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a character in “Eroryus”, as played by Tea.Or.Coffee





Full name
Michael Haart
"Don't even mention the name..."

Mike, Rain
"I can't even remember how I got the name...but I prefer Rain"

Twenty Two
"Physically, twenty two-ish, but I know I look older sometimes. I don't think I age like 'normal' people"

"Take a guess. If you need to guess, there's a fifty percent chance you'll be right"

"I don't even know what I am. I don't know if my fucking 'species' even has a name."

"I don't see how that's any of your business, but I'm straight"

"Please. My parents were Asian, but I grew up in Seattle, sort of. I moved around a lot as a kid when people started to realize I wasn't like them, and then ran away to live in France when I was sixteen"


"I don't know...kind of tall, I guess? Does it matter?"

"Another completely irrelevant question..."
Body Build
Rain's body is subtly toned and athletic, with defined, angular features.
"What? I don't know. Toned, I guess? I mean, I try"

Rain's skin is the color that would be expected of a man of Asian heritage. For the most part, his skin is clear and free of marks except for tattoos and scars.
"What do you bloody think?"

His hair is black, and he normally styles it back out of the way for convenience and simplicity. In terms of facial hair, Rain often chooses to keep it, to an extent.
"Um...Hair? I have it."

Dark brown, but amber when he uses his powers.
"Just don't be weird about it, 'kay?"

Rain, when he doesn't have his wings, sports a thick, vertical scar on each shoulder blade in addition to an old scar on his left forearm from an attempt to jump a spiked wall. He also has a tattoo on the left side of his chest and a circular tattoo on the inside of his right wrist. He also has this design on his ribs.
"Well, no one's perfect..."

"I'm just me. I don't need extras to show people that. Not that I want to show people me anyway"

Any additional features
When he gets emotional, particularly when he's angry, he gains a pair of large black feathered wings, with a span of over twice his height.
"Fuck off"



Previous relationship(s)Image

Very few. A girlfriend when he was fifteen, though after cheating on him, humiliating him, and exposing him for what he really is in front of his class, they split up. More recently, in Paris, Rain also spent a couple of nights with another man, though it wasn't serious. They remain good friends.
"What a fucking bitch..."

None currently.
"And I don't need anyone either"

Rain || Dark skies and clouds || Crows and ravens || Cats || Hot drinks, particularly coffee || Hiking || Feeling free || People who respect boundaries || Swimming

The smell of coffee || Being laughed at || Crowds || Fish || The color yellow || Strangers || Small spaces || Being provoked into anger || Feeling strong emotions
"Why the hell should I tell you my weaknesses?"

Walking || Swimming || Reading
"It just know, to keep me...calm, I guess..."

Rain speaks several languages, and has a lot of stamina. He is also good at writing, though he hates to do so. In addition, Rain has a very good sense of direction.
"I'm not good at much. Are we done yet?"

Easily angered || Reclusive || Bitterness || Jealousy of others
[center]"I already told you. No one's fucking perfect. Least of all me"

[center]Personality description
Rain is a very volatile man, who is very quickly brought to anger. He's irritated by a lot of things, such as people standing too close to him, breathing or eating loudly or even just looking at him oddly. That anger manifests itself in his general attitude towards the world - he is often bitter or harsh towards those around him, and won't hesitate to judge them or put them down.

However, this is only due to his own insecurity. After a childhood where he was often bullied and ridiculed for being different, this defensive shell soon became the barrier he put up to hide the hurt behind it. Rain is actually very sensitive, as well as perceptive, with a good eye for seeing things about other people that others might not notice. It takes a lot for him to trust others, and in relationships, often deeply emotionally invests himself. As a person, he is quite passionate, and believes that if something is worth doing, it should be done properly, and that is a motto that he always tries to live by.

But that isn't to say that Rain is a stereotypical tall, dark stranger with a troubled past. Really, he is quite forward with other people, and often quite charming and amorous when he wants to be, though always just for fun. He's got a sharp, albeit somewhat wicked, sense of humour, that is only marred by his mistrust of those around him.

