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Lera Dothen

"That sounds great!"

0 · 420 views · located in Ter'Ciel

a character in “Eulogy for the Immortal”, as played by Celsium



Name: Lera Dothen

Age: 23

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 120lbs


Appearance: Lera stands slightly taller than most women, with long slender legs. Her dark hair, almost tinted violet in the sunlight, comes down to her shoulders and curls to the nape of her neck. Her bright blue eyes are usually lost in a daydream, and freckles dot her cheeks. Her ears come up into a small point. Often smiling, Lera usually carries a bounce in her step. The clothes she wears are usually relatively gaudy, as she loves trinkets and shiny jewelry. She always has on a long yellow cloak, regardless of the weather, and her boots ride up to her knees. She never carries weapons with her, finding herself improvising with random objects- though her jeweled belts are so heavy she could probably use them as a blunt weapon.

Personality: Lera is generally not a very bright girl. She often plays things by ear, and is generally oblivious to the severity of bad situations. Despite this, she is a great improviser and works well with her hands. Quick to make friends and rarely distrustful, Lera greets everyone with a friendly smile. Her sunny disposition makes her easy to converse with, and she can sometimes be hard to say no to. Though she does not like the prospect of an argument, she finds fights challenging and enjoyable. A very optimistic individual, Lera often finds the winds at her back.
When she has free time, Lera loves all things whimsical and frequently browses local markets for trinkets and colorful merchants.

  • The mountains
  • Friends
  • Conversations
  • Jewlery

  • Dogs
  • Arguments
  • Bad weather

  • Persuasive optimism
  • Great improviser

  • Oblivious
  • Very afraid of dogs
  • Not a great swimmer (due to weight of clothing and accessories)

Abilities: While not proficient in fighting with normal weapons, Lera has acquired the ability to use her surroundings to aid her. She has previously been seen fighting with such items as a large tree branch, a broken crutch, and a tambourine. While not always effective, much can be said for the effort.


When the land of Ter'Ciel was placed onto the vast seas, they needed a sky to hang above. Nost, the goddess of the sky and winds, created the expansive canvas above the people to host the sun, the stars, the clouds, and the moon. The gusts that helped sailors in their travels, yet had the power to wear away mountains to sand, blew across the world. Nost happily watched as the people used her wind to create mills, and watched her sky to chart the stars.
The parasitic aliens attacked their beloved land, and the Gods did everything they could to hold them back. Nost fought them with raging tornados, but they came back in higher numbers. She worked with the god of the ocean and they made devastating hurricanes, but still the aliens came back, more and more each time. Soon they all found themselves backed into a corner with no other options- and it was then they realized what must be done. Nost, along with the others, sacrificed her life for the sake of Ter'Ciel.

Lera grew up a bastard daughter to a single mother in a small household right on the edge of Lockewynn. Though her mother wanted her to focus more on their farm, and getting by, Lera was more interested in worldly goods. At a young age she grew to love passing entertainment troupes, with their flame throwers and acrobatics. If it wasn't for her mother, she surely would have left to join them. Years passed and she continued to grow a great collection of increasingly gaudy jewelry and clothes- she wanted to be as flashy and light-footed as the people she watched in shows.
Lera's mother watched in awe as her daughter seemed to effortlessly move, quickly imitating the acrobatics she saw, then doing more daring things (much to her dismay) such as walking on hand-made ropes across rooftops. She always seemed to have the wind helping her along. Lera also swore she could create small gusts herself, but conveniently no one was ever around to witness these claims.
One day, while spending her meager earnings on more goods, she came across a small bronze coin. Considering it too dull and dirty, she ignored it, and let someone else purchase it. Still though, the thought of it would not leave her mind.
Once her mother determined her to be ready for travel, Lera left in search of her favorite traveling troupe, who she was sure must be at this town she heard of from the bronze-coin merchant-- Kirlsa. Unfortunately for Lera, her directional skills left much to be desired, and she found herself delayed many times on her trip to the town. Still, she continued to travel, bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

So begins...

Lera Dothen's Story


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#, as written by Celsium
Lera glanced down at her worn map for the hundredth time. Where is this stupid town, I should be there already.... She continued to stroll through the woods, whistling a tune to herself, her heavy jewelry clanking together with each step.

The overgrown path led Lera to a posted intersection of the road, with 3 signs on it. She squinted to read the old words aiming in the direction of her travels.

"Uh..." She pulled out the map again. "What?" Looking between the post and the map, she let out a loud groan. Kirlsa. To the south....

"I went the wrong way....." Lera scrunched her nose in a pout and stuffed the map back into her pocket. The sun was setting so it wouldn't do to go all the way back now. I might as well just go there for the night. Maybe they'll have something interesting to do in town. Her boots loudly clunked along as she continued her journey.


