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The Beautiful Fragrance of Sakura Trees
It's a very literal name, but that's Rikichi for you. At least he gave me one; my parents could not even be bothered to do that.


Three Days’ Grace – Give Me a Reason
Papa Roach – 9th Life
Skillet – Awake and Alive
Gabrielle Aplin - Ready to Question


When presented with a set of expectations, we can ignore them, defy them, or rise to meet them. I have chosen the last. For me, it is the only course worth taking.

[ Her mentor, Rikichi, sometimes calls her Micchan, but other than that, she seems to have none. ]

[ 33 ]

[ Female ]

[ Dhampir ]

[ Personal Servant/Bodyguard to Kiyoshi Tsuji]

Face Claim:
[ Ryougi Shiki | Kara no Kyoukai ]


The only aesthetic a solider need subscribe to is the triumph of function over form.

Hair Color
[ Black | Dark Brown ]

Eye Color
[ Black | Mulithued ]

Skin Tone
[ Mild Tan ]

[ 5’7” ]

[ 135 ]

Physical Description
[ Mika is the kind of person who favors the practical over the pretty, honestly, and to a certain extent, it shows. Maybe, if given the opportunity, her dark hair, thick in nature and somewhat unruly, could be a lovely tumbling fall of the stuff, but she’d much rather keep it short and out of the way. Perhaps, were she so inclined, she could wear flattering garments on her figure, but instead she favors durable, silent fabrics that allow her to complete her work in silence and efficiency. Of course, she’ll swallow her irritation and wear something more formal if she must, but even then, she prefers he plain to the overly ornate.

Her eyes are large, almond-shaped and a deep black in color, though that’s about as far as it goes if you go in for the “windows to the soul” theory. Her windows are frankly quite tightly curtained to outside view, mostly from habit. When Mika uses her powers, her eyes become an extraordinary mix of hues, from electric blue to almost neon-violet and bright green. Her whole face has a certain smoothness to it that suggests she rarely if ever smiles or frowns much, preferring to keep her emotions at bay whenever possible. Her general appearance is one of neatness and almost military precision—rarely seen with a hair out of place, her tidiness gives her a certain kind of severity to her look that does not necessarily say much about who she is. Nevertheless, she seems to be aware of it, and does not take any measures to correct for it.

Nothing about Mika is extraneous or wasted: she doesn’t wear jewelry or cosmetics, her clothing is about as utilitarian as it gets, and even her form is devoid of excess fat. She is simply lean, compact muscle, corded and banded about a frame of perhaps slightly less-than-average size. Her skin is, of course, just as free of blemish as anyone with vampiric DNA, though she is not particularly keen to emphasize this or any one of her features. She is not here to impress anyone, and what she is will do just fine.

As a matter of fact, she considers herself rather plain by most standards, though she admits she really has no accurate concept of such things, as she does not look in mirrors regularly and doesn’t tend to notice the way others look overmuch, either. Whatever the case, as long as she can do her work, she could be covered in blood and dirt for all she cares. ]


What anyone could know, it is best to assume no one does. What nobody should know, it is best to assume everyone does.

Potential Interest
None at the current moment: Mika takes her job far too seriously to bother with such frivolous things as attraction and desire. She seems mostly deadened to such feelings, as though they were entirely irrelevant to her. The only sort of devotion she allows herself is devotion to those she serves. She isn’t without a heart by any means, she just knows that she gains nothing by submitting to its whims.


    Combat || As a trained bodyguard, Mika is familiar with many types of weapons, both conventional and improvised, as well as the use of her own body for fighting. She specializes in fast, stealthy fighting. Her speed is, interestingly, on-par with a pureblood, but her strength is not, so she generally relies on being fast rather than overly forceful. It should be noted that her training was given with emphasis on the protection of others, one other in particular, so she is very good at maintaining awareness of what is going on around her.
    Stealth || Capable of moving without being seen or heard, this is just as much a matter of practice as talent. To this end, she can scale structures with little effort, slip into the shadows unseen, and so on, where others might prefer more straightforward ways of getting around.
    Vocal Music || While not an instrumentalist, Mika is actually a concert-class vocalist, trained in classical opera techniques. Why? Because Rikichi liked music and thought it would be useful for his trainee to have a skill appreciated by nobility. One does not survive in this world by doing only one thing, and as much as Mika wishes it were unnecessary to be anything but a loyal soldier, she understands that there may come a day when this is not the case.

