.” Bending down low to grab Chomesku, Ryuu cringed a bit in pain before walking in the direction she had seen some of her other students go.

It was somewhat obvious of the pain she was in due to her fractured rib. But considering her “rough fight” with the demon her rib hurt even more along with the rest of her body from having been slammed into the ground twice by the same person. Realizing this Ryuu growled in frustration and swung Chomesku out to help relieve herself of it. In sensing Ryuu’s emotion, Chomesku grew hotter incredibly fast and as her blade touched some of the structures around her the blade cut through them with ease. Ryuu glanced at the obvious destruction caused by her actions and stored her demon sword back in her seal. The sounds of a bird cawing made Ryuu tense and for a brief moment regret having resealed Chomesku. However upon closer inspection it was merely a crow flying off in the closing night hours.

“Tch. Scared by a damn crow, how pitiful can I get?” shaking her head Ryuu neared what she guessed was a carousel. Ryuu expected the thing to be abandoned but surprisingly enough she found someone she hadn’t been expecting to find. Seeing her student lie there so defenseless, Ryuu couldn’t help but worry for the girl. Stepping closer she made tried to crouch, finding the position to be somewhat painful Ryuu simply had to look down at her. “Aura, we’re heading back now, are you hurt anywhere?” Upon closer inspection, the girl looked to be in pain and there was something off about her. It was merely a gut feeling but one could see Ryuu’s gaze narrow, analyzing the situation before her. Something just isn’t quite right with her. I’ll just have to as her later. "You look like you’re in pain, can you walk? Based on her answer, Ryuu would summon Night so that he could carry Aura back to safety.

Ryuu & Cerbin

Cerbin was going to retrieve Aura after Bavol had left, recieving the message from the demon bird. However, he stopped, a wrinkle in his nose catching his attention. Malice growled a little and Cerbin nudged him to get him to shut up. Looking back towards the area where Azreal's daughter was, he glared at the sight of the red haired instructor. For the might of him, he couldn't remember her name. On top of that, he always felt like sneezing a little when he had her scent in his nose. No, it wasn't smelly, just weird. Almost as if she was different. He thought it must of been because of her power as an exorcist, something he cursed himself for not looking into. Not being able to hold the sensation in any longer, he sneezed, most likely giving away his position. Of course once he did Malice disappeared into his shadow. Probably his way of telling Cerbin he was on his own for whatever might come.
Focusing in on Aura, the sound of a sudden sneeze filled the air. Tensing, Ryuu immediately turned towards the direction of said sneeze and glared. "Who's there?" Her hand went to her mouth, least she need to draw blood and summon Chomesku.
The demon sat there in the corner for a good moment before he realized that he was a teacher, just like her, making him an exorcist, just like her. However, he wasn't really an exorcist, but she didn't know that. Raising his hands in the air, the bloodied black eyed Cerbin, who looked a hot mess by the way, mainly because of the fall he had when he fought Astaroth, walked out of his hiding place. "It's okay." He said, looking at the woman with his one good eye, "It's me, Cerbin."

The moment she saw him, Ryuu breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh it's just you. What the hell happened to you? No forget about it, we need to find the rest of the students. And I don't think our little princess here can walk, not in the condition she's in right now."

Cerbin looked over to Aura. Stepping closer, he had a good view of her. He sucked on his teeth when he realized that she was injured. It wasn't wise to tell Azreal of this. If he had found out, then that'd mean hell on everything and he'd probably get the first taste of it. He figured she would heal after a while and decided to avoid the situation. He let out a breath of relief, figuring that it could have been worse. "Hold on a sec." He said calmly. "And don't get jumpy once you see him." Biting his palm, he drew out the circle and diagram for Malice to come out. Starting as a shadow and then forming into his fierce design, the demon dog formed once again, growling and then showing his teeth before Cerbin snapped his fingers to get him to calm down. "I'll go look for the other children. Malice should take Aura back to the original meeting place where my group and the buses are. That is, unless you have a different plan?"

Ryuu cocked her head to the side, with one hand on her hip as she waited for the reason she shouldn't get jumpy. Rolling her eyes upon the sight of Cerbin's familiar, Ryuu disliked the fact that he actually thought she'd get weak-kneed seeing it. "You do realize I'm a seasoned exorcist right." She listened to his plan and thought it a good one, save for one thing. "Actually why don't you take Aura back, I'll bring back the rest of the student's, I think my way will be much faster." To prove her point, Ryuu bite her thumb and slid it along her arm leaving behind a smear of red.

The tattoo that rested there suddenly began to wiggle and take shape, similar to how Malice came about. Soon enough Night slid off her arm and floated above their heads, "You called?" the dragons voice was raspy. "Yeah I need to bring gather up the students and using you as transport will be the quickest way back to the bus. So could you do your thing." Giving her a simple nod, Night began to grow in length and size until he was almost as large as the bus. Looking up at her familiar, Ryuu looked over at Cerbin with a somewhat defiant gaze. "We'll meet you by the bus, make sure to do a head count when your get there." And so with that being said, Ryuu jumped up onto Nights shoulder and the two flew away.

"Huh?" Cerbin said in reply to Ryuu's words. "You don't think he's hideous?" He asked looking at Malice who looked as if he had went into innocent dog mode. Sure he was a demon, but he was also a dog. Cerbin let him have his time of pleasure as the woman summoned her dragon familiar. That's when he remembered her name, which would be good for later. "I don't mind taking her. That sounds like it might work out too." He said. The lady seemed to order him around, almost as if he was under him. Reminded him somewhat of Azreal, but she still seemed soft to him. He traded her gaze with a blank one of his own. "Okay. I'll count the students and the teachers." He said in response to her last words before she flew away. Turning to Malice, he sneezed once more saying, "Make sure she doesn't have to run into anymore demons on her way."And with that, the hound disappeared into the shadows once more. Now looking down at the young girl, whom he never even spoke to, but knew for so long, he reached his arm out to let her place herself on her back. "Don't worry. We'll be home soon." He tried to reassure her, but he was new to the whole showing compassion thing. After he had a good grip on her, he started walking to the meeting spot.


