Kourgra Iori

"If it doesn't burn, what's the fun?" {WIP}

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a character in “Era of the Creatures: The End of Humans”, as played by MaximumSimplicity


The Name is: Kourgra Iori... "It's pronounced "EE-YOUR-EE! Get it right!"
My Age: Equivalent to a twenty year old human.
Gender: "I'm a guy, thank you! Did you think the opposite?"
Height: 3 feet at the shoulders
I'm Affiliated With: "Niether, I've got no time to get involved in your silly skirmishes..."
I'm a: "Wolf... an elite samurai one at that."
My Powers Include: "Well, I can fight with with a sword, if that counts. And I can control fire, if there is one for me to control."
My Weaknesses are: Has a strange attraction to fire (pyromania), afraid of drowning, can't swim,
Scent Identification: *What do they smell like, when, blah blah*
Personality Check: *What is this character like?*
My Current History: *History of character*
Anything Extra: *Something else to know about character? If not, erase this line*

So begins...

Kourgra Iori's Story