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[font=garamond]”I love that Clint Eastwood quote. Is it Clint Eastwood? The one where he says: "Make your move, punk.""

-Nickname: His name is pronounced "Yah-el", which sounds similar to the German word "Jawohl" [pro: Yah-wol], which in some translations means "Yes". Because of this, whenever someone calls his name, he responds with "Jaaaaawohl", giving the impression that he replies with his own name. The nickname caught on, and it has become a sort of inside joke with those who know him. Americans might also pronounce his name "Yale", though whether this is prominent to be a nickname or not is to be determined.
-Age: appears 19
-Gender: Male
-Species: Fallen Angel
-Elements: Air and Earth
-Role: The middle brother of the Fallen Angels.
-Motivation: Jaoel can't stand not being able to help people. If he could, he would protect everybody, even at the expense of his own life. He is determined to keep his human girl out of harm's way, while at the same time aiding as many humans as he can.

”Speaking of Clint Eastwood, I love Western movies. They almost always have a happy ending, and who doesn't like a happy ending?"

-Eyes: Stone grey
-Hair: Bluish black
-Height: 5'11
-Weight: 160
-Skin Tone: lightly tanned, but sun-burns easily
-Build: thin, but muscular. He likes to describe it as "Tight"
-Body Markings: A single tattoo on his right shoulder of a cross
-Description: Jaoel is physically fit, a bit on the small side, but more than capable of lifting his own weight and then some. His hair is short, and he keeps it that way, finding long hair on a guy horrendous. He has strangely soft hands and feet, a feature that has been the butt of many jokes and teasing (although he isn't exactly complaining about it, and claims that it is from his many years of petting his numerous pets, namely cats). He has long fingers and toes, as well, the latter of which he uses to pick things off of the floor when he is too lazy to bend. His eyes are large, and although his irises usually look stone-grey, occasionally they will lighten or darken, according to the weather and what he is wearing. He does have a slight six-pack (a feature that he is most proud of) and isn't afraid to show off his body.

”I love cats. Anyone who doesn't like cats has never owned a cat, and needs to get one ASAP."[/color]

-Quirks: Jaoel loves animals, especially cats (rabbits come in a close second, followed by dogs). He has had numerous pets in his life, and cannot stand animal cruelty. His biggest dilemma would be being forced to choose between saving a human or saving an animal, and he will most certainly try to save both. He also loves Westerns, and is willing to set aside his entire schedule for one. He is a vegetarian, and has a strong weakness for chocolate and strawberries.
-Fears: Jaoel cannot swim, and panics when he is in water deeper than his height. He prefers being near hard ground, and will get nervous when completely surrounded by water (as in an ocean or very large lake). He gets seasick easily and doesn't like seafood. He doesn't mind the beach or swimming pools, but you will never find him surfing or jumping off the diving board.[/b]
-Likes: As stated before, Jaoel likes animals and Westerns. He also likes children, and enjoys playing with them. He enjoys dubstep and the color grey. He also likes being active, always wanting to be hands-on in everything.
-Dislikes: Staying still for too long, or being unable to help. He doesn't like bad weather or traffic, especially when he is caught in it while trying to get something done.
-Personality: Jaoel is a fiercely determined humanitarian, always willing to give up whatever he's doing to help. He is impulsive, and will go after immediate, rather than gratified, happiness. "Patience" is not something that comes easily to him, and he would rather just get it over with than bide his time. Although he has a soft spot for animals and people, that doesn't mean he's a complete pushover. On the contrary, he partakes in a lot of teasing, and sometimes callous attitude. He does what he wants, and often times his help comes off as arrogance, and tends to annoy rather than aid (especially with smaller problems). Although he isn't stupid (what angel is?) he isn't the smartest. He's read a few books, but prefers to watch a movie, the latter being less static. He gets frustrated if he is unable to do anything, and as such rarely allows himself to get bored, always finding something to occupy his time (even if it means cleaning or doing the dishes). He has a bit of a dirty mind (he is a guy, after all, and a mortal one now at that) which reflects in his humor. He also talks loudly and doesn't always think before he speaks, which can be problematic. Despite his annoying, sometimes arrogant attitude, he makes an extremely loyal friend who will go to extremes to save people, friend or not.

”Would something just happen already??"

-Clothing: He usually wears what is shown in the pictures: a light, sports jacket, a wife-beater, and jeans.
-Carried Items: He carries a pocket watch on him at all times. With every beat his heart makes, the second hand ticks. So long as he is alive and well, the watch will tick regularly. However, should he be sick or dying, it will slow down, and if he dies, it too will stop.

-Main Weapon
•Name: Baby Ruth
•Type: Image
A metal baseball bat that, when its handle is turned a certain way, can turn into a multitude of weapons. It is strongest, however, in bat form.[/i]

•Made of:shifting metal. A very flexible, yet extremely strong, metal with special properties.
•Length: 3 feet
•Weight: 20 pounds
•Description/Info: Baby Ruth has been a long time companion to Jaoel. While its original form is that of a baseball bat, the handle has several rotatable knobs that can be turned in a myriad of combinations, resulting in a plethora of weapons. Hypothetically speaking, any weapon could be made, however it is its most strongest in its original form. Weapons that Jaoel frequently uses include: hand pistol, dual knives, katanas, and nunchucks. Its metal has slight silver and iron properties, and is able to harm many demons just by touch. It has never broken in combat to date, and is also a fully functional, recreational baseball bat

”Not do something? Not do something?! How, exactly, do you expect me to just stand here and not do something?!?"

-Natural Talents
•Talent 1: Even without using wind to enhance his speed, Jaoel is a very fast runner. While he doesn't clock at record-shattering speeds, he is still fast enough to outrun most humans.
•Talent 2: Jaoel is very perceptive, and able to pick up certain things just from behavior. This applies to animals as well (explaining why he is so good with them). He generally ignores what he picks up (that, or he stores them in the back of his mind for later use), as people generally get hostile when they realize they've been analyzed.

•Skill 1:Quick and accurate draftmanship. The long, tedious hours of creating an image didn't suit well with Jaoel. Instead, he learned how to draw well fast. He draws things he has seen before best, and with a quick eye and quick hands, he can sketch out an accurate map of a building within seconds.[/i]
•Skill 2: Jaoel has extreme stamina, and is able to fight for longer periods of time than most people. His endurance, coupled with his strong desire to help people no matter the costs, leads for an inhuman amount of energy.

•Weakness 1: killing people. He tries to fight with the least amount of casualties as he can, and when lives are compromised, will give up the fight.
•Weakness 2: water. Since he can't swim, if you somehow get him into the water, he will definitely drown.


•Marital Status:single
•Family: His brothers, Morgan and Ariel, as well as a fat cat named Jakob (pro: Yah-cob with a slight b sound)
•History: I READ EVERYTHING. Like his namesake, Jaoel was a guardian angel, and watched over humans intently. Because of this, he has developed a large interest and knowledge in human things, even as an angel, and preferred watching life on Earth than the boring heaven life. The "hands-off" rule that angels were forced to abide by annoyed him, contrasting with his helpful nature, and he silently grumbled and complained against it for most of his life. This changed, however, when he witnessed the easily preventable, yet brutal, death of one of his human charges. Frustrated that he could not directly interfere and save the human's life, he protested loudly and requested that he be allowed to dwell on Earth invisibly so that he could better protect his humans. When he was denied, he went anyways, and successfully prevented the death of a human, this time not under his own guardianship. Because of his actions, he was banished from Heaven, and joined his brothers in becoming a Fallen Angel. This wasn't so much punishment for Jaoel as it was a slight inconvenience. He had wanted to come to Earth anyways, but retaining his immortality would have been nice. He has control over air and earth. His m.o. involves manipulating the elements into animal forms to attack, his most common being birds for air and rabbits for earth.

So begins...

