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Elias Volta

"You're either with me or against me."

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a character in “Eroryus”, as played by Saerith




General Information
Full name: Elias Thomas Belshoff
Nickname(s)/Alias: Eli/Volt
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Role/description: Elias Thomas Belshoff was born with a silver spoon. His mother was a designer and owner of a very large clothing brand, and, all his life, Elias was treated like a real prince. That is until the age of 15, when he decided to tell his parents about his sexuality. Angered, his father, being the traditional man that he was kicked him out of the house and disinherited his only son. His mother kept quiet. After this, not being use to the hardships of life, Elias went on to leave on the streets for a few months. That's when he was struck by a lightning and obtained his powers. From then on, he introduced himself to others as Elias Volta, or just Volt. After that, he was in a rush to get a home and never have to face a storm again, so he got himself a job at a small cafe and the owner allowed him to sleep in the back of the establishment. That was when he receive the letter that would change his life.
Sexuality: Homossexual
Nationality: Born in the US, 1/2 German

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 182lbs
Body Build: slim
Complexion: tanned, golden skin
Hair: curly, very light brown
Eyes: bluish green
Scars/Tattoos: large burning scar all across his upper back and triceps
Piercings/Accessories: X
Any additional features: Whenever he uses his powers, the scars on his back glow red.

Previous relationship(s): Last boyfriend was closeted. Decided it did not work for him.
Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Nope.
Likes: Money, hockey, peanut butter, kids, beaches, fires, blankets, photography, old rock and F. Scott Fitzgerald
Dislikes: Dancing, TV, fake people, lies, cake, being told no and specially thunder storms. Ok, rain. Sometimes just drizzle.
Hobbies: Reading, shopping, playing the piano and photographing strangers.
Skills: Reading people and giving advise. Plus, Eli is very stylish.
Flaws: Timid and scared of most things.
Personality description: At first sight, Elias is a sweet young man. Although he isn't very sociable and tends to keep to himself, he would never reject a friendly chat or deny help in your time of need. A little push is all he needs to let out his expansive, fun personality. He smiles at all times, has a optimistic view on most things and doesn't really concern himself with silly dilemmas. He has a philosophy of letting go of things that are bad for him, not allowing himself to think too much of them.
Problem is when something does affect him, something he can't overlook. Being raised until certain age into a very rich family, Eli is rather spoiled and, when it's impossible for him to only be exposed to the things that he loves, he tends to shut down and, depending on the situation presented, get really nervous and scared. Rain is his biggest fear, and when it really pours, it's like that sweet young man is turned into a crying little child; he screams, cries, shivers and holds on to things and people so tightly he sometimes hurts himself. He will not stop until the rain is gone or someone tells him a story. Really. Just like a kid.
The other problem with his philosophy is that if he decides you are no good for him, he will literally try and get you out of his life. Him ignoring you in all occasions and pretending you actually cannot be seen would be a worse case cenario.
All in all, Eli is kind hearted and generous, but does not react well to being cornered. He will do everything in his power to try and help you as long as you respect and care for him just as much, but if that's not the case, things might get uncomfortable.

Electrocuting: Elias has the ability to absorb high electrical charges and strike his opponent with the electricity obtained. He can get them from basically any source of electricity, but the larger the charge, more powerful his attacks.
Electric Fence: He can't be electrified and can create a electrical field around him that will shock anyone who touches it. He requires very high amounts of energy to extend that field to a larger perimeter.
Luminescence: He can turn on light bulbs and other small electrical devices by just touching them.


So begins...

Elias Volta's Story


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Adam Boswell

Adam was so focused on the girl in front of him that he didn't even realize someone was behind him until they coughed as well. He jumped slightly and turned around quickly. How could he have been so stupid? Anyone could have tricked him into coming here, snuck behind him, and knocked him out like that. He was going to have to be a lot more careful. But before Adam could jump to any conclusions about the person in front of him, who was also a girl, she spoke for herself. "Hey, you know how many more are in there? And what about these?" She held up an invitation, and Adam could tell it had most of the same writing on it as his had. He relaxed a little bit and shook his head. "Sorry, I have no idea."

