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Torvault Anson



Diagnosed with Aspberger's Syndrome at quite an early age, Torvault has always been the talk of the crown. Unfortunately, it's never been in any positive light, as Torvault has always either gotten into fights, arguments, or otherwise found himself not seeing eye-to-eye with the rest of his peers. This constant isolation, compounded with the stress induced by his parents sudden (and unexpected) divorce, caused serious issues on top of what he was already born with. Since the divorce, Torvault has had the delusion that he was a superhero, and has been hell-bent on "saving his peers" since. As an Aspberger's child, Torvault is quite prone to being obsessive, overly nervous, and even manic should his routine be disrupted. In spite of all this, Torvault is a bright 'lil guy, and can make for some very insightful conversation (assuming that one can pardon his incessant stutter.)

Torvault is a healty kid, measuring it at about 4'11 and weighing around 100-110 lbs. When he is garbed in his superhero attire, he wears a red one piece, a white silk cape embroidered with an 'M' (standing for Mr. Meanor,) and a pair of sneakers he spray-painted black.

+Do you feel that the air around you suffocates you?
"U-um, I breathe air all the time...so no...u-u-unless you're speaking figuratively...? Hello?"

+Is life boring or no use anymore?
"W-w-well, boring isn't the right word, b-but I definitely don't feel very useful..."

+Mind explaining why?
"W-well, nobody really likes me. Not even mom (especially after she drinks a lot of beer.) Dad even left the both of us without much of a reason. N-none of my friends want me around, not even to save them! I just don't know anymore..."

+Do you want to escape?
"U-um, don't tell mom this...but yeah, escaping w-would be nice..."

"W-w-well, I kinda told you before. N-nobody really wants me, and I'd rather be somewhere where I was. U-um, but if that's too difficult, I'd at least like to be somewhere where I can b-be helpful...o-or if that's too much, maybe just somewhere different! Yeah...different would be good...u-um, may I ask who this is...?"

~Sample Post~
"Torvault!" Ms. Kearnes exclaimed, "How many times have I told you, you can't hit your classmates?"

"Ms. Kearnes, my name's not Torvault! It's Mr. Meanor! Which means that s-sometimes, I have to commit little crimes in order to g-get justice!"

Ms. Kearnes firmly rubbed her temple, having been all too familiar with this spiel. It was hard enough being convinced to allow him to wear his outrageous costume to school, but it was the in-class violence that truly drove her to the breaking point.

"Tor-" she stopped herself, choosing to instead humor him this time, "Mr. Meanor, some might say that hitting your peers is a big crime. Have you ever heard of "Assault and Battery?"

"Y-yes Ms. Kearnes!" Torvault responded, B-b-but-

"Torvault, we are NOT going over this again! Ms. Kearnes exclaimed, knowing full well how this little "dance" of theirs went, "If you continue this behavior, I'm going to have to send you to the principal's office. Again."

Torvault was no stranger to the principal's office, as his heroics as Mr. Meanor oftentimes got him sent there. However, there was a certain sadness behind Ms. Kearne's tone of voice this time. He was reluctant, but more willing to put a stop to his heroics...until a stray insult from a classmate threw him over the edge. Landing an impressive haymaker on said ingrate was what drove Ms. Kearnes to her usual reaction- a firm grip on Torvaults arm and a brisk walk to the principal's office. Alas, it was to be a typical Torvault day after all...

So begins...

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