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Alexa Vega

"Hi! Nice to meet you! Now go away and don't bother me!"

0 · 270 views · located in Sunnyside Institution

a character in “Escaping Hell”, as played by HybridGurl


Alexa Vega


Alexa Vega



Case Number:

Mental Illness:
Multiple Personality Disorder

Sexual Orientation:


5 Feet 1 Inch

100 Pounds

Eye Color:

Hair Color:
Light Blonde

Physical Description:
Alexa is very petite. Her body is not as matured as other girl's her age. Her pale skin matches her pale yellow hair, which reaches her butt. She usually has her hair in bows. She likes to wear simple but elegant clothing, jeans and a frilled solid color shirt.


  • Stuffed Animals
  • Kittens
  • The Color Pink
  • Girly Simple Clothes
  • Fairytales

  • Fighting
  • Drama
  • Pain
  • The Dark
  • Storms

1 - Alexa acts like a little girl. She plays with toys, uses the vocabulary of an 8 year old, and even has the mental abilities of a young child. She seems afraid of almost everything. This is her most common side.
2 - She is a flirtacious teen. She acts alil slutty and rebelious. She cusses fluently and backtalks everyone. This side comes out during fights.
3 - She is almost mute. She says very little and the few words she does say is dark, creepy, or downright evil. This side comes out during stressful moments.


Family Life:
Her mother died giving birth. Her father abused her from a young age, 5. His drunken friends and him often sexually abused her after she hit 11. All the abuse caused her disorder.

What Event Got You Here?:
She freaked out at school when the power went out. Side 3 came out and scared a lot of the kids and teachers. They mentioned it to her father and he jumped at the chance to be rid of her.

Overall History:
Alexa had always been a strange kid. She never had many friends. But around the time she hit her teens, and her disorder came about, she was labeled an outcast. She never had weekend plans.. She never had dates. She often sat alone in her room till her father came home. Then the torture would begin again.

So begins...

Alexa Vega's Story

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Alexa Vega awoke from yet another nightmare. She found herself squeezing the life out of an old ragdoll the nurse had given her a month or so after her arrival. The doll was almost headless now from night after night of terrifying dreams. Alexa sat up in her bed and quietly mummbled to herself about how it was only a dream and Dolly would protect her. An older woman opened the door to find her rocking back and forth in the farthest corner of her bed singing, "Dolly Dolly sweet and smallt. Dolly Dolly kill them all." It was her usual morning routine and the nurse was not surprised to see it, and even had learned the right way to get Alexa from creepy side 3 to innocent side 1 without seeing a rebelious side 2.

"Alexa dear." The nurse said. Alexa looked up with an empty expression. "Time to go play with Dolly and her friends." Alexa closed her eyes for a brief moment, signaling a personality switch, then opened them with a smile. "Do I get a new friend today?" Alexa asked sweetly. "As a matter of fact, you do hun." The nurse brought in old toys frequently as her grandkids outgrew them. Today it was a Peter Cottontail toy. The woman reached her hand out to Alexa slowly, and the troubled girl ran to her side, taking her hand with one and cuddling Dolly with the other. They walked to the recreation room and the nurse got the rabbit from behind the counter. Alexa squealed and took the toy before running away, past a boy.

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Rosalind was in the corner of her room. She was going through a terrible withdrawal. She hadn't burned anything in about a week and it was causing problems. She was more mute than usual and she never slept on her bed. She now spent her time by the corner of her room imagining a fire. She only sat there because that is where the heater was. It would sometimes over heat and have the feeling of flames which see seemed almost addicted too. Then a nurse opened the door letting in light into the dark room. "Rosalind. You have to go to the recreation room. And can you actually mingle this time?" Rosalind shook her head. She doesn't mingle with people.

She got up from the corner of the room and walked to the nurse. She blinked her eyes a few times to adjust to the lights. Like a habit, she followed the nurse five blocks behind her until they got to the recreation room. She didn't know anyone personally, only from what she heard from the distance. She knows most people's names, but they didn't really know her. She was okay with that. She was use to not having friends and this was no different. She walked to the couch far away from the boy, and the girl who was acting like a child. She sat on the couch and pulled her legs up to her chest. She knew what was coming.

They like to deliver the pills while people were in the recreation room. That way everyone is numb and playing around like everything is all good. She never remembered anything when she took the pill. Sometimes she will feel like she is in a dream for a day and she will wake up in her room the next morning. The feeling was terrible. If she could kill the nurses she would, but they keep her away from fire. Rosalind's room is fire resistant, so even if she could some how get a hold of fire the room would not burn down the way she wanted. Rosalind has tried, failed, and suffered terribly for it. She used to have a lighter in her pocket, but the took away. Now it is just a memory.

