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❝They say that we are all equal, but we all look different.❞

Normal ||Like a dream come true | Shoji Meguro (Persona 4)
Fighting ||Top of the world | Stephen Walking
Emotional | Death ||Pierrot (Acoustic arr.) | KEI (arr. Shounen-T // Vocal. Ashe)
Anger | Out of Control ||Slime City | Eptic

❝Have you ever wondered what is outside of here. I mean, out of Minimum?❞

Image∞ Full name ∞ "I think my name is pretty great!"
Phin Xerahera

∞ Nickname ∞ "I like my name as it is."
Phillips (Used by his stepfather)
Phinny (Often used by child and to nag him)
Pierrot (His nickname in his debut in the Air Blades)

∞ Alias ∞ "So many names!"

∞ Race ∞ "Only the best way to live"

∞ Age ∞ "I got called old the other day by some kind of kid…"

∞ Gender ∞ "Everything above!"

∞ Sexuality ∞ "What is sexuality…?"
Still questioning.

∞ Role ∞ "I just want to have fun!"

∞ Group ∞ "We are the freest group in town!"
Air Blade

∞ Item ∞ "My dad gave it to me when he passed away…"
A necklace. It is a wing with a crystal encrusted in it. It is always hidden inside of his shirt. The crystal changes colours depending on his mood, like his error does.

∞ Occupation ∞ "Yes, I do other stuff than just running away from law enforcers."
He’s a cashier at a music shop.

∞ Face Claim ∞ "He looks exactly like me! What a beautiful man though…"
Ittoki Otoya | Uta no Prince

❝If happiness is a choice, is being restrained here is? I don’t know. ❞

Image∞ Side ∞ "If there is anything I would like the most is to get out of here."
He doesn’t want to be in Minimum. It is because that he always want to know what is there.

∞ Height & Weight ∞ "I’m above average, I guess."
6’1, 157 lbs

∞ Hair color ∞ "No, it is not on fire!"
Bright red

∞ Eye color ∞ "Those can be in a specific time…"
Bright red

∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞ "Touch it! Someone said it felt like baby skin."

∞ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ∞ "I don’t like tattoos and such, even though I do have one…"
The number XXI is written on his left shoulder. He aslo has a scar across his chest, seeming to be made from a sharp item.

∞ Physical Description ∞ "Look at me! No really, do that."
Besides the things mentioned above, Phin is mostly wearing light and loosened clothing. He also wears sneakers, seeming to be quite used. He doesn’t have much muscular mass, only being skinny.

❝They say that we are all equal, but we all look different.❞

Image∞ Habits/Quirks ∞
✦He drums on anything when he’s bored.
✦Sometimes spews out a deep thought in his mind, then just turns it comical.
✦When there is too much silence when there is no need for, he’ll do high pitched noises from his mouth.

∞ Likes ∞
♥His necklace

∞ Dislikes ∞
✖Law enforcers
✖His stepfather
✖Disrespectful customers that doesn’t place the products where they were

∞ Talents ∞
✔Guitar/Piano playing.
✔Perfect pitch
✔Keeping happy with himself (Yes, it is a talent)

∞ Hobbies ∞
✔Playing guitar alone.
✔Solving a small rubik’s cube he has when bored.
✔Scribble in a notebook either random notes or doodles.

∞ Fears ∞
✘Being finally caught.
✘He turns against his friends during one of his anger outburst.
✘His deepest secret is revealed.

∞ Flaws ∞
✘He has no filter when meeting new people.
✘Takes a bit longer to grasp simple concepts.
✘As mentioned, when angered, it is almost as a no-return state.

∞ Secrets ∞
⌛He develops a bit of feelings for the leader of the Air Blades.
⌛Despite being saved and welcomed warmly into the Air Blades, he had suicidal thoughts.
⌛He killed his stepfather.(As it did not spreed.)

❝What do you mean I shouldn’t have too much ic-? ouuuuuchhh, my head huuuuurts!❞

Image∞ Weapon ∞ "Oh? Those things? I just keep them in case."
Under his jacket is hidden two dagger-sized kunais. They aren’t as throw-able as their normal-sized counterpart, but they are still quite fast. He has them in sheaths, so he doesn’t hurt himself.

∞ Error ∞ "I have to be careful with my error… it is as bad for you as it is for me."
Phin has the ability to control raw energy. He draws the energy from himself or sources of energy like electricity or fire, though he cannot harvest the energy of a living being. This ability is a double-edged sword, since the user feels actually illness when drawing energy out of his system. It isn’t as bad if he does have something to draw energy from. If the user uses too much energy, it can be lethal. While it withdraws from his own pool, controlling it has little to no effect on the pool itself. Also, the hue of the energy depends on his mood; varying from deep blue for colder mood, like boredom, to bright red, like happiness. Anger can influence how dark the colour is. A complete dark energy would mean he reached his anger threshold.

∞ Personality ∞ "I like to be happy. Do you? "
Phin has this thing that he always want to keep himself entertained and happy. He’ll often make thoughtful remarks, but it would usually end up with hilariously silliness. He is often told that he’s blessed with some kind of innocence. He will usually found that he doesn’t mind much, but the things that pisses him off occurs to be very apparent. If he isn’t happy, it is because something is bothering on his mind.

Talking about his anger, he has something that he calls an anger threshold. Rarely, he will seem to cease to have human thoughts and it is like his instincts kicks in. It will be marked by the apparition of a dark energy aura around him, and his eyes seeming to be animating like flames. The only way to stop him is either knock him unconscious, or getting him to calm down. However, it might take people that he really care to do so.

❝Have you ever thought there might be something better for all of us out there?❞

Image*∞ Romantic Interest ∞ "I don’t know. I like everyone!"

∞ Most Precious Person ∞ "There is a lot of people I know. I can’t choose for someone."
None in particular, but probably the Air Blade leader.

∞ Family ∞ "This list could use one less person."
Garry Chuntera(Deceased Stepfather)
William Xerahera (Deceased father)
Jesse Kaoru (Mother)
Lan Xerahera (Brother)
Pearl Chuntera (Sister, younger than Phin)

∞ History ∞ "I prefer to not think about my past."
Phin started as a loving child. He was a bashful one as well, wanting to not get into other people’s things. He lived the normal child life. His father and mother really cared for him and his brother, who was born 1 year and 2 months before him. However, he was around 14 years old when that all changed.