~ Powers ~
1) Flight
2) Healing
3) Feeling presences - he can tell when people are near, and within reason, where they are, if he has met them once already.

~ Extra ~
Anything else you wish to add?

So begins...

Rain's Story


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The letter had arrived three nights ago, on the doorstep to the derelict warehouse Rain was currently staying in, and he ran his fingers over the shiny, gold lettering on the expensive paper. Michael Haart was blazoned across the top of the letter, and even just reading his real name made his lip curl with distaste. The contents of the letter hadn't interested him at first, hence why it had taken him three days to return to it. What did interest him though, and the reason he had returned to it at all, was that it was his real name scrawled across in the mocking gold writing, and as far as he was aware, no one knew that he was called anything other than Rain. The other question, of course, was how they'd found him. Rain could feel himself growing frustrated as he considered whether to go to this miracle holiday home. On the one hand, he knew it may well simply be some sort of trapped for people to catch him and test him - but then again, if they knew where he was living, he'd be with them already. On the other hand though...this invitation could be genuine, and Rain was never one to turn down anything if it was free.

Sighing, and growling, he crumpled the offending slip of paper and through it across the warehouse. It landed with barely a sound on the dusty ground. Frustrated and uncertain, Rain went to the corner where he had erected a sheet for him to live under. The space was tiny, but it had his blankets and his microwave (stolen, obviously) and it was almost always warm. He ate his last microwave meal, not bothering to cook it properly before he wolfed it down. Frustrated, he then curled up on his blankets and fell asleep.

Rain awoke several hours later, to a familiar, yet infuriating sound. He could hear the tapping of rain on the roof of the decaying warehouse, and he could feel the lower thud of rain striking his little shelter. "Fucks sake!" he cursed, reaching to grab the torch that he kept beside his makeshift bed. He shone it upwards, at the tarpaulin that was his only barrier between warmth and the rain, and a suspicious looking dark patch had gathered in the middle, which bowed dangerously low. Running a hand through his hair, Rain shrugged on a hoody and then a jacket, pulling the hoods of both up. He pushed his feet back into his worn boots, and took an old rucksack, which he then stuffed with clean clothes. There wasn't much to pack, really. He kept nothing personal. After packing enough clothing to last him a couple days, he rolled free of his little shelter and trudged grumpily over to the invitation. It was soaked with the rain, and he scowled as he scanned the fading letters one last time. He memorized the address printed on the bottom, and then dropped the paper again. He paused, shifting from foot to foot as he anxiously attempted to make a decision, and then exhaled slowly.

"Fuck it"

Turning on his heel at the behest of the familiar uncomfortable scratching of his back, Rain climbed the stairs that led up onto the roof of the wretched building he had just moments ago called home. Once he was outside properly, the cold struck him like a knife, and his namesake quickly began to soak him. Rain sighed, closing his eyes and forced himself to calm, even just a little. It took a moment, but soon he felt wings unfurling at his shoulders, and the welcome release that accompanied the sensation.He glanced back at them, and couldn't help but smile very slightly in anticipation of flight. The wings appeared solid, though were ethereal. The black glossy feathers seemed to resist the rain and shifted as though unaffected by the wind too. Of course, they didn't rip his clothes as they simply didn't attach directly to his back. Instead, they were simply bound to him, much like his shadow. He gave them an experimental flap, and then made his final decision. There was no turning back now. Rain raced towards the edge of the building, his feet hitting the puddled ground hard as he pushed himself forwards, and then dived off the roof of the warehouse.

Rain inhaled sharply as his wings opened, catching the air and bearing him into the sky as he rose from the dive. His blood pounded through his veins, adrenaline and exhilaration running through him like blood. He clutched his bag to his chest tightly as he altered his course, his wings dipping and shifting to accommodate the change of direction. Rain flew through the night, tiring slowly as he did, and then flew towards the rising sun for the beginning of the next morning. He began to wonder if this place really existed, and just as he was about to give up hope, a break in the blanket of green trees below him proved to be the building he was looking for.