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A numb feeling was the first thing to reach Jack's mind as he sprang from his medicated sleep. Muffled words as he looked around in his tiny little prison in a haze. The entire room alien to him as he stood before the door. Coughing a bit, he finally spoke. "Ex...Excuse me. Isn't it time for me to be let out?" Unease drew him in, seeing a burly and boorish man stand in front of his door before a low and guttural voice spoke. "Alright. But hurry up. The sound of keys opening the lock were the last he heard before the voices started to speak, whispering in his ear of false promises and covert conspiracies. Run for it. No No, wait for him to turn his back and strike. HURT HIM! BREAK HIM! A twitch in his movements, Jack hurriedly went to the recreation room as the door out of his prison opened. Looking inside he saw several people, mostly mindless and in their own world from medication, minding their own business. Looking over, he grabbed a few pieces of paper and sat in a small corner. Looking around he noticed a pencil, tied to the table by a row of beads. Mumbling to himself, he started to write. "Stupid beads... Can never write well with these things." The pencil struggled as Jack tried to write, adamantly refusing to move with his hand. After a few attempts he tossed the pencil aside in protest. He looked around the room, seeing people enter and focus on their own world. Jack just watched, trying to drown out the voices again. Look at them all. They're mocking you. You're nothing. Nothing nothing nothing nothing. Write again. Jack looked at the pencil dangling off the table, grabbing it and playing with the beads to break the link between them. To no avail, Jack sighed and tried to write again. The worlds sloppily written, a mockery of written word. Instead, flipping the paper over, Jack decided to try and draw without looking. Line upon line, taunting words played inside his head as he focused on the wall.

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#, as written by Leon21
Adonis Odna

The thin male sat on the narrow cot that was about as thin as he was, perhaps even thinner. He didn't seem to notice this at all, considering he was sitting on it like it was a thrown. Never mind the fact that he was facing a wall. Walls made for interesting company, anyways. They certainly were a lot more exciting than anything this dungeon had to offer. He was in an odd sort of state right now, strolling along the line separating sleep from meditation. This was a line that Adonis commonly walked, which happened to be the main reason why he tended to collapse from exhaustion at random points in the day.

A quiet creak alerted him that the door of his room had been opened. It wasn't actually a creak, more of the slight swish of the door gliding across the floor, but the word 'creak' sounded so much better. 'Swish' sounded soft and cuddly. 'Creak' was dark and terrifying. 'Creak' was the sort of sound you would hear in a vampire's castle. This was Adonis' castle, despite being nothing close to a castle, so 'creak' was the word of choice.

There was a slight amount of pressure put on his shoulder. It was nowhere near enough to hurt - bah, as if a vampire could be hurt by a such thing! - but it was rather annoying. The voice that came with it was even worse. "Adonis. It's recreation time." It was one of the filthy mortals that worked here. What did they call them, nurses or something? To him they were servants. Every last one of them.

It was a whisper at first. "Lord..."

"What was that?" Of course, he should have remembered. The humans had such terrible hearing. He should have spoken louder to be spared the torture of the voice of that foolish mortal.

Adonis rose to his feet, shaking the servant's hand off of his shoulder. He still had his back to them, but not for much longer. As elegantly as a ballet dancer, he spun around, his curly hair flaring out in a circle around his head before coming to a rest on his shoulders. "I am a lord, and you shall address me as such, mortal." The arrogant tilt of his head, his demeaning stare down his nose, his impeccable posture, everything about Adonis screamed 'powerful'. Sure, he currently had about as much power as a sparrow caught in a tornado. But that certainly was not what Adonis believed. This small room was his palace, the narrow cot his golden throne. Here he had ultimate power, at least in his mind.

Clearly, the nurse did not believe the same thing.

"Lord, schmord. Sorry to break it to you kid, but you're a human, just like every f*cking person here. Now hurry up and get to the recreation room before I call one of the higher ups."

Adonis looked at the nurse. He was short, and so incredibly normal that he felt nauseous. Close cropped brown hair, bland brown eyes, light skin with a slightly mottled red tone to it. Not in the best shape, perhaps thirty pounds overweight or so. Unshaven. Boring. Stupid.


The nurse touched his face in shock, his fingers pressing against the red mark that was clearly shaped by a hand. He spluttered for a few moments, then closed his mouth upon realising that he could not find the words to say what he wanted to say.

"That vas for the insolence, mortal." The human's weakness shocked Adonis. He certainly had not hit him very hard, and he was not even wearing any rings. Years earlier, Adonis would have hit much harder, and his fingers would have been practically encrusted in rings. Now, however, he had no more rings. They had taken them all away from him before throwing him in this room. It didn't matter that much. Sure, it was annoying to not have his sharp rings to scrape open his skin, but, when worst came to worst, his sensitive skin was easily sliced open by nails. The worst part was that the servants never felt the true pain that came with his anger.

