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Ava Winters

Keeping secrets is a terrible business, especially when you know everyone's.

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a character in “Escape from Sanctuary”, as played by wilt



Avalon "Ava" Winters
I can set you on fire with my mind, don't test me.
Telekinesis/Mind Manipulation


Ava is average height, standing at 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She has pale white skin and multiple piercings. She dies her hair so often no one is truly certain what her natural hair color is though most people assume it to be blonde. She has big green eyes and a scar running from her left cheekbone to the corner of her lip. Ava is subtly pretty, but she remains unnoticed by the majority of the world. She wears unassuming clothes that are usually plain and too big for her bony frame. Her hair is almost always in her face. She bites her nails, which is easily noticeable when she's flicking you off.


Despite what you might assume of her at first glance, Avalon Winters is not a nice girl. Ava has a loud mouth and a short temper. If someone is lying to her she knows it, and she will make sure they learn that they should neverlie to her. She's violent, to put it simply. The scar on her face is the result of a fight at school involving Ava, an older boy with a perverted mind, and a pair of scissors. Also, Ava has a bit of a swearing habit. The majority of conversations held with her are heavily sprinkled with the words "shit", "bitch", and "fuck". If anyone expresses that they have a problem with her foul mouth, she simply flips them the bird and moves on with her life. Ava has never been one to talk about feelings or express her emotions or any of that mushy shit. She just bottles it all up and fucks the rest of the world over. In short, Avalon Winters is a very sad excuse for a person. And she knows it.


Avalon Logan Winters was born to two underage parents in the winter of 1996. She was left at an orphanage when she was three years old, with no memory of the teens who gave birth to her except a single photograph she now carries everywhere in the inside pocket of her army jacket. She discovered her abilities when she was eight years old. She had been hiding in the basement of her current foster home from her foster brother, Archer. Hiding behind a standing toolbox, Ava fixated her thoughts on a stack of phone books across the room. A momentary thought crossed her mind, Burst into flames, and suddenly the yellow books were burning. Ten years later, she's still not sure where the thought came from, but the incident began her experimentation of telekinesis and mind manipulation. By the time she was eleven years old Ava could not only set things on fire or put them out, but also move things and was starting to read peoples' minds all with a bit of focus and a simple commanding thought. At age twelve, though, her secret powers were discovered. One of her foster siblings had walked into her room while Ava had been doing her homework- her pencil writing out an essay on her paper across the room from her as she lay on her bed reading. At first, Ava didn't care. The foster sibling was only a child, who would believe her? But two days later when she was walking out of school, she spotted two men in black suits talking to her foster sister, who was pointing animatedly at Ava.

Ava was smart enough to know she was in danger. That night she ran away from her foster home. For the next six years she bounced around the USA, never staying in one place for too long and never forming attachments or friendships with anyone. Everyone around her was a threat. During those six years on the streets, she perfected her mind reading abilities and deftly hid herself away from the public eye...


  • Being captured by the men in black suits
  • Heights
  • Losing control
  • Her old foster brother, Archer
  • Guns


The men in black suits had found her. She was in the Bronx, living in a cardboard box in an alleyway. She'd woken up around midnight just to see them passing under a nearby streetlight. Immediately, she made the bulb in the streetlamp blow out and shower them in sparks. While them men swatted at the burning embers of electricity, Ava grabbed her backpack and ran towards the other end of the alley. They were shouting, running after her. Glancing back only briefly, she summoned all the beer bottles scattered throughout the alley and made them rise up and soar towards the men. The shattering glass and yelps of the men gave her a brief moment of relief as she continued to run. But then the gun shots started. Guns were one of her worst fears. The thought of being shot scared her more than being captured, she ran harder. As she reached the end of the street, a sudden pain blossomed in her lower back. Ava fell to the ground as wave after wave of pain washed over her. She could feel the blood seeping from the bullet wound. She dry heaved onto the ground as she sobbed.

"Please," she screamed. "Leave me alone. I haven't done any wrong." That was a lie. She'd used her powers to commit many crimes while living in the streets. But that didn't matter. As the sound of the men's footsteps drew nearer, a fleeting line from one of her favorite books crossed Ava's hazy mind. "Sanctuary," she whispered, thinking of Quasimodo in the Hunch Back of Notre Dame as he saved Esmeralda. "Sanctuary..."

So begins...

Ava Winters's Story