Jaoel's Story

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Morgan couldn't breath. He was surronded by darkness. There was no feeling, no wind, no light. Just an eternal blackness, dominating and impenitrable. Where were his brothers, Jaoel and Ariel? He supposed it didn't matter, so long as he couldn't hurt them. Perhaps this blackness was his eternal peace at last.

"It is time, Morgan. Come to me!"

The voice spoke out of nowhere. Though his instincts screamed against it, he felt himself floating towards it, embracing the pure evil he felt.


Morgan woke up as the word wrenched itself from his throat. He was shivering. He let himself fall. He let himself become overtaken by the demon buried inside of him. Ariel shifted in his sleep, but he felt Jaoel watching him. "Are you alright?"

Morgan shook his head, but spoke, "Yes. I'm fine. I'm...I need some air." After dressing quickly, he got up to leave.

"I'll go with you--"


Even to himself the word sounded harsh, and he shrunk away from the pain he felt from Jaoel. "I...I'll be fine. Just go back to sleep." Without another word, he slipped out into the night.

Even two hours later, Morgan felt terrible. He'd lashed out at Jaoel, who had only been trying to help him. Now, he sat on a park bench, trembling. He wasn't cold. He was terrified. He could feel his demonic rage building, and was powerless to stop it. He felt isolated, plauged. "What am I going to do?" He asked the night around him, and recieved no answer. Just the howling wind. He sighed.

Ten years made things no easier. His nightmares and guilt only got worse. He tried to help people, humanity. But it never seemed to make a difference in his eyes. What good were his actions if his Father wouldn't even acknowledge them?

He wondered if he should leave...because he was terrified of turning on Jaoel and Ariel one day.

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Morgan didn't move or answer the girl who approached him. At least, not until the second one disappeared into the darkness. And even then, he simply raised his head and regaurded her with blood-red eyes. Looking into them, one could see ghosts haunting him, his mind. He was quiet for what seemed ages, before finally speaking.

"You make a habit of speaking to strangers, then? Not particularly wise." Even with the shadows in them, his red eyes seemed to twinkle, indicating that he was teasing her. "To be honest, no I am not alright, but there is hardly anything that any human could do to help one as fallen as I am." He felt no push to lie to her; she probably wouldn't catch on to what he implied anyway.

It hit him in a rush. Demons. Not just one, or two...his whole posture stiffened. His eyes narrowed. He could see their shapes twisting in the night. He counted. "One, two, five...eight." Then, his gaze rested on the girl. Something was off about her, to be certian. But why would so many lesser Demons be gathering all at once?

He realized it only a second before the worst. They were after the girl. His instinct took over, and he darted forward, Madahari and Lethalin ending up in his hands before he registered any concious thought. One shot, two. One Demon down, writhing as it began to disolve. Like that, the girl would be able to see it. The second one was only grazed, but it gave him enough time to grab the girl.

He swept her up in his arms and jumped, backflipping behind the bench he had just occupied. He set her down with one command. "Don't move."

And then he left her. Seven Demons left, and only one of him. He'd never tell Jaoel no after this. Hand to hand and four bullets later, only two Demons remained, but Morgan was getting worn out. The longer he fought, the more the darkness pushed at him. And he let his gaurd down. One of his remaining opponents took that advantage, stabbing him clean through the chest.

The last thing he saw before his heart stopped and he fell was the terrified look on the girls' face.

"If only she was looking at me with that fear... Was his last irrational thought.

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Jaoel sulked a little at Morgan's harsh words. He was only trying to help. But of course, being the oldest always meant he didn't need help. Thank goodness I'm not the youngest, Jaoel thought as he resumed his original sleeping position. He closed his eyes and tried to get back to his spaghetti western dream.

No use. For hours, his eyes kept flitting open, staring blankly at the darkness. After a few minutes he sat back up again, cursing silently. He was far too awake to go back to sleep. He glanced at Ariel, sleeping peacefully. If only he was like goody-two-shoes over there. With a sigh, he rolled out of bed and headed towards the small balcony they had. It was a little breezy, but nice. He searched for the older angel in the dark. He wouldn't have gone too far. He had too much responsibility for him and Ariel. Deciding to go out and catch him on the return--and hopefully surprise him as well--Jaoel returned inside and pulled on his jacket and a pair of jeans. He thought about shoes, but decided against it. It wasn't like he'd be out all night. However, just in case, he brought his baseball bat, shifting it to the more reasonably sized pen-knife and slipping it into his pocket. Morgan would have had a fit if he caught him without it. Something about always being prepared and whatnot. Silently, he slipped out the door.

As Jaoel walked down the sidewalk, his originally cheery mood started to dissolve. Something wasn't right. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but it was enough for him to put his hand in his pocket, gripping the pen-knife. As he rounded a corner, he saw it. Three demons, down to two now. A girl. And...no. Morgan?? As he was registering this, he watched wide-eyed as a demon stabbed Morgan.

Anger shot through him, and without thinking he charged straight towards the one that had downed the older Fallen. Whipping out the pen knife, he shifted it back into a baseball bat. Come on, Baby Ruth! he thought loudly, and with a guttural yell of "BATTER UP!!" he swung as hard as he could towards the demon.

With a solid THWACK, the metal bat slugged the demon clear across the street, where it lay motionless. The element of surprise had been with him for that attack, but now he was exposed. The remaining demon was much bigger than the other, and seemed intent on gaining revenge. He swung his bat, but it missed by a hair and the demon landed a deep scratch on the side of his face. Ignoring it, he managed to get an uppercut hit on the demon, but it wasn't enough to kill it. The demon he had hit across the street had also regained consciousness and was streaking towards the girl. "Shit!" With a twist, he shifted the bat into a hand pistol and shot the larger demon cleanly between the eyes, knocking it out for the count, before sprinting towards the other one. Sliding in front of the girl just in time to stop her almost certain death, he blocked the demon's path with the bat and knocked it across the face soundly, placing it in the middle of the street, away from the girl.

As Jaoel swung and dodged, keeping the demon at bay but trying not to be killed in the process, he shouted at the older angel: "Yo, Morgan! Get your ass up and get the--" his sentence was stopped by a sharp pain to his shoulder. The demon had punctured a hole through it, and blood slowly seeped out. "Damnit..." Jaoel muttered. If this kept up, he didn't know how much longer he'd last. "MORGAN!" he bellowed as he fought, "DO SOMETHING!"

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As he slept, Ariel dreamed of the melodies that he once sung in Heaven and were undoubtedly sung without him, just as beautifully and yet, with the absence of his voice. Yet, despite his peaceful slumber, Ariel felt more than knew that something was wrong. Quickly, he opened his eyes and saw not the glory of God and the Angels and Saints, but an empty apartment, his brothers' places recently abandoned. He frowned slightly and stood up, quicly pulling on a pair of jeans, shirt, and jacket. If there was one thing that annoyed him about earth, it was the work necessary in changing your appearance. At home, one only had to imagine how you appeared and there you were.

Shaking his head at such distractions, he quickly approached the balcony, gazing along the skyline of the city before glancing at the streets. Finding nothing, Ariel willed his wings to appear, but they did not. Grimacing, he ran out the door as quickly as he could, stopping only to pull on a pair of boots. His brothers couldn't have gone far, but where could they be? He dreaded the thought of them being in a battle without him. There were many demons out at night and, without the Grace of God or the innumerable heavenly hosts to aid them should they fail, he was the only one that could aid his brothers if they were in trouble.

Running down the sidewalk, Ariel found a commotion soon enough. There were indeed demons, but only one left, but it was a big one and his brothers didn't look like they were in the position to defeat it. Frowning, he reached within his sleeves where he concealed his twin swords and took a stance, but the demon was too far for him to reach, but he knew of one way to draw its attention. Solemnly, he opened his mouth and sang.

The demon roared, forgetting his previous victims and charged at the one that sang the wretched song, only to meet a spear of ice and a spear of fire that extended from his blades and into the beast's heart.

"Pie Iesu Domine, dona eis requiem," he finished softly. He turned to his brothers, Morgan and Jaoel.

