Escape: Wonderland

Escape: Wonderland


Welcome, my darlings, to Wonderland. ((STILL Accepting))

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Have you ever wanted to escape? Well, now you can. Welcome, to Wonderland, my dearies.

You hated your life; you are bored with life, parents fighting, loved one died; whatever. One way or another, you hated it. Life was just not your forte. One day, on a horridly normal day, you were walking home and checked the mail; that’s when you spotted it- a pure gold, heavy envelope with your name on it. Naturally you’d open it- right? Though, what was inside of it; was a simple card with a number that stated, ‘call me’.

You probably got confused and started to ask yourself questions like, ‘why did a small card need such a fancy carrying package?’ or ‘what is this?’, either way, you called it. It was odd, because when you called it, it was a survey, and if you didn’t call it, they called you. You filled out the odd survey anyways, and went on with your normal, horrid life; though, when you went to bed, you awoke somewhere else…


There is a stream of crime hitting different cities around the world; missing people have increased. There was no string of the victims- just random hits; the only clue that was left behind was the gold envelope and the card that had the number and said, ‘call me’ and the fact that each and every one of these people had been either ‘bored’ with life and/or had problems (IE., fighting parents, bad grades, loved-one died, break up, etc.).

When others tried to call them, the number came out invalid; and no other traces of the missing people was found, other than the card. As the disappearances rose, they started to put bounties on the cards, any unused card to be turned in, would give the person a huge profit- but it didn’t help the disappearances. Those who turned in the card disappeared the day after- after the survey called.

So, what happened to these people? The outside world may never know, but the truth is, they’ve been sent to Wonderland. Oh, Wonderland? Isn’t that something like out of a book, for instance, Alice in Wonderland? Oh, what a smart person you are; though, just because some creative mind made a book about a girl in Wonderland doesn’t mean that they are the same- in fact, they are horribly different.

Sure, they have the characters called the ‘Mad Hatter’, or the ‘Cherisher Cat’, but they are far different- the game is far different. You see, they brought you to this world, but not to save, more like to feed it. That’s right. Each week, about eight people go missing from the world, and now, you are the flavor of this week.

Congratulations- now, you must survive the game; oh, did I forget to inform you about the game? Well, let me do so, so you can have a firm ‘understanding’ of the game. The characters you know of, for example, like the Red Queen, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Cherisher Cat, are all the main characters in the game, and you, my friend, are the food, or pawns.

This world is made up of daemons, ones that are much superior to humans; though, don’t get your hopes up. They aren’t some broody, love-sick angst teens. They are cold-blooded killers, one who are hungry for the flesh and blood of a human. They have no hearts, only stomachs; which can only be filled by humans.

Oh, but don’t worry; there is always an end to the game- a way to end it. How, you ask? Well, it’s fairly simple- kill all the main characters. That’s right. Simple, right? And how will you kill them? Oh, well, don’t ask me, do I look like the book of answers? Perhaps I do, so I guess I shall tell you. Because religion is just a belief, you can put your crosses and holy water away, it won’t hurt them- only make them laugh; perhaps if you want to die last, crack them a joke?

Anyways, the way to kill them is to simply eat them; oh? Where you expecting something else? It may seem simple, but my dearies, it’s not. You must not only eat them, but also eat their heart- not the stupid emotion you humans call, but the actual organ that pumps blood throughout your body. While you do this, they must still be alive; that’s right; alive; breathing; bleeding; screaming. Fill their stomachs up with rocks and dump it into the river- since I gave you the huge hint, I will allow you to find the river yourself; I shall not tell you which river.

Now that you know much about this game, I wish you good luck, and happy killings,
The Caterpillar

+.Torvault Anson - Eskay.+
+.Male Two.+
+.Male Three.+
+.Male Four.+
~.Merle Sams - TwistedxXxAffairs.~
~.Annette Doughtry - PENCIL_ME_IN.~
~.Elisa Sanders - gezzygezzy.~
~.Bonnie Price - gezzygezzy.~
Character Sheet

~Personality~ (At least a small paragraph- 4-6 sentences please. :] )
~Appearance~ (Give me a short description- one with weight, height, any extras... etc. Also, it would be awesome if you can provide me a picture -I don't care whether it is anime or not-)
~Sample Post~ (I want this so I can establish a bit of a relation to your writing. :3 Quantity doesn't matter yes it does as long as it is in great quality. :D )

+Do you feel that the air around you suffocates you?
+Is life boring or no use anymore?
+Mind explaining why?
+Do you want to escape?

