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Harrison 'Harry' Ellinghart

"....This whole thing is a giant waste of time. I have things to do and people to see."

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a character in “Esther County's Camp for Delinquents”, as played by ZoeyAutopsyx




"You can try to drown your demons, but unfortunately, they know how to swim."


'I was named Harrison after George Harrison of The Beatles...'
Harrison Alexander Ellinghart

'Apparently this made no difference to my parents, I still had to come to this hell hole.'
Eighteen years of age

'Do you need proof of this?'

'Delinquent is a strong word, don't you think?'
Delinquent - Repeatedly out past curfew

Hair Color:
'Nothing special here, really...'
A dark brown color, almost black

Eye color:
'As if this isn't the most common colour in the world...'
Dark, blue eyes the color of angry seas

'I'm just an average-looking dude.'
There is no doubting the fact that Harry is a handsome guy, and it takes but a single glance to see that fact. Standing at five feet and ten inches and weighing in at about one hundred and seventy pounds, he has a fit physique about him, due to his obsession with working out and staying in shape. He isn't the type of guy who gets a lot of sun, so he is of average skin tone, and yes, he does sunburn quite easily, which is one reason why he tends to avoid the sun. He is the type who likes staying clean-cut at all times, so you won't see him with a beard or a five a clock shadow anytime soon, since he feels it makes him look too old.


Harry is the type of guy who you either hate from the start, or immediately take a liking to. This is mostly because he is an extremely honest and brusque guy, and since most people don't hearing the harsh truth, they don't particularly like hanging around him. Nevertheless, he is the type to puts the truth in a respectful and sophisticated way, for his intention is never to hurt someone's feelings, but to simply state how he is feeling. His mouth always seems to get him in trouble, for he always speaks his mind, even in situations when it's better to just keep quiet. If something doesn't make sense to him, he will question it, whether you are a figure of authority or not.

He is a charismatic, charming individual who enjoys intellectual conversations and debates. Hence, you have to be an educated person to keep his attention, for he doesn't like wasting time talking about things that are of no importance. He is a bit awkward when faced with conversation, and will sometimes change the topic as soon as it's brought on without even noticing that he's doing so, and he has a dry sense of humour that few people understand. He is a person who gets bored of things easily, so it's important to keep him engaged in something if you want his full attention. You can tell when he is zoning out, for he stares off at nothing with an intent look in his eyes.

He does have a short temper, and will sometimes be ugly towards the people who didn't necessarily even do anything do to tick him off. This is because he doesn't really know how to channel his anger in a more positive way. He isn't one for apologies either, and doesn't exactly know when to admit he's wrong, so don't ever expect to hear those words come out of his mouth. He is rather impulsive, and doesn't really think about all of the consequences before he does something. Nevertheless, he does have his sweet moments, and moments where he is care-free. He's the type who can make his significant other feel like the center of the universe, but at the same time, he can also be jealous and possessive, for he doesn't have time for the games that most people play in relationships.

Birthmarks, Scars, and Other Marks:
He has a small, thin scar on his right thumb from an accident with a pocket knife, as well as an almost invisible scar above his left eyebrow from an accident as a child.


Harry identifies himself as pansexual, though he hasn't told a soul simply because he doesn't feel like getting bashed or questioned. He's never dated anyone, much less engaged in any of sexual acts with anyone. Aside from that, he has a sort of obsession with food and calories, and he tends to eat no matter what emotion he is feeling. Of course, he feels guilty afterwards, then feels the need to jog it all off. He knows he has an eating disorder of sorts, but won't admit it.