"It's a little late to go hunting. This chant, it feels different now, doesn't it?" he stated before raising an eyebrow at the girl.

"Forgive me. I am called Ariel. I am-I was, of the First Choir. I see you've met my brothers, Morgan," he gestured to his eldest brother before gesturing over at his other older brother, "And Jaoel."

He knelt down next to Morgan and murmured, "Are you alright, Brother?"

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It happened not too long after she’d walked past the odd couple, having stopped her song just after. She was more than ready to continue on with her night, to return to the motel she had come to call her home, and to sleep for the coming day. Those two odd people she’d just gave a passing glance to, they were little more than an idle thought to her, just a part of her walk. That was it; simply a part of the scenery. Really, that was all she had planned on regarding them as. Just a simple part of the scenery. . . . Nothing more, nothing less. Odd sights like those two were common in New York City, it was something she’d grown used to in the last months of living there. Whatever they were up to, or talking about, it was their business, not hers. Her mind was elsewhere of course, her thoughts slipping between matters, until finally, they settled.

Her thoughts had happened upon her father again, and the idea that he was probably a happier man now than he had been with her around all the time, and she still smiled at that notion as she ultimately stopped herself before a crosswalk, pulling her hand out of the pocket of her hoodie to hit the button that’d mark it was safe for her to cross.

Yet, as her outstretched fingers had barely brushed upon the smooth surface of the switch in question, things took . . . a turn. Her body locked up, and the blood running through her veins felt as if it had turned into ice water. She grew so cold, so fast as tingling sensations shot up her spine like lightning. A weight overcame her body, and her heart, her form had grown still with the cold, and the heaviness. So much was the feeling taking over, that her breathing had ceased; not even a shallow gasp worked its way in-between her parted lips. Then, it fully consumed her, snapping her up in its jaws before she even had a chance to comprehend what exactly was going on. It spread through her body like a toxin, prickling at every single nerve like a needle ready to pierce the skin; fear flowed through her wholly, unrelenting, without even the slightest bit of mercy.

A strangled cry came from Arcelia’s throat as she desperately gasped for air whilst she sank to her knees, her arms quickly wrapping themselves around her middle, her form hunching over as it began to quiver, violently. Her mind ultimately went blank from this, the only thing registering within her brain was the terror trickling through her body. While she had kept her eyes wide, wide open during this, she saw little more than black due to the darkness of the night. But, as another wave of cold and fear swept over her body, Arcelia couldn’t hold back the smothered yelps and shrieks that came with, her vision flashing white with the undulation.

She couldn’t understand what was happening, the only thing she knew for certain was that there was something around to greatly fear, a reason for her to be careful, cautious; there was danger, a lot of danger. . . . But from what? What was so dangerous, so much so that her body would react as it was? Anything, it could be anything . . . couldn’t it? Something, it had to be something! No, anything, it could be anything.

Arcelia pulled her head upward, moving desperately as all she knew at the moment was the icy fright plaguing her body. Something bad was going to happen, or was happening now . . . she knew it. Her breathing was ragged, frantic and uneven as she attempted to get herself to her feet, only to lurch forward as her movements were uncertain and her body unstable. Before she could fall to the ground, her hands grasped onto the pole in front of her, catching her mid-fall. Despite the urge to run, to leave, Arcelia couldn’t muster up the will to move her legs more than she already had; the strength wasn’t in them. Her body was shaking, and her lower half felt like jelly. So, it was there she remained for a moment, arms wrapped tightly around the pole, her body supported up against it as her heart fluttered in her chest so quickly, so fearfully.

M-Move, I-I have to move! she told herself, knowing that she needed to leave the area. Before, she could ignore the ‘chills’ she’d gotten before, but this . . . this was not the same as the others, it was something more. What incited this, it was something of a magnitude she could not comprehend, the only clear conclusion her frantic mind could form regarding it was that she needed to leave where she now was. Not right, something is not right here, I don’t know what it is, I don’t know, but I need to get away! So anxious to flee the area, so clouded was her mind that her initial plans of going home were ultimately forgotten for the moment, as only desperation remained.

Still shaking, and with her legs still feeling weak, Arcelia forced herself away from the pole she’d been using as support, pushing herself backward from it, she stumbled, nearly falling on her backside with a cry. As she managed to keep her footing, she quickly turned on her heel, and was ready to bolt off in that direction; the way in which she’d came before.

But, it was when a something flew right in front of her person that Arcelia came to a sudden stop with a sharp yelp, she watched it hit the face of a building across the street. As her eyes managed to get a single clear glance of the thing, her heart leapt high into her throat as a wave of lightheadedness came over her with the paranoia and the fear she was already feeling. “My God. . . .” she breathed out, voice weak and high. She took a step back as the monstrous thing launched away from where it’d made an impact, seeming to pay no mind to her as its thoughts were upon the force which had injured it.

What . . . the hell was going on, that thing? What was it?! She didn’t know, but she knew one thing; it was the cause. The reason behind the frenetic need she felt to run, to get away. Her legs seemed to be moving of their own accord now, doing what they thought was right as her mind was almost completely gone away with confusion, and fear. She couldn’t understand this, what she had just seen, the thing. . . . The monster. It passed in a blur, the time from backing away from where the monster had been blown right in front of her, to when she found herself hiding behind a nearby tree, eyes locked onto a scene that seemed to come straight from a science-fiction movie. A battle, between monsters and men who bore weapons that she couldn’t understand. The tail-end of the battle, she witnessed it, hiding behind a tree, peeking her head around it.

There was a mix of ringing in her ears, melding with her frantic heartbeat. Her body felt numb, and so heavy. It was hard to even force air into her lungs. There was still . . . something there, holding onto her better senses, but it wasn’t fear anymore. Maybe it was questioning . . . a form of curiosity. She didn’t know, the only thing that she knew for certain was that her body would not move, no matter how much she told her legs to budge even a bit, they would not. Her amber-eyes were locked upon the epilogue of the battle she’d seen only a part of.

Without understanding it, even knowing why, she moved from beyond the tree, stepping into view, as her hand remained upon its side as she treaded forward, lazily drifting off it and back to her side as she walked half the distance toward the scene before her, stopping in place, and simply standing there, silent. With only a look of confusion upon her face, Arcelia just looked upon the people who remained in the aftermath of the battle she'd seen and not understood. Everything felt anesthetized to her, she couldn't even muster up a word to the lot of them. . . .

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Echo watched him as he sat there, silent. She couldn't help but to wonder what was on the man's mind, even though she knew nothing about him. There was something in his eyes that made her curious. There was something between sorrow and possibly guilt.
As he spoke, she was surprised at his voice, which was somewhat smooth and a little deeper then she thought it would be. However, his words stuck out to her and a puzzled look soon formed on her face. "A human?" She asked, letting her head tilt to the side slightly as she looked at him. "Fallen?" She then added before turning and looking behind her.

At fist she saw nothing, however soon she noticed things in the shadows. Her breath hitched slightly as she took a deep breath. "Its just in your head.....Its not real." She told herself before hearing the man counting. "You can see them?" She asked out loud before she saw him jump up and pull out two guns. Instinctively, she took a step back but watched him shoot the creatures. As the bullets hit them, she could finally see what they were. Again, she took a step back.

Before she could react, the man grabbed her. However, she didn't struggle and remained still when he set her down. She watched as he took on all but two demon. The demons seemed to circle them before attacking. Without thought, she took a step back as the one demon appeared. Horror spread across her face at the sight of the man being stabbed in the chest. Again, her breathing hitched as she tried to talk a breath. "Stay calm..." She told herself in a whisper, though it was supposed to be a thought and not out loud.

