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✝ Earth: True Cross Academy, Fidel City ✝

The moderately sized city of Fidel is built around True Cross Academy, the northern district is more suburban and has parks, the malls and businesses are on the eastside and as you go further away from the school the area’s slowly turn to a more rural sense. It is currently the late fall and all of Cram school is taking the entrance exam to becoming an Exwire.

True Cross academy is overall a large school made up of three buildings. The main building being the school itself which makes up most of the size put together. It sports a Japanese theme exterior and interior design. One section of the school is dedicated to all of the clubs which is further divided into smaller sections for the smaller division, one of the more notable and large of the sections being the sports clubs. Of course the school has its own courts and indoor/outdoor swimming pool, track field and three gymnasiums.

The second largest building that is to the left of the Academy is the housing facility. As its name states, this building is specifically for those who chose to live on campus if they didn’t meet certain requirements to live at home (being too far, living alone(optional)) unless your parents thought it better to keep you on campus then at home.

And finally the last building which is also the smaller of the three; Cram school which is in some ways a bit rundown, mainly due to the fact that it being a cram school is just a front. The true reason behind this building is that it holds night classes for exorcists in trainings otherwise known as exwires.
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True Cross Academy, Fidel City

Home of the Humans


True Cross Academy, Fidel City is a part of Equipoise.

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#, as written by Kapento
Cuthbert Baltair

“Cerbin is just fine… As for why I'm here, the answer is simple. You have yet to test out for your role in our special class. Hence forth the board has sent me down here to retrieve you so that you can meet our head teacher.”

Cuthbert blinked in surprise. They certainly don’t waste time here. He thought, whilst vaguely remembering of when hearing of some test that the students had to go through in order to achieve their desired rank. Though not entirely expecting it to happen so suddenly upon his arrival at the academy, he merely nodded in response. ”Makes sense.”

“Don't be silly. You just missed out on all the fun the other kids had yesterday, that's all. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with your timing. In truth it was more of a surprise test, but a lot did fail… I'm sure since you missed out your test will have to be drastic. Don't worry though. I have a feeling that you'll do fine.”

When noticing Cerbin smiling the young boy felt a little more at ease at that moment, soon smiling himself as he looked to the teacher with a degree of more confidence. ”Well, if you think that I’ll do fine… then perhaps I will after all. Thank you sir, that helps.” He said, his smile growing gradually. He watched as Cerbin tried to make contact with, presumably, another teacher. After a few more attempts it was clear that the call wasn’t going through to the other person.

“It seems we're just going to have to go over there.”

”Alright. I’ll go fetch the things I’ll need and then we can get going. I won’t be a minute.” Promptly retreating to his dorm the boy quickly searched through his belongs and gathered a few things that he believed he would require later on. Of course, he also remembered to bring along his sword, though tried to keep it low-key on his person to ensure it wouldn’t bring attention onto himself when passing others. Once equipped the male returned to the teacher, ensuring that his dorm was safely secure, before leaving the dorms altogether with Cerbin as the pair began making their way out of the Academy.

As they walked through the nearby town Cuthbert couldn’t help but occasionally get sidetracked with the new surroundings. He was new after all and didn’t know the area, and without Cerbin the youth most likely would’ve gotten lost if left to his own devices. As a precaution the boy kept close to Cerbin, remaining close to the teachers side as they continued on through the town. It wasn’t long before the pair had arrived at their destination, or at least Cuthbert assumed so, once watching as Cerbin knocked on the door.

“Stay close, okay? This isn't our territory so we mustn't touch anything inside.”

Cuthbert nodded. ”I understand.”

When there was no answer at the door, Cuthbert followed Cerbin as they decided to venture around and into the back area of the building where a large shrine lay ahead of them. As they passed through the courtyards the boy noticed the teacher sneezing, somewhat oddly, which prompted his curiosity a little. Though only briefly. ”Bless you, sir.” He offered, before sparing a moment to stare at the scenery around the pair. He concluded that the teacher they were to meet lived here, and that this must be their wonderful home. It feels rude to just wonder in, I hope the person doesn‘t mind.

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She hadn’t expected this to happen, far from it really. The water around Julius had stopped boiling so she had assumed he’d calmed down until he finally responded to her query. "A duel would imply both parties involved fight on equal terms." Ryuu seemed taken aback on this however she quickly hid this. In her anger she hadn’t really thought much on her choice of words and wanted more than anything, at the time, to teach the brat to know his place. However I’m no older than he is. her thoughts were interrupted upon seeing the water clump together. Doing a quick reassess of the situation she realized the water had moved by way of Julius forming fists. Maybe there is hope to all this. Allowing curiosity to curl the corners of her lips slightly they soon piqued downwards in a small frown of what may have been seen as pity but was anything but.

"Yet you dare mock me one more with that mouth, knowing quite well: we are not equals! A huff of air passed her lips at his use of words. Even in such a tense situation Ryuu couldn’t help but applauded the boy for his words. She knew he spoke the truth, as what she had said earlier was uncalled for and only her anger speaking for itself. Red eyes narrowing slightly, Ryuu leaned back on her heels as the seals he had on his arms began to glow. But she knew better than to expect anything from it knowing full well that the energy he had just shown her through the exercise had used up most of it. Julius then began to beat the ground with his fists causing concern to well up in her chest.

" What good am I here?! The bloody monastery said I needn't waste my time with something like swirling water in a stupid bucket. They said it was for those too weak to command spirits with their level of power. Her mouth opened slightly at the word Monastery and the fact that they told him a biased lie. Biting her lip anger welled up in her chest in place of the concern but she pushed it down. Taking a deep breathe, Ryuu crouched next to him a hesitant hand hovering over his backside. "But just because I can't do something so insignificant, suddenly I'm the weakest link. That whole fight.” Although she couldn’t see them, Ryuu could tell by the tone in his voice he was doing best to keep back tears she knew she’d have if she were in this situation. I was the same. My summons were stronger, yet that whole time I could only watch helplessly while my body gave out on me. By all rights, I should have been able to crush such a pathetic demon by myself. Yet the others, the very Summoners I would sneer at for needing to swirl water just to perform the most basic summons are passing me up."

Patience and kindness was never Ryuu’s strong-suit, it hasn’t been in a long time and today was no exception. Pulling her hand away after hearing that, her fingers curled into a fist then uncurled. Suddenly lunging forwards Ryuu grabbed the collar of his shirt and brought him up so she could look him in the eye. Despite the angry look on her face her eyes were soft and didn’t help much in justifying her words. “You idiot, you are by far the strongest Tamer I’ve come across so don’t you dare say that. Do you know how many people would kill to be able to do what you did yesterday? How many people stood back in fear just by being around that damned spiritual creature? Every last one of my students failed except for a small group. And you know what I’m starting to wonder if I should just fail you for being so weak.” Not realizing her voice had begun to rise in volume, her grip on his shirt slacked until she let go of him entirely. Sitting back on her heels she looked away and sighed, running a hand through her hair. “I know those words weren’t the ones you’d hope to hear but I’m not going to beat around the bushes. I am your teacher, who gives a crap what the monastery tells you. They’re just a bunch of fools who don’t know a damn thing about what it’s like to fight in the real world. I’m only going to ask this once and only once so listen carefully. I will show you and I will teach you what you need to know, but only if you let go of your damn ego for once and let me teach you my way.” Staring at him she waited for his answer. Ryuu didn’t know whether he’d say yes or if he’ll say no, she never was one for pretty words to boost morale, she left that up to her brother.

Elsewhere a pair entered her domain without invite. Something clicked in her subconscious and a look of surprise flashed across her face. Who’s here? Raising a hand towards Julius signaling for him to stay put, Ryuu slowly stood up analyzing the information she had been given. There were inscriptions on every entry point as well as on the tiled walls, so if someone entered without her permission she’d know. Although it would never react if the trespasser was human however due to it reacting she assumed whatever entered her home wasn’t. Sadly the information was delayed as the sound of sneezing was suddenly within hearing. “What the hell?” Turning to face the only entry point of the courtyard she was, she bent down reaching for the pole Julius had brought in earlier, all the while keeping an eye in front of her. ”Bless you, sir.” Her brow furrowed in confusion, the seals only reacted to one however the use of Sir meant the trespasser was actually two different people. As the two got closer and closer, Ryuu slowly edged forwards, pole in hand and raised vertically as a makeshift sword. “Hurry up you little bastards" she mumbled quietly to herself, once she saw the corners of the figures Ryuu did the exact opposite of what one would have expect of a Knight. She threw the pole like a spear in hopes she’d hit the person leading, however since she did not know it was Cerbin, who was a demon, he’d most likely dodge it before it actually hit him.

Whether she heard an Umph or the sound of the pole clattering uselessly on the ground meant little to her. Rushing over towards them, Ryuu stopped a look of surprise on her face but then a scowl upon seeing it was Cerbin and some kid. “What the hell are you doing here Cerbin? And who the hell is this you brought with you. Actually no answer that later, I have something I want to discuss with you.” Her words were demanding she wasn’t about to take a no for an answer.

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Julius hung limply as he was pulled to his feet, but the words Ryuu spoke left him blinking stupidly...positively stunned. Her words were sinking in, however something about them wasn't just right about the situation. He just couldn't properly wrap his mind around what exactly was going on. He was actually strong enough for it to be worthy of mention, and that effort he did exert was something above average? Julius figured he must have been dreaming, Ryuu of all people issuing something remotely reminiscent of a compliment was a rather outrageous notion.

He didn't even come to for a while after Ryuu's departure...she must have some other business that caught her attention. Rather numbly, Julius approached the other bucket, his power was certainly exhausted. But perhaps he could accomplish something even in this exhausted state. Unlike before, Julius gripped the bucket with both hands before mustering any power. Energy flowed agonizingly slow...like molasses and his arms burned like fire flowed in his veins. The water moved, slowly but the water was undeniably moving...not so much a swirl as a ripple though. Obviously there was something about this trick of Ryuu's that she wasn't sharing.

"Perhaps there's more to power than sheer strength after all."

Despite his wish to try again, Julius simply didn't have enough power left in him to see about such things. He looked around and found himself alone, something that slightly annoyed him. To that end, he sought to track Ryuu down despite him having to nothing to show or even words to say at this point in time. However, rather than coming across just her...there was some unexpected company. A rather slender, dark-haired youth just barely shorter than himself; this actually caught him by surprise...he'd never suspected Ryuu to be the type to really let students meet up at her home. Well at least Julius assumed the young man was a Knight student...the claymore didn't really make sense otherwise. He wasn't even going to guess about the other man he thought he'd seen.

"Julius King, Summoner...am I right in guessing he's going to be part of the team?" The first half had been Julius' way of introducing himself...the second one as a whole was addressed to anyone willing to give an answer.

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#, as written by Ever
Cerbin .:. Ryuu .:. Aura

As the boy once again said 'sir', Cerbin shot him an unseen glance and then sighed. "I see we have to work on loosening you up a bit. You act like a younger version of me sometimes. Heh." He let a pause go as he heard the threatening whispers coming from afar. "Though, that might not be a bad thing when it comes to this woman. Keep minding your P's and Q's."

In truth not even the demon himself knew what that humans phrase meant. He knew the overall meaning, but not the individual meaning. What the hell was a P and a Q? He decided to leave it for later. It seemed that once again he had to come off as a friendly individual. He didn't like the term bastard very much. It defined him all too well. However the meaning of the word was a disrespecting phrase to him and his brothers. Humans sure knew how to create such filthy lines.
"Calm down," he said calmly. "It's just me Cerbin. I also brought this kid with me."

“What the hell are you doing here Cerbin? And who the hell is this you brought with you. Actually no answer that later, I have something I want to discuss with you.”

The man sighed. That wasn't exactly as calm as he expected her to be. Quite the opposite actually. "Hmmm. I'm not sure what you need from me, but I too believe I must talk to you as well." He kept his calm around her. Her smell was distracting and her attitude was flared. Looking at her was like looking at a burning flame and he saw no point in playing with fire. "Though I must ask, if we are to speak, for us to speak in private. I'm sure the children don't need to be witness to our words."
He scratched his head and looked around. This place was bigger than he expected it to be. It didn't match up. Her outside demeanor and this home of hers. Was she someone special in this world? He had to investigate her. Not to mention that smell. It was more like... Like... something he had smelled in the past. It gave him an alerting feeling. One that was even more on guard for the fact that her human smells were hiding the other ones. He had determined one thing. She was something other than human. However he wasn't quite sure what it was. Another high class demon might have been able to tell from looking at her, or by feeling her energy, but for him, a demon who mostly went off of smells, he was kept out of the loop. He would have to throw a guess in the air and hope that he could get some feedback from it. "I'll wait over there," Cerbin said pointing to a small area, about a hundred or so feet away from where they stood. Trying to grab control over the conversation he left after he was done, which in turn, would force her to comply and follow after him.

He waited for her to finally follow after him and crossed his arms looking at the sky above. It was a beautiful blue one with an apparent space above it. Much more inviting than the red sky in Inferno. He enjoyed watching it, especially at night, where he could see the stars that illuminated the sky with their grace. Though he didn't look at the beautiful scenery for long, for he was interrupted by the upcoming footsteps. Looking at the woman with his eyes showing no sign of, well, anything really, he quickly looked her up and down, waiting for her to start the conversation. After all, it was she that said she wanted to talk to him first. It was only respectful at the common level of knowledge to let her talk first.

Quickly suppressing her anger, Ryuu narrowed her eyes, a scowl taking place once more on her usual passive face. Ryuu was somewhat curious as to what he wished to talk to her about but she didn’t think it would be as important as what she wanted to discuss with him. “Of course, this has nothing to do with them. I’ll be over there in a minute Cerbin.” Almost all at once, Ryuu felt like a child being reprimanded for a temper tantrum. Well I guess I’m not the only one who was acting out of place. Looking over at Julius she watched him closely for a short moment, trying to figure out if it was a good idea to leave him alone in the state he was in. Walking over to him, she bent down to one knee placing a hand carefully on his shoulder. “Don’t think your training is over Julius. I’ll deal with you later, in the meantime I’d like you to be good. If you need anything just call for me,” straightening she strode over to where Cerbin stood waiting for her before stopping and calling out over her shoulder, “Oh and don’t wonder off the cleared areas.” Her warning had an almost ominous tone to it but hopefully the both of them would listen to her.

Once she stood beside Cerbin she had expected him to explain himself but instead he looked her up and down. Frowning at the obvious act Ryuu folded her arms across her chest before finally speaking up, “Are you done?” pursing her lips slightly she gave him a quizzical look. “Let’s go somewhere else.” she said after taking a quick glance back at her students. Walking around Cerbin she led him back to the courtyard Cerbin and the boy would have had passed. Walking up onto the wood patio, Ryuu slid the doors open moving out of the way for Cerbin to step through. “Have a seat, ”motioning to a pile of pillows that were thrown about a small table. Closing the doors Ryuu kept her back to him for a little longer than was needed, “Who are you?” she paused to let her words reach him while she reached for something in her pocket before repeating herself, “Cerbin, just who the hell are you?”