+Spearmint gum+
+Brown eyes+
+Redbull energy drinks+

-Hot and humid weather-
-Frogs and other amphibians-
-Pistachio ice cream-
-Diet pop-
-Rap music-

+Great leader+
+Fantastic guitar player+
+Good cook+
+Knack for memorizing+
+Handy with technology+

-Terribly impatient-
-Short tempered-
-Extremely stubborn-
-Annoyingly sarcastic-

-Wasps, he's awfully allergic to them-
-Falling in love/trusting new people-
-Extremely deep water-


Although Harry will openly admit that his parents get on his last nerves, he cannot deny the fact that they did give him a good childhood, and all the tools that a child could possibly need to succeed. Born on the 27th of March, a unusually chilly day to his loving, British mother and his stern, strict father, both of his parents knew that they wanted their son to be nothing short of successful. From the beginning, Harry was intruded to all the perks of living an upper-class lifestyle, due to the fact that his mother was a Pediatrician and his father worked as a criminal justice lawyer. Because of the fact that his mother was from Liverpool, Harry grew up around a lot of British influences, especially The Beatles, whom he came to adore just like his mother did. It was because of them that he got into music the way he did, and he started guitar from the early age of five.

He did get placed in private schools, as expected, but it didn't take long for him to figure out that he could not stand the strict rules and the dress code involved with going to such a prestigious learning facility. Not to mention, because of his slight British accent, and because he wasn't the skinniest kid around, he did get teased by other kids around him, which made him hate school all the more. For this reason, he began bullying kids right back, as well as breaking other minor rules just to annoy authority. Of course, his father managed to get him out of trouble every single time, but as these occurrences started happening more and more, he decided that it would be better to just place Harry in a public school where he wouldn't have to pay money just for his son not to learn anything.

And so, from seventh grade on, Harry attended a public school, where he made friends much easier than he did in private school. Nevertheless, his apathetic attitude towards authority did not change one bit, and because of all the detentions and suspensions he received, he was known around school as the 'bad boy.' It was in high school when he decided to make some major changes, and he became obsessed with keeping in shape, not wanting to ever go back to his 'chubby' days. Of course, this got him attention from females, but he never returned it. Instead, he chose to focus on other ways to rebel, and he did end up getting into the wrong crowd, the crowd who broke rule for fun. After breaking curfew more times than his father could count on both hands, decided enough was enough, so he chose to send Harry to a place where he can learn some respect for older people around him.

Though Harry's British accent isn't overly strong, it does get stronger when he's nervous or anxious. Also, he is the proud owner of two male Great Danes, Rock and Orland.

So begins...

Harrison 'Harry' Ellinghart's Story

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Astrid sighed as her car hit some bumps in the gravel road. She could have been doing so many better things than just babysitting a bunch of delinquents at camp, but she was already stuck here for a month of her summer. She sighed again, giving this one a more dramatic edge to it. How long was the drive anyway? As if on cue, a sign up ahead read "Esther County Camp" without any cheesy sugarcoats like "Have a magical summer!". It was a good, straightforward sign. Astrid's car stopped as she pulled into a small dirt parking lot. Could Esther County not afford pavement? She stared at the camp's outside view. It looked like prison. One huge fence wrapped around the entire camp, barbed wires decorating the top. Astrid chuckled. She guessed the delinquents had attempted escape a couple of times.

Astrid took a deep breath and hopped out of her car. She put a happy smile on her face, a mask she didn't intend to take off. She walked through the dirt and muck to the front gate, a welcome center sitting in the only opening in the fence. She figured you walk through the center to actually get in the camp, so she pushed open the doors and stepped in, some alarm going off at her presence. Metal detector... A security guard rushed to stop her, but she pulled out her badge, which had slipped down into her shirt. It was a little plastic piece of paper on a lanyard that read "Astrid Kingston- Counselor". It saved her skin for when the security guard saw it, he stopped.

"Sorry, ma'am. We position guards to check the doors, but you're early so we hadn't had anyone here yet." Ma'am? Astrid was liking this already.

"It's okay, chief," she said, smiling. "Sorry I came too quickly."

He directed her to the girl's cabin. She'd have to be rooming with... delinquents... She shivered at the thought. What if they killed her in her sleep? Astrid knew there wasn't a very big chance of that, but she figured to be on her guard just in case. She threw her stuff on a top bunk and sighed. "This is going to be a long month..."


