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A feathered dragon whose wish is to see the Saturn Egg destroyed.

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a character in “Era of the Dragon: Saturn's Egg”, as played by Ikiros



Name: Ori'kumarok
Alias: Oriko
Age: 347
Race: Dragon
Height (at the shoulder): 10' 7.4"
Weight: 382lbs
Eyes: Lime Green
Scales: Brown/Green
Wingspan: 38" 6"
Length: 36' 2.8"
Homeland: Rainforests
Class: Rogue Dragon

Ori'kumarok is a middle-aged dragon, though he appears youthful due to his small size. At various points on his body, his scales have been overgrown by plumage that matches the color of his back, and is used both for camouflage and mating rituals for the dragons he grew up with. The fan-shaped feather cluster at the tip of his tail, while used in finding a mate as well, is more practically use while flying, acting as an air brake and rudder. Despite his small size, which is more adapted to weaving among trees than for battling tooth and claw, he is able to fly at speeds exceeding forty miles an hour and can shift objects twice his size with only a small amount of discomfort, though it takes him a moment or two to make sure he can. With his native lands being steamy and full of natural energy, Oriko is able to use only a small amount of magic, and most of that is centered around healing.

He has plans for the Solar Egg, even if he himself will not be able to hatch the dragon. He doesn't care about that, however, as he intends to destroy the egg and leave nature to run it's own course.


Ori'kumarok is proud, as any dragon should be, to be what he is. An apex predator. The top of the top. However it's said, he had reason to be proud of being a part of it. But with that pride comes the price of being ignorant. He constantly chooses his own judgement over that of creatures he deems of 'lesser' intellect than himself(namely humans). Normally though, he's reasonable and jovial, being much more free-spirited than strict. Given a choice, he'd rather spend his days sunning himself in a forest clearing or cruising the skies on stilled wings.

Despite this mass of inner peace that he has worked up inside him, Oriko is also rather vicious. He has been known, by those who manage to get on his bad side, to hold grudges for decades, letting plots of revenge simmer for years before making any major actions. He's also got a wild side, more primal than angry, that pops up from time to time. When this facet of his personality it's either best to run, if you're human, or stand your ground, if you happen to be a dragon.


Oriko bears nothing but that which nature gave him, along with perhaps one or two sundries. About his neck hang several strands of thin rope, from which hang a number of amber pendants. Although they seem pointless, to him and his family, they show his status and place among them as a male who, although not the alpha, is more than allowed to mate. Around his back ankles, neck, and tail are several chains and manacles. Their blackened steel, used by a particular band of hunters who trap and then torture dragons for the sport, serve as a constant memory of his first, and only, imprisonment.

As for weapons, he has only what nature gave him at birth. Four sets of curved claws, a tail as thick as a young tree, two wings built to keep his weight above the earth for hours at a time, teeth as sharp as the most wicked dagger, and breath of flames so hot that iron would simply melt under it after a few seconds.

He is able to use only a small amount of magic, and though none of it can be used offensively, he still retains the ability to heal wounds that would not be lethal to a creature if left alone. The time needed to heal these wounds depends on botht he size and severity, as well as on how willing the injured creature is.


Born and raised in a rainforest along with several others like himself, Ori'kumarok grew to love nature and all things that grew and were green. Although he was born with nothing but brown scales, his growth and innate magic shaped his body into the plumed and colorful shape it shows now. As he grew older and began to fly and protect his friends and family, he began collecting the accolades that would define his station among his tribe. the necklaces strung around his neck showed that, with each one he received, he became a more and more eligible mating partner. After he killed another dragon for the first time, in the defense of his home, the blue-steel band around his left foreleg was added, and he became one of the choice scouts used for protecting their territory's borders.

And so it came to pass that his tribe was found and attacked by a group of dragon hunters known then as the Scalewardens. They captured Oriko and, as was their practice with dragons they chose not to kill in battle, tortured him. He knew they had every intent to kill him eventually, as they had also captured the female he'd admired and done much the same to her before ending her life, and he did his best to think of a way to escape. Within a fortnight, it happened.

The guards had come to bait him again, as they had taken to doing since he was muzzled and could do nothing, but they were drunk and thought they could hold his jaws shut if he didn't have the muzzle on. I their foolishness, the dropped the heavy iron covering from his mouth, only to be roasted mere moments later in a torrent of rich orange flame. He melted the shackles from his forelegs and those covering his wings, but left the rest as a reminder to what he'd gone through. It had been over a hundred years since that day, but he'd never liked humans since. He wouldn't attack them on sight, but he took their opinions and advice as nothing more than banter, choosing instead to follow what wisdom the dragons he met might have.

And then, the day came when he'd gotten wind of the next Solar Egg: Saturn.

He thought about the coming dragon day and night for a year, waiting for it to land and finally reveal itself. He had plans for it, though it would never hatch by him alone. He didn't want it to, though. he believed that the Solar Dragon should simply not exist, and thus he planned to take the egg and destroy both it and the hatchling within.

So begins...

Ori'kumarok's Story