The two covered ground quickly and soon enough she found her students along with one of the teachers. As she lead Night towards them once closer enough Ryuu slide from Night’s backside and landed lightly on her feet. Although just from a light impact her body hurt. Almost immediately Ryuu noticed Nathaniel’s condition and couldn’t help but voice her concerns. “Well I’ll be damned. What the hell happened to you Nathaniel? How are you even still on your feet?” She reached for her fellow teacher but drew back her hand in case her show of compassion ended up hurting him even more.

Turning to the other two Ryuu was glad they were alright. “I’m glad you two are safe and in once piece unlike him. We should probably get going now so we can have Nathaniel see a doctor. You guys aren’t afraid of heights are you?” She said so in hopes of lightening the mood but whether or not it worked she hadn’t the faintest clue.

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#, as written by Ever
Aura Thorne

“It‘s nice that you're finally awake Aura. You had me worried there for a moment.”, floated out the strange woman’s relief-ladened words, a warm smile playing on her lips in suit of the tone, “Well… I‘m just like you, silly. Why would I be anything else.” was the next sequence of voicing. A tug of her mouth’s corners settled on Aura’s expression, the Tamer not quite missing the hesitation and uncertainty within Bavol’s response to her question. What could she be possibly hiding..? mused her inner voice, that wariness resurfacing once more. However, that wariness was casted off as the young girl unleashed her questions onto the stranger, a new side surfacing. “I’m sorry to say but I have not seen anyone except you around here... But if your friends are as loud as you say they are then I‘m sure you will find them easily enough. I have friends out there too, you see. I can understand your need to seek out their safety, but rest assured I do believe that your friends ought to be alright. After all, your doing good aren’t you? So why shouldn‘t they.” Feeling disappointment wash over conscious, Aura let her propped elbows collapse from their supportive position, her back coming to rest flat, once more, against the metal tiling. Of course, an inward wince was immediately given as that heated sensation flared from her lower spine, the movement, apparently, not quite welcomed yet. God….what did I do…? As if reading her mind, Bavol’s voice immediately piqued once more, the settled atmosphere between the two being only slightly ruffled. “That was quite impressive what you did back there. Summoning that beast like you did… it was rather impressive to say the least. I‘m just glad you stepped in when you did. I don‘t think we need to worry anymore this place seems safe enough for now. I doubt those demons would dare come back this way ~” Immediately, Aura’s eyebrows knitted in confusion, that frown deepening as the woman’s words sunk in. ”Summon….? So I really did that…… but…..how….?” Stuck in her metacognitive state, the Tamer nonchalantly began to gnaw on her lower lip, every possible scenario replaying. It doesn’t make sense… Rin or Kota should have come...not...that thing… Apparently, the counterpart to this conversation wasn’t quite content with the silence as Aura was, Bavol’s words immediately drawing her back to the present. “Tell me. Out of all the places in this big world, why are you here, in this old abandoned amusement park?” Giving the slightest shrug of her shoulders, Aura merely sighed before musing out, ”We were sent here on an exam to become Exorcists… but.. looks like we failed..”

Without warning, exhaustion and fatigue swept over the small girl. Glancing over at Bavol, Aura allowed a heavy sigh to escape its confines as she delicately allowed for her hands to overlay on her chest, eyelids fluttering close. I think..it’ll be fine..for a few...seconds.. lied her inner voice, awareness deteriorating as sleep cradled her. In fact, Bavols’ farewells just barely registered in the back of her mind, exhaustion outweighing the stranger’s departing importance.

“Aura, we’re heading back now, are you hurt anywhere?” shattered the blissful daze, the voice one that she recognized immediately. Miss Shosuke….ah...they finally found me.. Allowing for her eyelids to groggily lift, it took the teenager a few moments for her focus to hone in on the fiery haired woman. "You look like you’re in pain, can you walk?” Eyebrows knitting once more, Aura was unsure how to respond...in fact, she hadn’t even tried walking..but part of her already knew the answer to that. Merely giving a shake of her head, the Tamer was about to say something when Ryuu suddenly turned away, defense rippling through her stance. After demanding who was there, the teacher raised her hand to her mouth in order to summon, if need be, her willingness to fight evident. Crawling out from the bushes was another teacher, one that Aura only vaguely recognized, hands raised in a good-natured peace. As Ryuu and the male teacher were exchanging plans, Aura couldn’t help but narrow in on Cerbin, eyes holding a wariness to them. I..I think I’ve seen him around before….maybe..thats why he seems familiar...but…. there's something off about him..

"Don't worry. We'll be home soon." Blinking in surprise, the time elapsed from her inner assessment apparently going over her head, Aura’s lips parted in a mixture of confusion and uncertainty. ”O-oh…..right….” Grasping his outstretched arm in a rather weak manner, the Tamer managed to shuffle herself onto his back, a soft hiss of pain being her outlet of emotion. My god...what happened…?! was the address to the root of her discomfort, her spine’s base, disbelief colouring the words. Clutching onto Cerbin’s back, she tried to distract herself through conversation, mind wandering. ”So..um…. did the others…? I mean..are they ok…?”

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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin Hiberion

Cerbin walked slowly towards the park exit with a heavy feeling. No, it wasn't the girl, whom he hadn't carried since her infant year. Surprisingly, it was the after effects of the two fights that he was just in. The superior demon had to admit the fact that he needed to start training. Being undeniably rusty wasn't something he could get away with for long. So, at that moment, Cerbin decided to start a training regiment. One that would make him a much greater adversary in the future. He hoped it would at least.

Half way to his destination, he felt some squirming on his upper back. ”So..um…. did the others…? I mean..are they ok…?” Aura's voice asked from behind him.

It took awhile for Cerbin to answer. He raised his head only to sniff the air a little, making sure it was a quiet sniff. He wouldn't want to tell the girl a lie should one of her new peers have blood on them. Sure enough, the only smell of blood in the air were those that were already there. Nothing.... too human? He couldn't tell. At the very least he knew that the kids were okay. "They should be fine," He said quietly.

Without saying anything else on the whole walk Cerbin waited until they arrived back at the bus to let the girl off. His eye was beginning to loose swelling so he was only able to open it a little, however, not wanting to answer any questions, he kept it shut as much as he could. "Are you hurt anywhere," he asked. "If so, you should rest inside where you can take a seat."

