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Touko Suoh

"If you don't got anything useful to say I probably don't have time to talk to you"

0 · 601 views · located in Kyoto Nightshade community

a character in “Eternal Night Approaching”, as played by Robbhus


Touko Suoh
Vintage || Break of Reality
32 || Japanese || Been called "Puppet-maker" a couple times, but it never sticked around.

"I think you need a pair of glasses"
"Depends on which body you're referring to"
Born the 7th of August, current body was awakened the 16th of October two years ago
|Sexual Preference|
"I do as I want and you got nothing to say, deal with it"
Pansexual, but has a preference for men
"Does it really matter?"
|Rank number|
"Why ask about the same thing twice?"
"The one better than yours, deal with it"
Primarily uses familiars, would be counted as summoner (?)


|Eye Color|
"The color that makes small children cry"

|Hair Color|
"I dip my hair in the blood of my enemies... Kidding, it's natural"

|Body Type|
"Anything I'd like, I'm happy with my first body though, so I kept the design"
Pretty average, on the curvy side though. Most muscles lies in her legs and hands.

|Standard Dressup Attire|
"What are you, some kind of fetishist?"
Her most common outfit is put together by a pair of dark, preferably black pants, a white button-up shirt, along with a pair of black high heels. Besides this, she wears a pair of glasses about 50 percent of the time, though she can see decently without them. They function more like reading glasses or something in that genre really. If she goes out, she normally uses a coat as well, the most common has a slightly
brown-ish orange color.

|Height & Weight|
"I'm not a human anymore, my weight isn't like it used to be when I still used my original body"
5'6 foot tall, around 120 Lbs.

|Birthmarks, Tattoos, and Scars|
"Not in this life, no"
Has no scars obtained in her current body, but has a scar from her previous life that went from her wrist and up to her shoulder on the left hand. She has it on the new body as well, but it wasn't obtained in the current life.


"I dunno, something"
Touko's personality is quite strange for a lot of people, though those who have worked with her before respect her and despite not really understanding her, still finds her an honorable person. She knows how to make decisions, though she hates to be the one to do so. She tends to blame herself if someone she's working with dies, regardless of if it was her fault or not that the person passed away. While she doesn't show anything
about it on the outside, she feels quite disgusted on the inside.

On her spare time, her personality varies a lot with her mood. If she feels cheerful, she tends to be quite happy and open, but if she's in a more monotone mood, she doesn't talk a whole lot and prefers to get things done
over talking too much.

βœ” Art
βœ” Cats
βœ” Smoking
βœ” Spicy food
βœ” Bad TV Shows
✘ Dogs
✘ Cockiness
✘ Being disturbed
✘People disrespecting art
✘ Working alone against multiple opponents

"Like I'd tell you this"
Touko's primary strength lies in 1on1 fighting. her weapon makes her a lot more efficient in one on one combat as she can much easier finish a fight than most others. Since her primary weapon allows what is practically an insta-kill, she can easily take care of enemies not fighting in groups, all the way up to level 10, as long as they aren't too big size-wise. Besides this, she got some pretty decent skills with the sword, though she doesn't match a veteran focusing on the use of the sword. Besides all this, she isn't afraid of taking a chance or two, and is quite confident with whatever choices she makes.

"Do I need these?"
Touko's primary weakness lies in fighting alone against multiple targets. She isn't one of those that form a frontline for long, she just steps up there before jumping back. Seeing that the thousand-mouthed serpent can only be used every ~15th minute or so, she doesn't put up that much of a challenge against a level 10 without it. She can defend herself and maybe take it down
with some luck, but far from scratchless.

"I've already walked between heaven and earth, what is there left for me to fear?"
She has a supreme lack of fear and doesn't think twice about risking her own life, seeing that she already knows what dying feels like. She doesn't like to admit it though, but her primary fear is actually dogs. She really don't like any kind of dog and is easily scared of them, regardless of the size, which is why she likes cats so much instead.


Image taken when Souren was still alive and him, Lugh and Touko still worked together

|Combat style|
"Is recklessly a half-decent answer? And I thought creeps knew this kind of stuff"
Primarily, Toouko's fighting is based on entering, finishing the work, and leaving. It isn't that much of a complex work, she enters, uses the Bottomless Box to let out the thousand mouthed serpent, before then packing up her things and leaving. However, if there are more than one enemy, she'd take out the strongest one first, for then to work through the rest using the katana she brings with her when she see fit, which she normally use in a backhand technique which demands high maneuverability. If she didn't bring it, she'd simply use the Scarlet fire Perception to kill off any remaining targets, though it'd take longer time to kill them with it than it would with the katana in most cases. If she's in a hurry, she'd might combine the two, though that doesn't happen all too often, not yet at least.
|Death Perception|
"if you knew my family you'd know mine, so at least you're not a stalker"
Scarlet Fire - Touko's Death Perception ability is the Scarlet Fire, an ability that has been passed down in her bloodline for centuries. The ability lets the user summon fires in a scarlet red color that they can manipulate freely. The difference from most fire-abilities is that the Scarlet Fire only ignites or hurts what the user wants to burn.
|Equipment & Weapons|
"What is there to say, it's my stuff. No touching or you'll might end up as food"
Bottomless Briefcase
The bottomless briefcase is Touko's primary weapon. On the outside, the weapon appear as a very average briefcase with very little special about it, apart from the old fashioned design. However, on the inside, the vicious creature she uses for most situations, the Thousand mouthed Serpent, hides inside. It is relatively heavy, something that makes it unfit for moving a lot, and using the familiar would be very hard while moving. The bottomless briefcase is currently one of a kind, though she is currently trying to produce another.
Case of immense density
The second of Touko's familiar containers. The Case of Immense density is very similar to the Bottomless Briefcase, but is a bit smaller and a lot lighter. The case stores a currently unnamed cat-familiar, which is more suited for more stretched out combat than the Bottomless Briefcase. They both hold the same design however.
Suoh Family Sword
the Suoh family sword is a 6 foot katana passed down throughout the family bloodline for over 200 years now and has always been an artifact the family has loved. The sword technically belongs to her younger brother since she died two years ago, but he let her keep it despite desperately wanting it. He knew he had more use for it than he had anyways.
Medium quality item
Any other items, no limits.