Ryuu turned around to face him taking quick steps in his direction. Behind her a small piece of paper had been placed over the door, most likely to keep anyone from getting in or from keeping them from leaving. Stopping to tower over him while he sat (I’m assuming he did), Ryuu folded her arms across her chest. Without realizing it she had begun to stroke the tattoo on her arm, in response to her touch it began to quiver and squirm.

Cerbin didn't mind her taking his little control over the conversation. He did think he had some control by choosing to relocate, but once she decided to once again move their arena for conversation, she had put the ball back in her corner. It was even more apparent to him that he was on the wrong side of the conversation when they went inside, and if that wasn't worse, once he sat down as asked, she remained standing. She was completely dominant over him at the moment. In realization of this, he looked at her back and sighed quietly at her question. It was a question that was so vague and yet so direct. So what was he to do? Give a vague answer or a direct one. He looked down at nothing in particular, not searching for an answer, but searching for a way to answer. He knew the answer, though he also knew that in the wrong ears, his answer could put all that he worked for at stake. He was someone with nothing to loose and yet, he also had everything to loose as well. He slowly looked up to her, staring her straight in the eyes, with the worlds greatest poker face, if there ever was one, and said, "I don't know. Maybe if you told me who you were then I'd trust you with knowing who I was." It was a challenge. Less of a physical one, but a verbal one. If they were fighting each other, then he was surely at a strategical dissadvantage. However, he was a demon, and an intelligent one at that. It was almost his main job to be good at conversation. He had nothing to loose on his end. Sure he might get fired, but that would still leave the woman with nothing. Yet, Cerbin was willing to give her something, though he had to know he wasn't giving that something to the wrong person. It was dangerous for him doing what he knew he would have to eventually do. He would be betraying his mission, yet he was ready to give away his nothing, for something that would help him down the road.

Watching him closely, Ryuu met his gaze with an expression that barely expressed her feelings on the current subject. However his answer was not one she had been expecting and it turning into a challenge was even more surprising. Ryuu did not think that this was how things would play out once she asked her question. It had been nagging her ever since Night informed her about it and she needed to know. The fact that she was taken aback by him answer managed to show itself on her face but it disappeared behind a frown as soon as it had been shown to him. “Who I am is of no concern to you Cerbin. Is that even your real name? And don’t turn the tables on me, I’m not the one who had his familiar stow away in one of my student’s shadow. They’re my students under my protection and I need to know whether or not they are safe in your presence.”. Ryuu thought back to what he had just said and couldn’t even think of speaking their names to him.

Looking at her falter a bit, but seeing her expression frown, Cerbin could have smiled for a moment. He had always observed humans before, never interacting with them, but it was enough to notice how their conversations usually go when they're mad. He espcially liked their expressions. Though, Cerbin wasn't much for smiles. Instead, he just blinked and looked back down. "It would be more welcoming to talk to you if you sat down too you know," he said before sighing once more. "Okay then. If you want to know if I'm safe, then yes. I think that was proven in the fact that my familiar was here all night," Cerbin paused to slowly look back up. " and you and the children are still alive." It was good enough proof to him. The fact that if he couldn't be trusted, he'd take advantage of the situation. "The real question is how are your wounds healed so quickly? Though you could just say that there is a remedy that makes you heal faster. I'll buy that too. However, for the longest time, you've been giving me an itching sensation in my nose. So I'll cut to the chase. Are you a human being, or are you a demon? If you say you're a human then I'll just blame this itch on your perfume or whatever. If you say you're a demon, then I'll ask, why are you an exorcist. Based on that answer, you'll either find out more about why my familiar was in the shadow of one of our students, or you won't see me ever again." Putting the emphasis on their sharing of watch over the children Cerbin slowly stood up. He didn't like looking up while talking to a person and he also didn't want the woman to attack him upon guessing his lineage. Though, doing something completely unhuman like by basically burning the bush instead of beating it, he was once again in lead in this conversation. "Wait a second," he said to the woman backing away slightly. Slowly, he moved his hands to his back where he kept his weapons. Just as slowly as he reached, did he grab them and set them at his feet.
"Words. No need to complicate things with action." Even if she might have been a demon, Cerbin wasn't going to risk the human reactions coming out of her. He might have been dodging God knows what already if he wasn't so calm.

“Alright I’ll sit if it makes you feel any comfortable.” she said drily as she kneeled on the ground across from him. It was an odd way of sitting, at least for some people, and if one was not used to it, it could be very uncomfortable. However Ryuu had long ago gotten over the pins and needles from her “lady” training when she was younger. Watching him with wary eyes Ryuu understood his point but that didn’t change the fact that she didn’t trust him any more than she had before. “What my question is why would you have your familiar follow.” She left it up for discussion but it was brushed aside by his questions.

She raised her brow at his questions, they made her slightly uncomfortable but she knew now wasn’t the time for her to be stubborn or prideful. "My wounds haven’t healed much since yesterday. Throwing that pole at you made my ribs ache but you are right about latter. I do have a remedy that speeds up healing I guess you could say but it’s more of a balm to quell the pain. “ While talking Ryuus hand had gone to her side and she grimaced slightly, but she paused as he continued speaking. I make your nose itch?, “What sort of nose do you have?” she spoke in a lighter tone than before. However his next question ruined that light mood the moment he asked her if she was human. A cold look passed over her demeanor as silence filled the air for a brief moment.

During that silence, all Ryuu could wonder was how she’d answer his question. “I’m human but I am not. The blood inside me is of both human and demonic blood; however I prefer to be considered human. “ she looked down at her arms, rubbing them as goose bumps danced across her skin before disappearing. “And you? I assume you yourself are not human or are you a half breed?” tilting her head to the side as she watched him with curious eyes. The curiosity soon dissipated to one of wariness upon him standing up. At the sight of his weapons Ryuu tensed ready to move least he chose to attack her but his words did little to relax her. Watching him through narrowed eyes, Ryuu herself stood up soon sat back down in a different position. “Tell me, what is your relationship with Aura? Or was she just someone who happened to be the perfect candidate for your familiar to ride on?”

Cerbin's eyes widened as she said she'd rather be considered a human. He never even though one could do that. "I see." That was the only phrase that left his mouth for he just wanted to see if she'd tell him. "Hmm. I guess you can say I'm a demon through and through. Though, if rankings mean anything to you, then I guess I'm a half breed in the demon terms of speaking. That's why my human features aren't perfect. Though I'm surprised. I actually got through your systems this way. I bet you're also surprised. Well, since you trusted me enough to share your circumstances I should show you respect by showing mine." Cerbin snapped his fingers, making Malice show up from his shadow. The demonic figure growled at his call and winced as Cerbin placed his hand on his head. Petting the beast, Cerbin let go of another sigh before putting a peice of candy in his mouth. "So what should I say? The girl. Aura. She's special you know. I'm not sure what knowledge people of earth have on the other realms, but there has been some falter between the two. Long ago, my master fell in love with an angel. Not only just an angel, but the current seraphim. The highest ranking of angels. They had a child and then everything changed. Look, I'm not one to ask too many questions. I only have basic knowledge over things. Like how the girl will one day be a deciding factor in a long term conflict. I am only here to protect her and give her guidence when the time is right. She's not evil. You should know that yourself. I also don't think that she's any danger to you. However, she is my masters daughter and I will do anything to protect her. So please," Cerbin scooted around the table and bowed down towards the woman. "Please, just let me do my job and protect her. Me and my brother mean no harm to you or any of these children. If you promise me that you wont let a soul know of this, not even her, then I, in turn, promise you that I'll do my job as an instructor and protect the rest of the children
as well as her.

Raising himself up Cerbin looked the woman in the eyes once more. "By the way, Cerbin is not my real name. In Inferno, I am refered to as a lot of things, but seeing as my master is the current Satan, people of this world would know me as a Cerberous. I'd rather not go into my actual family lines if you don't mind."

The more Cerbin spoke the less she understood, or rather the more it sounded crazy. Although she herself had only heard rumors about the other realms she never really thought much about them until today. Ryuu was surprised but also angry at how easily he bowed to her, it reminded her of her younger years with her family. Thinking back on it Ryuu never liked the idea of someone bowing their heads to her she considered it an act that only the weak would commit, but it seems today was the exception of it. Glaring at his bowed head, Ryuu slowly stood up, "Get up, and you call yourself a demon." she laughed rolling her eyes at Cerbin. Seeing that he was still bowing to her she repeated herself but in a much harsher tone.

After pacing the room for a short while, Ryuu finally turned to face Cerbin, or Cerberous, to give him her response to all of what he has just said. "I won't tell the others of her origin but she needs to know what's going on with her body. I know for a fact that the next couple of days are going to be hell for her because I went through the same experience when my blood awakened. I won't tell her who her parents are but she needs to know that she carries in her demon blood. If the others, especially those damned old fools, knew of her existence they will not hesitate to end her life." She looked at him with a serious frown. Ryuu wasn't sure why she agreed to any of this, it may have been because Aura was her student or that she knew of what the younger girl was going through.

Although now that she thought about it, those Lesser Demons showing up may have been because of Aura. "So if she's the daughter of such important people why did he send her here of all places? If she's in danger because of her heritage then she'll be a danger to all of the students and I can't risk that. We'll need to protect her from herself or to at least teach her how to control it.

"I'm not sure that's even necessary." Cerbin reached around his kneck and pulled on one of the chains, revealing a small pendent that looked like an average rock. "This pendent holds the potential to give her more power than I. Though I can't go into detail, because she's not part human she shouldn't have to be treated that much differently then the other children. I'm not going to give this to her until I'm told to either. However, if you insist on teaching her control, then that is fine with me. I never wanted for her to have an obscure childhood so I won't have her being seperated from the rest in her group. Also," Cerbin's eyes narrowed. "The reason for those demons attacking us had little to do with her. I've kept them away for all this time, there'd be no way they'd get the slip on me that easily. Not to mention, if you saw a demon that looked as human as me, then you should probably stay away from them. They're not thetype of demons I'm sure you're use to fighting. Even I believe I must prepare for another encounter with them. Down the road of course." Cerbin rested his head on his wrist, looking at the now resting dog on his lap. "The pendent isn't also a source of power for her to bear when she's ready. It's also something more I believe. Earth is definitely the safest place for now. Believe me, out of all the other places, this is best. As for how she got into an exorcist academy. Though it is ironic, I wasn't the one who chose this route for her. I've merely been a protector."

Ryuu listened to Cerbin, although he did have a point it was never Ryuu's intention of separating Aura because of her heritage. Mindlessly Ryuu brought her fingers up to cradle her cSherpas she thought a bit more. This involved Ryuu to begin pacing once more, "So that pendent will give her power, even more so than your own?" It was a rhetorical question but she wouldn't be surprised if a Cerbin answered. Placing a hand on her hip, Ryuu reached out towards Cerbin with an open hand, "May I see?" Realizing what it was she was asking of him she snorted, "I'm not going to do anything with it. I just want to see it." Whether Cerbin handed it to her or not, Ryuu had an idea formulating in her mind although she knew Cerbin may be against it. "But yostolidly haven't answered my question Cerbin. Why did they send you here with Aura? How could Earth be the safest place from her. What is it that you're protecting her from? I'd very much like to know so that I can prepare her if neither of us are with her." Her eyes narrowed and she knew Cerbin knew that it was a possibility.

Cerbin. still keeping eye contact, felt the stone around in his hand. He had never once let anyone else hold it before. Though, he did believe that if he was going to trust this woman then he would have let go of his uncomfortable feeling. Holding out by it's chain, Cerbin nodded. "It should give her more power. If anything, it'll bring her close to most superior demons powers. Those who've been alive for more than a century or so." He wasn't even adding in his thoughts on how it would affect the angel part of the girl. In all honesty he wasn't even sure if it'd do anything at all. When aked again why he brought the girl to earth, he looked at the candy wrapper in his hand, playing with it a little. "Other than the fact that the demons and angels most likely would love her to die, there has also been a mess made in both Heaven and Inferno. A serious one. I'm not sure how it came to be myself, but, once the girl was born, both places lost power in their gates. Though I'm not really sure about everything that happened in Heaven, in Inferno, all the demon princes barriers and even my masters, became weaker. The barriers were made to keep non superior demons away from earth. As I'm sure you know, back in the past, hundreds upon hundreds of years ago, demons use to scatter around the human world, murdering and haunting humans. However, once the barriers were set up, they started being rare to see on earth. However, about sixteen years ago, I'm sure even you were informed that the number of demons showing their faces in this realm have increased. Look at what happened the other day. That was no attack on the girl, for when demons do go to attack her, they usually try to go just for her before they meet me. However, those demons were going for whoever they could get there hands on. Usually, demons would go for her because most think she is an abomination. Some actually want the gates at full power again. Others want the prize that's on her head. Though I can assure you that
she's safe to be left alone. Trust me." Pointing at the stone in the womans hand, Cerbin finally dropped his stoic gaze and smiled slightly. "That stone is what they follow after, not her. All demons can sense it. However, because her power is small for the moment, she isn't noticed by most demons." The man thought back to when he had seen Bavol talking to the girl. He was right in thinking that she couldn't feel the girls power for what it really was. Otherwise, why wouldn't she attack her? "So, to answer all your questions again, Inferno is a bad place for her, becuase demons want her dead. The angel's think of her as an abomination, and the humans. Well they seem to get along with her. Making this the best place for her to be in my opinion. As long as I keep the stone, they'll come at me for the time being, and I expect when it's time to give it to her, we wont need to be here anymore." Cerbin's smile faded and his gaze went a little sour at the thought. It was true the girl would probably go back to Inferno with her father, but, could he also go back? It was a question he had on his mind ever since the day that he left.

Where..am..I? resonated the first thought of the day within Aura's head, her crimson orbs, groggily, taking in her surroundings. Confusion settled as those vermilion hues trained themselves on the plastered ceiling, her mind racing to piece together the events that led to this moment. A slight frown etched its way onto her rosebud mouth as flashback after flashback appeared, the encasing pillowed futon suddenly fading away. That's right.... I was......then that... Consumed by the memories, the Tamer's gaze took on a glossy quality, any and all attention long gone. In fact, it wasn't until a sparrow flitted past the window, it's shadow creating a break in the filtering afternoon sun, that Aura made the move to get up. Pulling her upper body into a sitting position, the girl only flinched slightly at the tenderness, any signs of the sharp pain erased. Running a hand over her scalp, a vain attempt to calm her snowy-golden mess, a small huff escaped its confines in discontent.

Lazily shuffling through the stretched hallways, her sock hidden feet barely making a sound, Aura's orbs flickered into every open room in hopes of spying another soul. Raising a hand to prevent a yawn, the girl took a momentary pause of disgust as she noticed how grubby her uniform was, dirt and blood evident on the cloth. "How disgusting.. I wonder if Ms. Shosuke has something I can change into..? I really hope she does.." mused out her ramblings, her sleep deprived state inducing such madmen behavior. However, her voice was stifled as other sounds drifted from a room further down the hall, her eyes immediately narrowing in wary curiousity. Cautiously approaching the cracked screen, that narrowed gaze widen just slightly spying her teacher and another staff member together around a table, their eyes holding severity. Ducking out of view, Aura came to standstill on the other side of the wall, absentmindedly chewing on her lower lip. I..I really shouldn't be here... it sounds important.. And spying like this-! It's... was her inner turmoil, her intrigue beginning to outweigh the morality of what she was doing. Stop it-! Everyone has secrets.. leave them be. Exhaling a heavy sigh, the Tamer was about to trudge back upstairs when the whisper of her name appeared, that intrigue flaring.

