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Ember Lovellion

"Stupid maggot-heads are everywhere I go..."

0 · 82 views · located in Post Apocalyptic USA

a character in “Escape The Dead”, as played by Jewliet115


Ember Lovell

Physical Description

Ember had silk white colored hair with a few pink streaks. It falls to her about her mid neck.
Her facial features a very chiseled and detailed. She is fair skinned and has a few freckled amongst her face.
She usually wears just her school uniform which is basically the only thing she has since the apocalypse happened. Her school uniform consists of these articles of clothing: A black jacket with her school symbol on the right, upper sleeve, A white t-shirt, a brown, black, and white plaid skirt, and black tennis shoes.
She usually wears her earphones on her head or around her neck.




Ember is a very sweet girl.
She treats most people with care, but when it comes to killing zombies, she’s a ruthless killer.
Other than that, she loves people.
She has a lot of emotional problems considering her past.


•Climbing tree’s


•Getting sweaty


Ember was just a normal, teenage girl before all this happened. She was a shy, timid young girl and only had a few friends that she talked too.
The day it happened, no one knew it had until it had already ravaged her whole home town only leaving a few survivors.
These zombies ruined her life. It took her family, her friends, everything she loved. And to top it all off, she had to put them all out of their misery. She sent one silver bullet through each of their heads.


All Ember is carrying is her AK, her ammunition, her brothers shirt, her family picture, a water bottle that is about half full, some bandages and a bar of soap.


Her only skill is basically just with guns, and only certain types.

So begins...

Ember Lovellion's Story