Cerbin suddenly noticed a vibe of energy and with it came an opening, almost like the ones the demons use to travel long distances, but different . Out came the remaining students, Ryuu, and the other teacher. Cerbin had to ponder his name for a moment before remembering. It seemed that he too was hurt. Well, that's if you could sum his condition up in that small phrase. Once they all appeared the opening closed and so did the surge of energy.

Noticing the man was trying to reach the bus, Cerbin walked over to him. "Let me help you," he said taking off his button shirt, leaving him with just a t-shirt. " You're shivering. The blood on the shirt should keep you warm." Cerbin then tried to help the man, whom he now remembered, was named Nathaniel onto the bus. "When we arrive back at the school, you and the girl should probably see a nurse," Cerbin said pointing at Aura. He then stepped outside and went over to Ryuu. "There are two injured. One teacher, one student. The other students seem safe. We shouldn't have had any injuries." Cerbin lowered his head, feeling as if he had failed. "I blame myself for the injuries. I was too far away. There won't be a next time," he said with his eye opened now, and the red strictly on her. If the woman in front of him were Satan, he would have said the same thing. No matter his current position, she was the one in charge and he, as her subordinate, was suppose to make sure everything was okay. Not only had he failed in that, but he failed to keep Azreal's daughter safe. With all these failures of his, it was easy to tell that he had felt hurt. A hurt that dove deep into his pride.

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Julius King

When the wounded professor berated on how Julius shouldn't do anything foolish, or summon Aja since he'd just hurt himself he could only offer a look of incredulity. After all, the one offering the lecture was in even worse shape than himself. When Ryuu asked if everyone was comfortable with flying an intuitive sneer plastered on his face.

" I only have a sun stallion, so you know heights might be an issue." Had the previous situation been less pressing, Julius wouldn't have spat out such a sarcastic line. However, at this point he wasn't exactly intimidated by the potential consequence of his mouth...mostly since he hadn't thought that far ahead. Yet once more, the Dragoon stole his thunder. The man created some black thing that swallowed the group and spat them out at the bus. His eyes immediately rolled at the notion, it's like this guy is deliberately being my antithesis. He was glad that the man just walked on the bus without any further attempt at conversation.

"I'm not riding that bus with Mr. Buzzkill, if the option's still on the table, I'll take the dragon. Hell, even dealing with Aja's trying to run wild or just walking back would be more pleasant." The response was partly his own ego,but on almost instinctual level, Julius found himself loathing Nathaniel. His arms had crossed at some point during this time as if to express his innate distaste of the idea. However, most of all he was mad at himself- every spirit he'd ever contracted with went berserk...it was like a curse. After all, what good were his naturally powerful summons, if he couldn't even contract a rogue one without driving it mad?

"Useless beasts...stupid curse," in frustration Julius muttered out his usual lament. He needed a better circle for that reason, clearly his own power had a maddening affect on the creatures so as a tamer, he had to adjust accordingly.

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Evangline DeCaprio

Eve looked to Julius when he mentioned possessing skills about horses and in all honesty she was about to respond something along the lines off "well I've read about handling... in a fictional book...." Only she was thankfully saved by Mr. Jenova opening a dimensional portal, or so it seemed to the bus. Wondering when this ability manifested and why it constantly isn't used Eve blindly followed his lead onto the bus. Eyeing his wounds Eve felt torn, she desperately wanted to fuss over him, to try and fix his health a bit, however she also wanted to stay by Juliuss' side with his fatigue and that he recently passed out Eve honestly couldn't decide who to smother and lavish with attention. Evidently her mothering instincts from the orphanage kicked in and tugging up her gloves she gathered all the grace she muster and went to Mr. Jenova first. Shrugging out of her blazer she draped it over him and with a worried gaze she tried to lighten things up by saying "Well Mr. Jenova, at least you get medical leave. Perhaps you can finally get some rest being away from all us brats and such." Yes, the joke was weak and nowhere near funny but she had to try and lighten up the situation. Preparing to leave him to rest for the bus ride home Eve just brushed back a bit of his hair and gave what she hoped was a comforting smile before she went back to Julius. Looking at the dark haired teammate Eve calmly said "I would ask how you're holding up Cap, but I feel like thats a stupid question.... and um, thanks for saving me back there. I mean the summons thing was incredibly idiotic, passing out like that, but thanks and rest up you earned it."

Taking her seat Eve immediately threw her head back, closed her eyes, and slipped off her heels. Finally, she let the tension of having to be relied upon go. Things were finally far to out her control and in the hands of the bus driver now, with that thought she simply let the tension melt away leaving her lounging in her seat. Smoothing out her blouse and re-pinning up her hair Eve just enjoyed knowing she no longer had decisions to make. Everything was just about to get better, Cap would rest up and get better Mr. Jenova would get medical attention, and Ms. Shosuke would take care of Ms. Fay along with everything else. Throwing an arm over her eyes to block out the light Eve just lounged, never really slouching but clearly relaxing and waiting for this horrendous day to be over with. After all the phrase "hell on earth" was never meant to be literal.

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What happened next surprised Ryuu. With a simple swipe of his hand, a crack appeared on the ground before them. A pale light seeped through the crack until it widened enough to show them an image of the bus. A look of amazement shown on her face but Ryuu quickly steeled herself and dismissed Night before they were pushed through the rift by Nathaniel himself. Ryuu managed to catch him as blue mist left his lips, forming an ethereal orb and then smashing it to pieces at his feet. All it took as a few steps forwards for Ryuu to be standing upright in a completely different location. The students who were there already gawked at the sudden appearance of their peers but more so at Nathaniel’s appearance. Shaking her head at those who looked ready to ask of Nathaniel’s condition, their curiosity was stifled for the time being.

"There are two injured. One teacher, one student. The other students seem safe. We shouldn't have had any injuries." Ryuu looked over at Cerbin taking note of his words, a frown on her lips. "I blame myself for the injuries. I was too far away. There won't be a next time," Her eyes widened slightly at the hurt that displayed itself prominently across his features but more so that he blamed himself for all that had happened. “You’re not the only one to blame Cerbin. I’m a teacher just like you and I wasn’t able to protect a single one of my students.” Ryuu did take note of the change in eye color of his other eye, the one that had been swollen shut not too long ago. Odd was the only thought that passed through her mind.