Adonis strode out of the room, head held high. His long, cloak-like coat swept across the ground behind him as he walked down the familiar hallways. He was headed to the recreation room. Sure, it was not nice following the orders of a servant, but Adonis knew that he would be punished if he did not. The punishment, and the lack of power or control that came with it, was the one thing Adonis feared in this building.

He stepped into a hallway line with windows. The midday sun streamed in through them, causing Adonis to flinch back, hissing in rage. Holding his cloak of his face and any exposed skin, he carefully walked down the far side of the hallway, making sure not to step into the light. Adonis was certain he would burn to ashes if he did, and certainly was not willing to test it.

Arriving at the recreation room in a more or less healthy and whole state, Adonis pushed open the doors, striding into the room like the lord he believed he was. He was always one for an entrance.

"So, who vill be my sacrifice today?" This was not a very unusual question coming from Adonis; in fact, it was quite likely to show up in conversation. The slight accent was also nothing unusual. From a combination of the influence from all of the vampire novels he had read, as well as his sharpened canines, Adonis always pronounced all of his 'w's as 'v's. Most people had gotten used to it by now.

"Vat, no takers?"

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((Sorry phone posted on accident))

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Alexa frowned when the scary man entered the room. He made her very uneasy. She grabbed her toys and retreated to a corner by the windows. She knew from the length of time that she had been here that the man did not like the sun. She continued to play in the corner, minding her own business. The nurse came by and checked up on her. She wrote something on a chart and walked away. Alexa barely noticed anyone in the room. She was too busy making a teddy bear save Princess Dolly from the evil bunny on Table Mountain. She could turn anything into a game.

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#, as written by twi-twi
The boy had just walked away from him. He said it was okay, and just walked away. Cameron was about to burst into another fit of sobs at the "rejection" but then, the boy had started pounding on the glass, and he saw the other girl sitting over near the heater. Cameron suddenly felt the need to comfort them both. He first walked to the girl, Rosalind. He grabbed her hand and smiled sweetly to her. Come with me?" He said, and then led her over to the mirror where the other boy was on his side. Cameron got down on the ground and propped the boy back up, crawling into his lap. Cameron then gestured for Rosalind to sit on the ground next to them so Cameron could rest his feet on her lap. "Guys, it'll be okay. I promise." He smiled sweetly to the both of them, then looked to the rest of the room and raised his voice so the rest of them could hear him. "You guys hear that? We'll be fine! C'mon over." He smiled invitingly to them.

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The same thing happened almost every single day, the vampire dude would come in and ask for a sacrifice, the one boy would get mad then sad then happy all in at least 5 minutes flat, the girl who would often start playing with toys, another boy who would randomly freak out, then there was that other girl who Annabeth had no idea what was wrong with her, and here Annabeth was sitting in the corner of the room drawing by herself. She didn't quite consider being anything but lonely. She didn't realize that she had been rocking back and forth and jabbing a crayon down onto the paper till a boy began to speak; the same one who seemed to randomly begin to sob. She turned her head and rolled her eyes, she wanted nothing more than for him to just be quite. She shot him a momentary glare before turning her attention back to the wall then down at the paper that had a drawing with rips and huge crayon dots on it.

The girl sat there, staring hopelessly at her paper. She slowly pulled out another piece of paper and started to sing to herself while she drew another picture. She slowly began to rock back and forth while she focused on her drawing. It wasn't a very pleasant picture since it was of her sitting in a corner by herself, picking at her skin which was dripping with blood on her wrist. She was a great drawer, though whenever someone tried to look at her pictures she would hide it and stare at them till they went away. This made it to where no one knew how good of a drawer she was because she would often hide it from people. She would often draw her thoughts, things that happened in her life, or that made her happy. Though, her happy pictures weren't of people they were often about musical instruments or flowers. So there she sat, drawing the depressing picture, and isolating herself.

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Rosalind allowed Cameron to take her hand even though she wanted to be left alone with the heater. She didn't say anything. She sat down next to him and this Jake person like Cameron asked. Cameron said everything was going to be okay and that they would all be fine. "Not fine." Rosalind said standing up. She would not be fine until she was out of this place. She wanted to see it burn down to the ground along with the nurses and doctors inside. She wanted to be the one to do it. She wanted to reverse time and have her family perish in the fire that she started. She was not going to be fine.

She walked away from the boy and went back to her spot on the heater. This wasn't good enough and it was angering her. She needed fire. She needed to see something burn. She took the picture she drew and ripped it up and snapped the crayons in half she used to draw it. Then an idea sparked in her head. She moved off the heater and put the torn pieces of paper on it instead. If she waited long enough the paper should burn causing a fire. Just the thought of it put a smile on her face. Her back was toward the others in the room so they couldn't see that she actually smiled. She didn't like to smile, nor talk to any of the nurses, or even acknowledge anyone's presence. She was not going to let them see her smile.