The two demons moved their attention to her and immediately, she pulled out a small dagger from her boot. She held it close and in a position that showed she was ready to strike. However another man came running up, though this one had a bat. She watched as he hit the first demon and tried it with the next. She took a step back and thought of running, however she didn't. "I can't just leave....." She told herself before sighing. Her eyes moved back to the man and demon before waiting for her chance to attack. When the larger demon was down, she watched as the smaller one attacked. "Shit!" She gasped as she watched its hand go through the man's shoulder. While his arm was still in there, she launched her attack. She stabbed the demon in the back quickly before jumping back.

She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do now, with the demon's attention back on her however she was saved by someone singing. She turned and saw yet another man. His voice was angelic however his words were in a language she didn't understand. The demon seemed to understand it perfectly as he launched at the man, though a spear pierced the demon. "What are these guys..." Echo wondered out loud as the man walked towards her. She held her dagger close, but was fairly sure she wouldn't need to use it.

As the man, known as Ariel, explained to her who he used to be and who the other two men where, she simply looked at him. Her expression held fear, however it was more curious and puzzled. "What are you?" She asked, staring at Ariel since he was the one who offered to speak to her. However, her eyes moved to the one known as Morgan. She couldn't help but to feel a little guilty for his injuries and his brothers. "They are going to be ok, right?" She asked, her guilt and sincere sorry very obvious in her voice.

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Jaoel snorted at Ariel's comment, but was relieved he had arrived at the scene when he did.

"Hunting wasn't the original plan," he retorted, slinging the bat over his injured shoulder. He winced, but he could already feel the wound start to heal. He walked over to Morgan, who was still unconscious. He check his brother's pulse as Ariel introduced themselves to the girl, and snorted again. This type of introduction was what had gotten Ariel kicked out in the first place.

Morgan was still breathing, but heavily wounded, and as Ariel asked if he was all right, Jaoel let go of his bat and hefted the older angel onto his back, favoring his good shoulder. Standing up straight, he gripped the handle of his bat with two of his bare toes and hiked it upwards, catching it with his hand.

"We'll be fine," Jaoel said in response to the girl's worried question, "And in response to your other question, I guess you can just call us special for now. Very special....beings." He was about to nudge Ariel to go home when he noticed another girl, holding back but staring at them widely. How long had she been there? How much did she see? Judging from how big her eyes were, it must have been the whole thing...

Jaoel sighed. Initially he had wanted to leave the girls and take care of Morgan, but it was clear that these girls were too traumatized to just go back to their respective homes. His need to help overwhelmed him, and he poked Ariel with his bat. "You think we should take them home with us? Just for the night?" he asked quietly, "To make sure their mental state isn't totally screwed up?" Morgan was growing heavy, and he hefted him higher up to keep him from sliding off.

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"Put me down, Jaoel."

Morgan felt the wound in his chest close completely. Great, another set of clothes ruined. He sighed, climbing off of his brothers' back instead of waiting to be put down. His red eyes wandered over the two girls. He sighed. "Of all the bloody things to happen..." He stretched, his neck popping in the process. This night just wasn't getting any better.

Then, he ground his fist roughly, but not so much to cause pain, into Jaoel's skull. "You have wonderful tact. I'm sure any person would love to hear their mental state discussed in front of them as if they weren't there." He looked tired. He turned to the girls. "Our home is open if you want it. If you want answers...then we have a lot to explain, and I can't garentee that you understand or even believe much of what you hear."

He doubted the girls even understood why he was still alive. People didn't just get up and walk around after being stabbed clean through the chest. But then, he wasn't completely human...

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"Owww!" Jaoel protested, more out of habit than of pain, rubbing his head. "I was discussing it QUIETLY, you windbag! JEEZus---" he stopped, eyeing Ariel. "...rice..." he finished awkwardly. His younger brother got really picky about those sort of things. The last time he had said God Damnit, Ariel had gone into into a frenzy. He probably would have killed him if Morgan didn't interfere, and even afterwards Ariel started begging forgiveness from God for Jaoel, which just made him feel worse. It was probably one of the few things he catered to Ariel.

"Speaking of explanations," Jaoel muttered, "I'd like to know exactly what happened, Morgan, SOMEtime within the next 24 hours." Jaoel didn't want to make any assumptions just yet, but he had a sinking feeling the girl had something to do with it.

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"Don't worry. Beings like us.... Heal very fast," Ariel told the human woman with a slight smile as he turned to watch the antics of his two older brothers. Really, Jaoel held the maturity of a human adolescent. He shook his head at Morgan's brand of discipline before raising an eyebrow at yet another human woman. He absently scratched his chin in thought. Now that was unusual. Humans whose eyes could pierce the veil between the physical and the spiritual were rare indeed, but two of them? That was more than a mere coincidence, even if Ariel did believe in coincidences.

Addressing bot the girls now, he continued, "There are things in this world and beyond that a normal human is unable to see, partly as a result of Man's fallen nature and the Will of God. It seems that the two of you young women were permitted to see what many mortals have longed to see. I would insist you take up my brother, Jaoel's offer."

Turning to Morgan and Jaoel, he whispered, "These girls are special. They can See for a reason. We may have to guard them."

There was something in his voice, an emotion that it hadn't held since before their banishment.

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Morgan rolled his eyes, but it was with good humor. "Yes, I've realized that, Ariel. Those Demons were hunting the girls for a reson, and for them to be able to see...they both have unnaturaly strong souls. If we don't take them in now, we'll just have to follow them anyway. They aren't safe on their own." He sighed. He wasn't sure he liked the idea, but these girls...

He pulled his cigarrets out ofhis pocket, which had miracolusly survived, lighting one and taking a long drag. "At any rate, we should leave this place. With so much slaying, the Veil is thinner, and they'll attract more Demons now."

He offered his hand to the original girl he saved, since she had fallen to her knees in the aftermath. "Will you come with us?"

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There was . . . blood, they were bleeding. It wasn’t enough that she was left to witness something that looked like it belonged within the realm of science-fiction, but there had to be blood too. The man she’d seen sitting on the bench before, talking to the other girl who was there besides herself, he’d been stabbed through the chest, and another of the three men, he had a hole in his shoulder. The very notion of blood made her feeling faint, and lightheaded again, as if the fact that she felt so overwhelmed from all she’d just seen wasn’t enough. Oh God, what was happening . . . ? Really, what was happening? Suddenly, nothing made sense anymore, and she’d even experienced the worst case of the ‘chills’ in her lifetime before a . . . demon had flown past her just a bit ago. And now, two men who looked as if they were critically injured were moving around as if there was almost nothing wrong with them. But they were bleeding still, there was blood. . . .

A rather dazed expression had found its way over her once confused face, the hood of her hoodie had fallen back down, exposing her whole head to the night air again. Arcelia didn’t . . . she didn’t understand any of this. The bodies of monsters littered the area around the men and the other girl, actual monsters; beasts that were suppose to be fantasy. Yes, she heard everything that had been said, that had been directed toward her, but her brain could hardly comprehend it. It was processing the information, what had been said, the offer, the chance to have everything explained, but. . . .

Underneath her, Arcelia could feel her legs shaking, growing weak until they finally gave out. Letting out a breath, she dropped to the grass below her rather quickly, landing in a kneeling position. Her body was shaking, honestly shaking. Remnants of fear were beginning to surface within her now that she was coming back to some semblance of her senses. Again, she found herself feeling very heavy, her body not wanting to move a bit. Her breathing was shaky, at best, and she could feel the blood pounding in her head. This was just . . . what was this? Was there even a word for something like this, this whole situation? If there was, and if she knew it, it wouldn’t come to mind.

What did I just see? If the ‘chills’ weren’t weird enough, this just takes the cake, doesn’t it? she blinked as she thought, drawing her amber eyes back up to the sight before her, uncertain of how to even proceed now. Did she want to know about . . . this? Did she really want to delve into something so quickly? Before even a few minutes ago, things had been simple enough for her, even with the natural weirdness she already possessed, things were easy enough, she could get by with it all, cope without a single problem, but now. . . . Now what? How could anything be simple after what she’d seen, it couldn’t be, could it? The tail end of the battle; that was something she couldn’t ever forget, no. But, even if she could not forget what she had seen, did that mean she really wanted to go headfirst into it? There was no denying that her body had led her out from behind that tree though.

