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a character in “Eternal Night Approaching”, as played by Finneline


Dance with the Devil || Breaking Benjamin

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29 years old || Male || African || Dark Magician "As"

"Ahh~ Thinking about it, I already have forgotten... that means you better not know because it reminds me how old I actually am!"
7th July

|Sexual Preference|
"Hmm, interesting question. Are you interested in me?"

"I've been doing this business for too long already, I suppose."

|Rank number|
"Seven is my lucky number."

"Oh, that. You want to know how I am fighting? Fairly sly of you."
Swordsman (Tactician)

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Image Image
|Eye Color|
"My eyes? Just come closer and you'll see it for yourself~"
Golden brown

|Hair Color|
"Raven black, easy ain't it?,"
Raven black

|Body Type|
"Haha, pretty straight forward aren't you? I like it,"
Slim and graceful build. Not the most well-trained body around, but strong enough to fight a level five/ six youmu barehanded (with nasty tactics)

|Standard Dressup Attire|
"I am always suitable dressed for every surprises."
Often wears a tuxedo, but sometimes also an open chemise, for a view upon his several scars on his body to be possible. Most of the time wears a topper and always carries a black walking stick.

|Height & Weight|
"Ahh~ moving fast are we?,"
6 ft and 140 lbs

|Birthmarks, Tattoos, and Scars|
"If you're that eager to know, I will show you~"
Scars: On forehead, arm, chest, shoulder and both legs.
Mole: Below left eye and near his shoulder blade.

"Hmm~ I am kind, I am kind, dun worry, so come here will ya?"
To be honest, he is a big fat liar. A pretender. An actor throughout his life. He might smile with pleasure and glee without feeling any hints of happiness inside. He is able to cry for someones sake, only to laugh about the misery within. He is a freak, a very screwed and despicable bastard, who appear to only care for himself. Words which comes from his mouth are manipulating and not to be trusted. His charmant appearance is only a disguise of his wicked heart... yet, he still owns something one call sadness and empathy. The human being within himself is still buried in the smallest places in his heart, although unnoticeable and unwanted. Whether it was because it's an incurable weakness or because he actually urges to keep them -- only he himself might be able to answer that. Understanding As is truly difficult since he can lie to one straight to the face as if it is the truth while trying to convince it to himself. It was as if he only lives for business; having that smile without feelings. Gloomy things aside, he truly is a master of conviction and encouragement. Never fails to manipulate people, letting them stay in their naive believe to have done something good without noticing As actual desires -- which are most of the time a fairly big disadvantage for his victim. But who cares? The 'victim' is happy and he is satisfied. Good business, ain't it? With nasty tricks like that, he often brings some money into his pocket, even though he has enough for the living. Yeah, As is selfish and selfcentered which makes being modest not to be one of his character traits. Ironic and with sweet words, he is actually quite the woman killer, having his face to be far from ugly, in fact, quite attractive. Even then, he never seem to enjoy life. Resembling a dead person, he watches time goes by -- bored most of the time not having any goals in his life.

He is, how can I say, unique in it's own way. Having always been a tactician and never took one step at a time, he is a cautious and deliberate individual and tends to observe before making his mind about what he is able to tell and what not. Unique that is refering to As is probably his pleasure within flirting and sweet talk. Indeed, it has a deeper meaning to it, not only for fetching some ladies from the street to satisfy his urges. No, it's furthermore the amusement that he finds through the process and the different changes of facial expressions. Is it because he isn't able to have a natural expression, you wonder? Perhaps, and perhaps not. Asfaw is an enigma you'll only understand when he is honest with you. And truly, he is picky about what information to share. Well, most of it are manipulating lies anyway. If he is an idealist, he also might be a realist. In the end, it's up to you to decide -- what do you like the most? And he will go along with it.

✘ Curiosity
✘ Persistence
✘ Cold coffee
✘ Sweet food
✘ Cellular shirts
βœ” Tuxados
βœ” Nice and hot bath
βœ” Hot and bitter coffee
βœ” Woman
βœ” Smoking

"You want to know? Really? How can I interpret this?"
Observing, Predicting, and fast but clean hits. Although he might not be the strongest swordsman around, his technics are not to be taken lightly. Covering his weaknesses, he trained his agility and quicken his reactions, all the result of hard and tiring training for years. Actually owns a rare strength within his legs, he only use them to quickly run from one place to another. Using his leg as an attacking option he'd never consider. Why? Well, it's because kicking is far from elegant. Aside from fighting, he is able to hold his liquor for quite the long time -- in fact, he was never drunk though he'd drink all day long.

