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Eriko Kumo

"Hi there! My name is Eri. Do you want to play with me?"

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a character in “Escaping Hybrids”, as played by CrimsonFox


Eriko Kumo
❝Will you be my friend?❞
Username: CrimsonFox
ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя: #FF0000 ♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #400000

|| "The Waiting One" || All That Remains ||


⌈ "Hi, my name is Eri! Do you want to play?" ⌋


Eriko Kumo

Eri, "Jorogumo"



Hair Color

Eye Color

Latrodectus, Black Widow Spider

Success Rate
Exact Rate is Currently Unknown; Estimated Rate is 68%

Face Claim
Spider "Musume Kumo" from Wasurenagumo (Li'l Spider Girl)

Skin Tone
Pale White (lower body is Shiny Black with a Red Hourglass Mark)

2’ 3” (please use link provided for a height reference)


Physical Description
From Eri's hips upwards she appears to be a completely normal little girl whose only minor oddity is her red eyes or possibly her abnormally sharp canines. She has long black hair that is most often put into two high pigtails with long bangs framing her face, however when it's down it comes to her lower back just above the waistline. Her skin is fairly pale except for the rosy blush that often colors her otherwise pale cheeks. She usually wears a large white t-shirt that covers her lower body, but when she is sent on a mission she wears this; a black sweater (help her blend into the shadows) and a mini-skirt the same color as her hourglass mark that will not hinder her movement.

Eri's lower body, starting at her hips, her pale white skin becomes black and shiny like that of a black widow spider. She has a total of eight long legs, each with three separate flexible sections (like that of a normal human finger) while allow her to move soundlessly over walls/floors/ceilings and allow her to walk on her web without risking tearing it, getting stuck and/or losing her balance. They also allow for incredible speed and jumping abilities. There are two addition appendages that have grown in the same place a normal human's legs would be that naturally fold against her body in a resting position (like as if a human were to pull their knees to their chest). They are characterized by the long, razor-sharp fangs (about 4 inches in length) which Eri typically uses to cut strands of webs, however if she is desperate enough she will use them for self defense.


⌈ ”You look funny from upside-down, teehee!” ⌋


Potential Interest

    Climbing Abilities || Eri's spider legs that allow her to move soundlessly over walls/floors/ceilings and walk on her web without risking tearing it, getting stuck and/or losing her balance at incredible speeds
    Sense Vibrations || because Eri is able to sense vibrations in the ground and air it is fairly easy for her to react to an event/action seemingly before it occurs, making it appear as if she has some sort of super-speed

    Regrow Legs || if one of her legs is irreparably damaged, Eri is able to pull it off and regrow a new one, however this takes a considerable amount of time and food (during this time she will be unbalanced and therefore at a disadvantage, so she'll likely retreat into a hiding place/web cocoon to heal)
    Webs || the strands that make up Eri’s webs are either sticky or strong and she tends to use them for different purposes; sticky webs can ensnare prey and be used to make her little cocoon-hidey-holes whilst the non-sticky strands have the strength if steel wool wire

Success rate is in question due to the unstable nature of the subject. Exhibits many behaviors of a human child, however her nature (strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, etc) imply that her spider DNA is superior. This is supported by the additional information that, when injured or upset, her spider DNA seemed to take over and her body experiences minor physical mutations as well as major arachnid aggression/defensive behavior. This is why her Success Ratio is Estimated; the alternating averages of 48% (human) and 89% (arachnid) average together to about 68% Success.

It should also be noted that when Eri builds a web she always follows the same patter: she uses her strong thread to stabilize it, connecting the strands in the center and going outwards in straight lines, fastening the webs to solid objects (walls, trees, etc). Then she uses the sticky threat and connects these together in a circular pattern. This design makes it nearly impossible to get to her (much less fight her) when she is on her web, unless you are able to balance on the strong thread like a tightrope without touching the sticky thread (or unless you are able to fly).


⌈ ”Don’t call me a bug! I’m not a bug!” ⌋


    Leaving Webs Everywhere || Eri tends to leave thin strands of her web everywhere she goes, especially because she likes to build web-cocoons and swing from the ceiling in a very childish manor
    Making Everything into a Game || Because Eri is very childlike in personality it’s very hard to get her to be serious and/or focus on a task, however this is remedied by declaring that it is not a “chore” but instead a “game” therefore she refers to many of her activities as games
    Tantrums || Another feature of Eri's childishness is that she tends to throw tantrums when she feels offended or teased; these displays of anger are meant to frighten/intimidate the other person (though they're more adorable than scary)
    Puppets || Eri is a child who often gets lonely, so to remedy this she uses thin strands of web to "give life" to various inanimate objects much like a puppeteer would a puppet, going as far as to give them names and occasionally voice them (like a child would for their own imaginary friends or dolls)

