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Escape From the Heart House

Escape From the Heart House


Three groups of supernaturals escape the hell hole, also known as the Heart House. Together they must survive and fight for their freedom. (Much better then it sounds)

2,247 readers have visited Escape From the Heart House since AvalonKnight created it.


Image Supernaturals.
Factual or Fiction.

Supernatural, scientists, escape, romance, reaper's, shapeshifters, vampires, fairies, phoenix, witches, gore, violence

Number of Spots:
Six | 6


In our own silent way we question ourselves this daily. What if the stories we all enjoy reading so much weren't mythical. That glittering fairies with silk butterfly wings that tickle in the light of the moon or song enchanting sirens of the deep blue truly did exist. No one is ever certain of that fact mainly because there has never been proof to prove either theory wrong or right. But what if there was proof? What if it was just hidden way from the human eye, casted away and never to be dug up? This is actually the job of a special group of scientist’s knew to the supernatural world as ‘Takers’.

Takers are a group of human’s that were assigned the job of studying all the types of supernaturals. To try and find all their weaknesses, their strengths and the length of their abilities. The reason for their name is simple for they take young supernaturals away from their parents, often stealing them. They being the child to a facility up in the mountains of Scotland, far away from any neighboring human area. At this facility the children are experimented on, tested and used like lab rats.

Yet as the children grow older they start to for relationships with one another, rather is be friendship, enemies or romance. They know there is more to life then living in a cage and they are starting to get restless.

They want out.

The Plot

Now as young adults the prisoner's of the facility, known by the inmates as the 'Heart House', have grown tired of being treated like lab rats. They have all fully grown into their power's now and have made of plan to escape. The night the plan went into action was a full moon, which heightened all their power's. But the scientist's had been waiting, knowing their plan and had attacked. The scientists hadn't excepted the prisoner's to get past them and flee into the thick forests of Scotland and the supernaturals hadn't planned to be split into groups. Now not only must they reunite with one another but avoid being captured again.

The Supernaturals

Reaper's are also known as Grimreaper's, Death Angel's or Necromancer's. Reaper's are rare among the supernatural world and are considered dangerous. They are usually isolated and quiet. They have the ability to talk to the dead (ghosts), summon souls back to their bodies, control the dead, take life, resurrection (but they must give up part of their soul to bring someone fully back from the dead), healing, darkness manipulation, minor time control and teleport.


Shapeshifters are powerful being's with the rare ability to shift into any animal, rather it be myth, alive or extinct. They are rare among the supernatural world because a shapeshifter can only breed once every two years and they rarely do. But then there are those who have been bitten by an original or Alpha shapeshifter, making them into a shifter. Bitten shifters are weaker then Alpha's and/or originals, being only to shift into 10 or more animals while a shifter by birth is unlimited. Along with the ability to shift they are granted super strength, speed, agility, communicate with other animals and have enhanced senses.


Vampires are creatures of the night. Very similar to legends, Vampires have long fangs to feed, a very pale and have the ability of flight (levitation, they can't change into any sort of creature). They aren't dead. Vampires have super strength and speed. Human blood is healthier for them but they can survive off of animal blood.


Fairies are mischievous supernatural creatures that come in a variety of forms, though most are human. They have the power of one element (water, air, earth), Telekinesis, Flight (though they don't need wings), Invisibility and Enhanced strength. Though like vampire's Fairies are common.


In books Phoenix’s are said to be birds made of flame but this isn’t true. In fact a Phoenix is born from the ashes of a dead human, death usually being from fire. A Phoenix has the power over fire, they can create fire and manipulation pre-created fire. They also have the power of flight, heat manipulation, enhanced speed and can talk to any form of bird.

Witches can humans that are gifted magically, usually by a demon or another witch or wizard. They have the basic magically powers like telekinetic, hexes and potions, some can change their appearance (hair color, eye color, skin color), spells, illusion and control over a dark element (shadows, electricity, crystals & minerals).

The Characters

Group One
These two have known each other since the very beginning. They were two of the first supernaturals to be
brought to the 'Heart House' . They took an instant liking to each other, becoming best friends almost
immediately and have been inseparable ever since. Best friends for life. They were the master minds behind
the plan to escape and are on the top of the governments hit list.

Name: Eric Vandeese | Age: 24 | FC: Henry Cavill | Species: Shapeshifter TAKEN
He is born to two original Alpha shifter's
making him of original Alpha blood. He was stolen
from his parents at four years old.
Name: Lilith Grim | Age: 22 | FC: Candice Swanepoel | Species: Reaper TAKEN
She is the only daughter of the Grimreaper.
She was stolen at the age of two, one night while
her father was out on a job.

Group Two

These two are the most unlikeliest of a pair. Their complete opposites. These two have a playful
relationship, usually getting into fights at the facility over stupid things like 'you sat in my chair' or
'you smell like a pixie stick'. They don't hate each other but they aren't the greatest of friends neither.
What are the chances that they would end up in the same part of the forest?

Name: Isaac Justifer | Age: 23 | FC: Jensen Ackles | Species: Vampire TAKEN
He's the son of a Vampire Hunter and a Vampire.
Don't ask how they got toegther, but lets just say
it involved whiskey and alot of shot's. He was sold
by his Hunter Mother once she realized he was a vampire.
Name: Fayette | Age: 22 | FC: Leda Muir | Species: Fairy TAKEN
Daughter of Lady Lilian, duchess and Duke Quin
of the fairy region. She was stolen by a traitor
and sold to the government.

