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Elaina Remmington

"Have patience. Everything is difficult before it becomes easy."

0 · 547 views · located in Esterview Academy

a character in “Esterview School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, as played by dreammuffin


"β€œIt is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”
― AndrΓ© Gide, Autumn Leaves




House Luna

12 1/2" Maple, with Phoenix Feather core



βœ” Magic || House Luna || Callum || Swimming || Dancing || Friends || Reading || Music || Rain || Storms || Alone time || Guitar || Fiction novels || Funny people || Intelligence || Solving puzzles || Oriental Magic || Defense Against the Dark Arts class || Transfiguration class || Snacking || Working hard || Adventures || Cardigans || Curiosity || Dresses || Sleeping || Coffee || Lazy days || Dueling || Nighttime || Big Cities || Magical objects || Quidditch || Doodling || Jokes || Nighttime || Stargazing || Flowers || Wandlore βœ”

✘ Heights || Failure || Arrogance || Romance Novels || Scary movies || Liars || Losing || Being sick || Hot days || Anything Sour || Really hot days || Bees || Stupid people || Being bored || Gossip || Messiness || Losing Trust || Her friends getting hurt || Deception || Being nervous || Gaudy clothing || Tests || Stressing out || Waking up early || Strident noises || Negligence || Animosity || Being underestimated || Too much makeup || Sound of knuckles cracking || History of Sorcery class ✘

☠ Heights || She's had a terrible fear of heights ever since she can remember; her first broom flying class didn't go smoothly at all. Since then, she's worked on facing her fears, and is a pretty capable flyer.
☠ Bees || Although Elaina's never been stung by a bee before, she is terrified of them. Any bee in her vicinity will send her scurrying away to take cover.
☠ wip

|| She hums when she's doing monotonous activities, or just bored
|| Gets flustered and awkward when someone is flirting with her
|| She's extremely ticklish and tends to kick when she's tickled
|| Smiles a lot when she's really nervous or anxious


Honest | Compassionate | Calm | Patient | Stubborn | Competitive | Understanding | Indecisive

One thing you can always rely on Elaina to be is honest. No matter what, she will always tell you the truth, however hard it may be. She doesn't like the idea of deceiving someone by lying, and finds it better to be candid instead. If the truth may be harsh, she'll try and soften it when she speaks. In turn, Elaina doesn't really like it when people lie to her either, and can usually tell when they are. As candid as she is with others, Elaina is rarely honest with herself. She doesn't usually listen to her own emotions, and tends to hide what she's feeling.

Ellie is very compassionate towards her friends, and the people around her. They might not notice it, but it's in the little things she does. She loves to help people, even if it means putting others' needs before her own. She also tries to alleviate any suffering that people might be feeling, and is open to listening if anyone wants to talk.

Ellie has a very calm demeanor. She's gentle and laid-back, and doesn't let anything like anger or irritation affect her. While most people would easily get annoyed when provoked, Elaina remains unperturbed. Because of this, she is very clear minded in situations where others wouldn't be, and her judgement rarely gets clouded. Her patience is something that hardly wears thin. While it didn't start out that way, Elaina slowly learned to wait for things to happen, rather than rant about how slowly something is. That isn't to say that she won't fight for what she wants, but she knows she won't get anything immediately. Her patience makes her very good at planning and problem solving, and working towards her goals. It also helps her deal with people, as she won't rush anyone into telling her something by hassling and annoying them.

Ellie can also be really tenacious and strong-willed. She likes to get her way, and by any means possible, she usually always does. She makes up her mind about things and it's near impossible to talk her out of it. Trying to talk her out of something is like trying to wear a boulder down into sand because of her patience. That stubbornness has gotten her into trouble on more than a few occasions.

When playing a sport, or anything for that matter, Ellie gets increasingly competitive. It's when you see a more aggressive side to her, quite contrary to her usual calm personality. She could turn something as simple as learning a charm into a contest to see who can master it first. On top of that, Elaina likes to win, and will work very hard towards to achieve that goal. She even competes with herself in trying to do her best academically and extracurricularly.

Elaina is very understanding of others' actions and feelings. If someone has ever wronged her, she is very quick to forgive, and doesn't like holding grudges. One thing she very much dislikes about herself is her indecisiveness. When faced with choices, important or not, it takes a long time for her to make up her mind. Even then, Elle might regret or doubt her decision. Ever so fickle, she sometimes even switches between choices a number of times before settling on one.

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Elaina Remmington's Story