One night, in summer, his father didn't come back by night. It was frequent for him to do so and His mother always explained that he works late at his job. At least, it is was what his father told his mother. The morning after, he wasn't there either which had never happened before. It was not until later that some policemen came up to his house, announcing to the mother that he had died of “natural causes”. He wasn’t sure what they actually said, but by the look of her mother and how she started to cry made him guess the worst. His mother would then give him a necklace, saying that his father would have appreciated to stay with him until he grew up. However, he never felt anything for that lost. Until…

Until two years later, another man stepped into his life. Garry was rude and an abuser. He treated his brother, mother and him rudely and without respect, saying he’s the man of the house. When he asked why he was there to his mother, she said that her salary couldn’t make up for their lifestyle, so she had to marry someone with a good income to live normally. It was then that he started to go out more often of the house.

In his lone moment, he often walked around the city. He often stalked on the Air Blade gang from a far. He always wished that he could be like them; free from everything. He would hide away when they start to be having problems with the security. Even though he was indirectly with them, it was then that he started to develop his error. Strangely enough, he didn’t knew nothing about his error until…

Until one day, 2 years later, when everything broke out for him. It was a cold day, it was snowing outside. He peeked in the living room to see his stepfather to hit his mother, beating her because she wouldn’t comply with him. He wanted to get rid of the new child, Pear. It sparked anger in him since everything seems to turn to the worst for everyone he loves, but this spark started a fire in the forest. A black aura surrounded him as his eyes seemed to set ablaze. He quickly stepped in, saying to his stepfather to stop. Under the influence of alcohol, Garry broke his beer glass and slashed a huge mark across Phin’s chest.

It enraged Phin even more as two sphere of black pitched energy would form into his hands. It quickly travelled through the man’s chest, destroy a great amount of his vital organs. His body would only fall to the ground, spewing out blood on the floor. Phin would then run away from the scene. His mother tried to stop him, but Lan stopped her from doing so. She sober in sorrow, soon falling unconscious.

Phin ran and ran, his anger still visible to the naked eyes. He ran and ran and ran, until he couldn’t take anymore. He spotted the nearest alley and sat down, curling up as he panted. He was cold, since he only had an oversized tank top and jeans. He didn’t even wear socks. Plus, blood trickled down his chest, which wasn’t the funniest feeling in the world. He heard a ramble far away, but he didn’t care. Although, what surprised him is when someone shouted to him.

“I have to admit kid; that was certainly impressive back there.”

When Phin looked up, his eyes widened a bit as he couldn’t believe. The black aura would disappear as he was staring at the leader of the Air Blades, with his hand extended to him. He felt his heart rushing even more as he stumbled to find his words.

“I-I, um, y-yeah, b-but I-I-I me-an, u-um…”

“Breathe mate, just calm your nerves, and lets get a move on!”

The guy grabbed Phin’s arm and dragged him out of the alley without letting him protest. Phin tried to keep up despite stumbling a few times before they entered the leader's house, where his wounds were given proper attention. When he was in bed, he looked up at the leader, smiling a bit.

“T-Tomorrow, I’ll be gone so you don’t have to worry about me…”

The leader would smirk a bit and shake his head. “Gone? Gone where? You've pretty much melted the insides of your step-father and ran for it.” He shook his head again and reassuringly placed a hand on Phin's shoulder. “You'd probably not survive out there alone so you're free to stay as long as you need. After all I rescued you once, I'd rather not make a habit of it kid. I can't watch your back all the time.”

Phin’s cheek would then blush a bit as he was out of words while the Air Blade leader turned to walk out of the room, looking back to say one last thing before he left.

“Also, Welcome to the Air Blade's.” And he would then close the light and close the door. Phin smiled, resting happily. It was the day that he finally got what he wanted; more people that cared about him. He still live with the leader, but now occupies a small job at a music store so he can split the bills with him so he could make up for the hospitality. He would also start to get less shy, but his début were a bit clumsy, earning him the name of Pierrot for a bit. It isn’t much used today, unless for taunting him. Phin stayed in contact with his mother, but mostly kept their meeting secret.

∞ Other ∞ "Hmmm, aren’t you curious for a bit? Well, that is good!"
He has a small rubik’s cube like object attached to a keychain that he fiddles all day long at his workplace when he has nothing to do. He also has a small notebook that he calls a small collection of my mind, which he writes or draws anything that pass in his mind. Though, his drawings aren’t the best as one could believe.

Disclamer: None of the pictures are mine. All right reserved to the respective owner.

So begins...

Phin Xehagera's Story


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Early that day...
Alexandria played with her bright blue hair, picking small strands and forming loops of sorts with her index finger. Soon enough her playful demeanor changed into a distraught state, her hands which had been carelessly playing with her hair now began puling in frustration. She began walking back and forth as she did when she felt anxious and unnerved; it was a good thing that nobody ever came to NORA, other than the gang that is, or else they would have thought something was seriously wrong with her. Alex wasn't to blame though; being an informant had its perks, of course, needless to say it was never easy to know the exact number of casualties of other hiatus under the core's hand... especially because for the moment there was nothing that could be done to stop it. Even though she knew very well that it was useless to dwell upon things that she did not have control over, she could not help to lament on their current situation.

Upon looking at the old clock hanging in the wall, one of the many recent additions to the shop which she had brought from her family's antiques shop, she shook her head encouraging herself to regain composure in case any member of the gang showed up, most of the gang knew only of her calm and self composed demeanor which meant that if they saw her preoccupied she could cause panic. It would be a lie to say that it hadn't taken her minutes for her to go back to her calm self and her morning routine began. Alex had arranged a meeting before their usual time, as usual she'd allow everyone to have as much freedom as possible not minding what everyone did outside the gang or perhaps trusting that they'd behave, still she was always watching out for her gang even when they were unaware of it. The truth was that Alex considered her gang not as a group, organization or anything of the sort, Candy Crush was her family and that much was true.

It did not take a genius to connect the dots and realize that there was something going on and it would obviously result in bloodshed something every inhabitant of Mininum had probably gotten used to by now. Alex began cleaning the shop and as soon as the shop was almost spotless she sat down on one of the leather seats on the round table. Just as she sat down she heard the bell carefully position on top of the entrance door announcing every member's arrival, one by one every member of the gang entered the shop and Alexandria simply nodded and smiled at every single one of the members waiting for them to join her at the rustic looking round table.

It had already been discussed that they would be meeting with all the other gangs, even so Alex reminded them of the meeting and asked them to be friendly with the others as they all had held the same goal. Alexandria spoke with outmost clarity and finally informed the gang of the attack the night before, just before the meeting was adjourned Alex spoke with Amira, Michael and Aki privately, confiding in them once more and asking them to be extremely careful to see if there were any Core or strange behavior in any member who could be a spy.

