Hikaru Sefira

"What's that? Fine, it's not like talking to you will benefit me anyways. I'm off to go do something productive rather than waste my time here."

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Sefira Hikaru
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25 || Japanese || known as "Hikaru the Controller" "Inefficient" and "Impractical"

"Wouldn't you like to know."
"So what if i'm like six, I am still going to cut you."
|Sexual Preference|
"Relationships? Don't care, I'm going to cut you now."
Heterosexual but will never admit he likes someone.
|Rank number|

|Eye Color|
|Hair Color|
|Body Type|
Balanced, Durable, Hikaru can take major damage and still stand, priding himself on his stamina but as for dishing out damage his muscles are less than desirable, Hikaru looking and being significantly weaker than most others in the Nightshade Hunter community.
|Standard Dressup Attire|
"I do what i do because i care- sometimes."
Poorly fitted dress shirt and tie and accompanying suit pants and shoes. Unless threatened Hikaru will go out of his way to look messy. His jacket has many loose strands of fabric attached to the inner coat purposefully for combat purposes and to utilize his ability to its full potential. Hikaru often wonders why he continues to wear such fine apparel on the battlefield before remembering that he simply does not care. He goes through a lot of dress shirts and ties and hence spends the majority of his paycheck on that or on dry-cleaning.
|Height & Weight|
Height: 179cm
Weight: 59kg

|Birthmarks, Tattoos, and Scars|
Hikaru has a scar under his left eye which comes from some unknown incident that he refuses to talk about to others, blatantly avoiding the subject completely.

"HAHahahaha! Wow, just wow, really? Hah. I don't care."
Hikaru is usually outgoing and enjoys speaking his mind, unafraid of the consequences which gets him into trouble quite often. He feels the need to protect others in general and will usually immediately challenge anything that looks remotely evil to a combat encounter. Though he is commonly perceived as an arrogant imbecile for his actions, Hikaru simply ignores such accusations, being extremely against competition and knowing for a fact that his ability to process information on the battlefield is more than helpful enough.

Though consistently acting in a reckless manner, Hikaru holds loyalty in high regard, keeping true to his words and obeying a superior rank's orders, even if it means missing out on the fun. He will commonly complain if he is given an order by a veteran but will listen nonetheless and act on orders.

✔Cold weather
✔Talking about mundane things
✘Hot dry weather
✘People who talk too much
✘Waking up

"I could defeat you with your arms tied behind your back!"
Hikaru is rather weak physically and relies heavily on his ability to outplay the enemy, depriving them of their advantages and possibly exploiting weakness. Hikaru also relies on his strong will, continuing to fight even though he is being tossed around like a rag-doll, this usually results in near death and always ends in excitement plentiful.
"Abandon ship!! [run away]"
Being weak physically, Hikaru prefers to keep his distance from the enemy. Most enemies end up overpowering him leading to a forced retreat. He is also incredibly reckless and pays little attention to any incoming damage he takes, meaning he'd probably fight with both arms torn off providing he didn't faint from blood-loss.

"I have nothing to fear! Except fear! And death... and bullets... hmm. I need to revise this list."
Hikaru is secretly scared of being eaten by anything.

|Combat style|
"Face the fury of my skills!"
When faced with the dreaded duty of combat Hikaru will commonly use his fists in a straightforward manner, attacking from his center. He reserves most leg motions for fending off attacks mainly reserving his arms to his head region. Hikaru will prefer to use his ability as his primary source of combat, though in conjunction with few punches. That is the extent of his combat abilities though he also possesses abnormal jumping capabilities but only backwards [or so it seems, rather convenient for leaving a fight.] While reckless and will run in to a fight at the word go, Hikaru does not fight hand to hand and will keep a distance of at least 8m between himself and his foe.

Hikaru collects an array of swords, but wielding them weighs him down, as such they are reserved for higher level combat encounters where the battlefield is set out and assistance is assured. Using weapons Hikaru's battle style drastically changes, his long distance being sacrificed in exchange for 'doubling over' his 'tendrils' and using them as extension arms to wield an unnecessary number of swords. The style lacks particular skill and is riddled with efficiency loss, but to Hikaru, fighting with as many swords as possible is 'cool'.

|Death Perception|
Hikaru's death perception ability allows him to create endless threads of spiritual energy which he weaves into his own clothing to transform it into a form of weapon, controlling the fabrics as if they are extensions of his own body, in this manned the strips of fabric connected to his inner jacket are operated in a whip like tendril motion, also being able to lift objects by coiling themselves around said object. Hikaru also uses this thread binding to harden his clothing as a protective layer, though doing so requires adept timing as the armor-like clothing becomes no longer able to move in its usual fashion and all motions must be emulated.

He relies primarily on his Death perception ability to aide him in combat, while the threads can be controlled through sheer will, allocating these invisible threads to his own joints allows greater control over the threads which need to be held within his mindset in order to retain a sharp position else they become subject to gravity. As such Hikaru's primary combat technique is to associate ten of these 'fabric tendrils' to his fingers, operating each individually as a limb.

Hikaru can also use his ability to animate objects in the distance like puppets but doing so requires direct unobstructed line of sight and full concentration to link such to himself, thus creating a 'puppet' becomes inefficient as it means his 'threads' are away from his body rendering the clothes he wears as little more than that, depriving him of full armored abilities. Also due to his reckless nature Hikaru probably wouldn't be smart enough to devise an elaborate plan to use a puppet to fight.