    Small Dark Areas || As much as Eri likes to play, she also likes to hide and has found that (because she is able to move silently) it is easy for her to vanish into the shadows, using this to set up ambushes for tag or play hide-and-seek
    Approval/Friendship || There is rarely an opportunity for Eri io interact with others (epecially other children) so she craves friendship more than anything; this need is met by "Daddy", the scientist who created and recreated her, and she will do anything to win his approval
    Silliness || the best way to befriend (and protect yourself from) Eri is to be silly - she's a little girl after all, and has the same social needs/traits as one

    Being Called a “Bug” || any reference to her being an insect will annoy her
    The Cold || if she grows cold and her metabolism slows down (further than it is normally) it will in turn suck away her energy and she’ll become sluggish and clumsy (behaving like a sleepy toddler)
    Ruining her Webs || one of the quickest ways to get Eri to decide she doesn’t like you is for you to mess up a web design that she was working on (generally this is done easily with fire or more difficultly with a strong slash with sharp object)

    Physical Strength || spiders are similar to ants in the sense that they are able to lift things that are more than 8 times their own body weight
    Low Metabolism || due to a black widow’s low metabolism, Eri rarely needs to eat, sleep, and can even hold her breath for up to 20 minutes
    Venom || Eri's venom is the same as a normal Black Widow's however, because she is significantly larger than one, her venomous bite WILL BE FATAL unless she deliberately restrains herself by either not injecting any or not injecting the full amount of venom into the victim's system. It takes three days for a victim to die if they receive a full-venomous bite from her unless they receive the anti-venom within 24 hours following the bite OR if Eri draws the poison out of a victim's system herself. (For symptoms of a Black Widow bite, click here)

    Extreme Cold || (refer to “The Cold” in Dislikes) Eri will go into a dormant state if subjected to freezing temperatures for an extended period of time and appear to be dead (this wears of when she warms up again)
    Fire || both fascinating and deadly, Eri is intrigued but fearful of fire because her webs are extremely flammable and she's had many nightmares of her web-cocoon catching while shes still inside
    Size || Eri is very small which gives her a speed and hiding advantage but makes her very vulnerable in close combat (if engaged in close combat she tends to panic and begin biting, though she generally prefers to use her webs)


⌈ "The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout~" ⌋

Eri has two sides to her personality.
Upon seeing a puppy, Eri would be delighted. Jorogumo would eat the dog alive.


Childish || Playful || Naive || Silly || Lonely || Curious || Endearing

The first side, which is the dominate side, is that of a child. Eri is very much like a normal little girl, happy and sweet. She likes to be silly and it doesn't take much to send her into a fit of giggles. Running around, playing games and making weird faces are all in a day's work. However, on the other hand, like a child Eri is also prone to throwing temper tantrums if she gets upset (though this typically involve her pouting, hiding and acting mean by yelling or trying to scare the offender; rarely does it ever become violent). Eri is very naive and usually doesn't understand that her actions can seriously hurt or even kill people, nor does she understand the cruelty or moral corruption behind the hybrid agency that possesses her. Usually she thinking of everything as a game (for example: hunting down other hybrids would be a game of fetch, etc). More than anything in the world she wants lots friends who will play with her and banish the deep loneliness she feels, and fills that void by doing everything she can to please her "Daddy", the scientist who was there when she was unfrozen and has spent a significant amount of time gaining her trust as well as learning how to use her naivety and innocence to the advantage of the hybrid organization.


Cruel || Emotionless || Deadly || Blood Thirsty || Predator || "Demonic" || Terrifying

Eri's other side, given the name "Jorogumo" after famous the Japanese spider demons who take human forms, is completely opposite of her normal childish persona. If she is injured, feels that her life is threatened and/or experiences a trauma her spider side takes over. Eri is no longer the playful, giggly little girl but instead a deadly hunter. This not only causes a complete change in character, but also forces a physically change into a sort of "evolved" form: her red eyes become like a spider's eyes and six addition unblinking red eyes that are hidden beneath her hair open up thus giving her 360° vision, speed and strength increase, canines extend and poison supply increases along with her thirst for blood. Her voice becomes more raspy and instead of talking she mainly uses hisses and occasionally clicks, though she is still capable of speech. However her ability to distinguish friends from foes vanishes and is instead replaced by an instinct that drives her to poison, wrap up, and devour every living creature in her immediate vicinity (though she will not typically go after the ones that flee, unless one of escapees is the one who hurt her). Only after this goal has been accomplished, including her being able to feed and rest, does she begin to revert back into her normal self again. Once recovered, Eri retains a vague memory of the experience through Jorogumo's eyes, which confuses and upsets her (like a vivid nightmare).