Heartbeat faltering, the snowy-crowned girl felt her blood turn to ice as each tidbit of news burrowed into her memory, each one driving deeper and deeper. Drawing in a shaky breath, eyes wide, a tremble began to rack her hands, only a single thought echoing. I'm..not...human... Satan is my..father? That means.. I'm.. In response, Aura's chin began to quiver and a wave of sickness washed over her. Feeling her knees give out, the Tamer slumped to the floor in a ruckus, gazing drifting off with a mocking voice whsipering I knew it..

Ryuu listened with interest, her hand againgst her chin as she began to think on the many outcomes that could ensue if anyone found out about Aura. "They did inform me, but never explained why. Now I wonder what other secrets they've kept to themselves. I'm sure they figured out what may have happened." thinking on it more, Ryuu continued, " That may not be a good idea, to keep it to yourself Cerbin, considering we crossed paths with others like you they may have been able to put two-to-two together and may be informing their superios as we speak. I know you don't want her to have any part of it, but as I said before, she will need to prepare herself if the day ever comes where she will need that power." Ryuu let her words sink in, resuming her pacing of the room.

Scratching the back of her head, Ryuu sighed. God, I'm going to get grey hairs before 60 Rubbing the bridge of her nose, Ryuu spoke, " We'll have to discuss this later-" suddenly a loud ruckus could be heard just outside the room. Turning quickly Ryuu rushed to the screen door and slide it open with a loud snap. A look of anger flashed across her face, thinking Julius had come to eavesdrop but the person who sat there was the last person she wanted there. "Damn." stepping to the side so Cerbin could see who it was Ryuu frowned. "How long have you been there Aurorali?" Using the girls fullname seemed to hint towards the seriousness of the situation. Turning to Cerbin she shrugged her shoulders, " Cerbin I leave you to this, I need to check on my students." she gave him an apologetic look but she really did. Ryuu couldn't exactly leave Julius the way he was at this point.

Hearing the noise and sniffing the air a little, Cerbin's brows fowned a little, displeased by what he had smelled. It seemed while he wasn't thinking the who he had tried to keep in the dark about the whole matter was just outside the door. He followed Ryuu and saw her dropped on the floor looking as if she had seen a ghost. He didn't expect the red headed woman to shove past her view. It was more expected of her to try to talk to the girl, but once hearing her words, Cerbin realized that task had belonged to him. Which was as it should of been he thought. "Okay," Cerbin nodded to the womans words, "but, make sure you aquaint yourself with our newest student." It wasn't as if he had cared, but the demon didn't think that introductions should have been held back long for the boy. It was him who brought the kid there afterall. Looking down at the girl, Cerbin took a few steps forward then crouched down on the balls of his feet to get closer to eye level with her. "Is it shocking," he asked, staring at her with no feeling. "I always wondered, from the day you were a baby, how much of a shock it'd be for you to be told that you were the daughter of Satan. Not only that, but you're also the daughter of a seraphin." Cerbin gave the girl time to absorb all of the information that she had been delivered. With a heavy sigh, he once again spoke. "You should relax. I know it's a lot to take in, but, since you know earlier than when was expected, you don't have to take it all in now. I'll give you till the end of the weekend. After that, I suppose the red haired one will have you train hard for what might be to come. As for me... well... until told otherwise, I'll still just be your teacher. If you ever want to come to me for anything I'll always be there. However, you should know, one day, you will be asked to leave this place."

Standing up, Cerbin threw a peice of candy in his mouth, lowly grunting at the fact that it was his last piece. Though, it probably wasn't only the candy that caused the grunt. For now that the girl knew a good bit about what she was, he had to wonder, would she accept it? Sure, Cerbin could lead her on the path that her father had wanted for her, but if she had decided to stray from it, could he make her do what was told. All these questions piled up into his head. It was also a question of what her father truly wanted for her. Though, it wasn't his place to question anything. No. It was only his place to complete the orders given to him. He once again looked down at the girl and stuck out his hand. "You should get up. I'll see if the woman outside has any more need for you. Otherwise, I'd advise you let me take you back to the campus so you can go home and change." Malice came from around Cerbin, nudging against his leg, only to dissapear in his shadow.

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Cuthbert Baltair

“I see we have to work on loosening you up a bit. You act like a younger version of me sometimes. Heh… Though, that might not be a bad thing when it comes to this woman. Keep minding your P's and Q's.”

Cuthbert listened closely as the teacher spoke, making a mental note of all that he said and especially in regards to the other teacher, he assumed, who approached the pair at that moment. She didn’t seemed best pleased and immediately the boy kept silent as the two adults briefly conversed with one another. A moment or so afterwards, he watched as the woman retreated to another student that he had caught a glimpse of momentarily earlier, seemingly saying something to the other boy, before taking her leave and rejoining Cerbin elsewhere out of the youths hearing range.

“Julius King, Summoner... am I right in guessing he's going to be part of the team?”

Cuthbert turned round and faced the boy. ”Cuthbert Baltair, Knight.” He replied quickly without really thinking, as he stared at the other youth curiously. So he's a summoner? Interesting. Having not really met a summoner until this moment it was certainly something to take an interest in, especially if he was going to be required to work alongside the boy in the future. ”This team that you speak of? I haven’t heard of it,” He commented, briefly pondering more on the thought of becoming a team with other students, ”Though, given if my skills are proven strong enough, I may indeed be part of this… team of yours. Though I am only here because I missed the exam, having arrived only this morning. I‘m a little behind everyone else.”

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Ryuu Shosuke

After closing the door behind her, Ryuu stood with her back leaning against the door and her hand against the side of her ribs. “Tsk, it still hurts.” she hissed quietly to herself. Taking a deep breathe Ryuu released it, moving her hands through her hair and brushing any dirt off her clothing, not that there would be any. Rubbing her arms, Ryuu took a different route to reach her destination. It would take her a couple extra minutes but Ryuu wanted to get her thoughts under control before she faced her newest student.

As she thought more and more about what she and Cerbin had just been discussing, Ryuu took slower and smaller steps until she eventually stopped in her tracks completely. No one must know of this development, not even the others. She thought referring to Aura’s classmates. Thankfully, well not that she should be thankful, the others were able to pass the Exame despite there being quite a few complications. In the end it worked out for the best she assumed. Now Ryuu could focus on Aura without it seeming odd since she now only had three other students to worry about. Although Evangaline will require a bit more effort on her part since she wasn’t an expert as an Aria. Scratching the back of her head Ryuu figured she’d have to study up on the Aria business if she were to help the young girl in her training. The red head was thankful in finally having a Knight in training, someone she knew she could really push to be his best. Most Tamers were like Julius thinking they only had to rely on their summons for protection, but in truth most summons rebelled and were often weak when a Tamer thought like that. Tamers require not only a strong will but also a strong body to uphold that will. Ryuu already knew Aura was alright in that department but Julius she’d have to work on a bit more. Realizing she had stopped Ryuu continued on walking making sure her emotions were in check so that she could deal with Julius and his attitude, Unless of course he's calmed down, she thought to herself.

Ryuu came up behind the two young men, folding her arms she seemed to glare at the back of their heads before speaking. "So I take it you're my new student?" asking the young man before her. Setting her jaw she waited for him to question her being his teacher as that was how it went most of the time. Few people could wrap their head around such a young person, and a woman at that, being a teacher especially since her area of expertise was as a Knight.

Cuthbert Baltair

For the past few minutes Cuthbert stood idly and eyed-up the scenery surrounding him. He had to admit it was a very nice place and he was a little curious to learn more of the area, but now was not the time. The woman that lived here must’ve put a lot of effort into maintaining such a place. In a way Cuthbert almost envied her a little, though despite how pretty the place was he still preferred, and very much missed to a degree, his own little home elsewhere with his family. I wonder what everyone else is doing whilst I’m gone. He thought, sighing quietly as he wondered where the teachers had gone.

”So I take it you’re my new student?”

Turning round somewhat uneasily Cuthbert quickly set his eyes upon the barer of the voice that spoke from behind him suddenly, soon recognizing the red haired female and realizing that it was the woman who he had seen earlier before, though only briefly. ”Ah… yes ma’am.” He answered softly, taking a moment or two to acknowledge what the older woman had said to him before continuing, ”My name is Cuthbert Baltair and I am a knight in training.” Having now properly met the woman, or at the very least being able to fully study the female from a closer encounter, the boy glanced over the woman with an inquisitive look. He could only assume that the red head was his teacher since there was no other reason for their meeting, and the woman had already addressed the youth as her student. It made sense. ”So you are my teacher?” He questioned and tilted his head slightly to the side. ”I was told of an exam I may need to undertake, is that true? Since I was brought to your home I can only assume that means you are my teacher, Miss.”

She seems pretty tough, if not a little scary too. I wonder what she specializes in... she seems quite skilled on looks alone. He thought to himself as his gaze remained focused on the woman. I better keep on her good side. That was what Cerbin said, was it not? Reaching behind him, the boy grabbed hold and brought forth his claymore that he brought along with him, before carefully setting the weapon to the ground beside his foot. ”I came prepared for whatever you decide to do, Miss.” Offering a smile, he glanced over to the other boy that stood beside him, before returning his stare to the woman.


Julius stared with a more-than-slightly bored look at the exchange between Ryuu and the new guy...Cuthbert. The idea of the Knight having missed the exam was more than a little offputting, after all if the guy hadn't been through that could he really trust him to hold the line? However under the current circumstance, he knew better than to voice his concerns...Ryuu wouldn't be doing this just because he missed the exam so something had to be special about Cuthbert. On a certain level, Julius also found himself feeling a tinge of jealousy since it looked like Cuthbert was getting something that could be mistaken as a warm reception from the devil of a teacher. At Cuthbert's statement of confidence, Julius found himself bent over with geniuine and unmuted laughter.

"Ready...you're kidding right? The devil himself takes notes on cruelty from this woman." His laughter kept the message just barely comprehendable, needless to say he was expecting a show. However, for the benefit of his fellow student he forced his laughing to stop. "Seriously, I'm a Summoner- y'know magic and she still found a way to near kill me with nothing more than a bucket of water. Hint: she didn't stick my head in it either. Bert- or would you prefer Cutty? Either way, if she's testing you instead of the standard practical I'd advise you start praying to whatever god you worship and have your will written up. No joke: I'd rather deal with a second open portal, I can at least outrun those monsters."

Even Julius felt he was being a bit of a child and slightly throwing a tantrum here. He knew that Ryuu wasn't out to kill her students, regardless of how harsh she got. But he still didn't want to risk Cuthbert underestimating his current situation with Ryuu in charge of his future.

”Ah… yes ma’am.” The softness in which he spoke gave Ryuu the idea that he too was soft. Already Ryuu was wondering if he’d even be a good student or whether he got the wrong teacher. Placing a hand on her hip Ryuu looked him over just as was doing to her, ”My name is Cuthbert Baltair and I am a knight in training.” Ryuu walked around him but then paused, “I can see that Cuthbert.” her tone already held a dangerous note to it. “So you missed the exam huh? I think I would have liked to see you in action, a Knight is never prepared when the time comes. Training with a human opponent is a lot different than dealing with the real thing, isn’t that right Julius.” looking over at her other student.

A brief look of surprise flashed across her features before she quelled them, instead Ryuu felt a bit of respect towards Cuthbert. Well that’s a first, most of them gawk when it’s obvious I’m the teacher. The corners of her lips twitched upwards, fighting to form a smile. Seeing him reach for something behind him, Ryuu had just realized he was carrying his sword with him. Upon closer inspection it became fact that what he held was a claymore. Hearing those words of preparation, Ryuu couldn’t help but smile although it was an odd smile. “I see, so you say you’re prepared huh?” The smile on Cuthberts face didn’t help but fuel her desire to test him.

That was when Julius decided now was a good time to burst into laughter. Frowning Ryuu folded her arms across her chest in annoyance. Instead of denying Julius’s claims Ryuu actually agreed to them, “I guess I did push you a bit too hard. Should I have not assumed you could do something so simple.” Raising a brow in his direction Ryuu’s tone of voice became teasing when she said simple, it was her way of getting back at him. “Mind if I see this?” pointing to Cuthberts claymore.

Cuthbert stood seemingly calm as he quietly watched as the red head began to slowly circle around his still frame, to which the boy was unable to suppress the slight unnerving notion that he felt at that moment, and all the while trying to stand with some confidence to his form. ”So you missed the exam huh? I think I would have liked to see you in action, a Knight is never prepared when the time comes. Training with a human opponent is a lot different than dealing with the real thing…” The latter of her words passed through the boys mind as he pondered silently, until shaking his head a little afterwards. ”I am fully aware of that, Miss.” He added and turned to face the woman that stood behind him. Cuthbert continued to study the woman, feeling somewhat intrigued by the facial gestures that she presented over the course of the passing moments towards him. ”I see, so you say you’re prepared huh?” He merely offered a nod in response. ”Indeed I am, very.” Cuthbert spared a moment and dragged his stare away from the red head, allowing his eyes to settle onto the figure of other boy beside him who was now laughing, rather lively, to which Cuthbert gave a rather curious gaze.

”Ready… you’re kidding right? The devil himself takes notes on cruelty from this woman.”[b] Cuthbert chuckled ever so slightly to the boys comment, surely the woman wasn’t all that bad? Right? A strong teacher does makes for a strong student, after all. I expect nothing less. He continued to listen as the youth continued, his laugher equally as loud as to when he originally began. [b]“Seriously, I’m a Summoner- y’know magic and she still found a way to near kill me with nothing more than a bucket of water…” Cuthbert chuckled again Must’ve been one hell of a bucket. He amused quietly with a small smirk emerging on his features. ”Bert is fine.” He piped up softly when the opportunity arose and continued, ”I thank you for your concern. I do appreciate you advising me before I go head first into anything but rest assured I am fully aware of what I am getting into.” His words were directed at Julian and the woman, as he felt that both of them were equally doubtful of his capabilities. ”I was sent here to be trained as a Knight and that is just what I will do. I plan to slay monsters - not run away from them. Is that not the point?”

”Mind if I see this?” His focus was broken at that moment and his attention swiftly resettled onto the woman next to him. Glancing down towards his claymore the boy gave a confirming nod before holding the blade up towards the teacher. ”Of course, Miss.” Once the woman had taken the weapon the boy returned his gaze onto Julian. ”It sounds like you‘ve been through quite a bit already at this Academy… I can only imagine what my time will be like here.” In an odd sort of way the boy seemed to express a sense of eagerness towards whatever challenges lay ahead of him. However, whether he’d be up to the task was yet to be seen. Shifting his stare once more, he looked up to the woman whilst forming a smile to his lips as he continued, ”I keenly await to see what you come up with to challenge me, Miss. I hope it‘s as equally as challenging as Julian’s was.”

