Eternal Distance

Eternal Distance


A young woman returns home after a prolonged vacation, only to find her family does't recognize her, any and all traces of her life with them having disappeared. Could it be the work of her father's new girlfriend who has installed herself as her mother?

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"Sunny Porter didn't exactly plan for her world to take a devastating turn, as far as she knew, six months wasn't enough for her entire family to completely forget her existence."

Six months in the Greek Isles, visiting her Aunt Gloria, who has been estranged from her entire family. It was a shock for the Porter family to see Sunny make friends with the one person that they despised, but why had such hatred developed in the first place. Easily, as a strictly Catholic family, Aunt Gloria was shunned because she practiced witch-craft, that's right, Sunny spent half a year with a nature loving, chanting, old woman, and she had the best time of her life. Not only did Sunny learned a few tricks to de-stress her life, but she also learned a lot about herself. Needless to say, she'd gone against her family's wishes and went to go see her Aunt.

Something was wrong upon her return... Sunny had tried calling her parents during the trip, but she'd get a busy signal. Not only did she found herself utterly alone at the airport back home, but here she was standing at her own doorstep, staring at her father's confused expression.

"Dad?" Sunny hissed, "It's freezing out, aren't you going to let me in?"

"Uhh, I believe you got the wrong house..." The man, who watched Sunny as if she was a stranger, uttered.

"Stop playing around, it's bad enough you forgot me at the airport." Frustrated, Sunny pushed past him into the living room, which was clearly re-arranged. "Where's Gina and Billy?" The girl dropped her bag on the floor, turning around to gaze at her father, who still stood by the open door.

"Wh-what are you doing? You need to get out of our house or I'll call the police!" He fumed, advancing towards her. It took Sunny by surprise, and as she stumbled back, she'd knocked over a picture frame, only to stare at it with bitter shock. Here was her father, Gina and Billy grinning up at her, with an unknown Blonde woman-- the only thing missing, was the oldest, Sunny.

"What did you do to the photographs?" Sunny, teary-eyed, chocked out, holding up the picture to him.

"Give me that!" The man hissed, reaching out to grab the frame, only to have it released and fallen to the floor, the glass cracking on impact.

"Honey! What's going on?" A woman's voice called out from the kitchen, the owner of the voice appearing at the doorway. She looked as surprised as Sunny did, but the knowing glint in her sharp blue eyes told Sunny that she was the real culprit.

"Get out!" Her father shouted, causing her gaze to snap back onto him, and although she pursed her lips in an attempt to hold back her tears, her eyes had released a few before she could even get to the front door. And as it slammed behind her, Sunny was left in a state of surrealism. Where did she plan to go now? Her friends had little support, her extended family was sprinkled in random places over the world, and who's to say they haven't forgotten her either.

Roles ( *Names are subject to change.)
Sandra Porter; Sunny - DumbDora
Witch - OPEN (This is the stepmother)
Regina* Porter - OPEN (Sunny's little sister, 17 years old.)
William* Porter - OPEN (Sunny's little brother, 19 years old.)
Male Witch - OPEN (Sunny's love interest, takes her in after they meet. PM for secret details.)
Open Male - OPEN (Be creative.)
Open Female - OPEN (Be creative.)

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Character Portrait: "Sunny" Porter


Character Portrait: "Sunny" Porter
"Sunny" Porter

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Character Portrait: "Sunny" Porter
"Sunny" Porter

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Character Portrait: "Sunny" Porter
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She passed away years ago.

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