Though his powers seem to have many possibilities he is hindered by the fact that his powers only work with breathable materials, nonporous objects such as plastics and metals do not allow for spirit thread integration, the threads also just as any material can be severed though their resistance is much higher than that of normal threads.

|Equipment & Weapons|
Blazing Jacket [fireproof]
Sword- Hazel -A Golden coloured sword with a crucifix shaped hilt. Gemstones line the blades flat. [expertly crafted; won't snap easily]
Sword- Mera - A transparent blade of dark crimson, its handle is fashioned to represent flames. [expertly crafted; won't snap easily]
Sword- Divine - A sterling silver blade with a blinding white hilt. [expertly crafted; won't snap easily]
Sword- Viola
Sword- Crevasse
Sword- Swan
Metal flask - water
An eroded coin with a $ scratched into it.
Half a packet of gum.

"Regardless the amount of times you push me over i will fall."
Hikaru was born to a couple of average parents as their first child, destined to lead a mediocre life in an average household. In his early years there was nothing special about Hikaru before he turned five his father left for a business meeting, only to be caught in a tragic plane accident that could not be properly explained. His Mother and himself both moved in with his grandparents after the event, Hikaru was too young to understand at the time. Through much of his early school life Hikaru was picked on for being small and having too many imaginary friends, for this Hikaru began to despise people, avoiding them as much as possible, his anger was furthered even more so when his mother remarried after he turned 14. Hikaru gained a younger step sister after a couple of years, though it was around this time that he began to closer notice strange occurrences.

At 16 Hikaru began 'seeing' things, at first it was just a strange blur but after a couple of months the 'creatures' came into focus, weird beings that couldn't possibly exist, at first he believed he was going mad but then he began to notice 'them'. Figures that would come to destroy these creatures, more commonly at night but no doubt people who could fight such beings did exist. Hikaru tried on several occasions to approach these people but they were too fast, their actions were inhuman. Hikaru did not talk to any others about the things he saw, it was like straight out of a comic, eventually he tried avoiding such sights but they only increased in occurrence.

After he turned 17 Hikaru could see the beings with great clarity, better than he could see the world in fact if such were even possible. After a string of events at his school He decided that several of these beings were inhabiting the school, he tried fighting them and found that it was possible, though it lead to issues with the school punishing him for his strange outbursts during school. More and more people went on to avoid him, calling him strange. Hikaru knew he was right and that creatures were causing havoc and the strange happenings but had no way to prove it.

After three more months of painful after school detentions and combat with these strange beings Hikaru finally caught the eye of the Hunter community. He discovered he had the ability to draw a thread between his hand and these creatures, entwining them and dragging them towards himself with some unknown force this increased the effectiveness of his combat abilities drastically with these "nightshades" which Hikaru would later find out were only level 1; just the beginning. Though he discovered such an ability was possible early on, it barely made up for his physical weakness. Upon being accepted into the Nightshade Hunter Society Hikaru swore he would become stronger to protect people.

By 20 Hikaru's powers had manifested stronger tenfold, He no longer used his 'thread' to control his enemy but instead used it to strengthen his clothing into armor or sharpen his sleeves to blades, he was ranked 45, though his progression was slow Hikaru insisted on finishing what schooling he could and developing these abilities rather than fighting for the most part. Eventually He was content with a style he developed and went on to secure higher ranks, making it his goal to some day reach the top of the chain, a veteran ranking. Hikaru stopped training his power and focused on defeating nightshades, securing himself higher positions as he continued to demonstrate his abilities to those of higher ranking. Hikaru was far from arrogant though, he knew he would have to improve a lot more in order to secure the highest of the positions, the top 10 positions were as it stood looking near impossible to reach.

Hikaru found many in the society similar to himself, it was easy to collaborate with such people, many had disturbing pasts so not many people asked too many unwanted questions. At 23 Hikaru decidedly announced to himself that his abilities were ready, he took them out to combat level seven creatures and even level eights on occasion with help of course. His abilities had manifested beyond his initial recognition, he could now sense how an object must be treated to weave his ability through it, giving it life of his own, his ability had become recognizable within the society. Hikaru made a couple of friends but still remained reserved after what he had been through in the outside world there was no way he could simply snap to a life of being friendly with every new person he met regardless of ranking.

He never did tell his family about the existence of his abilities or what he did, they believed that he worked in a corporate office filing papers and doing "Boring businessy things" which helped keep questions about his work secret, no other members of his family seemingly had any similar traits and Hikaru guessed that it must have been from his fathers bloodline, he tried investigating into the mysterious disappearance but every source led to it being marked as a plane crash with no bodies recovered. Hikaru decided that he would first rise through the ranks so that when he was strong enough he would be able to further investigate this matter and nothing would be able to stop him.

At 25 he had risen all the way to the 15th rank, so close the top ten ranks were tormenting him, progression had slowed exponentially and now differences in power were like night and day, groups of the higher ranked hunters gathered to aim for the stronger of the Nightshades. Battles were no longer what Hikaru would label "Fun", but there was always an extent of excitement that filled the air. He took on as many opportunities to demonstrate his abilities, though tougher opponents proved much more difficult to handle and it seems he couldn't get it through his mind that solo one on one was definitely an option. despite how much he had advanced Hikaru was still showing up early to see if he could "Take this thing", already having been beaten senseless on an uncountable number of missions. Though Hikaru's will has been proven to be that of iron, not giving in until he can no longer stay conscious.

If I don't love you will you deny my application?

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