Everything began with Dr. Allen Warren when he decided to combine the DNA of humans and other creatures. His ultimate goal was to create the perfect Hybrid that would act only on his commands and basic instinct, so he first began experimenting with animal DNA due to it's compatibility with human DNA. It was rough at first and there were many failures, there was some progress too. Eventually one of his experiments survived the series of tests and procedures it was put through and became known as test subject Zero. As the project continued making headway, Dr. Warren created a seperate branch independent of government overseers that was dedicated to experimenting with the DNA of insects; crickets, moths, katydids, mantises, grasshoppers, butterflies...

None of his experiments survived the procedures, however he was unwilling to give up, so he began looking into arachnids. They were naturally more resilient than their insect prey, though equally as mindless. This time 97% of his experiments died in the procedure, but by some miracle, 3% survived the first stage. Taking this tiny handful of hybrids he began researching but within one week of his success, all but one of them had died off: the Latrodectus, or better known as the Black Widow Spider, which had been fused with an infant girl. It was extremely difficult to keep her alive as she required a daunting amount of nutrients in order to maintain grown until she stabilized. However within a month this Experiment, who was named "Eriko Kumo" (meaning Spider-Child) by majority vote, had reached the physical/mental maturity of a six year old and her body had stabilized itself. Her growth process then slowed down considerably, one year of growth (by human standards) equal to three years of growth for her. Finally having positive results caused a flock of eager investors and other curious scientists to flock to his aid, and he began working with a team to teach Eri basic functions of a human child. She learned to read, write and speak - all through a thick glass pane, however, for safety reasons. Eri demonstrated an eagerness to interact with others, a human trait as normally widow spiders were very solitary creatures, along with many other distinctly human traits. This puzzled the scientists: it seemed that Eri's spider DNA was physically dominate, but her human DNA was mentally dominate. So, in order to determine her Success Ratio, they decided to perform a series of extensive tests.

Approaching Eri was simple, she welcomed them, however when they attempted to subdue and capture her she began to panic. Though she was very small (the size of a terrier dog) she injured a few scientists by accident, who then attempted to forcefully incapacitate her using tranquilizer darts (which were totally ineffective). This triggered a reaction that none of them had imagined - a mental and physical transformation. Six additional eyes opened like a crown on her head and her original two eyes became that of spiders. Eri slaughtered the scientists, wrapping their corpses in silk and feasting; all of this witnessed by Dr. Warren and half his staff from the other side of the glass. This "Transformation" of sorts was later named "Jorogumo" (a type of Japanese spider demoness) and because of this instability Eri was deemed too dangerous and uncontrollable and the team (or what was left of it) convinced Dr. Warren to discontinue the experiment. He swore to give up using DNA of insects or arachnids as liquid nitrogen was pumped into the room Eri was in and her name was added to the list of failures. However, due to her Black Widow DNA she remained alive, crypogenitcally preserved in a state of frozen animation. Dr. Warren kept this information to himself, filing her name under "Deceased", and left her in a vault to keep her safe - even if only so he could keep her as a trophy, and possibly to retry testing at a later point.

Years passed and eventually, after many more experiments, success came to Dr. Warren and his team - and along with success came more government support to continue his work. As the "Scientific Agency of Project: Hybrid" or S.A.P.H. grew more advanced, so did his experiments. However inevitably things began to go bad and in the end his creations were sentenced to death for the safety of the public (the insurmountable grief driving Dr. Warren to the brink of insanity). But there was a fluke in the extermination process and a few hybrids managed to escape their imminent death, fleeing into the world. The same governments who'd turned to Dr. Warren to create these creatures turned to him once again, but this time seeking a way to find and dispose of this creatures, and he agreed to take on the responsibility. Unknown to them, Dr. Warren had in his possessing a small group of hybrids who had been grievously injured on missions and tossed aside, all of which he had gathered over the years and had been filed under "Deceased". He had over the years brought them to his private laboratory to experiment on them, restoring them and altering them in order to make them killers who followed his every command. It was at his private lab that he made a delightful discovery: Eriko Kumo, or "Jorogumo". Recalling how lethal she'd proved herself to be, he ignored the danger and unfroze her.

Upon waking from her long sleep, Eri opened her eyes to see a man in a faded-white lab coat standing across the room from her who then squatted down and extended his open hand, palm up. He spoke in soft, calm tones and Eri was comforted, creeping closer to him until she was able to reach out with one of her legs and touch his hand. He introduced himself as Dr. Allen Warren, stating that she was his daughter, and she began referring to him as her "Daddy". He provided her food, entertainment, and was an all around loving father to her. He even went as far as to provide various comforts, such as stuffed animals and furniture, which turned her laboratory cell into more of a child's play room. By using this method, he reasoned, he would be able to gain her trust, obedience and unwavering loyalty without any serious risk to his life. Surprisingly his strategy worked and, though it was an act, he soon had a "daughter" whom he was able to study (though unable to experiment on) without risk.