    Living Shadow || Mika’s vampiric talent is the ability to make herself intangible, to assume a shadow-form. While in this state, she is immune to physical or elemental damage, but not to mental manipulation attempts. Most things will pass right through her, and she can do things like move through walls. It also makes her less visible, as though she were translucent, but she isn’t impossible to see by any means.
    Passive Null || She’s immune to the control ability of high-class vampires, as well as vampiric abilities. She doesn’t need to activate this ability, it’s just kind of present. She can transfer it to another via touch, but to do so would leave her vulnerable.
    Eternity Eyes || This power is a very curious thing, and nobody seems to be quite sure where she got it from. Actually, very few even know she has it, so there’s that. If Mika concentrates, she can see the weave of Fate, it might be called, and divine the ways that the individual threads are woven together. Sometimes, this gives her an idea of possible futures. Other times, it allows her to look into people’s pasts in limited ways. It can also function as a form of truesight, because even a concealed or invisible person is part of the world still, and it's this that she detects.


I am far from perfect-- perfection is something that does not exist in this world. The value is in the striving.

  • They say that poison smells the sweetest of all things, and perhaps, to an extent, that’s true. Mika does smell very nice, but more importantly, her blood has toxic properties if taken involuntarily. If given voluntarily, it’s fine, and indeed tastes about as good as it smells, but she’s certainly not in the habit of letting people drink it, and as far as she knows, it’s just poisonous to vampires. It was the sweet scent, reminiscent of cherries and sakura blossoms, that prompted her mentor to give her the name she now bears.
  • Though she lacks the shapeshifting abilities of other vampires, she does have a familiar. The twin-tailed cat is named Laika. To humans, she appears as an ordinary white kitten.


    Pacing || Mika tends to pace when agitated or needing to think. Sometimes, it gets bad enough that pacing is not longer sufficient, and in these cases, she runs. Chances are, if she’s walking back and forth as she thinks, whatever she’s thinking about is troubling her far more than most things ever do. This same need to vent excess energy may, in situations where it would be impolite to move around too much, manifest in fidgeting. She does her best to control the tendency, but when she’s uncomfortable, she tends to vent the excess energy by moving. In cases where she can’t do this, things only tend to get worse.
    Cleaning || She tends to be one of those people that needs to feel productive and active, so when there’s absolutely nothing else to do or she has to wait for something, Mika will clean. She’s quite good at it, of course, and can have a filthy room up to shine in little time at all. Disgusting things don't seem to bother her that much, honestly, so she’s not averse to getting her hands a little dirty for a good result.
    Manners || Tends to address humans as Sir, Miss, or Madam, and vampires as Milord or Milady. Mika has a very precise way of speaking, and cannot be convinced to err from it. The habit serves her well, given what could happen to her if some vampire decides she looked at him the wrong way or something. A dhampir’s life is not worth much, not if they aren’t connected by blood to some noble house or another. Mika may serve Kiyoshi, and that does earn her some status, but she is still a lower being, and is often treated as one.