"Not Julian, it's Julius" Julius found himself huffing in reply to Cuthbert's show of enthusiasm. He settled with merely throwing Ryuu a dirty look for her rebuttal to his exposition. He wasn't foolhardy enough to try calling her own without any energy and in front of another student.

"Don't worry, you didn't miss much- just my last Knight getting killed in our basic practical and a demon gate opening up in what otherwise should have been a relatively controlled setting. Beyond that, it's like any other boring school really right down to the stupid little clicks and factions. Granted I doubt most schools have a "pro-Demon" and "Pro-Angel" faction, but that's besides the point." Julius shrugged with that comment before turning to walk off, he was tired and more than a little angry. Truthfully even he thought it better to slink off before losing his temper again.

Ryuu took the claymore in her hands, turning it this way and that as she inspected it. Glancing back at her students as they continued to talk between themselves, she caught Julius’s dirty look and couldn’t help but scowl in his direction. Still inspecting the claymore her eyes narrowed at the mention of Pro-Angel and Pro-Demon. Looking over at Julius, Ryuu couldn’t help but wonder where it was he had gotten those terms from. I’ll have to ask him about that later. she thought while giving him a suspicious look. The young woman was well aware of what those two factions meant and the fact that they were known at the school was disheartening. Suddenly an idea formed in her mind and she wondered if she could pull it off or if it would just end in failure.

Taking a few swings with the claymore, it was different than a katana or any of the swords she had dealt with in the past but it would suffice. With her back to Julius and Cuthbert it seemed unlikely she could have moved as fast as she did. In almost an instant Ryuu swung the claymore at Cuthberts head, aiming for his neck but stopped before it could do any serious damage. The blade did draw a drop of blood but nothing more than that so Cuthbert wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Holding the claymore outwards Ryuu turned her body slightly so that her right side was facing Cuthbert. “Actually Julius, I’d rather you not leave, at least not yet any way. I’m still trying to come up with something for you to do so just wait there until your energy comes back.” Staring directly at Cuthbert she then addressed him, “As for you, to challenge you with something of that difficulty would be a disgrace to your name. I want to witness your swordsmanship first hand so why don’t we have a little friendly sparring match?” Lowering her sword arm, Ryuu handed Cuthbert his claymore by the handle, her lips quavering as they resisted the urge to smile. "Oh and we'll be using our preferred weapons so don't be surprised if you receive a few nicks similar to the one i just gave you."

”Not Julian, it’s Julius.” Cuthbert took a moment to realize his mistake before correcting himself. ”My apologies, Julius.”

He continued to listen as the other boy spoke, absorbing the information gradually as he took mental notes here and there. At least, until something in particular struck in his mind just then. ”Your last Knight died?” Though his voice retained it’s casual calmness the evident shock he felt could not be sheltered from his features that took on a somewhat sudden surprised look at that moment. I knew it was a possibility… but still it’s disturbing to here such a thing. Especially a Knight’s death. He tried to shake away the unsettling realization and refocus his thoughts on the matter at hand. However, his lack of attention didn’t go unnoticed as he soon felt the tip of a blade at his neck, his eyes scrambling to redirect their focus onto the woman who held his claymore, aiming the weapon and just missing his head altogether. He could feel the slightest drop of his own blood trickling down his neck, although by no means endangering him in anyway the action itself unnerved the boy further as he realized his predicament.

The woman shifted her position before addressing him directly. As for you, to challenge you with something of that difficulty would be a disgrace to your name. I want to witness your swordsmanship first hand so why don’t we have a little friendly sparring match?” At first Cuthbert didn’t know how to retaliate, he merely stood frozen on the spot as the blade kept it’s point to his neck. ”Oh and we’ll be using our preferred weapons so don’t be surprised if you receive a few nicks similar to the one I just gave you.” As the red head handed back his claymore the boy grasped tightly at the handle and wielded the blade in front of him in a defensive stance.

”I understand. A spar would make sense... so I see no reason to object.” He replied with a quiet sigh. For a moment, he looked over to Julius and briefly wondered if the teacher was truly as bad as the boy had suggested. I hope he was slightly exaggerating… surely he was? Staring back towards the woman, Cuthbert cautiously took a few steps backward and prepared himself for whatever the teacher would throw at him. ”This is just a friendly spar, yes?” He questioned, only to ensure he was right in believing it was indeed, a friendly spar. I wonder what blade she’ll use? Moving over, he walked away from the two figures and stood in a more open part of the area, before gripping hard with both hands and giving the claymore a few swings to either side of him to properly gain control over the blade. Parting his legs a bit, ensuring he had a solid footing to the ground, the boy stared directly at the woman and watched with keen curiosity, before settling into a defensive pose once more. ”I'm ready when you are, Miss.”

"Ugh, woman you just love having me wait on you hand and foot don't you?" Julius gave a show of exagerated frustration but still stayed put to watch the coming brawl. However, Cuthbert's question about a friendly spar made him smirk just one more time. "Only thing friendly about this match is she won't kill you during the fun; you're better off trying to kill her if you want to make a good impression, I swear that's the only reason she puts up with me."

In truth, during his initial meeting with Ryuu, Julius had done nothing of the sort...the test had really only been a glorified form of showing off his first contract. However, he did lose his patience and caused a scene that resulted in more than a little disciplinary action being required. It just so happened that Ryuu ended up being the one to put down Aja at that time. He inwardly cursed, Ryuu was probably going to get after him for his little slip of the tongue on school factions...something which officially speaking shouldn't exist. That didn't mean Julius was extra privvy to secret information, he was just among the minority of students that were willing at least recognize that the issue existed.

Ryuu liked the expression he showed her, "Of course" she replied in a tone that suggested otherwise. It wouldn't be a misinterpretation of her intentions if her two students assumed she was only doing this for the fun of it. Cuthbert did a few practice swings with his claymore before taking up a defensive pose. "So defense it is, where's the fun in that?" teasing the boy. Ryuu would have preferred taking the defensive to see how well he'd do trying to break her defense but it seemed she'd first have to test out his own defense.

Nodding her aknowlegdement, Ryuu bit the skin on her thumb and formed a quick seal on the ground. “Come forth oh Demon Blade. Slash the evil before you with the darkest of blades” A brief flash of light and Ryuu was standing with a large Demon Blade in her hands. The air seemed to buzz with heat as it radiated from the darker than black blade. "Calm down a bit, I don't want you ruining such a good claymore." she said to no one in particular. With that single request the heat waves ceased to be existant. Raising her swordarm she pointed the tip towards Cuthbert, "Julius I can't say I trust your judgment but I'll give you the task of being our referee. If you think the match should end then give the word and we'll stop." Glancing in his direction, Ryuu lowered her swordarm uttering the two words just loud enough for Cuthbert to hear if he was listening. "Let's begin."

Shuffling forwards in quick steps, the older Knight covered the distance between the both of them quickly. The moment she reached him Ryuu brought her sword down. It wasn't a very strong strike nor was it very fast. It was more of a test to see how well his defense would hold up and if he would be able to adjust himself quickly and adequately enough. Next Ryuu swung her sword aiming for his abdomen before suddenly striking upwards.

”Come forth oh Demon Blade. Slash the evil before you with the darkest of blades.” As the woman spoke, Cuthbert couldn’t help but look to the female with a curious stare, raising an eyebrow in doing so as he felt both eager yet anxious towards the blade in which she would bring forth. In regards to the type of blade, though, a demon blade to be exact, had the young boy slightly fearful towards the spar in which he would go against the teacher. I’ve never actually seen a demon blade before… and I didn’t think a teacher would have one either. Is that allowed? He pondered briefly for a moment till his eyes fell onto the dark weapon that the red head wielded in her hand. Eyeing it up carefully, he began to feel quite nervous. A few moments after Julius was appointed as referee and slowly Cuthbert shot the boy a short glance. If it looks as if she is about to kill me I trust him to stop the match, I hope. He returned his attention back onto the woman. ”Let’s begin.”

Offering a nod in response he gripped even harder on his sword and merely watched as the woman made quick work of the distance between the pair, and soon enough, before he even realized, Cuthbert was met by the older Knight who, with a powerful motion, struck her sword down upon him. Immediately, in moment of panic if nothing else, the youth swung upwards in a bid to stave off the oncoming attack. However, he was a little caught off guard as she brought her sword round once more, before suddenly striking upwards, as the tip of the blade nipped the side of his face and drew a few drops of blood. Feeling uneasy he stumbled backwards a little, landing hard on one knee as he steadied himself.

Glancing upwards just then, he swung round his claymore and forced his body upright once more as he got to his feet. Breathing heavily, the boy heaved his blade upward before lunging forward towards the red head, partly stumbling as he did so, as he grew closer to the female. With a forceful swing of his blade the boy aimed for the woman directly, perhaps believing himself capable of actually landing an assault on the woman, though his aim was slightly misaimed, and the blade glided off to the side and narrowly missed her figure entirely. Biting his lower lip, Cuthbert spun round on his heel and, in doing so, heaved his claymore along with him as he attempted another strike. Aiming for her legs, he swung the blade, though nearly lost the balance of his own as his attention was solely fixed on the attack at that moment.

From the looks of it, Cuthbert had been caught of guard earning him a hard look. Ryuu wondered if challenging him to a sparring match was the best course of action when her blade drew blood. The red head had hoped he'd be more attentive since he already had his own blade. He said he was prepared for what she would do to him but Ryuu was beginning to doubt his words. The doubt grew heavy with how he dealt with the surprise. Taking note of his stumble and falling to one knee, she knew strength would be something he'd have to work on in the future.

She liked the way he got back up, that last time she had done what she just did. The student asked to stop the session to do something different. Cuthbert lunged forwards, stumbling in his determination to land a strike. His swing was heavy but it was misguided. In seeing that Ryuu shifted her feet so she added a little distance between the two. With the proper aim, had he not missed would have forced Ryuu to get into an awkward position. But it missed so she needn't worry to much about it.

Turning to face him as she added the distance, Cuthbert spun on his heel and practically threw himself at her although his blade was what guided him. She could tell his balance was off, so making a quick decision Ryuu brought her blade down risking an injury to her wrist as she managed to get her own blade underneath his. With effort she swung upwards forcing Cuthberts swords to follow the movement. Ducking under his sword Ryuu spun on her heel as he just did but made sure her sword was still beneath his own. Using her free arm, Ryuu lightly jabbed him in the back with her elbow, just enough to push him forwards and let his lack of balance do the rest. In completing that action, Ryuu drew her sword back towards her and pointed the tip in his direction waiting for his next move. "You shouldn't throw yourself at an opponent, otherwise they use your misplaced balance to their advantage as I did. Now come but think about your next move." Giving him that little bit of advice would help him in the long run but he looked to be a diligent student so hopefully he learned quick.

With a jab to the back, Cuthbert suddenly felt his body shifting forward, and with little restraint, his entire frame fell swiftly to the ground with a hard thud. He winced a little, merely out of annoyance on his behalf, before scrambling to his knees and placing both hands to the ground, before pushing himself upwards once again. Though his movements were a tad more slower than the last time, suggesting the youth was growing somewhat tired, though not completely. He could still take a few knocks, he assumed, by the way the match was going. As he got to his feet, yet again, Cuthbert grabbed his blade whilst doing so, and wielding the sword in front of him. It was only then did he realize the teacher held her weapon, pointing the blade in his direction as the red head awaited his next move. [b]”You shouldn’t throw yourself at an opponent, otherwise they use your misplaced balance to their advantage as I did. Now come but think about your next move.”[b] Cuthbert was a little surprised by the advice given to him, though he listened keenly regardless, and thought carefully over the older Knight’s words. Giving an acknowledging nod, he readied his blade once more. ”I think I understand what you mean.” He said, surprisingly calmly, if not a little out of breath.

Moving forward, he took short, quick paced steps towards the woman, remembering to be mindful of his actions when near the teacher. She was unpredictable at times, or perhaps Cuthbert just lacked a degree of experience needed, either way, she was certainly a challenge for the boy. Shifting positions at that moment, the youth spun on his heel again, suddenly, as he swung his sword along with him to meet the woman’s blade with a loud clatter, as the blades clashed with one another. Initially, he aimed for her stomach, and with enough strength placed within his swing, he continued to apply a degree of pressure to his blade as he tried to break her defence. However, the woman's defence was strong, and the boy knew this. With his feet firmly placed on the ground, the boy seemed sturdy enough to maintain his upright stance, and for once, perhaps, not fall over.

Cuthbert seemed surprised by her words of advice, which irked her if only a little bit. From the way he moved, Cuthbert must be getting a bit tired and from his words even a little out of breathe. The younger boy then took quick steps forwards and then spun on his heel. Tensing, Ryuu’s eyes followed his movements shifting positions to best prepare for his incoming attack. Although he swung his sword along with himself at her, it was more controlled but it was strong.

Their blades clashed and Ryuu couldn’t help but allow a brief expression of joy dance across her face. The idea of this old side of her resurfacing at this particular moment didn’t sit well with her. She pushed back against his blade, testing his strength and apparent firm footing on the ground. Good, he’s learning. With a smirk, Ryuu suddenly let up the pressure behind her defense. From a distance many would wonder how Ryuu’s katana, although larger than most, could hold up against Cuthbert’s claymore. Without the pressure behind her sword, Cuthbert would have no other direction than to go forwards unless he managed to withhold his own strength from his attack.

Ryuu quickly stepped to the side and out of his range, least he manage to regain his balance and continue on with his attack. After a moment, Ryuu rushed forwards and swung her sword diagonally.

"Let's call the match right here, shall we?" Julius made his anouncement in regards to the match as Ryuu made her diagonal slash. His tone was closer to that of spectator than of an actual judge, however his utter lack of any knowledge concerning swords and their skills made him a poor candidate from the start. However, he'd been around Ryuu enough to have a general idea by tracking her expressions. When he saw the smirk, that was signal enough for him to recognize that the woman had gotten what she wanted from the little match. After seeing a fight with demons in person, Julius had to say that Cuthbert did about as well as he could expect in the match that had just happened. But Julius noticed something during the fight that he had to confirm.

"Question: Why is it I've never actually been able to trace the arc of a Knight's blade until today? Before the exam I'd have seen just flashes and maybe an arm, but just now everything seemed...slow. I didn't notice at the time, but just how fast are demons?"

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Ryuu Shosuke

Right as her sword was about to connect with Cuthberts defense or body, Julius called for the match to end. Ryuu barely had time to change her hold on her sword so the flat of the blade would be what struck Cuthbert. The flat of the blade slammed Cuthberts shoulder, and she could feel the blunt hit ring up the blade towards her hands. Bring Chokesku back quickly Ryuu resealed the Demon Sword with proficiency that only hinted towards the idea of her having done this many times before. Keeping her attention on Cuthbert she clasped his good shoulder, “I didn’t hurt you too much did I?” her concern was somewhat out of place since she normally didn’t act in such a way towards her students.

