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Tyler Grant

A cynical, disillusioned young man.

0 · 265 views · located in Respite, New Mexico

a character in “Escape from Respite”, as played by El_Gringo


Name: Grant, Tyler

Age: 24

Sex: M

Physical Appearance:

Tyler stands around 5'10, with shoes on. He weighs around 190 lbs. with good muscle tone in his arms and chest, with some lingering body fat around the waist and thighs; as he was an overweight child turned to fitness late. His eyes and hair are nondescript, hazel and dark brown respectively. Tyler typically leaves his hair as it is when he wakes up, throwing on a hoody and jeans that likely haven't seen the wash for a while. For footwear he favors hiking boots and running shoes, cutting no costs when it comes to quality.

Personality: Tyler is an average nice guy, but he doesn't trust very easily. He is a bit bitter and cynical about his place in the world, and the world itself. As a college graduate on the honors program, he still hasn't found a job that pays outside of 30k a year. Through multiple instances in jobs where the superiors failed to conduct themselves with integrity or actually run their business right, he is wary of authority. In his experience, those with power almost never use it correctly. Tyler is mild-mannered and keeps his cool under crisis, but if someone disrespects him, they hit his short fuse. He has little time for assholes and idiots. Unfortunately, he thinks the world is full of them. Other than the negatives, he has a good since of humor and an open-mind, treating gays and minorities with as much respect as the next human being. You see, the joke is on the world. They don't see the pointlessness Tyler does, but he just stays on board for the ride of life.

History: Tyler's mother was drunk-driving when he was three years old. She veered off-road, wrecking. Tyler was flung out the windshield and ended up with a fractured pelvis. Social services took him away from his mother and placed him in foster care. After limited time in a wheelchair, Tyler healed completely with no negative consequences to any growth plates or bone structure. The stress of losing his mom and going through the wreck lead him to eating food for comfort.

Later on in his life, he decided he wanted to be a police officer. After going through elementary school with all the weight, he knew his chances of being a good cop were small if he didn't get in shape. Sure, the country had plenty of fat asses rolling around in patrol cars, but he wanted to uphold a higher standard. He threw on a black trashbag and started jogging in the streets, dropping pounds as fast as he could.

Always a good student, he graduated high school and entered university for criminal justice. While in college he entered an internship with the chief of police of an outlaying city. The chief was a wreck. He used city time to go meet his wife in a neighboring town to make a new baby, ticketed people for more than the speed they actually went, and generally spewed hate and discontent from his mouth. On top of that, he never delivered the promise of police academy training to Tyler that the internship promised. It was supposed to lead to an actual position.

Tyler challenged the man and sparks ignited, so he left the program. He finished his criminal justice degree and started working loss prevention for a retail company. After a few years on the job, he moved over into retail management because the loss prevention management jobs were few and far between. Once again, he had a bad leader. The store manager was a right prick, threatening Tyler's job from week one if he didn't immediately fix problems from the prior management. The path went downhill again, as upper management cheered when they got to terminate employees they saw as a drain on their dollars, while they cut the hourly associates' hours each week to earn $50,000 more toward the end of the year sales target. If the target was hit, that meant a management bonus. These acts and more disgusted him, so he stepped down to his old store, back in loss prevention.

He was trying to find his place in the world. Thoughts led him to being a writer, but that wasn't feasible. Everyone was a writer these days. Blogging this, blogging that. Self-publishing online. It was a crapshoot to get real recognition as a writer. So, he works his shifts and does what he can, waiting to break out of his funk. What better than an apocalypse?

While Tyler does view a zombie apocalypse as an unfortunate event, he does see it taking a lot of trash out of the world. The name of the game was survival now. Survival of the fittest, as nature first intended.

Other: Tyler is fairly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, specifically grappling but he can use his 8-points of contact relatively well. He has firearms training, but is no crack shot. Favorite activities of his, other than technology driven hobbies, are billiards and texas hold'em. The Internet, video games, and streaming media fills a big chunk of his life. If those all go away, he'll be like a heroin-addict detoxing.

So begins...

Tyler Grant's Story

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The room was filled with dozens of people, most of them in states of undress. Tyler had always been chided when he was a teen for falling asleep fully clothed, but it sure as hell paid of this time. His hoodie and jeans were more than comfortable, and his Nike running shoes were practically shining out of the box, except for a few scuff marks from being dragged across the parking lot and thrown into a military vehicle. A young mom near him was clutching her children to her, more for her own sanity than their safety. All she had on was a sheer nightie, leaving very little to the imagination. He steered his thoughts elsewhere, as there was little chance of going down that path given the current situation.

When the guard had pulled him out of his apartment he had his iPod, his cell phone, and a Gerber survival knife on him. They took it all but the iPod, going so far as to even steal his wallet out of his back pocket. That was for identification purposes he supposed, they wanted to know who they were holding. Modest Mouse's Dashboard played on in his ears, as he attempted to drown out the panic around him. Sure, he would love to get out, but he didn't want to draw attention to himself. That was when the college kid started yelling about escape, and he found a debate amongst the crowd in an older gentleman.

Tyler was interested in how it would play out. He was ready to roll with the young man and leave, though he waited to see what would happen. If he attempted to escape just to be tied down, or worse, die in a flurry of bullets, it wouldn't get him very far. Escape was of the utmost importance at some point, as Tyler had little trust in the government. He stepped back behind the mom with her kids, and a fat man with enough body hair it could be considered fur, to avoid drawing any attention to himself.

The plan was to wait and see what happened. If he thought the escape would be successful, he'd make a run of it. Timing was of the utmost importance, leaving might get easier down the line. In life, sometimes timing meant everything.

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JD, laughed "Sorry man, with the plethora of people here its hard to place the voice." JD shook Ulysses hand, "Name's Jeff, but you call me JD." Jeff caught wind of a commotion happening not that far off resulting an a woman being handcuffed. "These aren't soldiers, their children... scared and confused, and like all children when put in a place of power control is the key issue." JD looked back into Ulysses eyes "War paralyzes your courage and deadens the spirit of true manhood. It degrades and stupefies with the sense that you are not responsible, that 'tis not yours to think and reason why, but to do and die,' like the hundred thousand others doomed like yourself. War means blind obedience, unthinking stupidity, brutish callousness, wanton destruction, and irresponsible murder... Alexander Berkman said that... you have any cigarettes?" JD lose track of what he was saying.