*Note, if you wish, you may play one of these characters; first, you must PM me though so we can situate it out. :D Also, if you do wish to play these characters, your picture DOES NOT have to be the same- it's just there to give you an idea of what they MIGHT look like. :3

The Mad Hatter.-
He is a very charming character; one whom almost every person would want to be around. Though, they call him the Mad Hatter for a reason. He’s MAD! He is a ruthless killer who often gets his victims by giving them tea; killing them by poisoning their tea or something else- that’s right. He loves poison. He loves the taste. Everything about it makes him melt. He is obsessed with it.

Cheshire the Cat-
The cat is an unknown gender, one that cannot really be founded out easily. The cat gives you all the answers, but without giving you the answers; that’s right, the cat is filled with contradictions. But once again, it is a daemon; one of the trickiest daemons in that fact. It is hard to tell whether he is a friend or not, but one thing is for sure; he loves to play with his food. Guess who his food is? That’s right; you.

The March Hare-
Well, this may come of surprise to you, but he is no hare; instead, a blood thirsty beast. Good thing is that he sleeps all year long except for March; but allow me to warn you, he does awaken when some unfortunate soul steps on his land. He nestles himself underground, so it is fairly hard not to awaken him if you so happen to step on his territory. Once again, he is a beast, one with no brain and only knows how to kill.

The Caterpillar-
Despite his looks, the caterpillar is no daemon, but instead an on looker. He is probably the only sane one out of all of Wonderland- but do not take this wrong. He will only help you once, and after that, you must repay him. If not, he will certainly lead you to your death- one that isn’t too pretty. He is extremely intelligent and knows the game well. Instead of feeding off of human flesh, he feeds off of the mushrooms and flowers in the meadow. Many of the other daemons do not mess with him since he can easily kill them, but once again, he enjoys the game so much, he dares not to ruin it.

The Red Queen-
Have you ever heard of Elizabeth Bathory? The woman who bathed in blood of young virgins? Well, meet her twin; she kills to survive, but instead of eating to get her food, she absorbs it through her skin- also not really mattering whether is virgin or not- she just needs blood. Instead of killing her victims, she ends up capturing them and torturing them until death. She is probably one of the most deadly of the daemons in Wonderland.

Deedle Dee and Deedle Dum-
Unlike the book, they are different; instead of being dumb boys, they are in fact, smart and seductive women. Sirens to be more precise; they not only lurk in the waters, but land as well, every so often coming up to eat some on. Once again, they are another daemon who loves to play with their food, one who loves to do what they want with humans before eating them. Hint I give you- stay away from any water.


I'm not expecting everyone to write long, long paragraphs, but please don't give me three sentences. ;~; I will not hold a required number of how many words and paragraphs you must have, but please just keep it about three sentences. Also, with grammar and spelling, please get it close to good; if you have trouble with things like grammar and spelling (like I do~) type your posts in Microsoft Word. :D It helps great, if you don't have it, then at least read over it. :3

IF YOU JOIN, YOU WILL BE STUCK HERE FOREVER! MWAHAHA! Nah, just kidding; but don't just up and leave. If you want out, I understand, and I will allow you out. :\ If you are going to be gone, then just tell me- everything is understandable. Also, I would like for everyone to post at least once or twice per one to two days. If that is too troublesome, then either don't join, or talk to me about it. I'm a pretty reasonable gal. :D

Alright, I will say this right now... this IS NOT a romance RP (I don't mind a little), so I don't want some sweet and sappy couple rolling around in the dirt, getting it on right there. This is an RP about KILLING and SURVIVING. If your characters are fucking here, then I swear to god, I shall chop them up and serve them for your dinner tonight. -_- Other than that, I don't care how morbid and detailed you are, so go crazy man~ (though, keep it inside the rules. :3 ) I also don't mind cussing; as long as it's part of your character's personality and not the OOC personality which you *might* display. :P