When another girl stepped out of the forest from behind the newcomer, Adam was a little more prepared. But at the sight of three girls and no other guys, he began to worry inside. Had he gone to the wrong mansion? Was it like that one movie he watched with his mom one time where a boy was accidently sent to a girl's summer camp? That would suck big time. "You guys got the letter too?" Adam nodded and pulled his letter out of his backpack for proof. He scanned it quickly, but it made no mention of a girls-only or boys-only section. So maybe he was just the first guy to arrive or something? That idea gave Adam a small sense of comfort.

He studied the two girls in front of him, but nothing about them gave away what they were. Strangely enough, they actually looked slightly similar. But since they hadn't arrived together and didn't show any signs of recognition, it must just be a strange coincidence. Adam still wasn't completely comfortable being surrounded by three girls that he didn't know and was debating about taking off when he heard what was definitely a guy call out, "Anybody here!?" He gave a sigh of relief. Thank goodness. At least he wouldn't be completely alone in this. Adam looked at the three girls he was with, wracking his brain for something to say. Luckily, he was spared an awkward silence when yet another girl made an appearance. "I'm not Glitch, but as the first person here I thought I should let you know there are rooms up these steps." Actual bedrooms? This place was sounding better and better. His old place hadn't been a dump, but it was no mansion either.

Finally, Glitch appeared, along with a very large wolf. Adam could guess just by looking that it was probably a werewolf, and although Alex could be masculine or feminine, he was going to hope it was a male. Glitch welcomed everyone even while scolding the werewolf next to her. "Did you all find a room to stay in, or..?" Adam shook his head, but didn't say anything. Surely someone else would have the courage to speak up. It would probably be one of the two girls he just met. "I'm really sorry. I received this..." Adam looked towards the door and smiled inwardly. Another male. This didn't seem so bad now. Maybe most of the guys were just running late.


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#, as written by Saerith
Once the blonde turned to walk down the hallway, Sam looked around searching for anyone else that may have arrived, but not spotting other people, she just rushed to follow the other girl. Is not exactly like she could go around asking people if they were Glitch. As they passed the room that had it's door half open, Sam peeked inside. Apparently, a lot of people had already arrived, which she did not expect. In her experience, people didn't often arrive at events at the time pointed in the invitation, but then again, this was not an everyday situation. That made her a little nervous; from the looks of that girl, and of the man that she had spotted inside the room, those people were confident and comfortable with this situation and had already made themselves comfortable, but she was just really a bit confused.

As they finally reached the front door, Sam stood a few steps before the phoenix as she introduced herself. Seeing all those people made her heart race and a broad smile wrinkled her nose. Maybe she was lost and confused but all those different faces gave her a reassuring certainty that, however this would work, it would be fun. Just as these thoughts entered her mind, someone else walked into the door and, after her, a enormous wolf. Sam's smile slowly faded from her mouth and turned into an expression of awe. Fascinating. They both were outstanding creatures. Although she should feel threatened by "Alex", as Glitch had introduced him, being a wolf and therefor a predator to her own original species, she actually felt rather compelled to him, but decided it wouldn't be a good idea to follow once he had left. Glitch, on the other hand, was glowing with confidence and power. She was just as charming and pretty as the phoenix, and her presence alone seemed to change the whole atmosphere.

As they all stood there, two more men arrived at the living room and everyone seemed to be waiting for someone to reply to Glitch's question, so Sam climbed down the last steps and approached her. "Hum, miss Glitch? Is there any room division we should know of?" she asked shyly. "I'm Samantha Porter, by the way, you can call me Sam. I received your invitation and, hum... Brought you something to thank you for it. Hope that's ok. I didn't know there would be a second host, if that's what Alex is, so I didn't get him anything. You don't have to wear it if you don't like it, I just thought..." she mentally shushed herself, deciding she had already said too much. It was common for her to ramble at times. Rapidly shoving her hand on the front pocket of her dark, loose jeans, she removed the necklace from it and offered it to Glitch, nervously observing her reaction.