Hearing Julius’s question, Ryuu tilted her head slightly as she thought of how to answer the question. His question was surprising accurate, the red head hadn’t really expected him to take notice of such a thing. Most people didn’t notice it, especially those who weren’t suited for direct combat. A Knight on the other hand was taught how to notice these things, as well as how to counter against them in the possibility they go up against a demon. However thinking back to her heritage, the idea of having to answer the question since it hit so close to home made her frown just the slightest. Turning to face Julius she answered his question slowly and carefully. “I’m actually surprised you noticed most people outside of the Knights faction are aware of these changes.” Reaching back Ryuu pulled her hair back, tying it up to keep out of the way.

“I guess we did move a bit slower. Demons in general are very fast. Compared to a normal person, it’d be like facing you against the fastest man alive. However that is when it’s a normal Lesser Demon. Generally each one is different but there will be some that are built for speed while others are not. On the other hand, there are those Demons who are Superior in that not only do they look human but they are, as their name suggests, stronger and faster than the average human. It’d be like comparing a human to a cheetah in some ways. “ Realizing she spoke quite a bit, giving Julius a bit too much information, Ryuu shook her head. “Did that answer your question?”

Rubbing the back of her neck, Ryuu sighed wondering just what she would do with them. Nodding her head as if agreeing to something to looked back to Cuthbert. “Um why don’t you go back to the main building, it’d be best to patch up your wounds. Finding what you need shouldn’t be too difficult and if you happen to see Cerbin just let him know that I’d like to speak to him later.” Knowing the layout of her home, she knew Cuthbert was bound to come across Cerbin and Aura. Thinking about what they had discussed earlier, she was curious about what he was telling her right about now. Looking up to the sky, Ryuu realized the sun was high above them readying itself to sink to the ground as the day went on. It’s this late already?

Looking around the courtyard her read eyes glanced over the spilled buckets of water then at the piece of wood that she had thrown at Cerbin and Cuthbert earlier until those red orbs finally settled on Julius. From the looks of it he didn’t seem too tired but since it was already midday it would be bets that they get something to eat. “Well it’s already late, let’s say we take a break for the time being and get something to eat.” Not waiting for an answer from her student Ryuu led the way back to the main building. They eventually caught up with Cuthbert and Ryuu showed him where the medical supplies were. Letting the young Knight get what he needed, Ryuu left the two of them where they were while she prepared a meal for them. It took her a little while longer than it would have normally since she was making food not only for herself but four others if Cerbin and Aura were still there.

An Hour Later

Checking up on the boys, Ryuu was cleaning her hands when she slide the door open to see what it was they were doing. “The foods ready so go eat.” motioning to the room behind her. With the door to it now open, the aroma of good food filled the rooms. For a moment Ryuu remembered the times when she would make meals for her younger brother. A sad expression briefly found its place on her face but it soon disappeared. Ryuu then went in search of Cerbin and Aura, if they were still here she’d inform them that there was food to eat, if not then she would simply have to store their portions away for later meals. Waking back to where the food was, Ryuu put away the towel she had been using and sat down with the other two before serving herself. The meal was simple but it was enough to fill their stomachs.

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Julius could only nod numbly at Ryuu's explanation in regards to how a demon compared to a human physically. That said, the very fact it even registered to a magical purist like himself was something even harder to wrap his head around. After all he wasn't exactly the fighting type so where'd the amazing adaptation come from? He quickly shrugged off the line of thought, he'd just have to accept his own good fortune.

"You see why I mean by saying she's intense?" Julius' question was more addressed at Cuthbert than intended as a matter of discussion. In fact, he didn't even bother waiting for an answer for said question. Actually if he thought about, Julius had already begun walking off before asking his question. Strangely enough, for someone who usually wanted to be the center of attention Julius found himself wanting be alone for a while.

His steps took him back to the buckets Ryuu had him training with earlier. Julius knew better than to try making the water move again. Instead, he simply sat and stared into the bucket. After all, what else had his education up until now skipped and for that matter, why hadn't he heard from anyone since he left the monastery? Julius shook his head to disperse the useless questions, and stuck his hand into the water hoping it'd distract him. It's near icy coldness helped bring some focus, and the young man began slowly circling his numbing hand in the liquid.

"If I'm wasting too much energy on a few summons, couldn't I just rework my seal to pull more?" The question wasn't something he was seriously considering, but it would be something to look into later. Eventually the smell of food, and perhaps the sound of Ryuu's voice reached him. Julius went in for dinner since he could think of nothing else to do. Upon gazing at the meal his mouth again kicked in on autopilot.

"This...suits you." Julius didn't mean an insult by his words, it's just the meal fit perfectly into the little spartan image he had of Ryuu.

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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin Hiberion

After a long moment of silence, Ryuu soon came to tell the two of them that dinner was ready. Cerbin waved his hand to acknowledge her, letting Aura go on ahead of him. While he had his time alone he closed his eyes and made a link with his brother. "Tell Azreal that his daughter now knows of her true path and preparations are being made to train her for future engagements."

The wolf sat on his perch next to Satan's corridors. Yawning he stuck his head up and looked around. "The master isn't back yet," he said. "He had matters to attend to."

"Very well," Cerbin nodded. "I'll just try the link again later."

"Whatever you want brother."

Cerbin then went on towards the area where everyone was eating. Though he didn't eat himself, he watched along as everyone else ate and chatted until he decided his presence was no longer needed. "Well i'm going now," he said as he stood up from his knelled position. "See you on Monday." He then went over to Cuthbert and said, "Stay here with the rest. Ryuu will make sure you're ready for monday." with his goodbye's he left and headed back to the academy grounds. The walk was long and lonesome, but he didn't mind. It gave him time and space to think of what his next move would be. He wondered how Azreal would react to hearing his daughter knows about him. He suspected he would be nothing more than happy. Then again, he could also be angered at the fact. Cerbin was never expecting the girl to find out so soon that she was the daughter of Satan. That bothersome teacher sped things up.

"Oh well," he sighed while sticking a piece of candy in his mouth. "I wonder. Is she really that trustworthy? What if she tries to get in the way of our plans?" He wondered if he would have to decide whether to kill her not in the nearby future. That would probably be a bothersome thing. For one, it'd mean that he would be on a hit list from the exorcist group, and if that would be the result, then why kill her. He could avoid that and still reek the same benefits. Though, he began thinking why him, a demon, would try to change his plans around sparring someones life. He was truly growing softer with everyday he spent around the humans. Would he become human if he continued on? He smirked at the thought. There was no way he'd become a human. He was destined to be forever tied to Inferno, whether he was wanted their or not.

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Even by her standards and from the ones she once been used to Ryuu was proud of her work. It didn’t always come out very well so with a barely noticeable smile she began to eat. The room was full of the aroma of the food she had cooked but the pleasantness was ruined by Julius words. Pausing the red woman glared in his direction but made no move to counter his words. Shortly after Cerbin appeared along with Aura but the pair kept to themselves. Glancing at the two of them she wondered once more as to what they had been discussing. As the group conversed with one another Cerbin eventually dismissed himself. Nodding her acknowledgement the rest of her students eventually finished their meals. Standing up she took the dishes from the table and brought them to the sink.

Thinking on her actions Ryuu chuckled to herself. I guess this does suit me. I feel like a mother cleaning up after her kids. Shaking her head Ryuu returned to where they were, “Well I think that’s about it for us today. Julius why don’t you take Cuthbert home Aura you go as well. “ Leading them back to the main courtyard the red head made sure they had all of their things. She went as far as the entryway. Reaching out for Cuthbert in hopes he’d pause long enough to hear what she had to say. “Cuthbert you’ll need to be prepared for Monday when you take your test.” With that being said Ryuu closed the large doors.

Monday Afternoon

Ryuu strode through the halls with purpose. As always her afterschool destination was the Cram School on the other side of campus. The young woman carried files in her arms each one consisted prospective students who may or may not be becoming a part of Fidel City’s exorcist program or if any will be moving districts. There weren’t many but when she thought about it her group didn’t have an Aria nor a Dragoon but the Dragoon wasn’t particularly important compared to the Aria. We’ll need to go scouting or something. Biting the tip of her thumb Ryuu strolled into the classroom where those who decided to come to Monday’s class despite it mostly being focused on Cuthbert’s exam.

Standing in the front of the room it surprised her by how empty the room had become over the weekend. Only one other group had managed to stay in the program while the rest either failed completely with no room for redemption or they simply became too fearful of what was expected of them to do and left. Shuffling the files a bit as she looked over the faces the only ones she knew were her three students, Julius, Cuthbert and Aura. In a way she was surprised that the girl showed up but Ryuu didn’t want her to get into any activities just yet in case she wasn’t well enough to perform in a way that wouldn’t attract suspicion. Cupping her chin in her hand Ryuu considered her options. Have the students not taking part in Cuthbert’s exam or let them tend to their least proficient areas of expertise. Going with the latter Ryuu cleared her throat as she walked up to Cuthbert.

Placing her hands on his desk she leaned forwards, “Cuthbert Baltair are you prepared for your exam?” The red head leaned away from him placing her hands on her hips as she regarded him with a watchful eye. “Come with me then.” Beckoning him over Ryuu left the room and brought him to one of the farther ends of the Cram School. The pair left the building through a small doorway that led them into an incredibly large courtyard. In fact it was actually somewhat difficult to tell if they were in a courtyard or possibly in the land that surrounds the campus. There were large trees that surrounded the area their branches looming over them. As they walked further in a clearing opened up and if Cuthbert was to look around more he’d notice an old building that was relatively small from where they stood. Turning to Cuthbert Ryuu stepped back as if to present the area to him. “Well this is where you shall have your exam. Your proctor will be arriving soon and he will explain to you what it is you will be doing.”

With that being said Ryuu left Cuthbert where he stood the Knight went to Cerbin who was close by. “You’ll be Cuthbert’s proctor for his exam today. I’ll leave it up to you on how you want to test him. He’s in the old courtyard towards the end of the Cram School.” Leaving Cerbin to head over to where Cuthbert was Ryuu returned to her classroom where the other students had moved to better converse with one another. Seeing that their teacher had returned many of them scurried back to their seats while Ryuu took to the podium. Holding onto to the ends of it Ryuu took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “While Mr. Baltair is taking his exam the rest of you are to practice in the areas you are least proficient in. Meaning Tamers and Arias are to try their hands at physical work while Knights are to work on their scriptures. The only reason we do this isn’t to force you to expand your work but to give you a higher chance at survival least something happens to your team members.” Pausing long enough for the murmurs to die down Ryuu continued. “You will each be going to a different teacher as it’d be difficult for me to handle the lot of you on my own. I will be taking a group of four. I will call you by name.”

Moving to stand in front of the podium Ryuu held a sheet of paper and began to read off of it. “Aurorali Thorne, Julius King, Stevenson Blaire and Beatrice Nyugen, of the four names I’ve called please step forwards. The rest of you I will assign you to your teacher.” After giving the remaining students their teacher the room was soon empty of people save for the four she had called. “Now then I will split you into groups of two Stevenson and Beatrice will be one group. The both of you passed your exam so you will be together. Julius and Aurali you will be another although you did take the exam you didn’t necessarily pass it in a way that exwires normally would but the chairmen has made an exception considering the circumstances.” The other pair went to the other side of the room while Julius and Aura stayed on the other. Of the two groups she was mostly interested in Julius and Aura as she had not watched over the other two during their exam. Going over to where her own students were Ryuu began to explain to them what it was they were to do. [color=red] “I know this isn’t something you’d normally do considering you’re Tamers but it’d be best that you learn something. I will give you one hour to run one lap around the Cram School and when you come back there will be buckets full of water you will be using. I’ll explain how it works when you come back but Julius feel free to get started even if I haven’t explained it since it’s what you did Saturday.

Ryuu then went over to the other pair and told them the same thing. By doing a lap around the Cram School, which really shouldn’t be underestimated, they’d understand what it meant to be tired and then forced to control their output when they brought out their summons. When they came back Ryuu would explained to them how the activity would work and why they were doing it. For the most part it was just a repeat of what she had Julius do the other day.

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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin Hiberion

The burn from the sun was too much for his sleepy eyes to handle. Barely managing to squint, Cerbin rolled out of his bed. He hadn't had a bed in so long he almost forgot how much more comfortable they were than a roof, or the concrete. Looking at the time, he sighed and proceeded to cleanse himself. Unlike his appearance would say, he was actually quite a clean being. Though he didn't really know a thing about ironing clothes, nor did he care enough to try. If someone didn't know better, he'd almost look like a senior in the school. "Everything seems to be safe," he said while peeping out his window. "Seems like nothing special is going to happen today. Good."

Before leaving his room, he made sure to take the rooms customary bible out of the bathroom and placed it back on the dresser where it originally belonged. He couldn't sleep with it hovering around his presence and his "shadow" growled at it the first time they entered the room. Good thing they didn't give his room a cross, or else he probably would just use the area for storage. There was no way, in Azreal's name, he was going to bother touching one of those things, even if it meant sleeping on the schools roof. He looked around the room to make sure everything was kept up to standards, in case one of the exorcist invited themselves in. "Good. This should do." Afterwards, he walked out the door and headed towards the class area.

Taking his place in an isolated area of the classroom, he simply stared at the clock, counting the seconds as they turned into minutes, ready for night to fall already. For the daytime seemed too bright to take in. There was something about. Maybe it was the peacefulness of it, or maybe that it had some kind of symbolism. Either way, he preferred the night much more than the bright light of day.

For the most part, he ignored the noises around him until Ryuu came up to him. He looked down at her with tired eyes and listened to what she had to say.

“You’ll be Cuthbert’s proctor for his exam today. I’ll leave it up to you on how you want to test him. He’s in the old courtyard towards the end of the Cram School.”

He nodded and, without a word, started walking towards the courtyard. He wondered if the boy would be able to break his current feeling of exorcist kids being weaklings. After the display of fear he saw on the old group he was examining, though he felt sorry for them, he was also left displeased.

Once at the courtyard, he through a piece of strawberry flavored gum in his mouth and walked towards the boy. "Hello there," he said in a quite tone. "Seems you made it to this part kid. If you want to quite, this is your only chance. Though I guess you wouldn't be here if you were going to quit before the entrance exam." Giving the boy the once over, Cerbin continued to speak. "You're a knight right? Then you should know that it's a knights duty to be the brawn of his team. As such, you must get used to fighting demons face to face. With that being said," he noted while his shadow began to form the shape of Malice. "You will have to last ten minutes fighting my familiar. The winning conditions are lasting long enough. The losing conditions are taking enough injuries for me to stop the battle and also you giving up. Though, I really don't want to see you give up. Do you accept?"

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Julius was slightly taken aback when Ryuu didn't jump at him like it was some form of provocation about his comment of her cooking. Of course he did give her a face in response to the glare, he wasn't going to let the chance to simply play with the woman slip by after her training. A petty form of payback if nothing else, after which he ate in silence. Mostly because he didn't want to risk saying anything more, and partly due to him trying to pick apart what went into the dish. From what his senses told him, it shouldn't be hard to replicate the taste in and of itself but improvements would be rather time consuming instead of simple tricks of skill.