Through his studies he discovered a number of interesting facts about Eri, such as:
    1. "Jorogumo" is a physical and mental transformation that occurs as a response to serious danger or harm, and all memories made in this form can be recalled by Eri in a state similar to nightmares
    2. Though Eri's growth rate has been determined (two years worth of growth in half that time) when she will slow growing is indefinite, meaning that she will continue growing until she finally dies (after the average life span of a human) - he has estimated that in five years, when she's reached the mental and physical age of 22, she will be the size of a school bus
    3. Though physically Eri is predominately an arachnid, behavior-wise she is mainly human; Eri's social needs are almost identical to those of a human and not meeting those needs with illicet a similar response, etc
    4. There are two main types of webbing Eri can create, one very sticky (like duct-tape) and the other very strong (like steel wool), but both of them are highly flammable
    5. The normal dose of venom Eri injects through her bites will kill the average human male within 72 hours until an anti-vemon is administered within 24 OR unless Eri chooses to suck the venom out of the bite victim (a trait unique to her); additionally she is able to regular the amount of venom injected to a non-fatal dose (though this is still highly effective)
    6. Vibrations allow her to sense her 'prey' and determine a few characteristics about them, even when at a distance
    7. The personality split (known as "Jorogumo") is due to incompatible DNA. Insects/arachnids are mindless creatures who lack the brain power to do anything other than follow basic instincts. However this is not the case will humans. Eri's human DNA dominates the arachnid DNA intellectually, resulting in her childlike nature, however if her life is threatened it causes a "take over" where the instincts of her arachnid DNA control her actions until the threat has been neutralized. This is why she was labelled unstable and why her success ratio is so high (though she generally behaves like a human).


"I'm sorry, please don't leave... I don't want to be alone anymore."

"Hi there!" came the cheerful voice of a little girl from somewhere in he darkness, and the ferret hybrid jumped. "Are you Jeremy Mel?" "Who the hell are you? And how do you know who I am?" he called back defensively, panic in his voice. There was a giggle from down the hall towards the entrance and from the ceiling, descending from a strand of spiderweb, came a little girl - no, a little hybrid. Her black hair was held in two pony tails and she worn a black sweater and a red skirt. Below the skirt was the body of a black widow spider, evident by the red hourglass on her lower body. She was smiling, not a cruel smile but a genuine smile like a child with an icecream cone, which made her red eyes seem far less sinister. "My name is Eri!" she chirped, still hanging upside down as she looked expectantly at the ferret hybrid, who realized that she had positioned herself between him and the exit. "Do you wanna play with me?"

"What? No! Now isn't the time for games? Don't you understand the danger we're in, kid?" he hissed at her, "If Dr. Warren finds us he'll have us killed!" Eri blinked, tilting her head to the side in confusion. "Daddy wouldn't hurt me. He loves me and he wants all of his children to come back so we can all be a big, happy family again!" she said, giggling as she added, "That's why he sent me! I have to make sure you get home safely." Jeremy's eyes grew wide as he took in what the spider-girl had said and he started backing away before suddenly turning and running into the darkness. "Yay! I love playing tag! I'm it!" she cheered, dropping from the ceiling and skittering across the floor, laughing happily as she took off after her new friend.

The chase was more brief than Eri had hoped it would be, for Jeremy didn't know the layout of the sewage system, nor did he know about the dead-end drop off at the end of the path he was running. She came upon him quickly, standing on the edge of the drop off and looking around frantically for a way out. Eri pounced and landed on his back and crying gleefully "Tag! You're it!". Jeremy screamed and flailed, loosing his balance and sending both of them falling over the edge. Eri shot a web out and attached it to the wall and stopped falling, however Jeremy hit the ground with a resounding CRACK. He wasn't moving so Eri slowly crawled down the wall and went over to him.

Jeremy's body as it twitched violently and she could see he was bleeding heavily from him head. After waiting to see if he'd get back up and try to tag her, Eri sighed softly. "Well, I guess it's your nap time." she said, sounding rather disappointed. Then, as she slowly began wrapping his body up in silk, she added comfortingly, "That's okay, when we get home and you wake up from your nap time, we can play tag some more." Starting with his head, she chattered away happily for a few minutes until Jeremy was wrapped up, nice and snug, before she (with slight difficulty) picked him up and began to make her way through the underground sewer system, making her way back home.

Credit goes to original sheet creator

So begins...

Eriko Kumo's Story


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Introduction to the Antagonists...