Ryuu walked forwards, towards the bus when Julius spoke making her stop. "I'm not riding that bus with Mr. Buzzkill, if the option's still on the table, I'll take the dragon. Hell, even dealing with Aja's trying to run wild or just walking back would be more pleasant." Rolling her eyes, Ryuu couldn’t help but snicker a bit at hearing Nathaniel’s new nickname. Hmp you’re not the only one kid. Originally she had planned on giving them a ride back to the bus but Nathaniel had beaten her to it and sent them through that rift and so here they were. “The option is still open Julius but you may have to stay with me for the night.” Seeing Evangeline approaching them both, Ryuu could see who it was the younger girl intended to talk to so she took a couple steps back to give them room.

While the both of them conversed Ryuu walked over to Cerbin, “Alright Cerbin, I’m going to leave you in charge of getting them back to the dorms. It seems Julius wants to go back home on Night. Also I’ll be taking Aura with me; I have some elixirs that should help with her pain.” With that being said, Ryuu entered the bus and gently took Aura into her arms. Leaving the driver instructions on how to proceed without her being there, she was careful not to jostle Aura too much as she descended the bus steps. Ryuu then placed her on the ground and summoned Night, who lengthened to his fuller length. “Let’s go Julius.” taking Aura back into her arms, Ryuu carefully climbed onto Nights back and they were soon up into the dark sky.

They flew in relative silence but they reached their destination quickly. Night slowly began his decent above a small enclosed estate, to the right side was what looked to be a temple and a few buildings scattered here and there. However Night did not land inside the temple grounds but just outside them. Sliding off his back, Ryuu was careful with Aura’s body and dismissed Night once more. Walking through the archway, Ryuu led Julius into a courtyard that was set before a traditional Japanese home. “Here is where you will be staying for the night. If you need anything just ring this bell here but be smart about it. Also the baths are just to the left of the courtyard over there if you want to wash up.” With that being said, Ryuu left Julius to tend to the girl still in her arms.

Ryuu walked down a hallway and slid open a door to her left. Inside was a pre-made mattress, the room was lined with shelves containing a few things. Placing Aura on the mattress, Ryuu began to tend to the girl’s wounds moving her body so her back was open. After tending to Aura, the redhead stood up stretching and headed straight to her personal quarters.

Next Day||Early Morning||6:00a.m.

Soft warm light flooded into the room, making the paneled walls pop in certain places. As the lighting changed with the movement of the sun, its rays burst into a flame-like color upon being absorbed strands of hair. The color shifted to a darker hue as the body underneath the blanket began to move about accompanied by the sound of grumblings. Slowly propping herself on an elbow, Ryuu glared at the little light that shone managed to reach her window. Normally with it being so early in the morning it would have taken another hour or two for the light to come out, Oh right that tree’s gone. Ryuu remember there had once been a tree that blocked out the light until a certain time of day but now with it gone the light came in at an earlier time than she was used to.

Looking around her room groggily, Ryuu laid back down with the covers pushed to the side and stared up at the ceiling. She could feel the stiffness in her bones from her fight last night, more like a play fight. Rolling her eyes at the remembrance of the demon, Ryuu finally mustered enough energy to get out of bed. Slipping into a simple robe over her undergarments, Ryuu began to walk about her home with quiet footsteps; she made sure not to wake up her guests, at least not yet anyways. Eventually RYuu found herself standing in the courtyard that led to Julius and Aura’s rooms. Stretching she could feel her body pop and creak. With one hand she felt around for any bruised places and found one around her hip. With a sharp intake of breathe Ryuu cursed quickly and quietly. Drawing out a small bit of blood from her finger tip, Ryuu brushed it against her arm along the dragon tattoo. Soon enough the result came out just as she wanted, with Night slithering off her arm and waiting for her command.

“I want you to take a look around. Make sure nothing followed us home or anything. There’s something odd about Aura and I need to figure out what it is.” Nodding his massive head in compliance, Night flew into the already brightening sky and disappeared. I can only check if she’s awake, can’t exactly examine her while she’s still out of it. Sitting down on the platform of her home, Ryuu crossed her legs and started to think about what she was going to do for the day. I can’t exactly leave without giving them something to do, especially not Julius. Who knows what the boy is capable of by himself. With a slight frown on her lips, Ryuu got up and walked back to her rooms to get ready for the day.


Now dressed in a sleeveless top and loose pants, Ryuu let her hair flow loose for the time being. Going into her kitchen she began to prepare a small breakfast for her guests. Once done, she headed towards Julius’s room first and slid the door open. Making sure not to make much of a ruckus, Ryuu set a tray, which contained tea and a hot plate of food, down beside Julius’s sleeping form. Kneeling beside him, Ryuu couldn’t help but stare at him. A smile slowly curled the corners of her lips; however it didn’t reach her fiery eyes. With thinking a hand reached out ready to stroke his dark hair but she managed to stop herself. The smile she once had was replaced by a dull look of pain. With a sigh Ryuu stood up walking over to the doors and sliding them open thus allowing the morning light to stream into the room. Keeping her back to Julius she glanced at him over her shoulder, “Time to get up sleepy head. Sleeping in isn’t allowed in my house.” her tone took on a slightly more cheerful tone but it was obvious it was forced.

“You can find some clothes in those draws, although I don’t think they’ll fit you well. Come see me in the courtyard, I want you to try something out that might help you in the long run.” Not waiting for a response or to even see if the younger boy was awake, Ryuu left the doors ajar and stood in the courtyard waiting for Julius. As she waited for him, Ryuu tended to the shrubbery around her making soft cooing sounds to the trees.

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Julius was more than a little surprised when Ryuu appeared to go along with his little tantrum and summoned her dragon. It wasn't until he actually caught a glimpse of Aura in her arms that any real form of understanding took place. Julius still hopped on and rode along after the woman had announced what was going to happen. He couldn't exactly offer much of an argument in his current state. The flight itself wasn't as smooth as he'd expected, mostly Julius kept quiet for fear of biting his own tongue. By the time the dragon was landed he'd long since lost the urge to talk.