" I should think a Knight would be capable of finding his way home...but I get your drift." Julius forced himself away from the table when he finished eating in response to Ryuu's request. When it came time to actually head off, he settled for a simple 'told you she was merciless' before withdrawing into his own little world for the duration...he didn't know how to handle swordsmen.


Julius was half asleep when Ryuu read off her instructions, he'd stayed up well into the morning- even skipping a couple courses before finally arriving in his current state. Partly due to the minimal results he got from the bucket exercise, and partly due to a mixture of curiosity he began looking into simple conversational summons. That is rather than binding a demon under his control, he wanted to see about having a proper conversation with a demon. It might help his research, or if good enough bait was used he might be willing to strike a bargain... but that remained only in the far flung realm of possibilities. He did however pale when he registered Ryuu's instructions...the Tamers were to run laps and THEN work with the bucket?! Julius made a mental note to deliberately take as long as possible in the run...he wasn't about to let his peers get a view of his lousy control.

"Sorry guys, running isn't my thing...no need to wait up okay." It was a piss poor attempt of a dodge, but Julius didn't have the mental faculties for much better at the moment

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Four days previous...

He looked at Cerbin in silence, slowly putting his hand on his shoulder, looking right into his eyes with his strangely snake like hues, the slits looks like thin lines at this moment. It seemed he was running on adrenaline alone and it was fading, much like his consciousness. He slowly took his hand away. It left a red hand print on his shoulder, but he didn't take the shirt but spoke instead. ''I won't be needing it where I will be going... Thank you, none the less for your generosity but I can not accept it.'' He looked at Ryuu. Using his good arm to not only cover his maimed forearm that showed his bone, remaining muscle and tendons but also his mid-section that was currently a gaping hole. ''I will be fine, Ryuu...''

He turned away, using the remaining of his strength to pull himself onto the bus. Too bad his hand could not reach around to his back to hide the obvious hole in his mid-section. It seemed his back was the point of entry. From where his black leather armoured attire bent inward into the wound, which was the size of a large fist, it bled slowly. It was unnatural that his blood flow was slower considering the damage, in fact he should not be standing... alive was another thing entirely. Yet he was, for the time being... He slumped over onto the long row of seats at the back of the bus, his consciousness fading, understandably. Blood quickly seeped into seats and slowly began to drip down onto the hard floor of the bus walk way, gruesome sight for young teenagers to behold.

He felt awful, not for himself, of course he was in agony, keeping himself from sounding it out, only wheezy breaths escaping. But he felt back in another way, emotionally he felt he was causing his friend - Eva, Evangline DeCaprio - upset and he felt bad for it. His bluing lips slowly twitched into a smile, just for her, the only one that seemed to be able to connect to his emotional level. ''You are not a brat... none of you are... Eva - I will be okay.'' He looked at her with sincerity before resting his head back and closing his eyes, his silver locks falling over his face in time for him to shed a tear or two to himself. An hour or so later Cerbin had the nurses attend to him and he was shaking. Unresponsive as they called out his name and from him, energy seemed to... disburse in invisible waves Cerbin most likely felt before nothing. By the time he was in the hospital he died on his second jump start to the heart with a lot of jolts of electricity. Larger amounts were needed to wake him from death, each time, sending off invisibly - to the human eye - bursts of energy then it faded again.

Nathaniel had died on Friday, 4:31pm Fall.

Today, Monday at 11:31am...

Having died four days ago, he was, of course sent to the morgue to be stripped of personal effects and cleaned. But instead of being released for burial or cremation, the Coroner kept him. Because as he was examining how he had died, within the hours of being put into the system as he had died by unnatural means and he was going to have it investigated it. His body began to regenerate, slowly knitting itself together. He checked Nathaniel's pulse a number of times to find nothing. The more time went on his body seemed to look more and more alive. He cancelled the investigation to study Nathaniel's body. Documenting every detail of his body's regenerative capabilities, from bone to skin regrowth. He was amazed. It would surely put him on the map to be able to document such a rare thing such as Nathaniel. He cleaned him and over the days got help by his medical students.

But today would be different for the Coroner. This time it would not be taking blood samples, experimenting with sharp tools over Nathaniel's evidently alive looking but dead body. From simple cuts to even removing a finger or two to find a new one slowly grow while the severed one died rapidly, turning into ash in his hands every time. Even blood samples dried up, becoming useless. He would not be glued to the photos and video evidence he made with his students...

And he would not be going home to his family, nor would his students.

The Coroner and his students were getting the camera and video cameras fixed up, getting tools and syringes out as they had done the past days, it seemed to have become a routine to them. How easy humans fell in line when it was something they enjoyed. The Coroner slowly pulled the paper thin blue blanket down from Nathaniel's face to his waist, turning the overhead lights on to suddenly find Nathaniel's eyes dart open and dilate. Of course the man was frightened, the dead were what they were labeled, dead. They shouldn't come back but this one did. He gasped for breath even and sat up, looking at the students that were frozen in place like deers caught in headlights then finally the Coroner.

This was when his eyes glowed red, he even glowed, his claws extending along with the ones on his toes. The spikes on his ears come out and spinal spikes surfaced with blood running down his back. He groaned in pain, holding his chest as he turned himself, completely exposed and he fell onto floor clumsily on all fours, panting in pain. At this time a large wave of energy suddenly came from him, so powerful that a golden wave burst from him to the naked and human eye was seen. The Coroner was bewildered, speaking breathlessly as he backed away, the students doing the same. ''By the gods... what are you?'' Nathaniel didn't answer as he opened his mouth and his canines grew, a cry of pain coming from him before he fired ice at the door from the morgue then staggered up to his feet. He looked at the Coroner with red feral eyes and growled words out. ''So... hungry..''

Then that was it, he leaped onto the Coroner, digging his claws into his shoulders to the point that he gripped onto the back of the man's ribs and he let out a blood curdling scream like no other, his own blood seeping out down his shirt, luckily his lab coat was thick enough to hide it. But it was stopped by Nathaniel's lips over his that slowly returned to pale pink lips from blue. The man struggled for a moment before limping, falling into the kiss, suddenly willingly kissing back before Nathaniel pulled away, blue mist coming from the man's mouth and going into his, was witnessed. The students screamed, young men and women running to the iced up door, punching and using tools to try and get out, bloodying their knuckles raw. By the time Nathaniel was done with the Coroner he fell to the floor dead, pale as a ghost with black veins over his face, eyes whited out with a unsettling smile on his face, the pigment of his skin, eyes and hair gone.

By the time he left the morgue, having destroyed the cameras and even the security ones and got dressed into the Coroner's attire and lab coat, taking his ID keycard the four students and him were dead all drained of colour, pale with black veins over them and a eerie smile on their lips and the door to the morgue kicked in. It was now 12:21pm. He walked up from the morgue, his form returning back to its more human look - less spiky and sharp. He kept his head down as he got out of the hospital the same way he came in, the front door. He threw the ID key card away and started to walk back to the School, holding his chest, it still hurt, but that would leave in time as he staggered about to his desired destination. He could still feel the Coroner's blood sticking to the back of the shirt and lab coat from where he slipped his hands under the lab coat and dug his claws into the back of him. Causing blood loss, and the students were not without offensive and defensive wounds either...
''... I need to find... Ryuu and that man..''

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Beartrice Nyugen & Stevenson Blair

The two tamers chatted quietly to themselves as they waited for their instructor, Ms. Shosuke, to give them their assignment for the day. They were rather curious about the special circumstances Julius and Aura had in regards to passing the exam. Beatrice made no effort to hide her curiosity either, as her voice suddenly broke the silence between the two groups. "Hey Aura! What're these special circumstances Ms. Shosuke was talking about. I heard you guys got to fight real Lesser Demons, and not those little spiritual creatures." Before her question could be answered however, Ms. Shosuke had already begun to explain to them what they were going to do.

Frowning just the slightest at the idea of having to run such a big lap, Beatrice and Stevenson both got up to start their lap. "Sorry guys, running isn't my thing...no need to wait up okay." The young woman then spoke, "Well there's no surprise there." Rolling her eyes in the process. It was obvious the blonde was a bit full of himself, which bothered her every now and then. Just as she was about to say something else when a hand gently laid itself on her shoulder. "That's enough Beartrice, let's just get this over with." his green eyes settling on her sea green ones.

Although Stevenson was generally kind enough, when he stepped in, it was for good reason. "But-" she stopped mid sentence realizing Stevenson's eyes narrowed in warning. The two stared at one another for a moment before Beatrice looked away, the corner of her lips curling downwards. "Fine then, I'm sorry your stuck with someone like this guy Aura." Her words were meant to jab at Julius but whether they had their intended affect or not was unknown, for Beatrice and Stevenson were already passing the door.

Neither of them came in attire that would have suited them activities of the day but they would have to do for the moment.

Little Less than and Hour
Ryuu Shosuke

Stevenson burst into the room panting soon followed by Beatrice. The two were somewhat sweaty, with the brunette being better off then his short tempered partner. The corners of Ryuu's lips curled slightly at the sight of them. She knew the other two, Julius and Aura, would be arriving soon but she had no intention of waiting for their arrival. "Shall we begin?" regardless of the answer, Ryuu led the pair to four buckets already filled with water. "So what exactly will we be doing?" Green orbs curious about the items before them.

Turning to face him, Ryuu began to explain the details of their activity. Eventually sitting down to demonstrate how it was to be done and what it should look like. Beatrice folded her arms across her chest, alerting Ryuu of a possible argument on why they should be doing this. "The purpose of this activity is to test how well you guys work under stress and exhaustion. I don't expect your results to be like mine since I was not under stress, but hopefully you'll be able to in the years to come."

With that being said, Beatrice and Stevenson seated themselves by their buckets and began to work.

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Julius was a more than a little smug when his fellow students began asking about the circumstances of "his" team. It was the much needed vindication needed after Ryuu's rather humiliating treatment from earlier. However one classmate in particular decided to bare her fangs with his claim to lack of running prowess.

"Well there's no surprise there." The girl...Beatrice or so silly name like that rolled her eyes at him with her comment. Is she trying to start a fight?! Julius was instantly set on edge from the remark, and his still recovering ego reeled at the idea. One of the bigger guys in class diffused the situation before the angry Tamer could actually act on his rage. Instead he was stuck slowly plodding to 'catch up' with his classmates. The run however did help him with one thing as Julius managed to get the angry flare down to little more than a cold fury.

Ryuu's lead towards the buckets themselves lead Julius to further hang back. In fact, his classmates were already at work with the water when he finally caught up. He inwardly groaned at the notion of working in front of them, but Julius had his wits about him this time. Rather than throw a tantrum, the young Tamer had a different idea.

Instead of closing the distance to his bucket, Julius sought to use the fact he was much further from the bucket to his advantage...until a tingle down his spine served as enough incentive to bring him closer to the bucket. Given his recent bouts with Ryuu, Julius wasn't about to try picking a fight in front of the class. With trepidation, the haughty blonde made a slow drip-drop of energy into the bucket. The water pulsed in time with Julius' tender-footed release of energy. The micro success gave him a bit more confidence so Julius released a bit more energy. The result was some of the contents splashing from the bucket.

Shit! Julius panicked while instinctively clenching his hand. The water in question bunched into a sphere...he'd managed to shape water without breaking a bucket! The moment of celebration nearly dropped the sphere back into the bucket. But the Tamer barely managed to safely lower it back into the bucket. Julius inched his initial reach back a tiny bit while 'stirring' and finally got a spin within the bucket. Looking over at his other classmates, he couldn't call his feat impressive at all but he still smirked at his inward victory. He noticed a look of curiosity from his male classmate...and a gloating expression from Beatrice as the sluggish movement from his own bucket and rather painful lack of skill in comparison to the whole trio.

"If you're going to say something...shove it unless you're ready throw down right here right now." With an annoyed look Julius spat his comment out and Beatrice. Of course he didn't mean to ignore his other classmates, but Julius found himself trying to pick a fight. "At the very least you can summon a proper spirit right? Perhaps I'll show you why WE got to handle the real deal." Strangely, Julius actually stressed the team effort between Aura and himself during the exam.

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Ryuu Shosuke

It was shortly after she had shown Stevenson and Beatrice the bucket challenge that Julius entered the room. The red head watched him with keen eyes when he too sat down and began to work on the water. At the same time something by the door caught her attention. Looking up, she saw that an older student stood by the closed door watching the Tamers work. Frowning a bit, Ryuu crossed the room, not without glancing at her students to check their progress, and opened the door to step outside. Yes? May I help you?” Although the young woman was shorter than Ryuu, they were of the same age which seemed to bother the woman as she stood up taller in a vain attempt at matching her height with Ryuu’s. “There’s a note for you the main building.”[/color] she stated.

Ryuu’s frown deepened, “Well why didn’t they just send it this way?” The shorter woman simply sighed. With a roll of her eyes, she answered Ryuu’s question. [b] They didn’t trust me to give the note to you in person, besides it was kinda hard convincing the desk lady that I should be the one to come here.
Ryuu’s mouth sounded out a silent Oh upon understanding the woman’s reasoning. “I see, well then I guess get going then.” Stepping back into the room, Ryuu took a few steps in to inform the Tamers of her temporary departure. “Once you finish the bucket challenge, you may head home after writing a small reflection on what occurred and what you could have done differently.” With that having been said, Ryuu went back to the hallway half expecting the woman to still be there, which she wasn’t.

A few minutes later

Ryuu made sure to stop by the ladies rooms to check up on her appearance. It was odd to the rest of the staff that such a young person was able to land a teaching position. Then again they weren’t aware of what really went on in Cram School. The red head quickly braided her hair, leaving to hang over her shoulder as she walked the rest of the way to the main office. There she met the desk lady, who, as the girl had said, was a bit stubborn, not willing to give the note to Ryuu who simply looked like another one of their many students, albeit a bit older.

After finally convincing the old woman to hand her the note, Ryuu quickly left the office in case the desk lady changed her mind. Ryuu began to walk back to Cram School as she opened up the note. Surprisingly it was sealed by wax with the emblems of the True Cross Academy Exorcist. Seeing this made Ryuu frown for she knew this wasn’t just some normal letter. She tore the seal off, with some care so as not to ruin the note itself, and took out its contents, letting the envelope drift to the ground. Ryuu unfolded the note and read quickly but carefully and then read it a second time. “That’s impossible.” came the soft whisper of disbelief.

Then again when she thought back to Friday, Ryuu shouldn’t be surprised considering the extent of Nathaniel’s wounds. The young woman rubbed her eyes and read the note a third time, still in shock of the news. From what she understood, the higher ups wanted her to go to the morgue to verify that it was indeed Nathaniel that they had in their care. Sighing Ryuu folded the note back up, picked up the envelope and placed the note back inside where she then slide it into her back pocket of her pants.