As the titanium doors slid open a man stormed past them, a lit cigarette stuck between his lips which were turned downwards into the most unpleasant frown. His faded white lab coat was billowing behind him as he moved in such haste, and his left hand held a phone to his ear. "Damned if I know what happened! I leave the room for no more than ONE MINUTE and everything goes to Hell." There was a pause. "Do you think if it weren't an important enough task that'd I'd have stooped to calling you? Honestly, it's always about the bloody money with you..." There was another pause and the man's face grew viably more red. "Cut the bullshit Michael. You already know my coordinates. You were probably tracing my call from the moment you lifted the receiver, you paranoid bastard. So I expect to see your ass on my front porch within the next hour." he barked, then added with a growl, "This isn't the first time we've had to work together, but with any luck it'll be the last." before abruptly slamming the cellphone shut and putting it into one of the pockets of his coat.

It was not difficult to tell that this man was very, very angry. He flicked his finished cigarette into the tiny trash incinerator of the elevator before the doors closed.

Someone or something had interfered with the air carrier that was transporting another batch of his children to their demise, and now through this fluke they had been released into the world. The world that had only hours ago looked down upon him in repulsion for his creations, now turned to him once again in desperation. Bah. Humans were more detestable than any of his children ever could be, desiring the deaths of those whose only fault was doing their jobs too well... that and unraveling occasionally. But regardless if his own personal opinions, Dr. Warren was under the heavy thumb of the governments that oversaw his work, and if he valued his life (much less his freedom) he would have to exterminate them. However, his bosses had never specified how... It was a strange combination of anger and glee that drove Dr. Allen Warren to move so quickly for, though he had a rather detestable job to do, he knew exactly how he was going to do it.

The private laboratory belonging to Dr. Warren was the exact opposite of the aircraft he'd been on no more than an hour ago. It was located three miles underground of his own estate and encased in lead, erasing all traces of it's existence (other than the elevator he'd installed in his basement, behind a secret door which would only open for approved voice commands). Dr. Warren was a man who valued privacy, especially that of his own home.

The laboratory itself had two center facilities, one where most data was kept, the other where experiments and tests could be run (with a small decontamination strong-box-like room connecting them, for safety and hygienic reasons). Below these main rooms where a series of "cells" per say, all connecting to another central room. Each cell was specially equip to hold the subject within it's walls, and was utterly impossible for said subjects to leave their cells without being let out. Soundproof, fireproof, waterproof, the whole nine yards - he'd spared no expenses in ensuring that nothing that wasn't supposed to get in (or out) would be able to. However, if one wished merely to observe the subjects the was a large one-way viewing glass that was both impact proof and heat resistant. Even if a bomb were to go off, this glass would easily withstand the blow. Of course, no one would be able to get past the elevator doors without his explicate permission as every single door in the facility (including those of the cells) required his thumb print, an eye scan, and a voice analysis. But for time's sake, Dr. Warren alone could also speak a set of key words (specific to each door) and he would be allowed in.

Taking the elevator to the bottom-most level of his lab, he walked into the holding facility. Now though there were as many as 30 cells underground holding facility, only a few of them were actually in use. A rather disappointing fact really, but he was still glad that there were a few occupied cells rather than none. Especially at a time as critical as this one was. However, three would be enough. Since registry of their unfortunate "Death", the occupants of these cells had spent years being specially trained, tested and perfected in order to make them the most lethal and obedient of all his delightful hybrid children. These pleasant thoughts had allowed Dr. Warren to compose himself once again before he entered the room. Approaching one of the titanium cells doors, the first one on the left. Dr. Warren cleared his throat and spoke the voice commands that unlocked it. However before he opened the door he paused, he knocked three times, paused again, then knocked twice more before opening the door and entering the room.

Looking around one may think that they had entered a child's playroom rather than a containment cell as there were a number of stuffed animals, child's books, a tiny plastic table and chairs, a fluffy circular carpet, a bean bag and even an old TV set in the corner. However appearances were deceiving, for this room held one the most dangerous creatures Dr. Warren had ever created. Not because this creature was stronger and faster than some of the others, nor because it was highly venomous, but because it's high success rate made it's behavior pattern unstable - a ticking time bomb that only he was able to control without risk of it exploding. Peering around the room his eyes scanned the vast webs that clung to the ceiling and walls, and fell upon the nest-like mass of webs in the furthest corner of the room, though there was no motion. Only stillness and silence. "Yoohoo?" he called quietly, "Come out come out wherever y-"

Suddenly he felt eight small pointed tips land on his back and he fell forward, landing on his stomach with an "oof" sound. "Tag! You're it!" cried the gleeful voice of a little girl, and Dr. Warren felt the eight separate poking sensations on his back move as the weight lifted itself from his back. He sat up, still sitting on the edge of the fluffy carpet where he'd landed, and in front of him was a little girl wearing on overly large tshirt that concealed the arachnid body from her waist down, looking at him with an expectant smile. He began laughing and reached out, patting the top of her head. "Heh heh heh, you got me, my little spider-girl." he said, and she giggled in response, "I didn't even hear you!" "But I heard you, Daddy!" she chirped as he stood up, "I heard you do our secret knock on my door!"