Finally, not taking a minute longer in their meeting every Candy Crush member headed out to the other meeting being the third gang to arrive. Everyone in the gang took their positions in their rightful place the Southern side, Alex sat down quietly and said nothing simply looking at her childhood friends carefully having mixed feelings about what had happened years before. Alexandria refused to believe that Ryota had betrayed them even when there was evidence that said otherwise and could not help but wonder why Nem had distanced himself from her. She shook her head for focusing in the past and not in present matters and she mentally scolded herself.

Katerina was the first to speak "Commence the Mad Tea Party," she said playfully and mischievously as ever. Alex let out a small smile to her old friend and began speaking, "I'd like to begin by saying that I am glad to see everyone," she let out another small smile offering it to everyone now, without beating around the bush Alexandria began speaking again. "Being that said, she said taking a pause trying to find the right words knowing that even though they had gotten used to taking casualties it was never easy, "you should all know that there has been another attack..." Allowing the news to sunk in she continued, "the Core attacked a large group of hiatus, from what I could tell there were no survivors." Alexandria paused one last time more allowing others to speak as they saw fit.


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As he always did, Liam woke with the sun. Wearily, Liam rose from his bed and made his way to the bathroom. Liam rubbed his eyes and stretched as he looked at himself in the mirror. Scars covered his body, and what little was unharmed was covered in tattoos. Liam smirked at himself. What would his parents think? More somberly, what would Madoka think? It had been years since Liam had seen her, almost two whole years. He couldn't though. Liam loved her too much to... to tell her what he had done. It was his fault. Everything was his fault. If he hadn't been so weak, he could have saved them. "Stop it." Liam told himself, his golden eyes staring back at him from the mirror. "You did the best you could. It's not your fault. It's theirs..." The Core had ended Markys's life. Liam had done his best to defend it, but even he wasn't strong enough to save him from them. He still wasn't strong enough. He would be though, one day. One day, Liam would watch the Island burn. Every Core, every building, and every broken promise. Until then, he had work to do. Liam quickly showered, dressing himself in his cloak and usual garb. He did, however, opt to wear more comfortable black leather boots. In case, the situation called for it. Liam needed to be prepared to move quickly. After he had eaten a small breakfast, Liam quickly wrapped Lunatic in white bandages, and stored his weapon within its case. At that, Liam slung the guitar case over his shoulders, locked his apartment behind him, and made his way to Wonderland.

It was certainly a forlorn place. Left freestanding on the south side of Minimum, the Wonderland was a simple, white building. Most of its windows were smashed, and the sides were all painted with symbols of the Landers. Some were rather clever, others were just moronically phallic. Usually, most people avoided this building like the plague, but not Liam. He walked, rather calmly, through the front doors and into the shadowy, colorful depths of the Wonderland. This was, usually, considered a death sentence to any other Hiatus, save for the Landers. They weren't the most powerful gang in Minimum, that honor fell to the Sonics. They weren't the smartest either, that was the Candy Crush. They weren't even the wildest or most destructive, that was Air Gear. So why? Why, then, would people much rather visit any other gang building in all of Minimum than the Wonderland? The answer was simple: the Landers, apart from the Core itself, were the most feared group of people in all of Minimum. Their Leader, the Chesire Cat, was the cruelest, meanest, most terrifying woman in the whole city. Her Error was really just to reinforce that fact, she didn't need it to send shivers down your spine. Her commands were reason to demolish entire city blocks, her whims started wars, and she was Liam's leader. Liam waved to the Landers he was friends with as he made his way up the stairs and down the corridors that lead him to the scariest room in all of Wonderland: Cat's room. Liam was her personal bodyguard. This wasn't because he was the most powerful Hiatus in the Wonderland, nor was he the fastest, or the smartest. Instead, Liam was far more vauable. He was the most experienced. He'd been there the longest, barring Kaleb. He was, however, without a doubt, the most loyal Hiatus in all of Wonderland, and possibly, in all of Minimum. Liam took his place beside the door, never daring to peek inside, for fear of what might happen to him if he did. Liam may have been a scarred veteran, with years of experience, but he wasn't looking to die anytime soon either.

They day began rather simply. As it became closer and closer to Tea time, starting roughly around ten o'clock, the Landers became more and more... rowdy. Their revelries became louder, wilder, and more destructive as it approached noon, until the noise managed to worm its way up to where Liam now stood, at Cat's door. Liam had warned them. He told them that making so much noise while the Mistress was still sleeping was a bad idea. Even worse, to be starting the Tea Party so early, and without the Mistress? It was a dangerous game to play. However, the newer recruits ignored him, and he refused to repeat himself. It was their mistake really. If they should turn to gibbering buffoons, locked in their own heads with fear, then it was no concern of his. In fact, Liam almost hoped it might happen. Not only would it create a stronger sense of discipline within the Wonderlander ranks, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as annoying to have to deal with every morning. After issuing his warning, Liam stood patiently against the wall, awaiting the obvious consequence of his peers' actions.

Finally, the disturbance was too great. The Cat had awoken. "Fools!" Cat exclaimed as she stepped out of her room, two strands of her hair pulled into the usual braid as she made her way down the winding staircase of the tower, the morning sun already streaming through the windows that now lighted the abandoned tower up in a dim, muted light. As Liam followed behind her, he forced himself to suppress a smirk. Watching Cat become angry with someone who wasn't him was rather enjoyable. Such notions had to be hidden, however, lest he incur the Mistress's wrath. "Do I have to remind you of the time?" She yelled at them all furiously, silencing the revels instantly. Attempting to assuage his leader's anger, Liam spoke. "Of course not Mi'lady. It's not even noon yet, Wonderland knew that already. I tried to warn them that you wouldn't be pleased, especially when they started the Tea Party without you. I suppose they simply couldn't wait any longer." At that moment, Liam couldn't help but smile softly at his Mistress, the Chesire Cat. Never, in his wildest fantasies, would he have imagined the Queen of Hearts to be this physically unimposing. His Mistress was a powerful, terrifying woman, that much was certain. However, there was something to be said about the way she threw tantrums like a little girl. To be entirely fair, she was much younger than him. Liam forced himself to suppress a chuckle. She was even rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

Cat placed her hand on her forehead. Groaning, she turned to Liam. "Don't give me that look." She gave Liam a glare before turning her strides. Despite the glare, it did not hold any distaste, but simply a look of annoyance that usually came with her morning tantrums. As she addressed him, her words cloaked with venom, Liam had to suppress another chuckle, he couldn't stop himself from smiling. It was just her way. He knew she wasn't actually angry with him, but he didn't dare say otherwise. The she really would be angry with him. Liam shuddered at the thought. Instead, without saying a word, Liam adjusted the guitar case on his back, then drew a pinched line across his mouth, zipping it shut. Her thoughts now aimed for the small locked door on the left side of the room. Cat's every step was accompanied by the heavy dress swaying at her feet, the train of which dragged along the ground. The room that opened from the small lock in her hand appeared sinister, but its contents were anything but such. With a few moment's hesitation, she placed her hand on the large can before her, handing it to Liam as a small smile lingered on her lips.