Ryuu nibbled on her thumb for a brief moment, contemplating on how to go about this. Should she head back to class and dismiss them or do as the note said and head to the morgue immediately upon reading the note. Finally choosing the latter of her options, Ryuu wasn’t sure if she should trust her students to handle themselves but Stevenson was there so there was still some hope. It wasn’t long until Ryuu was off school grounds and searching for a vehicle that would be willing to take her to her location.

She thanked the driver of a yellow cab as she slid into the back seat of the cab. “Where to missy?” Glancing up at the dark grey orbs in the rearview mirror, Ryuu rubbed the bridge of her nose before answering, “Fidel Hospital please.” The cab driver’s eyes widened with concern but he complied with her request and the cab was soon drifting down the many streets that would take them to the hospital. They finally arrived at the main entrance to the hospital and Ryuu paid the driver but then paused, [coor=red] “May I inquire about the time sir?”[/color] Nodding the cab driver looked at a watch he had taken out of his pocket and read it in the dim lighting, It’s close to five Miss,” Thanking the driver for giving her the time, Ryuu stepped away from the cab and watched it drive off, only to be replaced by another car. With a heavy sigh Ryuu turned to the hospital and entered.

The red head walked to the front desk, asking about the whereabouts of Nathaniel Jenova. The woman looked through her list of patients and merely reiterated what the note had already told her, Nathaniel had died Friday at exactly 4:31 in the afternoon. “Is there by any chance I may be able to see him, just to make sure it really is him.” The woman then gave Ryuu an odd look and folded her arms, “And what is your relationship with Mr. Jenova?” Biting her lip, Ryuu knew they’d ask her this question but she had hoped they wouldn’t. Swallowing her pride, Ryuu cleared her throat, “I’m his girlfriend.” she spoke with as much confidence as she could muster and it seemed to have convinced the woman enough for she let Ryuu go.

She sent Ryuu towards a different office that oversaw the morgue’s actions. As she walked in that direction, her ears and cheeks were hot with embarrassment. If it turned out that Nathaniel wasn’t dead, she’d beat him for the humiliation she had just experienced. Upon reaching the morgues office, Ryuu saw that there was no one there. Frowning, a shiver ran down her spine causing her hair to stand on end. [coor=red] “Hello?”[/color] It was far too quite for everything to be alright and this soon became fact when she reached the morgue’s doors, or what was left of them. From the looks of it they had been kicked in by something incredibly strong and her first thought was a demon.

Without a second thought, Ryuu bit her thumb and hastily drew a symbol on the ground. “Come forth oh Demon Blade. Slash the evil before you with the darkest of blades” she said quietly so as not to alert anything that may still be inside the morgue. Most likely it was already aware of her presence the moment she summoned Chomesku, but now she held her beloved blade in her hands, ready to strike down anything that moved. However the moment she stepped into the room, Ryuu stopped and lowered her sword but did not release the seal. Before her were four corpses, all drained of color with dark veins covering their bodies. There was no color to be found on their persons; even the color in their open eyes was gone. Pointing the tip of Chomesku at who she assumed was the Coronoer, Ryuu pressed the hot blade against his cold skin. It burned, but not because he was a demon but simply because he was human and the blade was ferociously hot.

“Okay so they aren’t Demons, but what did this to them?” voicing her curiosity aloud. Looking around the room she saw that there were small orbs scattered around the room and she reached down to pick one up when Chomesku suddenly throbbed in her hand. Surprised by the action, Ryuu hesitated in touching the orb and eventually stepped away from it completely. “What the hell could have done this?” Suddenly her thoughts went to Nathaniel when he opened that rift that took them straight to the bus. No that’s impossible he’s dead.” A grim look settled on her face as she checked all of the cabinets that held the dead bodies.

Ryuu was both thankful and disturbed that Nathaniel was not there. The Knight growled at the situation placed before her and quickly turned on her heel and left the morgue. Halfway back to where people would be, Ryuu remember she still had Chomesku out and let her blade go back to storage until she was needed later. Ryuu strode through the halls, completely ignoring those she passed. Since she was human, it’d be incredibly hard for her to find Nathaniel, however her sixth sense was a better than most due to her rather inhumane traits.

It had begun to rain while she had been inside, which surprised her considering the news had never said anything about rain. Things are simply getting out of hand. What next falling angels? Ryuu chuckled to herself at the notion of falling angels. It was impossible in her mind but of course Ryuu was only partially human. She got serious a moment later as she focused her sixth sense. In doing so a headache came about as it always did when she tried this. Ryuu closed her eyes and an image flashed through her mind. A trail of blue light disappeared into the dark. Opening her eyes again, Ryuu could just faintly see the trail before her. With a determined fire in her eyes, the Knight followed it in hopes it would take her to her quarry.

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Nathaniel had walked on in the borrowed clothing... The blood on the back of the shirt had stuck onto his back, making his stomach turn in his wobbly travels. A red stain starting to form on the back of the lab coat, making people look at him funny at times but he didn't dare look back nor did he have the thought to look. He was focused on one goal and that was to get back to the school. He was afraid that if he stopped going he would stop completely and pass out. He felt so tired... Looking at people he found himself... hungry again. He instantly looked away and look at his feet as he continued to walk. By 4:31pm he got to the school and stumbled in.

The red stain much more prominent on his back at this point and he looked pale, hot and sweaty as he fell to the welcome desk. Leaning on it, gripping onto it as his legs started to decide to stop working. ''P-please... I need Ryu. Where is Ryu?'' He fell onto the floor and the receptionist jumped up and ran around in her small heels to him, staying to help to others when her face paled. ''M-mister... J-Jenova?'' She looked at the man, stunned, scared. ''B-but...'' She pulled a tight smile as she pressed a panic button on her desk to inform the school's higher ups and guards came. Looking at the blood on the back of the lab coat they spoke. ''Sir. Turn around and remove your coat.''

Nathaniel looked at the people, he knew them... They knew him but now... they were treating him like a stranger, an imposter. ''Just get Ryu.'' The receptionist blinked, looking at the men before smiling and looking down at Nathaniel. ''Who is Miss Shosuke to you, sir...'' He looked at the receptionist in disbelief. ''Sir? But you know me Clare. I am Nathaniel Jenova, I work here. And Ryu is a fellow teacher.'' He looked at the men and receptionist. ''Why are you questioning me?'' He looked between them before seeing the fear in the receptionist's eyes that looked at the men and suddenly they grabbed his arms. He struggled and even tried to headbutt one of them. Kicking his feet around as they started to drag him into a private room. ''Clare! What is this!? Clare!''

He was put into a room then hastily locked into it from the outside, the two men or 'officers' standing guard while the school's teachers and higher ups were informed of Mister Jenova's 'Return'. He staggered up only to fall back into a wall and slide down and sit looking at the door as he pulled the bloody lab coat and shirt off himself, printing red on the wall he leaned on. ''I need... water... please...'' After half an hour he had passed out, looking sickly as he rested against the wall, one leg propped up while the other was laid down. One arm on his propped up leg's knee which he used to rest his forehead on as he actively... slept. Unaware a familiar face was on her way.

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#, as written by Damioa
Cerbin and the Mad One

On one of the crossless rooftops of the academy, one woman, or girl (as she currently was), happened to be slow dancing with herself. Breaking gravity by fulfilling the parts in which she'd definitely need a partner for, unless she was just that flexible and centered, she twirled again and again, singing to herself in a tune that wasn't like any other. Music only to her ears.

"Indigo can see no evil. Never has to see the devil. Malice can speak no evil. Words are hidden from the devil. Cerbin can hear no evil. Though, he listens to the devil. All of them are for the devil even though they should be against the devil. . . Hmmm. Indigo can see no good. Never has to look at fools. Malice can speak no good. Better that he stays a tool. Cerbin can hear no good. Oh my son, what a clumsy fool. . . Grr. No matter how it is, Cerbin always ruins the song. What an abomination. Oh how I wish you could hear me from down there boy. Though, I guess if you could, you wouldn't be such an abomination, would you? All of them will guard the devil, even if they're small in level. So tell me my son. Why are you here? I'll find out and then we can have a fun family game. Just the two of us. No dogs. No devils. Just mommy and her little monster."


Malice looked around, which was unusual for the dog demon who would usually stare at his target or at Cerbin for directions. However, since his summoner had no vision on him and instead was looking at his watch, Malice stayed in his position, head moving only. Cerbin looked at his watch, which was of course digital since he didn't have a concept of dialed time. Blowing a bubble, he waited for the the the minute to roll over before whispering. "Immobilize."

It was a code the dog demon was all familiar with hearing. The target in front of him was currently standing. By immobilize, Malice knew that Cerbin wanted to keep the target alive, most likely for questioning and all he had to do was make it so that it was glued to the ground. It wasn't as easy as it seemed. Cerbin didn't call for the action much, mostly on occasion where he was away from the target or had trouble keeping up with the target. No doubt do to his human body. For a second Malice looked around to see if he could hear the wind say his name, but afterwards rushed towards the boy at break neck speed. When it came to mobilization and speed, Malice was about double the fastest dogs speed and didn't need to rest unless wounded. He had suspected the mortal boy in front of him wouldn't even last a minute against him. Was that why he was told to imobilize instead of devour? It didn't matter. The throat was off limits. That, and also certain meaty parts of the flesh. In fact, with his razor sharp teeth, unless he wanted the boy to die from severe blood loss he would only be able to attack the thiegh area and the upper arm area. It was then that he also remembered humans only needing one kidney. Yes. If he was going to do this, he was going to do this his way. He would be sure to make Cerbin regret pitting him up against a human child.

Malice lunged towards the boy a few times, not trying to harm him, but instead see how fast he could react. The boys reactions were good by his standards, but when he looked back to his brother, he wondered what exactly he wanted from the kid. It was a test right? So why wasn't Cerbin looking at the boy. No matter, if Cerbin didn't want to look then Malice would make him regret that too. His next attack went for the boys leg, but malice had to jump back on the boys reaction. It wasn't as if it was a certain thing, but Malice had to make sure the boys blade didn't touch him. If the boy had an upper hand it would be the sword he was carrying. That's right the sword. If Malice could take away the use of the boys arms then he wouldn't be able to use his blade. It looked like an obscure hop, the way he began to move, but soon it became a pounce and then a sprint. In a zig zag motion, packed with as much speed as the demon hound could muster he aimed for either the left shoulder of the boy or the right one. Whichever side the boy decided to guard against his zigs, he would zag and go for his other one. Then of course he would make it easier on him. Of course, if he succeeded in shutting on arm down, he wouldn't hesitant not to go for the other. Then he could focus on the legs and after that he'd nibble until told not to. How he hoped Cerbin would then reward him with the boys life.

Zig...Zag... Arrrruuugghhh!!!!!

Meanwhile Cerbin ignored the noises that the dog and kid were making, only waiting for the smell of blood to step in. That or the time to run out. Didn't matter much to him. It wasn't long until he did smell blood, though he didn't care to investigate it since it came a ways away from him and his test.

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#, as written by Kapento
Cuthbert Baltair

Cuthbert carefully watched as the beast came hurrying towards him, sword wielded securely in front of him as he branded the weapon in a defensive stance, legs parted, with his arms raised. The creature was practically gliding across the land as it sprinted towards the boy at great speed, rather effortlessly, before it grew close enough and decided to lunge at the boy from the front. Instinctively Cuthbert raised his weapon and reflected the monsters attack, side-swinging the blade as it caught the beast from underneath and threw it backwards from his being. Of course, such a feat was not without a cost, as the boy took a heavy breath. The monster was not light, and any attack he would make against it would require quite a bit of physical force from the youth.

The beast continued its attack a few more times, lunging at the boy from various angles, as it forced Cuthbert to shift his stance and maneuver about on the spot, swinging his sword back and forth, as he kept the creature at bay. Momentarily, he followed the beasts line of sight, as he too glanced at Cerbin and noticed the teachers seeming lack of interest. Narrowing his stare a little, the boy griped harder onto his blade. If the teacher was not going to watch, then he’d at least try to grasp his attention, be it good or bad. Just then the creature sprang for his leg, prompting the boy to bring his legs up sharply as he hopped into the air and swung his blade, narrowly avoiding the monster as he tumbled to the ground.

Digging the blade into the ground Cuthbert got to his feet and sprang forward, getting his balance, as he witnessed the hound sprint in a zigzag formation as it darted back and forth, confusing the boy briefly, as his eyes trailed after the beast. However, the monster moved at such a speed that the boy was only just managing to follow its movements, as the hound rammed forward and lunged its fangs into his upper arm, more particularly the arm in which he wielded his blade, forcing the boy to drop the sword as the beast jumped back a little and created a bit of distance between them.

Grasping at his injured arm, Cuthbert stood somewhat vulnerable, as his blade lay against the ground near him. The hound only paused for a brief moment, before it began its descend towards the boy once more, before throwing itself towards his other arm. Quickly, the youth dropped to the ground and rolled to the side as the monster passed him, picking up his blade with his functioning arm, as he sprang to his feet. Twirling the weapon round and adjusting his grip, the boy held his wounded limb against his chest, whilst holding out his other in front of him. Legs apart, he braced himself, as the hound spun round and charged at the boy.

Narrowly avoiding the creature, Cuthbert side-stepped the beast and knelt to the ground, swinging forth his blade as he slashed against the monsters side whilst it ran past him. He could’ve sworn he had heard a yelp of some kind, however faint, confirming his strike was successful, as he got to his feet again. The monster flipped round as it immediately darted for his legs, missing one, but managing to bite down on the other just a little. Cuthbert fell to the ground and landed on his back, wriggling around as he tried kicking the monster with his other foot, and aimed hard for its face, before bringing forward his blade as he swung down onto the monster.

Soon enough, the hound eventually let go, though the damage had already been done as Cuthbert got to his feet and limped a few paces back from the creature. Evidently, the boy was tired from the prior struggles, but he still kept his figure upright, with his blade held before him as he looked to the hound that stood close-by, watching him.

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#, as written by Damioa

Malice rubbed its stinging snout into the ground, hoping to get rid of the sensation. Licking his lips, Malice began to caress the blood inside his mouth, playing with it like the thick water that it was. The taste was so enthralling. He had never tasted anything like it before. Soon, the hairs on it's back began to rise and the third eye on its head began to erect like some type of pimple. Soon it began growling like the beast it was and lost all sense of what it's brother had wanted. Only instinct was controlling it at the moment, and instinct was saying that human actually tasted better than it had thought. There was to be no zig zagging this time. No. This time it began to circle the human who was clearly immobilized and stopped only when he found a good angle for weakness. Then with a flash of movement it darted towards the boy, killing intent in its eyes and nothing else on its mind.


Probably the only time in it's life that it would make such a cute sound. Though, it was followed by monstrous growls and another yelp.

Cerbin had reached his brother just in time to place his shoe rightly on the edge of its neck. He thought for a second, only to warn it. 'I'll snap your neck if you continue.' Still the beast wasn't in it's right state of mind. With a small sigh, Cerbin added what seemed to be a little a bit to pretty much no pressure of force to the dogs neck and a crunching sound could be heard. Soon the whining sounds were replaced with the scratching sounds of the demons nails as he tried to escape and the gasping sounds, probably muffled screams or growls. Cerbin looked down in disgust at his brother, for he knew that things were just meant to be that way. He was chosen to be a superior and his brother was destined to be nothing more than a lesser being.