"Well Eri, that's because I have something very important to tell you. I need you to help me with a mission." he said and the little girl gasped before squealing gleefully. "A mission? Really? I get to go on a mission? Yaaay!" Dr. Warren cleared his throat to get her attention again, becoming very solemn as he spoke. "Now this is a very important mission, Eri. Something has happened and it has made Daddy very sad." Dr. Warren tried to look very sad as he said this and Eri, obviously convinced by his act, also became very solemn as she spoke. "What happened, Daddy?" "Daddy got a call just a few minutes ago that some of this other children have run away." queue a gasp from Eri, "I'm afraid that they might be sick, which is why they are acting so bad, and if they don't come home they may never get better. And if any of my children were to get hurt..." he trailed off in his lie, sniffling and wiping his eyes convincingly, "Daddy would never be able to forgive himself."

Stealing a glance at Eri he could she he sadness in her red eyes as she tried to pat his kneecap comfortingly. "Don't be sad Daddy. I can go and get them for you, if you want me to." Dr. Warren make an expression of surprise as she said this. "Oh, would you princess? That would make me so very happy." Eri smiled and held her arms out to be picked up, which Dr. Warren obliged. "Although, I'm a little bit worried about sending you all by yourself..." he said, poking the tip of her nose, "So I've decided I'm going to send along some of your other siblings too." "Really? Who? Are they nice? Will they play with me?" Eri immediately bombarded him with excited questions, but Dr. Warren only shook him head. "If I told you, that would ruin the surprise!" he said with a sly smile as he set the now pouting girl down on the plastic table. "But I will tell you this:" and his voice became very hushed as if he were divulging a big secret, "you are all going to be lead by a human friend of mine, and you are to call him 'Uncle Michael'. He's going to make sure that everyone gets along and comes home after the mission. You will come back home to me, won't you?" Eri nodded quickly, giving him a big (fanged) smile.

Dr. Warren's voice returned to its normal volume. "That's my good little spider-girl. Now, I need to go tell your siblings about their big mission. I'll come back and get you when it's time to go." "Goodbye Daddy!" she chimed, waving happily as he walked out, closing the door behind him. As soon as he was gone Eri emitted a squeal of delight. She was going to get to meet some of her siblings and they were going to go on a big mission together and bring back everyone else so they could all be a big happily family! She could hardly wait to meet them. What animals would they be? Birds? Cats? Dogs? Fish? Horses? And would they be nice? Maybe they would play tag or hide-and-seek with her! Eri could hardly wait as she picked up one of her stuffies and excitedly began to tell them all about it.

On the other side of the one-way glass windowpane, Dr. Warren watched his child chattering away to a dolly and a wicked smile crossed his face. He was never a man to rule through power or fear. No, he tended to prefer manipulation in order to achieve absolute control. He'd spend many years perfecting his tactics (as well as his creations); even that which required him to act as a father figure. Having Eri refer to Michael as her Uncle wasn't entirely necessary, but he knew it was likely to get under Michael's skin - an idea that greatly pleased him. 'And now that my little spider-girl is in,' he thought as he turned and began walking in the direction of the next cell, 'it is time to inform the others.'


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Dr. Warren

One of the worst things you could do to this man was to make him wait. Of all the things in this world, he hated it when others made him wait. The only person who would ever purposely do it was Michael Starr. Rubbing his temples, Warren heard the buzz of the intercom and Michael’s voice echoing in the halls. The doctor pressed a button and put his mouth next to a microphone. “Get your ass in here Starr. I don’t pay you for being late.” he said harshly. He stood up in a rush and walked at a brisk pace towards the entryway where Starr would enter from. Warren wanted to make sure he was at the door before Starr and when he finally reached it, he threw it open and glared at the soldier. “Get in.” he jerked his hand inside and slammed the door shut behind him.

Reaching into his pocket, Warren pulled out a cigarette. He offered Starr one before putting it away into his lab coats pocket. “The damned fools let my children go and here I thought I had gathered the brightest minds. Ha!” The doctor chuckled some and shook his head. As he continued to grumble about the idiocy of those whom he had employed, Warren led Michael further into his home. “You will be leading a group of hybrids to recapture the ones that have escaped. The hybrids that you will be leading can be a bit difficult to handle which is why I called you.” Warren blew smoke from his nose and went through the last entry point. They walked into a large room where the other hybrids were to appear soon enough.

Dr. Warren looked over at Starr and smirked at him. “I’ll leave you in charge of briefing them as I have other things to finish up. Also while you’re trying to find the escapees try to figure out the details of their escape. I want to know who it was that let them out.” In saying that, Warren turned around and left Starr where he was. The door closed behind him as did all the other doors in the lowest section of his home. The other Hybrids would be brought through here however they’d have no other method of taking a detour.


