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Jana Bauer

"I prefer to think that I'm a liar in a way that's uniquely my own."

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a character in “Esther County's Camp for Delinquents”, as played by **Ava**


Jana Alix Bauer

"I prefer to think that I'm a liar in a way that's uniquely my own."


Name: Jana Bauer (Call her Jane if you must or if you feel you have a personal connection with her)
Age: 17
Gender: female
Role: A Delinquent, telemarket fraud
Hair Color: dark brown with caramel colored highlights
Eye color: Hazel brown
Appearance: Never really into sports Jana took on the thin average girl look one might desire. Her keep outfits simple, dark jeans and a tee shirt. But who doesn't love a good scarf? Jana doesn't put her money into clothes, she usually just saves it. That's the smart thing to do right? Hair is a decent color, though she did have hightlights put in. Her hair is probably the most put together part of her whole self.

Personality: Due to never going to an actual school before and always moving around Jana is mostly anti-social. The people who heard her talk the most where the people she lied to over the phone. She shows obvious signs of nervousness because well, over a phone no one can see that stuff. But she talks smooth and is of course very clever. Jana has the hidden talent of impersonation and if she is in a nice mood will openly show you her talent and possibly make you laugh."Being a comedian is my follow up" Around her father Jana pretends as if she is perfect and no one knows about the other half of her that makes the cash. When Jana was sent to the camp her personality of a more cheery shy girl changed. It was replaced with a hating the world anti-social teenager.

Birthmarks, Scars, and Other Marks: Jana's little brother shot her with a bee-bee gun before she left leaving a small indent on her neck. She also comes with burn on her right elbow from burning her skin doing the salt and ice challenge once out of boredom. That is all.

Secrets: What kind of liar like Jana doesn't have secrets? In the most obvious places she hides money, empty bottles, notebooks, jewelry boxes. Image
Lying- It's like a game
Making people laugh
when people care what she has to say
her bed

Going school work
girls who act stupid
people who rub there success in her face
when people tell she needs to "act like this and not that"
leaving home

getting out of bad situations

Actually meeting the people she lied to in real life, especially old people. This doesn't happen that often but when it does her face turns red and her eyes water. When people try to explain to her what a disappointment she is to her father.

Fears: Her father dying in the war. Her brother's being to ashamed to ever speak to her again, feeling alone and forgotten when entering the camp.

Bio: Jana's parent's brought her into the world 2 years before her father was shipped off to be in the military. When he came back home three years later and Jana was four he announced the family would be moving to his military base across the US. So her family, 2 younger brothers included moved to California to be with their father. Jana never realized she would be spending the next twelve year of her life moving around from base to base. Jana's mother went to work everyday leaving the three sibling home to do as they pleased. Jana was taking online school while her little brothers went to a all boys military school a few miles from what ever base they happened to be at. When Jana realized at age thirteen that she could make money just by lying over the phone to strangers she began eagerly everyday, home alone never accomplishing anything over her school internet school. Jana started with a simple ten dollar fee for some fake lottery she made up, but it escalated quickly. By the time she turned seventeen Jana had cashed some one out three hundred dollars. She got away with it successfully but her next call, asking for five hundred dollars pulled her over the top. Her research of the person had done nothing. She landed upon a retired CSI agent and got busted. If she has any one to thank it's her father for keeping her behind bars. He made her return the money, and was put up to do 30 hours of community service for the guy. When Jana finished she still felt the need to get money and called three more people. This is when Jana's parents announced Jana would be talking a leave to "fix her addiction." Jana could feel the shame upon her back but she didn't care anymore. "Forget them, less chance of getting caught there anyways." After Jana packed her bags her family packed as well. They planned to move to Puerto Rico, where Jana would later join them and her father would work as a instructor over new recruits.

Other: If it had not been for her father she would be in jail BUT if not for her mother she would be put to work in the military base.
Jana understands what she has done wrong and that it is against the law "Blah blah blah" But it is an addiction. She gets complete joy from completing a fraud successfully. "Whatta rush". Jana has ADHD and takes one pill once a day.


So begins...

