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Marshall D.

"What do you mean I can't just write 'D' in my papers?! It's my freaking name!"

0 · 42 views · located in The Euritean Sister Islands

a character in “Euritea: The Sister Islands”, originally authored by NarrowEye, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Marshall D.

Sex: Male.

Age: 18.

Origin: Kraggenheim, but due to a very unsteady childhood, he's been travelling wide and broad.

Physical Appearance:

A nice height, although it's not outstanding. He got sandy blond hair, and sharp dark blue eyes. His chin is strong set in his face, giving him a look of stubborness about him. He wears simpl clothes, dark canvas pants, sturdy leather boots, he got a standard white shirt, a sweater that's a little too small for him, and over all of that, he got a tight-fitted trenchcoat.
If or when he got to read something, he got a small pair of glasses in his inner pocket. It's a slight handicap of his, mostly psychological.

Eccentricities: On his right hand, Marshall got a large red burn-mark. He once put his hand in over a steam engine, the blast of hot steam burnt off his skin and he was in the hospital for a good month after that.

Strengths: He's apt at using machines, and is clearly autodidakt when it comes to using transport devices. For example, it only took him a slight 4 days to learn how to operate a train. That lead to hs father sending him off, to learn how to operate machines from erath to water and sky. It only took him 4 years from his 12 years birthday, and he'd allready established a reputation as one of the most capable pilots, captains and drivers in Euritea.
He's a fine swordsman.

Weaknesses: From childhood, Marshall has had an idea, that he wasn't able to read without glasses. Doctors who specialized in eyes and people who wear glasses, deemed that his eyes were fine, and that he was easily able to see things, he just had a psychological problem. Marshalls father, a rich capitalist who made his fortune on railroads, thought that his child could use the glasses if it was so important to him.
In reality, Marshall can't read very well, if at all. Marshall is Dyslexic, rending him nearly unable to read, unless of course he got the old battered and dirty glasses on. Even then of course, it takes him some time to get things read.
His gunskills are somewhat non-existing. He uses his revolver as if to slow the enemy, he got no control over the recoil and mostly fire as a warning, or as to use the spreadfire as crowdcontrol.

Personality: Marshall is your average eighteen year old, although he isn't out serving in the factories. He lives off testing new cars, planes and ships, on a freelance basis. He's a happy person, and enjoys drinking. Not heavily, but a good bout of liqour once in a while hasn't killed anybody, right? He's shy around girls, feeling a little akward as he haven't really had time for girls in his time as a mechanic and pilot student. He enjoys piloting vehicles, and never says no to a race against others.

Background: Marshall comes from the rich capitalist family, Drellion. The Drellion family is a strong player on the market for rails, and thus there was an easy entrance into the railroad business for the young marshall. He was, as a 10 years old sent out, to learn how to operate, and how the lower class workers handled the machines he'd be manufacturing with his 2 brothers when the dad left them behind with the railroad empire he'd created.
Marshall showed great interest... in the machines. He was quickly developing quite and understanding for steam engines, and was soon able to build hiw own toy steamboat. The father of course saw the possible potential, and made sure that the young Marshall was sent off, to learn about all the different machines of the sister islands. Of course, that'd be after a short trip to the "Academy of young gentlemen". A school where young men could come and have a quick introduction to the skills and duties of gentlemen. At the one and a half year long course he took, he learned to duel with a rapier, and how to operate a flint-lock rifle for hunting and so on and so on. He even learned a little about coutsying women, although he's way too shy to utilize what he learnt. It was a boyschool, so he didn't have anyone to test it on, mind you.
But after the course at the academy, he took a trip to the other countries, to learn how to operate the various vehicles they manufactured, both military and commercial. He recieved many medals for setting records and creating quite a deal of prestige about the machine projects of many different engine companies. And meanwhile, he was a walking advertisement for the ability of the Drellion family.
But as time went by, and his own records were wiped out by stronger engines and other pilots, he began to loose contact with his father and brothers. Not that it made any difference to him, he was happy travelling around, testing new vehicles, and up untill recently he's been doing fine. He got a pretty sum of money to finance his many travels, and his very own steampowered car.
The very same car he's brought to the mansion of the local lord, who's been asking of his presence.

Other: He got a rapier and a revolver as his weapons. The revolver is handcrafted by Barklinn and Co. a company who specialize in making revolvers and breechloading rifles. But all has to be handmade, due to the small parts are too hard to mass manufacture.
The rapier is from the gentleman academy, as his gift of departure. It's light and efficient.

So begins...

Marshall D.'s Story