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Michael's eyes narrowed slightly at the doctor's expected jab at his tardiness.

You pay me to kill things that become a nuisance and to keep you from becoming nothing more that a shredded mass on the ground...courtesy of your "children" As he was on the clock, Michael wouldn't dare voice the thought allowed without direction approval to say such though. When the cigarette was offered, he again had to settle with a minor facial expression to voice his irritation - he didn't smoke on the least not outside of mission briefing. Warren's hasty retraction of the cigarette made things slightly simpler in that regard, he'd just have to pull out his own during strategic planning phase of the brief.

The whole time, Michael listened with rapt attention to the Doctor's overly short sit-rep. He knew more thorough information was to come later, but he was effectively having to go into the mission brief with too little information on least by his standards.

"Yes sir," Michael's final answer was cut overly crisp when he entered the room he'd be getting his team. The news that he'd be getting a belligerent batch wasn't even worth batting an eye - every Hybrid he'd dealt with since his promotion was categorized as "exceptionally difficult" as far as handling was concerned. Of course that didn't do anything to abate the standard biological reaction: his heart sped up, and it took all his great discipline to keep his own breathing in check again the usual emotion - fear. Put simply, Michael was scared whenever he had to handle the human-beast monster-science experiment; he was the physical underdog and all parties knew it. He wasn't a weak enough man to be broken because he was scared, but even if he functioned abnormally well in the circumstance Michael couldn't entirely deny he heavy hand had nothing to do with the fact.

When the door shut, Michael leveled his tranquilizer and quickly checked to ensure his sidearm was readily available.

"Chief Handler Starr calling roll, fall in for briefing." Micheal loudly announced his presence as the doors unlocked.

" Failure to comply shall be deemed insubordinate behavior and punished as a stage 2 offense. Eight seconds until I begin punishment...7...6...5...." Having gotten into a rhythm, the soldier merely sounded bored as he stated the second half of his announcement. While his terms weren't official - Michael's punishment system was simple: Stage 1 resulted in a knock out shot from a tranquilizer of either green, yellow or red based on how tough the target was - formal review (Warren or some other egg head) would then decide the fate of the target. Stage 2 was flash-bangs and black tranquilizer rounds he convinced a Doctor Not Warren to synthesize from platypus venom - far from deadly, but agonizingly painful; again follow up on punishment would not be his problem. Stage 3 was when he switched to live rounds and aimed to kill the target; since he did this every time, veteran hybrids were content to play something of a game of chicken with him since he stopped counting with the first act of compliance.

Depending on how well informed newer applicants were, he'd either get a panicked rush or someone ignorant of his little greeting...which would result in a show for the vets.

The setting changes from The Laboratory to Earth


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Eriko Kumo gasped at the door to her room opened and she heard a voice outside.

"Chief Handler Starr calling roll, fall in for briefing." said the unfamiliar voice. Was this the human her daddy had mentioned would be taking care of them as they went on their mission?

Fighting down happy giggles she crawled soundlessly up to the ceiling and out the door. There in the hall stood a gruff looking man, warily eyeing the doors and holding up a toy called a "gun". He'd not yet seen her so she clung to the ceiling above him, looking down in curiosity. He was more muscly that Daddy was, but he had the same smokey-cigarette smell about him.

"Failure to comply shall be deemed insubordinate behavior and punished as a stage 2 offense. Eight seconds until I begin punishment...7...6...5...."

Eri suddenly dropped from the ceilding witha gleeful giggle, landing on Starr's shoulders and covering his eyes playfully.

"Hi! Are you Uncle Starr? My name is Eri!" She asked excitedly, releasing her little hands from his face and crawling around from his shoulders to his arms (totally ignoring the fact he was holding a gun) until he was holding he up about eye level. She beamed at him, revealing pearly white teeth with two long fangs for canines. "Daddy said you'd be coming! You're going to help us go get our siblings who are being badly behaved. Where are we going? When are we leaving? Is it going to be fun? Do you like playing games?"

Without stopping this barrage of excited questions/chatter Eri attached a web to his outstretched arm and lowered herself to the ground before severing the web. Turning to him you could practically see the sparkles in her excited eyes. "I can't wait to start playing with you, Uncle Starr!"

The setting changes from Earth to The Laboratory


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Immediately after reaching 'five', Michael found his eyes had been covered from behind. Despite years of training, the soldier still found himself at a complete standstill from how such an impossible event took place.

"Hi! Are you Uncle Starr? My name is Eri!" The voice brought life to his frozen consciousness and Michael's reflexes began to work properly again - reaching back to throw off the assailant... only to grab nothing while his vision was cleared again. Instead, he was met with the sight of a girl's face, one flashing a particularly noteworthy set of fangs. Michael chopped with an arm to knock the girl off, yet the voice continued completely unabashed that left him with the impression his less than friendly response had been entirely unnoticed.