Jana Bauer's Story

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Astrid sighed as her car hit some bumps in the gravel road. She could have been doing so many better things than just babysitting a bunch of delinquents at camp, but she was already stuck here for a month of her summer. She sighed again, giving this one a more dramatic edge to it. How long was the drive anyway? As if on cue, a sign up ahead read "Esther County Camp" without any cheesy sugarcoats like "Have a magical summer!". It was a good, straightforward sign. Astrid's car stopped as she pulled into a small dirt parking lot. Could Esther County not afford pavement? She stared at the camp's outside view. It looked like prison. One huge fence wrapped around the entire camp, barbed wires decorating the top. Astrid chuckled. She guessed the delinquents had attempted escape a couple of times.

Astrid took a deep breath and hopped out of her car. She put a happy smile on her face, a mask she didn't intend to take off. She walked through the dirt and muck to the front gate, a welcome center sitting in the only opening in the fence. She figured you walk through the center to actually get in the camp, so she pushed open the doors and stepped in, some alarm going off at her presence. Metal detector... A security guard rushed to stop her, but she pulled out her badge, which had slipped down into her shirt. It was a little plastic piece of paper on a lanyard that read "Astrid Kingston- Counselor". It saved her skin for when the security guard saw it, he stopped.

"Sorry, ma'am. We position guards to check the doors, but you're early so we hadn't had anyone here yet." Ma'am? Astrid was liking this already.

"It's okay, chief," she said, smiling. "Sorry I came too quickly."

He directed her to the girl's cabin. She'd have to be rooming with... delinquents... She shivered at the thought. What if they killed her in her sleep? Astrid knew there wasn't a very big chance of that, but she figured to be on her guard just in case. She threw her stuff on a top bunk and sighed. "This is going to be a long month..."


Josh sat in the back of his parent's car, feeling like a child. They had taken away almost everything from him after his little shoplifting incident; his car, his phone (which they gave back for camp, but erased all his contacts), and all other means of entertainment or connection. Josh and his parent's hadn't spoke to each other the whole ride down, save Josh's occasional "Can you turn the radio up?" Was he mad about his parents sending him to correctional camp? Of course. Josh could fend for himself, sure, but he didn't want to be locked away with a bunch of other delinquents...

The car pulled to a stop in front of the camp, which didn't look very pleasant. His parents got out of the car. He was hesitant, but finally unbuckled and stepped out. He had a horrible feeling about this, but his parents obviously didn't for they walked right to the welcome center and stepped right in. Josh looked back, staring at the outside world for one last time. "Goodbye, cruel world," he muttered before stepping in and having an alarm almost deafen him. The security guard was on him in a second, ordering him to empty his pockets. Josh knew exactly what had set the alarm off and groaned, pulling it out and dropping it, letting it skid across the floor. The security guard picked it up and looked at it. A pocket knife... The security guard stuck it in his pocket.

"Lift your arms please," he ordered. A pat down? Was this necessary?! Josh shot his parents a pleading look, but they just shook their heads. Josh groaned and lifted his arms, looking back at his parents.

"You're locking me in a camp with a bunch of delinquents. I wasn't going to use it, but it'll make me feel better just to have it." His parents shook their heads. Once Josh was able to go, his parents didn't even hug him.

"I'm sorry it has to be this way, son," was all that his father said before turning and leaving, the doors shutting behind him. Josh sighed. Marvelous...

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#, as written by **Ava**
Jana Bauer


"Ester County Camp, quite a place you've got yourself put in." Guy Bauer, Jana's father shot at Jana. He just won't stop talking. "Jana I think you will really like it here, fresh air, strict guidelines." She glanced at the 17 year old who was simply staring out the window of their 2013 Jeep Wrangler. "It's okay to need a little time straighten up." He continued. "Maybe you'll even meet some friends..." Guy added. Jana had no response to any of those statements. She didn't have anything to say.

The Jeep pulled up into the parking lot. Well, not much of a parking lot, more like a cleared away area of gravel. The camp had wire going around the edge of it, it could easily be mistaken for a prison, no doubt. Guy put the car in park and swung the door open stepping out onto the gravel. He waited for Jana. "Jana get out." No answer. "Get out of the car Jana" He went around to her door and swung it open. "Now." Great he's using his military voice. With a sigh she dragged herself out of the jeep and towards the camp entrance, her father following close behind. The delinquent stepped through the metal detector and when it didn't buzz two guards pulled her to the side, against a fence and did a pat down. Today Jane was wearing shorts and tank top, nothing really to hide. Except for a folded up piece of paper with numbers written down on it, this her father took threw away. Great now I'm going to have to guess.

