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Felicity Laveau

"Don't take out of life what you can't pay for,"

0 · 488 views · located in Esterview Academy

a character in “Esterview School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, as played by Possibility



"I'll let it slide- for now"


Voodoo Arts

Pureblood- Laveau family line


Sycamore wood, Unicorn hair core, 9 and 3/4 inches long.



✔ Teaching
✔ Voodoo
✔ People who don't get annoyed at her rambling

✘ Transfiguration- the subject matter, not the class. She just isn't good at it.
✘ Quiet people- they make her uneasy
✘ Doing other people's bidding


Felicity is a very centered person, the kind that always knows where she's headed and where she's been. She likes to say she's a just and kind witch, and plenty of others would agree- she's been known to be lenient to her students if they have a reasonable excuse for their discrepancies. However, she can be a touch verbose, as she she often rambles for longer than anyone would deem necessary to get to the main point of a conversation. She's loyal and trustworthy if you earn her trust, but she is a bit skeptical of others at first- she was raised to think people would want her help with love or otherwise before they would want her friendship (it happened to her ancestor Marie, after all- to this day it still does). Despite the fact that Felicity is good at what she does and loves to teach, sometimes she can be a bit scatter-brained an unorganized.

Felicity was born for voodoo. That sounds like a lie, but it is in no way one. Felicity's ancestor, Marie Laveau, is a famous voodoo queen in New Orleans and beyond. People to this day visit her tomb and ask her for help. Felicity's mother, Jessabella Laveau, was a witch with natural aptitude for voodoo and from a young age, much younger than most young witches and wizards learned magic, Felicity was bringing her mother gris-gris dolls and helping create love potions for her mother's customers. Felicity's father wasn't around that much, but he as well was a pureblood wizard, though he was more adept at things like transfiguration and household, everyday spells. Felicity and her mother were well known in Felicity's hometown of Terrytown, Louisiana as local voodoo priestesses- in both the muggle and magical world- by the time Felicity was sent off to school at Esterview, in the bustling city of New York. Felicity naturally showed adeptness at Voodoo studies, but Felicity was top of the class in every subject but transfiguration (much to the irritation of her father), and when she graduated she really didn't know what she wanted to do with her life. Felicity at first assumed she would be a priestess like her mother but even when she went back to her hometown, degree under her arm, she found she didn't like making love potions or gris-gris for needy people that just wanted a better life. After a few years, Felicity found she enjoyed letting other people know what she knew, and teaching became her passion. Felicity, at the age of only 31, was offered a job she couldn't refuse- one at her own school. She immediately took the offer and shipped herself off to teach a new line of witches and wizards.

So begins...

Felicity Laveau's Story