"Ahh~ Scary, scary!"
His right hand is very weak, which is why he uses his left hand which can never be as accurate as his right hand before a specific accident happened. And guess what, something very unpredictable is, that he just can't sing. He just doesn't own a decent music sense -- which is why he kinda trying to avoid music. Other than that, there is a habit of him, namely smoking when feeling troubled. Since he always felt likewise, smoking is slowly becoming somekind of a hobby of his even though he is aware of the dangers. Not like he is scared of death anyway.

"I fear only to lose you, my dear,"
His past memories are still hunting him in his sleep in form of a nightmare. More about it, perhaps in the history part.

|Combat style|
"I prefer to get to the point fast, but slowly, so I can relish it thouroughly~,"
To be honest, he is not the type to fight fair and square. Though well, who needs such pride when fighting against youmus? Asfaw is someone who loves to play around -- firstly. Playfully dodged the attack of the enemy without doing nothing than observing carefully the typical movement. No, he doesn't intend to go for its weakness when he find it, but go surround it like hunting down a pray. Then, his slim but sharp sword, which is disguised as a mere walking stick comes into the action. Like a torture, he might hurt the enemy lightly, until he'd enough seeing blood and finally kill it off by going for the weakness spot. If he is against stronger youmu, like a level eight or nine, he would move more tactical, reading their movement with more intensity and guessing its next movement. From where it will attack? What kind of attack will it be? How fast are his attacks? May I be able to take an advantage of a certain moment within his attack? -- he considered everything. That's how he goes; by observing, predicting, and fast but clean sword swings. Everything possible because of his sharp eyes and fast legs.

|Death Perception|
"It's magic~"
He has always been a cautious person, and that's probably why he owns the death perception he has now. He sees colours through the whole spectrum, one for any living being, who can destroy by will. Whether it is a youmu, a hunter or a normal human being. Those colours, he figured, distinguishes their level of ability. The more light-coloured their 'aura' is, the weaker their ability. On the other hand, Veteran hunters and level 10 youmu own an 'aura' which is for As a dark, dark black. Well, this doesn't really help him with combat, does it? Yeah, that's right, but within the 'aura', there is a specific place where they seem to gather. That signifies the most powerful part of the body - pretty useful to know what is going to hurt the most, is it. He can see those colours from a remarkable distance, which gave him the advantage of knowing where the enemy is. That's probably the piece of information which appear the most handy to Asfaw and developed his strategic attacks to be even more effective.

|Equipment & Weapons|
"Ahh~ I just love japanese products~"
  • A special Tachi disguised as a black walking stick, longer than Katana
    He often went to japan, only to hunt special kinds of swords. There, he actually found this "walking stick" which he now view as the most valuable thing he owns. Well, not like it is irreplaceable - he hates to hang on one thing like he bet his life on it. However, it's fact that this weapon has lasted the longest among every weapon he ever possessed.
  • Tantōs (similar to dagger) in his sleeve
    This is also a japanese product which he often uses for a mere strategy plan or even in desperate situation, though he indeed preferred to know the enemy before attacking, so that it won't come to any of such desperation.
  • His black, elegant shoes are purpose-built for light and fast steps
    It's really a mystery who has given him these shoes. Contradictory to everything he does, you might say he hold those shoes dearly, always clean it and never replaced it, whatever the reason might be.
  • Poison
    Well, you can get that mostly everywhere if you know the connections, and yeah, he has them. Though it isn't proven to be illegal, it's definitely not completely legal either - but he handles such situation with 'love and care', with other words, who speak, dies. Simple as that.