As the revelry descended into it's usual madness, Liam made occasional glances at the clock. It was high noon, almost three o'clock. It was nearly time. As the clock struck two thirty, Liam took a single step forward, and leaned over, placing his head over Cat's shoulder. He was still a good distance away, so as not to earn a slap from his mistress, but close enough that their conversation would remain private. "Mi'lady, it is now half past three o'clock, precisely. We should be going now, or else we will be late for the arranged meeting at the Truce Zone." Liam said simply, just low enough that she would be the only one to hear him. Once he had finished, Liam took a step back, at his usual spot behind his mistress.

At Liam's words, a hint of confusion flashed across Cat's eyes before realization dawned. It wasn't surprising that her eyes immediately blazed with anger at the sudden reminder of the event that was doomed to take place for the day. Liam was smart to take a step back, for her arm immediately flew up, missing his head by inches as she pulled herself up from the chair. Her palms slammed onto the table, and their sudden motion, along with the noise, silenced the room. For a few, long seconds, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of Cat's breathing; angered, ragged. It took Cat a moment before she calmed herself, but her eyes still retained that cold glare she had held ever since the Tea Party started. "Kuni!" She yelled, demanding the presence of her lieutenant. The silence lingered in the room as Cat remained motionless for a few seconds, her hands scrunching up the table clothes with frustration and annoyance that she did not bother to hide. "Liam." Her eyes flickered toward the loyal member, the anger in her eyes still blazed despite the cheery atmosphere the room was soaked in but a second ago. "You're with me. Let's go." Typical Cat, her voice not even allowing a hint of question to her demand. When she directed her attention back to him, Liam merely nodded, silent, stoic, and compliant. It only made sense. The Savage Nymph would have followed the Chesire Cat's bobbing tail until it no longer possessed the strength to fly. Even then, it would have walked, crawled, and dragged itself across the ground to ensure her safety.

As the gang marched to the Truce Zone, Liam felt Cat's eyes flicker upwards at the members that followed her. A silent warning for Liam. Any misconduct or weakness, any at all, would be punishable by immediate death. While she fully trusted in his abilities, the other members that were gathering here today could crush them all, easily, if they put their mind to it. Liam merely nodded, continuing to walk silently behind his Mistress. Every so often he reached up to adjust his guitar case, so it would sit more comfortably upon his back. He adjusted the zipper at the top of the bag as he walked. The resulting opening was just wide enough to stuff his fist into at a moment's notice, should things go poorly, though, hopefully, they wouldn't. Unfortunately, Liam had no more time to mentally prepare himself for the meeting. They had arrived.

As Liam walked down to the main floor, his mind was racing. This was a meeting of all the biggest gangs in Minimum. The slightest provocation, and war would erupt, bathing the city in fire. As he walked alongside Kaleb, behind Cat, Liam begrudgingly admitted, the person to make that happen was, most likely, going to be Cat. Her hatred of Ryota was well-known by every single Hiatus in all of Minimum. She opposed him at every turn, defied him, fought him, and hated him with every fiber of her being. Her eyes caught his as they gazed at the small group's destination. She was nervous, but simultaneously confident beyond all belief. She defied anyone to lie to her, to tell her no, to look at her wrong. She was, in Liam's eyes, the only person who would ever command his respect. She would be, from now until forever, the only one for whom Liam would ever kneel. Everyone else would have to kill him first. It was times like this that Liam remembered why he and... he and his partner, had chosen Cat. She was, in a word, fearless. She was proud, she was regal, and she was terrifying. Liam nodded as she caught his eyes. No other words were necessary. They both knew exactly what was going on. Thinking quietly to himself, Liam smiled. "Let the madness begin..." Liam only smirked, but in the back of his mind, he was worried. It wasn't something many people could feel, but Liam knew Cat the best. She was just barely holding back her anger. If she had truly allowed herself to rage, all the fodder class Hiatus in every gang would have fainted by now, their worst fears coming to life in their own heads. With Liam's voice, a faint smile rose on her lips accompanied by a chuckle that eased their tension slightly, something perhaps only Liam was able to achieve in such a situation. A mischievous look flashed in her eyes. "Commence the Mad Tea Party." She said simply. With that, her signature Cheshire Cat grin flashing wide for all to see. Her anger temporarily forgotten, or so it seemed, Liam relaxed, but only just. He didn't want to get too comfortable just yet. Preferring to stand, Liam took his place behind Cat. Sitting was a position of hesitation. He needed to be ready for anything.

At Cat's signal, Ryota's second in command and the lieutenant of the Sonics, released his error. His eyes glowed faintly, and his body was surrounded by a powerful pulse of bright blue light. It faded fast, but the gesture had not been lost on Liam. The meeting had truly started, and each of the four gangs were made to have one member each release their Error. Looking to Kuni, Liam waved his hand in a nonchalant manner and smiled, speaking just loudly enough that only Cat and Kaleb would hear him. "Please, do remain seated Kaleb. You and Cat are the aces, after all. It would be best to keep such cards hidden until the appropriate time, no?" Reaching behind his back, Liam produced Lunatic from its case, slamming the business end onto the ground beneath him. The resulting crash silenced his gang mates. The Landers, arguably the loudest present, weren't being obedient or compliant. They were scared. As Liam's error activated, his eyes flashed a dangerous shade of gold, and Fox-Fire licked up the length of Liam's blade, consuming the bandages that were wrapped around Lunatic within seconds. The fire's cool temperature chilled the south half of the room to a mere twenty degrees Fahrenheit in seconds. As the bandages fell away, the fire quenched itself, there was nothing left to burn. Once the fire had gone, the room's temperature returned to normal. Liam's Error was still active, and he was ready to use his powers at a moment's notice, but the only way to tell was in his eyes. They shone with a dim light, like the reflection from an animal's eyes in the dark. With the proper etiquette observed, the meeting began. Liam's face showed no emotion, but he listened intently to all that was said, and committed it to memory.


