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Miakota Draelda

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive."

0 · 82 views · located in Er'Dunia

a character in “Er'Dunia: Reign of Qntal”, as played by Maeve


Full name: Miakota Draelda [nickname: kota.]

Standing at 5'8, it's a bit hard to catch the 17-year-old Kota's eye, but when you do, you'll notice that her eyes are a startling gold, framed by extraordinarily long blonde hair, and long bangs held back with headbands. She weighs in at 124, considering all the physical exertions she brings upon herself, and is mucled but not heavily so. She has lanky limbs and legs, and is very flexible. Her skin is fair, though not overly tan. Her skin seems to glow with the faint sheen of magic. Her face seems at contrast with itself- fairly feminine and startlingly beautiful, yet she wears usual fierce expression and dark circles under her eyes. She has tattoos up the side of her neck and some blip her cheek. They are aquamarine blue. She doesn't reveal what they are from. She often wears whatever clothes will help her blend in when need be, but is never from the pelt of an animal, and always something to do with nature.
WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE: ... 9,r:13,s:0

Guild: MoonWing/Guild Leader.
Race: Elf.
Gender: F. [duh.]

She is very... mysterious. She often speaks in riddles but will normally speak as I am to you. She can lie very easily but prefers the truth. She's always known herself and what's right. She will sacrifice herself readily for what she believes in and has a deep care of others that draws others to her. People can't help but admire her spirit. She is usually very calm, except when she faces the thrill of battle. She also can rouse people with speeches, only when she feels the time is right. She follows her gut instinct as well as her common sense. She is a strict vegatarian, respecting and nurturing all things nature whenever she can.

She is very good with a Bow, as it is her Creation Flame. She can hit any arrow, almost with her eyes closed. She has much physical strength as well, but mostly what she uses is the magic native to the elves'.
Magic- [skills, spells]
What is magic to the elves? A sacred art. She is one of the few who have advanced so far in the Art of Magic among the elves' standards that often if she comes upon one of her own kind [which rarely happens anymore], they should adress her as "Master" Kota. She is strong among the things that most elves are weaker in: summoning, controlling nature, drawing upon steel and metal. Yet the things she is strongest in are: clarivoyance and telepathy, as well as telekinesis and speaking to animals-[under telepathy]. All of these things fall under the category of magic.

likes: loose clothing, bare feet, cows, nature, chinchillas, bonfires, the ocean, elves, humor.
dislikes: crowed spaces, closed-in spaces, demons, Qntal, flat, open spaces, rude people.
fears: large, open fields full of wheat, gasoline, letting others down
stregths: well-known warrior and magic-weilder, animals respect and bow to her, skill with bow, fearlessness, her people's respect.
weaknesses: well-known warriror and magic-weilder, pities enemies, couldn't damage nature, has to survive on the land and not meat, cannot hide with her height.

Kota was born to her parents, both elves. She grew up in the elven town of Sagemoor with three younger brothers and one younger sister. Since it is custom for the firstborn to uphold the expectations of the parents, she grew up being taught to be a rolemodel and leader. She exceeded the expectations of others; she soon was taught by the highest masters. She excelled in Scribing and Teaching; yet she wished to be a Master, and that is, indeed, what she became, easily overcoming the basics: summoning, controlling nature, drawing upon steel and metal. When her eldest teacher, whom was over 100, [elves have longer life expectancies than humans. Their lifespans usually are to at least 900] saw her vast abilities, he assisted her in practicing the patience of clarivoyance. After excelling in that- he awarded her officially. Sagemoor threw a celebration, as was custom. Therefore, Kota was the youngest Constetutionary Master [the level before Master], in the history of the elves. That is when her city was attacked by Qntal, and enslaved. She fleed to the forest, wishing desperately to save her family yet knowing, even in all her powers, she couldn't slay an entire army. So she ran for many months without much pause, searching for the group known as only then- the Resistance. She camped from places like the Sad'racc Desert to the Berte Mountaintops. On her way, she ran into a group of humans on a run from the city. They began to attack without being provoked. Kota had no choice but to defend herself. She slayed many humans, more than she wishes to remember. When only two remained, the two humans surrendered, throwing up their bows. She grabbed one, aimed it, and farther questioned them. They assured they were part of the Resistance on the move. She was taught by the eldest one, fifty years of age, which was old in their terms- but he was a child in her eyes. Still, she listened and learned from him. One day she finally mastered the art of Telepathy, and that is when she truly became a master. Her Creation Flame was born then, as she sunk into a deep coma. Her two human companions were worried but had no idea of what to do. After a week of hibernation, she awoke. Her then green eyes were now gold- she could shoot with a bow better than either of the two, though she had never handled one in her life. She also reverted to her old vegatarianism. The two were astonished and pleased with her change. They bowed and pledged themselves into her service. Later that month, they ran into a large group of army men in the forest working for the opposing sides. They were outnumbered by about a thousand, and though they slew many hundreds, they were nearly killed. Both of her human "servants" were killed in the battle, and as she was resistant by then to most wounds [her skin had hardened and calloused], the others weren't nearly as durable. She escaped when the army was beginning to recuperate and sprinted through the forests with inhuman speed [as is natural for an elf]. She was unreachable for many months, eyes glazed, brain foggy, simply wandering in differing directions. One day, who knows what changed, but she began to sing to the trees once again, and set her mind firmly on finding the "Resistance", and helping avenge her friends, and her family, to take back her town and reclaim her life as her own.

She is lengendary among the elves, and because of that most others know of her- both her everlasting commitment to her friends explained above, and because of her succesion to creating the MoonWing guild.

So begins...

Miakota Draelda's Story