The angel-like creature circled the area three times, searching for somewhere to land that wasn't too far from the building. He was tired, unused to flying such distances is such a short time, and his arms ached slightly from holding his bag so tightly, and catching it that one time he had dropped it. In short, Rain was feeling wet, cold, tired and sore, and certainly not in the mood to walk any distance to this so called haven. He'd seen the people below him, and couldn't recognize if they were 'like him' or simply humans, but right then, he didn't care. After circling the third time, Rain simply gave up. He alighted on the roof of the building itself, and walked down the stairs from there.

He found himself in a long hall, with doors every few feet or so. Moving to the first one, he listened, and hearing silence, eased it open. Inside was a bedroom, and Rain's relief was only second to his comic disbelief. A real bedroom. After spending six months in a dingy warehouse, a room with four distinct walls and windows and a solid roof was a luxury in itself. Rain stepped in slowly, looking around as his wings faded into his back once again. The bed (a real bed!) was made up, and the room itself seemed empty in it's neutrality, and he made the assumption that it wasn't occupied. There was another door set into one of the walls, which he opened, and his eyes opened in unbridled gratitude. A bathroom, with a bath and a shower and a toilet. Rain grinned and dropped his sopping bag next to his bed, and then pulled out his dryer clothes. He threw them onto the bed and then gleefully went into the bathroom, and indulged in a long, hot bath.

Rain was beginning to like it here. Warmed by the hot water, relaxed and at ease, he stepped out a half hour later, and put a towel around his waist before pulling on a pair of jeans. Walking bare foot and bare chested, Rain went back to the bed and began to sort through his clothes, his mind turning to who else might be here. He kept the door to his bedroom open, looking up at it often to look for other people.


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Cheyanne knew there were others in the house. Their voices echoed in the hall and she could hear some of the others. In fact one of them was in a room. A door was ajar and she wanted to go in to see who had joined her in this hallway. As she quietly made her way toward the room a voice called to her. β€œExcuse me!” Her feet stopped moving and she turned around. It was a woman who had called to her. She was quite pretty and around the same height as the phoenix. The firebird walked away from the room and toward the woman that had called out to her. β€œAre you Glitch?”. The blonde giggled a bit and then shook her head. A smile formed on her face. "Sadly no. But I would like to meet the host myself" she said. As Cheyanne was talking, she was examining the girl in front of her. Trying to figure out who she was, just by the way she stood. It failed, but it was worth a shot.

"Anybody here!?" The young woman turned her head toward the voice. More people. Her excitement level was high, you could see it in her eyes. She turned back to the red head. "I'm going to go see who else is here" she informed her. The firebird turned on her heels and started walking down the hall. She passed the room with the door that was slightly opened. Cheyanne would return to this room later. She didn't bother checking to see if the red head was following behind her, she just assumed she would. If not then it isn't her problem. Holding the railing, she made her way back down the steps toward the front door. So many people had arrived within moments of her own arrival. A flame burned in her eyes and a brighter smile formed on her face. She stood at the bottom step and looked at everyone. Although she wasn't Glitch, she was the first one here.

"Hi!" she said to everyone within ear shot. Quickly she decided to skip introducing herself to them. She didn't know them so her identity will remain a mystery. "I'm not Glitch, but as the first person here I thought I should let you know there are rooms up these steps." the fire bird said pointing up. "I just wanted to give a warm welcome. As a phoenix, I'm pretty skilled at that" she finished. The smile never dropped from her face and the flame still burned in her eyes. This new life she entered was going to be rather interesting.


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G L I T C H.


