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Jack O' Nine

"All the guns in the world, and I can't grab any of them."

0 · 935 views · located in The Euritean Sister Islands

a character in “Euritea: The Sister Islands”, as played by Jack Benimble


Name: Jack o' Nine
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Origin: Kraggenheim
Physical Appearance: To be succinct and sum Jack up in a sentence; He is a bear, but hairier. He's tall, with sandy blond hair in his beard and a short, buzzed head of the same he. His skin is fairly dark, an almost black tan on most of his skin and a pale, peach color on the parts that remain covered. He's a very large man, about two normal men around and one man and a half in height. His entire body is scaled to his size and he has a bit of difficulty using the majority of delicate instrument made for normal men, as such he has a custom revolver made specially for him but we'll get to it in a minute. Being a very no-nonsense, practical, sort of person his clothes tend to stick to the no-nonsense and practical sort. He wears a large coat, made of tanned goat leather and stained brown with gold accents. His jacket has two holsters on each side, for a total of four holsters in all, which are usually stocked with a single steam grenade apiece. He has a larger holster on his belt for his revolver and a knife hooked to the belt as well.

All of this weaponry is completely and totally necessary.

Eccentricities: Jack did not enjoy the company of those outside of his gang even before he was removed from it, and he still does not enjoy the company of people. This dislike is exacerbated when it comes to his revolver, his only permanent possession other than his jacket.
Strengths: His first strength is his literal strength, the ability to heave heavy objects out of the way and punch people into walls without effort. The second is his willingness to use that strength, and the few qualms he has against violence.
Weaknesses: Jack is not very sociable. Not only because he does not know how to handle the finer nuances of human psychology, but also because he just doesn't care about being sociable. He never gave it enough time or thought to actually develop social skills beyond the basics.

Personality: Jack does not like to talk much, being much more of an action man than a words man. When he does talk though, it's usually gruff and uncouth, spattered with curses and a bit offensive, much like Jack himself. He's reserved, hiding much of himself behind his clothes and gun, he has, as I've said before, no qualms against killing and takes a rather lax view on the concept of other people owning things. There's one thing though, that keeps him away from a life of unrepentant savagery and that has molded him into a suitable anti-hero. His principles, they have mostly to do with combat but they also broach upon the division of spoils, and the treatment of those lower and higher than him in the pack. They keep him from getting closer to the edge of civility and he keeps their unique brand of honor alive. All of these principles are inscribed into a vellum book passed down from his mentor to him.

Background: To revisit my love of short, pithy, colorful ways to describe things I offer you this: Cowboy Pirate. Jack was a member of a group of Marauders, chasing down trains on mechanical horses or free riding automobiles, sometimes infiltrating the inside of the train and holding it hostage, forcing the conductor to stop it at a pre-destined point for the rest of the group to get on. Sometimes they'd take one or two of the passengers, children usually, to restock their reserves of men when they did it this way. It was how Jack had fallen into this profession, grabbed by the scruff of his color when he was thirteen and dragged off of the train car. They saddled him up with some stolen rings, his mother's necklace, his father's three watches, he fought for those things. He let them take it all but the necklace and the watches. They took them anyway, they just beat him into the dirt first.

The kidnapper and eventual father figure of Jack was a man named Benjamin Hornigold. He taught Jack how to aim a gun, how to slash and stab, how to gauge the radius of a grenade's explosion, and he taught Jack what a Cat o' Nine tails felt like when he disobeyed. In fact, after one severely brutal beating the cat had been covered so completely in Jack's blood and partially flayed skin that a member of the gang said that it was more Jack than cat by now. The name stuck, and he became known to most of the crew as Jack o' Nine. Still, Benjamin called him by his original name until the day he called a mutiny against Benjamin, and ran a Machete into his gut and three rounds into his forehead. Then he was the big man in the gang, being that his mentor was dead by his hand. It was the first kill he ever made. He'd been on raids with the gang before, but actually had never killed anyone, being more apt to threaten people with his tremendous size than actually hurt them.

He then turned his interests to being a true Marauder, pillaging, killing, he even stole his own train and called it the Everlasting.It was using its mechanics that Jack's engineer created the dual steam/pin bullet propulsion system of his gun. Eventually, after a brief reign as the king of his particular castle in Kraggenheim, he was attacked by some of his associates and nearly brought down. He fled, tasting the bitter irony of being a deposed leader of a coup all the way to Fraetes.

So begins...

Jack O' Nine's Story