"You want to know? Really? If that's like that, I'll tell you,"
"Once upon a time, in a country far, far away, I was born into a wonderful household. I was lucky to be born in such a heartwarming family..." Alright, cut, before he tells you more and more lies. He was NOT born into a wonderful household and in a well - not really heartwarming family. In africa, most of the families are fairly big - there is no married couple who has not got at least two children. In the case of Asfaw's family, it isn't really much the difference either. He was the second child out of seven children, having only three to be male. To be honest, male kids were being more treasured than female, because they are made for hard work on the field, while most of the woman not. Being the first son, Asfaw had to work the hardest among all the children and had to bear scolds and various consequences for everything wrong he did. Rather than a father, he acted more like a tyrann, ordered his son around like he was a slave and didn't flinch and hold back to give him physical abuse every time he messed up. Yeah; a truly wonderful childhood looked obviously different than that. Well, it isn't a secret that Alfaw didn't fight nor talk back. Obediently, he followed every thing that bastard of a father told him to which lead him to a more quiet and bearable life within his wrath. Most of the time, his siblings got the scolding and truly, Asfaw never even tried to get them out of trouble. He was always the kind of kid who thought through it -- and never was in the opinion that he should rescue them for their good. Getting punishment was the best way for them to learn, to learn, that there is no other way than being obedient. He understood his father, in a way, and agreed to his methods. However, he never accepted him as a father. Only as someone, who kept them alive. That's all. In fact, for Asfaw, from the start he could think, his father has always been 'Someone who you obey' -- nothing else than a stranger. Although this might seem cold, his siblings also could identify with the behaviours of their big brother. They accepted how strenghtless they were. Nonetheless, they kept their bond as a family. Even when their mother died so suddenly, that they didn't even had time to be sad about it. Yes, they didn't have time at all -- because the man they should obey told them to work, without caring about his wifes corps. Of course, the children buried her, and of course everyone shed a tear -- with the exception of Asfaw. He didn't shed a tear at all, only a snear. Yes, really, a snear. As if madness came to earth and possessed him, moved him to do the thing he should have done long ago. Getting rid of his so called "Father". No, he didn't share his plans with anyone, he knew his family too well -- they would stop him. Telling him, that he is now the only parent they have. Trying to force him not to and falling back to being weak, letting him rule over them as if they were his properties. Yes, Asfaw understood what they all would say if he told them, that's why he is being secretive about it. It was his first magical performance -- so Asfaw told himself until now -- a performance which went through like a fire in the little village. His father was found dead not too far away from his working place. Witness statements said that they saw him drunk near there, others said he was crying out loud, there are even other villagers who claimed seeing him talking alone, the night before the day they all saw him hanging on the tree, with a single rope around his neck. Dead. Unsurprisingly dry the funeral went, although some of his kids were crying over him. That day was the beginning of Asfaw's continuously lies. As if it was a drug -- once he started, he won't ever stop, for lifetime. And against this drug, you won't ever find a treatment. How was his life afterwards, you ask? Well, as if that village is possessed by an unfortunate ghost, bandits soon arrived. Nothing surprising in that area -- bandits were everywhere. You know, bandits are actually farmers too, farmers, who aren't satisfied with their lifes and started to come up with something better. Something, you quickly get your hands on money. The criminal way was the only thing they thought of and so it came to that day, where they visited this particular village, where Asfaw lived. Actually, Asfaw was not surprised as suddenly bandits came to their house, threatened with knives and blunt things, or whatever there is for them to use as a weapon, and plunder everything they could get. In one single night, the village was poor, no one really had enough for their lifes anymore. And there is where Asfaw came in. He pursued, or rather tricked the man who owned the farm they worked on to let him buy it. With that, he managed keeping balance, build back up the village and getting the everyday life back. Well, probably seem all like a bad joke for you, something that can only happen in dreams, in mangas. Yes, the story might be spiced up a little bit, but who cares? Fact is, after being the owner of such a raising business, he left. Suddenly gone. With no trace. Leaving the village with only his big sister knowing who was given the ownership of the farm. Something that of course, brought some trouble. Nonetheless, even though Asfaw knew that fact, he left either way. Why? Boredom. Urge to explore the world. Finding easier ways to get rich. Well, all three do own a truth for themselves, but in the end, no one really knows what goes inside Asfaws head. If you're asking about why he left his family, well, to answer that, from the start he never regard them as a family. Only people who started to get all familiar with him -- getting too dependent. He hated to see that. He didn't do everything to get them as they are that time. He despised their look and wanted the faces from back then, where his father scolded them. Yes, he truthfully wanted that. However, whether it was because he still had a kind heart or just because he didn't want to cause unnecessary conflicts -- he couldn't do it, punish them, I mean. A conflicted feeling, which is not easy explainable.

The next time anyone has heard of him was as he was 18 years old. Then, he had arrived in a city near the village. His face lines were then already matured. He was, in fact, a handsome man in a suspicious clean suit. It was that time when he started his carrier as a hunter, without knowing that his first mission was to be in the place where he was born. The first mission, his biggest failure through his life. The nightmare he still has now. Everything because of that single mission, where he was surprised by the number of youmu who came. Truthfully, it can be said a mistake from the Nightshade Hunter organization who didn't sent any back-ups. However, it was also Asfaws fault to be reckless. Guilt was then truthfully grasped by him and sadness did overcome him. However, he threw them away. He got rid of them like nasty flies. They were not needed. Not needed for his future plans. And whatever hinder his predictions shall perish. So, that's how the file about him ended. To fill the gabs between when he is eighteen until now in his twent-nines, I am afraid, you have to ask him for yourself.

He is a creep. To underline this statement, just see his hobby to cut the nails, the horns or whatever part of a youmu he'd killed and kept it as an accessory.
*this section might be edited in the future*

So begins...

Asfaw's Story