She hadn’t consciously made the choice to trek into view of the men, or the girl. Unable to even get her legs or arms to move as she was, Arcelia simply remained seated where she was, still looking dazed, yet there was a tinge of uncertainty overtaking her features. Arcelia really didn’t know what to do now, if it was right for her to go with them, to find out more about this sudden bizarreness that had entered into her once simple enough life. Demons, and two critically injured men moving around like nothing was really wrong. . . . Her ‘chills’ getting worse all of a sudden. . . . She started taking forcedly measured breathes now, trying to calm herself down, to regain control over her unmoving arms and legs. Movement, she needed to be able to move. Blood, there’s blood too. she remembered, feeling the lightheadedness again.

Passing out was not something she could yet do, not after what she had seen, not when there was so much ambiguity. Even if she was not sure about wanting answers to all this, just fainting was not an option. Letting out a harsh breath, she turned her gaze every which way before forcing herself to look up and back at the people before her. While her body still felt strange, heavy and like it did not want to obey her commands to move, she forced her hands to rest against the grass below her, beginning to make her arms to support her weight as she attempted to push herself back to her feet, to stand. She managed it, to stand back to her full height again after stumbling around for a moment or two, her legs feeling like jelly.

Okay . . . just keep yourself calm now, focus mainly on your breathing, and it’ll be all right. she reasoned, breathing in and out deeply. “I-I’m not actually sure I want to know anything about this, but, I know it’s not just as simple as leaving and pretending that I didn’t see anything tonight. . . .” she managed out, her voice rather weak. Blood, there’s blood. Arcelia swallowed before she moved her hands up and removed her glasses, the world going blurry, making it easier for her to talk. If she didn’t see it, then it was harder for it to affect her so. “Something tells me that I should take you up on your offer though, because I can’t forget what I’ve seen.” She drew her head upward, looking on in uncertainty. Her expression fully visible on her pale face due to the lack of her spectacles. A breeze stirred, sending a completely normal chill up her spine, reminding her that it was indeed night. . . .

Without being able to see the injuries on the men, and unable to see the blood, it was easier for her. She wasn’t so uncertain feeling now, “I’ll . . . I’ll come.”

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Echo watched as the two men stood over Morgan and spoke amongst themselves before one spoke to her. The words 'special beings' stuck out in her head, making her want to question him however she resisted for the moment. Her eyes grew a little wide as she watched Jaoel pick up Morgan. It looked as if it would open his wound more, however when she looked closer she could tell the wound was already healed. "Seriously, what the hell are you?" She asked in a whisper. At the sound of Jaoel speaking to Ariel, she couldn't help but to over hear him. The hair on the back of her neck stood up at the thought.

It wasn't long before Morgan was awake and jumped down from Jaoel's back. She was honestly astonished by how he was already healed perfectly. Her eyes stared at the two as they exchanged words for a moment before she put her dagger back into its sheath in her boot. "I want answers." She stated very bluntly. "What do you mean we can see? We aren't blind." She stated then turned to the other girl. Hopefully she wasn't blind otherwise that would make her statement really awkward.
"I will fallow you, but only because I want answers. I want to know what is after me and why." She stated before taking Morgan's hand and standing up. Honestly, she felt like she was getting in over her head, however there was no way she could just turn away and not know what was going on.

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Ariel frowned slightly as he watched the two women react. The first one, the one with the deceptively young appearance, had latched onto anger in order to deal with the situation, but at the moment it was directed at them. She was at least sensible enough to want answers from them rather than threat them, but the other one... He felt a pang of pity and concern for her as it looked like she was going to fall off her feet and pass out. This had to be hard to take in. No human reacted well to a field of blood, let alone one containing demons, living or dead. He approached her and squeezed her shoulder.

"You have seen much. We'll explain everything, I promise, but at the pace you choose. Don't worry. You're safe with us," he told her honestly as his gaze met hers in order to keep her attention ohim rather than the battlefield behind him. In doing so, however, he couldn't help but notice her appearance. He had never seen any being with lavender colored hair or skin as pale as hers. She looked sickly and yet that added a somewhat heavenly quality to her. She wouldn't look out of place among the Choirs in heaven. He gave her a small smile.

"Our apartment isn't too far away. If you wish, our explanation can wait until morning. The three of us can sleep on the couch," he stated, speaking louder to address the other girl as well as his brothers. Hopefully Jaoel wouldn't complain too much about having to share a pull-out bed and Morgan wouldn't kick them in his sleep.

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The girls were in bed, though Jaoel wasn't sure if they were asleep yet. A lot had happened. He knew he wasn't sleeping anytime soon.

Jaoel followed after Morgan, who was staring blankly at the wall. He put his hand on his shoulder firmly, letting his brother know he wasn't leaving until he got answers. "I think you have some explaining to do right now," he said quietly, "At least to me and Ariel."

There was a lot Jaoel wanted to know. Like what Morgan had been dreaming of that woke him up like that. And where the demons came from. And who exactly these girls were! Morgan sometimes had a nasty habit of keeping things to himself (earlier had been a prime example), which Jaoel couldn't stand. He himself always announced loud and clear whenever something was bothering him. His brothers called it complaining, but Jaoel likened it to "being open".

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"I must admit that, though I feel the hand of God in this, I'd like to hear Morgan's story," Ariel stated, curious about what had happened with Morgan and the first girl. Still, he was excited. Could they be meant to protect these girls and if so, did that mean there was redemption at hand for them?

He had been in mourning ever since they were banished. Morgan may have been angry with the Almighty, but Ariel was as devoted as ever, as evidenced by his dislike of blasphemy in his presence. Up until now, he had despaired of ever being redeemed. Now, he wasn't so sure. However, as he thought this, he quickly berated himself. For one thing, no one could know the will of God unless it was revealed to them and for another, he wasn't thinking of the poor girls. This must be quite a shock for them. He felt ashamed. Had he been thinking of using them to return back to Heaven? His expression dimmed. Whether or not this was their redemption didn't matter. They had to protect these girls no matter what. Demons would do terrible things to them if they were captured.

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Maybe she should’ve just gone home, refused the offer made to have what she’d seen explained to her. Would have been better just to do so? Just to slip away into the darkness of the night, and to force down the tail-end of that battle she’d seen into the depths of her memory? Just forget it all and go on with the difficult life she’d chose to lead? Going on, and acting like she’d seen nothing would have probably been easier. She could’ve just gone on with her meager existence and put up with her ‘chills,’ even as they seemed to be getting worse. All she’d intended on doing was going back to her room at the motel that was now her ‘home,’ but that hadn’t happened. Something in her body had compelled her to delve deeper into everything, despite the fact that a more sensible part of her mind had told her that it wasn’t a good idea.

Responding had been easier without her glasses, she thought she’d been able to properly focus on it all, able to think clearer without them since the notion of someone bleeding before her was no longer clouding her mind. If she didn’t see it, it was put to the back of her mind. That was really what she thought. But, looking back on it, she may’ve been very much wrong. Perhaps she should have kept her glasses on her person, to make her actively remember what she had been agreeing to by coming along.

Of course, she’d followed the men along as she’d been expected to, doing so in silence, not saying a single word about anything. Her mind had gone utterly blank as a result of slipping her glasses back on so that she could see and trail after without incident. But, doing that had reminded her of the fact that two of the men she was tagging along after had been injured, and were so moving as if there was little wrong with them. She had been able to see the blood, drying to their clothes and it’d about done her in. The whole time she’d been walking behind them and the other girl, she’d been sinking her teeth into her cheek, focusing solely upon the pain it caused her and using that as a crutch to keep herself from fainting. How she hated blood.