Josh sat in the back of his parent's car, feeling like a child. They had taken away almost everything from him after his little shoplifting incident; his car, his phone (which they gave back for camp, but erased all his contacts), and all other means of entertainment or connection. Josh and his parent's hadn't spoke to each other the whole ride down, save Josh's occasional "Can you turn the radio up?" Was he mad about his parents sending him to correctional camp? Of course. Josh could fend for himself, sure, but he didn't want to be locked away with a bunch of other delinquents...

The car pulled to a stop in front of the camp, which didn't look very pleasant. His parents got out of the car. He was hesitant, but finally unbuckled and stepped out. He had a horrible feeling about this, but his parents obviously didn't for they walked right to the welcome center and stepped right in. Josh looked back, staring at the outside world for one last time. "Goodbye, cruel world," he muttered before stepping in and having an alarm almost deafen him. The security guard was on him in a second, ordering him to empty his pockets. Josh knew exactly what had set the alarm off and groaned, pulling it out and dropping it, letting it skid across the floor. The security guard picked it up and looked at it. A pocket knife... The security guard stuck it in his pocket.

"Lift your arms please," he ordered. A pat down? Was this necessary?! Josh shot his parents a pleading look, but they just shook their heads. Josh groaned and lifted his arms, looking back at his parents.

"You're locking me in a camp with a bunch of delinquents. I wasn't going to use it, but it'll make me feel better just to have it." His parents shook their heads. Once Josh was able to go, his parents didn't even hug him.

"I'm sorry it has to be this way, son," was all that his father said before turning and leaving, the doors shutting behind him. Josh sighed. Marvelous...

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Harry Ellinghart ~

The ride to Esther County Camp was as expected, a dreadfully boring one full of long silences and words spoken through gritted teeth, at least on Harry's part. His father had barely made an effort to engage Harry in conversation either way, so that was one good thing. He had time to think, to mentally curse out his parents for making him go to this pointless place. Their reasoning behind it? Harry still barely understood, after countless explanations. So he broke curfew, big deal. There are plenty more severe crimes than this!, he remembered yelling at his parents, who seemed oblivious to his counter arguments, and simply urged him to keep packing.

And so, after an hour of hastily throwing things in a large suitcase and a small breakfast consisting of cereal and an energy drink, he was now sitting in the passenger seat of his father's Maserati, simply staring out the window at the dreary view and listening to the soft, mellow tunes of The Beatles' Girl.

He only realized they got there when his father pulled off the road and onto a bumpy, gravel road which brought Harry out of his day dream. As soon as the car was stopped, Harry hopped out and went around to the trunk, wanting to get away from his father as fast as possible. He didn't want to hear any consoling words, nor did he want to hear any goodbyes. He didn't need any of it. He shut the trunk with a little more force than was needed, then proceeded to walking away with his luggage, and only turned around after hearing his father speed away.

"Good riddance," Harry muttered under his breath, then hesitantly made his way to the front where an officer and a metal detector was waiting for him. He barely took in the rest of the view, because he already knew the entire place had a prison feel to it. It wasn't hard to tell. After proceeding through the metal detector without trouble, he checked in with the frumpy-looking woman at the front, keeping the conversation short and sweet. No need to try and make small talk. His game plan was to remain unnoticed as much as possible in the long month that would follow.

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Harry Ellinghart ~

The walk to the guys' cabin was a fairly short one, and by the time he got there, Harry had cleared his mind quite a bit. Although he was stuck here for a month, it was better than being at his house, where he most likely would have gotten into more arguments with his parents. Perhaps this was what he needed, to clear his head a bit, and the only way to do that was to get away from the drama. But nevertheless, what were they SUPPOSED to do here? Make friends and socialize? Harry was awkward when it came to talking to new people was it was. Again, he reminded himself to stay unnoticed as much as possible, people can't hate you if you stay unnoticed.

After a couple moments of deliberation, he took the last couple of steps into the cabin, also dragging his suit case in behind him. Upon stepping in, he realized that another bag was present in the room, on a bottom bunk, but it's owner wasn't currently in the room. Harry breathed in a sigh of relief, the last thing he wanted was awkward stares as he walked into his new home for the next month.

