Harley Shana Davis

Harley is a quiet, responsible girl who is in her senior year of high school. She has an internship with the Tomales Post Office, and works as a clerk at the General Goods store..

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Physical Appearance:
At the age of seventeen, Harley stands at around five feet and six inches tall. Her legs are very long in proportion to her height, as well as her arms. Her figure is slender, but her feet are large, being a size 10 in men's shoes. Her hair is long, and dyed a dark blue at the top and dark purple at the bottom in a ombre style. It reaches to her lower back when curled and when it's in its natural straight style, it reaches below her butt. Her eyes are wide, and are a light, clear blue, though many mistake them for grey. She has a heart-shaped face with high-set cheekbones and naturally thick lips.

Harley is a girl of unexpected person. She is responsible, as previously stated, but she is also very spastic when it comes to her emotions. For example, one moment she'll be excited, and the next she'll be as calm as a glassy lake in the morning. On another note, Harley is also quite the gamer, her favorite games being The Legend of Zelda series, though Halo Reach and the Assassin's Creed series are both high up there on her list of favorites. Another noticable characteristic of Harley is how much like home she can seem for so many people. When people come into the the General Goods store, for example, and check out their items, she often starts small talk, and most people can't help but notice her naturally warm and inviting aura. However, on some occasions this persona is interrupted by the more spastic side of her, though it's very rare.

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