The whole time before being pointed to where the bedroom was she was evidently expected to sleep in, Arcelia had kept herself rather quiet too, feeling lightheaded and faded again from seeing the blood. And in truth, it was only when she had found herself lying down for a time that she began to realize just what she’d gone and gotten herself into by agreeing to come along with these people. Of course, she had no reason to believe they were actually bad or anything like that, after all, they’d not done a thing to make her even consider such that. But, still. . . .

She’d followed after four people she didn’t know, after seeing a battle between them and monsters, and she was now lying in a stranger’s bed, in their apartment. . . . Under normal circumstances, that really would’ve made her personally seem like a complete idiot. Thinking like that, Arcelia couldn’t help but sigh to herself. She was lying on her side now, facing a wall, glasses set upon a table nearby. She’d probably been lying like that for several minutes, her eyes shut despite the fact that she felt anything but tired. Even if on her way home before, she had indeed been feeling exhausted, what she’d seen beforehand had more or less done her the favor of completely waking her up. I said I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know about this, to get answers but. . . . Arcelia opened her eyes a bit, I’ve wound up here, I said yes to coming along, and look at where I’ve ended up. Even if I’m not . . . sure about this, I was told that things would go only at the pace I wanted. If I’m uncomfortable or scared at any point, I can stop and pick it back up later. She rubbed her temple a bit.

I’m in this, even if I don’t know what this is yet. Perhaps it was all connected together; the monsters, her ‘chills,’ her seeing what she had, ending up in this situation. . . . In truth, what did she have holding her back from just accepting the circumstances now? Accepting that things were going to be weirder for her now than before?

Really, she didn’t have anything to do that to her. She called a motel home, she’d severed the ties she had with friends and family over a year ago, she got by in life by doing odds and ends sorts of things. She was isolated from the world so that she could spare herself worry and anxiety, but if what caused her that anxiety was intertwined into this new weirdness, she had every reason to just step into it openly. It was herself only she really needed to worry about. That was really it. So . . . why should it be so hard for her to take these things in? Even if they were bizarre and scary to think of, it shouldn’t have been tough.

I can’t sleep, maybe it’s what’s happened, or it’s the fact that I’m trying to sleep in someone else’s bed, but I’m not going to get rest like this, not until my mind’s calmed down or something. Groaning softly, Arcelia sat up and rubbed the back of her neck a bit before she remembered she needed to remain quiet for the sake of the other girl who’d gotten caught up in this as well. For all she knew, that girl could’ve been out like a light despite all the oddness. She stared her way for a moment, before reaching over and plucking her glasses up off the table near her, slipping them on while nearly managing to poke herself in the eye with it before successfully getting them to rest on her ears. Shaking her head about that little flub, Arcelia softly set her feet to the floor below the bed, taking a moment to adjust before she took to standing and shuffling out of the room.

She’d left her old black Converse at the end of the bed she was suppose to be snoozing in, and her rabbit-eared hoodie was tied around her waist, leaving her in a black tee shirt and her jeans. Arcelia looked from side to side a bit confused, trying to remember the set up of the apartment as it had been explained to her. Of course, she did eventually wind up wandering down the right way, toward the living room. Of course, she really didn’t know what she was going to do, but sleep was just not coming to her, and she knew that with how she felt, it wouldn’t yet. The three men . . . she had not quite caught their names before, not as she’d been, honestly, Arcelia hoped that they were not upset that she wasn’t sleeping or at least still laying down.

Uncertain of herself, she stopped walking right at the entrance into the living room, normally she didn’t feel so timid around others, but given the current state of affairs. . . . The air in the room was rather tense, and serious, something important was definitely coming up between the three, and of course she didn’t know, but. . . . “Um, excuse me. . . .” she started, her voice somewhat meek. She took to adjusting her glasses with her right hand, feeling that she’d chosen to do the wrong thing by not trying to rest. “I-I’m sorry for interrupting, but, I-I just . . . I can’t sleep after earlier, what I saw, th-the monsters and the fact that two of you three looked like you were critically injured before. . . .” It might’ve been better for her to just try to sleep instead of doing this, “Um . . . uh, never mind, could I just ask if it’d be all right for me to maybe just get a drink or something small to snack on to calm my nerves . . . ?” Arcelia felt her face go red in embarrassment, she had really just made herself seem like an idiot.

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Echo watched Ariel speak to the other girl then address both of them. When he stated he would explain in the morning, Echo began to protest but decided it could wait. She didn't like the idea of staying somewhere she didn't know, with a bunch of people she knew nothing about, however she would endure it.

As they walked, Echo kept her eyes on Morgan, who was still stained with blood. "What are you" She wondered again before letting out a small sigh. She was not a patient person and hated having to wait. As they continued, she looked over at the other girl, and felt a little sorry for her. She still looked pale, from the incident. For a second, Echo thought of trying to say something though nothing really came to mind. After a moment, she gave up.

At their house, Echo watched as Morgan dismissed himself. She kept her eyes on Ariel and Jaoel, who didn't really seem to notice her being on edge at all. Then again, anyone would be on edge in a new place after what had just happened. Again, she felt the need to protest but honestly she could feel sleep calling to her. "I guess I wont push my luck..." She thought to herself before going to the room where she was told to sleep.

Upon entering the room, Echo sat on the bed with a sigh and started untying the top of her knee high converse. A small sigh of relief escaped her as she could feel the freedom she had just given her feet. Looking down, she couldn't help but to smile at her neon pink and black striped stockings.

Her attention was take when the other girl got up and left the room. For a second, she thought of asking her what she was doing, but of course it was obvious. Her hands went into her jacket pocket for a moment before she felt the smooth plastic around her box of cigarettes. "I thought I left them!" She stated out loud before nearly jumping off the bed with joy. After pushing down her pants legs (which she had pulled up to take off her boots), she walked into the living room area and smiled at the three men sitting there. "If I'm not getting answers, I'm at least getting to smoke." She told them very bluntly before looking towards the door. "Do you have an ashtray or do I need to go outside?" She asked with a rather smug smile on her face.

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Morgan sighed heavily. He'd known this was coming since day one, he'd just thought it would have come sooner. "I suppose it never really was fair, that I knew the details of your fallings, and yet I never spoke of my own circumstances. In truth, I've never dared to before now. You both know that when an Angel falls, they usually become corrupt with their betrayal. Certain ones are the exception." He paused, his eyes drifting over Ariel.

"But for most of us, the fact that we fell alone is enough to consume us. I'm just surprised I've held it off this long, considering what I'd done. I was angry, I was confused. It was just after Jaoel fell. I didn't understand why he would be banished for something that seemed so small in the grand scheme of things. I was hunting, but I wasn't paying attention to my charges. One in particular, a young boy...he was perhaps twelve. He became possessed while i was trailing him because I wasn't being watchful enough.

"It happens sometimes, and we must dispatch them, that was our duty. But I was angry with myself for letting it happen in the first place, that I still didn't pay enough attention...The Demon left the boy right before I slew him. I had time to stop, I saw it in his eyes when he realized he was going to die...but I didn't stop. His blood is on my hands. He haunts my dreams when i sleep at all. Ever since I fell I've been plagued by my inner corruption, holding it back as best I can. But I fear my control is wavering...

"The girls tonight...I cannot say what it is, but there is something about the fact that they can see that attracts Demons. She wandered up to me, asked me if i was okay. That was when they struck and I got hit. And that was when Jaoel showed up."

Before there could be any sort of reaction, both girls wandered out of the back room, one asking for food and water, the other asking about smoking. A slight smirk hit Morgan's face at the part about smoking. "Ariel will have a cow if I smoke inside, so I suggest we step out. There, I promise to give you all the answers you wish." He followed her outside, where the both of them lit cigarettes.

"Now...I said I would answer your questions, but first I have one for you. Might I ask your name?"

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Jaoel watched Morgan's face carefully, searching for any slip-up that would suggest Morgan wasn't telling everything. It was true that they didn't know the details of Morgan's falling...and it seemed that he was telling the truth in his story.