Glitch knew, somewhere in her mind, that the majority of her invited guests would be arriving at her home at any moment, if they weren't already there when she finally reached the building. She appreciated punctuality above most else when it came to guests, and must've seemed a bit hypocritical at that point because she'd clearly stated that she wanted them at the house by 10am, and no later. She moved with an unspeakable swiftness, her feet light against the ground as she travelled through the forest, nimbly avoiding trees and streams on her way to the house. Behind her came the sound of paws thudding against the soft mud of the forest floor, a sound that she'd gotten used to over the passing months that Alexander had been in her care. He hadn't liked to be alone when Glitch went on one of her little scouting trips, so he'd often accompany her. Glitch had turned only her head, giving her a better view of the stunning black creature beside her. It was then that she realised how fast she was travelling, due to the fatigue in his eyes and the slight blur that his body carried as he went. A smile lined her lips.

Approaching the back entrance of the house, Glitch slowed herself to a halt and eyed the building, her head cocking to the side in an Avian-like manner. "I hear voices.. They must be here," she mumbled, her voice almost disappearing as she spoke. A pout had caused her bottom lip to push itself outwards until it was ahead of the other, and a frown lowered her eyebrows slowly. A sense of doubt filled Glitch's mind, causing her to think that they'd think less of her hosting abilities because she had arrived later than them; it wasn't entirely her fault though, she had gotten caught up in certain things. The feeling of a wet nose and masses of fur had brought her back to the present, and she found that Alex had nuzzled her arm lightly. Her expression changed almost instantly, from a sad frown to a smile as she let out a small giggle and shoved the male's head lightly. His eyes watched her for a moment, before she set off towards the door, opened it and stepped inside her home, carrying the lingering smile as she looked at each and every one of them.

In all honesty, there were less people inside than Glitch had thought there'd be, but she could sense others were around; outside or upstairs, but they were all there somewhere. "Apologies," she said as she walked further into the living room and across into the kitchen, which were joined as one, and set the plastic shopping bag on the counter beside the fridge, "somebody drank the last of the milk this morning, and forgot to tell me we needed more." To anyone that didn't know Glitch very well, it looked as if her mood had changed in a matter of seconds, her expression now a threatening glare as she turned to the brute sat on the far side of the room; he lowered his head with a whimper, but said nothing else. She chuckled as she finally let a smirk creep its way onto her lips once more, before she turned to the people in her house. "If you hadn't already guessed it, I'm Glitch. The Wolf, over there, is Alex. Welcome!" she exclaimed, somewhat enthusiastically. She placed both hands on the counter behind her, and jumped up to take a seat, her legs crossing. "Did you all find a room to stay in, or..?"

A L E X.


Alexander sat away from the group that had gathered in Glitch's living room, his bright amber eyes watching their every movement. Due to his wariness and distrust of other people, he kept up his transformation (despite his fatigue) and would continue to do so until he trusted them enough. He always thought Glitch was tiny, but looking at the other people in the house - especially the men - had made him realise just how large he was. Even when sat down, he towered over all of them. Each of his paws were around the same size as an average human's head. If it weren't for the unusually high ceiling, he probably wouldn't be able to sit inside whilst in his wolf form, at least not without having to dip his head. And yet, regardless of his brutish capabilities and size, he would never imagine himself to be capable of going against Glitch. There was something about her that sent a shiver down his spine, but he loved her like a sister and wouldn't leave her side until one of them were dead.

He hadn't really been paying much attention to the conversation before he noticed that Glitch had mentioned the milk issue, and he lowered his head as a harsh feeling of guilt washed over him. It was only milk, but Glitch had a way of making him feel like he'd just killed her entire family. God only knows how she did it. Perhaps it was just his canine instincts, to be loyal to a human; it made him feel like the smallest thing he'd do wrong would be the end of their friendship, and he was extremely loyal to Glitch - no matter what. Unknowingly, a whimper had escaped his throat, his ears now pinned backwards as his head hung low. He hadn't seen her change of expression, and so he simply stood himself up, shook his pelt free of dirt and pretty much covered the living area in small pebbles and piecing of soil, before making his way outside to one of the gardens. It looked more like a field than anything. Alex loved to run around in it.