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With a tired sigh and half-hearted wave backwards, Nia trudged her way out of Stardust -- her place of work, of all things -- and into the unforgiving bowels of Minimum. It had been in the morning hours when she had left home (a time under the lasting ends of night sky), but it was most definitely late afternoon now; the streets were filling, growing busy with joy in those released from the clutches of education. They were kids, most of them-- young, rowdy in the way that Hiatus and Errors could never afford to be, 'kind of like how Castor and Alya used to be, aren't they? And probably just as (affectionately) stupidly idealistic.' She seemed to remember them more, lately; but she had always been haunted by the nostalgia, so nothing goes to say. 'Just melancholy at its' finest, unfortunately.' It was probably fortunate that Nia had lost the pain that used to come with the memories, somewhere over the years. Not that any would help her now, or that blaming herself ever would have.

There wasn't much to shake herself out of, but -- upon finishing her (now) lukewarm coffee and boarding the 2:23PM train -- Nia turned to the talk of most Hiatus that day: the Big Fours' meeting down at the Truce Zone. It wasn't difficult to guess the outcome with or without experience, shit was most definitely going to hit the fan that night. She couldn't think of a time when the Landers and Sonics didn't end up butting heads literally every time they saw each other, and god forbid that this be the appropriate place to start. Even Nia stayed the fuck away from the Cheshire Cat (but not necessarily her chronies) whenever she could. 'That right there? A mess that I'm not touching with a ten foot pole, no matter how fucking annoying her opposition might be.'

Whatever it was between Ryota and the Ainsley Cat, she never wanted to know.

It was twenty minutes to three when Nia stepped onto East Minimum ground, a minuscule amount more relaxed buried under the sound made by a crowd. She shifted the conspicuous staff-shaped bag across her shoulders and made for home, already mildly antsy for the meeting to come. As unafraid of her own safety as she was, this kid was, as she put it, 'entirely unappreciative of throwing every other Sonic into a pit of vipers'. As much as she didn't care about people that much, Nia would rather not lose her gang mates (or have them in a vegetative state, like a certain someone).

But, in any case, Error life never granted anyone a choice. And, as she stepped onto the beach -- home to Sonic Boom --, she resolved to ignore the threat of imminent death once more. A soldier never discourages himself outside the field or purposely debilitates himself in battle, or something like that. She supposed it didn't really matter, and promptly crashed in her room until four-thirty (Edwin's call); in which case she got up, groggily made coffee in the machine, (if time permitted, showered), and left accordingly with the rest of the best (so to speak).

Standing behind Ryota and to the left of Edwin, Nia remained still; almost relaxed as she waited, eyes darting from one gang to another. As much as it wouldn't make too much sense for things to really break out (that would prompt Core, not to mention a massacre in and of itself), she was evidently on edge-- the tension in the room seemed to run that way. At least it seemed as if it there would be more than Edwin and Nia running interference between the Sonic and Lander powerhouses, 'Liam, for one, and any other gang that doesn't want a riot or destruction on their hands. Logically, anyway.'

"Commence the Mad Tea Party."

Nia showed little to no reaction to both Edwin and Liam's subsequent Error activations (although, to the latter-- 'Show off.'), but grew more alert; almost itching for the double-ended spear in the case on her back. There was little left to do, by then, other than to listen semi-attentively at the Azura's words; nothing particularly surprising, considering the nature of the Error-Core relationship. She supposed that the best (or more) was yet to come, something big enough to warrant the need for a large-scale meeting; and thus did nothing but silently pay attention until there was a call to action.


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She had been having a good dream, something about her two favorite people and finding a dog on the beach when a banging noise rudely interrupted Madoka's snooze fest. The maned girl slowly opened up her eyes, trying to smooth down her wild purple hair with one hand and rubbing the drool from the side of her face with the other. "What time is it?" Madoka asked no one groggily and turned her head looked at the small cracked clock displaying the time on the bedside table. "Shoot! I'm going to be late!" Madoka rolled out of the bed, tangled in the covers and did her best to push the blankets aside, she hopped over to the closet as she pulled on a pair of socks and flung the door open.

Madoka grabbed the first thing within reach, which just so happened to be her school uniform. She had skipped school today in order to attend the meeting, not wanting to be left out. She shoved her head and arms through the top then pulled on the skirt and zipped it up, figuring she might as well put on the shoes as well. There was only half a day of school today and the rest was really prep for a festival so it's not like she was missing anything important.

The last thing Miiko grabbed before stepping out of the room was her bow and quiver, the choker that activated her Error was always around Madoka's neck. The choker had been a gift from her brother, Markys, before he died. She almost never took it off, not even in the shower.

Miiko took the steps two at a time, ready for action. She was so excited, this was going to be her first time into the neutral zone! Maybe she would be able to gauge other Hiatus's Error's. As soon as she stepped out of the building and onto the beach, sand began to fill her shoes; Madoka closed the door and began to make her way to the meeting point.

Sometime later...

Madoka's neck craned in awe at the marvelous neutral zone. A beautiful old building that looked as though it carried more secrets then even Core knew. She shouldered her quiver, arrows knocking together in a harmony that only Miiko could find beautiful. Archery had always been her favorite thing, she could string a bow faster than most could sheath a sword and her aim was not too shabby either. Madoka plucked the string gently, the vibrations sending tickles down her arm; it was hard not to giggle with glee.

Someone said something and the room went quiet, Madoka knew she was supposed to stand back with Lucy, but something made her want to step forward and be a part of the tension. Miiko pulled her gaze from the beautiful stylized ceiling and allowed it to crawl forward towards the people on the other side of the room, stopping on a blue head of hair. Her breath caught in her throat; she had been looking for him for two years and there he was, standing next to a lady in a red ballgown.

His appearance had changed a lot, the scars, the piercing, the change in eye and hair color, but there was no doubt in Madoka's mind that it was most definitely him. "Liam," it was hardly above a whisper and yet Madoka winced at the sound. The name brought back memories both good and bad, the park, archery tournaments, school, holidays, Markys.

The last few years were the most painful of all, did Liam even know what happened to his best friend? She didn't want to tell him, she didn't want to see the pain on his face when she told him that Markys was dead; assuming he didn't already know.


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Humans were such idiotic creatures. They were greedy. They were selfish. They killed each other for money and they limited themselves in this tiny, tiny world called Utopia. Michael hid a chuckle of amusement as he continued to work, dragging his feet through the boring routine of a bank accountant. No one knew what he was. No one thought he was dangerous. No one believed he could kill them without batting an eyelash either. New flash, people... No one planned a murder aloud, either. He flashed a charming smile to one of his female customers, earning a giggle and a big flush from the woman. She was not that good looking unfortunately. Not that good for him. He typed the information, glancing at a file next to his working desk with a small smirk. He had all the information about the deaths of some certain people. And he was very amused right now. Michael flipped through the file, fixing his tie absently. Small fries, really. Unimportant. But this was a move from Core. Provoking them, perhaps? Making the groups become angry and make mistakes? He wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Checking the clock, Michael noticed that his working hours were over and he stood up, putting his files in his suitcase.