Slowly letting go of his grip on the demons neck He watched as Malice wheezed and huffed, trying to enact his healing process. It took a few moments, but Cerbin didn't let his eyes leave his brother until it was barely coming to its feet. Looking at Cerbin with its teeth bared, it walked around from his his left side, past his back, onto his right side and licked his hand before going slowly back into his shadow, fixing his eyes on the injured boy one last time before disappearing. It was sad if someone thought about it. Cerbin knew such would be the case. Dog demons, especially lesser ones are loyal to their kin, even through harsh times. They were demons after all. It didn't matter if you were even stabbed in the back by your own. In the end of the day, the stronger one was the alpha and still your family. Any dog demon would watch it's own, almost like an actual dog. Which is more the reason why Cerbin and his brothers stuck together as they did. Their mom left them, which wasn't a thing they were indistinctly ready for and their father died on his prime. Still, Cerbin being the only one of the three to see the wrong in how they acted towards each other. Even when he was younger he was the same way. His brothers would take of his flesh at any opportunity and his father would let them. It was training if anything. Now that he was the strongest it was only right for him to do unto them the same whenever they crossed him right? Wrong. It was wrong to him. He had only dream that one day he could at least treat his kin as good as humans treat their dogs. The very least of this realm would be better than his own.

Scratching his head, Cerbin turned around and looked at his student. Beaten and battered, he was sure this wasn't how a human exorcist would have treated a kid, but because the child didn't give up, or even run for instance, he had proven himself way beyond Cerbins expectations. The other kids ran when they outnumbered a demon, but this boy.... He was different.

"Nine minutes and I had to intervene," Cerbin said, throwing a piece of hubba bubba in his mouth. He laid silent, but kept his stare on the boy.

"Let's go. You pass."

With the closest thing he could form to a warm smile, he reached out his hand towards the boy so that he could help him. Probably get him to the infirmary too. Cerbin had forgotten something that he was just reminded of. The kid may have been a knight by title, but he was still just a kid. There was a great chance that Malice was the first demon the boy had ever faced. Knowing what he knew, Malice could have bested anyone on their off day, much less a child, but he continued on and even caused injury to the beast. Cerbin was truly impressed by this human. So much so that he wished to supervise his growth. Ah, that was right. He was under that woman. Just thinking about her made his nose itch. He dreaded the thought of how she would react to the boy being torn apart. Not literally, but he was a child. Cerbin sighed. After throwing the boys arm over his shoulder to steady him on the way to the infirmary.

"Next time, don't chase the speed with your eyes, use your ears. Hold a small ground towards yourself too. You were too open. If needed, let the beast bite you somewhere you know you can recover if the the speed beats you. Then sever its neck. No matter though. If I'm able I'll make it so speed isn't a problem for you. Even if you are a human I sense stride in you. Good job kid."

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Beatrice Nyugen & Stevenson Blaire

Beatrice was quite happy with the results she got, unlike a certain somebody, the young woman’s control of the water was almost fluid but it was nothing compared to Steven’s skill. For the briefest of moments when she looked over at her partner’s progress, the young man was staring at his bucket stoically while making the water follow the movements of his hands quite easily, Beatrice gawked at his skill. I thought he only wanted to be an Exorcist because it was fun!?

Then the young woman looked over to where Julius sat and she giggled at his show in skill. Stevenson heard the giggle and looked over with curiosity at his fellow male classmate. “Not bad Julius.” was the only form of comment the young man gave before focusing on his own bucket. This time he began to make the water swirl around as it should be.

"If you're going to say something...shove it unless you're ready throw down right here right now. At this the grin on Bea’s face faltered for the briefest of moment, as did her control of the water in her bucket. At the very least you can summon a proper spirit right? Perhaps I'll show you why WE got to handle the real deal." She glared at the other Tamer with a passion; her sea-green eyes glanced over to the door just as Ryuu left the room.

Snickering to herself, Bea stopped doing the water bucket exercise and smirked at Julius. “Oh I wasn’t going to say anything Julius. Nothing at all.” The young woman then turned her attention to the bucket but his last words scratched at her pride like a dog would trying to rid itself of fleas. A frown settled on her lips and suddenly her hand darted to the side, sending a stream of water with it right at Julius. It effectively drenched his hair and hopefully made him lose focus of his control. Finally looking at him a new kind of smirk was on her face. “My bad Julius. I guess I just lost control for a moment there.” her words dripped with sarcasm and venom.

Stevenson looked over at them curiously. He knew from experience that nothing good would come of this but it was also rather obvious he couldn’t do much at the moment. If he tried to intervene now it’d cause problems with his already strained relationship with Beatrice. She was a nice enough person but her pride and temper often got the better of her and kept others from seeing her good side. Then again, he too wondered how this would turn out.

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A jet of water to his face resulted in Julius losing his focus, the youth attempted a settling breath before one last jab threw any such thought out the window.

"My bad Julius. I guess I just lost control for a moment there.” Julius attempted fixing his hair while his face clearly began twitching in his ill contained fury. The twitching eventually subsided while the young summoner found himself the calm in the heart of a storm that was his anger. Subconsciously Julius began releasing energy without any apparent control, his bucket and water therein couldn't withstand the explosive spike.

"Yeah...your bad, perhaps a small visual will be needed after all." Julius held up his right hand, in accompaniment with his freakishly monotonously spoken sentence. "During the exam, this guy didn't even need to come out in his entirety before we got things under control...watch and learn." Rather than forcing his energy into the seal like usual, Julius oddly followed the idea of just letting his energy flow into it naturally.

"Regulus...if you would," For the first time, the circle enlarged and the golden lion's head manifested without Julius experience any side effects. With its usual attitude, Regulus roared before sparking electricity from its mane. The beast emerged to the shoulder and then the first paw touched down. Now Julius finally felt the headache that would normally begin the moment he attempted summoning Regulus. While his face didn't show it, he was shocked that Regulus hadn't attempted to rampage yet either. Rather than attempt pushing his luck, Julius stopped his energy flow and thus ended Regulus' manifestation. The lion's paw mark remained scorched into the ground.

"I'll end my lesson here; Aja, I'm going home" Hoping to escape before his current success streak could run out or backfire, Julius spun on his heal to depart. The fiery mustang emerged from his left hand a small distance away.

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Ryuu Shosuke

The trail of blue was quickly fading from view, which made her quicken her pace all the more. It wouldn’t be long until it was gone completely and then she’d be stuck without a lead on Nathaniel’s whereabouts. Suddenly a ring broke the steady noise of her surroundings. It startled her and in the process she lost the trail. “Shit, what now?” The young woman frantically searched for some trace of the blue trail but there was none. With a heavy sigh she searched her pocket and pulled out a small phone. Ryuu had completely forgotten that she had one. It was school issued since she was a teacher but she still had trouble working it.

Flipping it open she saw that someone was calling her, the school was trying to get into contact with her. Frowning, Ryuu pressed a green button and put the phone to her ear. A rather nervous voice began to talk on the other side but it was difficult to make out what they were saying. “What? I don’t understand you?” The voice then stopped abruptly and she could hear someone apologizing in the background as the phone was traded off to someone else, presumably someone who was going to explain the reason behind the call.

“Hello is this Miss Shosuke, Ryuu Shosuke?” “Yes this is her speaking. Has something happened that needs my attention? I’m a bit busy at the moment.” The man cleared his throat and then spoke again, “Ah good, your presence is needed at the Academy.” “Well I’m sure it can wait-“ “Ma’am this is urgent, the Council Board requests your presence.” Upon hearing Council Board, Ryuu immediately knew it was important. “Right, I’ll be there momentarily.” There was a moment of awkwardness before the man on the other end hung up.

Ryuu pulled the phone away from her ear with a look of some confusion. What could the Council Board possibly want with her now? Earlier they had questioned her involvement as a teacher and a graduate of the Academy after the Exwire Exam’s on Friday. Rubbing the back of her neck, Ryuu glared at the rainy sky as if by doing so it’d stop the rain.

~ ~ ~

The Knight only wore a light jacket and she was drenched by the time she reached school grounds. Jogging to the main entrance where she knew they’d want her to come through, Ryuu pulled the doors open and stepped inside. The building was thankfully warm but she shivered nonetheless. Walking over to the reception desk, Ryuu saw that Clare was talking with one of the guards. She cleared her throat when it became obvious that neither of them noticed her arrival. “Oh you’re here Miss Shosuke! Ah right this way please.” The older woman quickly got up and ushered Ryuu to a different branch of the building, a branch she hadn’t been to yet.

Ryuu had passed by the hallway leading into it but she had never bothered to see where it led. Clare seemed nervous and Ryuu knew at once that it was her voice that she had heard on the phone and the man’s voice must have been the guards. “Clare what’s all this about?” Her question met silence for a short while before Clare finally spoke up. “Ah I think it’d be best if you saw for yourself.” “See what for myself?” she asked with a frown. At that moment, the pair turned into a corner and now stood in a hallway. At the end of said hallway was a pair of double doors.
Clare cleared her throat, pressing her hand into Ryuu’s back so she’d continue on. Ryuu glanced down at the woman, taking note of the fear that obviously plagued her. “Alright.” the young teacher took cautious steps towards the door, and upon reaching it she expected the guards to stop her from advancing further however they only glanced at her with uneasiness before looking away. Opening the door, Ryuu was immediately met with a series of sounds and the smell of disinfectant. Although there were only a few people, about five excluding the guards present, in the room, they were all moving about in haste.

At the end of the long room was an large iron door, a slot at the top suggested that it could be slid open to peek past the door and two guards stood sentry on either side however there was one particular figure that caught her attention and it wasn’t for the best. As usual he looked ready to fall over, his dull eyes half closed and strong hands stuffed into his trademark trench coat. With an ever present scowl, Ryuu walked up to him, careful not to get in the way of those who were working. “If you’re that tired Colter, I suggest going back home and sleeping.” despite their relationship earlier that year, many would assume they were close and friendly, especially since they’re both Knights, however their relationship is a rather strained one. With a sudden jerk Colter glanced at his mentee without really seeing her there. In response to not being seen, Ryuu called his name again and this time Colter saw her and shivered. “I knew they were sending for the person he had asked for but I seriously didn’t think it’d be you.”

Frowning, Ryuu folded her arms her chin tilted upwards in a questioning manner. The older man smiled awkwardly, “Ah so they haven’t told you yet have they?” Responding with a shake of her head, Colter beckoned her towards the door and pulled the slot aside. Peering through Ryuu stiffened and immediately tried for the door. Just as quickly Colter slammed his hand on the door, making the two guards jump. “You sure you want to go in there?” there was nothing but concern in his voice. Ryuu only glared at him, “He’s a friend Colter, besides I can handle myself.” Colter removed his hand from the door and let Ryuu open the door.

It groaned and squealed as it was forced open. The door itself was pretty heavy, probably to keep whatever was locked up inside from getting out and vice versa but this was Nathaniel they were holding in there so why all the precautions. The answer was as clear as day, he did come back to life and then there was the matter of those bodies she saw in the morgue at the hospital. Quickly closing the door behind her, Ryuu stuck close to the wall and as far away from his still body as the room would allow. Another squeak could be heard, causing Ryuu to turn her head. Colter had opened the slot and was watching her. The two exchanged a nod and the red head took in a deep breath before taking cautious steps towards him.

When she was finally within a reasonable distance, Ryuu crouched down in front of Nathaniel. For a few minutes Ryuu watched the rise and fall of his chest which indicated he was indeed alive. Leaning in closer, she could tell that his breath was still shallow and he was a bit cold, a sickly kind of cold. Falling back on her heels, Ryuu looked him over, taking note of the lack of wounds on his body. Now that she was done examining him, Ryuu took in a deep breath and spoke, her voice filling the room with its sound. “Nathaniel? Are you awake? If so can you please tell what happened.”

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Stevenson & Beatrice

Stevenson opened his mouth to intervene but quickly closed it when the bucket exploded. Yeah...your bad, perhaps a small visual will be needed after all." Their classmate raised his hand and it bothered them that his voice was so monotone, it was disturbing actually. "During the exam, this guy didn't even need to come out in his entirety before we got things under control...watch and learn." With a frown Beatrice folded her arms, rolling her eyes still not believing Julius could do anything. The fact that the bucket exploded should have been a clear sign of danger but her minds was preoccupied with how she could test him further if his summon failed.

“Beatrice you realize his summons are for offensive purposes? You only have Apricot and it can’t do anything worth protecting you.” His words were incredibly blunt and they cut through Beatrice’s pride, but it was too late to apologize for Julius seal was actually working.

The summoning circle grew in size and a lion’s head came into being. It roared and electricity flashed from its mane, making Beatrice and Stevenson to step back quickly. The lion continued to emerge from the seal but only went up to the shoulder as its single immense paw touched the ground and scorched it. In response, Stevenson’s own seal began to glow and enlarge. Soon enough a silhouette could be seen forming within it but the young man held it off when Julius’s first summon ceased to exist. “You idiot! What would you have done if you had lost control-” Stevenson placed his hand on Beatrice’s shoulder, squeezing it. “Enough Beatrice. You’ve done enough damage already.”

A second summon appeared not to far from where they stood. A horse of fire stood at the ready for its master to ride it. “But she is right Julius. That was uncalled for. What would you have done if you did lose control? We’d all be dead and it wouldn’t be Beatrice’s fault.” His tone wasn’t meant to hurt but it was full of truth and a hint of concern. Whether Julius chose to answer them or not, the pair would wrap things up and head home.

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Julius suppressed the urge to wince when Beatrice stumbled upon the fact he'd yet to successfully summon Regulus without mishap. Fortunately, Stevenson stepped in from there which allowed Julius to approach his ride with some relative peace. But then the man himself stepped in with pretty much the same question. Even though Julius somewhat liked the guy, he wasn't going to take the comment lying down.

" If Regulus got out of control, I'd simply run him down with Aja...assuming you didn't handle the beast first Mr. Perfect. In that regard, I find your claim rather exaggerated- though it really makes me wonder where a certain someone's belief is even necessary. I guess the blood might be useful for my next summon at least." The blonde wasn't serious in the second half (his fear of blood was no secret), but he'd run out of patience in regards to his peers. Julius finally hopped on his summon before having the fiery steed take off and quickly reigning the summon in before it could generate too much heat as it galloped.

The angry youth only rode far enough to ensure he'd left the sight of his fellow students before dismissing his horse. Julius failed to recognize that he hadn't suffered any adverse effects from his second summoning of the day. His physical stamina had been taxed by the run and his emotions worn through by Beatrice left Julius content to lay upon the ground. He didn't exactly have much of a plan at this point- he didn't exactly care about the school debate of Angel or Demon and his work was squirreled away in his room. Julius had no intention of leaving without his work. But he wasn't exactly content to simply sit and work if there was a more efficient way to acquire what the summoner viewed as rightfully his in the first place. As a whole he found the whole matter infuriating, but his natural laziness kept him from doing much more than vent in silence.