Now that he was a reasonable distance from any sort of supernatural creature (and Glitch would probably warn them if they tried to approach him), he let his wolf form drop. The Wolf's pelt was clearing of all fur as its body started to shrink in size and shift its shape from that of a wolf to a human. Unlike the many myths and legends regarding Werewolves, Alexander would return to his human form fully-clothed, though those clothes would be tattered and worn-out. Now back to normal, he ran his hand through his scruffy hair, before taking a seat on the grass beneath him. He let a small sigh break through his lips, but made no sounds other than that.


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Jae Daniels

Jae stood, barely moving, barely making a sound past the flux of his breath. He was slightly crouched, alert for sounds, other presences. Not too much later, a female voice sounded outside, then crossed the threshold into the room. It was a dark haired girl with toned skin. The young woman's eyes swept across him as if he wasn't even there. Which technically he wasn't. His features wrapped into a momentary grin at his ability to get by with things like this. Then he heard another presence outside the house, and then another loud voice. How many people were showing up here? Then another voice. That made three females and one unidentifiable presences. And then it was too much for him to track at one time. He remained quiet, waiting for a time when he could gracefully exit without being noticed. There was a stairwell across the room, maybe he could disappear up there?

The male began slinking against the wall, still invisible, the outline of his body shivering slightly, making it look like faint traces of glittering dust were floating lazily across the room in a concentrated pack. A blonde girl appeared in the stairwell when he was a few feet from it. She was blonde, and she almost seemed to glow. Not a real glow, but a sunshine type deal. Jae paused. he wouldn't be able to slide around her. Was she the leader here? Was she the 'Glitch' the paper mentioned.

The blonde began to speak, negating Jae's wonderings. No, no she wasn't. She was a phoenix though. And there were rooms upstairs. And they were supposed to be here. It wasn't a trap. Jae relaxed a little bit at that, but he didn't want to just blink back into appearance here. Even if these people were all supernaturals, he'd had problems with just appearing places before and didn't want to take any chances.

And then the air in the room shifted. A pretty young Korean woman entered the room, holding an air of authority about her. And in the huge animal that trailed her in. She began to speak in a familiar voice, barbed towards the large...animal? across the room. Then she offered her welcome, introducing herself and the beast, a werewolf, he finally connected. Then she sat on the table, asking about rooms. Ah, that was what he was about to do. He took that as an opportunity to dart past the blonde in the stairwell and take the stairs two at a time, flickering back into existence as he went, an aura of purple around him.

He pushed into the first room he found. There were two beds in the room, and one of them had things lying on it. Nope, not that one. He backed out. That meant they had roommates? The hinkypunk swallowed. Well, at least he wouldn't spend much time in the room at night. And he could find his sleep elsewhere. He just hoped the other would be tolerable and tolerate his nighttime oddities. But he needed to find an unoccupied room so whoever got stuck with him wouldn't blame the choice on him.

A small, wry smile flashed white on his face for a second, then he poked his head into another room. There was an older looking male on the bed. Jae's face showed no reaction but his heart spiked with instinctive fear. He hated surprises in the earlier hours. Yes, ten was much too early for him. The spike of fear turned his glow red before he completely vanished without a word, darting away to another room. Ah, this one was empty. He vaulted over the first bed, choosing instead to occupy the second. Only when he'd settled down did his camouflage drop.

The small male flopped back on the bed, closing his eyes and stretching. He could get used to a bed like this. Now wasn't the time to sleep, but it sure as hell wouldn't stop him from trying.