“Here is where you will be staying for the night. If you need anything just ring this bell here but be smart about it. Also the baths are just to the left of the courtyard over there if you want to wash up.”

Julius simply nodded in response, his body hurt and he was tired. I'll shower later...bed first, the thought groggily drifted through his head before he just threw himself upon the provided sleeping area. He normally hated sleeping, but in this case...that hatred could go jump off a cliff. However, when Ryuu woke him with her usual unreasonable lines, he felt sick- the kind he only experienced when he slept.

"Then why have bed, or even give me the option before?" Julius snapped back at the exiting set of shoulders.

"Even evil needs to sleep sometime you know!" His stomach wouldn't last anyways, so the young man simply ignored the meal that had been prepared to instead take chase. He also ignored the remark on clothes, there were nothing wrong with his own. That and he secretly hoped something about their smell was bugging the woman at the time, he didn't appreciate being ordered around. He was rooted to the spot at the notion of Ryuu's having him meet her in the courtyard, she hadn't done something like that before.

" What, are you actually going to show me a decent circle?" He just as quickly realized that the instructor had ignored him and stormed after her, only to succeed in catching her acting well...somewhat girly for once.

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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin Hiberion

Ryuu's words didn't necessarily make Cerbin feel any better. It was weird to him more than anything else. No one had really tried to comfort him before. It was barely even apparent to him whether she was even trying to or not. Still, he nodded towards her words of kindness for he did sort of appreciate them. She had no clue that she couldn't help but to not be able to protect her students. The highest ranking demons from Inferno walked the Earth that day and she had no clue that they were lucky with the little injuries they had.

After he had sat down it seemed that one of the students were upset about something causing Ryuu to offer him a ride. After which the red head walked back to Cerbin who was beginning to feel uncomfortable around her. He couldn't really explain it, but it felt like he couldn't sniff the air with her in the area. Like her scent made his nose itch. Though he managed to keep close conversation with her by using his mouth to breath with. “Alright Cerbin, I’m going to leave you in charge of getting them back to the dorms. It seems Julius wants to go back home on Night. Also I’ll be taking Aura with me; I have some elixirs that should help with her pain.” She said.

Cerbin left his face plain and didn't even twitch at her words. Though, he didn't really feel comfortable about leaving Azreal's injured daughter to the hands of a human. Once the group left, he whispered to Malice to travel inside of the girls shadow and be his eyes. If anymore demons were to come, Cerbin knew Malice would be able to handle them. From there, the bus ride home was a quiet one. Cerbin wasn't much for talking and left the kids to their own devices. As for Nathaniel, Cerbin escorted him to the nursury and left him in the nurses care without much thought. She would do a better job at nursing the pup than he would. "Hm. Pup. That's strange." Cerbin said to himself. "I usually don't call older humans pups." Cerbin thought about allot of things as he left the infirmary. He even turned to the remaining students to get his thoughts in order, but looking at them reminded him of how alone he was. There was no way humans could help him. "Okay kids." He spoke in a soft manner. "I suppose since I'm the only teacher still among you I shall dismiss you for today. So yeah. You're dismissed."

It wasn't the most teacher like way to dismiss a class, but Cerbin didn't mind the swift conclusion to his day with the kids. He left them to talk about the days events and worry about the people that were missing on their own, for he just genuinely didn't feel like dealing with them. He then began his nightly routine and left the school grounds without giving word to anyone.

Time: A little after midnight.

Cerbin walked the streets, just as he had been doing for the last few hours. By this time his face had completely healed itself of any bruise, but he kept a few patches of tape over his eyebrow so that none of the academy instructors would notice he was a unbelievably fast healer. The streets were not so noisy as they had been during the day. There was a sound of a few cars and a couple of people walking by, some alone and some with their respective lovers. It seemed as if they all had somewhere to go, while Cerbin had nowhere to go. He just planned on walking until morning and hoped maybe Ryuu would bring the girl back so he could report she was safe. This wasn't his first night not being able to keep a close eye on her so he wasn't all to worried. Malice had proven before that he was a trustworthy watcher. Though he did look like he wanted to eat her once. "Though he looks that way all the time hehe." Cerbin chuckled. His rambling ended when he decided to stop thinking and just observe. In one eye he stared at the streets in front of him and in the other, he stared through Malice's eyes.

Malice had decided to leave the girls shadow to walk towards the opening of the room, for he wanted to stare at the moon too. Once he realized the link between him and Cerbin was formed, he glanced over towards the girl to show that she was safe and turned back towards the moon.

Having saw that she was safe, Cerbin opened another connection, this time to Indigo. "Time to report," he said, making the blind wolf like demon walk back to his masters side. Just like Malice he showed a little bit of fang, if only to smell for Azreal's hand.
"Report. Time. From. Cerbin." The dog said sleepily.

After hearing the confirmation Cerbin began speaking with Indigo repeating him word for word. "After today's events, Aura was found safe. All demons were exterminated just as you have asked and there aren't any lingering scents in the area. One of the teachers had decided to take her to a place I can not follow. Malice is there watching over her in secret. According to what I've heard, she summoned something, something not so human like. A demon perhaps. Not only that, but a dog one. Leads me to believe that she is starting to tap into her power, but that is for you to decide my liege. Lastly, by the time I was done with my distraction, Bavol had also had time to talk to Aura. I saw her with my own eyes, though it seemed that's all she did. I would advise not saying anything to her on the matter since she did no harm. It would seem suspicious. I'll try my best to find out what they talked about on my end. The events of today match this places moon. It tells me the time is growing near. On your word, I'll do what I have to."

After speaking, Cerbin waited for a reply, one that he usually never replied back to and continued his walk. As the time moved closer and closer to morning, Cerbin moved closer and closer back to the academy, where he would lay down on one of the schools rooftops and stare at the sky for sunrise. the average person would wonder when did he sleep, and though the answer may come as a shock, it was clearer than the sky that morning. Cerbin never slept. From the day he walked on Earth with that baby in his arms, he never slept a wink, for he always believe that when he slept and cut off all his links, then that'd be the time something bad had happened to her. Not only that, in fact that could probably be a fall back reason for it, but for some reason, when Cerbin tried to sleep, he'd get these dreams. Dreams that he'd rather not think about.