Still on a winter's night they say,

when the wind is in the trees

when the moon is a ghostly galleon

tossed upon the cloudy seas--

Lera's loud voice echoed through the quiet woods. Barely seeing the path in front of her, she still marched on ahead without hesitation. Her boisterous entrance probably spooked any dangerous animals, so she had nothing to worry about.

The road was a ribbon of moonlight

and over the purple moor...

Lera paused as she felt a strange energy building around her, wrapping itself between the thick foliage and winding about her body. Her arms started to quiver.

"Huh..?" She lifted her hands to inspect them, when suddenly a powerful gust of wind forced itself from her hands.

"Ahhh~! What the fu-" Facing her hands away from herself, the forceful gale whipped around the forest, nearly tearing the leaves off of the trees. The deafening roar of wind tore through the silence so suddenly, as if a tornado made contact where she stood. Her metal bangles clashed together violently like bad wind chimes.

"Stop stop stop st--" The gust ceased seemingly as quickly as it began, leaving Lera frazzled. Her hair flew in disarray and parts of the woods around her now lay bare, the smaller shrubs being torn up and blown away. "Oh, Gods...." She lifted a shaky hand to her mouth. "...That was SO COOL!" She laughed to herself loudly, stomping her feet in excitement. Waving her arms around, she grinned. "Do it again! Ah!"

Her gleeful moment was cut short as a loud boom and flash of light in the distance caught her attention. Was that a firework?! Kirlsa must be close by! And so cool! She picked up the pace, leaving the crime scene behind her.


Lera pushed herself through the dense shrubbery and out into the moonlight. Kirlsa lay before her, with the sea just behind it. She couldn't quite hear what they were so excited about, but hearing the townspeople yelling and running about surely meant there was something fun going on in the town!

While casually making her way into the town, Lera made note of some interesting looking people running towards the docks. Ooooh, does Kirlsa have a troupe here too?! Before she could make her way to follow them and ask, her gaze was caught on a red-haired man on the ground. Hmmm.. She noted the destroyed windmill. Uh oh......maybe something happened with the performance... With all the best intentions in mind, Lera ran over to the man.

"I'm so sorry I missed the show! Are you guys okay?"


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Maren LeChance

"Mister LeChance."

The regal voice echoed throughout the banquet hall, practically dripping with authority.

"As Emperor of all Ter'Ciel I humbly thank you on behalf of all mankind."

Maren bowed his head and dropped to one knee.

"Thank you, Emperor. It is an honor -"

"Nay. Rise, young hero." The Emperor cut him off. "If not for your valiant efforts, that dragon would surely have razed these great lands into little more than a scorched desert by now. It is thanks to your quick thinking and strength that there wasn't a single life lost."

"Well, except for that dragon, hehe!" Maren scoffed, confidently flexing his bicep.

The Emperor spoke again, "As remuneration for your deeds, I shall hold a feast in your honor! -"

Maren could feel his mouth begin to water.

"- as well as any of my ten daughters' hand in marriage!"

With that, ten of the most gorgeous women Maren had ever seen sauntered into the banquet hall; blondes, brunettes, redheads, well-endowed, modest, statuesque, petite. Each one of them a perfect specimen of femininity, and each one was looking his way.

"Go ahead, Maren!" The Emperor's voice boomed. "Choose your bride to be!"

The young man felt his face grow hot and sweat began to form on his forehead.

Just one!? How on earth could he pick a single girl among this...menagerie of blossoms?

"Uh...uhmm..." Maren swallowed hard, "I...uh...I...duhhhh...I-I choose...I choose..."

"I'm so sorry I missed the show! Are you okay?"

Suddenly, there was light and his eyes were straining. He blinked once...twice...and saw a pair of boots in his direct line of sight.


Someone was wearing the boots. Groggily, his gaze followed a pair of legs upward until...

"Nice..." Maren whispered, still half asleep. A dopey smile crept across his blank face.

Suddenly, he remembered everything. The windmill. The hooded figures. The witch. He saw her in his arms...they were escaping...but what happened then? The forest? Had he fallen asleep?

The young man's eyes flew open, and he sat upright in an instant. It was then that he saw her. Well...more of her.

She was tall and thin, dark hair framing freckled cheeks. She was looking down at him with an amused look on her face.

Maren frantically wiped the drool from his chin, trying his best not to blush.

"H-hi. I'm Maren. Uhm...what are you doing here? Wait, what am I doing here? Where is this, exactly? Is Kirlsa near here?"

He looked around...

"Hey...where's that witch lady!?"

The woman he'd rescued from the windmill was nowhere to be seen.

"What the hell...? She was just with me, I swear!"

A moment of silence passed while Maren attempted to piece together all that had occurred the night before as well as the potential whereabouts of a certain busty, raven-haired witch. He felt someone's gaze on him and realized that new girl was still staring at him, wearing that same pleasant expression as if it were painted on her face.

Realizing how strange he must seem to her, he made an attempt at humor...

"Usually it's me who's gone in the morning! Hehe...heh...heh..." he cleared his throat awkwardly. Turning toward her, he spoke again.