The Father and daughter proceeded to the welcome center, Jana dragging her feet the whole way. Guy stomped up the steps and into the lobby area. He went up to the counter checking Jana in. Then once her got her papers they went back outside. The entire time Jana kept her eyes to the ground avoiding eye contact with a bubble gum haired girl who was also checking in and a smiling counselor who was totally judging her. "Jana look at me." She did as told. "Don't worry, it's only a month, they will help you with your addiction, then you can look forward to moving to Puerto Rico, just try your hardest to cooperate okay?" Guy spoke softer than usual. "This isn't rehab Father but okay." Jana had been taught to never call him Dad or Daddy. "Bye." She added returning her eyes to the ground. Her kissed her on the forehead and turned away. Leaving a home sick, ADHD, telemarket frauding, teenager alone in a camp full of...delinquents.

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#, as written by **Ava**
Jana Bauer

The cabin Jana was headed for was just the dorm she imagined in her mind. It looked like every other cabin she has seen in movies. There was old wood stairs leading up to white door. Cobwebs lined the doorway and the windows on either side of the door where to dirty to see threw. Jana was dragging 2 lightly packed bags, one containing clothes and the other containing a blanket stuffed animal, some makeup, swim suits and hair stuff. She wasn't really a girly girl or anything, but keeping her hair tamed was always nice. Jana reached for the door handle and it swung open easily. I guess they aren't expecting robbers or anything, no keys... After swinging the glass door open she pushed the wooden door behind it so that it swung into the room. Jana shuffled her bags threw the door and looked around. 5 beds, 2 bunk beds and single bed. Well it would be nice to have the single one...but instead she found herself putting her two bags on a desk next to a bunk bed.

There was two other girls already in the room. One had red hair, very nicely combed out. The other was the bubble gum haired girl, whom was occupying the same bunk bed as Jana was. Though Jana decided she would take the top. But as she turned her head towards the girl to introduce herself, be the polite one maybe. She realized she was already quite familiar with her. It was Leda...or Lilly Quinn. One of the Quinn twins! Jana had gone to school in California with them in 4th grade. Though she had met thousands of new people during her elementary school years who could forget Leda and Lilly Quinn? Why not let the girl no who you are Jana...

"Hey wait your Leda Quinn...or is it Lilly? I think I went to school with you and your sister back in, fourth grade...Do you remember me, Jana Bauer." Jana scrunched her eyebrows trying to recall a moment that might refresh Leda's mind. "One time your Mom brought in these cupcakes with little butterflies on them for your birthdays..." Jana gave a slight laugh remembering this year herself. "You and your sister...are you still models?" Jana asked. The question though was slightly rhetorical, her hair probably wouldn't be pink if she was still a model as well as the fact she was here at this camp in the first place.

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It was humid, bright, and there were a crap-load of bugs.

"Son of a bitch," Vera muttered, a dark glare in her eyes as she swatted a mosquito as she neared the girl's cabin. "I swear that I will rip every single one of you stupid bug's wings off!" she snapped, her decent mood gone. She didn't encounter any people on he way to the cabin, but when she arrived, well ... What was another story entirely.

There was already one girl there, who had light pink hair and eyes that were hidden behind large sunglasses.

Oh God, she's a richie ... This will be fun ...

Sarcasm at it's finest. As she made her way in, she noted that there were two sets of bunk beds and a single bed.

So I get to share a bed with a jerk ... Awesome!

Giving an eye-roll, she chucked one of her bags onto a top bunk - the one that the girl hadn't already taken the bottom of - and stood on the ladder that led up to the top bunk, unzipping one of the bags.

Another girl entered as she was unpacking, but instead of even looking over at her, Vera focused on unpacking. Her idle chatter was annoying, and her voice was bothersome, but through sheer willpower, Vera managed to refrain from dropping down and slapping the girl.

By the time that she had finished putting her things away, she was a hair away from punching the girl.

Surprisingly, Vera dropped calmly from the ladder, turned her face towards Lana, and said in a very soft voice, "You're annoying me. Shut up," before she easily turned on her heel and strode to the door. Outside once more, she was assaulted by bugs again, which she took care of with a bit of bug spray that she had stuffed in her bra - a very convenient place to keep things - and she began to make her way towards the front of the camp.