He walked out of the office, waving his hand toward his co-workers, half of them he had bedded. He shook his head. Pathetic fools. Charmed by his smile and attitude. He looked down on those people. Yes, he liked having sex. But he also felt that they gave in too easily. Pathetic fools. Michael looked up at the night sky and smiled almost wistfully. Oh how he wished he could be as free as those beautiful starlights. He felt so restricted. By these laws, by these mortals and by these goddamn world in general, being caged behind those tall walls and never got to fly. He placed his hands inside his pocket, idly walking back to his place, an old but still very neat and comfortable house. The only place that held good memories. Michael stood outside the door, hesitated for the briefest second before he walked in, wearing a gentle smile on his face. He went to greet his sister, planting a small kiss on her forehead as she giggled mindlessly. "Hello, little sister, did you have fun today?" He asked, smiling sadly as he took a seat in front of the beautiful girl. The girl giggled and nodded enthusiastically. "Uh huh! I had fun! I talked to Mister Rabbit and had tea party and then I got a beautiful dress and then I got cut by the knife and it hurt but then I smiled and I saw Mama and Papa and then-"

"Easy there, little sis, you don't have to talk so fast. Deep breath." Michael instructed, wiping the crumbs of the leftover breakfast on her white dress and carefully bandaged the new wound of the girl's ankle. 20 years old and she still acted like a small child. He gently gave her a bath, showing no sign of reaction even though Lily had a very curvy body for a woman and he was a rather physical man. He took his time, dressing his sister up, checking over every single bruises and scratches before feeding her spoon by spoon. "Brother has to go to work now." He said after he finished her bed time story, petting her head gently as he sat next to Lily, his hand gently held his sister's. "B-But... Can't you stay?... I'm lonely... And you always work..." Lily said pleadingly, looking at Michael with big brown eyes. Michael felt his heart clench. "I'm sorry, Lily... I will spend as much time with you as possible. But... I have work to do. I need to put food on this table, too, hmm?" He soothed, kissing her forehead. "It's just a meeting. I will be back soon, I promise. And I don't break my promises when it comes to you."

It still took awhile to convince Lily that he wouldn't leave her and by the time Michael left the house, it's already 7.00. He stuffed his hands in his pocket loosely, his gray button up shirt and jeans were neat and clean. He eyed the street, his sharp grey eyes took in everything behind thin frame. He was carrying a thick file with him. It didn't take long for him to arrive to the shop, listening to his leader with attentive eyes. He nodded, agreeing to the term. He was a polite man. Yes. And he surely could observe people's reaction. That was what he did half of the time. Observing. And then striking when people least expected. He followed Alex and chuckled lightly when he realized their group was the third one, taking his usually spot next to Amira, the second in command, flashing everyone a cold smirk. Well, well, well, today's meeting sure was an interesting one. He knew more than half of these people. Michael propped his hand up, listening to the greeting of one of his own friends, Cat, a smirk graced his lips as he pulled out a lollipop and placed it in his mouth, humming a soft tune. His eyes shifted when Alex - his 'future wife' spoke, her greeting much tamer and duller than Cat's. A snort left him though, when people started to activate their Errors. Such fools. Did the concept of 'keeping your powers' hidden escape those people? Perhaps so, it was rare to see people with brains nowadays. He flashed the people who he knew another smile, winking at his childhood friend Kuni and let his gaze linger on certain members longer than necessary.

At the words of his leader about the attack, Michael stepped forward. "Aye, I have the files of each member that has been assaulted. I have already copied the files and arranged them so that those belonged to your group will be on top and the others at the bottom. Please look over these files and make sure there's no mistake." He said coolly, passing over the files to his 'fiance' and the other leaders of the other groups, keeping a cool facade. He stood up straight and put his arms behind his back. "However, in the process of collecting information, I notice a strange thing." He said finally, taking out the last file that contained only a single person. Michael carefully placed it on the table in front of Alex. He tapped at the picture.

"Jackson Glenn, 25 years old, new member, alliance unclear, used to be in a motor gang, was a drug dealer and came from an abusive family. Died in the newest attack." He explained, showing the picture of a thin but angry young man. "I have evidence that suggests he was a double agent. However, at this state, there's only vague evidence, no clear conclusion just yet. It might fit the reason why the group was attacked in the first place. He might have passed the information to Core. With your permission, I'd like to continue to investigate his case, trying to find how much information has been leaked and how long this has happened as well as confirming his identity." He said, pushing the file so that it was in the center of the table for the other leaders to see. He was positive this one was a spy. And this was not the only one in the groups. His sharp eyes took in everything, making sure that he caught every person's reaction. Michael allowed a soft chuckle of amusement escaped his lips.

A person is smart. But people are stupid indeed.


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Location | East District | Hamatora

Time of Day | Afternoon {2:30 P.M.}

"Hey, Ryota! You aren't paying any attention!" Ryota jolted up by the sound of something screeching inside his ear. Falling off the stool, Ryota landed on the ground with a thud. Glanced upwards his faced an anger Ashley. Though she was pouting Ryota couldn't help giving her a happy-go-lucky chuckle. In frustration Ashley chopped Ryota on the head, "Don't laugh! You have been asleep for an hour! Stay awake."

Nodding happily Ryota gave a wave of his hand, as he once again seated himself on the stool. A second later, the door chimed. Ryota looked up to greet the customer with a warm smile, "Hey! Welcome to Hamatora!" The smile dyed down once he got a better look at the man. Ashely glanced over at Ryota with curiosity,"Hey Ryo. That man-"

Ryota glanced at Ashely causing her to shout up. She quietly left Ryota's side and went to tend to the new merchandise in the back. Once in the back Ryota stared at the man, "Your not here to buy anything, are you?" The man looked over at Ryota, who Ryota in turn gave him a skin cutting glare, followed by a smirk. Stepping down from the stool, Ryota called to Ashely, "I'm leaving the store Ashely. Lock up when your done." Without another word Ryota escaped the store, the man following a few feet behind.

Entering a bar, Ryota seated himself at a table, the man sitting at the same table. A waitress walked up to the two,"May I take your orders?" Looking at the menu Ryota nodded, "No thank you." The maid nodded and went on her way.