He decided to occupy the upper half of the bunk, then walked over and threw his bag on the top bed, and effortlessly made his way up there. He took the next few moments to survey the room, and quickly came to realize that there was nothing in the room other than what was absolutely necessary. That meant no television, no stereo, nothing to provide entertainment. Delinquents don't deserve such technology, he thought to himself, then smirked halfway.

Turning so that he was facing his bag, he quickly proceeded to unzipping it, then raised an eyebrow at what was sitting on top of the clothes he packed. A picture frame, consisting of a family portrait shot about six months ago, Harry and his parents staring blankly at the camera. On the edge of the frame was a pink sticky note, written on by Harry's mother with her scribbled cursive. The words read: 'I thought you might want this in case you miss us. Remember, we are doing this for YOU. -Mom'

Harry read it several times, before rolling his eyes dramatically. Was is some sort of joke? His mother should know that they were the last people Harry wanted to see at the moment. With a sigh, he ripped the sticky note off the frame, then crumpled it up before throwing the picture frame all the way at the bottom of the suitcase, hiding his parents' faces in a heap of shirts.

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Astrid watched the other girls walked in from her place in the top bunk. She was concealed by her position, sitting in a way she was a bit hard to see from below. Deciding she wasn't in the mood to get someone's bags thrown on her, she sat up, her lanyard almost flopping off her neck. She looked (attempting not to glare) at the delinquents below. They were definitely not people she intended to make friends with, but to avoid being stabbed to death in her sleep, having her throat slit, or any other creative ways these things would kill her, she put on a happy, friendly face.

She watched as they were already fighting with each other, acting like idiots. How the heck would they last a month together in this prison camp? Some seemed to be making conversation, so she decided not to intrude. Just let them make friends and be done.

Hopping down from her bunk, she wriggled her nose, eyeing the girls around her in the cabin. She allowed her lanyard to fall into her shirt, hiding her name tag in which she wouldn't be persecuted for being a Counselor- what they didn't know didn't hurt them.

She grabbed her iPod from her pocket and shoved her headphones in her ear, Coldplay "Fix You" almost instantly blasting in her ears at maximum volume. She had heard horror stories about how she would go deaf if she kept it that loud, but she really couldn't care less about stupid people's opinions. She quickly corrected herself in her mind. Be NICE. She gnawed on her lip, quite in the mood for some sort of frappe, but she doubted she'd find a Starbucks in a prison camp- not even for the Counselors, who were supposed to get "special treatment". That was bull crap.



Stepping into the cabin, he let the musty smell flow into his nostrils. He began heading to the bunk where his things were sitting when he realized someone else was in the cabin, sitting on the bunk above his. Startled, Joshua jumped, but quickly regained his composure. "Sorry, didn't see you there," he said giving the guy a sort of smile, which, due to his mood, was mainly just a quirk of his upper lip.

He hopped onto his half of the bunk and snagged his dead phone, tapping it with his thumb as if to preform CPR. At least others may have been able to bring technology. He was going to die here, suffering, without any communication with the outside world. Josh brought his knees up to his chest and exhaled, wondering what was happening outside. Were his parents feeling bad they locked him up in this horrible place?

Of course not.

Josh sighed, rummaging through his bag, wrinkling up neat, folded clothes that his mother had packed. Oh, would she have laundry to do when he got back or what! Sure, he was nineteen, he could do it himself, but when getting home he would just want to curl up in his bedroom and take a long nap, watching all the TV show episodes he missed. He felt a bit happier, reminding himself there would be an end to this nightmare, a month with no technology but a dead phone. Then a thought occurred to him- why not ask the other delinquent in the room if he could borrow a changer, assuming he had one? Josh counted the odds the stranger would be willing to choke his belongings up to a random guy, but maybe he could ease the guy into it with conversation.

"So," Josh began, awkwardly, "what are you in for?"