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Nargash Soulripper

Chieftain of the Soulripper tribe - Master of Demons

0 · 238 views · located in Calvarre Fortress

a character in “Even Gods Bleed: Divine Wrath”, as played by TemplarWarden


Nargash Soulripper
Chieftain of the Soulripper tribe - Master of Demons


A great hulking figure, muscle bound and sturdy like so many of his kind. Nargash pulls above his brothers strength and stature a giant at roughly 203 cm. Wise, cunning eyes pierce out from beneath the neanderthal forehead. Deep red and filled with dark intentions. Unlike many of his that eschew proper, more civilized clothing he dons a set of loose black and purple garments. Tailored yet seemingly out of place on the massive creature. Vicious tusks jut from the boar-like muzzle and bear the weathered features of well worn tools. Nargash himself bears disconcerting lack of scars and a quite healthy, rather attractive sheen to his unusual dark red flesh. Fiendish black tattoo stripes extend over his hairless scalp and to the nape of his neck.

Visual Age: 26

Factual Age: 51

Gender: Male

Class: Mage
Specialization: Warlock
Mage Ranking: Master


A bizarre amongst orcs Nargash is not motived by violence and anger alone. His mind runs along mcuh more complex lines then most of his species. Plots flow and form in the mind behind his dark eyes. A cunning and intellect dwells that is equal to the policitions of other races. Nargash weilds his mind and skills as greater weapons then any sword or axe. Manipulation is his first call of attention yet violence is not far beyond. Even he cannot escape fromt the demands of his bestial nature and indulges in bloodletting. The warlock sets himself against great tasks, each one more difficult then the last. Failure is no longer a prospect for him and fear is absent.

Moral Alignment: Neutral Evil

Motivation: Nargash desires power, an unquenchable desire for power. Although he has somewhat of a dedication to his people his own goals precede them.

Fears: Nargash feels no fear and indeed he is protected from any situation that would require him to show the emotion.

Goal: Although he contains his bloodletting he has a keen desire to bring about a great war of massive scale. Ultimately his goal is to destroy the God King and take his place.


Head: -

Neck: -

Chest: Loose black and purple woven tunic, infused with magic to provide a resilience strength akin to that of chain mail.

Back: -

Arm/Shoulder: *See Chest*

Right Hand: -

Left Hand: -

Right Accessory: -

Left Accessory: -

Waist: Belt of Darkness appears to be a simple leather belt with a crude metal buckle. Yet with the correct command word the infused magic can summon a sphere of magical darkness in the immediate vicinity.

Legs A set of loose leggings to match Nargash's tunic.

Feet A pair of plain leather sandals.

Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Melee Combat: Above Average
Strengthened and accelerated by his demonic ally Nargash has become a impressive warrior among his kind.

Magic Combat: Excellent
Eldritch power flows through Nargash's very blood, infusing him with supernatural strength, speed and command of invocations.

Mounted Combat: Poor
Never required to battle while mounted upon a beast Nargash has little capability in the area. Although his skills in battle assist at a basic level.

Racial Abilities:
Bloodrage: If Nargash looses his rein upon his violent nature when blood is shed he becomes a berserk creature driven by bloodlust and rage.

Hellish history: The ancestors of the Soulripper tribe followed the route that Nargash pursued, taking pacts with eldritch creatures and forever polluting their bloodline giving them a strange skin hue and tougher skin then most - However this trait has been supplanted by Nargash's more recent pact.

Natural Talent:
Assurance: Nargash is confident in his abilities and this assurance cannot help but be noticed by those around him, inspiring fear or courage dependant on their position.

Manipulative: Cunning and intelligent Nargash can twist his thicker-headed fellows around his little finger, he knows when a well placed word can sway any situation.

Class Skills:
Physical distortion: Nargash's pact has provided him great power in a range of ways. As well as magical abilities Nargash's strength, speed and endurance had grown. His skin is tougher then rhino hide and heals with a beauty uncommon to orcs.

Demonic protection: One of the clauses of Nargash's agreement is that he remain alive until he can fulfill his promise. So minor demons have been conscripted as an invisible form of protection against assassination attempts. This give the warlock of sense of invulnerability although if the assassin proves more powerful then his protector they can break through.

Summoning: Nargash can summon demons and other eldritch creatures as thralls to his cause. The influence of Teifar assists greatly in the choosing and command of these beasts.

Eldritch blast: Streams of purple darkness rip from Nargash's body with just a thought. The demonic power spreads through a victim, inflicting great pain and weakening them greatly.

Eldritch storm: Lesser
Nargash invokes a boiling mass of power in an area. All within are burned as the purple hell-fire rips over their bodies.

Spider's blast: Lesser
The Eldritch blast shift from purple to green as the warlock commands. The magic reaches into the blood and coalesces there as a virulent spider's venom. The victims are paralyzed, or if their body fights the venom, slowed.