"My name is Maren. Wait...I said that already, didn't I? Uhm...what are you doing here? You, don't look like a local."

He'd hoped the sudden appearance of this mysterious girl was a sign of his luck beginning to pick up. But like any seasoned gambler will tell you, Lady Luck is fickle and has an odd sense of humor...


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#, as written by Celsium
Lera Dothen

Lera listened intently to the red-haired man as he rambled about a mysterious witch. Poor thing, he must've hit his head when the performance went awry. She offered him a hand "I'm Lera Dothen!" She grinned at him, her smiling face a stark contrast against the atmosphere of the town around them. "I heard fireworks I think, and so I came here. But I guess I missed the show. It looks like your team did a number on that windmill, huh? Hehe."

The oblivious smile never left her face as she watched the frantic townspeople run by. Now that the initial shock of the impact had left them, it seemed they were growing angry, and wanted answers.

"Hummm." Tapping her chin with her index finger, she looked back towards the woods, then towards Maren again, leaning close to his face. "You must be in a pickle, huh?" She whispered. "It's okay, I've caused a bit of trouble before after some of my stunts too. If you'd like there's a trail in the woods that leads back North. We could get out before you have to pay for the damages...?"

The man looked as if his brain still hadn't caught up to current events. Lera eyed him up for a moment. His shaggy but vibrant red hair fell in disarray around his face. I wish I had red hair, lucky! He stood a few inches above her- even with her boots on- and she noted his lean, yet muscular figure. He's too cute to be dangerous! She decided, grabbing his hand.

"What do you say, uh..." What was his name again? "...Marlo?"


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Maren LeChance

"Huh...? No, my name is Mar - woah!!"

Maren felt the girl take his hand, her skin soft and her grip...terrifyingly strong. He winced slightly as she dragged him to his feet.

"...Maren." He finished, dusting himself off. "Maren LeChance. And you are?"

She was cute. Freckle-faced and beaming happily. But despite that, Maren couldn't deny there was something foreboding about her. The way she smiled was mischievous and almost...sadistic. It reminded him of a girl he'd grown up with back in Serf...

Gretta. Gretta Hoogenak. Just remembering her name sent a chill up Maren's spine. She was a year older than him and about three times as large. She'd lived on the farm next door and her favorite hobby (besides chewing on screws and lifting 100lb bales of hay) was tormenting him to the point of tears. It was Gretta who had taught him that a knuckle sandwich wasn't very tasty.

But this girl was small and friendly and cute. She couldn't possibly be like Gretta...or could she...? Maren couldn't help but feel like he knew her from somewhere else.

"Hey, you ever happen to visit Davonshire before? You look familiar somehow."

It was then that the sounds of clamoring townsfolk caught Maren's ears.

"Oh, man. These people can't be happy about their windmill. I think you're right, we should get outta here. I'll explain what happened on the way. Uhm...where'd you say that trail was?"

At the mention of the trail, the girl beamed again, her eyes shining with excitement. Nah...there was no way this girl was trouble. If there was one thing Maren was an expert on, it was women, and this one totally fit the girl next door type; innocent, homely, and eager to be swept off her feet. All he had to do was play the hero, make her feel safe, and she'd be putty in his hands.

"Welp...let's be off." Maren stretched, being sure to flex his muscles while doing so, his voice dropping half an octave. "Just be sure to stay close to me. This area can be kinda dangerous."


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#, as written by Celsium
Lera Dothen

Ooh, he's lean, Lera raised her brows and watched the disheveled boy stroll toward the forest trail. She picked up the pace to walk next to him, never taking her smiling eyes off of him. He almost seemed a little nervous under her unending, intense stare. It wasn't long before the dense wood muffled the sounds of Kirsla. It was quiet now, and Lera hated quiet.

Maren had opened his mouth to say something, but it was quickly cut off by Lera's boisterous and off-tune voice. Even the evening birds dared not to try and interrupt her deafening serenade- they knew she would just get louder.

And with no trace of hesitation,
she keeps going head over heels!
Paving the way!
Pushing through unknown jungles every day!
She's a girl with a taste for the world--

Lera halted for a moment, her eyes suddenly becoming wild and frantic. "Wait a minute." She scurried off into the thick brush off the trail, leaving Maren alone. Returning with two large sticks, she handed them off to the boy. "Here, you can hit these together! It'll sound better that way." And without taking no for an answer, she began to march forward again, her voice cutting through the night.

Approximately one long hour later, Lera decided it was time for a quick rest. Plopping herself down onto a mossy rock, she smiled at her new travel companion again. "You're quite the percussionist. Are you in a troupe? Is that what happened at the windmill?"

She leaned forward, barely giving him time to process her barrage of questions. "Are you from around here? Do you have siblings, how did you get here?" Her voice increased in intensity with each sentence, she seemingly never ran out of breath. "DID YOU KNOW I CAN MAKE A LITTLE TORNADO?!"