After a few more moments of silence the man spoke, "Aid." Ryota glanced at the man, "I'm in trouble, and I need your help." Ryota kept a smooth smile, but his eyes showed a different set of emotions. The man continued despite Ryota's silence, "Core-" Ryota stopped him right there, "Shouldn't you be asking a Lander for some help? Why me?"

The man looked around, as if he was waiting for something to happen,"Listen, I can't go to a Lander. And we're buddies right?" Buddies wasn't the right word. Ryota would just go gambling with him from time to time. "I'm sorry, but I wish not to get involved." Ryota walked out of the cafe leaving the man behind.

"Ryota...What do you think of Minimum?"

"What do I think?" Ryota tilted his head slightly sideways. He had never thought of it before. It had only been two months since their Father, Asato Saiga, finally accepted them into the family. Officially moving them out of their Step-Mother's home, and into the Saiga residence. They were now full-fledged Saigas.

Glancing over at his Brother, he was still able to see the scar which was inflicted on him not to long ago. It made Ryota's stomach turn inside out, whenever he stared at it for to long. It was a reminder that he was weak, that he couldn't protect anybody.

Mitsuki never complained about the pain, wishing that Ryota wouldn't worry so much about it. Just like everything else. Mitsuki always harbored the pain, his own and Ryota's portion as well. He never shouted a voice of complaint, nor did he ever get mad at Ryota. He always protected him, always.

"It's nice...I guess. I mean..."[/color] Ryota didn't know what else to say. He never thought a question could be so difficult to answer. Mitsuki never turned his gaze toward Ryota, instead he stared straight ahead. Looking out at the moving ocean. The smell of the sea over took Ryota's sense of smell, and he too couldn't take his eyes off of the beautiful ocean.

Minutes past before Ryota continued, "I don't hate it...but..." Ryota paused trying to find the right words,"Minimum seems...unnatural. Sort of fake. Like it shouldn't even be here. At some points I can't help but think Minimum is an-"

"Minimum is an Error." Ryota's eyes grew wide. He quickly turned to his brother, with absolute shock covering his face. Error was a word no one was allowed to use, unless referring to those "people" who held unnatural abilities. Father always hated the word, and forbid Ryota and Mitsuki from talking about them. So Ryota never expected his Older brother to ever say the word, especially calling Minimum an...Error.

Laughter resounded in Ryota's ear, and he looked up at Mitsuki's face. He was laughing at Ryota. No. He was laughing at himself. Mitsuki's expression didn't match up with his carefree laughter, it was cold and cruel. Something that caused Ryota to look back down, turning his gaze to the ocean view. Minimum...is an Error?

Location | East District | Beach House

Time of Day | Afternoon {4:30 P.M.}

That was the end. Ryota opened his eyes to see he was facing a cream colored ceiling. The sound of the ocean waves calmed his short breaths, easing his mind. When had he fallen asleep? Where was here? Looking around he remembered he had came back to his home, his Beach House.

Glancing at his clock the time flashed 4:30. Reluctantly Ryota lifted himself up and stared out the window in a blank stare. Laying his head against the windowsill, wishing to fall back to sleep. Back to those peaceful days.

His thoughts where interrupted by a sudden knock on his door. "Ryota?" Ryota let a soft smile show. He knew that voice anywhere. It could only belong to one person. With his smile growing larger, Ryota opened the door to find Edwin staring at him quietly,"You look so alert Ed, what's the special occasion?" Ryota asked confused. "The meeting." Ryota eyes went wide, as he rushed to get ready.

"Shoot! Okay. Okay. Stop starin' at me with those 'I thought you told me you were going to remember this time. We can't be late to this meeting.' eyes. It was a common mistake. It wasn't like I meant to forget. I-It was just that I didn't have the time to remember. It isn't like I was the only one-"

Right than Ryota heard his phone buzz. It was a text from Ashely and a few other members. Don't forget about the meeting. He didn't even read on.

"Okay...so maybe I was the only one...ARGH!" Ryota throw his phone on the bed, and sighed. Today wasn't his day. First the flashback, than he forgot about the meeting. He still had to deliver some flowers to the Hospital. Picking up his cellphone Ryota made call, "Hey, Ashley. Before you head to the zone could you deliver the vase of flowers that is on the counter to the hospital. Just say its for room 369. Thanks."

Hanging up Ryota smiled happily at Edwin, "Okay, Eddy. Lets get goin'." Heading out he called up to Nia, "Come on Nia! We gotta go!" Once the two were beside him, they headed off to the truce zone.

Location | Between the East and North Districts | Truce Zone

Time of Day | Night {8:30 P.M.}

Walking into the truce zone, Ryota had his headphones turned up to max, so he couldn't hear anything but the music. Why? Because as soon as he stepped into the building he heard her voice. The Cheshire Cat. Her voice echoed in his head, and Ryota couldn't take it. So he put on his headphones, and sat in his seat. He was silent throughout the whole beginning of the meeting. Commence the Mad Tea Party. Yep that was Cat for you, she was still as loud as ever.

Turning his gaze to Michael, he could make out a few words through the music. It seemed there was a huge attack caused by Core. Looking at the documents, Ryota reached for them, reading over the following names.

One particular name caught his attention, Stephen Howard. His status was unknown. That was strange, didn't he just see Stephen a few hours ago?

Thinking back to earlier, he remembered that Stephen wished for some kind of help. Was it because of this? Ryota let his mind wonder, trying to get a good picture of Stephen's facial expression. He was sort of antsy when they were talking. Was what he needed help with that important?

Core- Was Core after him? Ryota was thinking when he heard a distant voice. Followed by a tap on his shoulder. Taking off his Headphones he listened to what was being said, ”You can bet that they’re lovin’ the in-fighting we’ve got going on. I know I am. But anyways, I see one of us is keeping silent. Why is that I wonder?” Focusing his eyes on Nemiel, Ryota was silent for a few minutes. He had a blank expression which was rare.

Catching eyes on him he quickly changed his expression to a natural smile, "Sorry, about that. I was just...collecting my thoughts." Pondering on his own thoughts, he searched for words to say, "Oh, yes. Michael, as always you have such detailed documents. That mind of yours is amazing." Ryota laughed a little at himself.

"But...something bothers me about this...Never mind, sorry for my rambling." Ryota flashed a smile at everyone, letting the documents fall back onto the table and pushing them away.