Shift: Grand
The column of hell-fire consumes Nargash, transforming him into a great being of demonic flame. This power can only be maintained only when Teifar is continuously sated with blood spilled at the Warlock's command.

Death blast: Greater
At will Nargash can attempt to rip the soul from another being, instantly defying them continuation of life. Yet such an action is taxing upon Nargash's body.

Ghostly whispers: Greater
Nargash can trick the minds of those he wishes by placing words that were never spoken. He can inspire great fear through the same method.

Eldritch Chain: Least
Nargash's Eldritch blast may extend beyond a single target, leaping from foe to foe. However, this severally reduces its power. Although all victims are weakened by its touch.



Soulripper Staff: A straight, strong Arcwood staff. The sign of his office as chieftain of the Soulripper tribe. It has been held by the ruler of the tribe since their warlock roots and contains a minor enchantment giving the bearer increased alertness.

Weapon Name: The Fleshdrinker
Weapon Type: Greatsword
Material: Astral Silver
Length: 152 cm
Weapon Description/Info: The Fleshdrinker is no mortal weapon, instead it sources from the eldritch plane and gifted to Nargash. Runes run along the length of the mysterious liquid metal. The blade is magical, able to rend flesh more readily then plain steel. It drains the life force of its victim, conveying some of it to bolster Nargash while Teifar feasts upon the rest.


Group Affiliation: Nargash cannot avoid running with orcs, as he is a chieftain of the race. He rules his tribe and involves himself in the higher circles of leadership of his kind, brushing shoulders with the great chieftain and other prestigious members of his race. However, his will involve himself with any who will assist his quest for power.

Faction: Grand Union of You

Relatives: Nargash is descended directly from the Soulripper line, yet so have many others in his tribe. He has plentiful relatives among the Soulrippers, relationships with them are nothing notable. His immediate brothers are only seen as his greatest threats and allies.

Blood Pact: Nargash has joined himself with a power being known as Teifar. while not the most manipulative of demons Teifar is no doubt cunning and evil without compunction. He delights in bloodshed, battle and death. He is fueled by the same desire of violence that runs in the veins of the orcs. The alliance is beneficial to both parties and the deal was simple. Teifar provides the orc with great power and protection until the bargain is completed. In return Teifar can feast upon the blood of those killed at Nargash's command and the souls of those struck down by the Fleshdrinker until the blade is destroyed. The final goal of both parties is mutual, the destruction of the God King and Abaddon.

Bio/History: Nargash was born to the chieftain of the Soulripper tribe, Jurgal, from one of his many wives. He was not the stronger nor the weaker of his brothers. His actions did little to invite the attention of his father, not that the attention of the brutal warlord was to be desired. He was raised as a simple warrior among his tribe. Through that time his desire for power grew. Plots had always been a constant companion, since his youth his plans had targeted other members of the tribe for petty thefts, revenge or simple the desire to see them suffer. He always found he could beguile and convince others to assist in his plans. As well as convincingly lay the blame on them if any of his endeavors were rumbled.

With this realization Nargash saw that he could control a tribe much more then with the raw violence his father exploited and so his thoughts turned to power. As he matured, so did his understanding of the specifics of the gaining of power and his horizons grew broader. He searched for ways of forming reality from his desires. He found the route in the shamans of his clan. Little more then hedge warlocks the shamans summoned minor demons and creatures to enchant minor charms and cast minor spells. Nargash attempted to learn their trade and begrudgingly they agreed and taught him of the summoning. It took several years for Nargash to learn what he desired from him. Yet learning more showed to him that a mind as cunning as his could achieve so much more. In the prime of his life he learned of the God King who rose spectacularly to power and now sought to emulate the human's greatness.

Leaving the oppressive restrictions of his tribe Nargash lost himself in the midst of Belholt for many years. Pursuing his own study of the abysmal and eldritch realms. Exploiting his skills at summoning to learn from the denizens of the planes themselves. He grew in knowledge and confidence. Away from civilization for so long with only the company of demons the orc lost a semblance of sanity. With creatures of great power at his beck and call he began to believe himself as invincible and the destruction of the God King he so desired became a very real possibility. He began to fear nothing and withheld little of his energies from his task. While his greatest weakness it was also his greatest strength. Nargash learned of the world beyond his dark refugee from spies summoned and bound to his bidding. He learned of the great power of the God King and vitally, how it was obtained.

His goal within sight Nargash began to search for a creature of power that approached that of The Destroyer and wished to see the great being destroyed. His first quests were failures, fear of Abaddon filled the eldritch creatures. Yet the orc persevered and success was grasped. He brough himself to the attention to Teifar, a violent being who's power began to near that of Abaddon and wish was to destroy the greater being. The pact was sealed, the contract crudely yet accurately carved in obliging rock and signed with blood. The vital step completed and Nargash, imbued with the power of Teifar, emerged from the savagelands to a community much changed.

So begins...

Nargash Soulripper's Story