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Robyn Knight

"Giving up is always an option, but never my choice."

0 · 517 views · located in Esterview Academy

a character in “Esterview Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, as played by 143xinfinity


Robyn Knight


"Giving up is always an option, but never my choice."


Full Name:
Robyn Lilarose Knight

Lily||Rose||Knight||Doodle Bug{never}





Blood Line:

House Luna

Walnut|12 inches|Dragon Heartstring

A deer




✔Tea||Folktales||Research Projects
✔Classical & Pop music||Theaters||Museums
✔Charms||Spells||Winning||Learning new things
✔Music||Potions||Portraits||Fortune Tellers
✔Quests||Adventures||Old historical books
✔House Luna||Playing the Violin||Puzzles
✔Saturdays||Studying||Frozen yogurt
✔Poetry||Literature||Foreign languages

✘Villains||Dishonesty||Flying||Being stared at
✘Judgmental people||Shortcuts||Drugs
✘Laziness||Gossiping||Dance clubs
✘Ignorance||Being insulted||Late-nights
✘Alcoholic beverages||Summer||Spicy foods
✘Immaturity||Animal Cruelty||Meat, poultry

☠Heights☠ ☠Falling in love☠
☠Failure☠ ☠Humility☠
☠Dying☠ ☠Never achieving her goals☠


{Studious, Virtuoso, Intelligent, Proper, Artistic, Commitment Issues}

Robyn is a very studious student who loves spending her spare time at the library. A six year honor student and valedictorian, Robyn is always able to solve even the most difficult math problem and is able to define every word out of the dictionary. An intelligent scholar by day, but an All State Honor violinist by night, Robyn is a virtuoso at the eye; always brainstorming on original music pieces. She is extremely artistic when it comes to writing up music sheets, or painting self portraits. Although Robyn is practically a genius, when it comes to relationships she's clueless. She's never been in any relationship, let alone kissed anyone. She did have a few crushes here and there, but that was it. She never gotten to experience a first date, nor the heart pumping at a high speed rate from a first kiss. If ask you Robyn, falling in love would be the last thing on her list. It's just a waste of her time.


Short Biography:
Sixteen years ago, Robyn was born and raised by two wealthy, powerful sorcerers, Louise and Gail Knight. Growing up in a small town in Bournville,United Kingdom wasn't easy for Robyn. After figuring out that her mother had died while giving birth to her, for some unknown reason, she blames herself. Since then, her father raised her on his own. He taught her all these different types of spells, and how to grow up to be this wise young wizard he knew she would grow up to be. Everyday after school, a new spell was waiting for her, and her father who taught her those spells. Robyn was a fast leaner. She grasped every spell her father taught her, and did them exceptionally well for a girl the age of seven. After decided that there was nothing else to teach Robyn, he came and surprised her with her very own Picasso violin that would manage to help her develop an interest in at least one "normal" activity to help her fit in with the other children. But Robyn didn't want to fit in because why should she when she had already made a best friend? One friend that she only needed..her father. Robyn always dreamed of becoming like her father one day;a successful and powerful sorcerer. It wasn't long after she heard that her father proposed to a woman that had the face of a goddess, but the heart of a wicked witch. A year after their wedding day, Robyn's father died when she was just only ten years old. She was present when he passed and has never gotten over his death.

Now Robyn is left in the care of her stepmother who she despise more then ever. Her stepmother was always harsh towards Robyn. She treated her like some guard dog. When she told Robyn to sit, she'd sit. When to sit up straight with her head held high, she'd do just that without any hesitation. Instead of mixing up elixirs, Robyn was instead being taught how to be a more civilized young lady. Robyn seemed very calm above all the elegant dinner parties she had to attend. This was because she always had her old Picasso violin her father had given her. Every time she started to strum along to an old music sheet, it was as if her father had never left.

So begins...

Robyn Knight's Story