"Daddy said you'd be coming! You're going to help us go get our siblings who are being badly behaved. Where are we going? When are we leaving? Is it going to be fun? Do you like playing games?"

The hell is this thing?! I can't touch it. Michael noted that through the jabbering the girl had kept high on his arms- rifle unusable, and on his more dominant side - sidearm unreachable. Furthermore, based on how the girl had walked through his unarmed assault quite literally as if he'd stood still Michael felt reaching for his tactical knife wouldn't provide any help either.

The crazy old man finally made something even I can't handle..." As the dreadful thought emerged, the girl dropped to the ground.
"I can't wait to start playing with you, Uncle Starr!"

Michael found himself staring at the half spider girl stupidly for a minute before reality set in again. He also noticed the deliberate reference of 'Uncle' in the girl's form of doubt something Warren set up but completely over his rather overwhelmed state of mind."Don't jump on me like that again, and yes...I'm Starr dignity gone, Michael started talking with the girl with his first complaint.

"It's my job as Handler to make sure nonhuman personnel don't harm humans and dish out punishments since Warren doesn't have the heart for it. Play or not, something like that could be deemed as bad behavior of stage two punishment if I can't tell BEFORE you approach." It might have been due to the shock knocking him off his game, or even the child appearance but Michael found his firm more firm and lecturing than a flat angry shout like he'd normally use.
"I'm guessing though that you weren't told so I'll overlook this one, but next time I might end up punishing you as a 'bad girl' with something like this. But aside from that, do you think you can behave until we find out more about why Warren thought he needed to call me?" Michale held up a flash-bang with the end of his sentence to help his point.

Warren if the file on this girl doesn't cover everything from day one on, speculation included...I might just shoot you.


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#, as written by CutUp
Mad Hatter

Status: Activated
Orders: Proceed to Mission Briefing

These words remained in the corner of Ariel's vision in her right mechanical eye, words that only she could see. These words were always there, though most of the time unless she is on a mission she is on stand by mode. Her entire body becomes paralyzed, unable to move until she gets her next orders. Oh how she hates being on stand by mode. It makes her feel even more of a prisoner in her own body. Her body began moving towards the briefing. 'Please, please don't hurt anyone!' She screamed inside her prison cell of a mind.

It wasn't long before Ariel entered the room, which was already occupied by a spider hybrid, and a human. Her expression was blank, and emotionless as her cyborg eye began darting between the two independent of her natural eye. Various stats were pulled up on the two. Their names, height, weight, known skills, and other such things that would be held on record by the SAPH were now flooding her vision. Michael Starr, and Eriko Kumo. "Unit Ariel Cassidy reporting as ordered. Awaiting further instructions." She announced rather cold, and emotionless.

Status: Activated
Orders: Follow Chief Handler Starr's instructions

Once her new instructions were revealed she stared at her new handler. "This unit has been assigned to Chief Handler Michael Starr. Awaiting further orders. Please confirm." She informed him.


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Shortly after Michael finished his musings a father familiar face walked in the room. He was secretly grateful for the chance to fall back into his usual role.
"Unit Ariel Cassidy reporting as ordered. Awaiting further instructions." Michael practically signaled the recognition time for the response from the lioness hybrid when she continued."This unit has been assigned to Chief Handler Michael Starr. Awaiting further orders. Please confirm."

Ah the sweet sweet predictability of routine. Michael couldn't help but silently sigh to himself in relief.

"Chief Handler Starr confirming the reception of Unit Ariel Cassidy - fall in line for mission brief of what I know thus far. This will be further updated in transit as more information is gathered." Michael stood up straight, and began recounting what he knew of the situation without waiting for further compliance.

"According to reports, sometime this morning the airship containing a dispatch of Hybrids designated for return and handling by the good Doctor inexplicably went down. Quite naturally it's our job to go in and see what we can learn for ourselves while the intel division does the hard work to make the real work easier. That being based on what equipment was intact at the time we know various Hybrid are on the loose and we're gonna bring them back. Given the lack of knowledge of the situation communication may be possible so we're treating this as my standard Tier 1 offense - if they persist in their attempts to escape it shall be Tier 2 and quite naturally if they become a threat to the safety of human beings we're upping it to Tier 3 so the offender in question won't wake up. Of particular note: we have a lion and bear Hybrid which are repeatedly assessed as higher level dangers - do not directly engage these two if at all possible. Questions?" Starr had rattled off the brief crisply and quickly like he usually does for time efficiency - in fact the only reason he considered questions was due to a unique situation of a new Hybrid on the team. Furthermore it allowed Dr.Warren to add anything over the intercom if it was absolutely important - it'd help prioritize his reading soon enough