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Elisa Sanders

I'm not afraid of change, I'm just not excited at the idea of it

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a character in “Escape: Wonderland”, as played by gezzygezzy


Elisa March Sanders
Elisa doesn’t seem like one who would want to escape. She’s funny, sweet, caring, and has plenty of friends. She seems to have the perfect life. She likes to keep it that way to. Elisa is afraid of change. Even the smallest change may catch her off guard. Although she can stay calm on the outside she has the tendency to freak out on the inside quite often. She easily keeps it a secret when she is distressed. In fact, not once has she ever showed a hint of being upset in public. She isn’t the daring kind and is often with multiple people because it makes her feel safer.
Elisa, weighing 126 pounds and being 5’6, is a skinny but altogether average fifteen year old girl. She has bright blue eyes and long, thick eyelashes that always make It look like she has mascara on. Her hair was originally a dark brown but is now dyed black with white at some of the tips. She smiles a lot, if only to make it seem like she is okay. Most of the time she wears skinny jeans and converse with some t-shirt on.
~Sample Post~
“You have to accept that not everything stays the same!”
As the door slammed shut Elisa just stared at it. She saw the specks of dust that flew from the floor at the impact. “Not everything stays the same…” she murmured under her breath, for the chance that her dad was still outside of the door.
“Not everything stays the same Elisa. People change.” Bethaney said. “Not all people change Bethaney. I’m still the same, I don’t see why you’ve been acting different all of a sudden.” It was the first fight they had ever been in a fight of any kind. Eight years of friendship without a single fight, until now. Bethaney had been different lately. She was more quiet, more withdrawn. Elisa didn’t like it. “Yes you have Elisa! When your mother left you were so obsessed with nothing ever changing! You now constantly need to feel like you’re good enough for everyone. You never lose your cool! I liked you better before, but you changed. I lived with that without saying a word about it. Why can’t you do the same?
Elisa stared out the window right out to her driveway. It was right there where the fight took place. Strangely enough it was also the last place she ever saw her mother. T think she would never be able to gaze out this window again. When her dad had closed the door he had also finalized the moving plan. He found a house, they were leaving.
“My best friend can’t change!” For the first time in a long while tears were beginning to form in Elisa’s eyes, yet she would not let them go. Bethaney turned around. She took a step forward and Elisa yelled at her, “So what? You’re just going to leave?” Bethaney turned around to face her with a look of stone that Elisa would never forget. “Yes, I am. I’m moving Elisa. I’ve been more quite because I was trying to figure out how to tell you. Now I don’t really care how you would find out.” With that she left.
That expression Bethaney had was the only one Elisa could remember of her. She left town the next day. Now Elisa was about to leave as well. As Elisa continued looking out the window she noticed the mailman pull up. He stuffed the mail in the mailbox and drove off. Sighing, Elisa walked out of her room and towards the door to pick it up. As she walked through the hallway she could hear a television in the living room. “Another child missing…only clue is a golden…” She shut the door behind her and walked to the mailbox. Opening it she saw a glimmer in the back. She pulled it out to find a golden envelope.
+Do you feel that the air around you suffocates you?
Kind of…I mean, that’s how it’s supposed to feel when surrounded by people right?
+Is life boring or no use anymore?
Not at all! My life is exciting, I go skiing and go to the movies. I wouldn’t say it has no use anymore…I make my friends happy don’t I? *sighs* Yes, my life is useless.
+Mind explaining why?
It’s just, well I have these routines. I have every day planned out and I know exactly what is going to happen. That’s wonderful. But people like me never grow up to be anything. People who make a difference in the world take risks, do stuff that nobody would expect. That’s not me. I’m not going to change anything.
+Do you want to escape?
Yeah, escape would be nice. But how do you escape from the way the world works?
I want to escape somewhere where people who don’t change can still do something that changes the world. Silly but true, I want to be remembered somehow and I just won’t make that cut in this world.

So begins...

Elisa Sanders's Story