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Juliette Reynolds

"It's not that I can't hit you. It's just that I won't. Just don't push me."

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a character in “Eternally Bound: God's Fateful Curse”, as played by Blondie104


Juliette Reynolds
The Pacifist


'To be nobody-but-yourself, in a world which is doing its best, night and day to make you everybody else... means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight... and never stop fighting.' --EE Cummings

Name: Juliette Reynolds

Age: 21

Nicknames: Jules, Julie

Occupation: Photojournalist

Relationship Status: Single, just getting out of a break-up

Appearance: Have you ever been able to look sweetness in the eye? Basked in its innocence and its spectacular wonder? Well, if not, then you must have not ever met Juliette. Almond-shaped and warm hazel eyes return your gaze. You are captivated by the honey amber near the center of her orbs before sliding to the green on the outsides, these beautiful palettes known as eyes surrounded by long lashes. Her gentle, heart-shaped face holds a clear, soft fair complexion that appears dewy under certain lights and her high, plush cheeks add a certain classic beauty to her that is hard to find nowadays. A thin nose wrinkles slightly in distaste as you stare a little harder at her, trying to find the faults in her face. Pearly white teeth emerge from the pouty pink lips to bite into the lower, soft flesh. A halo of golden hair frames her face and falls to midback, soft curls adding an even more innocent flare to her looks. A slim body of an average height, ranging maybe at 5'5 or 5'6, holds curves in all the right places.

Clothing Preference: Despite being behind the scenes in her job, Julie has a tasteful fashion sense. She's a girly-girl at heart and will gladly wear a dress or skirt outfit underneath a light jacket or cardigan. She likes light colors and she's not afraid to experiment with different styles. Whatever she wears will always look good on her and play up her best features. Jewelry is never anything too outspoken. She favors studs mostly and small necklaces. She still wears her mother's old gold bracelet; it's the one accessory she can't live without. Her hair is usually let down and allowed to blow in the wind, but on occasion, Julie might add a hairpin or something. There are even rare times that she will style it in a ponytail, a reminder of her cheerleading days.

Most of our life is a series of images that pass us by like towns on the highway. But sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens and we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live on forever. --Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill


  • Taking pictures
  • Meeting new people
  • Caramel (Because chocolate is so cliche)
  • Horseback riding
  • Singing
  • Baking/Cooking
  • Rain
  • Traveling
  • Dancing

  • Cheaters
  • Jerks
  • Being a pacifist
  • Violence
  • Being underestimated or treated like a child
  • Her father
  • Being ignored
  • Hunting

  • Being torn apart (mentally and physically)
  • Coming face-to-face with the child she gave up for adoption
  • Becoming like her mother
  • Dying young

Personality: After admiring Julie's looks, you then engage in conversation with the girl and you become pleasantly surprised. Despite the sweetness in her looks, there is a firecracker ready to explode beneath the facade of innnocence. She doesn't like violence, but you will find yourself fearing that she will resort to it if you piss her off. She has a sharp tongue and those sweet eyes will turn green in a second, and that gentle voice turns into that of a woman ready to kil you. There is so much fire underneath the surface that you are first flabbergasted because you were not prepared for it. And it's not that Julie's a mean person. On the contrary, she's actually pretty nice. She just has a very short temper and, when it comes to adults, a very short patience. She has a flare for the dramatics at times, leading to her stomping away from an argument because she does not wish to harm anyone or screaming at the top of her lungs when she's being ignored.

Julie's nice to an extent. She's highly compassionate and has a genuine heart. She does not like violence because of her childhood and hates when people have to resort to it. She is stubborn in that sense. She knows she needs to be able to protect herself, yet the idea of having to use such techniques against another creature does not appeal to her. And despite the fact that violence has been the answer to certain problems, she still doesn't agree with it. She'd rather talk things out and when it comes to talking, she is not shy. She is passionate about what she talks about and she wants you to see that. Sure, there are times when she is shy, especially when it comes to the opposite sex or being praised for her work. But she's not a person to hide away from the light either. She was a cheerleader at one point.

At the end of the day, Julie also has trust issues. She wants to see the best in people, but she has seen the worst. Her father was the prime example of the worst. She's not used to opening up to people and she's definitely not used to accepting praise. Her father would verbally abuse her if she ever thought of even smiling about someone giving her credit. She guesses it was because he wanted her to be humble. She doesn't want to think that he just didn't want her to feel good about herself. That sense of forgiveness and wanting to see the best in people is what could lead to her downfall, but Julie is not a dumb woman. She's strong and as forgiving as she is, she's also not forgetful.


'Love is not love which alters when in alteration finds.' When life gets hard, when things change, true love remains the same -- William Shakespeare


Julie was born to a middle class family of hunters. She comes from a long line of family that hated the supernatural and thought that it was their mission to exterminate each and every last one of them. Her father was the harshest of them all. Julie doesn't know the full story, but she was told that his first - and only, as her mother put it - love was murdered by a vampire and that exacted his hate. She was taught at a young age that she needed to carry on with the family name and even then, she told her family that she could not do it.

Julie didn't have a horrible childhood. She went to school, got good grades (nothing spectacular), was a cheerleader, was a part of the celibacy club and was a sure-in for the presidential election in her sophomore year in high school. But she made a great mistake when she lost her virginity to her then boyfriend and wound up pregnant. When she told her parents, her father nearly tried to beat her to death and probably would have had her mother not stepped in. Only knowing that she was pregnant for two days, she was sent to get an abortion, but couldn't do it. It led to her first ever full-on argument with her father and the first time she ever hit anyone. She slapped him when he called her a good-for-nothing whore and the second her hand touched his cheek, she feared for her life. But, and Julie would always think this was sick, he loved it. He loved that his daughter had some fire in her and respected that. So, he conceded. She did not have to abort the child, but she had to give it up. That was probably the hardest decision a young Julie would ever have to make. Through the sonograms and the thinking about baby clothes and finding good parents, she bonded with her daughter. It was hard to hand her over after keeping the child for three months and the feeling intensified when her father pointed out that the baby was a Reynolds. And Reynolds would always find each other.

And that is what Julie is afraid of. She doesn't want her baby girl to know that she was as weak as she was. For after giving up her baby, she had to endure another tragedy. Her father had taken up to torturing werewolves and vampires in their basement. Julie disagreed with his methods, but chose to ignore it for fear of another confrontation. Her mother, however, went off. The woman fought with her husband daily and whenever Julie tried to stop them from getting too violent, he'd slap her. One day, Julie came home from cheerleading practice to see her mother bleeding to death on the floor. She ran to help her, but her father warned her to stay away. He told her that he was going to show her what happened to traitors. He then proceeded to murder her mother in front of her and all Julie could do was watch in horror. That guilt has eaten her up ever since. She doesn't trust a lot of people anymore, afraid that one day they'd turn out as ruthless as her father.

As soon as she graduated, Julie moved out. Her father told her she'd come back, that she'd see how horrible the supernatural are. But she doesn't see that happening. She went to school for her first love, photography, and went in to journalism. The father of her child attended school with her, but she simply sought out her closure with him and moved on. She even has a picture of her daughter because the family remained in contact with her under her father's nose. She recieved her first job the minute she graduated with honors and is currently living in a nice condo. Her father calls on occasion, but Julie has never forgotten how horrific he truly is.

Other: Condo
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen and living room
  • Bathroom

So begins...

Juliette Reynolds's Story