Time: Early morning around 8 and 9.

"Hiberion. Mr. Hiberion. What are you doing up there?" A mans voice called from below.
Cerbin looked over his resting place and saw a very odd exorcist. He was scrawny and had a monocle in one eye. His mustache also looked like he had brushed it and his nose was in a ball shape. He looked more like a teacher than anything. "I was trying to figure out something that had been bothering me," he answered. "Why? It's Saturday. Aren't I free?" The question wasn't needy. No, he was not one to actually enjoy his weekend, though he didn't especially like talking to humans on the dawns crack.
"By the dickens, a teacher is never free until the day his student becomes a teacher himself my good man."
"So, this is about kids. Not demons?"
"Of course. Kids come first do they?"
Cerbin didn't answer.
"Well. Ahem. We have a new student that is supposed to be in the program, but he didn't get to go through a test or anything. Can you take him to Ryuu for me. You should be able to find her address through the school listings. Oh, by the way. I noticed that you don't have an address yourself......"
Catching the just of what the man said, Cerbin went in search of the school records. He purposefully dodged the last statement. Moving with haste, he quickly found the information he needed for the day and walked to the boys dormitory. "This is it." Cerbin said to himself before giving the door a few knocks. "Hello. Is anyone home? I'm looking for Cuthbert Baltair. I am one of your instructors. My name is Cerbin. Hello?" Cerbin waited for the new pup to answer his door and wondered how this would change his normal habit of going along with the day. He put a small piece of taffy in his mouth and kept another in his hand just in case the kid wanted some and waited for the boy to come to the door.

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#, as written by Kapento
Cuthbert Baltair

This place actually seems quite nice… but I don’t know if I feel ready yet. Cuthbert found himself awkwardly lingering beside the entrance of the Academy, the boy expressing a slight hint of hesitation as he peered in somewhat uneasily to the unfamiliar surroundings that lay before him in a rather intimidating fashion. It was his first time journeying away far from his family and due to the long travel he was still feeling some minor effects of tiredness from the small venture. I guess I should go in and find my dorm first… perhaps that would reassure me a little. With a heavy sigh flowing from his lips the tall male swiftly grabbed the two bags worth of luggage he had brought with him in either hand before proceeding through the gates and delving deeper into the large building.

As he walked around the area Cuthbert noticed the small amount of students that were actually visible around the school grounds though quickly concluded that due to it being the start of the weekend that most students were likely doing their own thing whilst enjoying their free time. It didn’t bother him that much. Cuthbert actually preferred a more quiet scene at least for the time being - he was new after all and really didn’t desire a whole bunch of strangers crowding him at once.

It didn’t take long for him to find his designated dorm. He’d been given so many letters beforehand informing him of such relevant information that it wasn’t difficult to memorize mere letters and numbers. As he nudged the door open with his foot he set aside his bags next to the door after entering his newfound living space. It wasn’t exactly as he expected, but then Cuthbert didn’t really know what to expect anyway, and figured he’d properly settle into his new room eventually after spending some time in it.

”I suppose things could be worse.“ He said somewhat absent-mindedly before glancing over his shoulder with a sudden look of contentment. ”At least I‘m not entirely alone.“ From over his shoulder the boy brought forth his claymore that he held firmly in both hands once the sword was in front of him. As the weight was lifted from his shoulders he sighed once more, relaxing his stature a little before setting the weapon atop his bed carefully. I better be mindful to not misplace this.

As he sat down beside his sword the boy shifted his stare and redirected his eyes over towards his luggage that lay slumped against the wall next to the door. My stuff isn’t exactly going to unpack itself, is it? He smiled in response to the amusing thought. Hardly. That task is mine and mine alone it seems.

Just then there was a knock at the door. And then another accompanied by a mans voice. “Hello. Is anyone home? I'm looking for Cuthbert Baltair. I am one of your instructors. My name is Cerbin. Hello?”

Cuthbert immediately made his way over and opened the door. His curiosity growing when wondering who the individual was that called his name. ”Oh. Hello… I am Cuthbert Baltair. I‘ve not long arrived.“ He said politely once setting eyes on the unfamiliar male. ”Was there any particular reason for your visit… Mister… Cerbin?“ Opening the door fully the boy stood in front of the instructor and offered him a curious stare whilst looking the male up and down. The figure that stood before him did not seem like the typical teacher he had expected to find, though for whatever reason he could not really conclude and simply dropped the initial matter. Cuthbert also made note that Cerbin seemed to be chewing something, a sweet of some sort he could only assume. In a way it was weird to see a instructor so leisurely.

”I hope I‘m not already in some sort of trouble, sir.“ He added with a slight look of worry in his eyes at that moment.

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Ryuu pretended she didn't hear her cranky student and continued to tend to her garden. Hearing him storm into the courtyard, she stopped what she was doing and glanced in his general direction. "Julius your problem isn't the circles I've shown you. The problem is you." Turning to face him, hand on hip, Ryuu walked over towards him pointing to something behind him. "Grab those buckets over there so I can fill them up with water. " Whether or not he complied didn't matter to her, her tone of voice practically conveyed her message of not taking a no as an answer.

Once she had the buckets, Ryuu began to fill them up with water from a metal pump to the side of the courtyard. Taking both buckets in her hand she placed them on the ground in front of Julius. However a look of indecision crossed her face, "Hold up for a moment." Leaving him alone, Ryuu went in search of a sturdy pole that would be used for their activity. After finding it, Ryuu rejoined Julius, pole in hand, and attached the buckets of water on either end of the pole. Stepping back she placed both hands on her hips and looked at him before walking away.

Realizing Julius wasn't following her, she paused and scowled at him. "Well they aren't moving on their own Julius. We can't do this here you might destroy something." Turning on her heel, Ryuu continued on her way and led Julius into another courtyard not much different than the one they were just in. Walking the perimeter of the courtyard she mumbled to herself, "This will do." Facing Julius again, she took one of the buckets from him and set it on the ground. Bringing her arms over her head, Ryuu stretched and let her arms drop to her sides. "Hope carrying those buckets tired you out. You'll need the energy for what I have planned." Pausing to let her words sink in Ryuu continued. " I need you to swirl this bucket for me-not with your hands-but with your energy. Watch."

