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Vale Striker

"Life stinks, but the other option is dying."

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a character in “Et Partitus”, as played by SugarNspikeS


Character Name: Vale Striker

Race: Skunk/human mutant

Skills: Various forms of combat training including: stealth, hand to hand, fire arms and melee weapons. Also able to spray enemies as a line of defense.

Weaknesses: Nocturnal, can go into a blood lust state when fighting.

Basics: Height:6'1", Weight: 200lbs, Eyes: teal, Hair/Fur: Black and white

Back Story: Vale is a bit of a loose cannon. He was modified, as were many of the soldiers, so that he could learn the combat training very quickly. However, as a result of this, he also learned to question the reasons for using hybrids as cannon fodder and he was one of the first to rebel. He even killed one of the scientists working on the project before he was tranqued. He wasn't completely against the humans, though, he just thought that they should be treated as equals.
Now, as an uprising of the Dims seems inevitable, Vale has done his best to maintain the facade of running a pawn shop while secretly helping the resistance in any way he can.

So begins...

Vale Striker's Story


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It was just getting dark and the curfew would be enforced soon. Luckily, Vale had two aces up his sleeve as he made his way to his apartment; he always carried his papers with him and tonight he was being escorted home by Officer Ravenlight.

"It's getting close now. This place is a powder keg waiting to go off. We were designed for battle and this ...uprising, this revolt, it's not going to end well. I hear the whispers, I see their faces and the docile obedient pets they put in here are not going to be the beasts that bust out." Vale spoke keeping his eyes forward and his voice at a level whisper so that any casual observer wouldn't hear or realize they were talking to each other.

"Yeah, I know. I'll be right by your side when it happens too. At this point the only thing that will wake them up to their own ignorance is going to be a revolution. I'm counting on you to get the stuff I'm smuggling in to the people who can use it the most."He said, not breaking his stern emotionless expression under his helmet and visor.

"I run a pawn shop, I see some of the most desperate and mentally broken people around. Those are the ones with nothing left to lose and the perfect ones for the revolt."

The two soon arrived at Vale's apartment. After ensuring that Vale made it inside, Haze left to continue his rounds. Vale was unable to just go right to sleep being as worked up as he was, so he made himself a sandwich and turned on his tiny little tv. Normally Dims weren't allowed such luxuries as a TV, but as a pawn shop owner, he had access to things that other Dims didn't. He fiddled with the antenna until he got a signal through the static. It was the local news of the city on the other side of the wall. He watched intently until they began to repeat the stories and he was thrilled that there was no mention of rising tension in the slums.

"Good, they still have no idea what's coming."