    The Tsujis || She’s been their attendant her whole short life, and over that span of time has served in the roles of maid, chef, chaperone, valet, chauffeur, bodyguard, spy, and even assassin. They’ve been better to her than she’d ever thought to expect, and her loyalty is rather extreme, to both of them, but especially Kiyoshi. She is very conscientious of both of them, and has learned them so well that she often does not even need to ask what they require—she simply knows, and does it.
    Training || It comes part and parcel with the job—Mika owes it to her employers to be in the best combat shape possible, and also trained in more subtle ways: she must be caught up on the who’s who of the vampire world, the political alliances and deals made, Council activity, and so on. This has actually given her a very deep knowledge in odd areas, and people are often surprised by how much she knows, for someone who doesn’t look like the learning type.
    Music || She doesn’t play anything herself, and though she can sing to professional standards, she doesn’t, and nothing short of an order will make her. Really, she just enjoys listening to music and appreciating the talent of others. Sometimes, she can be convinced to compose, actually, but that is very seldom. She thinks of it as a bit too frivolous for someone with her occupation, even though she enjoys it very much.

    Threats to the Tsujis || That really goes without saying. Mika tends to check thoroughly into the background of anyone that approaches either of them, and she’s grown very used to obtaining such information. Honestly, it’s given her a special dislike for the kinds of people who wish to take advantage either of Kiyoshi’s position or Haruka’s kindness. She can be downright rude in her address of such people, which has earned her the rather unflattering nickname of The Tsuji Wolf, or, even less desirable Hound. She takes these names as a point of pride rather than the insults they were meant as, however. It is not her job to be liked, only to serve.
    Cramped Spaces || What Mika fears above all else is being trapped, which is perhaps fortunate for her, as her powers enable escape from most any situation. The only chains, literal or metaphorical, that she ever wishes to bear are those she chooses for herself.
    Attention || She’s a shadow, and that’s all she wants to be. Public speaking is her second-greatest fear in life, and any situation where people, especially strangers are looking at her makes her skin crawl. She’s not beautiful, she’s not interesting, and she really doesn’t want to be treated like she is either of those things.

    The Perfect Servant || Mika has to be ready for any number of situations, where she could be called upon to do a wide range of tasks, and she must be willing and able to execute any of them to perfection for her employers. This makes her a surprisingly well-rounded individual, with a large skillset of things both mundane and interesting. She can also speak intelligently on a wide range of topics, though admittedly it is difficult for her to act as another person entirely. She tends to always be straightforward and stoic, regardless of the circumstances, though this is a strength all its own.
    Unshakeable || She is not the type to become nervous or fearful. She can get irritated and she can be anxious, but it does not generally override her better nature, and she can keep cool through almost anything. Even being faced down with an opponent she should not be able to defeat is something she’s capable of taking in stride, if her reasons for doing so are worthwhile. She’s also fairly nonexpressive, making it sometimes difficult to get a read one her.
    Smart || She isn’t manipulative, she isn’t all that subtle, and she isn’t what anyone would describe as a chessmaster. She is, however, incredibly logical and intelligent and observant, and in addition, her abilities allow for her to obtain information that is simply inaccessible to others. She needs to be one step ahead of any threat to the Tsujis, and so far, she always has been.

    Loyalty || What might be considered a strength can also be a weakness. Mika has not yet discovered anything she would not do if one of the Tsujis asked it of her, and murder is definitely included in the list of things she would. She is the knife wielded by their hand, but she also accepts full responsibility for her own actions. She has consciously chosen to give so much of herself to service, and it may be that some day, there is nothing left of her but the servant.
    The Tsujis || Predictably, the easiest way to stay Mika’s hand is to present a legitimate and insurmountable threat to either Haruka or Kiyoshi. She, as a bodyguard must, values their lives over her own, and will do what is necessary to preserve those lives. No exceptions.
    Self-Esteem || Mika lives in a world that constantly reinforces the fact that she is worth less than nothing to the vampires and royal-blooded dhampir she serves. She has taken the lesson to heart, and does not value herself at all, either. She is worth exactly as much as she can do for her masters, and that is simply it.


Give me a reason to care, and I will. Give me a reason to hate, and I will. I'm not above anything or anyone.

