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Euritea: The Sister Islands

Euritea: The Sister Islands


An industrial fiction roleplay set on a trio of European-esque islands. You've been brought to a particular lord's dwelling, and he's about to tell you something very interesting. [The current thumbnail is a placeholder until I get something more fitting]

895 readers have visited Euritea: The Sister Islands since Foreshadow created it.


«Setting Background»

Once isolated and vastly different, the nations of the Sister Islands have flourished under an alliance that has stretched the normal boundaries cultural and technological sharing. The ideals and ethics of each island's people have merged and transformed through immigration and collaboration, and some religions have even met extinction. Equipment and tools that would never have been dreamed of on one island has spread there from the others as each nation shares their research, technology, and knowledge. Many believe that there is no longer a distinction between the nation, but fewer still insist on restoring things to the way they were.

The eastern island of Draslan has permitted the other nations to use their mighty ships, further increasing trade with their sturdy barge designs. Kraggenheim, the empire of the west, has introduced it's iron wagons and railways to foreign soil, allowing for the mass transport of citizens from city to city. Even the balloons and airships of Fraetes have flown through the air above the rest of the islands on either side.

The Fraetians' idea of karma invaded Kraggenheim's concepts of gods and incited anarchy in Draslan's caste system, until it was destroyed and a new government formed. Common deities from any number of religions on the islands began merging and transforming until there were only a few remaining, even just a single figure in some religions. Draslan's bartering system overthrew Kraggenheim's coin and jewel based economy, and became an option in Fraetes' largely gold-based economy.

There has yet to be a war between the Sister Islands, and the only battles that exist are the occasional skirmishes between paramilitary factions, rebels, and other undesirables. The current calm is almost godsend, but the same could be said about such a successful alliance. The Sister Islands have yet to experience any war except those amongst their own people years prior to the alliance. The majority of the population think no such war could occur, not after one hundred years of peace. We'll see.

«Story Introduction»
((OOC: Just so you don't miss it skimming everything else, you're currently in Fraetes, no matter where you grew up. The messenger will not arrive if you're not in Fraetes. You can either be born there or have immigrated there at some point, I don't care. You're in Fraetes.))

A messenger has approached you, wherever in Fraetes you may be. A lord has requested your presence, as the messenger hints that there is a job offering. The messenger hands you a small sack of coins and demands you to be on the next train, carriage, or balloon to Midi. Perhaps you noticed the slight warning in the messenger's eye that you'd be hunted if you ran off with the coins, but even if you didn't, you did as he said.

Upon your arrival in Midi, a pair of guards escorted you from your transport to the lord's dwelling, a modest mansion for what he could really afford. The guards open the gates and motion for you to enter. As you step within the perimeter wall, the gate closes behind you and you have no choice but to carry on.

«General Notes»
The technology of the Sister Islands is around the time of the Industrial Revolution in our world. This means there are all sorts of basic machines, as well as some mildly advanced ones.

Rifles are bolt-action, some powered by steam, others electricity, and others by typical gunpowder. Pistols are semi-automatic, and accept magazines as well as single bullets. Keep in mind that rifles and pistols are ever-changing in the current era, and rifles may at some point in the roleplay be able to accept cartridges as ammunition. These guns are widespread enough that your character may have a pistol, rifle, or both and use it, though they will likely not be the best quality. Crossbows are used slightly more often than guns, due to their easier usage and common ammunition.

Basic mechanical prosthetic limbs have been manufactured, but are not very widespread. The user feels no sensation, and the prosthetic limbs are little more than glorified peglegs at this point, but hand prosthetics in development will be capable of bending fingers and turning the wrist without any remote or tools.

Automobiles are being tested and some are also in use by lords and nobles in larger cities, but they are rarer than an airship. Speaking of airships, they are generally similar to zeppelins, but with two gasbags instead of one, and a larger chassis. The gasbags are on either side of the ship but close to the top. Some models are equipped with weapons, but those are mostly just the Fraetian military. Other airships may simply be literal ships with multiple balloons attached in the fashion of a hot air balloon, or a single gasbag slightly smaller than one gasbag on a Fraetian airship.

Fraetes is ruled by an oligarchy of lords. Draslan has a warlord who must prove himself in both a tournament and in ruling a city. Kraggenheim has a king who is in complete control of the land as a whole, but elects lords to watch over individual cities.

I'll add on to this section as needed, some important things that I might have missed may come to me.

«Character Sheet»
Name: Name
Sex: Male, female, hermaphodite, genderless. Yes is not an option.
Age: Their age in Earth years.
Origin: Were they born and raised in Kraggenheim, but moved to Fraetes at some point?
Physical Appearance: Physical appearance. Blonde hair, green eyes, large bust?
Eccentricities: Things that are unique to the character, such as a scar over their left eyebrow or a branding on their right cheek.
Strengths: Things that they are particularly good at, or beneficial traits
Weaknesses: Things that they are particularly bad at, or handicapping traits
Personality: How they think, their philosophy, whatever we may need to know about their personality
Background: A short biography of important bits in their life.

Copypasta version, no field descriptions
Code: Select all
[b]Physical Appearance:[/b]

EDIT: I have just realized that RolePlayGateway already has a character sheet made out. You may use that instead, if you wish.