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Rachel Donzen woke up from her afternoon nap at 6:00 PM to get ready for the Gang Meeting at 8:30. She has 2 hours and 30 minutes to: take a shower, wash her hair and make sure it’s all nice and shiny (that always took about an hour, because she has so much hair), put her pretty pink bow in her hair, put on her little pink dress, get her big pink boots on, have a glass of strawberry milk, and is finally ready to head out the door of her apartment. Before heading out, however, Rachel stops to look at herself in the mirror. ”Well... Well… Don’t you look all cute today, Ray Ray. Of course, you have to look pretty on the outside. Inside, you are just a dirty worthless who… I better get going or I’ll miss the meeting… Not like it matters anyways… We never accomplish anything at these dreadful things.” After Rachel was done talking to herself in the mirror, she slapped her eyepatch on her face, stuck a piece of bubble gum in her mouth, grabbed her parasol, and left the building.

Rachel made it to the truce zone just in time to hear Nem’s instructions to the group. She had to run some ways to get here on time. She stood beside one the other Air Gear members, Phin. She seemed out of breath, breathing heavily. ”As we discussed, I want Miseria in the gallery with the rest of wor lot. Keep the peace if you can, we’ve never sparked anything and I don’t want that to start now. You two with me for the meeting. Karem, lad you can offer your error for the meeting as our sign of good faith.”, he told Rachel and the two other top members of Air Gear.

“O…K! Pick fights with everyone… cause chaos! Got it!” She looks up at Nem and gives him that big smile of hers, “Just kidding! I’ll be on my best behavior! Sir!” She gives Nem a little salute before following him to his seat and taking a seat right next to him.

Most people in the room seem tense, but not Rachel. Rachel leaned back in her chair, and put her feet up on the table. Her parasol is open and she holds it by the shaft above her head. And she is still chewing her bubble gum, blowing out a bubble every once in a while. She didn’t look anyone in the eyes, didn’t greet anyone. Even when the a few the other showed off their Error and the Cheshire Cat spoke "Commence the Mad Tea Party." to launch the meeting, Rachel didn’t do a thing. She lounges in her chair, seeming to not pay any attention. This must be her version of "being on her best behavior." She never has anything nice to say to the people at these meetings and could cause a fight.It's like they say after all, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Rachel doesn't normally follow this advise however. In fact, it probably just a matter of time before her craving to always be the center of attention kicks in; and the best way to gain attention is to cause trouble.


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Ryota kept quiet; for the first time he chose not to retaliate to Cat's comment, even though he was tempted to lash out at her. Keeping his cool, he allowed Laim and Edwin to clam the situation. He listened to every word replying them in his head. He gave a proud smile at Edwin. Ryota believes he is extremely blessed to have Edwin; who knows how much trouble he would be in if it wasn't for Edwin calming him down. He couldn't exclude the other gang members as well, they were always there when he needed them...something he could never do.

Glancing over at Edwin, Ryota noticed he was unnatural nervous. It was a difficult thing to cause Edwin to change expression, so Ryota could only guess it was his Error. Glancing over at Edwin, he waited for him to calm himself. Ryota whispered quietly, so that only Edwin could hear him, "Edwin you need to rest. I can handle the rest from here." Ryota gave Edwin a thankful smile, and waited for him to seat himself, before standing up himself and speaking.

"Well, we all seem to be in a dilemma. This news, rather real or fake is extremely troubling. But it can also be used to are advantage, can it not?" Ryota gave a sneaky grin at everyone seating themselves around the table. "I believe Liam and Edwin are both right. And thanks to Michael's information, don't you think we understand what Core is trying to play? Think about it. In Core's mind, we are all a bunch of mindless animals, who don't know anything. But we are going to change that."

Ryota went silent for a minute to make sure everyone was paying attention, even the members who were watching from up above, "We are going to fight back...but not in the way Core expects us to. We are going to fight fire with fire. In short we need to send in our own spy." Ryota could feel the tension in the room building, it was almost suffocating. He could see the doubt of the members up above, though the ones around him, held deep expressions. He took this chance to explain his case.

"Just hear me out. Of course it would be stupid to send a spy to Mitsuki personally. But what if he befriended someone close to Mitsuki? Someone like the new member of Core, Isana. Anyone can figure out how important he is to Mitsuki, but why?" He fell silent, allowing everyone to ponder on his question for a bit.

Ryota continued to speak, "Because whoever this Isana is, he knows something that Mitsuki doesn't want out! I mean have you ever seen the guards on that kid, it's ridiculous. I have seen him a few times, but never by himself. He is always protected by Mitsuki's creepy dolls. He isn't reachable; the way Mitsuki wishes it to stay. But we are going to shake up Mitsuki's plans. We need to force Core to react. Make them understand that Hitaus' are a force to be reckoned with. And the only way to make that happen is to attack them from the inside."

Ryota sat down as he registered the idea in his head, "Still there are set backs to this plan. For one it isn't like it will be easy for whoever tries to befriend Isana. Since whoever goes has to be extremely brave and loyal, for reasons everyone understands. As their life my be on the line, if found out. Lastly, they will have to be willing to suck up to Core. Become someone who they aren't. Just until they get enough information."

With a heavy sigh Ryota sat back in his seat, his previous serious expression could no longer be seen, as he quickly replaced it with a laid back smile. "Well, that is all I've got. What do you guys think?"


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Kaleb listened to the words of other closely. And when Cat exploded, he took her hand gently, giving her a smile. "Peace, please? Micheal does not mean harm..." He insisted, knowing Micheal very well as well as Cat. She was pissed, but he took it as his job to keep her slightly calm. He sent Micheal a small smile, hoping to get him not to piss Cat off much more. He did not need people turning on his friends.

He stood up, deciding to speak. He was rare, and people usually could not hear him very well because he was usually quiet. But Kaleb hoped that Liam or Cat could say it louder for him. First, he turned to Liam and gave a timid and shy smile. "You would be a better lieutenant any time." And then he turned to the group take a moment and a breath. "I... I kinda... Like Ryota-kun's idea... B-But... We-We would well... Maybe... Uh... have someone... Of higher rank... Be-Because... It could well... Ensure loyalty... And... If found out... They... Well would have a higher chance... Of surviving... C-Core is strong... But so are we... L-Liam was right..." Kaleb said, aware that his voice was varying in sound, "T-They are scared... Or... Well... Otherwise we would not be at war... And no spies would be needed."

Kaleb poked his fingers together nervously. [color=purple]"I... I know that... Well... No one wishes to give... Up a leader... But... I think that... The calmer the better... Because... Well... A calm head thinks better in rushes... And... I'll just be quiet now."[color] Kaleb felt stupid. He didn't even know if he contributed in the least to what was going on... He sat back down, hanging his head. His hands were shaking greatly. Why was he the lieutenant again? Oh yeah... His friend.