Ryuu then took the other bucket from Julius and placed it next to the other. Lowering herself to the ground, she sat crossed legged and placed either hand lightly ontop of her knees. Taking a deep breathe, Ryuu exhaled and brought one hand to hover over the bucket. With a look of boredom, the water in the bucket slowly began to move counter-clockwise in a swirling motion. The water despite it being in motion was quite calm, suddenly the water erupted, still swirling, but then calmed down. This continued a few more times until Ryuu closed her fist and the water dropped back down, slowing to a stop until it was completely calm. Sighing again, Ryuu slowly stood up and stepped to the side of the buckets. "I want you to try do the exact same thing I did. All you have to do is imagine swirling the water and pushing down on it then letting go. If you can manage that we can go to the harder stuff." Ryuu walked past Julius to stand watch over her student.

A large looming shadow passed over the two, causing Ryuu to look up to find Night hovering just above her. Bringing her arm up, Night shrunk down to the size of a snake slithering across her arm so that his reptilian lips were close to her ear. A gruff voice mumered quietly so that only Ryuu could hear what he had to aay. Red eyes narrowing upon receiving the information, Ryuu looked over in the direction they had come from. A look of interest and suspicion crossed her face. "Alright, I'll deal with it later" with that being said, Night curled around her arm sinking into her skin and becoming a tattoo once more. If you looked close enough you could see that the tattoo was made up of tiny little inscriptures that made up a Tamer's circle. Bringing her arm down, Ryuu crossed her arms and watched Julius as he worked.

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Julius fetched the bucket in as defiant manner as he could manage, which didn't exactly mean much since Ryuu's order was still fulfilled without protest.He'd tried giving Ryuu a no when she was like this before and still hadn't fully recovered from the retaliation that followed. The mere thought sent a chill down his spine, focus on something else...like what the hell are we doing with only two buckets of water. That and he didn't feel too comfortable with her comment about it not being the seals, after all with summons as strong as his it wasn't very likely that he would be the weakest link in the chain. When he returned with the buckets, Ryuu took them before he could simply toss them on the ground to help show his displeasure and simply rolled his eyes while she filled them with water by hand. He appreciated the whole rustic feel of the shrine, but the place really should get a bit more modern for something like water in his opinion. It wasn't until Ryuu barked at him again that he understood that she wanted him to carry them.

"You must be joking, carrying water is Knight-work. Unlike the meat shield, my job is to sit back and provide support from afar- I don't need to do something a mere minion can do for me." His face twisted to the point the bordered the line of a sneer and a snarl while his tone was akin to spitting venom. Once again, it appeared his words didn't reach the instructor. Does she live in her own little world?! Seriously it's like she only tunes in to tell me what to do! The belief that he was being ignored angered far more than it should. In an attempt to dodge work he tried reaching for a summon but the reaction he was anticipating never took place. Since Ryuu obviously wasn't turning back again, he had to lift the water himself and after staggering under the weight a bit, he plodded in chase while muttering to himself.

" I swear I'll get her for this."

Julius was gasping for breath by the time Ryuu found the location she wanted and nearly fell over when she picked a bucket for herself. It was an all-too-strong reminder that he was far from being physically fit despite his appearance. He managed to not spill his bucket, and threw the woman a hateful look for good measure. It was then she explained that she wanted him to swirl water. His face instantly flushed with anger before he made his outburst.

" That's just basic mana control!" Julius was honestly insulted by the suggestion he take part in the most fundamental of exercises for his discipline. He'd gotten to skip the exercise originally due to high power and saw need to now. However Ryuu's demonstration silenced him before any other words could come out- he had found her display impressive to say the least. If he were to be honest with himself, the youth might even admit that he doubted that he could imitate the feat.

"Don't suppose you're going to see if I can tie my shoes next?" Julius growled out the question while wrapping his hand in energy. The answer of Ryuu implying she'd get to that later only served to further enraged the oblivious youth. His energy explosively left his hand and split the bucket at the seams, the water fell to the ground without any sign of control from him.

" I'm tired of your condescending attitude! You waltz around with an ice chip on your bloody shoulder, nose in the air; then after showing up- late might I add- to save what should have been a safe event. Now you're telling me you not only doubt my fundamental control but even question whether I can tie my own shoes?!" All previous experience that should have taught him to not push Ryuu's buttons were gone, he was genuinely mad at this point. His own energy kept raging with his emotions, the spilled water at his feet quickly began to boil.

" Witch, Demon, Instructor, or Dragon- I don't care anymore, it's about time someone took you down a notch." A crazed light shone in the young summoner's eyes during the final words, he'd completely succumbed to his rage.

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Ryuu wasn't all too surprised by Julius's result with the water bucket. Sighing to herself, "goddammit, why the hell didn't they show you this earlier. You'd be so much better off knowing this." However what she wasn't ready for was the reaction she got from Julius soon after the bucket split.

" I'm tired of your condescending attitude! You waltz around with an ice chip on your bloody shoulder, nose in the air; then after showing up- late might I add- to save what should have been a safe event. Now you're telling me you not only doubt my fundamental control but even question whether I can tie my own shoes?!"

Her eyes widened in interest at the sight of the water boiling. It was no longer just a simple exercise for him to complete but rather a battle of the tempers as her own temper flared. She was unable to respond to his first outburst as a second came soon after. It did catch her attention now, especially at his next poorly chosen words to vent his obvious rage.

" Witch, Demon, Instructor, or Dragon- I don't care anymore, it's about time someone took you down a notch."

At that point upon mention of Demon Ryuu's, although this was only a part of it, control on her temper broke. As with Julius her eyes flashed in rage, becoming mere slits before dilating once more. But unlike her student, Ryuu did not suscumb to it, at least not fully. Taking a step back, not out of fear, Ryuu took a more defiant stance least Julius decided to attack. "Demon. . . Witch. . . Ryuu paused before continuing, "You may call me what you like but don't ever call me a demon boy." A soft glow radiated from her backside, as a two markings resembling tails appeared on her lower back.