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#, as written by Saerith

The sound of tires racing on the asphalt sent chills down his spine. There was no turning back now. Eli turned his head to glance wistfully at the spot his boss's car had been just a seconds ago and frowned slightly. John was apparently eager to get rid of him and never asked any questions about the strange location, only just helped Elias removing his luggage from the trunk of the car and hit the road. Now, staring at the long patch he had already hiked into the woods, the young, tall man trembled slightly, his hair a terrible mess, his hands, sweaty and slippery. He had been walking for several minutes now, carrying two heavy bags, his feet sore inside the shoes that were most certainly not made for walking long distances, and, deep inside, he felt like he had made the wrong decision. As always.
Of course he would be safer from things like storms and lightning, and certainly any bed they could manage would be more comfortable than crashing on the old, dusty mattress behind the cafe, but was it really worth it? This place, this house... He felt ambushed. A strange location, in the middle of the woods, prowling with with powerful beings, people who could actually be dangerous and capable of hurting him. And then of course there was a more basic, human fear of him; even if they were all harmless, he knew no one. He didn't want to feel lonely again. Sitting down, Elias felt overwhelmed by all of this. It was frustrating for him not having any control of the events yet to come. And what if he was the one to harm someone? After all, hurting people was the only thing his abilities seemed to be good for.
He heard a voice not so far from his position and a soft breeze caressed his exposed neck. He couldn't really figure out what the voice said, but it meant he should be a lot closer to his destination, whatever that was. Forcing himself to stand up, Volt continued walking. Complaining would do him no good, he decided, his only option now was to move on and, if he was doing so, do it properly. Practicing a friendly smile, he emerged into a wider area.
There it was. This had to be it. Surrounded by trees and a few people, there was an enormous white cabin. The smile on his face became a little more natural once his light, weary eyes lingered over the pool and gardens. Nevertheless, it quickly faded when he spotted a large silhouette, a black giant creature walking out the front door. Is this what he would be facing? Is that what the invitation meant by "others like you"?
After a few moments, after Eli could finally wipe the expression of shock out of his face, he gulped and approached the house. Not knowing what to expect, he cracked the door slowly and peeked inside to find a small group of people standing in the room. They didn't seem dangerous, so he let himself in and placed his bags on the floor. Apparently he had interrupted something. Only then did he notice his clocked showed fifteen minutes after ten. He was late. "I'm really sorry. I received this..." he said lowly, his voice fading. He blushed severely while waving the letter in the air.


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#, as written by Saerith
Once the blonde turned to walk down the hallway, Sam looked around searching for anyone else that may have arrived, but not spotting other people, she just rushed to follow the other girl. Is not exactly like she could go around asking people if they were Glitch. As they passed the room that had it's door half open, Sam peeked inside. Apparently, a lot of people had already arrived, which she did not expect. In her experience, people didn't often arrive at events at the time pointed in the invitation, but then again, this was not an everyday situation. That made her a little nervous; from the looks of that girl, and of the man that she had spotted inside the room, those people were confident and comfortable with this situation and had already made themselves comfortable, but she was just really a bit confused.

As they finally reached the front door, Sam stood a few steps before the phoenix as she introduced herself. Seeing all those people made her heart race and a broad smile wrinkled her nose. Maybe she was lost and confused but all those different faces gave her a reassuring certainty that, however this would work, it would be fun. Just as these thoughts entered her mind, someone else walked into the door and, after her, a enormous wolf. Sam's smile slowly faded from her mouth and turned into an expression of awe. Fascinating. They both were outstanding creatures. Although she should feel threatened by "Alex", as Glitch had introduced him, being a wolf and therefor a predator to her own original species, she actually felt rather compelled to him, but decided it wouldn't be a good idea to follow once he had left. Glitch, on the other hand, was glowing with confidence and power. She was just as charming and pretty as the phoenix, and her presence alone seemed to change the whole atmosphere.

As they all stood there, two more men arrived at the living room and everyone seemed to be waiting for someone to reply to Glitch's question, so Sam climbed down the last steps and approached her. "Hum, miss Glitch? Is there any room division we should know of?" she asked shyly. "I'm Samantha Porter, by the way, you can call me Sam. I received your invitation and, hum... Brought you something to thank you for it. Hope that's ok. I didn't know there would be a second host, if that's what Alex is, so I didn't get him anything. You don't have to wear it if you don't like it, I just thought..." she mentally shushed herself, deciding she had already said too much. It was common for her to ramble at times. Rapidly shoving her hand on the front pocket of her dark, loose jeans, she removed the necklace from it and offered it to Glitch, nervously observing her reaction.