"My history, huh? Which one are you interested in?"
Touko using the thousand mouthed serpent to kill
Souren Arya after he killed her first body.
Touko's childhood was rather average really, no big traumas or anything like. She grew up starting her life in a wealthy family with good economy and an even greater reputation. She had no older family though she got a younger brother seven years after she was born, and another one when she was 12. She always loved her family, especially her father who at the time was the current seventh ranked hunter, though there were only 150 hunters and huntresses at the time while he worked.

He was her big idol while she grew up, and she said countless times that she wanted to be just like him, something he'd normally joke off by saying something stupid about himself, and then they'd both laugh, finding it funny despite that there weren't a joke in it or anything. While she grew older however, his attention had to be handed over to her younger siblings, which was fine in her opinion, because she was already starting to work the same summer.

She wasn't planning to waste away any time she could use and wanted to start working along with her father already from the beginning, though seeing that he was a veteran at the moment, that was of course not even close to an opinion. So she started to train with some of her own friends, or rather, some of her friends that her father had told her could see Nightshades, or youmu. Though they didn't have the same drive as her, they still became good companions, and already five months later, they were qualified to be hunters and huntress. These two friends were named Souren Arya and his older half-brother was named Lugh Beowulf. They advanced in the ranks quickly, Touko relying on her father's sword, or rather, the family sword, while Souren and Arya used their death perceptions. Nobody really knew why the two of them had developed so strong perceptions so early, though nobody would object them using them either, seeing that it was their primary weapon. And besides, who would object? They were doing good, so why complain?

ImageThe trio soon passed 20 years of age. They didn't cease to impress and their strength grew for every fight they got in. Over the course of five years, they had managed to pass the rank 50 mark, which was quite impressive in such a short time. Touko had also discovered her perception at that time and about the same time, started smoking. according to her father, it amplified the power, not that she was all too certain if that was actually true, or if it was just some silly excuse so he could smoke without her complaining about it. And so, she did the same, and he didn't have the authority to complain either, seeing that he did the exact same thing.

Around the same time as Touko found out about her own perception, the trio started to get more and more split up. Till now, they had managed to advance in about the same speed, meaning that the three of them remained in about the same rank, swinging with maybe one or two ranks. However, their strength started to swing more and more. Lugh started advancing a lot faster than the two of them, while Touko tried her best to not hurry too much either, though the distance between her and Souren became rather big quickly. If it hadn't been for the fact that she became sick for a three month period, he'd still be behind her.

When she was back on her feet, Lugh were already number seven, and Souren was number 3. How he had passed Lugh were to remain a mystery, but he had undoubtedly changed. The few times she had been working with him after she recovered, he was very cold towards her, as well as any other hunter in the group. It was at this time that Touko started to fool around with familiars. It didn't take very long before she found out how to create one; All it required was a vessel, and a personality. Both were surprisingly easy to acquire, though the problem was that without a place to be stored and locked to, so they wouldn't run away. She started researching on it and eventually, by sheer luck, managed to create the bottomless briefcase. She soon afterwards planned to use a dead cat to create a familiar, but it ended up with being an insect that had been on the carcass that was affected, which then created the thousand mouthed serpent.

Shortly after creating it, she got the idea of making a body for herself as well. If it could be done with animals, then why not humans? Unlike the animals however, they would have such a large piece of her mind that they wouldn't need to be tied to one location. It was of course just mere speculations, but if it didn't work, she'd be dead anyways, so there wouldn't be room to cry over it.

And once again, she was successful. The reserve body she had crafted for herself, perfectly like her in every thinkable way, even the organs were so similar to hers it was ridiculous. Every part was crafted out of more durable, sturdier materials than her original body, though she expected that part of it to go aside quickly after she entered the body, if she ever had a reason to.

Soon, the day when the reason Souren Arya had been advancing so quickly, was revealed, and she was almost immediately called in to take care of him. Lugh had been the first choice, but he hadn't been able to come because of trouble in his own zone. The main reason she was called in was because that she most likely knew some weak spot that any other person didn't know, which would be true. She knew, and Lugh did.

She went after him in the first go only using the sword and her Perception, though she failed quite terribly. He was a lot stronger than she had anticipated and she was brutally murdered. However, her own death told her how to kill him, which made it easy to go after him again in the new body, which had worked perfectly, just as she had anticipated. There was no malfunctioning parts, her perception worked just fine, and despite how painful dying had been, she had still been able to return sane.

She went after him again, this time equipped with the thousand-mouthed serpent, and the fight didn't exactly last very long. He had been frightened by her coming back from the dead, and she had used that momentum to unleash the beast in the case, which pulled him back into its own depths and devoured him inside of the case, while she returned peacefully and got her reward for the job. She was instantly pushed up to the position of the fourth person in the ranking ladder, with Lugh currently being number one. She was assigned the Kyoto area which had a pretty decent activity level at the moment. She took the job and moved there, purchasing a large building near the center of the city, which both functioned as the headquarters for the 4th region of Japan, and as her private quarters.

So begins...

Touko Suoh's Story