Realizing what was happening; Ryuu bit her lip, drawing a bit of blood in doing so. "And by 'I'll see to it later' I was talking about your fellow Tamer, if you wised to know. Her voice was lecturing yet it held a bit of concern until her temper got the better of her with her next words. "You sniveling little brat, if you think you're so ready why not let us dual here and now." She snarled in her managed rage.

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Character Portrait: Ryuu Shosuke Character Portrait: Julius King

0.00 INK

Julius balked at the mention of Aura...he hadn't exactly considered that Ryuu had been talking about someone else. However being called a 'sniveling little brat' quickly rekindled any stall in his temper that had otherwise occurred. Just as he had incidentally struck a nerve with 'demon', she'd just struck one of his own. Without his noticing, the water around him suddenly stopped boiling.

"A duel would imply both parties involved fight on equal terms." He may have been angry, but Julius wasn't stupid. The knowledge he didn't stand a chance only made him angrier, and he could only clench his fists in frustration; what water remained clumped together in response.

"Yet you dare mock me one more with that mouth, knowing quite well: we are not equals!"[/gold] The seals on his hands began to glow, yet his wasteful display of energy had finally caught up. Rather than either of his beasts appearing, pain shot through his limbs. This broke the youth's concentration enough to cease the glowing of their activation,and drive him to his knees. From there he could only vent his frustration upon the ground with his fists.

[color= gold] " What good am I here?! The bloody monastery said I needn't waste my time with something like swirling water in a stupid bucket. They said it was for those too weak to command spirits with their level of power."
Julius kept slamming his fists into the soft earth, ignoring the mess and the fact that his first punch had bloodied his hands against a stone.

"But just because I can't do something so insignificant, suddenly I'm the weakest link. That whole fight,"[color=gold] Julius' eye burned, he was very much tearing up and crying just like the 'sniveling brat' he'd been accused of being earlier.

[color=gold] " My summons were stronger, yet that whole time I could only watch helplessly while my body gave out on me. By all rights, I should have been able to crush such a pathetic demon by myself.Yet the others, the very Summoners I would sneer at for needing to swirl water just to perform the most basic summons are passing me up."
The statement was more ego than fact, but the point of his being significantly weaker than one would expect given his summons.

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#, as written by Damioa
Malice stayed by the window side all night, only hiding once the house owners footsteps were heard. Though, once it seemed her and the boy had left the quarters, he slipped out of the sleeping girls shadow and watched the window once more. It wasn't long until he was alerted by knight, the red haired woman's familiar, flying about. Even he was aware of her familiar, but was unsure if he should hide himself or not from it. Actually, since Cerbin only said not to be seen, but didn't say anything about being detected, he felt no need to hide himself. Malice knew that he wasn't going to have to think much either way. In fact, some part of him wanted to taste dragon if Cerbin had ordered.

Cerbin, on the other hand watched as the door in front of him opened. ”Oh. Hello… I am Cuthbert Baltair. I‘ve not long arrived.“ The boy said. Cerbin looked at him up and down carefully, slowly smelling the wiff of air that came with the open room, as not to be noticed. He would need to get use to the boys scent to remember him and protect him should he get lost or something. ”Was there any particular reason for your visit… Mister… Cerbin?“

Cerbin's eyes widened past their normal tired out look. He couldn't help but take shock in the boys politeness. "Cerbin is just fine," he said, just before throwing another candy in his mouth. "As for why I'm here, the answer is simple. You have yet to test out for your role in our special class. Hence forth the board has sent me down here to retrieve you so that you can meet our head teacher."

”I hope I‘m not already in some sort of trouble, sir.“

Cerbin looked at the worried expression on the boy and let small smile form on his lips. It was a smile he had seen many times, and mimicked. Through his observation of the human lifestyle, young ones become more relaxed once the adult gives them a smile to show that there is no need to fear or be uncomfortable. Cerbin too, wanted Cuthbert to be more relaxed. "Don't be silly. You just missed out on all the fun the other kids had yesterday, that's all. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with your timing. In truth it was more of a surprise test, but a lot did fail." Cerbin thought about how unorganized and scared his own team was for a moment. "I'm sure since you missed out your test will have to be drastic. Don't worry though. I have a feeling that you'll do fine." In truth, Cerbin didn't have that feeling, but he knew telling the boy that would boost his moral. That was a start at least.

Taking out his phone, Cerbin tried calling the number that he was given for Ryuu, but to no avail. It was his first phone call too, so he dialed the number and tried calling two more times to see if he was doing it right. After two more failed attempts he sighed and looked around. "It seems we're just going to have to go over there." He declared. He never entered a persons house before, but if things were the way that they were in Inferno, he could just walk in. It shouldn't have been that hard. So, after egging Cuthbert to prepare for a test, he walked the boy through town. He wasn't following the map given, but instead his senses. Though at the end of their trip he wished he hadn't because he ended up smelling the scent of the girl, which, for whatever reason, made his nose feel funny. It was as if his nose was trying to tell him something that he didn't know. Still, he ignored it for the time being and walked to the door. After giving a few knocks he invited himself in and turned to the boy. "Stay close, okay? This isn't our territory so we mustn't touch anything inside." 1111
He wondered if she would be asleep or not, seeing as it was about ten by now. Though, Malice had cut their connection earlier for a short while. Maybe she was outside.

"if you think you're so ready why not let us dual here and now."

The sound was faint at first, but it seemed pretty energetic. Cerbin was sure human ears couldn't hear those words so he played it off in front of Cuthbert.

"Umm. She's not in her house, so let's check the back area," he said.
He opened the doors to the back to see that it was much bigger than the small back yard he had anticipated. It was also beautiful compared to most shrines. Maybe too beautiful. Not to mention the smell. It was the same smell of the woman mixed with a lot of different smells that he couldn't stand. If only he knew what it was, it'd probably go away. Either that, or he could grow accustomed to it. He wasn't much for calling people out, so he walked slowly through the first courtyard. He had thought he had gotten use to the smell, when a large sneeze came on. That was in the middle of the first yard, and right before reaching the second yard he sneezed again. This time he was loud and close enough to know that Ryuu might of heard him. It didn't even cross his mind, the reaction of him being that far into her home without her knowing, along with a student.