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Kuro Karasu

"I will get that kiss someday."

0 · 369 views · located in Tech Tower

a character in “Error: Glitch”, as played by kailani98


Kuro Karasu ~[Ku-row Ka-ra-su]~

Kuro Karasu in English means Black Crow. So he likes the nick name crow, usually only close people call him this, otherwise he likes his own name: Kuro.
"Is it so hard for people to like their own names?"

"What kind of question is that? Do I need to show you my... Manhood? Wink Wink."

"Yes Young, but Mature. Heh.... Or maybe just young?"

"Sorry girls, this shop is closed for business. Boys? I'm right open."

[Love Interest]Image
"Boys, come get it!"

A few sentences, please. Tell me about yourself!

Nothing god-like. Make it reasonable, but otherwise, have fun! Creative, original, whatever you like. Explain the weaknesses, too.

[Extreme Event]
What was the extreme event that the machine caused to distract you from the glitch? It can be anything between extremely good to extremely bad. Take your pick.

~ Kuro was always sickened by the thought of drowning. He had always wanted to die quickly. Not losing his breath and dying slowly while water was being ingested. So from this fear he doesn't really know how to swim. Anyways, Kuro hates being in the water. If he had to save someone he cared about, he would do everything he could. Its just something he would never do. He usually starts to hyperventilate and cry when he is in the water. ~

~ Kuro has no self esteem as well. He doesn't really believe in himself at all. All he wishes is for true love and adventure, but him only liking guys is a little hard for that. He believes no one loves him and no one ever will. He believes hes an invisible person with no love or soul. And quite frankly, he hates it. He's scared that he will never find love or he will die alone. His worst emotional fear. It may sound stupid, but he really cares about how people think of him. He wants to be the nice sweet guy that has a fun side and is someone you could look up to. He has always wanted the words to hit his ears,"I Love you." ~

~ Another thing Kuro is terrified of, is blood. He hates the sight of the red liquid. He can't deal with it. Blood will also cause his hyperventilating. Blood actually scares Kuro more then water. He can only stand a little blood, like a little drop from the finger. But anymore he will freak. You can mostly blame his past for this fear. Mostly all of his fears actually. Anyways, if he sees himself bleeding he will flip out even more. He has asthma which doesn't help at all with his hyperventilating. Just a tip, If blood is somewhere, don't mention it or cover it up before Kuro sees it. ~

"I seem to give love, but its never returned..."

Kuro didn't have a very great life in the machine. He was constantly scared and sad. He lived with a mom a dad and a little sister. He used to have a happy family. They had a decent amount of money and lived in a nice house. They were all happy. His parents had stable jobs. Kuro and his sister were usually alone at home so that's when they bonded. He was really happy. Until his dad lost his job. His dad's job was really well. That's where they got all their money. So when he was fired everything went bad. They became poor. Kuro's mom became depressed because she couldn't help her husband. Kuro's dad became depressed and drunk. He wouldn't get a new job. So eventually they were evicted.

After that they found a really beat up house. It was terrible. Kuro always put his sister to bed and eventually his dad started beating his mom. Kuro would hear the crying and the slaps. It gave him nightmares.
"Don't remind me."


Cooking Time!
Happy Valentines.
"You can't get enough of me. Huh?"

[Theme Song]
Hospital Flowers


So begins...

Kuro Karasu's Story