Escape to freedom

Escape to freedom


A modern day roleplay about a man who is being hunted so his powers can be harnessed for greed.

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It is modern day but one thing is different. Government has little to no power in the world anymore and the world is literally owned by corporations. Adam Fenix is a product of horrid and inhuman experiments to harness a cheap and long lasting bio-genetic fuel source. This has given him the power to conjure fire. He must now escape as to not become a pawn in this wicked corporations plan to gain a profit off of another human beings life force.

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Elisa smiled politely and stepped forward. "Thank you. I can help you with dinner if you need it, miss Crissy" Elisa said before her eye caught the stairs. "If you wish for my help though, I'm afraid I will be upstairs. I'm awfully tired" she said before taking her art bag and pouncing up the stairs, taking them two at a time. There was a few beds- cots, really. She slung the bag over the side of one and jumped on top of it. Even though Adam had asked a question as she had left, she really didn't care for the answer. They knew who she was, but then again lots of people did. What her father had done was scandalous and Elisa had learned to live with people knowing more than they aught to.


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Adam stood his ground turning around. His distrust of people soon turned to suspicion. His energy was starting to grow but only slightly which caused his body to start to warm up. "I'm sorry if I'm being rude sir, but it takes a lot for me to trust someone." Adam added sternly. At this point he was fully ready to burn them all the a smoldering crisp.


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"Well..." Jack said "We are the resistance. We do have hackers and people on the inside. Isn't that how you found us? Someone on the inside gave you a GPS device and a set of numbers which lead you here?"

"I know its hard to trust average folk after all the years of testing they did on you." Crissy said, coming next to Jack "All you need to trust us on is shelter, supplies and you next stop."

"But how do we know he's not a sleeper agent?" Hat said also coming up to Adam "Planted by the corporation, to find us out then WHAM, we're all dead."

"Easy hat, easy. Adam and Elisa have been through a lot, we have to trust them..... So, dinner will be ready in a few."

Tom sat at his computer, typing the report of Adam and Elisa escaping. HE typed the last few words, then sent it off. He rubbed his eyes and took a sip of wine that was next to him. HE then opened a file on his computer. It was a map of the city, with a few red dots here and there. HE typed in a set of numbers into the search and a single red dot stayed.

"Oh good they're safe." he said to himself, but then, a purple line appeared leading away from it, and 4 close together yellow dots were following the line "ohhhh shit........" and Tom quickly picked up his phone

"Dinner time!" Crissy called. Then, the phone rang and Jack picked it up.
"Hello..... oh hi......are..are you sure?" THEN JACK hung up the phone
"Four citizen patrol are coming here!" Jack yelled.
"WHAT!?" Hat growled, taking out his pistol.
"Don't over react, you know they like to do regular patrols. Crissy, make it look like only us three are sitting down to eat. Hat, hide the guns and stall them at the door if need to. Adam, Elisa, I need to take you to the hiding spot!"


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Adam shot an evil glare at hat when he accused him of being a sleeper agent. His eyes beginning to glow red. After the phone call Adam immediately noticed hat pulling out and instinctively got into a fighting stance and was a split second from lighting on fire. "Fine" Adam said not taking his eyes off of hat as he seemed to be the most immediate threat to him. "Lead the way"

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Er... She never knelt over her father. Not once.

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May I make a female character- possibly the daughter of the people who tested on Adam. Telekinetic maybe, from an experiment to create better communication technology

Edit- Submitted character, but if she is not up to your liking I can remove her.

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