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Johnathan Marmonte

Long time assistant of the Lord of Midi.

0 · 108 views · located in The Euritean Sister Islands

a character in “Euritea: The Sister Islands”, as played by Foreshadow


Name: Johnathan Marmonte

Sex: Male

Age: 29

Origin: Draslan

Physical Appearance: Johnathan is a man of tall stature and lean build, standing at just over 6'3". His black hair is combed neatly back and cut short around the ears. His eyes are a cold gray and generally expressionless, though they can occasionally light up with amusement. He is often wearing a black suit with notched lapels and a black bow tie. This is always accompanied by dark grey dress pants and white dress gloves, as well as the occasional black top hat.

Eccentricities: Johnathan has burn scars on the right side of his neck and jawline, which appears to stretch down the entirety of the right side of his body, except his arms, though his suit often obscures anything below his neckline. Johnathan also addresses people of every class with respect, adding "please", "thank you", "sir", and "madam" even when he need not.

Strengths: Johnathan is quick on his feet and deadly with a saber, as many aristocrats are, despite his lower status. He also has above average aim with a revolver and hunting rifle, though he has a difficult time with any weapon that is not his own or a perfect copy. He is generally decisive and very observant, which often makes him the first with a plot.

Weaknesses: Johnathan is terrible ineffective with any weapon that is not his own, and is a slow learner when it comes to new machinery. He also cannot bear to be hatless when outdoors.

Personality: Johnathan is kind and addresses everyone with respect, except those who have proven themselves to be undeserving, whether through ignorance or insult. However, he is cold when kindness is not required, a trait he has picked up from serving under Lord Samuel.

Background: Johnathan grew up on the rivers of Draslan as a boy named Antony Stukovich. His parents were traders who traveled up and down the Steyra River buying and selling goods. They taught him basic mathematics, reading, and writing so that he could one day become a trader as well. They taught him to only to trade for things he needed and things he knew he could trade going the direction he was going. If he knew that people upstream of him did not need nor want the goods being offered to him while travelling upstream, he would not take them. Despite knowing so much about trade, he wished to explore professions outside the riverboat, and moved to Grastad against his parent's wishes, which was the capital at the time. Johnathan, or Antony, began in Grastad with nothing but used his knowledge of bartering to get by.

Antony managed to find a place to live after being on the streets for three years. Now eighteen, he began to explore taverns and pubs to see if they were to his liking or if there was interest in his goods, though he often found himself thrown out for "peddling [his] bloody street wares and disturbing customers". Eventually he ceased bartering as a means to get by, and took up work as a librarian's assistant, and then a courier, and he even found himself cleaning the study of a noble.

By some twist of fate, or a twist of some purple fruit into his drink, he ended up marrying a girl named Alisa Aleksandrov. Antony and Alisa remained together for three years before a brief civil war in Draslan. Alisa and her child, Luci, were both killed as the Trade District of Grastad was burned to the ground while Antony was fighting against the crowds to get there. Most of the nobles and lords made it to Fort Rubicov and the capital was refounded there, leaving Grastad to rebuild itself. Both Fort Rubicov and Grastad floated on their respective lakes, so the change for most of the lords was simply street addresses, but Antony and other commonfolk were forced to relocate to cities near Grastad.

Antony changed his name and moved to Fraetes, as the rebuilt Grastad was a symbol of fear to the cities he wandered to and from. At the age of twenty four, he was one of the least worthy candidates for Lord Samuel's assistant, but he was taken in and educated to be like a noble. He learned to speak with the tongue of a noble as well as fight as one, and even was taught to use a revolver that Lord Samuel ordered to be specially crafted for him. Now twenty nine, Johnathan Marmonte is Lord Samuel's faithful right hand man, as well as the head of the party Samuel has organized.

So begins...

Johnathan Marmonte's Story