I AM GOD! I SHALL KILL YOU ALL~ MWAHAHA. XDD Just kidding, though, I am GM, so I will ask for respect. I will not stand for Godmodding or fighting within the OOC. I don't care if the person gives you permission over his/hers characters while they are gone, you don't use them. If a person so happens to leave, then I, ME, MYSELF will kill them off, not you. Please understand that. Also, if you have problems with another person, please do not handle it yourself, TELL ME and I shall handle it. I will not show mercy to anyone who does not show respect and kindness in my OOC thread. I will terminate them~ mwahaha. >:{D

Have fun-
As you can see, I only have four rules (not counting this one), and they are all understandable. So, please have fun and follow my rules. :3 This RP is made so we can all have fun while killing each other. :D Yeah, not the best line I came up with, but whatever. xD

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Re: Escape: Wonderland

I was wondering if I could create a character playing the ever lovely Red Queen. Is there any extra information I need to know about her? ^^ I'll try to get the character in as soon as possible!

Re: Escape: Wonderland

It would be lovely if you could :3 I will also, if no one decides to join by Friday; and then hopefully we'll start Friday night.

Re: Escape: Wonderland

Let me know if you need someone to double up.

Re: Escape: Wonderland

No, it hasn't gone to doodoo, XDD It's just been a bit hard for me to log on for the few days. I'll do character application at this moment and try to pick up some others who want to join. :D

Re: Escape: Wonderland

Hey Twisted, it's two days past the deadline, I assume that this RP has gone the way of the dodo?

Re: Escape: Wonderland

You can't really reserve, but you may submit the character. :D If I like the character, then I'll send you a PM discussing the things you need to know for the Mad Hatter. :3 (though, since everyone needs to get a fair chance, I am allowing others to submit their characters, but from the looks of it... I think that we won't get much submissions. :( But as long as everyone doesn't give up on me, I'll try my best to get more characters :D ).

Re: Escape: Wonderland

Totally joining this. Can I like, reserve the mad hatter?

Re: Escape: Wonderland

Okay, I have officially submitted my characters!

Re: Escape: Wonderland

The sample post can be anything your heart desires~ :3 As long as it involves your character. If you want to be creative, it can be something that happened in the character's past- or your character's history through their eyes in a quick flash back. :P

Re: Escape: Wonderland


But I have a question. What do you want the sample to be? Any sort of piece, or a specific moment in the persons life before the place the RP starts?

Re: Escape: Wonderland

Sure, submit them in. :D I look forward to reading the lovely characters (I hope I can get) that are submitted. :P

Re: Escape: Wonderland

O.o I. Must. Join. This.


I know it says your aren't done yet but...I was wondering if I could have two characters? Two girls. One kidnapped and the other one possibly kidnapped. If you said yes I would be debating though on if I would want my second one to be one of the Daemons...BUT THIS ROLEPLAY LOOKS AWESOME!!!

Escape: Wonderland

This is the auto-generated OOC topic for the roleplay "Escape: Wonderland"

~Welcome, my darlings, to Wonderland~

You where kidnapped- or well, more like thrown into another world; one which you must fight to survive. It's more like a game; one with no creator. Though, like every game, there is a winner; and to win my friend, you must kill each of the 'main characters' in this game. So good luck, and I wish you, forever happy killings.

Hello~ :D TwistedxXxAffairs here. :3 As you can see, I am the GM, so I control this RP. Nice to meet 'cha. :D Anyways, I am oober friendly, but sadly, I am not taking reservations, nor am I taking 'first-serve'; instead, I am going to hold up the RP character submission 'till the 23rd of June, and whoever I like, will take part in the RP. Remember, I WILL NOT reject anyone's character right off the bat. I am willing to give them time to edit it to their likings, because once the characters have been accepted, I WILL NOT ALLOW any characters to be edited- for the sake of not confusing anyone. :3

Also, for those whom submitted a character or ask for a part before I was done making this RP, I really appreciate the enthusiasm, but will reject you right off the bat, so please either re-submit your character (if you really want to join) or move along. The reason is simple- I love the enthusiasm (like I said before), but if simple rules cannot be followed, then I personally do not want you in the RP.

Now, for those who wrote in the OOC, you still have a chance since you really didn't do much but comment in the OOC. Once again, I am not reserving nor am I rejecting at the moment- so please, submit a character and if you really want it, I shall tell you what I think. :P