So he had murdered a boy? On accident, one could argue, but judging from Morgan's story, that wasn't entirely true. Jaoel couldn't even imagine killing a human, or any living thing for that matter. Demons were a different story, and he still preferred to just knock them out and make a getaway before they resumed consciousness. If he had killed something...well, he'd probably have nightmares as well.

The look in his eyes softened as Morgan finished his explanation, but before he could offer any sort of condolence, Morgan's attention went to the girls. Jaoel sighed and rubbed his head. "You're gonna die of lung cancer, you know that?" he called at the back of his brother's head. Shaking his own, he turned his sights on the girl asking for a drink and a snack. "Yeah, sure, follow me," Jaoel said a bit wearily, motioning at the pale girl.

He quickly fixed her up a cup of water and a couple crackers. "If you don't like them, we have other things as well," Jaoel added, as he leaned against the fridge, drinking from a water glass of his own. "Just let me know."

As the girl ate, he thought back to what Morgan had said, bringing up memories of his own falling. Unlike his other brothers, Jaoel had taken his in stride. Besides, it wasn't like he was expecting anything different when he made his decision. He knew he'd get caught--the act was so blatant--but in truth, he had practically been asking for it. Heaven was so....just so rigid. So many rules. The other angels got mad at you if you complained or spoke too loudly. The dominion of God was supposed to be without complaint. Dissatisfaction with anything had been seen as a sign of disrespect. God was supposed to be perfect, right? Life in the clouds was supposed to be perfect. Just watch over the humans.

Just watch. He hated watching when he could be actively doing something. The only exception to that rule was movies...but the films he watched were always full of action. Watching the humans, while intriguing at first, had become infuriating. He still remembered watching the death of one of his wards. So helpless he was! And yet, if he had just been given the chance, he would have been able to save the human's life.

Ah, well, that was a while ago. No use dwelling on things that had happened. Jaoel wasn't one to hold grudges for too long. Finishing his glass, he looked at the pale, timid girl. He wasn't that surprised this girl had attracted demons. Her innocence and weakness was overwhelming.

"So...do you have a name?" Jaoel asked.

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"I am so sorry, Morgan," Ariel stated honestly, bowing his head over at his older brother. To kill an innocent, that was something he couldn't imagine ever doing, even on accident. It just shook him at the very core and yet, he knew it was intentional. Morgan was consumed with anger and guilt and now it was even stronger. Hopefully there would be a way to keep him from succumbing corruption. He vowed he'd find a way, even if he had to face Lucifer himself.

"I'll go make us some tea. All we got is herbal, but it's soothing nonetheless," he told his brother and the first girl before heading for the kitchen. He saw Jaoel getting the second girl a snack and smiled slightly. Great minds think alike, he supposed. He quickly began heating a pot of water before adding a tea bag when it began to boil. When it was evenly distributed, he set it aside to cool before he turned to the girl. He frowned slightly as her eyes seemed to focus on the dried blood upon his brother's clothes. Hemophobia. He'd seen that in his charges before. Quickly, he reached in the closet and grabbed a random coat to cover Jaoel before gesturing silently at his clothes. It'd be best if he changed later.

Seeing that the tea had cooled, he poured a couple of cups of it, one for the girl and another for Jaoel. He smiled reassuringly at the girl.

"Tea calms the nerves. I am certain you will feel better after a cup. I apologize for not making some sooner," he stated. At his brother's question, he realized she might have heard him introduce them to the other girl earlier.

"Forgive our rudeness. I am Ariel and this is Jaoel," he stated. Looking at the girl and remembering what Morgan had told him, he couldn't help but remember the circumstances of his own fall. Ariel was not overly concerned with his charges dying. They all did eventually and he did his best to make their deaths comfortable and peaceful and when they passed, he took the time to introduce himself and comfort them, assuring them of the glory of Heaven and the peace and happiness they'd find there. He allowed them to take their time to accept their death and assured them that their loved ones would be looked after by an angel like himself.

It was the corruption of souls that concerned Ariel. Demons had so many ways to harm humans and make them doubt God and goodness. He remembered watching a charge succumb to the whispers of a particular demon. Though he drove it off, the words stuck and he fell into sin and corruption. How he longed to tell his charge all things had a purpose and comfort him, but his words fell on death ears. He longed to reveal himself, to allow him to see the world as it was without the Veil blinding him just once, but that was against the rules and, sure enough, he died, but Ariel could not escort him to Heaven. When he saw his next charge, a priest, succumbing to doubts about himself and God and on the brink of despair, Ariel couldn't help it. He revealed the reality of his faith and comforted him in person, visible to him rather than hidden from his sight as he was supposed to.

Goodness and innocence were precious as were hope, love, compassion. He could not let humanity keep falling into pain, despair, confusion, and corruption.

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The other girl was definitely more certain of herself than she was, that was for sure. Even though she was caught up in all of this too, in something that was far from normal, she didn’t seem to at all be shaken up by it. It didn’t seem to be bothering her, no, she seemed like she felt right at home in someone else’s domicile. Not like herself at all, in a way, Arcelia couldn’t help but feel a bit envious of how sure she seemed of herself . . . certainly, she hadn’t just popped out into the living room and made herself sound like an idiot, stumbling over her words only to retract them and end up requesting something to drink or food. No, she’d spoke about what she was thinking of and didn’t go and get embarrassed or anything. Normally, that’s how she herself was, she wasn’t scared to speak her mind, but under the circumstances, being in a stranger’s home, having seen something she didn’t understand, it’d kind of startled her.

. . . .plus, it didn’t help that she had to be concerned about addressing members of the opposite sex. Okay, so, she was normally certain of herself, her words and how she acted, but when she got stuck talking to guys, her personality sort of flip-flopped on her and left her sounding like a meek, timid thing that was so scared. Okay, so, she was a bit scared given the situation too, and it made sense for her to not be acting like herself after seeing what she had, and being exposed to one of her worst fears too, blood, seeing people hurt. Not to mention the monsters. So, she did have a reason to not act in line with herself. Even still, it annoyed her that she was suddenly acting all wonky, she didn’t want to come off as she was, that was not who she was. Despite her current situation being rather questionable and completely screwed up, not acting like her real self did not help anything. She had to regain herself, and deal with everything, even if she didn’t understand all of it. There was nothing to hold her back from just accepting everything as it was revealed to her, as she concluded before. Take it as it came, that was how she had to handle this.

Arcelia kept herself quiet as she watched one of the men walk outside with the other girl, still a bit envious that she’d maintained such sang-froid despite the situation. . . . Sighing to herself quietly, she followed when she’d been called and motioned to do so, shuffling behind the black haired brother while fiddling around with her glasses in something of anxiety and self-annoyance. Even in her situation, with things as screwed up as they were, she really needed to get a hold over herself.

Not acting like herself was pointless, and it would not do her any good in the long run. She needed to get past this, her apparently docile attitude and start going with her real persona again. . . . .she wasn’t so meek, not really. Minding herself as she’d been handed a glass of water and some crackers, she kept herself quiet still since she had no reason to complain about it. Only, the teenager went about nibbling on the crackers and taking sips of the water as her eyes kept glancing around a bit uncertainty, sometimes happening upon the dried blood that remained on her guide’s clothing; it made her feel a bit queasy, but she could easily note one thing now that she couldn’t before. The injury which had produced the blood was nowhere to be seen on him, the blood remained and so did the hole in his clothing where he’d taken a blow, but he was otherwise unmarred. This honestly intrigued her.

The other of the three men, the only one of them who’d not suffered an injury went around the kitchen, throwing a jacket over his brother to cover the blood, must’ve noticed her discomfort in regards to it. . . . He seemed to be the most polite of the three, and the youngest as well; he’d been the one who said that things would only go at the pace she wanted in regards to information about what she had witnessed. As he finished the tea he’d set out to make, Arcelia did take a cup of it, not wanting to seem rude and refusing it; even if she wasn’t exactly much of a tea person.

