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The Euritean Sister Islands is a part of Euritea: The Sister Islands.

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Jack O' Nine [0] "All the guns in the world, and I can't grab any of them."
Jeremiah Swift [0] Itinerant cartographer and adventurer
Claire Magdalena [0] "Oh, I would shoot you if it weren't such an uncivilized response."
Johnathan Marmonte [0] Long time assistant of the Lord of Midi.
Adarius Vilis [0] ...No that's okay- I don't drink...
Marshall D. [0] "What do you mean I can't just write 'D' in my papers?! It's my freaking name!"

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"The boy seems skilled with a rapier. Perhaps better than you and your sabre," Samuel said. Johnathan stood next to him as they watched out of one of the second-level windows. He made no gestures nor did his blank expression change in any way. His neutral temperament held strong.

"Your attempts at provoking me are futile."

"Did you observe those who went to the range?"

"Indeed. Jack the Giant has quite a large handgun. It'll be useful, as well as his size in general. The firehead... Pardon me, Claire was still preparing to fire when I left the balcony, however."

Samuel nodded, watching Marshall re-enter the grounds. The lord's gaze flicked back and forth between Marshall, the automobile, and the body that was left unceremoniously nearby. While he admired Marshall's skill, he also despised his attitude. The prodigy would be the most difficult member for Johnathan to work with, if he was given even slightly too much freewill. Perhaps... Yes, that would do.

Johnathan remained in silence for the duration of his lord's thoughts, only moving to scratch an itch on his wrist. He observed that servants were already stepping off the grounds to dispose of the corpse, moving decisively as if they were one body. Of course, that was not far from the truth. Those who worked directly with Samuel became part of him, in some way or another. It was as if every being within the grounds were part of a single organism with Samuel at the source. If the Lord of Midi were the brain of this beast, then his study was the cranium, the many rooms were his organs, and the servants were his nerves.

There was the only one difference between Samuel's estate and a real organism; The organism would feel pain with the loss of each nerve.

"John, I suggest you begin packing your personal necessities. We only have so much time before we -- your party, that is -- must depart."

"Of course." He would be done in a matter of minutes; All he needed to pack was a spare change of clothes, some mint leaves, and some papers.