Modest | Stoic | Loyal | Canny

Mika’s demeanor is generally as pragmatic as her appearance would suggest. She has little time or patience for deceiving people, and so she does not. Her words are blunt, straightforward, and honest, though generally speaking, she is not rude at all. This is true just as much when she’s saying positive things as negative ones—if she feels that someone deserves to be lauded for something, she will not hesitate to do so. In this way, she is humble: she can easily acknowledge the good points of others without feeling jealous or slighted or expecting anything in return. Nor does she feel the need to put anyone down for unproductive reasons. As it turns out, her intentions towards others are generally good, though her status as a servant as well as a dhampir prevents her from having many conventional friendships or anything of the sort. She is rejected by the vampires for having no important blood that she knows of, and by the humans for being half a vampire, a symbol of oppression in a world where humans are dirt.

She is somewhat lacking in social grace, in the sense not that she’s bad at reading people or empathizing with them, but in the sense of very much being what could be described as a diamond in the rough. Uncut, unpolished, but not without a certain kind of modest lustre, if one knows how to look. She does have a fair number of more genteel skills, such as dancing and so forth, but she lacks the nuances that someone would have who grew up with privilege of that sort. Perhaps she will always be an outsider to such a world, if so, this is something she accepts.

For the most part, she is comfortable with who and what she is, and this allows her to maintain her collectedness in a variety of situations, as well as to be that person without much regard for what other people think, though she does not value herself as a person, only as a servant. She is honest even with her employers, though she does apologize to them if she believes she has said something unpleasant. Truly, the only thing about herself that can shake her is the fact that she sometimes has a visceral negative reaction to the situation she is in, wherein she has become someone else’s blade, and acts at someone else’s bidding. She has never believed that servitude absolves her of her sins, but she does sometimes have uncomfortable moments of conscience regarding the tasks she has been asked to do in the past. Regret is uncomfortable, and drives her to seek the peaceful solutions where possible.

She is wary around strangers, not for her own sake, but for the sake of the Tsujis. She does not generally believe that people approach her because she is at all interesting, but rather because they want an “in” with either Kiyoshi or Haruka. It makes her reflexively analytical, and she tends to pick apart the details of body language and what she can read of intention. Should she not like what she finds, she can become rather cold, though she doesn’t make a big show of anything she feels, so the oblivious can and have missed it.


Embracing one's freedom and choice means that when things go wrong, there's nobody to blame but you. But I'd rather bear all my failings than give up even one of the things I've done right.


Mika Sakuragi was born to parents she neither remembers nor knows of. Presumably, one of them was a vampire, most likely a pureblooded one, and the other a human, but her knowledge extends no further than this. They were not the ones that raised her—she knows not if they died, gave her up, or some other fate befell them. Whatever the case, she was brought up by the Tsujis’ chief manservant and bodyguard, Rikichi. It was perhaps only natural that she picked up his skills, as she was basically getting a free ride from the Tsujis, and even as a child, was conscious of this and desirous of finding some way to repay them.

As Rikichi managed the affairs of the elder Tsujis, including the king, in time, Mika was entrusted with these duties for Kiyoshi and by extension Haruka. A very powerful family, there wasn’t honestly much to worry about save for their daily affairs, and these, she grew accustomed to providing for. She would never presume to be friends with nobility, but generally speaking, their relations were cordial and as good as they could be expected to be. She came to know them, not in the same way a friend or family member might, but quite acutely even so.

Kiyoshi is a prince, however, and that means that his life is always in danger, as he is the present heir to the Obsidian Throne—the one from which the King of all vampires rules. Though there is no particular reason to suspect that he will ascend anytime soon, he is next in line, and the confirmed Crown Prince, so her task is not a small one. There are no few people who would like to see him dead, and many more who would throw their eligible daughters at him for the power of his title and nothing more. Mika has to sort through all of these people and know when to press them back and when to allow them forward. It is a difficult task, especially when anyone could be an assassin, but it is one she considers her life’s work. Strong Kiyoshi may be, and in many ways capable of defending himself, but he has other things to worry about, and so she assumes these other burdens so that he does not have to.

It is all she has ever done, and if it is all she ever does, then she shall be content with that.


The only way I know how to go is forward.

So begins...

Lieutenant Mika Sakuragi's Story