«Map of the Euritean Sister Islands»

Toggle Rules

«Guidelines and Stipulations»
Because “Rules” sounds snotty. And I don't want to sound snotty right off the bat, I can do that later in this section.

~There is no set limit on the number of characters per user, but I prefer that each person has two or less, with most of them having only a single player. This prevents crowding the roleplay and neglecting individual characters.

~Your character has weaknesses. These weaknesses should impede the character in some way, whether physically, mentally, socially, or otherwise. For example, dyslexia could be one of your characters weaknesses because it prevents your character from carrying out certain actions effectively if at all.

~Your character also has strength, however, these strengths shouldn't be something vague like “good at combat”. “What aspects of combat,” I will ask, and when you don't specify that he is an exceptional shot with a rifle but is mediocre if not terrible at other forms of combat, I will throw you out.

~Your character may suffer mortal wounds and die. These can be planned either by the user and another user, or by the user, and/or by the GM. These deaths will not be meaningless unless you plot them as such. I may not have characters die at all, but this is a notification; I might kill your character.

~You must post at least once a day, though I'd prefer two or more posts a day. If you're going to have an extended absence, inform me a few days before. If you end up having to go somewhere due to an emergency, inform me the next time you get a chance, so that I can keep you in the roleplay.

~No ABAB posting if you can avoid it. ABAB posting is the same two people going back and forth when posting.

~OOC goes in OOC tags; ((OOC)), [[OOC]]

Gah! He has rules for In-Character actions, too!

~No godmoding. I define godmoding as controlling the actions/reactions of other player characters, NPCs that you didn't create, and automatically succeeding in PC v PC combat. All your actions towards another PC in combat should be attempts, not hits. The opposition will decide if it hits or not, within reason.

~No powermoding. I define powermoding as invincibility, god-like agility (ie, never taking hits, especially in PC v PC combat), and being Superman/Super Saiyan in general. Be reasonable with your character's abilities and I won't need to define this further.

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"The boy seems skilled with a rapier. Perhaps better than you and your sabre," Samuel said. Johnathan stood next to him as they watched out of one of the second-level windows. He made no gestures nor did his blank expression change in any way. His neutral temperament held strong.

"Your attempts at provoking me are futile."

"Did you observe those who went to the range?"

"Indeed. Jack the Giant has quite a large handgun. It'll be useful, as well as his size in general. The firehead... Pardon me, Claire was still preparing to fire when I left the balcony, however."

Samuel nodded, watching Marshall re-enter the grounds. The lord's gaze flicked back and forth between Marshall, the automobile, and the body that was left unceremoniously nearby. While he admired Marshall's skill, he also despised his attitude. The prodigy would be the most difficult member for Johnathan to work with, if he was given even slightly too much freewill. Perhaps... Yes, that would do.

Johnathan remained in silence for the duration of his lord's thoughts, only moving to scratch an itch on his wrist. He observed that servants were already stepping off the grounds to dispose of the corpse, moving decisively as if they were one body. Of course, that was not far from the truth. Those who worked directly with Samuel became part of him, in some way or another. It was as if every being within the grounds were part of a single organism with Samuel at the source. If the Lord of Midi were the brain of this beast, then his study was the cranium, the many rooms were his organs, and the servants were his nerves.

There was the only one difference between Samuel's estate and a real organism; The organism would feel pain with the loss of each nerve.

"John, I suggest you begin packing your personal necessities. We only have so much time before we -- your party, that is -- must depart."

"Of course." He would be done in a matter of minutes; All he needed to pack was a spare change of clothes, some mint leaves, and some papers.

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Character Portrait: Adarius Vilis
Character Portrait: Johnathan Marmonte
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Character Portrait: Jeremiah Swift
Jeremiah Swift

Itinerant cartographer and adventurer

Character Portrait: Jack O' Nine
Jack O' Nine

"All the guns in the world, and I can't grab any of them."

Character Portrait: Claire Magdalena
Claire Magdalena

"Oh, I would shoot you if it weren't such an uncivilized response."

Character Portrait: Johnathan Marmonte
Johnathan Marmonte

Long time assistant of the Lord of Midi.

Character Portrait: Adarius Vilis
Adarius Vilis

...No that's okay- I don't drink...


Character Portrait: Jeremiah Swift
Jeremiah Swift

Itinerant cartographer and adventurer

Character Portrait: Adarius Vilis
Adarius Vilis

...No that's okay- I don't drink...

Character Portrait: Johnathan Marmonte
Johnathan Marmonte

Long time assistant of the Lord of Midi.

Character Portrait: Claire Magdalena
Claire Magdalena

"Oh, I would shoot you if it weren't such an uncivilized response."

Character Portrait: Jack O' Nine
Jack O' Nine

"All the guns in the world, and I can't grab any of them."

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Character Portrait: Adarius Vilis
Adarius Vilis

...No that's okay- I don't drink...

Character Portrait: Jeremiah Swift
Jeremiah Swift

Itinerant cartographer and adventurer

Character Portrait: Johnathan Marmonte
Johnathan Marmonte

Long time assistant of the Lord of Midi.

Character Portrait: Claire Magdalena
Claire Magdalena

"Oh, I would shoot you if it weren't such an uncivilized response."

Character Portrait: Jack O' Nine
Jack O' Nine

"All the guns in the world, and I can't grab any of them."

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