Only to be knocked to the ground by a figure that she had definitely not seen coming.


When she landed, she landed hard and directly on her bottom, undoubtedly bruising her tailbone and staining her jeans-shorts.

"---hole," she muttered, shaking her head to straighten her thoughts, her fiery hair bouncing slightly as she did so. When she looked up, it was to glare slightly at the young man that stood before her. His hair was an odd blonde with dark streaks through it, his eyes were charming, and he was quite a bit taller than her own 5'5" state. Vera managed to push herself up, her hands patting her bottom in a useless attempt to rid it of dirt, and she tilted her head back to look up at him. Her eyes were slightly narrowed, but a sly smile curved the corners of her lips up.

"You know, you're a dick for knocking me over and not apologizing, but ... A very attractive one," she purred, stepping back to look the boy up and down, but his apparel gave her pause.

"Unless I'm mistaken, you're one of the stuck-up, holier-than-though kids, aren't you?" she asked, raising a brown. A light suddenly dawned in her eyes, her hand lifting to snap two fingers together. "I know who you are! Theodore Stevensson, right? You sold meth to my foster bro not to far back. Guess you slipped up, didn't you?" she joked, lightly punching his upper arm. "I thought druggies were discreet about what they did," she said, rolling her eyes.

(I'm so sorry from the choppiness. My mind was elsewhere while I wrote this ><)

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Astrid watched the other girls walked in from her place in the top bunk. She was concealed by her position, sitting in a way she was a bit hard to see from below. Deciding she wasn't in the mood to get someone's bags thrown on her, she sat up, her lanyard almost flopping off her neck. She looked (attempting not to glare) at the delinquents below. They were definitely not people she intended to make friends with, but to avoid being stabbed to death in her sleep, having her throat slit, or any other creative ways these things would kill her, she put on a happy, friendly face.

She watched as they were already fighting with each other, acting like idiots. How the heck would they last a month together in this prison camp? Some seemed to be making conversation, so she decided not to intrude. Just let them make friends and be done.

Hopping down from her bunk, she wriggled her nose, eyeing the girls around her in the cabin. She allowed her lanyard to fall into her shirt, hiding her name tag in which she wouldn't be persecuted for being a Counselor- what they didn't know didn't hurt them.

She grabbed her iPod from her pocket and shoved her headphones in her ear, Coldplay "Fix You" almost instantly blasting in her ears at maximum volume. She had heard horror stories about how she would go deaf if she kept it that loud, but she really couldn't care less about stupid people's opinions. She quickly corrected herself in her mind. Be NICE. She gnawed on her lip, quite in the mood for some sort of frappe, but she doubted she'd find a Starbucks in a prison camp- not even for the Counselors, who were supposed to get "special treatment". That was bull crap.



Stepping into the cabin, he let the musty smell flow into his nostrils. He began heading to the bunk where his things were sitting when he realized someone else was in the cabin, sitting on the bunk above his. Startled, Joshua jumped, but quickly regained his composure. "Sorry, didn't see you there," he said giving the guy a sort of smile, which, due to his mood, was mainly just a quirk of his upper lip.

He hopped onto his half of the bunk and snagged his dead phone, tapping it with his thumb as if to preform CPR. At least others may have been able to bring technology. He was going to die here, suffering, without any communication with the outside world. Josh brought his knees up to his chest and exhaled, wondering what was happening outside. Were his parents feeling bad they locked him up in this horrible place?

Of course not.

Josh sighed, rummaging through his bag, wrinkling up neat, folded clothes that his mother had packed. Oh, would she have laundry to do when he got back or what! Sure, he was nineteen, he could do it himself, but when getting home he would just want to curl up in his bedroom and take a long nap, watching all the TV show episodes he missed. He felt a bit happier, reminding himself there would be an end to this nightmare, a month with no technology but a dead phone. Then a thought occurred to him- why not ask the other delinquent in the room if he could borrow a changer, assuming he had one? Josh counted the odds the stranger would be willing to choke his belongings up to a random guy, but maybe he could ease the guy into it with conversation.

"So," Josh began, awkwardly, "what are you in for?"