Group Three
These two have never really spoken with each other. They both prefer to be alone.
While she has shown some interest in him, he prefer's to mind his own business and stay away from people.
Both find it hard to trust people and with their similar attitude's is the reason why they decided
to ban together until they find the rest of the groups.

Name: Josh Ustrina | Age: 24 | FC: Alex Pettyfer | Species: Phoenix TAKEN
He's the son of the top scientist in the facility.
His father was a Phoenix while his mother watches him as the
leading mind in the 'Heart House'.
Name: Lotus Dawn | Age: 23 | FC: Ksenia Solo | Species: Witch TAKEN
Daughter of a dark witch. Her father was human and
gave her up to the facility, thinking that her powers
were a form of sickness and that they would take care of
his baby girl. He doesn't know his run away wife was a witch.

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|| Age || Nationality || Nickname/Alias || Face Claim ||

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Toggle Rules

|| Rules ||
1. Face Claim's may be changed but only after you ask me and I approve.
2. Swearing is allowed, I really don't give to shits how much just don't let it be every second word.
3. Be literate, no one liner's. I want detail people!
4. This is a romance RP so making out and all that shit is good but if you get to the dirty scene fade to black.
5. Reservation's will only be held for 48 hour's unless you tell me you can't get it in on time.
6. This RP will have violence.
7. Your password for reservation (so I know you read these). Which is better Duramax, Cummins or Powerstroke
8. No killing off any character's unless they are NPC's or I say so.
9. Please try to post everyday at these once. If you can't tell me by PM or OOC.
10. If you are a one post kinda person who gets bored afterwards you aren't the person for this RP because I don't plan on letting this dying, I worked my ass and brain off to create it.
11. If I have any other rules I will be sure to inform you.

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#, as written by Echo-19
Josh Ustrina

Josh was thrown off by the teleport. He hadn't
expected it and the resulting feeling he could most
closely compare to vertigo took a moment to shake off.

"What the hell Lilith!" He heard Issac snap in what he could
safely assume was in regard to the surprise teleport.

He wasn't particularly disagreeing with Issac's statement.
some sort of warning prior to being pulled through
whatever wormhole or whatnot it was that people used to
teleport through, but Lilith also looked exhausted now too.
Obviously she knew it would take a toll on her to get
everyone here. She had to have a good reason.

"Before we jump to conclusions, lets chill a minute," said
Josh. "Everyone here is trying to look out for everyone
elses best interests. We all want to get the hell out of here.
How about we postpone the finger pointing and macho
pissing contest until we are somewhere that isn't here."

They were outside a bus station, which meant they were
getting out of here - something everyone sorely wanted
considering they had been talking about leaving without
Lilith or Eric only a short time before.



Characters Present

Character Portrait: Lotus Dawn Character Portrait: Eric Vandeese Character Portrait: Lilith Grim Character Portrait: Isaac Justifer Character Portrait: Fayette Character Portrait: Josh Ustrina
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What the hell just happened? One minute Fay was questioning the vampire dork about his attitude problem and now they were in Glasgow. Issac now has an even bigger attitude than he did when he was in the hotel. Lotus looks annoyed and yet again Josh is trying to calm everyone down, or really trying to calm Issac down so that everyone can get some answers. Usually Fayette keeps her cool and tries not to get angry at anyone, even though its hard when she is around Issac, but this was ridiculous. She was tired of Lilth disappearing whenever she felt like it and then teleporting them to wherever she feels like it.

The fairy looked around and was so confused to why they came here. If she could teleport them, why couldn't she just teleport them back home. That question would have to come up later. "Alright so what now, boss?" she asked a bit bitterly to the tired Lilith. Maybe she should have reacted a bit differently since she has saved them twice now, but it was too late now. Without even realizing it, Fayette's hair had gone from her calm purple to a harsh brown. It was very pretty, but the fairy didn't have time to talk about the hair color although she wished her teal color would come back.

She crossed her arms and started pacing. It was just a way of calming down and to think about the situation. Instinctively her hand went to the necklace around her neck and she started fiddling with it.

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Character Portrait: Lotus Dawn
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Character Portrait: Issac Justifer.
Issac Justifer.

WIP vampire

Character Portrait: Lilith Grim
Lilith Grim

The Reaper

Character Portrait: Eric Vandeese
Eric Vandeese

"It's okay, we'll be fine; just do what I do, and nothing will go wrong."

Character Portrait: Lotus Dawn
Lotus Dawn

"They never say how easy it is to fear something you've known your whole life."


Character Portrait: Issac Justifer.
Issac Justifer.

WIP vampire

Character Portrait: Lotus Dawn
Lotus Dawn

"They never say how easy it is to fear something you've known your whole life."

Character Portrait: Lilith Grim
Lilith Grim

The Reaper

Character Portrait: Eric Vandeese
Eric Vandeese

"It's okay, we'll be fine; just do what I do, and nothing will go wrong."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Lotus Dawn
Lotus Dawn

"They never say how easy it is to fear something you've known your whole life."

Character Portrait: Lilith Grim
Lilith Grim

The Reaper

Character Portrait: Eric Vandeese
Eric Vandeese

"It's okay, we'll be fine; just do what I do, and nothing will go wrong."

Character Portrait: Issac Justifer.
Issac Justifer.

WIP vampire

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