She’d already finished her crackers, and only drank about a fourth of the water in her glass, so she had gone ahead and just set the thing in the sink before moving onto the tea. Arcelia looked up as the younger of the two of them introduced himself and the other as Ariel and Jaoel. Well . . . at least she had their names now, that made things a little easier as far as actually talking to them went. Of course, what remained for her to actually do now was to pull herself together and to stop acting like a mouse around these people, regardless of the situation. Even if she was still freaked inside and full questions she wasn’t sure she wanted answered, she needed to regain herself.

Knowing how first impressions go, I’ve gone and made myself seem like I’m a helpless girl who is hesitant and easily spooked I suppose. . . . Maybe she was a bit like that, but that was not really who she was. Well, as far as first impressions go, I think we’ve all made quite interesting ones on one another . . . look at how we all met. Honestly, thinking that left Arcelia to actually laugh a bit to herself as she carefully sipped on the tea she’d been given, drinking it quietly along with Ariel and Jaoel. A loud sigh suddenly escaped her lips though, as she sat herself down on the floor, back to against the wall, and a weak smile formed over her face as she reach up and pushed on the bridges of her glasses a bit for no real reason.

“My name’s Arcelia Innocenti . . . don’t make fun of my last name.” she spoke, her voice for the first time that night not sounding reserved and so frail. Arcelia looked up at Ariel and Jaoel, “I think I can definitely say that this is not how I figured the rest of my night would be going, seeing monsters, people get hurt who seem to spontaneously heal with little concern . . . and in the end staying at said people’s apartment, still not completely knowing if I even was thinking straight when I came along.” Her voice came out flat as she spoke, an obvious edge of sarcasm seemed to lace her words though.

After being quiet for another moment, she suddenly shrugged, staring straight ahead at nothing in particular, “Eh, it’s not like I really have anything holding me back from getting caught up in something totally bizarre and all . . . wonky, I guess, so whether or not my brain was malfunctioning when I agreed to come along, it doesn’t actually matter.” Arcelia went ahead and gulped down the rest of the tea in her cup, tired of sipping on it. If either Ariel or Jaoel had something to say to her, now was about as good a time as any. . . .

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Jaoel let the jacket hang off of his shoulders, similar to a character he had briefly seen in a movie. It was an animated one, from Japan he thought.....it looked boring--something about a moving castle--so he didn't watch the rest, but he did remember the jacket. He put down his water cup to take the cup of tea Ariel had made. He had to hand it to him, Ariel made some darn good tea.

The girl spoke, her tone much stronger than she looked. "My name's Arcelia Innocenti...don't make fun of my last name."

Okay, then Jaoel thought, bonus points for confidence...

He listened to the rest of her words, chuckling a little when she expressed that she did not expect her night to go as it did. "I can agree with that," he replied, "I didn't expect us to have guests at this late an hour."

He finished drinking his tea as Arcelia finished speaking. Putting down the cup, he asked bluntly, "Nothing holding you back? You don't have family then?"

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At her words, Ariel raised an eyebrow, somewhat surprised at her flat tone, but he didn't mind. That meant that she must have been frightened at first, but was slowly growing more comfortable with them, which was good. She was going to need to be comfortable around them when they did reveal who and what they really were. He poured himself a cup of tea and took a sip, allowing it to warm himself from the cool night.

"It's a pretty name. I wouldn't dream of mocking it," he said honestly, a little confused on why they would make fun of her name. It sounded Italian to him, if he placed it right. There were so many human languages. It was hard to keep track.

"Nor did I expect to find my two brothers getting in trouble without me," Ariel agreed with Jaoel, though he didn't mind as much. He was there to help and that was all that mattered, right? He felt some concern as she informed them that she had nothing to come back. A person like that was a perfect target for a demon and add to that her ability to see what other mortals couldn't and her appearance of being weak, he wondered how she managed to last so long.

"Surely there must be someone. If not family, then friends? Coworkers?" he asked her curiously before realizing they weren't allowing her to ask them anything and continuing, "If you want, we can answer any questions you have right now."

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Her head tilted to the side a bit when she heard Ariel refer to Jaoel and the other man as his ‘brothers.’ She couldn’t help doing that. It was an honest reaction to expect from her, while she had no reason to doubt that the three well might be siblings, they all just looked very different from each other . . . maybe the whole ‘brothers’ thing was meant in a more figurative context; like they were siblings of circumstance rather than blood. It made enough sense to her given the fact that she nothing more than the little she’d seen and heard from them earlier that night. Given that they all had been involved in slaying those monsters before, the three very well seemed siblings of circumstance to her. But, what did she yet know? Nothing, just nothing.

Arcelia sighed to herself, pushing up on the bridge of her glasses while she let herself slide down a bit against the wall behind her, ending up slouching rather severely. She was jumping to conclusions again, no matter what she did or how hard she tried, she just could not shake that from her brain. Oh well. . . . At least she’d managed to shake herself of that timidity from before, finally returning to actually acting like herself. That was certainly a plus as far as she was concerned, considering she had no idea what she was getting into, letting it be known that she was not really as she was seeming was important. . . . And as she’d said, she had nothing holding her back from stepping into all of this weirdness completely, and just taking it all as it came to her. Her life wasn’t exactly tying her down in any manner. . . .

Of course, the brothers turned to questioning her about that, what she meant about not having anything. And it was by my own doing that I left myself in this state, but, I still think it was for the better. As I thought before all of this, I’m sure that my dad’s happier right now. Arcelia mused, looking up at both of the men, before turning her gaze back to her empty cup. She didn’t answer them, choosing to remain quiet for a moment as she idly ran a finger around its rim, thinking on how she would respond to them. Of course, Ariel was being polite and saying she could go ahead with her own questions, but, she wasn’t sure if she were quite ready for that. Maybe just not yet.

But, to answer them; what would she tell them, no one had really bothered to ask about her life, if she had family or her background, she she’d never had to worry about explaining that she was actually a runaway. If she’d spilled those beans to most people, they’d report her and have her sent home when she didn’t want to be there, when she didn’t belong there so long as she kept on having the ‘chills.’ And she especially didn’t belong now that she was getting caught up in something she didn’t understand, something even weirder than just her ‘chills.’ These two . . . would they make her go home if she told them the truth about her situation? What would they do with her? They were good people, that she was certain of, and well, good people tended to always do the right things, and the right thing with her would probably be to turn her into the police so her father could be notified and she then sent back to him. . . .

Even if that’s a definite possibility here, lying wouldn’t do me any good, it’d make it look like I seriously have something to hide, like I couldn’t be trusted. So . . . I guess I’m letting the cat out of the bag and telling them. she sighed, really not sure of this move, but given everything, it was probably better than making up some fake story. Besides, she sucked at lying. Arcelia turned her head back up, looking nervous before she let out a breath. “You both got your questions out first, and besides that, I’m sitting in your home now, so, I think it’s proper that I answer you.” Her voice wavered a bit, but it maintained itself upon a strong note. She at least didn’t sound so docile.

Scratching the back of her neck, she sighed before continuing, “Well, in truth, I don’t really have anything in my life, no one. My mom died a year after I was born from cancer, and well, my dad . . . he and I haven’t been close at all since I was about ten. I kind of, ran away from home more than a year ago, partly because of this. I’ve been getting by on my own since then, I have no friends and no co-workers. So, yeah, nothing to really worry about in that way. . . .” She’d turned her gaze to the side while she spoke, hoping that they wouldn’t freak over her story or about the fact that she was actually a runaway.

“I’ve managed to keep up a life by doing whatever sort of work would pay all over the city. Just doing, y’know, what I could and had to.” Arcelia tensed up right after she’d said that last part though, and she felt her face go red . . . as how she’d phrased her words made it sound like she’d potentially been caught up in some very, very questionable things. And I just made it sound like I’ve done some rather promiscuous stuff in order to get by. . . .